Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Las Vegas, USA - Heroes of Mariah

12/20/03 Aladdin Hotel & Casino

By honnay0327
I went to the Las Vegas show last night and it was AMAZING!!
She did not wear that blue outfit that she wore in AZ. She wore the silver outfit to start and she put on a brown leather jacket
before she sat down to sing TTR. She said she was being festive - I guess for winter?? - but I think she was reacting to one
review which had recently called her fat (which she is so not), and her insecurities were playing out on stage.
Anyways, in terms of her voice she was on! She hit every note and oddly enough she did not lip Fantasy! She actually sung it!
Of course we got a nice view of her butt from those shorts, which seemed to get shorter, but I'm not complaining too much!
And for the record we saw a nice Pink Thong!!
The high points for me were When she sang Happy Birthday to me, and when she came to the edge of the stage and held my
hand during CTTA. She also told me to stop stealing her lines during the Band Intro when I yelled skinny heffiers, so I covered
my mouth and she laughed, but of course 2 seconds later I couldn't help myself and she was just like Why don't you just do the
band intro. It was hilarious!
She was very responsive to all of my signs that me and my friend made, commented on every one of them. She didn't comment
on others tho - I felt soooo special. There was so much more interaction than ever before and a lot of it was with me. Ppl
asked me after the show if I knew Mariah!!! And they wanted to know what Very Pip meant, cuz I had that sign and she
responded to it!!! I wouldn't tell though! LOL! I also had the 4th row doing the Honey Dance and it was all just sooooo lovely.
For a 2 hour show she probably was on my side of the stage for 1 hour and 45 mins!!! It was crazy!!
Also, as a side note Mike Tyson was there - in the middle section - I was in the golden circle, which is basically the pit, this
theater was absolutley beautiful and just the perfect kind for Mariah!!! Sadly, the whole balcony was empty, but me and my
friends were enough energy for a million fans!!!! And Security was mega tight, so even tho I got my camera in, there was no
way they would have went for me taking pictures with it. I know none of my friends got pics and we were all in the golden
circle. Some body else may have gotten them tho.
Can't believe the tour is over!!!!!

Thanks to honnay0327 at FOMM for the report, to Sam Morris/Los Angeles Sun and John Locher/Las Vegas Review-Journal for the pics.

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