August 2007 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah at Diddy's Hamptons White Party Sunday
Apparently Mariah will be at Diddy's party this Sunday.

Diddy's going to be doing it again on Sunday.
For the first time since 2003, Sean "Diddy" Combs is hosting the return of what he is calling "The Real White Party" on the broad lawn of his white modernist house facing a sunset-friendly bay in East Hampton.
Last year, Diddy held the party in St. Tropez.
From head to toe, boldface guests at the Sunday bash will need to wear white -- not cream, not off-white, not khaki -- or they won't gain entry.
Colorful accessories are forbidden.
And those who arrive in shirts or skirts with colored embroidery or printed details are asked to either strip off that fashion item, wear a towel, or leave.

So far, RSVPs have come from the likes of Mariah Carey, Christie Brinkley, Eve, Diddy's East End neighbor Donna Karan, Ryan Seacrest, Chris "Mr. Big" Noth, Kelly Rowland, Lil' Kim, Lorraine Bracco, and Star Jones Reynolds.

Party planner to the stars Jessica Rosenblum, says that every aspect of past fetes will be "taken up a notch." V1 Jets is offering charter service for Diddy's famous friends to the party, which is being sponsored by Ciroc vodka. DJ Cassidy and Doug E. Fresh will DJ. And guests can expect Polynesian dancers, fire-eaters, and even the live jazz band to be wearing white.
In the past, trees surrounding the property have been lit with white pin lights. And scantily-clad models, some topless, frolicked in the pool.

Special guests will begin arriving on Sunday at 3 p.m., and the party will last until 11 p.m., when revelers will party on at Dune, a night club in Southampton.
At the end of the night in the past, very select guests previously returned to Diddy's pad and partied at the pool until dawn.

One suggestion: If you're not invited, don't bother trying to sneak into the fete -- Diddy's security detail doesn't miss a trick. 
Source: Newsday (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 31st.

Mariah nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 
Please vote for Mariah by clicking here.  You may continue voting until the live event on November the 1st. at the Olympia Halle in Munich (Germany)
Source for the info: Alban and a lot of you guys by e-mail (but Alban was the first one )
Posted on August the 31st.
Can I say "Vive la Poste française"?
I don't know what happens these last days, but there are probably bad vibes which come from France and attack me , first, I received hateful e-mails about that poor innocent creature "Cuddles", dunno why.... then (but that's usual) they steal the whole "Interview" translation which took us hours to make (France again), and know my bro Alex who came back from New York sent me a sample of the perfume he received at Macy's... I was very excited this noon when I was about to open my mailbox, and there.... that day which was meant to be the "Smell Like Mariah" day turned out to be The Hole Day , it makes me laugh, but it's not funny, a f*cking French post worker made a hole in the precious envelope and stole the lil' perfume.  I'm sad of course, but I feel bad for my bro Alex who did his best to make his friends happy.
Anyway, see by yourself the beautiful hole, it's not as beautiful as the lil' perfume, but at least it's original and you will not see it on any other website , well French bloggers, will you copy/paste the hole too .
Click to enlarge, the hole is more beautiful in big 

Posté le 31 août
Congrats Glittering Mariah !!!!

Today it'is the "Glittering Mariah"  6th anniversary and the guys from the fan site want to celebrate it worldwide!
For this special occasion, the site ( has been totally revamped with new layouts and new stuff... 
They have created a Web Portal that links the site, the forum community (Glittering Forum online since 2003 - which is the most visited and popular Italian Online Community), the "Glittering MY SPACE". ( )  and a really big exclusive suprise for all the fans... the first Mariah TOOLBAR on the net EVER!! This new gadget is available for IE and Firefox Browsers.. includes google search, Mariah links, stops pop-up, Radio, Email Notifier and much more.. and it's completely personalizable with more options! You can download it for free at
Source: Ilaria from Glittering Mariah by e-mail
Posted on August the 31st.
Jermaine Dupri talks about Top-Secret new Mariah track
"I'm mixing one of Mariah's records today," JD said. "I don't know if it's her first single, but I'm mixing one of the records that I think L.A. [Reid, head of Island Def Jam] is thinking about as one of her first singles." 

The song is so top-secret, Dupri said he hasn't even heard it yet. 

"I don't even know," he answered when questioned about the record's specifics. "You know what's crazy about the Mariah records? When I work on a Mariah record, she always goes home and records her vocals without me. I ain't heard the song! She calls and tells me, 'I finished, let's go and do it.' 

"She's a person that you have to respect her for doing her job," he added. "She respects me for doing my job. When I'm in the studio, she don't question what kick [-drum sound] I use. She don't question if I'm using the right snare. She might say, 'I ain't feeling it.' I could say the same thing. There's been plenty of times when I've said, 'Mariah, I think you need to sing this part over.' But after the last album, we got a pretty good understanding. She knows what I'm looking for from her now. We're hoping we have the same formula this time." 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 31st.

Fall Music Preview
Mariah Carey - TBA: Carey staged one of the most stunning comebacks in pop music history with 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi," so the pressure is on for her to follow up with another solid collection of the R&B-inflected, vocally acrobatic pop that first earned her superstar status. Producer Jermaine Dupri is back, so the odds are that Mimi's not going back in her cage anytime soon. (Nov. 20) 
Source: CBS ShowBuzz (All rights reserved)
Posted On August the 31st.
Tennessee tidbit
B.J. Brown, local actor and co-owner of Skydive Films has spent years acting in films and videos. His credits include "The Green Mile" as well as Reba McEntire's "Is There Life Out There?" and Mariah Carey's "Tennessee." Brown has also appeared in dozens of country music videos. 
Source: Tennessean (extract)
Posted on August the 30th.
Korean Reggae artist Skull in a movie with Mariah
AHHA: Is Mariah co-signing you as well?
Skull: No. We are just friends; she was very nice to me when we first met. She treated me very kindly, made me laugh and feel so comfortable.

AHHA: That's huge to be recognized by them. What are your plans together?
Skull: I think we will be in this movie together that her brother Morgan is co-producing, and maybe work on some music together.
Source: AllHiHop (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 30th.

UK TV and radio star Holmes about Mariah in Maxim's October edition
TV's Eamonn Holmes was unrepentant last night over a foul-mouthed tirade in an interview for a lad's mag. 
The Ulster-born presenter called a controversial Premiership football star a "c**t" and also used the f-word when ridiculing pop star Mariah Carey. 

He told the Belfast Telegraph yesterday he had no comment to make on his outspoken interview with Maxim magazine.
But he did say: "It's definitely not misquoting me." 
Asked about his use of the obscene c-word, Holmes retorted: "And what - you're not supposed to use it?" 

During the light-hearted interview for Maxim's October edition, Manchester United fan Holmes was asked for his views on football 'bad boy' Joey Barton. 
The Sky and Radio Five Live presenter said: "C**t. What is Joey Barton about? He's an absolute animal." 

In reply to the question, "Who's been your worst interviewee?", Holmes told the magazine: "There are lots of people who you just think, 'What's the point?'
"Mariah Carey sent one of her flunkies to say that she was tired and was going to lie down. 
"I was like, 'She's f***ing tired? She should've been up from four o'clock this morning! If she's going to lie down, then I'll lie down with her!'" 
Source: Belfast Telegraph (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 30th.

Thanks a lot for all your nice messages about Cuddles, you guys are great 
Posted on August the 30th.
Young producer Apex about Mariah
Apex, the young producer behind 50's "I Get Money" was interviewed by HHDX:
HHDX: If you could executive produce an album, a compilation of sorts – who would you have on it and why? 
Apex: Wow… Ah, man, that’s a crazy question, son. I’d definitely try to get Dre on there. That’s one of my idols growing up, man. He wouldn’t have to produce a beat; I’d just want him to put his voice over one of my tracks. 50 would be there because we need to do another smash. It’d be something different than "I Get Money". Jay-Z because that’s Brooklyn all day, I’d love to work with him. I would want to work with Fabolous because he’s from Brooklyn, too. I’d love to work with Snoop Dogg, too. I’d want to work with Mobb Deep because I think that they’re not getting the shine that they should. I think they lost a little shine, just a little bit and I think that I can help get them back to that Shook Ones vibe. I love Mariah Carey’s voice and I’d love to have her and Keyshia Cole on a track. I love their voices. 
Source: HHDX (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 29th.
New pics of Mariah (and Cuddles), thanks to Interview
The guys over there at the "Interview" website are really great   They gave us unreleased pictures and a lil' part of the interview.

It seems the lil' Cuddles really found a new home and arms to give him hugs 
Source: Interview Magazine (All rights reserved) - Anton by e-mail (and many of you guys 
Posted on August the 29th.
Mariah Carey bares all and tells much in 'Interview' magazine
I don't know why everything I like has to be, like - the most expensive limestone that was somebody's antique floor in France. For some reason, I always gravitate toward that."

So says Mariah Carey, telling Interview's Ingrid Sischy why she doesn't own very much art. Her tastes are too extravagant.

But it's hard to begrudge Mariah her luxurious cravings. She came from very little. Indeed two sentences later she's telling Sischy about experiences as a waitress, being denied her tips, which "I sometimes stole. I feel bad about that now, but you know, it was a tip; what are you going to do?"

Mariah talks a lot about her troubled upbringing, her controlling marriage to record mogul Tommy Mottola (she muses that perhaps if he'd even allowed her to go out with girlfriends to a day spa, they might still be together. Sometimes all a woman wants is a seaweed wrap), and there is much about her house, her adoring fans, her idol Marilyn Monroe. But there is no sense of Mariah's intimate life - no man, no stated desires for children, no slowing down even temporarily to contemplate these things.

For all her success, all her invariable good cheer, all those paparazzi pics that show her forever poised and posed in her peek-a-boo outfits, there is something poignant about Mariah, not tragic. She had her brief train-wreck breakdown in 2001, but recovered triumphantly. Perhaps she is simply smart and classy, and keeps her private happiness private.

I hope so. She signs her notes to me, "The diva next door." But she seems more a strong-willed little girl playing dress-up, and waiting for something else to happen. Something even bigger than the big dreams she has made come true.

But for the time being ... she's naked on Interview's cover.
Source: Liz Smith for the Baltimore Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 28th.

Full "Interview"
The ones who thought we wouldn't learn anything new will be surprised....
Here are the scans of the "Interview" magazine.  A big thanks to my sis Moony for sending them.
Click on each scan to enlarge.

Posted on August the 28th.
Mixing it to the top: Malaysian abroad
Did you know that Malaysia has actually produced a double Grammy winner? Read on to find out about Phil Tan who mixes for the world’s top hip-hop and R&B artistes.
Curiosity killed the cat, so goes the old proverb, but if Phil Tan had curtailed his desire for knowledge, he might not have become the Grammy-winning mixing engineer he is today. 

All it took was developing an interest in the people involved in the production process of the records he listened to – that was enough to set 37-year-old Tan on a less conventional path to realising his career goals. 

Although – almost inexplicably – his name rings no bells with Malaysians in the music industry, the La Salle Klang-schooled Tan has two little gold-plated gramophones (the Grammy Awards, duh!) for his mixing duties on Mariah Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi (Best Contemporary R&B Album, 2006) and Ludacris’ Release Therapy (Best Rap Album, 2007). 
Source: TheStar Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 27th.

Damizza will give us unreleased tracks
If you follow Damizza's infos, you have probably read the Official Press Release for his upcoming works posted yesterday on his official fan site Street Renegade.
Damizza will give us unreleased tracks including Mariah ones.  While you're there check the impressive discography section (with the unreleased tracks).
Posted on August the 27th.
M by Mariah Carey officially confirmed in France
Great news for French fans, the perfume will be sold in France, it's officially confirmed 
Stay tuned for all news and details very soon, also don't forget to e-mail me your details if you wanna be part of the Heroes of Mariah street promo in Paris for the launch of the perfume somewhere in October. 
Source: my official contact person by phone
Posted on August the 27th.
Second French radio to make a contest
French radio Skyrock is also making a contest to win Mariah's perfume.  Good luck!!!!
Source: my official contact person by phone
Posted on August the 27th.
Mariah's fragrance with French radio AdoFM contest ad
As reported yesterday, French radio AdoFM located in Paris gives you the opportunity to win the fragrance starting today.  Also the radio website has been updated with a contest ad.
Click on the ad to enlarge.
Source for the ad: AdoFM
Posted on August the 27th.
Mariah at Macy's on September the 25th. or not?
MariahDailyJournal reports that Mariah will not be at Macy's (New York) on September the 25th., however several fans went to Macy's (New York) to check and the person in charge of the fragrance counter still confirms Mariah will be there at the announced date, he also added that about 300 people will be able to attend that in-store appearance.
So, wait and see...
Posted on August the 27th.
"All I Want for Christmas" musical still planned
Current projects of screenwriter Peter Barsocchini include a musical he's writing with Mariah Carey for HBO based on "All I Want for Christmas".
It still hasn't been confirmed if Mariah will appear in the musical or if she's "only" co-writting.  Also, we don't know why they write "All I Want For Christmas".
Posted on August the 26th.
Mariah to shoot the fragrance ad on Sept. 6 (to be confirmed)
Photographer and director, Peter Lindbergh, was recently interviewed by a Spanish newspaper in which he talked about his upcoming projects, including a advert video shoot for Mariah’s new fragrance, "M" by Mariah Carey. The paper lists the advert being shot on 6 September, 2007
Source: Diario de Ibiza - Mariah Connection Spain
Posted on August the 26th.
"Honey" in the sexiest music videos category
Megacollage, a pioneer in online media compilations, today announces Megacollage Video, a section of its web site that publishes free online video compilations and makes them available in the playlist formats of the leading video stores, such as iTunes, as well as in the open .m3u playlist format. With the iTunes playlist visitors can preview the videos and then easily purchase them for $1.99 each. For music videos, with a single click, customers can watch and listen to each music video in its entirety for free courtesy of MTV, Yahoo! Music, VH1 and other streaming music video providers.

Megacollage Video currently has two series of popular video compilations both focused on the sexiest videos ever made.

Seductions is a series of music video compilations featuring the sexiest music videos. 1983-1999 highlights a top three of "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak, "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears and "Honey" by Mariah Carey.

As a bonus, sexy collage wallpaper is provided for each Seductions compilation. The 1983-1999 wallpaper features a seductive collage of Laetitia Casta, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Pamela Anderson, Ali Landry and many more.
Source: PR Leap
Posted on August the 26th.

M by Mariah in France and in Belgium
As previously reported, Heroes of Mariah will probably make a street promo in Paris and Brussels.
People in charge were very enthousiastic about our street promo in Paris, if you think you'll be able to join (probably on a Saturday), you may already send me an e-mail, so I can put you on my promo team and keep you updated.
Posted on August the 26th.
Win Mariah's fragrance with French radio AdoFM
Starting tomorrow, French radio AdoFM located in Paris gives you the opportunity to win the fragrance, good luck guys 
Source for the info: mallo on our forum
Posted on August the 26th.
Damizza will give us unreleased tracks
Please check Street Renegade ( his official fan site) for the Press Release, while you're there check the discography section.
Posted on August the 26th.
Is this what you want?

I'm used to see how some Mariah fans can trash her way better than the worse tabloid, when will this stop?????
I know you may like or not like a picture, but insulting Mariah with mean, vulgar words.... at this point, there's something going on that I can't understand.
The "Interview" picture made some of you act like paranoid people.  Your mean, hurtful words towards a person some of us  love inconditionnally are too much this time, some of you critizise her choice to be featured that way, dammit, it's her choice, if you find she's fat, then seriously some of you need glasses, look at her.... she's incredibly beautiful and healthy, but maybe you like the anorexic girls who die everyday because of people like you.
If you critizise Mariah's voice, her appearances, her way to dress, her way to act, her as a person and her in almost all the pictures, go away, search another artist to be fan of, let Mariah live her life the way SHE wants it.
And please, don't go wait to see her somewhere, or if you see her, spit it all in her face if you dare.....
Posted on August the 25th.
M by Mariah Carey counter, Macy's Herald Square Store, NYC
Take a look at the great pics Moony just sent me, click to enlarge 

Posted on August the 25th.
Bigger picture of the Interview cover 
Yes Sir, just for you and untagged!!!!!
Click to enlarge and enjoy.
Posted on August the 23rd.
Agony of a track
Lil Love is dying
No one will hear his last breath
It was a song sung for none
You weren't even listening
To his screams, to my screams
Lil' Love is dying alone

Posted on August the 23rd.

No sign of Mariah on Nelly's upcoming album at the moment
Nelly has set a tentative release date of October 16 for his first album in three years, Brass Knuckles.
Earlier this year, producer Jermaine Dupri — who said Nells is "the only person I go in the studio with and party all night" — said Nelly was looking to get Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and even Bruce Springsteen on the LP.
While those names aren't confirmed, T.I., Akon, Snoop Dogg, UGK's Pimp C, Babyface and Derrty Entertainment artist Avery Storm have all jumped on the mic. 
In addition to Dupri, Pharrell Williams and Bryan-Michael Cox are among the project's producers.
Source: MTV
Posted on August the 23rd.
Mariah helped celeb makeup artist Billy Brasfield to launch his career
In the early '90s, Brasfield was asked to do makeup for an up-and-coming singer named Mariah Carey.
"She was new and green, and we just hit it off like crazy," he says. "She was incredibly loyal to me, and from that day on, I did everything for her, from the 
Dreamlover video to her wedding to Tommy Mottola."
Because of Mariah, Brasfield's career skyrocketed and he worked with a lot of music stars. 
Posted on August the 23rd.
Short segment of Mariah's magazine appearance in the Aug 21st edition of the Insider
Click here to download it.

Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on August the 23rd.
Mariah Says Tommy Mottola Was 'Restrictive'
Mariah Carey is "thankful" to ex-husband Tommy Mottola but also felt like she was being controlled by the music executive while they were married, she divulged to Interview for the magazine's September issue, which hits newsstands Tuesday. In the magazine — the cover of which features a Bruce Weber photo of a barely clothed Carey — she says, "I am thankful to Mottola in a lot of ways. I try not to vilify him. I have to forgive him for being so restrictive. I understand him not wanting me to go out and hang out all night, but going to a spa with friends every now and then, or doing things on my own would have made a world of difference. And I'd probably still be with him if I had. Maybe it's for my own good that I wasn't 'allowed' to do those things, but that's not how it felt. It felt like suddenly I had a strict father. ... With Tommy it felt like I had this controlling situation where I wasn't allowed to be myself. This conversation that we're having now would never have taken place." Carey also opened up about the catastrophic Glitter collapse that preceded her surprise rebound. "I consider 'the breakdown' a breakthrough — I needed to hit rock bottom, however it happened. I needed to understand the cost of pushing so hard, fighting so hard against the system." ... 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 22nd.
Why Capri will soon be snobbed by celebrities
An Italian touristic media published that a few years ago, celebrities were able to walk in the streets of Capri without being bothered by people or fans, only a few paparazzi were trying to snap a picture.  It's not the case anymore, this year, celebrities who were staying in Capri tried to avoid the center and the Piazetta, 'cause it's not that quiet anymore, tourists and fans invade the island and can't respect the privacy of the celebrities.  Mariah for example stayed on the yacht of Roberto Cavalli and only went out once to dinner. Most of the time, the yacht was crusin in the Mediterranean see.
Mariah is not the only one quoted in the article, they also talk about Barbara Streisand who couldn't enjoy a quiet stay due to the same reasons and will probably not go anymore to Capri.   Also Tom Hanks in company of Rita Wilson and a few friends couldn't have any moment of privacy.
Too bad, the island is now also invaded by some unknown artists trying to be on paparazzi pictures to help launch their career.
Capri is not Capri anymore.
Posted on August the 22nd.
Mariah at Macy's confirmed
As reported yesterday by Alex, Mariah is expected to make an apperance at Macy's in New York on Sept. 25 to promote her new perfume line.
Today, the news is confirmed and more good news it will be filmed.
Posted on August the 22nd. 
E! and E! News videos
Click here and here to download two high quality files of the E! (Mariah's Naked Truth) and E! News (Mariah Shakes It All Off) segments which aired on August the 21st.
Click on the caps to enlarge.

Thanks a lot to Moony for the videos and the caps sent by e-mail
Posted on August the 22nd.
Cuddles made it to the photoshoot of the "Interview Magazine"
Awwwwww, isn't that cool, I'm really touched, I gave the new Cuddles to Mariah in Paris last June to replace the one from her childhood she lost in a water damage. (See July the 3rd. news, here on Heroes of Mariah).

Posted on August the 22nd.
THE cover
The more I look at Mariah's face (I said her face ), the more I think:
"You always critic, all I want is finally being myself, finally darlings, I had fun making the photoshoot with the great Bruce Weber, which is like my favourite person, we love him, I don't care anymore of what ya'll think, I have no problem cutting you completely out of my life, this is me, the real me, take it or leave it, and pow take that fools" 
Note: We have seen what happened with the fake ad for the perfume made by a fan, so in case some of you didn't get it, I wrote this myself, it's not Mariah, but I wish someday she says something like this 
Posted on August the 22nd.
Click here to download an high quality file (93 MB) of the ExtraTV segment which aired on August the 21st.
Click on the caps to enlarge.

Thanks a lot to Moony for the video and the caps sent by e-mail
Posted on August the 22nd.
Mariah mention
Hoover High Students Inspired by Fresno Native's Space Shuttle Mission
Tuesday's landing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour seemed to launch the dreams of several students at Fresno's Hoover High. From the school gym, hundreds watched Barbara Morgan, a 1969 graduate of Hoover High, complete the journey that made her the first teacher to ever go in space. 
Some students like Ronisha Occo compared Barbara Morgan's new celebrity to that of a rock star. Occo says, "That is kinda cool, it's like Mariah Carey going to your school and sitting in the same seats that you sat in, you know what I mean? It's really exciting to know that." 
Posted on August the 22nd.
Mariah at Macy's (NY) on September the 25th.
According to the person in charge of Mariah's fragrance at Macy's in NY, Mariah will be in the store to promote her line on September the 25th.
This needs to be officially confirmed.
Source for the info: My friend Alex who's in NY for holidays
Posted on August the 21st.
Mariah Carey Offers the Naked Truth
Mariah Carey is stripping down for Interview Magazine’s September issue, and she’s getting surprisingly candid. 

In a subject rarely discussed with the press, Mariah opened up about her mega-million-dollar divorce from music mogul Tommy Mottola.

She tells the mag, “Something happened that prompted me to leave. If somebody does something to me that’s too much, I have no problem cutting them completely out of my life.” 

She adds, “I am thankful to him in a lot of ways. I have to forgive him for being so restrictive. With Tommy, it felt like I had this controlling situation where I wasn’t allowed to be myself.” 

She also tells Interview about her famous 2001 meltdown and her hospitalization for exhaustion. 

“I’m far from perfect. I’m still learning,” she says. “I overworked myself, and I paid the price. I’m grateful to be alive.”

She continues, “I consider the breakdown a breakthrough. I needed to hit rock bottom. I needed to understand the cost of pushing so hard; fighting so hard against the system. But was I out of control at that moment? Yes.”

Mariah’s revealing interview hits stands August 28.
Source: ExtraTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 21st.

Untagged picture of "Interview Magazine" now up on SweetMariah
More pics will be online asap. Be sure to check for updates in SweetMariah's Gallery 
Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on August the 21st.
Interview Magazine in Belgium
The magazine will hit some Belgian stores end August 
Posted on August the 21st.
Interview Magazine cover
Don't pay attention to the white stain, I did it.... to erase Perez Hilton's stupid vulgar comment (as usual), but as the cover of the September issue of "Interview Magazine" appeared first on his site, I couldn't resist to post it.
Go Mariah!!!!!!!
Click to enlarge, and I know you will 

Source for the info: Andy by e-mail
Posted on August the 21st.
Mariah among the guests of Ronald Perelman intimate dinner
When Page Six mentioned to Gwyneth Paltrow that the shrewish wife she plays in "A Good Night" was "a hateful character," she smiled and told us, "Men feel that way, but women are sympathetic to her." The movie, the directorial debut of her brother, Jake Paltrow, was screened by the Cinema Society Saturday at the East Hampton Theater. The story of a man who wants to perfect his dreaming so he can better fantasize about Penelope Cruz drew raves from Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella, David Geffen (who was offering a job to Kate Capshaw's son, college student Theo), Ed Burns and Christy Turlington, Billy and Katie Joel, Barbara Walters, Donna Karan, Christie Brinkley, Jay McInerney, Candace Bushnell and Kyle MacLachlan. The stars then swung over for an intimate dinner Ronald Perelman hosted at his East Hampton home, where they were joined by Mariah Carey, Roger Waters, Andre Balazs, Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy.
Source: Page Six (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 21st.
Don't let it die, please keep requesting "Lil' Love"
Posted on August the 21st.
Mariah will be on the cover of Interview magazine
ExtraTV showed a snippet of what will be shown on August the 21st., Mariah will be featured on the cover of Interview magazine and of course an interview inside the magazine.
Source: ExtraTV - Frozen Soul3 and kittykow105 on fomm
Posted on August the 21st.
Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas" featured in Caroline Kennedy's "A family Christmas"

The season's biggest seller will likely be Caroline Kennedy's "A Family Christmas," with those represented ranging from E.B. White and Mark Twain to Kennedy's grandmother, Rose F. Kennedy, and that famous bard, Mariah Carey. 

"It is very eclectic," agreed Will Schwalbe, editor in chief of Hyperion, which will release the book in October. "It is really both serious and fan, and that makes it very unusual." 

In "A Family Christmas", Caroline shares the Christmas poetry, prose, scriptural readings, and lyrics that are most dear to her, drawing on authors as diverse as Harper Lee, Nikki Giovanni, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Collins, John and Yoko, and Charles Dickens. There are also many lesser-known gems throughout and personal treasures from her own family -- including a young Caroline’s Christmas list to Santa Claus and a letter from her father as President to a child concerned about Santa’s well-being. This diverse and unique anthology will become a timeless keepsake, and will enrich your heart and mind with the spirit of Christmas.

Caroline Kennedy's "A Family Christmas" will be a lovely treasury that celebrates the holiday season. 
Caroline will write an introduction in which she relates the importance of the holidays to her family and how the contents of the book are an essential part of that tradition.  Combined with Caroline's personal touch, this compilation of classic works commemorating the holidays will make for a charmingly beautiful and delightful book.

Contents include:
Relative Pronouns by E.B. White 
River by Joni Mitchell 
A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote 
Letter to Michelle Rochon by John F. Kennedy 
Letter from Santa Claus by Mark Twain 
The Real Gifts Parents Can Give Their Children by Rose F. Kennedy 
All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
The Loudest Voice by Grace Paley 
The Shepherd, the Angel and Walter, the Christmas Miracle Dog by Dave Barry 
A Visit From St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore 
Un Poquito de Tu Amor  by Sandra Cisneros 
A Chaparral Christmas Gift  by O. Henry 
Christmas in the White House by Eleanor Roosevelt 
A Christmas Sermon on Peace by Martin Luther King, Jr. 
A Christmas Carol by Christina Rossetti 
Source: CBS Showbuzz -Amazon - Powel
Posted on August the 20th.

M by Mariah Carey European update
My personal press person () was a busy bee today and gave a lot of phone calls to the spoke person and a lot of stores, there's hope for a France and Belgium release.  We will wait for the official confirmation to give more details about the stores.  If the fragrance is officially confirmed in these 2 countries (not before a few weeks), stay tuned for a fan action in Paris and Brussels in partnership with the retailers.  Details to join the Heroes of Mariah street promo in Paris and in Brussels will be given asap.
The Fench retailer was very enthousiastic about the street promo.
Posted on August the 20th.
Mariah mentionned in a commercial in France
Mariah is mentionned in the new French commercial for N9euf.  The way they do it is a lil' bit surprising, but not trash 
Posted on August the 19th.
Swizz is big in Bizz
As previously reported, Swizz Beatz is working for Mariah's New album.  Today, the New York Post reports the following:
"Even though it's his time to shine, he's still willing to share the spotlight. Dean has already been recruited to produce new records by a slew of artists - from Madonna and Mariah Carey to Usher, Chris Brown, Cassidy and Britney Spears. Now there's someone who can use a bit of sweet Swizz Beatz."
Posted on August the 19th.
Mariah's suitcase secrets
In the current edition of Superdrug Magazine, celebrity packer Jessica Paster reveals the suitcase secrets of her A-list clients, including Mariah:

"I make sure my clients pack a walk-out outfit in their hand luggage. When I travel with Mariah Carey, she always takes one. 

The second we take our seats in first class, I get the dress out of the bag and hang it somewhere to allow the creases to fall out.

Before we land, I wake Mariah up and we both disappear into the toilets to change her. It’s like Superman’s call-box transformation. 

We do that on every single flight. After all, Mariah has an image to protect."

It’s an image the superstar singer takes so seriously that she leaves nothing to chance almost every time she leaves the house.

"It’s fair to say Mariah is my most challenging client," says Jessica. "that’s because she wants everything to be packed for her. 

And I mean everything. She could be gone for a weekend and she’ll pack like she’s going away for six months. For a three-day break she’d take nothing less than 10 cases."

So what’s in them?

"Mounds and mounds of beautiful things such as specially commissioned Donatella Versace dresses. She will also take two, possibly three, suitcases just for shoes. Boots, one suitcase. High-heel shoes, another case. 

Then there will be another case just for workout clothes, another case for bathing suits, another case just for lingerie, another case for long dresses.

She even employs someone to travel with a case-full of jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars."

So how does Jessica persuade notorious volatile stars like Mariah that stepping outside the front door without the entire contents of their wardrobe isn’t going to result in a career meltdown?

"I just laugh and smile, and for some reason I get what I want. If they want to pack 10 pairs of shoes and I want them to pack just three, I have my own little way of getting round that. I can be very persuasive.

But if that doesn’t work, I’ll just telling them I’m going to put a dozen pairs of shoes in, although I’ll end up only really putting in three pairs. I’m a bit of a conniver."

Surely that’s enough to send tantrum-queen Ms Carey into a handbag-hurling rage?

"Actually, no. If I think she shouldn’t pack something, but she really wants to, she’ll just look at me and purr, `But darling, I just need to change so many times. You never know what mood I might be in..."

So after all the sartorial bargaining, how many pairs of shoes does she usually pack for Mariah?

"Oh my god. A lot. We would pack something crazy like 30, 40, 50 pairs of high-heeled shoes. She never wears flat shoes or trainers. Not even when she’s working out."

Source: Mariah Connection UK
Posted on August the 18th.

The fragrance will be released in Ireland 
Arnotts, Ireland’s biggest department store, has confirmed to MariahConnectionUK that they will be stocking "M" by Mariah Carey.
The Perfume Shop will also be selling the scent through their Irish outlets.

I know someone who will be really, really happy.... you know who you are 
Posted on August the 18th.

"Lil' L.OV.E." is dying in the US
The track is loosing spins everyday, it will simply die and be forgotten before even having a chance to reach a decent airplay.  Too bad, 'cause Mariah loved that song.  Maybe it's still time to keep it a minimum alive, c'mon guys, request it, vote for it, don't let it die!!!!!!
Posted on August the 18th.
The scent of summer
When it comes to deepening the relationship with their fan base, it seems that today's celebrities can sniff out the best way to the purses and wallets of their devotees. This summer alone sees the launch of 10 new celebrity scents on which UK shoppers can splash their cash.

The latest scents are being launched by David and Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Coleen McLoughlin and Sean John (the last being the fashion brand from Sean Combes, aka rap star P Diddy). Most will hope to establish themselves as a must-have in the lead-up to Christmas.

Given the recent explosion of such scents, it may not be long before celeb smells' start to regularly outsell traditional perfumes. However, brand experts maintain that sales are secondary to establishing a deeper brand relationship with the public.

Will all this result in the sweet smell of success for the celebs, or will they kick up a stink if the marketing whizzes prove to have got it wrong?
Source: Sunday Herald (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 18th.

2008 calendar
For Brussels' fans, the 2008 Mariah calendar will be available again at the "Carteie" located on Place Rogier in about 3 weeks.  As some of you said (by e-mail and on our forum), the pictures are not really new ones, but these are unofficial calendars and they probably use pictures which are cheaper than the newest ones.
Posted on August the 18th.
Lucky US fans 
Go take a look on MariahDailyJournal for the first picture of the fragrance glass display at Macy's, 800 West Oaks Mall in Houston, Texas. 
Posted on August the 18th.
M by Mariah Carey micro site updated again
What's new
- Buy M by Mariah Carey Moisturizing Body Lotion now!
The M by Mariah Carey Moisturizing Body Lotion and 1.7oz. Eau de Parfum are now available for online purchase. Click Buy Now to get the latest items to add to your collection.
Where to buy in the US
- Macy's' - Belk - Parisian -  Dillards -  Bon Ton - Carson's - Boscovs - Century 21 - Gottschalks - Peebles - Sephora - SSI - Ulta - Sephora inside JCPenney.
Sign Up
International fans can now join the Fragrance Fan Club to receive e-newsletters and get all the latest updates on M by Mariah Carey.

Source: Fragrance
Heroes note: Unfortunately, international fans can't still get a free sample
Posted on August the 17th.

China in da house 
Largest Mariah fan site in China, MariahCN, joined the Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy. 
C'mon guys, if you have a fan site, a blog, a forum, whatever and want to respect Mariah's work, join now. 
Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Season 1: About 50 sites took part for Charmbracelet. 
Season 2: About 40 sites took part for The Emancipation of Mimi.
Season 3: Open now, here.
Posted on August the 17th.
Scent of a Diva: Mariah Talks Fragrance with PEOPLE
Mariah Carey has topped the pop charts for almost two decades, and now she’s setting out to conquer the fragrance world with her first signature scent, M by Mariah. With the fragrance just hitting shelves, Mariah chatted a little about the process of making a scent with PEOPLE. Buy the fragrance for yourself, $63 at

What was it like collaborating with Elizabeth Arden?
“It was so much fun working with Elizabeth Arden. I mean, I never expected such a huge corporation to feel like a family. and that’s what it feels like to me. Like every time I work with them, they’re so welcoming in terms of the concepts. If I have an idea or something that inspires me, there’s never a time where they’ve been like ‘No, we hate that.’ Every single person from Arden has been fabulous.” 

Did you tell them what your favorite scents were?
“Before I went there, I told them some of my favorite smells, and I described the Tiare flower — and they actually knew what it was. They had never used it as a base for any person before. When I got there, there was this huge board of all the things that I said that I loved. The thing about the blue grotto, Capri, and just all these references that I had given them. The sunset. It looked like it was a done finished thing. I didn’t realize how next level it was going to be. It was really amazing.”

So then you went back and forth with the perfumers? Did it take a couple of tries?
Well, we went to a few different perfumers and every time we would test a different fragrance. It was very similar to writing and recording a song for me. And not everybody realizes that I write my own songs — and they definitely don’t realize that I produce them. It’s a process that I’m really used to. They have told me that no one has been this involved in creating their own fragrance before. So I was like ‘Oh, that’s cool.’” 

Where do you spray the perfume?
What I do is I spray it — and then walk into it.
Source: People (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 17th.

Request "Lil' Love", don't give up!!!!
C'mon guys, here are a few easy links for international fans too, I added some new ones I found which plays the track:
- Q100- K104.7- K104.7 Top9 at9- KIIS-FM JoJo on the radio- Power106 Tito's Top4@4- Power106 Miguel's Top 8at8 - 101.1 The Beat- 104.7 WNOK- Hot 93.3- Hot 93.3 8@8- Radio Now 93.1- 102 Jamz- 98.9 KISS - 
- Jamz96.3 -Top 30  e-mail
In the UK: The track is in high rotation on Choice FM
Choice FM: e-mail to Kirk Anthony
I'll try to find and add more links and/or countries tomorrow
Posted on August the 16th.
Mariah's fragrance, a major income which will help Elizabeth Arden's financial results 
E. Scott Beattie, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Elizabeth Arden, Inc. reported:
"In the near term, we are excited by our innovation calendar for fiscal 2008, including the Mariah Carey fragrance, M by Mariah Carey, which is launching globally in September. Mariah is the best-selling female recording artist of all time and appeals to a broad global demographic."
Source: CNN Money - BizJournal
Posted on August the 16th.
Mariah's star in November?
It seems that Mariah will receive her Hollywood star in November, no specific date has been confirmed yet.
Source for the info: Glittered aka Dante on fomm
Posted on August the 15th.
Congrats to Uwe from Mariah-Carey-Fan, this awesome German fan site is now online since August 1998, with only one and same webmaster since 9 years. Congrats friend 
Posted on August the 15th.
2008 calendar
The European 2008 calendar is out!!!!!

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah Carey Fan
Posted on August the 15th.
Don't give up, keep requesting "Lil' L.O.V.E."
C'mon guys, here are a few easy links for international fans too.
- Q100- K104.7- K104.7 Top9 at9- KIIS-FM JoJo on the radio- Power106 Tito's Top4@4- 101.1 The Beat- 104.7 WNOK- Hot 93.3- Hot 93.3 8@8- Radio Now 93.1- 102 Jamz- 98.9 KISS
Posted on August the 15th.
Strange world
Polls are made to know which stars have the hottest bottoms instead of who has most talent, most creativity, the most nicest one....
Anyway, Mariah reached #9 in a new poll of Hollywood's hot bottoms.  Number 1 is Jennifer Lopez whos most famous asset has fallen foul of the dreaded cellulite.  Judging from these pictures, despite a consistent workout schedule it seems not even the singer, nicknamed 'La Guitarra' because of her famously curvaceous figure, has managed to outwit the stubborn fat that resembles orange peel from gathering on her famous embonpoint. 
I don't care about JLo's cellulite, nor anyone's cellulite, but she said something so true: ""For me, looking good is all about looking healthy, and the ultimate beauty secret is about being happy in yourself." 
Posted on August the 15th.
The Dream Concert on Sept. 18
It's now weeks I keep an eye on this.  Wouldn't it be awesome if Mariah could make it.  As she's in town on September the 20th. for the VH1 Save The Music event, if she has time in her schedule she could maybe attend this great event, who knows... wait and see.

The dream concert is an event in honour of Martin Luther King Jr. and his ideals of hope, love, democracy and justice.
Proceeds from the event benefit the building of a national memorial honoring King on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Are already announced: 
Host committee: Ludacris,  Alicia Keys, Mira Soriano, Petra Nicola, Ben Affleck, Muhammad Ali, Angela Bassett, Jamie Foxx, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Albanian Tomlinson, Kerry Washington and former Mayor David Dinkins.
Performers: Queen Latifah, Garth Brooks, Joss Stone and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana, Robin Thicke, Bebe Winans, Cece Winans and Jessye Norman.
Co-chaired by Tommy Hilfiger, Russell Simmons, Joel Horowitz, Quincy Jones, David Stern and Edgar Bronfman, Jr., the Dream Concert will also feature Whoopy Goldberg and Al Rocker as a special guest presenters.
The event will take place on September the 18th. at Radio City Music Hall.  Keep an eye on the official site of The Dream Concert, they still add new artists.
Posted on August the 15th.

M by Mariah Carey extras update
Go on the extras fragrance section on Mariah's official site, you'll be able to download: 
- wallpapers (1 is already available)
- screensavers (3 available for Mac and PC)
- a party kit with: invitations (na), drink recipes, poster, party ideas (available)
Also, can we say the November release of the new album is officially confirmed? I guess so, take a look in the party ideas 
Posted on August the 15th.
Bow Wow "Out-Grows" Jermaine Dupri
Bow Wow is slated to release Face Off, a joint album with long-time homeboy Omarion this December and, interestingly, it's his first CD that will not feature Bow's long time producer and mentor, Jermaine Dupri!
Bow Wow and Omarion told SOHH in an exclusive interview that they've pretty much outgrown JD's musical direction and are looking forward to working with producers closer to their ages.
Soulman says... Long story short, they're sorta saying JD is getting old and paying too much attention to Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson's projects to give Bow Weezy the priority status he's accustomed to.
Source: SOHH
Posted on August the 15th.
Surprising beauty solutions
New York City makeup artist Kristofer Buckle combines 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of sugar to exfoliate the lips of stars such as Mariah Carey. He blends the two in his hand, then applies the mixture in a circular motion for 90 seconds.
Source: CNN - InStyle (extract)
Heroes note: It's been a while since we haven't seen Kris working for Mariah, the new makeup girl does a nice job with a more natural makeup. 
Posted on August the 15th.
New videos posted on SweetMariah
Elise has updated SweetMariah with new videos, while you're there, please visit the awesome untagged picture gallery updated by Cat and Elise.
Posted on August the 15th.
"M" by Mariah Carey in the UK update
"The Perfume Shop" head office have just confirmed that all their stores will have "M" by Mariah Carey by 06 October, 2007.
Also, the following chain stores confirmed that they will also be stocking "M" by Mariah Carey:
- Boots (available from medium to large stores) 
- Debenhams 
- Passion for Perfume 
- Superdrug 
Source: MariahConnection UK
Posted on August the 14th.
The guys behind the ad
On many websites around the world, Mariah was/is criticized for the ad, hum... Mariah didn't lay down and suddenly said "I'm borred, I'm gonna take the picture for my fragrance myself with a disposable camera" .  It all happend in St. Barth with fashion photographer Michael Thompson who already made photoshoots with Mariah for "Jane", "W" and "Allure" magazines.  Michael Thompson shot the ad for "M by Mariah Carey" with creative director David Lipman.  The duo are well known for the new Tumi ad campaign.
On a side note, Michael Thompson won the 2006 FiFi Award for Best National Advertising Campaign-Television with "Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker".
So, if people or fans are not really pleased with Mariah's perfume ad, blame the guys, not her 
Posted on August the 13th.
Don't forget to check from time to time the fragrance section on Mariah's official site, today they updated the "What's new" section
M by Mariah Carey featured on Elle magazine's 'It List'
M by Mariah Carey made Elle magazine's "It List" for fall beauty essentials, stating that "Mariah Carey's latest release...tops the olfactory charts." Pick up the September issue of Elle to see the fragrance feature for yourself.
Source: - fantasyhero
Posted on August the 13th.
"M" by Mariah Carey in the UK
Nationally, "The Perfume Shop" hopes to have the scent available at majority of their stores by the last week of September, 2007.
More details will follow.
Source: MariahConnection UK
Posted on August the 13th.
Lucky Turkish fans
M by Mariah Carey in Turkey
Elizabeth Arden's Turkey distributor has contacted the Turkish fan site  about the release of "M by Mariah Carey" in Turkey. They are planning an October release for the fragrance.
Source: Can from MariahTurkiye by e-mail
Heroes note: This confirms what I wrote this morning, when there's no official release of the fragrance, it's up to each distributor, store, company of any country to import and distribute it.
Posted on August the 13th.
Fall album-release season
November 20 
Heavyweights: They don't get any bigger than Mariah Carey, and while details on her yet-untitled follow-up to the career-reviving The Emancipation of Mimi album are scarce, she recently told fans via a voicemail on her Web site that she's got 10 songs in the bag and is planning to work with old pal Jermaine Dupri. 
Click here to see all the fall album releases
Source: MTV
Posted on August the 13th.
"M by Mariah" in Europe update: new infos
As I already reported in July, according to the spoke person I got on the phone, until now the plans for Europe is to make a big hype in the UK and Spain, these are the 2 big targetted markets. 
However there's an update today, from the latest news I got, the perfume will also be released in the following European countries:
Yougoslavia, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta.
A market analysis is still in the works to add eventual other European countries.  Also, some other countries may release it as well, but not officially by Elizabeth Arden, this means some stores or companies may import it in several countries, but it's only up to them.
Posted on August the 13th.
Tribute to Pedro
If you are/was a HBF member you probably remember Pedro, he was the always nice guy on the board, he submitted his entry as fan of the week but never knew he was chosen.  Last may, he was killed with his friend in a car crash by an irresponsible driver.
Last June, I just posted "RIP Pedro" on my site, 'cause sometimes you just don't know what to say.  But Pedro's friend knew how to make a tribute.
Rest In Peace Pedro, you were one of us.
Click here to watch the tribute.  Thanks to Laura for the link.
Posted on August the 12th.
M by Mariah Carey makes Elizabeth Arden’s online best sellers list
Great news, Mariah's fragrance is currently the No.1 selling fragrance & beauty product, from all their lines, on the market:
Source: MariahConnection - Courtney
Posted on August the 12th.
M by Mariah Carey extras
Keep an eye on the extras fragrance section on Mariah's official site, you'll be able to download: 
- wallpapers (1 is already available)
- screensavers
- a party kit with: invitations, drink recipes, poster.
Posted on August the 12th.
Lil' L.O.V.E.'s airplay keeps dropping, it's a damn shame!!!
I would be really grateful if someone can tell me why US fans doesn't support that song?  Maybe they are waiting for a gift to request and support the song 
Mariah once said "never give up", but I can't keep begging eternally for you to support the track, as long as there's a chance, I'm gonna request it.
Please, support the song!!!!!
Posted on August the 11th.
Johnta Austin confirms: "I’m back in with Mariah"
In an interview (July 13) with Queen Princess from HipHopRuckus, Johnta Austin says the following:

Queen Princess: Okay and right now it’s really the aftermath of creating your album so are you still writing for other people or are you still focusing on yourself?
Johnta Austin: Naw, I’m back in with Mary, I’m back in with Mariah, we’re starting a new Janet album and I’m working with Usher as well.
Posted on August the 11th.

Rumor alert again: "Mimi's Mirage"
While HMV still lists "Illusions: The Butterfly Within" (which was already denied), a new album title surfaced on the net,  this one is strange as it was posted on a
site which listed all the upcoming releases for this fall, movies, tv, cds, I checked it all and it's all true, except that strange title, which comes from nowhere,  of Mariah's new album "Mimi's Mirage", I wonder where they got that one? Maybe on wikipedia? 
Posted on August the 11th.
Glamour magazine already in Belgium
The September issue of Glamour magazine featuring the ad for Mariah's fragrance is already available in Belgium in all the IMS stores .
Posted on August the 10th.
''Why Haters LOVE to HATE Mariah Carey''
Take a look at the following clip, it's very well done.  And yes, shake them hataz off .
Thanks to Justin for the link.
Posted on August the 10th.
M by Mariah Carey rollerball
Here's a pic of the exclusive mini Eau de Parfum which was given with the pre-order purchases. Thanks to Mel for sending me the pic. Click to enlarge.

Posted on August the 10th.
"M by Mariah Carey" ad featured in Cosmo magazine
The ad is also featured in Cosmo Magazine.
Source for the info: Andy by e-mail
Posted on August the 10th.
MTV Unplugged reissue
Columbia/Legacy will on Sept. 18 reissue four vintage "MTV Unplugged" albums from Mariah Carey, Alice In Chains, Tony Bennett and Bob Dylan. Each package also includes a DVD with previously unreleased tracks and extras.

Carey's "Unplugged," recorded in 1992, is expanded here with three music videos, an interview, behind-the-scenes clips and the artist's own home movies.
Source: Billboard (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: We will need to wait to see if there's something new in this cd/dvd package.
Posted on August the 9th.

Carey me home

According to the New York Post, Fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger has a little extra traveling money after renting his East Hampton estate to Mariah Carey for $350,000 - for just Aug. 1 through Labor Day. 

Sources say Hilfiger, who's spending the month in the Caribbean, got his full asking price from the well-to-do pop diva for the high-season rental. 

The oceanfront Contemporary on exclusive Further Lane includes five bedrooms, 5½ baths, a media room, an outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and an infinity-edge pool, and more than 150 feet of beachfront. 

Carey could probably use some rest. She wrapped her next movie, "Tennessee," last month and recently has been recording her next album. 
Heroes note: Info for non US fans, Labor Day is on September the 3rd.
Posted on August the 9th.

September issue of Glamour magazine features a brand new full page ad for Mariah's new fragrance M by Mariah Carey

'M By Mariah Carey' Fragrance Ad
An Ethereal Presence, Captivating Like A Song 
Check out the September issue of Glamour magazine on newsstands now which features a brand new full page ad for Mariah's new fragrance M by Mariah Carey. 
Visit the fragrance section of to check out the packaging design and read about the inspiration behind Mariah's latest creation. While there be sure to sign up for a free sample while supplies last and to also sign up for the Fragrance Fan Club to receive updates on the latest news, contests, give-aways and special promotions. 
Heroes note: Glamour magazine can be found in many countries, including Belgium.
Posted on August the 8th.
R Kelly writes for Mariah's album
Here's what R Kelly says In an interview with RWD Magazine
"I'm writing for Mariah Carey and Britney Spears at the moment. And I have written a song for Stevie Wonder. I would really love to work with him."

Of course, we don't know if his song(s) will make it on Mariah's album.
Posted on August the 8th.

The singer has a yummy new fragrance!

Songbird Mariah Carey is the newest star to launch her own signature fragrance, and it sounds delicious! 
"M by Mariah Carey" combines the aromas of the Tahitian Tiare flower and toasted marshmallow, the Elizabeth Arden fragrance designers say.
"The inspirations were multiple places I've been, moments in my life and childhood memories," the songstress explains. "It combines my favorite scents and means so much to me."
The sensuous ads show Mariah half-submerged in water under a colorful sunset. Debuting in select department stores in mid-September, "M" comes packaged in a glass bottle with Mariah's fave symbol, the butterfly, as the stopper. The Eau de Parfum spray ranges in price from $39.50 to $62.50. The perfume will retail for $175.
Source: ET (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 8th.
Keep requesting "Lil' L.O.V.E."
If I can do it, you can do it 
C'mon guys, here are a few easy links for international fans too.
- Q100- K104.7- K104.7 Top9 at9- KIIS-FM JoJo on the radio- Power106 Tito's Top4@4- 101.1 The Beat- 104.7 WNOK- Hot 93.3- Hot 93.3 8@8- Radio Now 93.1- 102 Jamz- 98.9 KISS
Together, we can make it happen!!!!!!
Posted on August the 7th.
The critics waltz
From the moment the ad for the fragrance appeared, I knew the critics would appear too.  It goes from "I like it" to "I don't like it" and unfortunately as usual with hateful and mean words.  That some love it or not is not the question, after all it's a question of tastes.  The problem is that people with no brain can't be satisfied with just "I don't like it", of course they need to add insults.  I don't want to change someone's mind, I'm not that full of myself, but take a look again at the ad, don't you see the warm colours? the sensuality? the mystery? of course it's not a real picture in the full sense of the word "real".  Open your eyes, it's art, almost a paint from the Italian Masters.  You weren't expecting a picture of Mariah standing with a long dress designed by Andre Leon Talley, right?  C'mon, it needs to attract, it's the goal of an ad and I can already tell you that one will attract and make people curious.  Amazing art masterpiece!!!
Posted on August the 7th.
Finland in da house 
A finish fan site and 2 new French fan sites joined the Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy. 
C'mon guys, if you have a fan site, a blog, a forum, whatever and want to respect Mariah's work, join now. 
Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Season 1: About 50 sites took part for Charmbracelet. 
Season 2: About 40 sites took part for The Emancipation of Mimi. 
Season 3: Open now, here.
Posted on August the 7th.
I shouted a lil' too fast 
Regarding the info of French magazine "Public" posted yesterday, I shouted a lil' too fast against the trash and crap in French medias. Today the lil' article going with the infamous title "Le parfum du scandale" (The perfume of the scandal) was posted by a member on our forum, it's just a little trash, but it's still stupid 
Posted on August the 7th.
The Mariah Carey Anthology Songbook

The Mariah Carey Anthology songbook for piano, vocal and guitar features 40 of Mariah's biggest smash hits, including: Always Be My Baby, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Butterfly, Can't Let Go, Don't Forget About Us, Dreamlover, Emotions, Fantasy, Hero, Make It Happen, One Sweet Day, Vision of Love, We Belong Together, and more! View the full songlist
Click here to order your copy of the Mariah Carey Anthology songbook.
Posted on August the 7th.
IFF Perfumer Promotions
International Flavors & Fragrances in New York has promoted Loc Dong to senior perfumer. Loc Dong is one of the perfumers behind Mariah's M by Mariah Carey, last year he won the FiFi Award for Calvin Klein's Euphora. 
Posted on August the 7th.
M by Mariah Carey ad, one word WOW
Go take a look at MariahDailyJournal for the ad for Mariah's fragrance.
Heroes note: July the 20th. quote: "The real ad for M by Mariah Carey will debut exclusively on TMZ during the second week of August." 
huh-oh, some people will not be pleased 
Posted on August the 7th.
Keep requesting "Lil' L.O.V.E."
It's almost 2am here in Belgium and I just requested the track an half hour long, if I can do it, you can do it
C'mon guys, here are a few easy links for international fans too.
- Q100- K104.7- K104.7 Top9 at9- KIIS-FM JoJo on the radio- Power106 Tito's Top4@4- 101.1 The Beat- 104.7 WNOK- Hot 93.3- Hot 93.3 8@8- Radio Now 93.1- 102 Jamz- 98.9 KISS
Together, we can make it happen!!!!!!
Posted on August the 6th..... huh, no August the 7th. already
VH1 Save the Music's 10th Anniversary Gala invite
Deniece shared the invite for the VH1 Save The Music Gala which will take place on September the 20th.. The elaborate 10th anniversary celebration will pay tribute to Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, VH1 Save The Music founder John Sykes, Mariah Carey and NAMM, The International Music Products Association. The evening will feature performances by Roger Waters, Jon Bon Jovi, as well as John Mayer. 

Source: VH1 Save The Music - Deniece
Posted on August the 6th.
No offense to Thailand citizens, but that's hilarious.
Thai police officers who break police rules will be forced to wear hot pink armbands featuring "Hello Kitty," the Japanese icon of cute, as a mark of shame, a senior officer said Monday (August 6th.).
Police officers caught littering, parking in a prohibited area, or arriving late _ among other misdemeanors _ will also be forced to stay in the division office with the deputy chief all day, said Police Col. Pongpat Chayaphan. The striking armband features Sanrio's Hello Kitty sitting atop two hearts.
"Simple warnings no longer work. This new twist is expected to make them feel guilt and shame and prevent them from repeating the offense, no matter how minor," said Pongpat, acting chief of the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok.
"(Hello) Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It's not something macho police officers want covering their biceps," Pongpat said.
Source: Sinchew-i (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 6th.
The stupidity of some French press reaches a new low
French magazine "Public" reached the highest level of stupidity by publishing the fake ad for Mariah's perfume, under the title "Le parfum du scandale" (The perfume of the scandal"), ad which was made by a fan from the Philippines and posted on a forum.  I doubt that the "Public" magazine checks a phillipino forum to have their infos, so there's only 2 solutions left, "Public" takes their infos either at the trash king Perez Hilton (who admitted and corrected his error) or on French forums.  In the 2 cases, the magazine has a lack of professionalism and work ethic.
For the trash regarding Mariah, I think French medias beat all the records.
So, French fans, it's up to you to defend Mariah against all the trashers, that they are part from the medias or not, maybe some of you could start talking about Mariah on forums with respect, that would already be a big step.
Posted on August the 6th.
One and only task today..... request "Lil' Love"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on August the 6th.
I never heard Mary J. Blige or Mariah Carey say they couldn't hear the cheers
At Madison Square Garden for the first of her two-show series that concluded last night, Miss B made it down the steps without incident and managed to put on a two-hour concert of singing 'n' posing.
While the predominantly female audience will hail the show as a triumph, it was one of the weakest Garden outings she's ever had. 

Her all-girl band - four brass blowers, a trio of backup singers, three drummers, a pair of keyboard players and guitars and bass - didn't sound bigger than a typical four-piece rock outfit. 
The band was for show, not sound. 

In the back of the Garden, the fans nearby would plop back into their seats whenever the pop piffled to a slow tempo. 

It may have seemed that Beyoncé was having moments of dementia by repeatedly asking, "Where am I? Am I in New York?" But what she was saying was she expected the crowd to be more vocal in its appreciation. I never heard Mary J. Blige or Mariah Carey say they couldn't hear the cheers. 

Beyoncé in her Arabian nights belly dancing routine - a total Shakira rip-off - was great, although I don't really remember if she sang. 
Source: Dan Aquilante for the New York Post (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 6th.

Mariah's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2007 or 2008?
Remember, a few months ago, a fan asked the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (who plans the ceremonies) when the ceremony for Mariah would take place. The answer was something like "we don't know yet, nothing is planned at the moment, it could even be in 2008".
An "Inside Bay Area" article writes the following:
"Walk of Fame ceremonies are usually announced a week or so before the event, and unsurprisingly, are often held to coincide with movie or CD releases. Why such short notice? Because stars' schedules change a lot, says chamber spokeswoman Ana Martinez."
Ana Martinez Vice President, Media Relations for Hollywood Walk of Fame, was so kind to reply to my e-mail too last week to tell that indeed no date has been set at this time for Mariah's star
And if.... Mariah received her star as singer, song writer and actress, wouldn't that be amazing 
Posted on August the 6th.
Definition of a fan
If you search in a dictionary for the word "fan", here's what you read:
"an enthusiastic supporter or devoted admirer of something, eg a pop group, a celebrity, a football team, a sport, etc"
Sooooooooo, you know what you have to do, support and request "Lil' Love" NOW
Posted on August the 5th.
Belgian topmodel Ingrid Vandebosch is Mariah's friend
In this weekends Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" there was a interview with the international Belgian topmodel Ingrid Vandebosch (married to NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon), they said "Lenny Kravitz & Mariah Carey are her personal friends.
Source: Swami B on our forum
Posted on August the 5th.
Thanks to the ones who took time to support "Lil' Love", the track made it to #2 on Aug. 2 and #1 yesterday on one of the following radios, if you're in my voting team, you know which one 
Worldwide fans, help Mariah in the US!!!!!!
The few US fans who request can't make it happen alone, let's help "Lil' L.O.V.E." ok?  We did it already for The Emancipation of Mimi tracks, we can do it again right?
I know you're ok, you have no choice anyway, when I say vote.... you just have to do it 
I'll make it simple, here are some links provided by Venus a while ago, you don't need to live in the US to vote, do it now, pick a few links and support Mariah!!!!
- Q100
- K104.7
- K104.7 Top9 at9
- KIIS-FM JoJo on the radio
- Power106 Tito's Top4@4
- 101.1 The Beat
- 104.7 WNOK
- Hot 93.3
- Hot 93.3 8@8
- Radio Now 93.1
- 102 Jamz
- 98.9 KISS
Together, we can make it happen!!!!!!
Posted on August the 4th.
M by Mariah Carey postcard with free sample
Click to enlarge. Enjoy!!!!!!

Many thanks to Danny for sharing
Posted on August the 3rd.
Cool and Dre confirmed for Mariah's upcoming album
As previously reported Cool and Dre submitted some tracks for Mariah's upcoming album, apparently they made it.
Extract from the latest interview of Cool and Dre by DJ Booth
DJ Booth:  Guys, go over the play-by-play for me, for the remainder of 2007.  We have about five months left till the new year – what is on the slate in terms of Cool and Dre projects? 
Dre:  We’d like to congratulate Cool and Dre on makin’ Mariah Carey’s album!  Mariah Carey!  Please look out for Mariah Carey - Cool and Dre be getting into something kinda crazy.  Look out for Beanie Sigel, looks like we have a hit first single.  Look out for Freeway, Rhymefest, Omar Cruz featuring the Game.  Look out for the Game featuring Akon and Nas.  Look out for everything we got coming – C-Ride, Joe Hound.  We got a lot of @*#$! – Sean P., from the YoungBloodZ! 
 Source: DJ Booth
Posted on August the 3rd.
Yes, yes, yes, finally!!!!!
"Lil' Love" debuts at # 67 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs 
Mariah Carey made her debut on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs 17 years, two months and one week ago with "Vision of Love." This week, she collects her 40th chart entry, thanks to the debut of "Lil Love" (Full Impact) at No. 67. The song is credited to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony featuring Mariah Carey & Bow Wow and is the fifth of Carey's 40 charted titles to feature her in a featured role. 

Carey has previously charted as a support act to Busta Rhymes, Damizza, Jadakiss and Twista.

"Lil Love" marks the first appearance by Carey on the R&B/Hip-Hop list in 2007. She was last on the chart the week of Dec. 30, 2006, the final frame for her song "Fly Like a Bird."
Source: Billboard (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 2nd.

Please everyone, request "Lil' L.O.V.E."
Scroll down to yesterday's news for the links where international fans can help to vote. C'mon guys, we can make it happen!!!!!
Posted on August the 1st.
You Don't Mess with the Zohan more infos
The film, written by Sandler, Judd Apatow and the funny Robert Smigel, is about an Israeli Mossad agent who fakes his death to realize his lifelong dream of becoming a hairdresser in New York. When he discovers that the Manhattan salon at which he works is owned by his Palestinian terrorist nemesis, he is pressed back into action. 
In a comedic side plot, Sandler's character keeps giving a fellow hair-stylist tips on how to pick up women, not realizing that his coworker is gay.

Cast: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Mariah carey
Director: Dennis Dugan
Writers: Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler, Robert Smigel
Producers: Judd Apatow, Jack Giarraputo
Source: Debbie Schussel (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 1st.

Download Fantasy at One Mighty Party, Paris
Check out this professional recording of Mariah performing the "Fantasy" dance remix at One Mighty Party in Paris.
You can download it on MariahConnection.
Source: MariahConnection- Jean Marc Wieder - Thanks to Moony
Posted on August the 1st.
We can try to nominate Jack for the upcoming Relly Awards
The Fifth Annual Relly awards are coming this fall and you can enter a nominate, why not enter Jack? Click here, then in the "Other" category, type "Non Human" and in "Nominee", type "Jack, Mariah's dog".  Thanks for him and for her 
Source for the info: Laura - Sam
Posted on August the 1st.
New French fan site in da house!!!!
Brand new French fan site sOsOmc joined the Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy. 
C'mon guys, if you have a fan site, a blog, a forum and want to respect Mariah's work, join now. 
Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Season 1: About 50 sites took part for Charmbracelet. 
Season 2: About 40 sites took part for The Emancipation of Mimi. 
Season 3: Open now, here.
Posted on August the 1st.


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