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Michael Jordan And Mariah Carey Voted Sexiest Celebrity Legs
Nothing beats a great pair of legs, and retired basketball superstar Michael Jordan and pop songbird Mariah Carey have the sexiest celebrity ones, according to the fifth annual Hanes Hosiery Sexy Legs survey.

The survey found that Jordan is still tops overall with 12 percent of women and men surveyed agreeing he's got the sexiest male celebrity legs.

Carey, up from third place last year, received the overall votes of 15 percent by men and women who found her to have the sexiest female legs.

When the survey was broken down, 10 percent of women chose Jordan as the male celebrity with the sexiest legs. He came in a close second to famed actor Brad Pitt, who earned 11 percent of the votes. With men surveyed, Jordan was voted the No. 1 male celebrity with sexiest legs, earning 15 percent of the votes.

Carey won as the female celebrity with the sexiest legs when surveyed by men. She earned 18 percent of the votes. Actress Nicole Kidman ranked second with 7 percent.

Cole vs. Carey gets even weirder
The big question with Mariah Carey and rival singer Samantha Cole is, "Who's stalking whom?'' Cole who recently parted ways with Universal Records and is shopping for a new label has taken to blabbing all over town about her feud with Carey, a feud Mariah swears doesn't exist. Nevertheless, last weekend in the Hamptons, Cole told pals she's considering getting a restraining order against Carey's bodyguards. "She wants them kept away from her, to stop bothering her," a source said. "Mariah's people keep calling Samantha's house and leaving harassing messages."
Carey's rep blasted those claims. "Any rivalry is completely one-sided," said an exasperated Cindi Berger. "Mariah certainly has no issues with Ms. Cole. My only concern is that she seems intent on riding on Mariah's coattails. "Music sources say Cole and Carey have been trading barbs ever since Cole began dating Walter Afanasieff, Mariah's former producer.Cole couldn't be reached, but a friend said she was probably bluffing about the restraining order. "She was probably just saying that for effect. Samantha just wants this to go away." A pal of Carey calls Cole "a stalker. She's been trailing Mariah for years, harassing her family and her friends. "She was obsessed with Mariah in high school to the point where she'd dress and do her hair like hers," says Melanie Daniels, a Carey backup singer who knows Cole from school. Daniels recalls a night in a club where she and Samantha both worked when Cole did "a very bad imitation" of Carey's hit,"Hero". A few years back, Cole badgered Mariah's mom, voice coach Pat Carey, to give her singing lessons. "She said she was a descendant of Nat King Cole even though she's white because she thought that would give her entree into the business," laughs a source. "She would call constantly, come to the studio and leave flowers it just never stopped." Carey's mother, who declined Cole's repeated quest to take her as a student, confirmed the barrage. "She left repeated messages on the machine, saying she wanted me to teach her to sing like Mariah, she wanted to hit the high notes," Pat told PAGE SIX. "It got to a point where it was very uncomfortable for me and the girls in the studio." 
Mariah and Luis duet in the works
Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel have plans - but not wedding plans. "No - not as yet," responds the superstar singer, asked about the much-speculated-upon nuptials that would join her and the Latin crooner. Mariah, who'll be seen on "The 1999 Essence Awards" on Wednesday night on Fox, tells us she's in the middle of working on an album she intends to have out "by the end of this year - for the millennium." Is she planning duets with Luis? "Actually, well, I'm not allowed to talk about it, but there is something in the works," smiles the diva. Mariah presents what will undoubtedly go down as the most dramatic of the "Essence Awards" - a tribute to 14-year-old Hydeia L. Broadbent, who is living a life of accomplishment and joy, despite having been born an AIDS baby. "It was hard to stand there after seeing the film they put together of what Hydeia's done and the odds she faces," admits Mariah, who adds that "everyone was teary-eyed" at the recently taped, star-packed Madison Square Garden event. "Even the way she presents herself is really inspiring for all of us, I think." The moment had to be especially moving for Carey, who chose to give the Broadbent award. She has a sister who's HIV-positive, a subject she politely declines to discuss.
Meanwhile: Mariah is in Italy this week, singing with Luciano Pavarotti at his annual benefit for War Child. "He asked to do my song Hero with me, and they've written an operatic part that goes along with my lyric," she reports.Mariah took her mother, a former opera singer, along for the trek. The event will be televised world-wide, including the U.S., at a later date.
Mariah Carey to Bring Some Soul to the Choir
Austin, Texas - In an exclusive deal with Sony Music Entertainment, the National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir has secured exclusive rights for Mariah Carey performances during the 2000-2001 concert season. Mariah Carey will tour Choir chapters, singing various psalms, hymns, and traditional prayers. "This is a very important deal for us," said Choir President Joseph Brown. "Mariah Carey will breath some soul into Choir meetings. We plan to bring in the new millennium with awe-inspiring modern renditions of traditional choir numbers. We are planning a Choir season that only a magnificent vocalist like Mariah Carey will be able to provide." In February, 2000, Mariah Carey will begin her tour in Austin, Texas. From there, she will move east to South Carolina, up the coast to New York, across the midwest to Seattle, Washington and finally south to San Francisco, California. "It is a very demanding schedule," said program director Alice Carson. "The payoff," she continued, "should be tremendous." In cities where Mariah Carey is scheduled to perform, Choir concerts will be held on Saturday nights, while Mariah Carey concerts will be Friday nights. Carson cited the public's interest in modern performers like Mariah Carey as a way to attract more Christians to the Choir. At the May Choir concert in Austin, Texas, Mariah Carey offered a sneak preview performance. "This was just a glimpse of things to come," commented Carson. Mariah Carey sang a total of nine songs, from "Hosanna in the Highest" to "Lamb of God" and the twenty-fourth psalm. "Her backup band was in peak condition," said concert-goer Dennis Nentry. "It was simply amazing to hear the Lord praised by such a sweet voice." 


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