Heroes of Mariah - April 2001
Mariah and Michael Jackson duet
We heard yesterday in the news of MTV Europe that the Mariah and Michael Jackson duet is confirmed.  It will probably be released in june.
Thanks to MTV Europe for this info.
Take a look at the Spy headquarters !
This time, our spy found a really stupid quizz question on a site that we don't gonna reveal.
Thanks to the spy for this info.
News flash from Japan !
A new single of Mariah will be released in Japan in may.  The title of this single in Japan has not been revealed yet
New contest launched !
A message from Mariah.
"Hi.....(high).....yeahhh.....I do believe that this is my second night in my
first apartment.....can you believe this is my first apartment I ever owned
to my life?.....yeahhh I quite like it.....pretty stellar.....and I just want
to say thank for making it possible....."
That's Mariah, she buys her first apartment and she thinks to thank the fans.
Thanks to Jeff for this info.
Luis celebrates his birthday with Mariah.
After unfolding their affection before the eyes of the public and the lenses of the paparazzi in a yacht in southern Spain, Luis Miguel celebrated his 31 birthday with his love, Mariah Carey.  We do not if it was the bracelet or Mariah, but both caused tremendous commotion in the Babylonian restaurant. And to lose some of the weight from the mounds of food they ate, they went dancing until dawn.
The couple was not satisfied with covering each other with kisses and embraces on the cover of a yacht in the coasts of Marbella before the lenses of the international press, paparazzi and bystanders, days ago.  That was only the beginning of celebrations of the existence of the Mexican vocalist that has extended out several days as well as nights. Their appearances in nightclubs of this popular port in southern Spain have caused great commotion.
They had a "no diet" rule in order to continue the celebration. They went strongly guarded to the Babylonian restaurant, property of Olivia Valere.  Very calmly they tasted several plates and, as it is worth the diet to them, they finalized with a cream cake and chocolate with candles.  Mariah Carey took advantage of the moment to sing to her beloved a version of "Happy Birthday" to the rhythm of the mariachi.  The remaining couples at the table joined in to sing to him, as a choir.  But that was not the only courtesy that they had with the distinguished guests.  All with pleasure acceded to put out their cigarettes at the request of the pop vocalist, since smoke affects her throat - and also to dance!
According to information supplied by the employees of the place, Mariah exhibited her expensive bracelet.  If that was a gift from Luis to Mariah, then what is left to surprised her with?  After eating, they lined up towards a nightclub until 3 in the morning, when they left their refuge, a luxurious boat that is anchored in the beautiful coasts of Malaga.
Thanks to Rincón Latino for this info.
Mariah's movie Soundtrack Information
We hope that these info are really official !
Here's the list of the future singles of Mariah :
Lover Boy (July 2001), When I See The Light (September 2001), Back To Me (TBA), Kiss (TBA).
The release date for the All That Glitters soundtrack is on august the 21st, 2001.
Here's the supposed Official tracklist of the USA Lover Boy commercial singles:
Lover Boy single:
1. Lover Boy (Album Version) (4:21)
2. Lover Boy (Boy Toy Remix Edit) (4:01)
Lover Boy maxi single:
1. Lover Boy (Album Version) (4:21)
2. Lover Boy (Boy Toy Remix) (5:43)
3. Lover Boy (Davidís Club Mix) (9:35)
4. Lover Boy (Classic Rub-A-Dub) (7:02)
5. Lover Boy (Morales 80ís Anthem) (11:20)
6. Lover Boy (Enhanced Video)
Lover Boy will be aired on the US radios on june the 26th.  The single will be in the US stores on july the 17th.  The soundtrack will be in the US stores on august the 21st and the movie will be released in the US on august the 31st and in the UK in november 2001, and in Belgium???
Thanks to Marek for this info.
These two were meant to be
Two children on a beach, about same age, same games, same sun in the eyes...  but with many miles between them.
The destiny brings them togheter.
"Thank God I Found You Dimelo En Un Beso"
(Thank God I Found You-Mariah Carey/Dimelo En Un Beso-Luis Miguel)
Mariah records near Marbella (Spain)
Mariah will pass about 1 week near Marbella in the studio of El Cortijo.  On the picture we see the vocal booth, who will give a special sound to great voices.
Thanks to El Cortijo studio.
News from Japan
The Japanese news programs broadcast about Mariah's new label, she releases All That Glitters with Sony in Japan.  The  official site of Sony Japan announced that their contract with Mariah expire with All That Glitters.  The "Virgin records" becomes "Toshiba EMI " in Japan.
Thanks to Eisaku for this info.
Here's a little news from Rolling Stone :
MARIAH CAREY signed a multi-record, multi-million dollar recording contract with Virgin Records, ending her ten-year run at Columbia Records.  Carey's first Virgin release will be the soundtrack to her upcoming film, "All That Glitters," in which she plays an inner-city youth and burgeoning pop star who gets her big break when she is discovered by a DJ.  "I am elated about my new partnership with Virgin Records," Carey said in a statement, "and I look forward to being a part of their uniquely creative musical environment." Carey is the best-selling female performer of all time with more than 140 million albums and singles sold worldwide.
April 2, 2001, 12:00 pm CET
I just received from a contact (who wants to stay anonymous) that Mariah joins Virgin.  The contract is signed, but it's not yet announced to the press.  We don't makes supposition, this info is true, you will have the confirmation when Virgin will make a statement for the press.
Mariah is no longer a Sony artist
April 2, 2001, 2:05 pm PT
Contrary to reports in the New York Daily News, pop diva Mariah Carey has not yet signed off on a major record deal with Virgin Records, but she will, according to a source close to the deal. The multi-album contract is rumored to be in the $17 million range and will likely kick off with the soundtrack to her upcoming film, All That Glitters. Carey has spent her entire career on Sony's Columbia Records, with her last studio effort, Rainbow, surfacing in 1999. Sony Music did confirm that Carey is no longer among its ranks in a statement released late Monday (April 2), as quoted by the Associated Press. "Mariah Carey is one of the most talented artists in the world," said the statement. "We have shared many commercial and creative successes, and we wish her only the best as her career continues to grow and evolve." (Kevin Raub)
Thanks to the news staff of cdnow for this info.
Mariah's hand print
This hand print of Mariah can be found in the Osaka Dome/Japan, Mariah made it after her concert there on March 4th 2000. She signed it with "Love Mariah - 03-2000".
Thanks to Mikako for this info.
Mariah moves to Acapulco?
According to the newspaper "El Diario de Acapulco" Mariah and Luis soon will move into an own house in Acapulco. The paper reports that Mariah and Luis have been seen looking at a house in the most affluent area of Acapulco.  They go on writing "Luis wants to have his sweetheart around him more often", he also is the one who wouldn't have anything against a marriage as soon as possible, "but Mariah doesn't want to marry to soon, after her marriage with Tommy Mottola got divorced in 1998.  But Mariah who still hasn't her own apartement in the USA since her divorce at least wants to have a home again." But referring to the paper her love for Luis isn't the only reason for Mariah to move to Acapulco, "she also loves the sun, the water and the beach." The future-dream-house is situated near ther yacht club where Luis' yacht "Hero", which he named after Mariah's song, is laying.
Thanks to Adriana for this info. APRIL FOOL!


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