April 2010 - Heroes of Mariah
Who posted my post on Jump Smokers' Facebook ?
The update I posted yesterday has been posted by a fan on Jump Smokers Facebook page.  Not very smart as apparently it was translate from English to French and from French to English (which makes no sense as it's badly translated)    Please use your own words and don't post my personal view of the situation on someone's Facebook.  Thanks.
Posted on April 30
Gorilla Zoe wears Mariah t-shirt

Rapper Gorilla Zoe wears a the Mariah "Rainbow" t-shirt on the cover of his mixtape "You Don't Mess with the ZOEhan" presented by DJ Spinz, however the guy who made the cover art did a mistake as it's written "Zohan".  Anyway, it's cool 
Source: Gorilla Zoe - DJ Spinz
Posted on April 30
Mariah and Nick, 2 years!
Posted on April 30
MC vs JS Dance album out on June 29
It seems the Jump Smokers' manager finally won the battle.  The MC vs JS Dance album "should" be released on June 29 (in the US).  For the ones who are confused, remember MC vs JS is not a Mariah album
Source for the info: Erik Bradley (Jump Smokers manager) - Andy
Posted on April 29
Oh dear, Terius will be mad again 
Mariah tweeted: "Back in the studio w/ "the dream team" Me, JD,Johnta'&B Cox."
Posted on April 29
Perry's, FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF, is scheduled to begin principal photography on June 1 in Atlanta.

Perry directs his screen adaptation of the Obie Award-winning play by Ntozake Shange, and produces alongside Paul Hall.  The film's all-star cast includes Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Jurnee Smollett, Kimberly Elise, Kerry Washington, Loretta Devine, Anika Noni Rose and Macy Gray.  FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF is scheduled for nationwide release on January 14, 2011.

Source: Lionsgate Press Release (extract)
Posted on April 28

Step onto the Exclusive Forever Mariah Carey Photo Shoot Set
It's all about glamour and nothing will make you feel more beautiful than Forever Mariah Carey!

Be one of the first 200 people to visit Macy's Herald Square at the below time and have your picture taken as you step onto the Forever inspired photo shoot set!  Receive a special picture frame to display your glamorous picture Forever!

The perfect gift for Mother's Day can be yours with any qualifying purchase of Forever Mariah Carey.

Saturday May 8th 2010
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Macy's Herald Square
New York

 Limit one per person while supplies last. For more information visit  mariahcareybeauty.com
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 28

Mariah was in studio with JD last night

JD tweeted Mariah and him were in studio doing new songs for the new album last night.  He also posted a picture of Mariah's shoe on his blog
Posted on April 27
Mariah is currently working on her Christmas album!
According to a very reliable source, Mariah is currently in studio working on her Christmas album.
Posted on April 27
Damn paps, they purchased Mariah and Nick
Nick was in studio with J and Julian from B96 Chicago, this morning.  He talked about renewing their vows to stay romantic, about having a baby when they will have less busy schedules (maybe next year) and he said paps purchased Mariah and him on Saturday (the day of the pics), he said they give paps what they wanted by stopping for pictures, but the paps purchased them on their way home, Nick managed to make a pap run into a telephone pole.
Click here to listen now to the interview
Source: B96
Posted on April 27
Are you ready for the Christmas album? 
I'm surprised there's so many negativity, we all knew since a few years that it was a project close to Mariah's heart and even more as her first Christmas album was Tommy Mottola's idea and she wasn't ready to do it 'cause she thought she was too young (even if she's grateful for it now with the undying success of All I want For Christmas)

Remember when she was interviewed by Liz Smith: 
"I shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m going to record another Christmas song, with my mother. I’m going to sing in my style, and she is going to sing operatic, which is her style."

And on Larry King last year:
"We can expect another Christmas album but not this year 'cause it's too late"

There was also the HBO project.....

Mariah is still recording her Christmas album!  There's no doubt we are gonna have a few pearls, oh.. and Mariah is a festive girl, even more at Christmas time 
Posted on April 26

Mariah Receives A FiFi Nomination For Ultra Pink
The Fragrance Foundation announced its finalists for the 2010 FiFi Awards and Mariah's "Ultra Pink" received a nomination in the Women's Popular Appeal category!
The FiFi Awards Gala, which honors the finest fragrance launches of the year, will be held at The Downtown Armory in New York City on Thursday, June 10, 2010.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 26
How sad!
If you read Mariah's tweets, you only can be sad. Mariah was once again attacked by haters and if you read comments from "fans" in several languages, you know haters are among her own fans and that's absolutely disgusting!  It's really a sad day.
Posted on April 26
Mariah and Nick spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday
Mariah and Nick stopped for a hug and a kiss for the cameras as they left a restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday.
But Mariah's eagerness to smooch her other half could also have been her way of seeking some comfort after a confrontation with a police officer a few hours earlier.
The couple went out in Beverly Hills on Saturday for a bite to eat, stopping at a church on the way.
As as the singer sat patiently waiting for her husband, who appeared to have popped inside the place of worship, a police officer on a motorbike approached her car window.
It is not sure what the officer wanted with her but eyewitnesses said he was quick to pull up to Mariah.
However, all was well that ended well, so it seemed, because after a quick chat, the policeman turned on his heel, got on his bike, and left them to it.
Mariah and Nick then went on to the Beverly Glen Deli where they enjoyed a spot of lunch before heading back to their car - but not before Mariah stopped to give her beloved a kiss.

Click to enlarge
Source: DailyMail UK (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 25
David LaChapelle for Mariah's new Christmas album!

David LaChapelle: the man who shot fame
The celebrity snapper on his crazy life of sex drugs and celebrity – and why he won’t talk to Madonna (but loves Mariah)

In less than 12 hours, Mariah Carey will arrive at David LaChapelle’s Los Angeles studio to be photographed for her Christmas album. LaChapelle chastises himself for telling me (“it’s meant to be a secret”), then shrugs: “Well, I’ve told you everything else.” We’ve been together all day at his home, by his pool, in his bedroom and now at his cacophonous, warrenous workspace, ricocheting this way and that around a life of sex, death, celebrity, drugs, depression, art, disco and — he insists — miracles.

On a series of stage sets, as his friend Michael Jackson’s songs pound from the music system, LaChapelle’s team are garlanding fake windows with lights and arranging presents under a hideous silver tree. LaChapelle’s close friend Sharon Gault, Madonna’s former make-up artist (and his “unofficial wife”), is organising food. Carey, says LaChapelle, “isn’t a diva. She never pisses on the little people.” There is a graffitied city backdrop of night-time blues and sulphurous yellows. Fake snow is in bags. “That’s pretty,” I say, looking at wooden cutout reindeer. “Mariah wanted real ones,” LaChapelle says, rolling his eyes. The boyish 47-year-old photographer is in jeans, scrappy T-shirt and hoody and speaks in a spacey Californian drawl. “Flown from Nebraska. Can you imagine, real reindeer?”

Well, yes, we can imagine. LaChapelle is famed for his gaudy, extravagant, some have claimed grotesque and empty, celebrity portraits; although he says he has mostly given them up, and now takes pictures only of favourites such as Carey and Lady Gaga.

Celebrities trust him [only Jeff Goldblum, “like, whatever”, turned him down]. The pictures and pop videos may be wild, but he says that he didn’t drink or take drugs on set, “although we had a blast” he laughs, recalling one Mariah Carey shoot in the middle of nowhere in which some strippers in a club tearfully told the star that they had named their children after her, and LaChapelle got it on with a guy in the back of a limousine who, afterwards, looked up and said, “I’m not gay and I’ve never been in a limousine”.

Making his critically acclaimed, charged urban dance documentary Rize in 2006 was a turning point, as was turning down directing Madonna’s 2005 Hung Up video. “She’s really hard to work for. I didn’t want to be yelled at. She wanted to film a subway scene with people running out. It was just after a subway bombing and I was worried it might be insensitive, but apparently she doesn’t read newspapers. We haven’t spoken since. But I don’t want to direct Hollywood films. I was offered Juno but turned it down.”

At about 1am, Mariah preparations wind down. LaChapelle is going out (“just for a minute or two”) to a club. He grimaces at his photographs being described as camp or kitsch. “They’re just words which mean people don’t want to look. I’ve seen people stop and look at my work in galleries. Not just at the bodies, the genitalia, but really look.” If he’s the cartoonist his critics claim he is, he’s a serious one and obviously happier with his work on gallery walls than in magazines. But you know that, through his lens, snowflakes whirling and tinsel shimmering, Mariah will never look more Christmassy — even if the reindeer aren’t real.

Click here to read the full interview
Source: Times Online UK  (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 23

French fans: Mariah is featured in the Gala!
A weird interview, a nice drawing.  Scans will be posted as soon as the magazine is not on sale anymore.
Posted on April 23
"Are You the One." vs "My Love"
With the pending Court decision on the copyright ininfringement (see yesterday's info), the "original" track came up on the net.  We don't need to judge, the Court will do it, but we can listen and compare....., whatever the Court decision may be, Mariah didn't produce the beat!

- Are You The One - click here to listen
- My Love - click here to listen (if needed)

Posted on April 22

ASCAP Award for "Obsessed"
C. "Tricky" Stewart wins the ASCAP Award for Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" 
Source: Variety
Posted on April 22
Top 10 Mariah songs on AOL's radio
Here are the Top 10 Mariah Carey songs (so far), as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.

10) 'Honey'
Recorded for Carey's seventh studio album, 1997's 'Butterfly,' this top Mariah Carey song marks the diva's transition from pop to more R&B -- possibly due to the track's beat sampling, borrowing both World's Famous Supreme Team's 'Hey DJ,' and Treacherous Three's 'The Body Rock.' The track earned two Grammy nominations in 1998 for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song. The music video is just as notorious as the track, as it shows a more sexy Carey compared to her previous wholesome image.

9) 'Shake It Off'
'Shake It Off' is a single off Carey's 10th album, 2005's 'The Emancipation of Mimi.' Released after 'We Belong Together,' it didn't live up to the critics expectations; however, commercialy it was a major success -- it's paired music video even earning a MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best R&B Video.

8) 'Vision of Love'
"Vision of Love' was the first song Carey wrote after Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola signed Carey to a recording contract. The song's lyrics describe the singer as having a 'vision of love' and being grateful -- not to a lover but to God. According to Carey, the song is based on personal struggles she'd had as a child with her parents divorce, such frequent relocation and people's reactions to her ethnicity.

7) 'Obsessed'
Off Carey's 12th studio effort, 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,' this top Mariah Carey song featured rapper The-Dream on the song's intro. When the song was released in 2009, almost immediately critics began speculating that the song was targetted at rapper Eminem, in response to his song 'Bagpipes from Baghdad,' where he taunted Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, by saying that Carey belonged to the Detroit rapper.

6) 'Fantasy'
'Fantasy' appears on Carey's fifth studio album 'Daydream.' Released in 1995, the song is based off a sample of Tom Tom Club's 1981 single 'Genius of Love.' This Mariah Carey song marked the sixth year in a row that Carey received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

5) 'I Don't Wanna Cry'
A track from her debut album, 'I Don't Wanna Cry' was Carey's first single that she did not co-write with Ben Margulies. Originally she said she was excited because it sounded like something that would be played on the radio. The song was famously covered by 'American Idol' alum Jason Castro during his run on the television contest.

4) 'Hero'
Originally inspired from the movie by the same name, Carey ended up keeping the song for her own album, 1993's 'Music Box' (her fourth studio release). It became one of her top concert numbers -- next to 'Visions of Love' -- and earned her a 1995 Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, but losing to Sheryl Crow's radio hit 'All I Wanna Do.'

3) 'Always Be My Baby'
The Grammy-Award-Winning 'Always Be My Baby' was released in 1996 from Carey's fourth studio effort 'Daydream.' Even though the bittersweet song talks about a failed relationship, the singer assures herself that her former lover will come crawling back to her as soon as he realizes he misses her.

2) 'All I Want for Christmas Is You'
Critics argue that this 1994 Carey tune is the only notable modern addition to the Christmas music canon. The song -- about how she does not care about presents or lights, all she wishes for Christmas is to be with her love -- has been covered multiple times by the likes of John Mayer and Shania Twain as well as alternative rock groups My Chemical Romance and Zebrahead. The Christmas track also appeared in numerous films, most notablly 2004's 'Love Actually.'

1) 'We Belong Together'
By the time Mariah Carey's 10th studio album came out in 2005, the singer had been going through a rough streak of failures and disappointments. 'We Belong Together' -- released as the second single off 'The Emancipation of Mimi' -- was the turning point for Carey's career. The R&B '80s-inspired track is built on simple piano chords and backbeats, chronicling a woman's desire for her former lover to return to her. AOL Radio's No.1 song won a multitude of awards and accolades, including two 2006 Grammy Awards.

Source: AOL Radio Blog
Posted on April 22

Can someone please kick the National Enquirer's ass.
Posted on April 21
Uh Oh..... Blame Terius, it's more his song 

Terius Nash aka The Dream and Mariah Named in Copyright Complaint for "My Love"
A singer demands $450,000 from Mariah Carey and Island Def Jam Music Group, claiming the tune "My Love" was based on his composition, "Are You the One." Trent Farmer and DeMario Driver also sued Terius Youngdell Nash pka "The Dream," who recorded "My Love," and others in Federal Court. 

Farmer claims John Huffman IV, of Real Content Media Group, approached him in May 2008 about a song Farmer's recording of "Are You the One." 
Farmer claims that Huffman told him "he thought this was a great song," but that the chorus needed work. Farmer claims that Farmer asked him to send him the recording, without the chorus, via email.

Farmer says Huffman boasted about how much his producer liked the track "and how it would be a great opportunity to have a platinum producer co-produce the track with [Farmer]" and his partner, DeMario Driver. 
Farmer says Huffman circulated the recording to Carey, Island Def Jam Music Group, and the singer Terius Youngdell Nash pka "The Dream."

Farmer says he realized his song had been stolen when he heard The Dream's ditty, "My Love," which farmer claims is identical to "Are You the One."
"The songs contain identical melodic coding and the same harmonic protocols that are readily discernible to the human ear," the complaint states.
Farmer says he asked Huffman, "Why did you steal my song?" and Huffman replied, "We can work this out." 
He claims they met to discuss the "obvious infringement" and work out a settlement.

But Huffman cut off communication with Farmer after the meeting and never paid him for the "callously stolen" song, Farmer says. 
Farmer demands damages for copyright infringement and conversion, and a court order prohibiting the defendants from continuing to disseminate his song. 
He is represented by Brittany Starr Armstrong of Emeryville, California.
Source: Courthouse News Service (All rights reserved)
Posted on Avril 21

Mariah and Nick's Third Wedding
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will be tying the knot for the third time on April 30, which is their two-year wedding anniversary. Expect a similar blowout in 2011, 2012 ... and beyond, as long as they're together.

"We get married every year! That's our thing," Cannon explained to UsMagazine.com at Monday's PepsiCo Feed America Volunteer Day event in NYC. "So it's going to be our third wedding this year. That's what we'll be doing on the actual [anniversary]... We'll do something... A party or event, just to celebrate."

The Grammy-winning singer is definitely getting more bling from her spouse. Cannon confirmed to Us that he'll be getting his wife another diamond ring for the occasion. "That's totally right," he said. "This is the third ring I have to buy...It'll be something different. Something good."

Carey's engagement ring from Jacob & Co. Jewelers reportedly cost $2.5 million.

After dating for just six weeks in early 2008, Cannon, 29 and Carey, 40, wed on the singer's private island in The Bahamas in a surprise bash. "It's nice," Cannon gushed. "We like being married every year."
Source: USMagazine (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 21

Beach babes

Whenever March and April come around I brace myself for Mariah to call up last minute and suggest sweetly "hey what you doing next week? Wanna come and join me for a last minute 27th March anniversary /Wedding nuptial renewals/ vacation/party/celebration?" And yet whilst I know that I have pressing things to attend to here at home-how can you refuse an offer like that from a living legend like Mariah?

It used to knock me off kilter when I was a boring Capricorn that likes to plan her diary at least a month in advance but I've learnt over the years to "be malleable."

This year the call came around 10 days ahead-which for her majesty Mrs Cannon is pretty decent notice!

After throwing in 10 bathing suits, a couple of dresses and a tracky into my now extremely battered suitcase, I jumped on an American Airlines flight wearing my Gucci boots and very English classic lady look. At check-in the stewardess mentioned that she followed my column and as I checked in at the gate I was informed that my seat had been changed. Assuming that my lovely aisle seat had been given to another and I'd been chucked mid-row my neck started twisting outta shape as I questioned "why have you moved me?" I was ready to kick off before feeling real stupid as the clerk smiled "we've upgraded you." "Oh" I giggled embarrassed and had a very pleasant experience sleeping flat all the way en route to my girl's pad in New York.

Once I arrived at Mr and Mrs Cannons lair I was informed there was a note for me in the kitchen. Reading it I was informed that because Mr C awakes at 4am for his daily breakfast radio slot, the Carey-Cannons were already in bed (it was midnight), but that they'd left me "some food in the fridge." Trying not to jump for joy as my mouth dribbled at the sight of UBER bourgeois eatery Mr Chows legendary squab in iceberg lettuce, I continued reading... "oh, and there's a surprise for you in the media room."

Curiosity outdid my exhaustion as I padded down to the media den where our mutual friend had been waiting with MC all day to surprise me with her newborn baby!

I gushed and got my broody on for a couple of hours. We are all inspired by our friend's beautiful baby.

Not wanting to waste food that costs as much as my weekly wage (ok I may be exaggerating but only slightly), I then had Mr Chows for breakfast too before us 3 girls (MC, myself and Rachel) piled into the black convoy of vehicles that carried us to the private airfield to one of Mrs C's favourite places in the world - Puerto Rico!

En route to PR we played the same silly games that 12 year old girls all over the planet play whilst nibbling on crudités and sipping coconut water. I promised not to tweet that we were going to PR so I tweeted "the islands" instead. I shouldn't have bothered cos on arrival at the San Juan airfield the paparazzi was lurking in ambush for Mrs C and the tabloids had her plastered all over the next morning, and I just shrugged my shoulders and quipped "right then, I'll get tweeting haha."

En route to our lovely location at 2am MC insisted on stopping at an American superstore version of Boots chemist, to pick up "noodles for the water" and "candy for her husband" (translation-what we Brits call floaties and sweets," I know I should be used to it by now but every time MC insists on walking into regular stores and shopping it makes me chortle hard inside. If only they could see her now. The stores staff tried to hold it down but eventually cracked as a line of picture requests politely gathered and MC quickly accepted them all (as the drive continued I had to wonder; why are there SO MANY burger kings in PR?).

That evening we had a small slumber party in our pyjamas and caught up as the Carey-Cannons 3 puppies (JJ, Cha Cha and their son Dolomite) ran amok around us. We lovingly call them the 3-puppy-circus due to their constant bouncing and whizzing around us. At one point in his excitement, Dolomite bounced up as we were playing and managed to pull my top clean off! It was like a slow motion cartoon where I protectively clutched my lady parts in modesty!

I assumed it was just a one off accident until moments later when he sprinted out of MC's room with her just-laid-out-panties in his mouth as MC and he proceeded to have a hysterical tug of war. That puppy is officially a freak.

For the next few days we hung out on the veranda admiring the ocean, amazing sculpted fauna and golf courses, Olympic sized pools, hot tubs and play pools, marina and breath taking rain forests in the distance, ate well and slept. Female pup Cha Cha clearly knows she's one of the ladies and would hang out with us all day curling up wherever we were. Most afternoons we migrated to the boat and jumped in and out of the ocean as we had our surf lessons and swam out to the famous island where MC shot her legendary classic "Honey" video.

I don't know how it happens but Mr and Mrs C's pets always love the water whether it's an ocean, pool or hot tub. MC was the perfect student and persevered in the water until she was surfing away with the 3 pups surfing on her board simultaneously with her. It had to be seen to be believed! I gave it a few shots then stuck to the basic activity of floating lazily doing nothing and then jumping back on the boat and machete whacking the hell out of the fresh coconuts and scooping out the delicious flesh, scaring Mrs C silly that I'd do myself an injury. In the evening we debated about American food being better than England's food, and argued long and hard about which we preferred and was the most authentic. Mrs C also cussed us all out for being on our digital devices all day long what with some on twitter, Facebook and the guys checking sports constantly, "whilst we were all in such a beautiful place."

On April Fools Day everyone tried to trick everyone. I told them "in England it only counts before noon." Thereafter "in England" (in a haughty lady of the manor voice) became a joking point to cuss me with every few minutes. A couple of tricks did go down but I've been sworn to secrecy. One afternoon we hung by the pool where poolside Liam Gallagher and all of Prodigy were knocking back the beers and having fun as the odd American that recognised them became overly excited.

Mr C-AKA Mr Nick Cannon, as usual had a long working week with his daily radio show early every morning then his filming for "America's Got Talent," which meant he cold only join us on the Good Friday in Puerto Rico.

On the Saturday we jumped on the Carey-Cannons jet which whisked us off to Orlando where we spent another couple of days having fun. Of course Easter Sunday we remembered the Lord and chilled out ("Jesus is the reason for the season" - Nick's fave line!).

On Easter Monday we contemplated joining the public Easter egg hunt where 4000 people would be hunting eggs but then Nick got his grown man on and put it into perspective for us and reminded us that the public's focus would quickly go from hunting eggs to hunting Mrs C. We knew he was bang on point so instead we began our day (at 5pm) painting Easter eggs. No. Really. Myself, Mr and Mrs C and our good friend Rachel got all competitive dyeing eggs, painting on motifs, and being crazy competitive. We had Easter baskets with loads of fresh eggs, paint, sparkles, ribbon, confetti, you name it, our eggs weren't ever gonna be anything but first class!

I painted a cool baby pink egg and frosted it with silver sparkles. I had no shame in stealing Mr and Mrs C's artistic egg ideas too and stuck funny faces on them. If you think all this sounds too surreal well picture this. Myself, Rachel and MC did all this wearing baby pink bunny ears throughout. Yep - we're forever 12. Nick even bought Mrs C a toy princess tiara, earrings and necklace from the toy store that were appropriately pink yet lavender.

On my final day before I had to jet back home Mr and Mrs C took me to Universal Orlando theme park where they say "you ride the movies." It was no empty boast - the rollercoasters were amazing! We went on the RIP RIDE ROCKIT - scary as hell, fast, high and the drops were stomach curdling. I didn't open my eyes once! Next it was THE INCREDIBLE HULK COASTER and THE DUELLING DRAGONS where I decided to bite the bullet and stay open eyed throughout - it was magical. We were riding them at sunset so the colours and lights around the city were stunning. Of course when you attend with Mr and Mrs C you don't line up - you're escorted very quickly and expertly by a security team that whisked us backstage from ride to ride. Every now and again people would spot the superstar couple and cheer and applaud. Just another day in the life of the Carey Cannons but to me - these are once in a lifetime adventures I'll treasure for ever! Happy anniversary MRS C!
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on April 21

Mariah's Keepers of the Dream Award!
Mariah Carey was honored with the James Brown Memorial Awards for her philanthropic work through Camp Mariah, which sends 300 inner-city boys and girls to camp.  Rev. Al told me Mariah doesn’t always advertise her charity work, she just does it, and so he wanted to acknowledge Mariah for her dedication.
Source: BET - Moony
Posted on April 17
Clips of Mariah on The NAN Award Stage
BET News had clips of Mariah on the stage of National Action Network's Award event along with an explanation on the "Keepers of the Dream Awards"
Click here to download

Source: Moony (a big thanks!)
Posted on April 17
Download a footage of Mariah doing the press at the NAN
Click here to download the video

Source: Moony
Posted on April 16
More pics of last night at the NAN

Red Carpet


Posted on April 16

Picture of Mariah accepting her Keepers of the Dream Award
The untagged picture will be posted soon, but we all know why it's tagged, right?
Click to enlarge
Posted on April 16
Red Carpet Pics: Mariah arriving for the Keepers of the Dream Awards
Getting all glammed up for a public appearance, Mariah Carey made her way to the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers in New York City on Thursday night (April 15).
Clad in a sexy little black dress, the Grammy winning singer was on-hand for the 12th Annual Keepers of the Dream Awards, which "recognizes exemplary displays of committed service to the tenets of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the ultimate dreamer."

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossip Center
Posted on April 16
Mariah at the NAN Awards update
Mariah will be honored with a Keepers of the Dream Award during the NAN Award dinner and Miri ben Ari is already performing (which confirms recent reports that Miri was scheduled to attend an event where Mariah would be).  Mariah is expected to arrive at 9 pm (EST), but by the time we get pictures it will be way to late for me here in Europe.
Posted on April 15
Mariah and Brian Michael Cox in studio

On his Twitter, Brian Michael Cox just posted a picture of Mariah and him taken in the studio.
Posted on April 15
European friends/fans, close the windows and take care
Due to Iceland's volcanic ash spreading in the air, many European airports icluding Belgium are closed.  Like recommended, close your windows and take care guys!
Posted on April 15
Mariah's NAN Award
Mariah's award is for her amazing commitment to young people. She has nurtured them through the Fresh Air Fund etc.
Source: National Action Network 
Posted on April 15
New video: Living the Life (in the studio with Mariah)
JD posted a new video of his "Living the Life" series.  Mariah, Brian Michael Cox and himself appear in studio.
There's an hilarious second part (without Mariah) where they kinda make fun of Soulja Boy 
"I got bitches, I got bitches, I got bitches, niggaaaaaaaaaa" 
Click here to watch it and enjoy!
Posted on April 15
It's tomorrow!
It's tomorrow (April 15) that Mariah will be honored with a Keepers of the Dream Award.
(see April 6 news)
Posted on April 14
Has Mariah reaaly a cameo in Sex And The City?
A new trailer of the movie has surfaced, we can see Miley Cyrus, Penelope Cruz, Liza Minelli, but no Mariah......
Posted on April 14
For video collectors
Click here to download the ustream video of JD and Mariah in studio + a surprise.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 14
Terius aka The-Dream's tweet
The-Dream just tweeted the following:

"I agree Nobody knows Mariah like JD and I'm so happy that he's working with my dear friend! Can't wait I know it's great already! "

Source: The-Dream
Posted on April 12

Hill's video featuring Mariah nominated for the AVIMA 2010 Music Awards
Remember when I made the contest in January asking from which video Mariah's pictures were taken, almost nobody knew back then that Mariah made a cameo in Hill's video for "Stay in the Middle", when I posted the link to the video, many said it was so random of Mariah to appear in that guy's video, it was not so random after all as it's great exposure for Mariah.  The video is nominated for the 2010 AVIMA (Asia Voice Independent Music Awards).
"Stay in the Middle" is nominated in the Most Mind Blowing Music Video category and you can vote for it at this link
Click here to watch the video
Posted on April 12
Mariah works with Johnta Austin too
So far, we know Mariah works with JD, Brian Michael Cox and now Johnta Austin!
Posted on April 11
Mariah and JD working together!
Thank God, it seems Mariah wont listen to two and a half "Twitter fans" this time, those two and a half don't represent Mariah's fan base!
Two and a half.... , sorry I couldn't resist to quote Kinou (my partner in crime) 

From Mariah's Twitter
"To all the Lambs in the land..Finally!!!Me& Jermash are in his studio reliving the splendor working on new ish 4 "
"Fyi we're on ustream right now ustream/sosodeftv"
"This song is coming out quite nice I must say: ) LYM "
"JD's studio has a real CLUB in it!!!..a certain liquor co. built it for him.(Even a pole!) I'll tweet more after they build ME some ish.lol "

From JD's Twitter
"to all the lambs out there me and mc are in studio right now working on the new album yall been askin for it legggggooooooo!!!!!!!"
"Broadcasting live now! See me and mc and b cox http://www.ustream.tv/channel/SOSODEFTV "

Mariah and JD's Video on JD' site
Click here to watch the video

Posted on April 10

Mariah in Orlando

You Might Be a Coaster Geek...

...if you look at this picture and think, "I wish that lady would get out of the way so I can get a better look at Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit." That lady is Mariah Carey, who apparently rode Rockit and a number of Universal Orlando's other coasters and attractions during a visit yesterday. Striking a somewhat come-hither pose, the singer-actress (who was a revelation in Precious) seems to be trying to divert coaster dudes from ogling the sleek red track and the ride queue entrance behind her.
Source: Theme Parks (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 9

Why am I not really happy with the MC vs JS Dance album?
1.  I'm not a Dance fan, I guess I don't need to explain it, each its taste right? (but if it's on sale, I'll buy it)
2.  Here the real reason why I can't be really happy.  We wont hear Angels Advocate, I know some fans don't care as they call it crap remixes (even if they didn't hear it), but don't forget we were supposed to have new tracks, maybe we will hear them some day, but I personnally liked the idee of having a record called "Angels Advocate".   Back to the MC vs. JS album, it's not a Mariah record and if it really comes out (let's wait and see as it's the second time they postpone it), I suspect it's because Jump Smokers are involved with Island Def Jam as they make remixes for a lot of IDJ artists, if there was talk the MC vs. JS would be scrapped too, I guess the guys and above all their influential manager wouldn't be so quick to collaborate on special projects anymore.  Anyway in my opinion,  Mariah is the one getting screwed again!
Posted on April 8
Mariah's manager on Twitter
Mariah's music manager tweeted about almost all the artists he manages, for Mariah he tweeted the following:
"Mariah Carey Let's just say the voice is coming.....All great things take time! But its coming.... "
Posted on April 8
See, music sells when it's less expensive!
With Target and Best Buy's ads for "Memoirs" at $7.99 in the last 2 weeks, the album managed to jump 55 spots on Billboard 200 (from 145 to 90) with 7.319 copies sold. Ok, this still doesn't explain why Mariah fans didn't buy the album in the first weeks, but at least non-fans will now discover the album.
Posted on April 8
See ya tomorrow evening...
I will have a long not pleasant day tomorrow, also I'll try to reply to your e-mails in the evening too.
Posted on April 7
Liam Gallagher goes shy in front of Mariah
If you know the Gallagher brothers from Oasis, they are all but shy, ok I met them once and Noel is the worst one  .... Several sources report Liam was shy when he met Mariah in Orlando and it's not a rumor as Mariah's friend Jasmine tweeted they met him, she didn't say he was shy though.

From Mirror's 3am
Rock hardman Liam Gallagher got Butterflies when he came face to face with Mariah Carey.
Liam, 37, had taken his family to Orlando, Florida for a holiday.
After watching Arctic Monkeys at Universal theme park, Liam headed to his hotel - and found Mariah celebrating her birthday by the pool. 
We hear: "Like a shy kid he said: 'Hi, I'm Liam from Oasis.' He then wished Mariah a Happy Birthday and tried to get a beer."
But he was out of luck. Her pals were drinking champagne while Mariah stuck to orange juice.

Posted on April 7

Mariah enjoying her Easter break

Before heading to Orlando for some rollercoaster adventures, Mariah enjoyed the ocean during her easter break.
Source for the pic: Sun 
Posted on April 6
Still hope for "Dance" fans
M.C. vs. J.S. Remix Album will be released (at least in the US)!
The M.C. vs. J.S. Dance remix Album will apparently be coming out and according to their manager fans can eventually expect a summer release.

The Jump Smokers posted the following on their Facebook:
"Jump Smokers wanna put all the Mariah Carey fans at ease: we have been told that our M.C. vs. J.S. Remix Album WILL be coming out!!! We don't have an official date yet (obv that's outta our control) but ya'll will DEF be hearing this project that we all worked SO hard on..."

Posted on April 6

Mariah to be honored with a Keepers of the Dream Awards on Wednesday, April 15
Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network (NAN) will host its annual national conference from April 14 – 17 at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in New York City.

The four-day event will convene hundreds of delegates and prominent leaders in civil rights, business, politics, labor, entertainment and the religious community from around the country to address key issues impacting people of color.

Among the confirmed participants: US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Housing Shawn Donovan, Michael Steele, Chairman of The Republican National Party, Dr. Bill Cosby, Mariah Carey, Wyclef Jean, Ben Jealous, President of the NAACP, Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League, Tom Joyner, Roland Martin and Michael Eric Dyson.

Highlights will include the annual Keepers of the Dream Awards on Wednesday, April 15 honoring those who are committed to furthering the ideals and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The event will be hosted by Tamron Hall, MSNBC and honorees include Wyclef Jean, humanitarian and world-renown musical artist, Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC Universal, Mariah Carey, Award-Winning Actress and internationally acclaimed Singer, Dr. Robert M. Franklin, President of Morehouse College, Kimberly Davis, President of JPMorgan Chase Foundation and more. There will be a special keynote address by Dr. Bill Cosby.

The National Action Network convention will include discussions about health care policy in the wake of the historic passage of the President’s Health Care Reform Bill, Media and whether the press is covering issues fairly that involve people of color, education as a civil rights issue and combating the racial achievement gap, labor and employment, the state of the Black Church and assessment of the public response to African-American achievement, issues crucial to young professionals, and much more.

A complete schedule of NAN’s annual national convention is attached and updates will be posted regularly on NAN’s website www.Nationalactionnetwork.net. 

Source: Eurweb - NAN
Posted on April 6

As there's a big mistake in the following tidbit, I'm not sure we need to believe the rest of it but as there isn't much other infos, I'll post it anyway

Mariah's Luxury Birthday Bash
When you're a diva, birthday celebrations can last for at least a week! 

Mariah Carey is celebrating turning 41 last Saturday with a five-star vacation in Puerto Rico. The Precious star and her husband Nick Cannon have been staying in a private villa at the salubrious Waldorf Astoria El Conquistador Resort since last Tuesday. 

According to the resort's website, the El Conquistador is "the ultimate luxury" where guests can "escape to a cliff top oasis, where the azure colored Caribbean sea seamlessly merges with the rolling surf of the wide Atlantic."

The happy couple brought a few friends along for the festivities and according to a resort insider, Mariah and her posse have been living it up! "They have a 24 hour butler and she has her own staff with her too, so they have constant service," dished the source. "They aren't really leaving their private casita because they don't need to. They have a private pool and the most amazing ocean view."

So, who else went along for the fun? Mariah's three dogs J.J., Cha Cha and Dolomite, of course.

With the Caribbean waters on their doorstep, Mariah and Co. haven't spent all their time indoors. In fact, our spies report the loved up pair took to the high seas on a luxurious catamaran, where Mariah proved that while she might be a diva, she still has modest tastes. "She had her ship's waiters go and get her Krispy Kreme doughnuts", the eyewitness added.

Source: RadarOnline
Posted on April 5

Happy Easter
Posted on April 4
Mariah feeling festive pon de boat!

Mariah's friend Jasmine posted this picture on her Twitter page, I know it's for people/fans who follow her, I think she will not be bothered if we post it as she wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for us to see and share.
The pic was taken by Jas today and Mariah seems to enjoy her break!
Posted on April 4
Have some fans forgotten the child who's still in each one of us?
Following the April Fools prank, I received many funny e-mails, but I also received some not so kind ones, c'mon guys, isn't there really no more innocence left in a little corner of your mind?  I pitty you... even my grandma still  makes pranks 
Posted on April 2
Japan fans celebrate Mariah's Anniversary
As usual, the Japanese fans celebrated it in a festive and original way.  My friend Shino from Love Love Jack, my mate Kotaro and a few other fans did an awesome video.  Look at yourself at this link, Shino is hilarious with her chewing gum 

Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on April 2
Many e-mails about the new leaked track reported this morning
I know it was evil, but I couldn't resist............... April Fools 
Posted on April 1
More pics of Mariah arriving in Puerto Rico Tuesday

Click to enlarge
Source: April 1
Posted on April 1
More updates tonight as I'm in a hurry, I'll also reply to your e-mails
Posted on April 1
Mariah is in Puerto Rico

Mariah arrived Tuesday night in Puerto Rico with some friends and her 3 dogs to enjoy a little break.
Source: Primera Hora
Posted on April 1


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