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Lambsomnia bracelets give away
Janel who came up with the word "Lambsomnia" that is now used by many Mariah fans just lauched "Lambsomnia"

Go to Twitter and follow @Lambsomnia , 4 followers will be picked at random by Janel in the next few days and will each receive their Lambsomnia bracelet.
Good luck ya'll!!!

Source: Janel
Posted on August 31

Read people, read!
Many reactions after the TMZ "article", Mariah's role on X Factor's US has not been canceled, it's just the trip who was canceled due to the hurricane and to quote TMZ: "producers are trying to figure out another way to get the footage they need for the show ... but so far, nothing is in the can"
Posted on August 30
Mariah definitely NOT set for X Factor UK
The rumor came from the oh reliable "Mirror", I just got word it's absolutely not true!
Posted on August 29
Mariah Carey: Hurricane ruins secret 'X-Factor' Plans (  at secret)
Hurricane Irene is screwing with Simon Cowell's new show -- TMZ has learned Mariah Carey had to cancel a "very important" video shoot for "X-factor" because she couldn't travel ... and we're told it's thrown the show into "utter chaos."

Sources connected to the show tell us Mariah is in New York and was supposed to fly to meet Simon at a secret location to begin taping a special segment for the show in the last few days.

Cowell has stated in the past that Mariah has an important role on the show -- but he's not revealing any details.

Sources tell us ... producers are trying to figure out another way to get the footage they need for the show ... but so far, nothing is in the can.

Source: TMZ
Posted on August 29

Tony Bennett's "Duets II" in stores in Belgium on Sept. 16
Mariah is featured on "When Do the Bells Ring For Me?" 
Posted on August 28
I can't believe nobody told The Mirror Mariah's visit to Cannes has been postponed/canceled

The Mirror published a lil' column about Mariah meeting Simon Cowell in France to film segments for both US and even UK versions of X Factor.
But, I can't believe nobody told them the trip has been postponed/canceled. 

If you want to read the column anyway, it's at this link.

Posted on August 27

Mariah's visit to Cannes postponed!!!!!!
Mariah's visit to Cannes has been postponed due to the hurricane Irene, all flights have been grounded.
Posted on August 26
Stop bitching!
Some French fans are just too much  , not all thank god.  Look guys, we do our best to keep you updated about Mariah's visit in Cannes, remember it's not a promo visit, be happy you know about it!  About Mariah's schedule you know what you need to know, she's staying at the Martinez, don't feel like waiting for hours?  then don't go, period!  For the ones who are happy, have fun and show your love 
Posted on August 26
Update: Mariah Carey in Cannes (please note, this is subject to change)
Mariah is expected to arrive at Nice Airport via private plane on 28 August, 2011 at around 9:00am.

She is then expected to check in at Hotel Martinez (73, la Croisette, Cannes) around 10:00am.

Please note arrival times may be effected by the weather conditions in Eastern USA.

Mariah will then leave Hotel Martinez on 29 August around 11:00am to attend a private event in Saint Tropez.

When we have more information, we will let you know...

If you are lucky enough to be able to go to Cannes to see Mariah, please send pictures of your banners and Mariah to and

Source: Mariah Connection Europe - Heroes of Mariah
Posted on August 26

Remember, Anderson Cooper showed a clip of Mariah at HSN (see July 30)
Anderson Cooper comes clean about the Mariah Carey affair
"I was doing a little thing on Mariah Carey being on the Home Shopping Network, and if you haven't seen it, you should. She was on for two hours, and it's worth the entire two hours. I was condemning HSN for not offering her her own full-time show, because she is genius television, she really is, and she deserves a nightly program to express that genius.

"So, in the course of that, I jokingly said I haven't really been following her lately, but that I knew she got married to somebody on America's Got Talent. I assumed it was Piers Morgan, and that if I was wrong, he'd correct me on Twitter, because he tweets every five minutes and it's been five minutes since his last tweet.

"Sure enough, there was a tweet five minutes later from Piers Morgan saying, 'I am not married to Mariah Carey, and I resent the implication.'

"And then he was like, 'I have a million Twitter followers, and I will soon surpass you.' And I was like, 'Ooo-kay.' So I repeated it. Once I got that tweet, I was like, 'I'm going to repeat this.' Piers Morgan is married to Mariah Carey, in case you haven't heard."

Source: Vancouver Sun
Posted on August 25

Many questions about Mariah in France
Guys, I can only post what I know at the moment, rumors are flying around as Simon Cowell has been spotted in Saint Tropez, the only thing we need to know at the moment is that Mariah will stay at the Martinez hotel in Cannes (73, la Croisette) from August 28 to August 30 and I think it's there you need to show your love! 
About her arrival, I don't have any official hour at the moment, maybe 'cause of the state of emergency due to a hurricane in several East Coast states including NY where the hurricane is set to hit in the next few days. 
Posted on August 25
Nick Cannon on Mariah Carey Joining 'X Factor': 'She's Ready!'
After months of speculation, Mariah Carey will join "X Factor" as a "guest of a judge" for the much-anticipated FOX competition series.

"Extra's" Terri Seymour spoke with Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, who hosts "America's Got Talent." Cannon confirmed, "Now it's official. I still don't know what she's doing, but she's doing something! She's ready... she's excited!"

Sharon Osbourne, a judge on "America's Got Talent," believes Carey is "a perfect pick" for the reality show, saying, "She's the world's greatest singer. This is a singing contest... she knows what people want and that's why she sells millions of albums today."

Osbourne continued, "He [Simon] couldn't have a better person."

Source: Extra TV
Posted on August 24

Mariah confirmed to tape something at the X Factor judge's homes
It's official – Mariah Carey will appear on this fall's buzzy new talent competition, The X Factor, a source close to the show tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Carey won't be a judge, but rather a guest of a judge – in this case Simon Cowell, who hinted recently the diva was interested in joining the show.

"Mariah is definitely confirmed to be a part of X Factor," the source says. "She is confirmed to tape something with Simon Cowell at the judge’s homes." 

Source: People
Posted on August 23

Update: Mariah Carey in France
Mariah will stay at the Martinez hotel in Cannes (73, la Croisette) from August 28 to August 30.  She will attend a private event in Saint Tropez , so the best way to show her your support is at the Martinez hotel in Cannes.  Be festive and show your love!
Posted on August 23
Reminder: Vote for Mariah!
- Battle of the fans: Mariah is currently at 69,20%, keep voting here
- Best Pop Goddess Collaborations: Mariah is still only at the 3rd place with 12,70%, keep voting here.
Posted on August 22
Update on Trey Lorenz's Twitter
A few days ago, I posted the link for Trey's Twitter and said he was not running it himself (like told by Sherry on her Twitter), anyway, Trey now told me he will update himself from time to time @Trey_Lorenz
Posted on August 22
Fans "Help Corner" for France updated
Posted on August 22
Update: Mariah Carey to visit France
Mariah Carey is expected to arrive via Nice Airport later this week & will be attending an undisclosed event in St Tropez.

However according to reliable sources Mariah is scheduled to be staying in Cannes during her short visit.

When we have more information, we will let you know…

Source: Mariah Connection Europe
Posted on August 22

Fans "Help Corner" for Saint Tropez
All request from fans who need help or offer help to go support Mariah in Saint Tropez will be posted here, please only serious requests and offers!  I will only forward the infos, please be careful et be sure they are honest people, this is internet, you never know!
- Amélie and Seb are looking for fans from Grenoble area who can help them go to Saint Tropez - solved 
- Yoann is looking for fans from Sud Ouest area who can help him go to Saint Tropez
- Jeremy and Alain can take 2 fans in their car to go to saint Tropez and/or Cannes, departure Lyon area.
Posted on August 21
French fans!  Updates on Mariah's visit in Saint Tropez will be posted in french at this link
Posted on August 21
Mariah in France end august!!!!! 
Mariah’s big first public appearance since the birth of dembabies!!!!! Mariah will be arriving in Saint Tropez at the end of August. Arrival dates & hotel details to follow.  Be sure to go out and show your support!!!!!!
Posted on August 20
X Factor...
The X Factor judges will have one superstar work in each panelists' respective homes to whip their contestants into shape for the show. And Simon Cowell is in final negotiations to have Mariah Carey as his personal pick to mentor his contestants from his house. "He's still finalizing her deal,". The X Factor is pulling out all the stops to draw in other superstars as mentors. Contacts are being made now with "the Beyoncés, the Rihannas, all of them.".
Source: Deadline Hollywood
Posted on August 17
Mariah at one of Tony Bennett's shows?
Remember, on August 3, Mariah tweeted Tony Bennett to wish him a happy birthday and she hinted a meeting soon.
"Hope 2 see u soon;) fingers crossed!"

Now, Billboard announces Bennett  is preparing for some special shows in the coming weeks. He'll play the Metropolitan Opera House in New York on Sept. 18 and the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sept. 24, both of which are expected to feature guests from his pair of "Duets" albums.

Also, HSN tweeted his album will premiere with an exclusive concert in their studios..

Posted on August 17

Reminder: Vote for Mariah now!!!!!
Fuse has a new poll going on: Best Pop Goddess Collaborations, in less than 3 days we went from 3,35% to 8,40% (at the moment).  Slowly but surely, we can make it, at least the second spot!!! I know it's going to be difficult as when we knew of this poll, others had already voted lots.
Vote for Mariah and Withney "When You Believe", vote here and now!!!!!
Posted on August 16
Trey Lorenz upcoming updates on Twitter
If you're interested in Trey's updates for upcoming music and/orshows, he has a Twitter but he's not running it himself @Trey_Lorenz
Posted on August 16
Mariah's Lollipop Bling is doing well in the UK
Roni Raithatha, spokesman for The Fragrance Shop which compiled the list, said: "Celebrity fragrances remain at the top of the wish list." 
Stars top ten:
1) Heat, Beyoncé;
2) Butterflies, Coleen Rooney;
3) Homme, David Beckham;
4) Lollipop Bling, Mariah Carey;
5) Intimately Yours, David Beckham;
6) Pink Sparkle, Kylie Minogue;
7) Darling, Kylie Minogue;
8) Lilabelle, Kate Moss;
9) Radiance, Britney Spears;
10) Signature, Victoria Beckham. 
Source for the info: The Sun
Posted on August 16
Sandra Bernhard talks about Mariah
Comedienne Sandra Bernhart talked about Mariah in new interview

You have an interesting relationship with Mariah Carey. Can you say something about your history with discussing her in your performances?
You know, I’ve always found Mariah Carey to be incredibly talented, otherwise I probably wouldn’t waste my time talking about her. She’s always—as we know, Mariah is intense. [Laughs] You know, she takes it way out there, she’s completely over the top. Like, years ago when she first started doing her stuff with rap artists, laying around in her videos in hotel rooms, sipping champagne. It was kind of like, “Oh, Mariah is getting down with the brothers,” and it was, like, very sexy and crazy. So I would just always do funny shit about that. And of course her whole Butterfly period—which, you know, anytime butterflies get introduced into a conversation, you can’t help but go, “A butterfly?” [Laughs] Whenever Mariah does something that I find really fun and crazy, like The Emancipation of Mimi—that’s just brilliant! It’s perfect fodder for me. Never am I trashing Mariah Carey, because she’s too talented, she’s a genius and she’s an original. It’s really coming from a place of sheer funny irony, and tipping my hat to the crazy of it all.

Source: FrontiersLA via Hollywood News
Posted on August 15

Vote for Mariah now!!!!!
Fuse has a new poll going on: Best Pop Goddess Collaborations
Vote for Mariah and Withney "When You Believe", vote here and now!!!!!
Thanks to ChareyLYM for the link
Posted on August 13
Another Rumor: Mariah is expected to shoot something with Samuel L Jackson tonight
I'm not going to give too much details as we don't know if it's true and if true, we don't know if the location can be disclosed.  According to a make up artist Mariah will arrive tonight in .... to shoot part of a movie with Samuel L Jackson.  Wait and see......
Thanks to Closemyeyes for the info
Posted on August 12
This is not a rumor, Selita Ebanks is a classless b.....!
If you don't know why, search on Google news.
Posted on August 12
  Rumor: Mariah is set to open a new concert hall in SM Mall of Asia in 2012
Let's cross the fingers for all the fans out there in Manilla 
Source: Dan by e-mail
Posted on August 12
Rollin’ with Nick Cannon: Is Mariah the X-Factor?
Nick was trapped by his collegue Sarah on their radio show.  While talking about Mariah possibly be on X Factor, Sarah dropped a bomb and Nick was kinda embarrassed for the first time .  Nick was dating Nicole Scherzinger when he met Mariah.
The breakup conversation began with Nicole Scherzinger and Nick saying that they each had something important to tell to each other. Nicole said she wanted to go first, and she confessed to Nick: "I'm in love with you." Nick had something entirely different to tell Nicole Scherzinger: he was dumping her to be with Mariah. 

Nick was caught off guard and don't think Mariah and Nicole meeting will cause a problem: 
"My wife could care less about any of that stuff … They’re professionals. It wouldn’t be a big deal at all ... I won’t be there. I’ll be watching from home."

Nick also confirmed that Mariah did not want to be a regular judge on "The X Factor": “I remember those conversations that Simon and Mariah were having, and that’s what she was saying: ‘I don’t want to be a regular judge. I don’t want to be on the television show every single week. I want to be special.'  And it sounds like that’s what they’re trying to work out. So we’ll see. I don’t know. It will be exciting to see if Mariah will be on ‘X Factor.’ It sounds like they’re doing it real big though. I’m not mad at them. I’ll watch!”

Cowell's assistant, Sinitta has publicly stated that Cowell he her that Carey has definitely joined "The X Factor" U.S. as an advisor/guest mentor. Here's Nick's answer:
"I honestly I don’t know. People keep talking about my wife, Mariah Carey, doing ‘X Factor.’ I always say this: ‘CTC. Cut the check!’ Simon Cowell, you’re making $75 million a year. And that’s my man. I love him. He’s actually my boss at ‘America’s Got Talent.’ But Mariah Carey is expensive. You need to come off of some of that gwap if you want her to come on your show."

Source: Rollin' with Nick - X Factor Examiner
Posted on August 12

Rolling Stone, RND and other voters are not pleased
As it was posted on Mariah's Twitter to go vote for her in Rolling Stone's best collaborative song of all time poll.  ATLITL voted 

And now Rolling Stone and RND are not pleased, Mariah fans didn't distort anything, a poll is a poll !

Readers Poll: Best Collaborations of All Time
Mariah Carey fans turn out in force to make their preferences known
This week we polled our readers about their favorite collaboration of all time. This time around, the Mariah Carey fans rallied for one of her songs. It won by a huge margin. I can already see the furious comments coming – and the commentary on other sites saying this poll somehow reflects the opinion of Rolling Stone's editors. Well, where would the Internet be if it wasn't for misdirected anger? We welcome it. 

New Rolling Stone poll hijacked by fan power
Fans of pop singer Mariah Carey have come out in force to vote on a poll of the best-ever musical collaboration – and pushed their heroine into first place ahead of artists including Queen, Davie Bowie, Mick Jagger, Aerosmith and the Beatles.
Carey’s 1995 single One Sweet Day with pop troupe Boyz II Men made number one, suggesting the runner-up track, Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie, was the natural poll-winner.

Rolling Stone comments: “The song wouldn’t have won if the Mariah Carey fans hadn’t stuffed the ballot boxes in this poll.

“Most of you reading this probably don’t think it’s the greatest duet of all time. You’re probably enraged to see it here. We understand.

“Back in 1995, however, everybody loved it. Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey were both at their peak, and the song held the number one spot for a staggering 16 weeks.

“Some of you may feel that it hasn’t aged all that well, but the voters have spoken. Who are we to say they’re wrong?”

Posted on August 11

Oh please... not again, the National Enquirer is working on my nerves 
Posted on August 10
Will Mariah be on X Factor in October?
Simon Cowell absolutely takes care of the hype for X factor US.  There's not one day without Mariah's name in all the X Factor news.

The executive producer still wants new mom Mariah to join the show, saying, "We just have to decide what she will be doing on the show," adding, "It's top secret, I can't tell you!"

Cowell continued, "Mariah wants to be, in her own words, 'judging the judges,' literally with a throne and a raised platform... and I'm not kidding." ( let's watch the blogs going crazy )

IF Mariah is set to help him choosing the acts for the finals, it's probably gonna happen at those dates:
Wednesday, Oct. 12 (8:00-9:30 PM)             Judges’ Homes, Part 1 
Thursday, Oct. 13 (8:00-9:30 PM)                 Judges’ Homes, Part 2
Tuesday, Oct. 18 (8:00-9:30 PM)                   Judges’ Homes, Part 3 (Special Tuesday Airing)

Posted on August 10

As posted before, Mariah wont be judge on X factor, but....
A few days ago, Sinitta (Simon Cowell's ex and assistant on the UK show, mad that Mariah will take her function in the show) tweeted she knew from Simon himself Mariah was officially set to take part in the US edition of X Factor.

Cowell was today at the Television Critics Association Press Tour where he exposed all the X Factor details and cast and crew, he said he wanted Mariah to be a judge, but she'll appear in a different way. "There's certain sections on the show where we do have well known people helping us on the show," Simon explains. "I talked to her the other day, and she's been enthusiastic since day one. But then she selfishly got pregnant which is why she didn't end up as a judge." §joking of couse)

The Press Release is out and Mariah's name doesn't appear anywhere.  Normally, Mariah is set to assist him in choosing his acts for the finals of  X Factor

Posted on August 5

Never seen before picture
I'm not going to post the entire interview as Morgan Carey's childhood health issues have no place on a Mariah fan site (just like Alyson's problems have no place either), however a few things are interesting:
- "Pat encouraged him as a child, fortifying him with the wisdom that "there was no such word as 'can't.'" He recalls her wise counsel: "She said I could achieve anything if I worked hard enough. I was 'special' and had 'no limitations.'" Morgan's mother not only honed his self-confidence through inspiration and guidance, but through action and discipline. Childhood violin lessons and judo training imbued him with an overall belief that he could bend reality to his will (a concept that served his superstar younger sister, Mariah, brilliantly).
- His new business Victorious Green gardens provide their clients a wealth of delicious, organic heirloom vegetables—without their having to leave the comfort and beauty of their own personal living space.  PGiGreen also posted a pic of Mariah's garden.

Source for the info - PGiGreen - MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Posted on August 5
The National Enquirer strikes again!
I post it so that you know when you'll see it everywhere and in several languages that it's of course not true!
They title “Scary Carey” and claim to know from "insiders" she's headed for a breakdown after seeing her appearance on HSN.

Mariah's rep explains to Gossip Cop, "She was having fun with her fans!” and is doing great, and calls the Enquirer’s story “completely made up.”

Posted on August 3

Mariah to meet Tony Bennett soon?
Mariah tweeted Tony Bennett to wish him a happy birthday (he turns 85 today) and she hinted a meeting soon (maybe at a show or something, who knows..)
"Hope 2 see u soon;) fingers crossed!"
Posted on August 3
Mariah won!!! 
Remember, early July, Nick told Mariah was considering hiring a nanny.  At first (before they knew they would have twins), they said they wouldn't get a nanny to help and Nick wants to stick to that. But Mariah is thinking hiring one, she told Nick "you don't have to stay home as much as I do" , so if he really doesn't want a nanny he says he will have to quit one of his jobs to stay more at home and help.

Now, Nick told they have a nurse for the twins (he says nurse, but it's a kinda nanny too), there was an interesting moment in the Cannon's house as the nurse uses the speak function on her phone and it posts automatically messages on the recipients phones.  There was a mistake in the message as it wrote "pornography" instead of "photography"   and Mariah almost lost it....

Nick and Mariah have a great story about one of their nurses checking in via text and what she meant to say versus what went over the network are two completely different things and it was funny to everyone in the world except for Mariah – and this poor nurse!

Listen at this link.
Posted on August 2

Fan meeting in Paris 
By request of a lot of French fans, I'm planning a fan meeting in Paris end August/September.  All ideas and suggestions are welcome.  Please send me a lil' mail if you plan to attend 'when the date is fixed).  So, I already know if I need to look for a lil' or a bigger place. 
Posted on August 2
Mariah shares pics
Mariah shared pics on Twitter, if you wanna see them in HQ, go on Mariah's Twitter
- "I adore ya!!" (sung like Honey) #Lambfam about to go swim.. pics coming soon!
- Ocean work out! It's been a loooong time since I've been in the ocean(said like "OPEN"in cruise control) 

Click to enlarge
Posted on August 2
Tony Bennet's album now set for a September 20 release
At first, Tony Bennett's album was set for a September 10 release, it's now announced for September 20.  We all know Mariah will be featured on this Duets II album on the "When do the bells ring for me?" song.
Fans can pre-order this album on Tony Bennett's official site.
Posted on August 2
Record broken again! 
Sometimes, when I have a min,  I ask on Twitter who's in da house for Mariah, last night we broke a record, 24 countries were in to support Mariah 
Portugal,Canada, Slovenia, South Africa, Lebanon, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Algeria, Philippines, Serbia, Holland,Uruguay, Turkey, UK,Venezuela,USA, Sweden, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, France, Israel, Belgium 

3 winners were picked at random and will each receive an official autographed picture of Mariah 

Posted on August 1


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