April 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
Live from Las Vegas

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Thanks to Tracy
Posted on April 30
Mariah worked with Tricky and Big Jim in Vegas
Two days ago, Tricky Stewart said he was on his way to Las Vegas, I was like... well, well... indeed he was there to work with Mariah again, remember as previously reported, he worked with her end March.

From Mariah's Twitter:
Me, Tricky and Big Jim wrote some s.g.'s last night/this mornTing.
We finished in the studio at like 9am after being there all nite..
Sooo,I'm trying to go bk to sleep now so I can sing 2nite.
Posted on April 29

"Precious" in Cannes update

It's still unknown at the moment if "Precious" will make it to Cannes.  Observers think the movie will still make it despite the Weinstein Co. tentative to block it, they think international laws will work in favor of "Precious".
If "Precious" can make it, rumors are flying around Mariah could indeed be in Cannes around 14 May.  The premiere (tbc) would take place at the Salle Debussy (right side of the Palais) (TBC).

During the Festival, non badgers can go to special screenings at Le Théatre La Licorne, Le Studio 13, Le Raimu in Cannes.
Also, the movies in the "Un Certain Regard" category will be shown from 27 May until June 6 at le Reflet Médicis in Paris.

Wait and see.
Source: Jean-Romain from the Festival de Cannes.
Posted on April 28

Is this the real one???

After many rumors, it seems the house Mariah and Nick bought in the LA area is finally known.
BUYER: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Carey
LOCATION: Antelo Road, Bel Air, CA
PRICE: around $7,000,000 (allegedly)
SIZE: 11,750 square feet (approx.), 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Magnificent gated private view estate on 3 acres. Incredible site. Prime Bel Air address. Staggering 360 degree vus of entire city.

The house high in the hills above Bel Air that once belonged to Farrah Fawcett who sold it back in 1999 to  a prolific and Grammy winning music engineer/producer named Allen Sides who has used his pin sharp musician's ear while working with music masters like like Eric Clapton, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, André Previn and Frank Zappa. No doubt, the man has crossed musical paths with Miss Mariah a time or two as well.

We've learned that Mister and Missus Sides listed their dee-voonly secluded 3-acre estate above Stone Canyon in August of 2008 with an asking price of $9,500,000. Before long, the asking price had been sliced, diced, slivered and slashed to $6,995,000 and shortly thereafter the property was removed from the open market but was still, we understand, shopped around off-market. Then along came Miss Mariah who, records show, quietly closed on the property in early April of 2009 for an as yet undisclosed sum of money.

Property records show the sprawling, multi-winged mansion measures 9,951 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. However, listing information we managed to get our grubby mitts on shows the house spans 11,750 square feet (approx.) and includes 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

Listing information shows that in addition to all the bedrooms, terlit rooms and seven fireplaces, the 2-story center hall traditional includes formal living and dining rooms, den, family room, lanai, library/study (as if), media room, office, an eat in kitchen, and while listing information does not say so, we would not be remotely surprised to learn there is a recording studio on the property. This would, obviously, be a wonderful convenience that would allow Miss Mariah to warble and slide up and down every note on the damn scale without ever changing out of her robe.

The grounds include two motor courts, a huge rectangular swimming pool with a pool side pavilion, a large brick terrace with long views down the rugged canyon towards downtown Los Angeles, several flat lawn areas, a gazebo, and three gated entrances, all of which we can assure the children will be secured with armed sentries prepared to pepper an automobile with a curtain of bullets should anyone be stoopid enough to try and peer through Miss Mariah's tall hedges. Don't even think about it children. Seriously. If you think Ellen Degeneres is serious about her security, then you ain't seen nothing compared to Miss Mariah's burly men will do to anyone who gets nosy enough to cruise on by hoping to catch a glimpse of Our Lady of the Micro.
Source: The Real Estate
Posted on April 28

Mariah Vinyl Art to Hang in Hard Rock Hotel

A series of three pieces of Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen, reproduced by ArtScans Studio, Inc. through Fresh Paint Art Advisors, Inc., is being installed in 23 suites at the newly remodeled Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The original portraits on vinyl records of Carlos Santana, Mariah Carey, and John Lennon were scanned and printed at ArtScans Studio's highest resolution onto rag paper and framed individually in silver-leaf. They will be displayed above the headboard in the Beacon and Fillmore Suites once the rooms go through their stage of the remodel.
Source: PR.com (All rights reserved)
Source for the pic: Daniel Edlen
Heroes note: Please go take a look at Daniel Edlen's blog to see all his art vinyls.
Posted on April 27

Cannes pick could provoke legal drama
'Precious' at center of fight between Lionsgate, Weinstein
The inclusion of "Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire" in the Un Certain Regard section of the Festival de Cannes could stir up the ongoing legal fight over North American rights to the Lee Daniels drama.

The Weinstein Co. has not ruled out the possibility of seeking an injunction to block the fest screening, though it currently is seeking only monetary damages.

"Precious" (originally titled "Push") was slated to close the New Directors/New Films festival in New York this month but was dropped from the slate, presumably to pave the way for a Croisette unspooling. 

TWC did not take any legal action at that time, but the Cannes showing, with its attendant media circus, could prompt a bigger fight.

In February, Lionsgate and the Weinstein Co. traded lawsuits, with the New York mini-major claiming that it had reached an agreement with producer during Sundance. 

Smokehouse Films and its rep Cinetic Media to buy rights to the pic before Lionsgate closed its own deal.

Cinetic and Smokehouse were named in separate New York lawsuits, while TWC filed a third suit against Lionsgate for interfering with the negotiation. 

Lionsgate's lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, sought a court declaration that it owned the pic's North American rights and that producers never reached a deal with TWC. Lionsgate, which plans to release the film this year with the support of Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, later filed a motion to dismiss the New York case. The motions are pending in both states.

Neither Lionsgate nor the Weinstein Co. would comment Thursday. It is unclear if Winfrey or Perry would attend the Cannes screening. 

Legal experts said that even though TWC had been bidding for world rights, it could face an uphill battle in trying to stop a screening at Cannes. The fest normally would come under the publicity efforts of a film's North American distributor, but as a foreign territory, it still sits outside that distributor's jurisdiction. Rights in other countries subsequently have been sold by producers, including Filmax for Spain and Arp for France.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter - The Guardian (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 24

Mariah in Brazil in October? 
This is the second time that rumor surfaces, Mariah Could attend the "Fashion Rocks" event in Rio on October 24.  According to "O Dia", Ashton Kutcher, Naomi Campbell and Donatella Versace will attend too.
Source: O Popular
Posted on April 24
JD's lil' gift for the fans
Mariah worked all night in studio with JD.  Jermash took a pic of Mariah and Cha Cha 

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Source: JD by Twitter and his Global 14
Posted on April 24
Festival de Cannes update
As reported early March and 5 days ago, Precious is now officially confirmed in the "Un Certain Regard" official selection category.  Click here to see the pdf of today's press conference, "Precious" is on page 7. or here for the official selection.
The details about all selected movies and events will be known 1 week before the opening of the Festival.

Rumors of Mariah attending the screening are now spreding to more serious sources.  French newspaper Nice Matin also say Mariah will be in Cannes.
Posted on April 23

No, it's not me who listed a casting call on craiglist
A friend called 1 of the 2 numbers from Craiglist, it's a law office , I called the other one and I got an answering machine.. "the party you're trying to reach is not available at the moment, please leave a message" 
Posted on April 23
Casting Call for Mariah Carey music video 
Several sites ask for professional actors and actresses for a Mariah music video.  ActorsConnect, Whatskrakin, Job Bank NY but they all seem to have the same source (which is not always reliable) - Craiglist -:
Date: 2009-04-14, 1:55PM EDT
Please Call -  212-400-7110 
Absolutely not crazed fans
Professional actors and actresses ONLY!!! 
AGES 18-50 Various Scenes 
No Prior Video Exp. Nec 

It's too late for me to keep searching and asking today, maybe someone can sort it out while I'm sleeping 
Posted on April 22

Blaming Mariah again!
A lot (and I mean a lot!!!) US medias are reporting the results of a poll conducted for Earth Day.  Of course the voters of the poll were choosing Mariah as least green celebity for flying her personal trainer from St. Barts.  I'm the first one to agree we need to protect the earth and the nature, but how do we know if it's not Mariah's trainer who wants to fly by private jet?   And all the other celebrities owning a private jet???   Anyway,  I'm sure all people who voted didn't drive today, had their pc shut down, turned down their lighting and so on.... right??? 
On a funnier note, Nick along with SpongeBob powered down New York City’s Empire State Building for Earth Day, I'm waiting for people from that poll to hate on Sponge and say his clothes are made with non-ecologic stuff 
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Posted on April 22
Nick gave a shout out to Mariah
The women at the Borgata's mur.mur nightclub presented DJ Nick Cannon with an anniversary cake while he worked at the club Saturday night. He celebrates his first wedding anniversary with Mariah Carey. Cannon gave a shout out to his wife and then played her song "Fantasy."
Source: Philly.com
Posted on April 21
Mariah and Nick's one-year anniversary party

Can ya believe it's been nearly a year since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon stunned everyone with their surprise wedding?

The two plan to celebrate their one-year anniversary with a party in Las Vegas on April 30. A source just slipped me a copy of their invitation, which is gold and features white script lettering.

Festivities kick off at 11p.m. and go "until Dawn" at the Palms' Moon nightclub, according to the invite.

Dress code? "Hot!"

No word on whether Ms. Mariah will be performing on the big night.

From Moon Club:
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Celebrate Their Anniversary at Moon Nightclub + GA All Access Pass 
@ Playboy Club & Moon Nightclub  Las Vegas ,  NV 
Thursday, April 30, 2009  ::  8:00 PM - 4:00 AM 
presented by N9ne group 
Ages : 21 up 
Click here to order your tickets.  Pre-Sale ends: 4/30/2009 6:00:00 PM PST 
Source: E!Online - Moon Club
Posted on April 21

Request Mariah!!!!!!
VH1 asks fans to suggest performers for this year's Divas
One of VH1's most recognizable and beloved franchises, "VH1 Divas" returns after a four-year hiatus with what promises to be a star-studded show. VH1 will air "VH1 Divas" LIVE from the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday, September 17. Continuing in the "Divas" tradition, VH1 will bring together some of the biggest names in music today for an exclusive, high-voltage night of unforgettable performances. Performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced as they are confirmed. 
VH1 wants to hear from "Divas" fans to help determine the direction of the show. Beginning today, VH1 is asking users to tell them who they'd like to see perform at this year's "VH1 Divas." Go to Divas.VH1.com now to leave your comments about who you'd like to see on stage this year.
Source: PR Newswire (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 20
Jasmine talks a lil' about Mariah's new tracks in her column
Madness with Mariah

Jasmine hung out with buddy Mariah at a London hotel, but is tight-lipped about the day’s activities! 

THE early part of April was hectic! The G20 leaders dinner at Downing Street was legendary – a night full of historic memories. Next, we had Mrs Mariah Carey-Cannon’s birthday celebrations in Barbados. Then, it was off to Miami where she was working on tracks for her next album, which is due out in the next few months. 

Straight from Miami, Mr and Mrs C’s jet plane landed at Heathrow, where the paps (who were waiting for politicians at the airport), bum-rushed her and asked her about whether she was happy about Obama’s trip to the UK. Oh how we laughed. What do journalists expect someone to reply to such a redundant question? 

“Um yeah…it’s fabulous!” Mrs C had time for just three hours sleep before she got up to play me the songs she’s made so far for the new album. We listened to 
the new music in a manner that I have never been treated to before. It was different, slightly naughty and millions of her fans would’ve loved to see through my eyes at that moment. But if I revealed what we did, there would be a worldwide scandal! What happens in a London hotel room, stays in a London hotel room! 

I heard a variety of tracks, and there were big ballads, catchy melodic hooks, hilarious and witty wordplay, and clever lines galore. 

I had a few favourite tracks: some that talk from the heartbroken lover’s point of view; some representing the proud and stubborn dumper; and of course beautiful love songs, inspired by Mr C. On one song in particular, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and it’s very touching to hear her pouring her heart out so publicly. Mrs C also told me about her dog JJ’s new puppy playmate, that’s been named Cha Cha. I then proceeded to inform her that me and my girls used to call a certain part of the female anatomy our ‘cha cha’. She laughed and said: “I might’ve guessed – there’s always some American-British language exchange humour when it comes to us!” 

Then, we decided to play an April fools joke on MC’s fans (otherwise known as ‘lambs’): She encouraged me to tell my Twitter following that she’d had her hair cut short and died dark brown. Within seconds, her Twitter planet of fans hit me back with: “Nice try Jas, but we know it’s an April fool.” They’re just too quick for me! I should’ve said she was shopping in Top Shop with me instead! They know her too well. 

After catching up on things, Mrs C slipped her curves into a long, black designer dress and went out to the car – and paparazzi – waiting outside Claridge’s Hotel. She was taken to her jet, which took her to South Africa where she and Mr C attended an event for a certain Mr Mandela. Mr Mandela is so full of life at 91 years of age. What an absolute living legend. 

Can you imagine the requests of the VIP guests at an event like this? A thousand bottles of every spirit, wine and champagne, loads of healthy foods, plenty of Fiji water, masseuse ladies, white flowers, candles, etc. It makes the things I’ve put on MTV expenses in the past look lame! 

Still, mine have been slightly unusual. There was the time I expensed an elephant for Jay Z to ride in Thailand; the time I took Sean Paul wine tasting in the south of France; the time I bought Snoop Dogg Irish flags to wave onstage in Dublin; the time I expensed MTV Base presenters Ace and Vis to ride horses in the sea and go dolphinswimming and sky-wiring in Jamaica – and these are just a few! 

The thing that I get caught for the most though, is buying Trevor Nelson sandwiches for lunch coz he never has any money on him! And does he ever pay me back? Does he heck! After all these years, he must owe me enough lunches for a month! Until next time, love you all like Encona hot pepper sauce! 
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on April 20

The new Nike Air Mariah   It's called the Nike Lunar Mariah 

Click to enlarge.
The first Nike Mariah was developed in 1980, but this new one is lighter.  And no, I'm don't make publicity for Nike 
Posted on April 19
Mariah in Cannes in May???
As reported early March, rumors were flying around Mariah could attend the Festival de Cannes to present "Precious".
Now, several French medias report the following:
- The official list of the movies presented for the Festival de Cannes will be revealed on April 23, however several screenings between May 13 and May 24 are already known:

- Inglourious Basterds from Quentin Tarantino.

- Les étreintes brisées from Pedro Almodovar.

- Looking for Eric, from Ken Loach. Eric Cantona.

- AntiChrist, from Lars von Trier.

- Mr Nobody, from Jaco Van Dormael.

- Vengeance, from Johnnie To.

- (Anyway) Precious, from Lee Daniels. Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz and Oprah Winfrey will travel to Cannes to present the movie.  The screening will be in "Un Certain Regard" category.  The movie which got attention at the Sundance Festival was then titled "Push".  Mariah Carey will be in Cannes where the diva will be the sensation on La Croisette for her part as social worker in the movie. 

Posted on April 18

First pic of Cha Cha

Cha Cha, named before as Allie was sold to Nick Cannon for his wife Mariah Carey for her Birthday! 
Cha Cha is all white with tan markings on her head. She has a smooth coat and will be approx. 11" to 13" at the shoulder and 11 to 13 lbs. when grown.
Date of Birth: 1/14/09
Source: Wild West Kennels - Mini from The Marvellous Jack by e-mail
Posted on April 18
Photo shoot!
Today on Twitter, Mariah said she was at a photo shoot.... maybe for the album?  maybe for a magazine? 
Nick is making a cover shot for a magazine today too, will Mariah and Nick both be on a magazine cover for their first wedding anniversary???? 
Naaah, I don't think so, Nick would have "leaked" it was with Mariah on the same cover 
Posted on April 17
Stop the rumors!
DJ-ing at Vibe’s “Notorious” DVD release party,  Nick talked with NY Daily's people about the rumors like he did in the The Life Files interview published a few days ago.
Posted on April 17
Rodney Jerkins writing a song for "Precious"
In addition to working on upcoming albums by Sean “Diddy” Combs, Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton, songwriter/producer Rodney Jerkins will appear as mentor/head judge on MTV’s new reality series “Starmaker.” 
Having contributed eight original songs for the soundtrack of the Walt Disney film “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” Jerkins is now writing a song for the upcoming Lee Daniels theatrical production, “Precious.” Based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire, the film stars Mo’Nique along with Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz and will be distributed by Lionsgate. It’s due in theaters later this year.
Source: Billboard Biz (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 15
Mariah Carey's Rock remake
Mariah Carey  is into covering the rock classics. Several years ago, on her "Glitter" album, Carey did a ballad-esque version of Def Leppard's "Bringing on the Heartache,". Now, she's revived Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" -- slated as a potential single for her album due out later this year. Mariah beat out Marc Anthony, who was also hoping to sing the love anthem.
Source: Page Six
Heroes note: For the ones who don't know/remember that song, click here to watch the clip.  really great song and I hope this is true!!!
Posted on April 15
Bookmark Mariah's new Twitter account!
If you are following Mariah, nothing has changed except the name and link.
Posted on April 15
After Mariah calling the comments and blogs bullshit, it's Nick's turn to react to the bullshitters , click here to see how 
What would be great now, is Mariah to make a diss track like Prince did once.... with even the nicknames of some of bullshit "fans" 
Posted on April 14
What the heck is this?????
Or it's a late April Fools joke, or it's true and it's for the comedy album Nick and Mariah will do together....
Click here to read the new rumor.
Posted on April 14
Yesterday, I posted the link to Nick's interview in which he talks about Mariah and some rumors.  In fact, I checked it so quickly that it seems I made a mistake.
Nick doesn't say that Mariah is making him wearing suits, he said Mariah doesn't even really like when he wears suits but prefers him in just regular clothes. He says it at about 10:51
Source for the correction: Cherie by e-mail
Posted on April 14
Way to go Mariah!!!!!!! Tell'em girl !!!!!!!!! 

Looking at some paparazzi shots from Easter. Hello! Who follows a couple to their family's/in laws house on Easter!
I don't know what was worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress just to be festive(we had fun!) Or the b.s. commentary/blogs.
It was Easter and we were trying to be nice so we just walked out Nick's aunts front door despite the paparazzi who had followed us.
ALL the way to San Diego! I figured,why not give them a pic even tho I look a stone mess after a long festive day....
You know, it WAS Easter Sunday and I felt bad they were out there all day. We almost brought them out a plate! Then in return we get a B.S story and some pics I couldve definitely lived w/out(Nick looked cute tho: ) Just so the fans who care know..those pics were taken outside Nick's Aunts house after a really nice day, just "for the record" And also..that dress and hair were not "red carpet" attire!
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on April 14

Nick talks Mariah and rumors
Take a look at this interview, Nick talks about being maried to the biggest star in the world,  the expensive house rumor, the pregnancy rumors, he says they could do like Madonna "look at Madonna, she's after black kids, we could go for a white kid, going to Switzerland and choose a blond kid with blue eyes", he also says Mariah is making him wearing suits (so, that rumor from a few months ago was true ).
Source: The Life Files
Posted on April 13
Liz Smith to dinner with Mariah soon
We all know Liz Smith for her columns, she recently was on the phone with Lee Daniels:

Lee Daniels is a guy I was once seated next to at a Vogue dinner party arranged by the giant fashion plate, Andre Leon Talley. After five minutes, I realized he had been a driving force, as a producer, who helped Halle Berry win an Oscar for "Monster's Ball." He was as impressed with his "overnight success" as I was!
Recently, not having seen Lee in ages, I wrote a story about his surprising next triumph -- as director and producer of the $3 million movie "Precious."

The Lionsgate movie, opening Nov. 6, won three awards at Sundance. And it won Oprah's backing. It stars young Gabourey ("Gabby") Sidibe as the tormented teenager whose father impregnates her, whose classmates bully her and whose witch of a mother beats her. (Lee says the latter role is that of a classic villainess, acted by award-winning comedienne Mo'Nique "in a way that makes you ask 'whatever happened to Baby Jane.' ")

Lee was full of raves for another actress, Paula Patton, who plays a lesbian who intervenes on behalf of the abused girl. Mariah Carey, who is one of Lee's pet talents, has a role here also, and Lenny Kravitz plays a nurse.

"Did Oprah really back this film all the way?" I ask Lee who is kidding around on the other end of the phone. He settled down: "Indeed she did. She connected to it with bells and whistles and is an executive producer with Tyler Perry."

Daniels is a guy on the verge, concerned that he makes the right choices. He says he is looking forward to working with Berry again. He is being offered big money to make big films, but wants to be sure he is doing the right thing, "because we never had money to do movies like this before...though this one cost us only $3 million."

Lee is doing the right thing, I think. At least, he agreed to take me to dinner with Carey, a long admired mutual friend, and with Kravitz, on whom I have had a big crush since being introduced to him in Orso one night whereupon he rose, crushed me to his chest and gave me a big kiss.

Source: Variety (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 13

Mariah and Nick in San Diego yesterday

Click to enlarge
Click here if you want to read the usual rumor.
Source: GossipGirls
Posted on April 13
Mariah's childhood Easter story
I'm sure you all read that story, am I the only one who didn't find hilarious to imagine how lil' Mariah was feeling that day?  Thank god, Nick was so cute to give her Easter goodies 35 years later 
Posted on April 13
I'll reply to your e-mails asap, I had a very busy Easter weekend...
Posted on April 13
Celebrity hunter and autographs collector meets Mariah in Cape Town!
NOT everyone can boast that they have managed to meet R&B superstar diva Mariah Carey twice in the same week – or even came within metres of the musical icon. But that is exactly what I did when she recently popped into South Africa for the opening of Sol Kerzner‘s One & Only Hotel at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Celebrities like Sharon Stone, Robert DeNiro, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei and Mariah were all here.

The minute I heard Mariah was due to visit SA, it became my number one mission to track her down and fulfil a lifelong dream – to be photographed with my idol and get her autograph for my collection.

Having amassed around 4500 autographs, Mariah‘s (or Mimi as her true fans call her) was at the top of my list and I was prepared to do anything (well, almost) to make sure I got up close and personal with her. I always knew that if she ever set foot in the city, I‘d map out a plan to track her down in person and we‘d hopefully meet. Little did I know that it would take some tricky work to dodge the bodyguards and other hysterical fans to accomplish my mission.
Click here to read the full article and see a picture.
Source: The Weekend Post
Posted on April 11

Tricky confirms working on an amazing Mariah track!

New album infos compilation
- The-Dream (source: Mariah - The-Dream)
- JD and Brian-Michael Cox (source: JD - Brian-Michael Cox)
- James "Big Jim" Wright (source: Mariah)
- Tricky Stewart (source: Mariah - Tricky Stewart)
- 100% (100 Percent) (source: JD - Brian-Michael Cox)
Expected release date:
- September 2009 (source: Nick)
Posted on April 10

From Mariah's Twitter page
Mariah had a minor car accident
"Ok, so this is why I don't drive,or get up early. Just got into a little car accident in la..but we're all ok. Neither of us were driving."

On a funnier note:
"Up early!My dogs are not getting along. JJ isn't used to sharing the spotlight: )" 
Posted on April 9

For video collectors
Mariah and Nick leaving their apartment
Click here to download TMZ online and TV clips.

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony
Posted on April 9
Lil' video of Mariah and Nick leaving their apartment last night
Click here to watch it.
Posted on April 8
Mariah and Nick leaving New York for LA

Click to enlarge
Source: GossipGirls
Posted on April 8
Mariah Set for the Apollo Theater Fete
The Apollo Theater will celebrate its 75th anniversary by inducting music impresario Quincy Jones and R&B artist Patti LaBelle into its Hall of Fame. 

The June 8 anniversary gala concert will benefit the landmark Harlem theater.

The Apollo also will present its arts and humanitarian award to Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille. 

Previous recipients have included Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, and Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee. The award is named after Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. 

The lineup of performers for the evening include actor/comedian Jamie Foxx, singers Mariah Carey and Anita Baker, and the R&B group O'Jays. 
Source: Staten Island Advance (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 7

"My Love": 1 hour and it's in the box
Take a look at this video from The-Dream in studio composing and mixing "My Love" in 1 hour.
Source for the vid: SOHH
Posted on April 6
"My Love" now played on Fun Radio Belgium
"My Love" was played in "Soul Station" on Fun Radio Belgium.
Posted on April 6
Vote for "My Love" on BET!!!!!!
Please keep voting.
Posted on April 6
My hearth goes out to all my Italian friends
At least 150 dead, 1,500 injured, and thousands homeless after the big earthquake which hitted Italy last night.
Posted on April 6
South African fans with Mariah
Removed by request.
Posted on April 5
Mariah wasn't able to perform at the One&Only Grand opening
Remember she posted on her Twitter page: "Bebe Winans just made me sing(a little bit) after I JUST had a root canal..bleak!"

Well, today The Times South Africa writes the following:
And what about that famous singer, whose surprise visit set local fans’ hearts aflutter after she Twittered that she was “headed for Africa” a few days ago?

Well, Mariah Carey, who landed in Cape Town on Thursday morning with an entourage of seven, wasn’t quite the belle of Sol’s ball, after she complained of a toothache and had to be rushed to a dentist. 

She was probably the last to arrive at the bash (long after midnight) and all she had to offer were a couple of her signature eight-octave raves from her seat in the crowd, after Bebe Winans offered her his microphone.
Posted on April 4

"My Love" #1 on BET 2 days in a row
Well done!!!!!  Keep voting.
Source: Moony
Posted on April 4
You probably have seen the hilarious pictures of Sharon Stone runnig everywhere with her camera  , an incredible funny woman and friend of Mariah

Sharon Stone surprises Mariah
Beauty Sharon Stone tried out life on the other side of the camera at the opening of Gordon Ramsay’s new Maze restaurant in South Africa.

Shazza, 51, snuck up to snap Mariah Carey, then joined A-listers including Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon to tuck into Gord’s delicious scoff.

A fellow diner said: “Sharon was on top form pulling funny faces and entertaining the crowd.” She’s always had an Instinct for fun…

Source: Mirror - Daily Mirror (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 4

One&Only Cape Town: Lunch To Benefit The Mandela Children's Foundation

Click to enlarge
Posted on April 3
For video collectors
Another video of Mariah's arrival at Heathrow airport
Smash TV has a footage of Mariah arriving at Heathrow, click here to download.

Source: Moony
Posted on April 3
Pictures at the Jam Session at the Grand Opening of the new One&Only Cape Town resort

Click to enlarge
Go take a look at Sihame's site for beautiful HQ pictures
Posted on April 3
For video collectors
Mariah's arrival at Heathrow airport
TMZ showed a footage of Mariah arriving at Heathrow, click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on April 3
"My Love" #1 on BET
Well done!!!!!  Keep voting.
Source: Dane by e-mail
Posted on April 3
Mariah in South Africa: Press

The stars come out for Sol
Celebrities flocked to Cape Town for the opening of Sol Kerzner’s One&Only V&A Waterfront last night.
At least 400 guests — including songbird Mariah Carey, who arrived in the city yesterday morning, supermodel Naomi Campbell and actors Sharon Stone, Thandie Newton and Robert de Niro — are in South Africa for the grand opening. 

Carey announced her arrival on social messaging utility Twitter earlier in the week, stirring up a fan frenzy at Cape Town international airport yesterday. 
The newly married Carey arrived at her hotel in a cavalcade of black limos. 
Source: The Times

Galaxy of A-listers turn out to celebrate the opening of Sol Kerzner's £75m hotel
Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro and Clint Eastwood were just some of the stars who flew in to South Africa to celebrate the opening of Sol Kerzner’s new hotel.
Chefs Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matsuhisa also chipped in by whipping up a feast for the launch party of The One & Only resort in Cape Town. 
And superstar diva Mariah Carey provided musical entertainment at the A-list bash. 
Full article and some pics (not Mariah) at this link.

Mariah on front page of South African newspaper

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Source: Cape Argus

A-list guests arrive for hotel opening
A-list guests have arrived at the opening of Sol Kerzner’s One and Only Hotel in Cape Town.
Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon - who are all filming the untitled Mandela Project – were among those expected to walk down the red carpet. 
Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon also attended. 
Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel were expected to spend the night at the opening of the new hotel.
Source: Eyewitness

Mariah Carey sweeps into city as stars gather to attend opening of Sol’s hotel
R&B diva Mariah Carey arrived in style at Cape Town International Airport today in black patent leather stilettos, a figure-hugging black ensemble complemented by gold accessories and dark sunglasses.
Source: My Cape Town
Posted on April 2

Mariah jets in as the stars come out to play at Sol's hotel
Superstar diva Mariah Carey arrived in Cape Town on Thursday to lead the festivities at the glamorous opening of Sol Kerzner's new hotel.

One&Only, next to the Two Oceans Aquarium in the V&A Waterfront, opens on Thursday night after an investment rumoured to have totalled R1-billion.

The internationally famous hotelier - best known locally for building the vast Sun City out of the dry bushveld in the Pilanesberg mountains in the North-West province - is expected to put on one of his famously lavish shows to open his Cape Town masterpiece.

A Hollywood-style red carpet is expected to be rolled out to welcome stars Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, rapper Mos Def and Bebe Winans. Former model Yasmin le Bon will be there, with daughter Saffron. 

Matt Damon, who is in Cape Town working on a film about the 1995 Rugby World Cup-winning Springboks, will join them, and had supper with de Niro and Kerzner on Wednesday night. Damon will play Springbok captain Francois Pienaar in the Clint Eastwood-directed flick. 

Local stars attending tonight are said to include Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Sibongile Khumalo and Jonathan Butler.

The 131-room hotel is marketed as a super-luxury "six-star" establishment, and guests will be fed from two restaurants bearing celebrity chefs' names. Gordon Ramsay of London will open one of his "maze" restaurants, and alongside him will be "Nobu", after Nobu Matsuhisa, the Japanese-born chef who is widely credited with bringing sushi to the Western world. 

The hotel was designed by Capetonian architectural firms Dennis Fabian Berman and Ruben Reddy and built by contractors WBHO..

Thursday night's festivities will be hosted by Kerzner and his wife Heather and Moss Mashishi, the former head of SA Tourism who heads Matemeku Investments, Kerzner's local partner.
Source: Tonight (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 2

Mariah in South Africa info
Yesterday I told you Mariah was going to meet Nelson Mandela and would attend an opening event, this morning a received an e-mail back from Kerzner Group to tell Mariah would indeed attend the One&Only Cape Town resort Grand Opening on April 3.
Source: Kerzner Group by e-mail

One&Only Cape Town - The Resort 
Tommorow is the Grand Opening of Sol Kerzner's first hotel in his home country since 1992. The 130 room property is One&Only's first Urban resort and sits in the fashionable Waterfront district. Celebrities from all over the world including Mariah Carey, Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Thandie Newton, Marisa Tomei will attend the event. Gordon Ramsay will be launching his first restaurant in Africa at the resort, Maze and Robert De Niro will be opening Nobu. Nelson Mandela will be attending an intimate luncheon at Maze on Friday to celebrate his long-standing relationship with Mr. Kerzner.
Source: Getty

Oh by the way, Nick is on his way to South Africa too.
Posted on April 2

Mariah leaving London

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Source: ??? - Harry by e-mail
Posted on April 1
Gorgeous Mariah in evening dress leaving the Claridges hotel in London

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Source: Gossipgirls
Posted on April 1
Inside Mariah Carey's Romantic Birthday Dinner
"People" got the exclusivity again!  Go take a look at "People" and don't forget to pick up your copy of the magazine on newsstands Friday (in the US).
Posted on April 1
No need to send mean e-mails
I swear I didn't know Mariah was making a stop in the UK and would spend the day at her usual hotel in London.  I can understand some London fans are disappointed (even some are mad), but it was not a promotional visit and that's why fans weren't invited to go great Mariah.  For your information, it's not my style to hide stuffs!
Posted on April 1
When I told you it was not an April Fool joke.....here are the pics now
Mariah arriving at London’s Heathrow International Airport today

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Source: Gossipgirls
Posted on April 1
Mariah still in London 
OK, my posts from this morning were a lil'.. huh... weird , it was almost tweets 
So, while I thought Mariah was in transit in London this morning before heading to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela and an opening event, she will maybe stay there one day for the rumored concert for the G20 members and President Obama, I'm lost......
Posted on April 1
Awwwww, Mariah already left London....
Posted on April 1
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Mariah is in London  and no, it's not an April fool joke..
Posted on April 1
Something weird is going on  and I don't think it's an April fool....
Posted on April 1
Pictures of Mariah leaving the Miami airport
Go take a look at this link for a whole set of pictures.
Source: Sihame from Mariah-Source on our forum
Posted on April 1


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