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Mariah Carey's "Music Box" at 20: Classic Track-By-Track Review

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Posted on August 31

Mariah remembering Michael

Michael Jackson would have been 55 years old today.  Mariah paid him homage in her own way.
"Remembering Michael Jackson #KingOfPop"

Posted on August 29

16 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100

Mariah's #Beautiful feat. Miguel is #95 on the Billboard Hot 100, it's in the chart for 16 weeks now!!

Posted on August 29

No news ...

Except here and there an interview of Nick saying Mariah is putting final touches to her new album, there's nothing new, so..... vote, "We Belong Together" is leading again thanks to motivated fans!!!!!

Posted on August 28

It was our shortest victory ever 

Mariah's "We Belong Together" is loosing again, keep voting, not one or twice but 'til it says "too many votes"

Posted on August 27

Mariah on Kelly & Michael rerun

Mariah on Kelly & Michael will rerun Wednesday (August 28) at 9am. on Ch. 7

Source for the info: Marilyn
Posted on August 26

Goal reached!  Next goal ...

The ones who follow me on Twitter know I was a real pain in the ass .  Since mid July when we were stuck at 7%, I asked over and over to vote.  I'm sorry if it bothered some of you but as Billboard "forgot" to post Mariah's pic and "forgot" to mention "We Belong Together" was Song of the Decade, I was upset 

Anyway, we did it!!!!!!  Thanks again to all the ones who voted.  Mariah is now leading since yesterday, keep voting from time to time.

Next goal

This will take longer, let's try to have "We Belong Together" VEVO certified, we need to reach 100 million views.  Let's go !!!!

Posted on August 26

Arsenio Hall wants Mariah on his new show ...

I posted it here on July 30 but as I found out the source was National Enquirer (and full of crap), I let it go.  Now we got info from the man himself via Today:

The Arsenio Hall Show" is coming back to TV this fall after almost 20 years since it last signed off.
"I'm different, so my show must be different," he said. 

He does, however, plan to bring back some of his old show's biggest guests, including Mariah Carey, who made her very first television appearance on Hall's program in September 1990. She performed her single, "Vision of Love," but Hall said that due to her then-manager Tommy Mottola, he got cheated out of interviewing her. 

"I remember ... saying, ‘Tommy I want to ask Mariah this tonight.’ And I would get a message back, ‘Not only can you not ask her that, but you’re not interviewing her tonight,' " Hall said. "I never had the interview with Mariah that I always wanted to have. And now it’s even better because it’s been 20 years and she's still relevant and I’m proud of that. So I look forward to doing the interview I never got to do, the uncontrolled one where I get to sit with her and really kick it."

Posted on August 24

New pic of Mariah in "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Source: The Mariah Network
Posted on August 22
Throwback Thursday pics

- Shooting the #Honey video in #PuertoRico! (Source: Mariah)
- Mariah partying with Brian-Michael Cox  (Source: Brian-Michael Cox)

Posted on August 22

15 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100

Mariah's #Beautiful feat. Miguel is #86 on the Billboard Hot 100, it's in the chart for 15 weeks now!!

Posted on August 22

Reminder: World Music Awards! Vote for Mariah 

- Nomination for worlds best song (both #Beautiful and Almost Home are nominated) - click here
- Nomination for worlds best video (both #Beautiful and Almost Home are nominated) - click here
- Nomination for worlds best female artist - click here
- Nomination for worlds best live act - click here
- Nomination for worlds best entertainer of the year - click here

Posted on August 21

"I will shut all this shit down"

Mariah's appearance on Wild 'N Out from back in January finally aired last night.

Click here to watch it.

Source for the vid: Che from NickCannonArchives
Posted on August 21

Update: Mariah's appearance on Wild 'N Out on Tuesday (August 20)

Mariah's appearance on the show back in January will finally air Tuesday (August 20) on MTV2.

Source: Deray Davis (who will also appear on the show)
Posted on August 17

Update: that pic was taken at Kanye's birthday bash in 2007 (thanks LoveMariahC for the info)

New pic (at least never seen before) of Mariah and NBA player Nate Robinson

"need I say more who this woman is ... one of the best ever"
Source: Nate Robinson
Posted on August 16

Videos: "Lee Daniels' The Butler" press conference

Mariah about being spat on: click here to watch it
Mariah about being biracial (3:35 mark): click here to watch it

Posted on August 16

What's the last romantic thing Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did together ?

Diaper duty doesn't exactly sound romantic — but to Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, it sure does!

Life & Style chatted with the America's Got Talent host at the results show in NYC last night, and when we asked him what the last romantic thing the pair did together was, he revealed, "Waking up in the middle of last night to change a diaper!"

Naturally, we wanted more details — like, for instance, how the 32-year-old can even describe it in that way.

"It actually was romantic. The moonlight was coming through the room. It doesn't smell too great, though," said Nick, who married the songstress in 2008. "Our kids [2-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe] sleep in our bed and that's the only time they wear diapers now…is at night. Otherwise, that could be huge problems, but that's really the only time I get to spend with them on AGT nights. So that's a special family moment."

Okay, so that is pretty darn cute!

Mariah has all the closet space, so all my stuff is in the corner pushed together!" he shared. "I wish I had the most closet space because I probably have more clothes than she does because that's someone who doesn't wear anything twice. It rotates through her closet. Then it goes into an archive or she'll give it to a charity, museum, or something like that. Me? I got to wear my stuff again, so I need the closet space."

What Mariah says, goes!

Source: Life and Style Mag (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 15

"fending for myself against a pack of wild Jack Russell puppies. Aaaaaahhhhh Help!!!! #fendforyourself" 

Source: Mariah
Posted on August 14
Mariah appearance on Wild 'N Out to be broadcast next week

MTV2 is showing previews of next week's show, Mariah's appearance on the show back in January will finally air next week.

Source for the pic: MrsPeterson23 via Mrabomination
Posted on August 14

Distress ......

Mariah may have a short scene in Lee Daniels' The Butler, but she gave it all !!!

Source for the pic: halla91 on Twitter
Posted on August 13

Lee Daniels on Mariah Carey Criticism: "They Was Stupid!" 

Lee Daniels is one of the most controversial directors in Hollywood, but no one can argue his loyalty as a friend.

In our exclusive video, the filmmaker steps up to defend criticism of his dear friend Mariah Carey (who also had a role in his Oscar-winning film Precious) playing a sharecropper in his latest effort, Lee Daniels' The Butler. "They was stupid, and they didn't do their research," Daniels says of critics who believe Carey is too light-skinned to play a sharecropper.

Click here to watch the video

Source: BET
Posted on August 12


"Lee Daniels' The Butler" will hit teaters on September 11 in Belgium

Posted on August 11

Support her!!!!

That's all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on August 10

Mariah's Holiday 2013 Collection with OPI

Launch Date – September 2013

Nail Lacquer 

- My Favorite Ornament
- I Snow You Love Me
- All I Want for Christmas (is OPI)
- Ski Slopes Sweetie
- Cute Little Vixen
- Sleigh Ride for Two
- Underneath The Mistletoe
- All Sparkly And Gold
- In My Santa Suit
- Wonderous Star
- Vision Of Love
- Warm Me Up

Liquid Sand Nail Polish

- Silent Stars Goes By
- Baby Please Come Home
- Make Him Mine
- It’s Frosty Outside
- Emotions
- Kiss Me At Midnight

Source: chic (all rights reserved) - dany by e-mail
Posted on August  9

Mariah greets fans at 'The Butler' premiere party in NYC 

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: Andy by e-mail
Posted on August 7

"My Shoulder Injury Wasn't Nick's Fault"

Click here to watch the video

Mariah Carey dressed up her cast Monday night -- this time with a black leather studded covering -- at the New York premiere of her new film The Butler and she also opened up to ET's Nancy O'Dell about the shoulder injury she suffered while shooting a music video directed by her husband Nick Cannon.

When asked about the incident last month in which she fell while filming a remix version of her single Beautiful, Mariah joked that it happened during "the moment that Nick looked away" during the shoot. "I wasn't looking away, if you looked in the footage, I'm leaping..." Nick says, before playfully being shushed by Mariah.

"It wasn't Nick's fault, it was my fault," Mariah confessed. "Honestly, I had been working for a really long time, and you know how when you're posing... I was posing, and my arm was like this -- and it was shaking at that point -- so it was very fatigued.  And about the ninth take, the tenth take... I was on a roll darling, a roll... and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor baby, on cement."

Source: ET (All rights reserved)
Posted on August 7

Mariah Carey Recalls Scarring Spit Attack Evoked by 'Butler' Scene

Mariah Carey wasn't about to close her eyes to the past when discussing racism and the making of "Lee Daniels' The Butler" during a press conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Monday, also attended by Oprah Winfrey and the much of the film's ensemble cast. Carey recalled she was riding on a Long Island school bus when a student spit on her when she was a child because of the color of her skin. And the foul memory came flooding back while she was making "The Butler."

In the movie, Carey plays the mother of Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker), a character based on the White House Butler Eugene Allen, who served presidents for 34 years and retired in 1986. In the early scene of the sweeping period drama about America's tumultuous racial past as seen through the butler's eyes, a dissolute plantation owner's son rapes Mariah's Georgia sharecropper. Immediately afterwards, the rapist shoots her husband dead in front of their son, Cecil, who has goaded his father to protest the violence against his mother.

As traumatic as Mariah's scene and its aftermath is, what apparently disturbed the singer/actress most was the recreation of the Woolworth's Lunch Counter sit-in located in North Carolina in 1960. In that emotional moment in the struggle for racial equality, a white woman spits on a black college student (Yaya Alafia) simply for asking to be served at the whites-only counter. 

"That actually happened to me," Carey said on Monday. "I know people would be in shock and not really want to believe or accept that, but it did. ... That right there, that was almost the deepest thing to me in the movie because I know what she went through — and it happened to be a bus as well. It was a school bus."

Winfrey: "Where somebody spit on you?"

Carey: "Yeah. In the face and in the same way."

Source: YahooMovies (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August 6

Mariah's humor !

In another video from the red carpet,  Mariah says when asked about her injury:  "I had more MRI's than the guy who invented MRI's"

Click here to watch it

Posted on August 6

Mariah on cover of Dutch Veronica Magazine

Go take a look at their twitter, Mariah is their avi.
Source: Aimee by e-mail
Posted on August 6
Mariah and Jane Fonda at last night's premiere of "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Source: Mariah on Instagram
Note:  Jane Fonda is playing Nancy Reagan in the movie.
Posted on August 6

Video: Red carpet for "Lee Daniels' The Butler" premiere

Click here to watch

Source: CelebrityExtras - thanks Shino
Posted on August 6

Premiere of "Lee Daniels' The Butler" at Ziegfeld Theater in New York City 

I'll only post a few ....

Source: Zimbio
Posted on August 6

 The Butler Spitting Scene Brought Back Painful Memories For Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was left in tears during one scene in her new movie The Butler – and she wasn’t even it it.
The singer returned to acting for the powerful new Lee Daniels film and admits the race message behind the story of a White House butler’s life was tough to watch at times, particularly in one scene when Yaya Alafia’s African-American character Carol Hammie is spat on by a white waitress.
Carey, who conducted interviews with the actress to promote the film over the weekend, admits she has been in the same position as the character in the past.
She reveals, “That actually happened to me. That scene was almost the deepest to me in the movie because I know what the character went through. It happened to me on a school bus.”

Posted on August 5

Red carpet for "Lee Daniels" The Butler" Premiere in NYC

More will be posted tomorrow and probably videos (it's late.... again)

Source: IslandRecords - Weinstein - someone I forgot (sorry)
Posted on August 5

Mariah at the Press conference for "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Posted on August 5

Press conference for "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

"Is this reality? Is this happening." - Mariah about "The Butler"
"Mariah was incredibly sweet" - Jas about Mariah after the press conference (see picture)
Source: Mariah - Suzy Byrne - JasFly
Posted on August 5
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mariah and Wale coming soon!!

Mariah, Wale, JD, what a collab !!!

Source for the info: Wale
Posted on August 3

New pics of Mariah in "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Click to enlarge
Source: IndieWire - Lee by e-mail
Posted on August 3
Mariah is everywhere!!

Billboard couldn't make its own Top this time ....

Hot 100 55th Anniversary By The Numbers

- Hot 100: Top 100 Artists: 
#5 - Mariah Carey 

- Hot 100: Most No. 1s By Artist: 
#2 - Mariah Carey with 18 number 1's

- Most Top 10 Hits By Artist: 
#5 - Mariah Carey with 27

- Hot 100: Most Weeks at No. 1 By Title:
#1 - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men - One sweet Day (16 weeks)
#2 - Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (14 weeks)

- Most Weeks at No. 1 By Artist
#1 - Mariah Carey - 79 weeks

Source: Billboard
Posted on August 2

This has to be a joke right?

Billboard Hot 100 55th Anniversary: The All-Time Top 100 Songs

After "One sweet Day" being listed at #34, they now list "We Belong Together" at #11 

Posted on August 1

Mariah spotted in NY yesterday

She's undergoing intense physical therapy following a shoulder dislocation last month.

But despite her injury, Mariah Carey is doing her utmost to continue with her life as normal - and is determined to look as glamorous as ever while doing so.

The 43-year-old singer was seen leaving her apartment in New York on Wednesday with her arm still in a sling.

However, while many people wouldn't be able to make such a garment look glamorous, Mariah managed to with aplomb.

The mother-of-two matched the plain black sling with to her dress, and added a pair of dark sunglasses for some extra glamour.

On the accessory front, Mariah opted for a pair of eye-catching dazzling diamond hoop earrings, and wore her brunette hair slicked back into a bun.

And despite her shoulder injury, Mariah still ensured her nails were perfectly manicured, with just a touch of pale pink varnish.

It was revealed last month that Mariah had suffered the injury during a shoot for a remix of Beautiful directed by her husband Nick Cannon.

Nick confirmed his wife had slipped and fallen from a raised platform in a pair of high heels.

He described his wife as 'a trouper' describing the accident as 'pretty serious.'

She was treated at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery, and even shared a video of herself leaving the hospital in a wheelchair.

Later she tweeted: 'Still in a lot of pain - cracked rib, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, but the show must go on.'

And Nick revealed last week that Mariah is still suffering, and has found her mobility affected by the injury.

He told Extra: 'It is a severe injury, she still has nerve damage, she can't really move her arm right now.

'She can't really hold anything yet, that's going to take a while... lots of physical therapy.'

Source: DailyMail - Aaron by e-mail
Posted on August 1


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