Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Boston, USA - Heroes of Mariah

9/8/03 Wang Center

By sophiesam
You guys, I can't say much about this show, prepared for a night you will remember for the rest of your life. I feel
like it's fricken 1993 with the Music Box tour. It was unbelievable. Her voice, was in the best shape i've heard since 1996. I
thought she would be getting tired by now, but no....she was unbelievable. The set list was the same as every show with CTTA
as the "voted song." She wore silver on Subtle Invitation instead of white, and everything else seemed the same. She told a
funny story about MaryAnn's man, don't know if she's been telling that story or not, but it was great. Okay...highlights. "Can't
Take That Away," "My Saving Grace," "Bringin' On The Heartbreak," "Vision of Love," "Hero," and "I'll Be There." The best
part of the show however, was "Make It Happen." You guys, this song live is just incredible. Just wait. I had goosebumps for
the whole show. I sat right behind her nephew Sean, and when I said to my friend "that's her nephew," a lady looked back and
said "they know." Haha, I think they were a little nervous, and although we wanted to ask him to get us backstage, we didn't.
So that's it. If you forgot why you loved Mariah before you see this show, you will soon remember. GO!

Thanks to sophiesam at FOMM for the report.

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