August 2010 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah's show in Singapore is set for Sept. 26

Singapore Grand Prix has sent out e-mails about the entertainment schedule  People who follow them on Twitter, knew it since August 13.  Mariah's show is scheduled for Sunday Set. 26 at 10.30pm
ZONE 4 – Padang Stage
Tickets can be bought at this link.  The 3 day packages are already sold out, fans can still buy tickets one day tickets.
Source: Formula 1 SG e-mail alert
Posted on August 31
Mariah #40 on Blackweb's 100 Most Powerful Black Women on Twitter
These women have gained a tremendous amount of influence on Twitter by amassing a large number of followers, retweets, and memberships on user lists.  They used Klout and Twittergrader, two online reputation measurement tools, to compile a list of the 100 most powerful black women on Twitter.
Click hereto see the full list
Posted on August 30
Nick Cannon: "Mariah's new Christmas album is going to be phenomenal"
Nick was interviewed by a few medias while he was at the 2010 Arthur Ashe Kids' Day in Flushing ( New York).  As usual, everyone was asking about the pregnancy rumors,  instead of replying with "no comments", Nick kept the hype going on by talking a lot and even joked  "Yeah! Octomom it! Have nine at once." (Nick octo is 8).

Anyway, he talked about what's next for Mariah:
"She's finishing up her album in LA. It's great. It's a Christmas album. It's going to be phenomenal. She has a lot of big surprises."

Posted on August 30

Mariah still hard at work!
Mariah tweeted she got a big session and she has deadlines
Posted on August 28
Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Would Be the Best Mom
As pregnancy speculation swirls, Nick Cannon will only confirm this – he's ready to have a baby with wife Mariah Carey. 

"She's very nurturing," Cannon, 29, told People at the US Open's Arthur Ashe Kids Day event in New York Saturday. "She's nurturing with me and makes me breakfast at anytime and that's my favorite food. It would be like 3 o'clock in the morning and she will still make me waffles. She'll be the best mom." 

If Cannon does become a father, he plans to learn from his own parents. "I want to raise a child like the way I was brought up," he says. "Be someone who is stern but still fun loving and knows how to have a good time." 

When asked if he would prefer to have a girl or a boy, the host of America's Got Talent says he "just wants something that is healthy" but is a little nervous on how to approach certain situations associated with a boy and girl.

"It's great to have a girl until she turns into a teenager. Then you have to worry about every other boy in the neighborhood and that would freak me out," he says. "With a boy, I'd be worrying about him breaking his arms and his legs. I was that type of kid. I was a daredevil so I'd be having to worry about that." 

Posted on August 28

For video collectors
American Idol and pregnancy rumors
- Extra and E!News - HD - DVD
- Access, Daily 10, E!News - HD - DVD
- Mariah mention in local news - DVD
Thanks to Moony
Posted on August 28
It's everywhere!!!!!
Even if I agree 100% with yesterdays article (Leave Mariah Carey alone), when you search for some Mariah news, you can't avoid it....  the pregancy is everywhere in all languages and even more after Radar Online posted Mariah is 4 months pregnant.  According to them, Nick told his close friends and one of them apparently told it to Radar Online (nice friend huh?).

Anyway, Roger Friedman from Showbiz411 posted the following:
Exclusive: Mariah Sends Us A Message About Pregnancy Rumors
Hey kids, Mariah Carey has sent us a message via her publicist Cindi Berger. It turns out she’s been reading all the press on the internet, and has been fielding calls and emails from everyone — friends and relatives.

This is what she says:

“I appreciate everyone’s well wishes. But I am very superstitious. When the time is right, everyone will know–even Cindi Berger.”

That’s right–even Berger really doesn’t know if Mariah is with child. And she’s not asking. There has to be some line still between celebrity and privacy, especially when it comes to a matter so deeply personal and medical. We know way too much about famous people’s personal lives as it is. Let’s give Mariah the space to do what she has to.

I think when Mariah does eventually have a baby, Berger’s office is going to be fielding thousands of stuffed baby lambs and all kinds of butterflies.

Posted on August 25

Mariah and Broadway Collaborator Working on New Record
Mariah has been working hard in the studio with producer Randy Jackson. She’s even brought in an unusual collaborator: Broadway’s Marc Shaiman, who wrote “Hairspray” and dozens of hits. Shaiman is also a five time Oscar nominee. This is really interesting since Shaiman could be fashioning some colossal material for Mariah. Whoever came up with that idea was really thinking outside the box. Shaiman most recently worked with Bette Midler on a great song about late producer Arif Mardin called “The Greatest Ears in Town.” I wish more people could hear it.

Mariah told me in an email last week that Shaiman was her favorite collaborator since her days with Walter Afanasieff. “He’s so talented and can hear the chords in my head.”

Source: Showbizz411
Posted on August 25

Mariah in final talks about joining American Idol ?
Mariah Carey looks set to be American Idol’s newest judge — according to host Ryan Seacrest!

Seacrest told E! News that the pop superstar is in “final stages” of talks with the hit TV talent show’s producers.

“We are in the final stages of talks to have her on the show,” he said.

Source: E!News - Showbizspy
Posted on August 24

Thank you Ted and Marc !!!!!!!! (Ted Casablanca and Marc Snetiker, that's it!)

Pregnant or Not, Leave Mariah Carey Alone! 
Anyone with common sense and proper etiquette should know that unless you're 100 percent sure a lady is preggers, you don't ask her when she's due.

Poor Mariah Carey is being subjected to all sorts of is-she-or-isn't-she meanness today, after some less than flattering footage of her hit the Web: broke the "story" about our favorite pop honey's possible pregnancy. What's the proof? Because she looks larger, that's all.

It's totally ridiculous that just because she's photographed from an awful and awkward angle (we've all been there, right?), people are fueling the speculation that her voluptuous frame means that she's with child. Even some of our own have put her on baby watch, and with no evidence other than a little muffin-top on the edges.

We'll admit, she's looking a little larger than life in the photos and video—but for as long as she's been around, she's always been rocking the love curves! She's been looking freakin' great lately, to be sure, and to call her out now on her looks seems downright mean.

Now, if you want to talk about Mariah's cryptic Twitter messages or hubby Nick Cannon's announcement on his radio show as being fodder for the pregnancy fire, then that's another story.

"When my wife feels like talking about something, Perez you will hear it from her first," said Cannon in response to a phone call from Perez Hilton. "We all know that it's extremely personal for a woman to deal with the idea of child birth. We know we are public figures, but that's something that you want to keep near and dear until you're 100 percent certain."

Doesn't sound like Nick's trying to hush the story like Mariah's reps are (who say there is "nothing to comment on"). But pregnant or not, we draw the line at the idea that a larger Mariah single-handedly equals a future-mommy Mariah.

This is dangerous territory:

Consider a story of our fave Cougar Town hottie Busy Philipps? After a Australian newspaper bogusly reported that she was pregnant, we were eye-witnesses as some trashy reporter asked her on a carpet if she was expecting, to which Busy responded, "Are you kidding me right now? That's so incredibly rude."

And it's true. Even though the reporter showed Busy the news story and got her due apology, we think it's just about one of the worst things you can do to assume pregnancy based on some, uh, bigger bones.

We'll just keep our mouths shut—even though a preggers M would make us super happy, have to admit.

Source: E! Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 23

Perez talks like some fans 

Perez Hilton talks about Mariah with Jasmine (Mariah's friend)
Love him or hate him you cant ignore this incomparable showbiz gossip blogger and taste maker and believe me, ive loved and hated him!.
Perez like many has become a victim of his own success in many ways but lets not get it twisted, he has made millions and is a celebrity himself now. So I wonder how he feels when people bad mouth him, and they do. He admits that he is ‘’constantly googling myself-I’m not even exaggerating, sometimes a few times an hour, I’ve read a lot of bad things,but I remind myself that its worse not reading anything about myself…I wouldn’t say it bothers me, but its not always easy’’. 

Ah ha! So he does feel emotions and breath like the rest of us! 

I follow Perez on twitter so I know his moods know no bounds and he can switch on a m***** f****** in hours so I asked him what the defining factors are in whether he likes or hates a celeb? He revealed ‘’There are factors, its a gut thing, my gut is usually right, I like people who are talented, that’s why I love musicians especially those that have a sense of humour…and those that work hard’’. 

Now hearing Perez quote that made me sit back in awe as he is always cussing my girl Mariah and she is a talented hard worker with the funniest sense of humour most people have come across so I of course challenged him on it. Perez broke it down like this ‘’I love Mariah, she is funny, but I expect more from her. Art is all subjective, I feel possessive about her and her music, and I have said this publicly, I think I have a good ear, I would love to give my ear to her and give her feedback….the last couple of albums haven’t been the best,,…I talk to Nick Cannon daily, I do a live feature to Nicks morning breakfast radio show, I know lots of hot producers for Mariah and would love to suggest people .i think she lost her sense of self, and wanted to rebel against her previous image too much, to me she’s a pop act but along the way she tried to reinvent herself as an urban artist, in the 90s she made Honey! I want Fantasy , Honey , Dreamlover….L.A Reid played me her album early once….’’ ‘’ In fact I’ve championed her when I had secret meetings with Simon Cowell and Simon asked me who should be an X Factor judge, I said ‘’not Cheryl cole, I said MC, ,then I think a rumour was started by Sinitta telling people it would be mc!’’.Perez and I then had around 10 minutes of me breaking it down for him that MC has to like all of us grow and change with the times and informed him that she had been doing urban versions of her tracks since the beginning and surely at this stage she should be allowed to make good music that she wants to make as opposed to trying to please everyone all of the time. We debated, we laughed. We raised our voices. We agreed to hang out in L.A the next time we were all there. My theory with Perez feelings towards MC is that he’s frustrated that she doesn’t acknowledge him the way the madonnas and the kylies of the world do. Truly a diva in a league of her own not bowing to media manipulation.

Source: Jasmine on Twitter (extract)
Posted on August 23

All I want For Christmas Is You: One of J.Lo's fav Mariah songs!
We don't really care about J.Lo as a singer, do we?????   But it's always interesting to read some celebrity likes Mariah's songs!

Rob Kardashian tweeted her "All I want for Christmas is you."
And how did Jennifer respond?  "A bit early 4 the Santa wishlist Rob...but it is 1 of my fav @Mariahcarey songs."

Source: Celebtwitternews - Anita by e-mail
Posted on August 22

Mariah was booed for being late
We know she's often late, but c'mon our girl tweeted herself that at one point she was on a desolated road!

According to Brazilian medias, the show, scheduled for midnight, began at 1:26 a.m., the public had lost patience and started booing. 
But when Mariah arrived on stage, all anger disappeared and she seduced the audience with her voice and her smile!

Posted on August 22

28.000 people attended the concert!
It was not the 55.000 as expected, but hey, it's still great for a place in the middle of nowhere!

According to Os Independentes (which organized the event), "only" 28.000 people instead of the 55.000 expected attended the concert. Nor the greatness of the party, nor the presence of an international star was able to fill the Barretos arena.
The public was below expectations and the high value of the tickets, which cost between $ 200 and $ 300, may have been one reason.

Source: Os Independentes - Folha
Posted on August 22

Videos: Mariah performing in Barretos
Some are in bad quality, but at least some fans shared really quick...
- Shake it Off - Click here
- My All - Click here
- I Still Believe - Click here
- Always Be My Baby - Click here
- It's Like That - Click here (thanks to Kenny for the link)
- Hero - Click here
- We Belong Together - Click here
- I Want To Know What Love Is - Click here
- Mariah talking to the audience - Click here
- Almost the entire show - Click here
- Several videos on this link too (thanks to Kenny for the link)
Keep checking YouTube!
Posted on August 22
The concert
According to Brazilian medias and Twitter (where you need to make a slalom between the fan tweets and hating tweets), the set list was as follow (maybe not exactly in that order).
- Butterfly (Intro)
- Daydream
- Shake It Off
- Touch My Body
- My All
- Always Be My Baby
- It's Like That
- Make It Happen
- I Still Believe
- Love Hangover
- Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- I'll Be There
- Obsessed
- We Belong Together
- Hero
- I Want To Know What Love Is

Mariah tweets:
- Yeah,yeah,yeah..whateverrr..Umm just got off the tarmac on a desolate road in Brazil right now trying 2 get 2 the show.SFL!.
- "Do they have helicopters here?" (Said like Regina George in' Meangirls' ala"is butter a carb?!LoL..uggh IG2P!
- I really tried 2 b on time! Hopefully I still am. I never know cos I make management lie 2 me so I'm early(ish) but this is 2 much
- Zack,and any other fans who were inconvenienced by me leaving out the bc o the hotel today..SORRY! I was told that was the exit!
- Also,any Lambs out there,pls vouch 4 me! I ALWAYS stop when I can,even if its 4am &Im exhausted or whatever! Real fans knoow!LYM!
- Plus,I didn't know anyone was there,certainly not for 8 hours! we had to fly to another city 2 do the show&Im STILL in the car.GB
- Sorry,its the language barrier..I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE!(Said like E.Murph) (click here for the pic)
- YES! "I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!" Got a nice escort so we made it.. See you soon. Love Brazil!
- Thank you SO much 2 everybody in Brazil @ the show 2nite! So many familiar faces-Brazil you always show me love&I am so GRATEFUL!
- Seriously,I really do love it here,beautiful people inside and out! Tonite was tuff 4 me 4 personal reasons,but U got me thru!L4L
- P.S.-we didn't get here on the "MIMI" tour..SO nice here!


Click to enlarge
Source: Ego - Quem -G1 (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 22

Compilation of Brazilian medias

It's the big day for the Brazilian fans and even for fans from other South America countries.  Some fans came from Peru and Argentina to see Mariah!
Young Fred Cesar ran away from home on his birthday, his family had planned a party and a BBQ to celebrate his 18 years.  He ran away before the party to fullfil his dream and attend Mariah's concert. 

The concert will start at midnight in Barretos

Mariah's dressing room

The decoration is dark and  Mariah asked that no window was visible. 
The dressing room has a living room with a large sofa, two armchairs, coffee table, four floor lamps, four lamps and a mirror. Beside this room, two bathrooms for the guests of the singer.  In the same space, there is a makeup room and another bathroom that is private to Mariah.

Among the requirements are 12 liters of Fiji water, three bottles of Chardonnay, a bottle of Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon, 12 units of Vanilla Protein Drinks and cranberry juice. Also available a fruit basket with apples, peaches, oranges, bananas and grapes, imported cheese and snacks. Other requests were 16 dozen bath towels, two dozen hand towels and 15 bars of Ivory soap. 
Mariah will also have a dressing room near the stage to change clothes during the show. 

80 more security guards were requested for inside the park. 

Eight buses will be available for the team's singer. Celebrating her 20 years of career, Mariah comes to the country with a tour of her latest album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel." 

Brazilian medias report a golf cart was asked to drive Mariah from her dress room to the stage.  It's not 'cause she's a capricious diva!  The 50 meters long way is damaged and full of imperfections and it can be dangerous for Mariah with her high heels.  So, in the next days, if you see something like "the diva requested a golf cart", you will know why! 

It seems photographers were asked to not take pictures closer than 30 meters and not during the first song (it may be a rumor)

Help Mariah getting ready for her show. Click here to play.

Posted on August 21

Mission accomplished!
Thanks guys, we made it!  (see yesterday's news)
Even if that journalist will not apologize for her lack of professionalism, today Brazilian medias are reporting she received many tweets and reactions from Mariah fans 
If it's not done yet, you can still tweet her at this link.
Posted on August 20
Eminem won't diss Mariah anymore
From an interview with VIBE:
"Last summer you released a record going at Mariah Carey. Why even bother?
You know what? I got to be honest. I really don’t want to talk about her anymore only just because it’s kind of like the last thing I said about her was on “Cold Wind Blows.” I made the comment "Take a look at Mariah next time I inspire you to write a song.". I don’t want to keep beating a dead horse. I’m not even going to comment about it. I’m done with that whole situation. I said what I had to say. I’m done.
Source: VIBE (extract)
Posted on August 20
Unbelievable, Mariah insulted by a Brazilian journalist!!!!!!!
Brazilian journalist calls Mariah "a whale".  Brazilian media O Dia, reports that journalist Renata Capucci called Mariah a "whale" on her Twitter. That person  presents a show on RJTV (which is part of TV Globo group).

You may like or not a person, but insulting someone is sooooo disgusting!!!  We reacted for Oliver Pocher in Germany, we reacted for Ariane Massenet in France, so......,  here's the Twitter of that person! (no insults please)
Posted on August 19

It was not Perez Hilton who got the details of the Christmas album, the infos come from a Island Def Jam press conference in Korea.
Posted on August 19
Lil' video of Mariah outside Hotel Fasano in Sao Paulo
Click here to watch it.
Posted on August 19
Mariah arriving in Brazil

Click to enlarge
Source: All over Brazilian medias (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 19
Mariah is in Brazil!!!!
Follow her on Twitter!
- Ola!Just landed in Brazil!..writing lyrics in the car on the way to the hotel w/a few nice big lenses+cars cutting us off etc-
- to bed affap when I get to the hotel! Can't wait to see the fans @ the show after I get a morsel and some sleep! Love you Brazil! 


Posted on August 19

Apparently Perez Hilton got it first, he didn't insult Mariah since a long time, maybe he was rewarded 

Mariah's Christmas album set for a November 2nd release!
Mariah Carey is officially SET to release a new Christmas album on November 2nd, which will include SIX new songs, covers of classics, and most exciting of all, a brand new mix of All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Source: Perez Hilton
Posted on August 19

Mariah was in studio 'til 5am last night
According to rapper Lil' B, Mariah was in studio with her manager until 5am last night.  As her manager tweeted he was in studio with "...... and Randy Jackson", I think it's safe to say Mariah was in studio with Randy Jackson 'til 5am last night 
Posted on August 18
Drama among the fans
The Home Shopping Network story made noise.  Happy, mad, hating, disgusted, there were a lot of different reactions.

It's true it may seem weird to imagine Mariah at a HSN show.  but, it's not like she would go there to sell vacuum cleaners....  Other celebrities did it before her and others will do it after her, usually the celebrity doesn't sell the product herself, she's more there to present it and following the contracts, sometimes they don't even have the choice.

Diddy went to HSN to prsent his fragrance and.... Fleece Robes 
Liza Minelli presented her jewelry collection
Venus Williams presented her jewelry and fashion collection.
Mary J Blige recently broke a record by selling 60.000 bottles of her fragrance in 6 hours (ok, here it was special as a part from the benefits went to a charity and it was advertised in advance)

Mariah at HSN (even if it's weird and controversed) will still give us music.  So, let's see the good side, we will have a new show to watch 

And at least, people can't illegally download jewelry or fragrances.... 
Posted on August 18

Here ya go
Mariah is not in Brazil yet and the local medias start the rumors.  Today it's: "Mariah asked for a very onerous wine" 
And even if it isn't a rumor, so what???????
Posted on August 18
It was a trap!!!!!!
When I received the Camp Usdan pictures and a link by e-mail on August 5 asking me to wait until I received a "go" to post it,  I should have known there was something bizarre, maybe I'm too naive, I didn't expect some fans were THAT vicious!  Really, some people have no life at all!!!!!!!!!

Mariah once said "don't ever trust anyone", and she was damn right!!!!!!!!

Anyway, today (well, well)  I received an e-mail from the person from The Daily Randy asking me to take down the pictures and the article.
Posted on August 18

Mariah asked Brazilian fans to tell her which songs they wanna hear at the concert and if you look on Twitter, you can see fans from all over the world are requesting songs .  Guys, let the Brazilian fans choose, it's their country, it's their concert, it's their time !!!!
Posted on August 17
A fan filmed her Lollipop Bling 3-D Candy Wonderland experience
Funny, way better than a picture 
Click here to watch it.
Posted on August 17
Finally!!!!  Earlier this month someone sent me pictures and a link to a story asking not to post it until he/she gave me a sign (don't ask me why, I dunno),  I respected the deal and promised to give credit to a place called Butterfly Room which found it.  Mysteries are over, I got the ok to post it.  So here it is! 

Taken down by request of The Daily Randy!

Source: Butterfly Room - fan by e-mail - The Daily Randy
Posted on August 17

Mariah sets the record straight!
Mariah on Twitter:
" To "All the Lambs in the land" I have been laying low and working like a fiend so that I have some xtra pip festive treats 4 U.. 
I mean MUSIC Dahhlings!!! and Lots more..not just tabloid speculation&whatever..pls forgive me 4not twee ting constantly..LYM!
Posted on August 17
Brazilian fans: Which songs do you wanna hear?
Mariah on Twitter:
"To my fans in Brazil! I'm putting my set list together 4the concert&I wanna know which songs U most wanna hear! Besides "IWKWLI"x0 
Please help me help you do the songs you like best and gimme a nice list! Love you much!!! "
Posted on August 17
Nick on Radio Big Boy
Nick was on Big Boy's Neighborhood show this morning talking on Mariah being pregnant or not, why they’re a perfect match, monthly love day, ring size, etc....
Nothing new, it's more for Nick Cannon fans.
Click here to listen to the 6 lil' parts
Source for the info: Big Boy on Twitter
Posted on August 16
Nick wasn't joking about the HSN deal, Mariah did the photoshoot yesterday
Back in March, Nick said Mariah's big surprise was Home Shopping Network.  A lot of fans thought he was joking as they couldn't imagine Mariah pushing her products on a Home Shopping Network. 

Well, Mariah's manager, tweeted the following:
"At the HSN Mariah Carey shoot.....loading up for xmas in august!"

We can expect Mariah appearing on the Home Shopping Network to sell her products, including a jewelry line with the help of Alison Nagasue.

A lot of celebrities appear on the Home Shopping Network, one of the latest is Big Boy selling his shoe line.

Posted on August 16

Belgian fans: Here's the deal about "Precious" on DVD and Blu-ray 
It's out NOW for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium!!!!!!!
The DVD is a 2 disc edition:
Language: English
Subtitles: Dutch
Special features:
- Deleted Scenes - The Incest Survivor Meeting
- Featurette - A Precious Ensemble / Oprah & Tyler: A Project of Passion / From Push to Precious 
- Interviews - A Conversation with Lee Daniels and Sapphire 
- Trailer 

The version with French subtitles will be released in November.

Posted on August 14

Another one for video collectors
Daily 10 also broadcasted a tidbit about the American Idol stuff
Click here to download it

Thanks to Moony
Posted on August 14
Wow, Access Hollywood's poll result doesn't seem to favor Mariah as a judge (but for a wrong reason, look at the second cap)
For video collectors: Should Mariah Be The Next Judge? 
Yesterday's Access Hollywood talked about the possibility of Mariah being the next Idol judge
Click here to download the video.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on August 13
Rollingout interview with Nick Cannon

Where or to whom do you turn when you’re confused or challenged?
I turn to God more than anything, because prayer changes things. Other than that, my wife is my best friend, so we talk about any and everything ... [it] always helps to have a companion that no matter what’s going on, you can always go to that person and share everything. 

Does the media attention ever interfere with the harmony at home?
No, we don’t pay any attention to the media. Once we are in the confines of our home, all of that other stuff just goes out of the window.

Is the age difference ever an issue in your relationship?
When it comes to the age difference, my wife and I don’t even pay attention to that. I think at some point, everyone obviously recognizes that there is an age difference, but it’s just like anybody else’s relationship. You don’t really think about how old your spouse is when you’re dealing with them every day. We’re both on the same page and we both have a youthful spirit. … I’ve always been around people that were a lot older than me. All of my best friends are a lot older than me, and I’ve always been attracted to people that were a little more mature than myself. 

Why do you think that the public is so eager to see you take on fatherhood?
I actually appreciate people wanting me to be a father. I don’t think that people understand that we have our own lives, and that we are going to do it when we want to do it, instead of when they want us to do it. But I appreciate everyone being so eager about this process between me and my wife.

Source: Rollingout (extract) - Nick on Twitter
Posted on August 13

Belgian fans: The release date of "Precious" on DVD and Blu-ray is postponed
"Precious" on DVD and Blu-ray will be released in November instead of August 14.
Source: The Belgian distributor by e-mail
Posted on August 12
See yourself in Mariah's Lollipop Bling 3-D Candy Wonderland!
Don't miss out on this sweet opportunity! 

Pick up the September issues of Lucky Magazine (pg. 83) and Teen Vogue (pg. 147) and explore the three irresistible fragrance fantasies in Mariah's newest fragrance collection, Lollipop Bling. The end of the path leads to a sweet reward on where you will be able to see yourself in a 3-D Candy Wonderland (for real!) and explore the candy filled worlds of Mine Again, Ribbon and Honey. 

It gets even sweeter when you share your candy filled photos with your friends! You can even have your picture become part of the Lollipop Bling gallery on 

Make sure to indulge in this one of a kind experience! 

Posted on August 12

Mariah Carey's Lollipop Bling Augmented Reality Tour 
Mariah Carey's illustrator J. David McKenney (the man behind Mariah and Nick christmas cards) takes you through the augmented reality on using the advertisement he created for Mariah's new line of perfumes Lollipop Bling.
Click here to watch the video
Source: David McKenney on Facebook
Posted on August 12
Many e-mails regarding the 70 days clause in Brazil
E-mails came in asking how it comes Mariah will perform in Singapore in September as there's an exclusivity clause in the contract for the Brazil show,  as posted mid-June, Mariah is not allowed to make other shows 70 days before and 70 days after the event, in Brazil of course!!!!!!!
Posted on August 11
Mariah expected to arrive in Brazil on Aug. 19
Mariah Carey is expected to arrive in Brazil on 19 August, 2010 (around 9.00am via Guarulhos/Sao Paulo - Gov. Andre Franco Monto Intl. Airport) and is currently scheduled to be staying at the Hotel Fasano São Paulo.

For more information, Brazilian fans are encouraged to keep an eye on Mariah Connection Brazil which will have all the latest information as it becomes available.

Source: Mariah Connection
Posted on August 11

Mariah always said she wouldn't like to be a judge on talent contests, however Nick said.........

Nick Cannon: Mariah wants to be 'Idol' judge
THR: With all your ventures, how do you find time to be a husband and to occasionally sleep?

Cannon: I don't really sleep. I literally sleep from 7:30 to 9:30 every morning, and then my day has to start. My wife is so understanding and so hard-working herself. It's perfect, because there's never a misunderstanding. She's been the hardest-working woman in the industry for 20 years. She encourages me to keep going. When we have time, we'll shut everything down and have the whole day together. We'll be in the pool for eight hours with the dogs. And every 30th of each month is "I Love You" day, so we do something fun. But Mariah sleeps during the day as well, so when I get home at 7:30 a.m., she's going to bed as well. So we have time for the normal pillow talk and to cuddle and fall asleep together.

THR: Has Mariah been approached to join the American Idol panel?

Cannon: You know what? She talks about it. She says, "I would love to do that." She is one of the greatest singers of our time; she would be great. I don't know if she has enough time, though, but if they could work with her schedule, I know she would love to do "Idol." Let's start the campaign!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (extract)
Posted on August 11

Mariah set to perform in Singapore

Press Release:
Singapore GP announces headliners and full entertainment line-up for the 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX
As part of the circuit park's multi-million dollar entertainment schedule, race promoter Singapore GP has unveiled its list of headliners at the 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. This year's star-studded line-up includes Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Daughtry, and Adam Lambert appearing at a mega stage in the Padang, which is accessible to all ticketholders.

For 2010, Singapore GP has considerably increased the headlining acts available within the circuit park. Fans can enjoy both race action and big name music acts with the same ticket at the same venue, offering more convenience and better value.

"By combining the thrills of FORMULA ONE with a stellar entertainment line-up, fans can look forward to a non-stop carnival weekend – all with one ticket. The entire circuit park is being transformed into an urban street party. The headliners on the Padang are just the start of the story. We have over 300 performers as part of a diverse mix, ranging from international deejays
to aerial theatrical performances and from opera to even a Brazilian martial arts troupe. There truly is something for everyone on the 10 stages and in every part of the Circuit Park," said Mr. Michael Roche, Executive Director, Singapore GP.

Patrons can now choose to purchase either a three-day pass (starting from S$188) or a single-day ticket to catch the wide repertoire of acts at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on 24, 25 and 26 September 2010.

Singapore GP will be releasing single-day Zone 4 walkabout tickets priced at S$38 for Friday (24 September), S$108 for Saturday (25 September) and S$128 for Sunday (26 September) from tomorrow, August 12th, 9am.

"We're excited that the key entertainment highlight of this year's Grand Prix Season Singapore is going to be closely integrated with the race and held in the heart of the Marina Bay circuit. The strong line-up of international music artistes performing in-circuit will complement the many lifestyle offerings presented by the Grand Prix Season Singapore. Race and music fans have one more reason to book their tickets early and secure their places to this mega event in Singapore. Experiencing both the high octane race and concert together will be unforgettable!" said Ms Lynette Pang, Executive Director, Arts & Entertainment, Singapore Tourism Board.

Held from 17 to 26 September 2010, the Season will present various lifestyle and entertainment offerings including exciting parties, art exhibitions, new retail and dining experiences.

Singapore GP has also secured the support of LG Electronics as their partner for the main entertainment stage. The Padang stage will be branded 'LG Live at 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX'.

"As a global partner of FORMULA ONE, LG is always looking for ways to enhance the F1 fans' experience and to further build awareness and deepen consumers understanding of LG's premium style and technology positioning," says Mr. Andrew Barrett, LG Electronics' VP Global Sponsorship.

"We are very pleased that we can build on the great success from F1 Rocks with LG in 2009, by now being involved with the LG Live at 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX music programme happening within the FORMULA ONE Race environment and the Padang. We are also going to offer many lucky fans some great chances to experience the event in some very unique ways...stay tuned".

On top of the headliners, Singapore GP will also be bringing in 'old-school' R&B singer and Grammy Award winner Raphael Saadiq, as well as singer-rapper Sean Kingston, who will be performing in other stages across the Circuit Park. On top of these, fans of electro house music can also look forward to a world-renowned remix maestro with Zouk presents - DJ Tiga.

To maximise the entertainment experience for all ticket holders, many artistes will be performing more than once and in different zones and locations around the circuit park. Please see attached annex for details.

They are set to complement the previously announced adrenaline-charged performances from the Freestyle Trials Bikers (Zone 3 only) and Brazil! Brazil!, the spectacular Italian showcases from Studio Festi and DIV4S as well as the testosterone fuelled Chippendales (Zone 1 only).

These, as well as the other non-stop roving acts add up to over 300 performers spread across 10 stages throughout the Circuit Park. This is on top of the action on the track by FORMULA ONE as well as support races Formula BMW Pacific and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

The full entertainment programme schedule will be announced on the official website, shortly. Tickets are available for sale online (, via the ticketing hotline +65 6738 6738 as well as SISTIC and selected SingPost outlets.

Source: Singapore GP
Posted on August 11

So what if Brazilian medias make fun of Mariah 
Mean press, mean comments, some mean caricatures or mean pics that are supposed to be fun, so what???? It happens in every country of the world,  even in Mariah's own country. Will the Brazilian fans have less fun, hell no!!!!!!  Fuck those medias!

As Mariah will go to Brazil for the third time (at least officially), Brazilian fans will enjoy her presence like every fan does when she go in whatever country in the world, bad press or not who cares as long as the fans are happy   Younger Brazilian fans may not remember her signing session for Rainbow in 1999, her promo visit for Charmbracelet in 2003, so make sure you don't miss this unique opportunity, you can still buy tickets at this link.

Posted on August 10

Mariah's "H.A.T.E.U." on Nicki Minaj's iPod
Talking about the tracks in her iPod, Nicki says:  " Mariah Carey I always have Mariah for when I just feel like curling up in bed. On her last album, it's "H.A.T.E.U." 
Source: SOHH
Posted on August 10
Ribbon: Lucky Magazine's "Insider Picks

Mariah's "Ribbon" is featured as "Insider Picks" in the September issue of Lucky Magazine.
Source for the scan: Mariah Carey Beauty (Facebook)
Posted on August 9
No more Mariah videos on MTV online??????
MTV loses Web videos from Universal Music

MTV, once the king of music videos, has failed to reach an agreement with music portal Vevo, for the rights to Universal Music Group's Web music videos.

Negotiations between MTV and Vevo over videos from UMG, home of such artists as U2, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga, broke down Thursday, according to Vevo. What this means is that most of MTV's Internet properties will lose access to UMG's videos. 

That may not be all. Vevo is the online music-video portal that launched in December and is supported by three of the top four labels, UMG, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI Music. So, MTV conceivably may have problems signing deals with the other two labels. 

"MTVN has been unwilling to negotiate a fair syndication deal with Vevo to carry our artists' videos and consequently our videos will not be shown on their online properties," a UMG spokesman said. 

MTV would only say that it's disappointed a deal couldn't be reached. 

"During our recent discussions with Vevo, we were unable to reach a fair and equitable agreement for rights to stream UMG artists' music video," MTV said in a statement. "As a result, UMG has elected to pull their music videos from our Web sites. We are disappointed by this move and sincerely hope that UMG will work with us toward a fair resolution."

MTV has declined to enter into UMG's standard agreement and one that has been signed by other companies, such as Google's YouTube. Disagreements between the large labels and MTV are nothing new. MTV's rise to power and profits, beginning in 1981, by broadcasting nothing but music videos is a sore spot for big music. 

The large record companies have always said they never received a fair share for their videos. MTV argued that the labels got plenty. The videos helped promote artists for decades. Then YouTube emerged and music videos became the most popular segment on the site. Now, the record companies say that since music videos are huge traffic drivers, executives are focused on pocketing the ad revenue they generate themselves. 

Source: CNET (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 6

What My Wife Does For Me By Nick Cannon
Hey GlobalGrind: It's NickCannon
My wife always makes breakfast for me. People can't imagine Mariah cooking but no matter what time of day it is when I come home she always has food prepared for me, usually steak and eggs or steak and baked potatoes. I’m a carnivore so I’m always eating steak. She’s amazing.

I feel thankful and blessed for my wife. She is the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. Someone like her is truly just an angel. I’m in a situation that you have to be ready for. When the opportunity came I knew I wanted to go for it. Men need to get all the foolishness out of their system before they are ready to stay true.

Being married allows me to focus more. When you have somebody that's your lifelong companion that allows you to zone in. All the other stuff you thought was important doesn't really matter anymore. Your priorities change.

Source: GlobalGrind (extract)
Posted on August 4

For Brazilian fans, no wait, Brazlian fans already bought their ticket right?  So, this is for Brazilian people or rich non Brazilian fans, no wait, if they are rich, they already booked their trip and bought their ticket...  uhmmmm, let's say, this is for everyone who hasn't tickets yet 

Win Tickets to See Mariah in Barretos, Brazil
Win Tickets to See Mariah in Barretos, Brazil, Mariah Carey fans, now is your chance to win a pair of concert tickets to see Mariah Carey's performance on August 21, in Barretos, Brazil! 
Submit your entry now -- deadline is August 9, 2010 @ 6pm Eastern Time.
All details on Mariah's official site
Posted on August 3

No Mariah in "Hoje em Dia" show in Brazil
According to Brazilian medias, the Record TV channel asked to have Mariah on the 5th. anniversary of their show "Hoje em Dia".   But due to an exclusivity clause in the Festa do Peão de Barretos contract, it seems Mariah is not allowed to make other shows 70 days before and 70 days after the Barretos event.  So, it's a no for "Hoje em Dia".
Posted on August 2
Zhu Xiaoming sings "Hero" on China's Got Talent
China loves Mariah, you just need to look at the judges and the audience and well the guy did good.
Click to watch.

Posted on August 2
I'm sorry if I hurted some fans, I didn't realize some of you stayed up really late (it was noon here) but c'mon, insulting Mariah is certainly not the attitude of a real fan. 
Posted on August 2
If that wasn't enough for you, don't count you in the real fans!  dammit, how do some people dare to make Mariah feeling sorry...... and then they will complain Mariah doesn't tweet that much anymore!

Mariah shared an exclusive pic of Jackie LambChops
Mariah just shared a pic of Jackie on her Twitter:

- "JackieLambChops in her 1st Divaette photo shoot. Superstar! Purina or whoeva, hollerr @ CAA NOW! or BE ASS OUT.LOL "

And unfortunately she needed to add:

- C'mon! My REAL fans know I tweet re: "breaking news" that could pertain to a chipped nail,curling iron drama,pup pic etc.. So, to those who were mad @the puppy pic,I'm VERY sorry if U waited up for more exciting stuff-it was meant 4 my die hard fans.LY 
- & the likelihood of a 'tell all' twitter moment(no offense)- nil. lol 2 short God Bless! 
- +Love you but,the likely hood of a 'tell all' twitter moment(no offense) is nil. Not enuff characters! Lol- the Lambs get it: ) 

Click to enlarge
Posted on August 2

I personally never liked stand up comedians and certainly not when they are jokind about Mariah, but as it's Nick I guess it's ok and in a way the article is positive....

Live Comedy: Nick Cannon
To us, he's Mr Mariah Carey. But across the Pond, Nick Cannon has been holding his own as a comedian for years. 

And what's more, he hones it every week joking with Piers Morgan as the host of America's Got Talent. 

Cannon has gone back to his standup roots this summer, with a US-wide tour, which he kicked off at the Playboy Comedy Club at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas last week. 

The supercool hotel - which is the resort of choice for countless celebs on their trips to Vegas - is where he and Mariah held their one year anniversary bash last year. So it was only appropriate that most of his set revolves around married life.

Even before the gig, he announced: "I've been holding my tongue for a while, and I just celebrated my two year anniversary, so it's time to go out there and start talking." 

And talk he does. He tells us that even he wouldn't have believed that he'd married Mariah Carey. That they sit in bed together eating popcorn, watching America's Got Talent. That he cleans the house using her album covers as dustpans. 

He even lets slip that, like Katie Holmes dreaming of marrying Tom Cruise as a child, his number one teenage crush was Mariah.

And her perfectly coiffed image takes a battering as he describes her smearing her face with nightcream before she goes to bed. 

The set seems more rehearsed than improvised, but Cannon knows where the laughs are, and he gets every one. 

His weekly rounds of banter with Piers Morgan on America's Got Talent have obviously kept him on his toes. 

The women in the audience adore his every mention of his wife, and the men enjoy his impression of a henpecked husband. 

By the end of the show, Cannon has achieved the impossible - leaving the audience with the impression that Mariah Carey is a normal woman. 

You have to wonder: does she know what he's saying about her every night across America?

If she does, underneath the fearsome reputation, she must have a pretty good sense of humour. 

Because on this tour, the jokes are on her. 

Source: News of the World (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 1

Unfortunately, Mariah didn't make it in this "unofficial" Twitter poll
I received a few e-mails telling me this was not an official poll so it was not worth voting.  I'm surprised, as sometimes we vote for unofficial polls for best dress, best shoes, best songs.  Wathever, Mariah lost the Ms. Twitter on that poll but you can still vote for the "Sexiest Twitter" and "Musician of the Month". 
Posted on August 1


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