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Rosie O' Donnell Show Transcript
Andre is a kid Mariah has helped and was first introduced to the public via Entertainment tonight.  He was the announcer at the beginning stating who would be on the show.  After that Rosie talked to him:

Rosie: Hi Andre
Andre: Hi

Rosie: How are you?
Andre: Good

Rosie: Andre, can I just say on thing about your announcing abilities
Andre: Yes.

Andre: Ha ha !! Laughs with appreciation.

Rosie: Now look,  I see what you got there on your shirt tell everyone what Camp mariah is.
Andre: Camp Mariah is a career awareness camp with the Fresh Air Fund In Fiskill, New York which helps you realize your oppurtunities in different careers and goals.

Rosie: And who founded, and financially supplements that camp.
Andre: Mariah Carey.

Rosie: MARIAH CAREY (CROWD GOES WILD), You know she's here today.  I made her come cause there's a big Fresh Air Fund benefit tonight. I made her come and she's like "I can't, I can't get up  I can't sing that early" and I'm like don't worry you won't have to sing I'll sing. (Crowd laughs)

Rosie: Guess who's here today. Mariah Carey.  She's not singing. (Crowd goes sighs awe!!)  She couldn't sing.  She doesn't have a new CD, she didn't want to sing cause its early.  I told her come anyways.  She does so much good work for the Fresh Air Fund.  She gives so much of her time and money away. And there's a big thing tonight to raise money so I said come we'll talk about it.  It'll be fun. 

(Rosie has a machine that plays Cd's and sound effects she pushes a button and begins to sing 5 secs of Emotions, then sings part of Dreamlover) 
"We don't need her to sing look what I have" 
(Plays vision of love, then sings Vision of love and makes a really bad yet funny imitation of the last part of the song when
Mariah breaks the word "all" into 100 separate notes) "All that you turned to be.  Mariah Carey is here, Phil Hartman and Courtney Cox right after this"

Start of Mariah interview:

Rosie: She has one of the most beautiful voices in the world and we're delighted that she could stop by today.  Please welcome MY Buddy Mariah Carey.

Rosie: How are you? 
Mariah: I'm Fine.

Rosie: Good to see you.
Mariah: It's good to see you. 

Rosie: Did you see Andre do the opening?
Mariah: Yes I did.  He was fabulous. Hi Andre (waves to him)

Rosie: Yeah wasn't he
Mariah: Yes he was.  I told you that he wants to be a talk show host.

Rosie: And he probably will one day.
Mariah: Now he's got an audition tape too so..

Rosie: See there thats all he needed. Now we met at the Fresh Air Fund Benefit. 
Mariah: Yes we did.

Rosie: Although you did come to see me in Grease. (Grease is a broadway show Rosie was in)
Mariah: Yes I did come to see you in Grease and you were fabulous.

Rosie: Oh Mariah stop
Mariah: You were. I love that song. Your song is like one of the best songs.  There are worse things I can do. (It's a song that Rosie sings in grease)

Rosie: Yeah well if you sing it it would be a little bit better than my rendition.  I got that Ethel Murman thing going (Rosie sings this line "There are worse things that I can do"
Mariah: No. You sounded good.

Rosie: I had a good time but you were a fan of Grease when you were a kid right?
Mariah: Yes I was.  I saw it like 8 times while I was growing up.

Rosie: You ever meet Olivia Newton John?
Mariah: I did meet Olivia Newton John in Germany on this talk show.  They have a road show thats doing Grease and she was helping them kick it off. She's really really nice.

Rosie: Did you tell her you use to watch her so much when you were little?
Mariah: Yes I did.

Rosie: Was she thrilled or was she annoyed?
Mariah: No she was so nice.  She's really really cool.  Actually I met her before that at the American Music Awards when I first came out.  She came up to me and she was like " I love your voice".  And I was so, you know, I mean, it was really exciting cause I never met any famous people it was like the first thing I ever did, a talk show.  I was like Olivia Newton
John!! I didn't say anything and I felt bad that I didn't say I love you too and watched you growing up and you're amazing.  Anyways she knows it now.

Rosie: Right, she just heard it right here on The Rosie O'Donell show. Speakin of your voice. (Pushes button and starts playing emotions,crowd goes wild) How do you get those AHHH OOOHHH (Rosie screams)What is that?Its like that Minnie Ripperton WOOOOO? How do you get that high?
Mariah: I love Minnie Ripperton when I was growing up.

Rosie: Wasn't she great?
Mariah: She was amazing and her records are still incredible.  I don't know just practice and its just a weird thing I have in my voice.

Rosie: Its great.  Its like 27 Octaves you got in there.
Mariah: Chuckles and laughs.

Rosie: Now, you grew up on Long Island like I did.
Mariah: Yes I did.

Rosie: What exit? ( Means highway exit.  Highway exits are numbered in US)
Mariah: I lived on many exits.  I moved around so many times like 10 times all over Long Island.

Rosie: And we use to go to the same dance club.  I'm a lot older than you. But we use to go to the same dance clubs like Sunshines.
Mariah: Well I couldn't, my friends use to go their and I use to try and get in but you know sometimes...

Rosie: You couldn't get in?
Mariah: Well I couldn't get in until they changed owners and then you know..

Rosie: Did you have the fake I.D.?
Mariah: Well I had older friends and they always like snuck me in.

Rosie: Yeah.  I had the fake I.D. Doreen Nordin.
Mariah: Yeah? (Laughing at Rosie)

Rosie: I used that I.D. And as I was sneaking in.  And as you walk in you're friends would be goin 'HEY RO wanna get a beer?'.. They said "DO! DO thats my name Doreen" That was a tough thing to do.
Mariah: (is laughing very hard when hearing this story.)

Rosie: Now,  tonight there's a big Frush Air Fund Benefit.  Tell everyone what this about which is why you're here. 
Mariah: Ok, well  The Fresh Air Fund is an organization thats been around for 100 years and every year they send 10 000 kids to camp from the inner cities. Most of which have never been outside the city or immediate area where they grow up.  So its incredible.  I know people who have been through the program and they are grown up now and they say its changed
their lives.  So its really important that we keep it going.  And today is the kickoff of their fundraising.  They are trying to recruit people to be host families.  What that is, is people who live in the country or in suburbs  take kids from the inner cities and they bring them up and they take them.
Some people take them year after year after year.  So its important.

Rosie: It is a wonderful program.  It really is.
Mariah: We need people to keep volunteering and you have the 800 number.

Rosie: Yes the 800 number is 367-0003.  It will be on our screen while we're doing this. Now, Mariah.  How's your husband Tommy?
Mariah: He's fine.

Rosie: Tommy's doing good?
Mariah: Yes he is.

Rosie: You guys. Do you get sick of reading all the stuff about you in the paper?  Everytime you open the paper, there's an article, there's this.  They are usually full of crud. 
Mariah: Oh yes.  They are most often full of crud.  But, you have to deal with it as you know.  And it's difficult cause the media has become so out of control and I guess you're in this position and you just have to grin and bare it and realize that hopefully, people with any sort of intelligence out there reading things that are just out of this world, or crazy realize that it's not true.
Rosie: right
(Audience applauses Mariah's point.)

Rosie: I know there was somebody at the was it the American Music awards?
Mariah: No the Grammies.

Rosie: Oh it was the grammies.  I knew somebody who was at the party. They said you were dancing and I read in the paper that you were moping.
Mariah: Yeah they said in the paper. That was really annoying.  They said that I was sitting and I had the TV monitors shut off and I was sitting there moping in a corner by myself.  I'm like (A) why would I go to the party if I could mope at home quite easily. and (B) I was hanging out with Brandy and Wanya from Boyz II Men the whole night I practically closed the
party down.  And we had a great time.  So when you read things that are so out of left field, you're like, whatever.

Rosie: Right.  It's like the night before you were like woo woo and you read in the paper that "You were moping" and you're like no I was the person wooo wooo.
Mariah: laughing. exactly.  Then they said that I got into a huge fight at a hotel I wasn't even at.  So its like anybody can say anything if they'll take someone's word for it but whatever.

Rosie: It's one of those things you have to pay..
Mariah: True true true.

Rosie: when you get to be as famous as you.  And you're pretty famous cause I don't know if you've uhh.. (Pushes button and plays I'll be there followed by Vision Of love)
Mariah: starts laughing..

Rosie: Thats my favorite.  I had a vision of love.
Mariah: Your rendition is classic.  (Speaking of Rosie's earlier try at it)

Rosie: Thank you thank you.  When we were at the Fresh Air Fund Benefit I had to be the MC.  Remember this?
Mariah: Yes,you were fabulous.

Rosie: So Mariah was at this big table with all these mucky mucks. And I'm up there and I have to announce the shawls..
Mariah: Right..

Rosie: Rich people in New York City were wearing shawls..
Mariah: They auction off shawls.  I don't know how this ritual got started but it raises money.

Rosie: I don't know either. They said go ahead get up there and make it fun for 20 minutes people in shawls.  So I started singing this song. (Rosie singing broadway style:) At the shawl parade. Bid lots of money at the shawl parade!
Mariah: But it's like these women are parading around in these interesting little shawls that they're auctioning off and Rosies like (Mariah also starts singing this in Broadway style and audience is laughing:) AT The shawl parade, it's kind of silly at the shawl parade.  It was funny!

Rosie: And then at the break Mariah said I'm going to cover that and its going to be the first single on my new LP.
Mariah: I'm workin on it now
Rosie: Can you come in and do the background vocals

Rosie: You know, I am available.  We'll check my schedule
Mariah: OK, we'll work it out.(audience laughing)

Rosie: I have a lot of Fresh Air Fund benefits to do
Mariah: Ok good.

Rosie: As you do to.
Mariah: Yes, tonight

Rosie: You're goin on tour. World tour?
Mariah: Yeah, well I'm working on my new album right now.  I'm in the studio and uhm.. I'm going to do my first world tour which I've never done before.  So I'm really looking forward to that.

Rosie: And you will be wonderful. Christmas album. Its classic.  Mariah Carey Merry Christmas, there it is. ( Rosie show the CD to camera)
Rosie: On tomorrows show Dean Cain, Thomas Calbro, and David Cassidy. WOO!
Mariah: WOO!

Rosie: Mariah the Fresh Air Fund Number is up on your screen right now.
Call for information on the Fresh Air Fund.
Mariah: (Nodding) Mm Hm..

Rosie: This your dog Jack.
Mariah: This is Jack yes.

Rosie: And he does a trick
Mariah: Well it's sort of a trick.  It's something that we discovered quite by accident when we were trying to drink some Evian water. And we realized that Jack likes Evian water or whatever this is Polen Springs. Ok can he get it? (Mariah is holding the water bottle at shoulder level in front of her and Jack is jumping like 5 ft in the air to get the bottle.) Get it Jack. C'mon Jack. C'mon. Oh Oh. Alright we'll just give it to him. (He really jumps and gets it when she says that and audience goes wild laughing).

Rosie: and then he attacks it?
Mariah: And then he attacks it. Get it. (Jack is attacking and trying to open the bottle) C'mon Jack

Rosie: C'mon Jack. open the water bottle.
Mariah: Usually, well (Mariah jokingly yelling) I told you guys he needs the smaller water bottle!! What are you doing to me! (Audience is still laughing)

Rosie: Laughs
Mariah: Allright

Rosie: Oh look he'll drink it and then pee all over our set.  And thats what we like!
Mariah: Ok give me the water bottle Jack. ( Jack runs away with it and audience laughs again)Ok C'mon give me it Jack.

Rosie: C'mon puppy (While Mariah chases him around in a circle to retreive bottle) C'mon puppy wuppy.
Mariah: AHH! (Shrieks as Jack won't give it up and almost bites her) Oh Dear! Hope you didn't get that one on camera. Live TV we love it.

Rosie: Allright Thank you Mariah.
Mariah: Allrighty there. Sorry!

Rosie: Don't be sorry he'll do it before we're out.
Mariah: C'mon jack.

Rosie: Hope you had a good time.  We'll see you tomorrow.  Thank you Mariah. Fresh Air Fund Tonight!
Mariah: Jack you are never coming again.

From Star Magazine, Australia
She has a deep voice and she is starting to direct videos for alternative bands. Can this really be Mariah Carey, the 26 year old the biggest-selling female artist of the '90s. Her current album, Daydream has sold 17 million copies worldwide and went platinum not just once, but FIVE times in australia alone. right now, mariah's in pre-production of her next album, her
seventh, which will be recorded early next year - and the word is she may be coming to australia on tour when the album's released. but today, we're talking about her marriage, a few truths about the price of fame, clearing up a few rumours and trying to find out more about the real mariah.

So what's this about a deep voice? mariah has a deep voice today because she has been out late at night in a smoky club "I am very hoarse because I went out last night to a place where I threw a little party for my crew," she giggle.

How do u take care of your voice?
Number one is not talking before the show, which, doing press and interviews you have to do. 
Number 2, sleeping as much as I can, which with the time changes between countries is hard. 
Number 3, I sometimes take steam for my voice. 
Number 4, I drink tea with honey and lemon.

Is it true you are starting your own record label up?
Yes. I think it is going to help me in terms of control over my own stuff. it's also going to be a lot of fun ot work with new artists. I always find myself meeting really talented people and a lot of them don't have a record deal

Your husband Tommy signed u to Sony Records. What is it like working with him?
I have learned a lot from him, and other artist who have worked with him will tell you that he is very creative and that he understands music as well, he has great ideas and they can be helpful.

If you asked and advice columnist about marrying a guy 20 years older than you, they would advise against it. What do you think?
I think that it's all about who you are inside. Sometimes things like that make a difference and sometimes they don't. We have so many other things in common that it overrides the age gap.

You share your 12 million dollar house not just with Tommy, it's been reported, a whole lot of animals.
What? That's one of the many stories made up about me. Yeah, I have 6 lamas, 28 chickens... I'm kidding. I have a cat called Clarence. He's very old now but he is my lifelong friend. I have a cat named Puffy, a Jack Russell called Jack who has been in a lot of my videos and he swims and he dives, he goes underwater. And there's Ginger, the Yorkshire Terrier who was in the Boyz II Men video One Sweet Day. I have two Doberman Pincshers, Princess and Duke. Duke is wild and everybody wants me to get rid of him but I can't part with him because I'm the only one who understands him. He hates everybody else!

This image of you doesn't fit with a quote that recently appeared on your internet website page. you supposedly said, "When I see starving kids all over the world, I cry. I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff".
That was absolutely untrue. Somebody on that internet went on under a fake name and just sat down and decided to completely make up an interview. I guess magazines picked it up and treated it as though it were real with real quotes. What was said was horrible and if anybody ever thought I'd even remotely think about saying anything like that, then they are very wrong.

How does it make you feel when people do that?
I think it was very irresponsible of magazines not to check. They should have called the publicist and said, "Did she say this disgusting thing" people can write things completely different to how I say. It was 100 % made up. I'd like to find the person who said it but... it's tough.

What do u think of all the internet pages devoted to you?
I'm really behind in the computer age, I just haven't got into it because that side of my brain is not the strongest one.  So I don't really see all that stuff but friends of mine tell me about it. Of course, I am always grateful to fans who are there. I make sure that every special letter posted to me is saved for me.

On your Tour you wore a ball gown on stage. How often do you get to wear an outfit like that and do you and Tommy get to lead a glamorous life?
For the past year in videos, all I've been in basically is jeans and shorts and people were saying, "She never changes what she wears!" you do one thing and then you come out in a ball gown and people say "It's so over the top." But it's fun to change and it gives a break to my voice for a minute because that hour and a half of singing at that height is hard. It's fun to dress up - I don't get a chance to wear a ball gown very much. I'll have to pull them out and put them on at home and pretend I'm somewhere else!

You do a lot of charity work. Can you tell us what the Camp Mariah project is about?
I work with an organisation called the Fresh Air Fund and they take under-privileged kids from inner cities who have basically only negative influences around them, like drug dealers and a lot of criminals. The Fresh Air Fund takes kids out to these different camps that are free or perhaps the kids will stay with a host families where they can see a more positive environment.

What does the project mean to you?
I think it's critical for kids like these, who would otherwise only see bad things in their lives, to break that cycle . This particular camp is a career awareness camp. People teach them about working in record companies or management, production engineering, whatever.

Do you enjoy being famous?
I have had some bad times. I don't like the overall sense of helplessness and vulnerability that comes with doing this. It's a strange feeling to sit in a room full of people and talk about yourself and field questions never knowing what people are going to say because I'm just a normal person. I don't always have the right answer. The up-side is that this is always what I wanted to do and I'm doing it. I dont feel sorry for myself. It's just like anybody else: "I'm sure everybody has good days and bad days, things that are great about what they do and things that they probably hate."

How much have you enjoyed working with other artists?
It's been a lot of fun because I have made some great friends. I was talking to Boyz II Men this morning and we are going to write together again.

Do you intend to carry on directing your own videos?
Yeah, and I have directed a video for an alternative group. I have never talked about this before. They are a group who people probably don't know so I won't mention their name, but people would be surprised if they found out!
That is all I'll say about that one. It proves people still don't know the real me and I like that.


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