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From Style (extract)
Fashion seekers at Victor Alfaro's first collection, also on Tuesday, included Mariah Carey. She was in the front row in a leather and fur-trimmed bustier by the designer, striking some of the same poses she does on MTV.
The collection suggested sex -- in a voice loud enough to clear a disco. There were lace chaps and fake snake chaps, worn over bodysuits. Skintight snakeskin jeans were zipped all the way from front to back, reason unknown. Rib-knit sweater dresses were worn with harnesses of metal mesh, Mr. Alfaro's version of the bondage look that is sweeping fashion. 

Mr. Alfaro managed to get many of the top models to work for him, including Yasmeen Ghauri, Nadege and Vendela, the Elizabeth Arden model, but they didn't always look great. Vendela made her rare runway appearance in a faux-fur-trimmed pinstripe dress, looking like Wilma from "The Flintstones." 

"My favorite was the long velvet evening dress," Ms. Carey said, referring to a double-strap black dress that was long and liquid. "Victor's clothes are fierce."

From San Jose Mercury News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Carey, Jackson rake in music nominations
Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and rap duo Kris Kross topped a list of nominees announced Tuesday for the 20th Annual American Music Awards. Winners of 25 awards in six categories -- pop-rock, country, soul-rhythm and blues, adult contemporary, heavy metal-hard rock and rap-hip-hop -- will be announced Jan. 25 during an ABC-TV special from Los Angeles. Bobby Brown, Gloria Estefan and Wynonna will be hosts of the three-hour show. Carey got six nominations to lead the list of nominees.


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