The Angels Advocate Tour 2010 - Columbus, USA - Heroes of Mariah

2/10/10 Schottenstein Center
Seating capacity TBA
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Price range: TBA

2/10/10 concert
1. Butterfly Intro - Daydream Interlude
2. Shake It Off
3. Touch My Body
4. Fly Like a Bird
5. Make It Happen (the music was played but Mariah didn't sing it)
6. Angels Cry
7. Always Be My Baby
8. It's Like That
9. The Impossible
10. Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
11. Honey
12. My All
13. Obsessed
14. We Belong Together
15. Hero



Concert review by Zac (DJ from 107.9)
If you were one of the (maybe) 2,500 people at the show last night I’m sure you will agree when I say that Mariah still has it.  In my opinion (and those with me at the show felt the same way) Mariah sounded amazing.  However her showmanship had much to be desired.  The stage was nothing exciting, just a few risers with white drapes and lights around ‘em (I expected this diva to have a runway - but she didn’t).  The backup dancers weren’t all that outstanding and the “show” part of the concert gets a big fat D in my book.  On the other hand, musically the girl still has it.  Although there were a few songs (and just a few) that I could have done without most of her stuff was the familar music we’ve come to know and love from Mariah.  Although it was a bit short, that could be blamed on her (I’ve been told) decision to drop 6 tunes since starting this tour.  All in all I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.  I kept thinking that Mariah Carey, one of the first images that pops in my head when I think music diva, could and should put on a much better “show.”

Diva Mariah, just as you would expect her
It's a cardinal rule of the pop-music hierarchy: Divas do it big.

They have demands. They're impatient.

So it was no surprise that the 39-year-old descended from the steel-girder heavens of Value City Arena last night atop a giant swing, sporting a gold gown that appeared to be detailed by a frosting gun.

Or that she sipped water from a champagne glass ("No, it's not vodka," she assured the crowd).

Or that she lay down on a white leather divan to have two hair and makeup assistants apply a touch-up, just minutes into the show.

Or that she belted tunes into a diamond-encrusted microphone while taking two opportunities to promote her forthcoming "Angel" rose champagne.

It was all so theatrical, so staged. A little bit cruise-ship variety show, a lot like a Vegas residency.

But this is Mariah. It has to be dramatic, dahling.

What was missing, luckily, was arrogance.

Despite performing to a noticeably empty house - the upper-middle and top bowls were entirely empty, not aided by the weather or the fact that cheap seats were $50 - she worked the crowd well with plenty of banter (girls in the front row complained that arena security took their homemade signs; Carey apologized).

And, despite a new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, she worked in plenty of blast-from-the-past fare (Make it Happen; My All) along with the late-90s mid-tempo jams tinged with hip-hop (Honey; Heartbreaker).

Recent hits Shake It Off and Touch My Body - released after the singer's rebound from a highly-publicized emotional breakdown - had listeners bouncing, a reminder that Carey's music is groove-worthy but not quite danceable.

Although flanked by nearly a dozen dancers, some at times suspended from giant rubber-band-style strings, Carey didn't bust a move.

She opted instead to strut in heels and multiple dresses (and, briefly, a kimono), leaving three times during the 90-minute show for extended breaks.

Divas, after all, can't be rushed.

Carey claimed to be fighting off the remnants of a cold, but it wasn't evident. There were several decent moments of her trademark high-pitched chirp and her voice overall was strong.

The night's greatest response came from her 1996 tune Always Be My Baby, an old-school hit that Carey and the multiage crowd still seemed to enjoy.

Even with the feigned dramatics, the evening was more lovable than loopy.

It was also a testament that even when divas make missteps, they can recover - a new hairdo, a new husband, another No. 1 hit.

As long as someone's there to refill the water glass.

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