Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Heroes of Mariah

10/8/03 Ahoy

By Gilles
Rotterdam here I am!
Before the concert I was able to meet some fans, to chat a little.  I was so excited.
A DJ was the opening act.  It was good, but the arena was like a night club, almost everyone drunk beer all the time and at least half of the arena was smoking, well it was the case on the side I was.
Suddenly the beautiful "Charmbracelet" curtain appeared.  And a gloved clown hand came from time to time warm up the audience.
After a little time, the music started and we were surprised by Mariah's entrance in the arena, she entered by the back of the arena and went to the stage by walking among the audience.
Mariah more beautiful than ever, with her amazing voice sang (I don't remember the exact order of the songs):
Heartbreaker Remix - Heartbreaker
Through The Rain
My All - My All Remix
Without You
I Know What You Want
Subtle Invitation
My Saving Grace
Band Intro
I'll Be There
Friend Of Mine (Trey Lorenz) and Free Style (Trey Lorenz and backup singers)
Bringin' On The Heartbreak and Free Style (guitarist)
Fantasy (Remix)
Always Be My Baby
Make It Happen
Vision of Love
Butterfly (outro)
Several times during the concert, I had tears in my eyes.  My Saving Grace was a very emotional moment.  The audience was able to choose between "Mariah's Theme" or "Without You" and it's Without You which received the biggest applause.  Amazing!  Vision of Love received a very big applause, Make It Happen was also a great moment were almost all the audience was standing and dancing, even older people danced, it was great.
Mariah joked a lot, there was a big complicity with the fans, she joked about the Space Cake, she also said: "Hi Amsterdam" and Trey reminded her where we were, it was cute, we can understand that Mariah was confused, because her hotel was in Amsterdam and the concert in Rotterdam and the two cities are only at 1 hour driving from eachother.
The Band Intro was great too, Mariah improvised, jazzy style while speaking with the backup singers and they were all laughing about the Space Cake.
There was an unforgetable moment between Mariah and the guitarist who answered with the sond of his guitar.  Great!
Mariah thanked all her fans and especially the ones who are with her since the beginning from the bottom of her heart.
That was a very emotional moment too.
Time passed so quickly, Mariah sang Hero and it was difficult for me to stop my tears.
The applause maked the Ahoy shaky and I'm pretty sure that half of the city of Rotterdam heard it.
Then, I feeled the emptiness of the stage without Mariah.
I was able to give her the Belgium Fan-Bracelet, so guys, I want to thank the Belgian fans who sent me a message for the Belgium Fan-Bracelet.  When I gave it to Mariah, she was surprised at first and then touched, she said: "Oh, a Fan-Bracelet" and then "Awwww, you made one too".
Suddenly we saw Trey and Kinou screamed and ran to him and gave him a big hug, like they didn't saw each other for years.  They even sang together.  We then made photos, we laughed a lot, Trey is so cool, nice and funny and his laugh is so warm.
Outside, fans waited  near the limo, we went to say "Hi" to the crew who were in their bus.  Lionel Cole put his hand on the window as a friendship sign and as I'm not little, I was able to put my hand on the other side of the window.
They all waved at us.
We waited to see the limo leave, near the road and Mariah waved a last time to us.
The trucks were there to pack the setting and take the road to Hamburg, Kinou and me drawed 2 big hearts with Mariah's initials in it on the back of one truck LOL.
A concert to see, to see again and again and again.
Belgium Fan-Bracelet:


Thanks to London Features International for the concert pics.

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