Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - San Diego, USA - Heroes of Mariah

8/15/03 SDSU Open Air Theatre

By glitter2003
My fellow Lambs
OMG!!!! I am still in awe. I thought I was sitting front & center 2nd row, well gosh darn it I was sitting in the front row inches away from Mariah. I met some many nice Lambs tonite, I was looking from Lamby Joe & Johna.
I was oh yeah looking good, my new outfit my hair done okay okay enough about me
MARIAH,  yes she does come out of the audience, well the side of the venue, and she was looking so GOOD !!!!!
I was so teary eyed, and just could not believe I am finally seeing Mariah, in person, her body OMG, I can't remember the setlist, however I was so in tears, I was so emotional I don't remember what song it was, I was actually crying tears of happiness & joy. I could not stop crying. 2 of Mariah's singers were pointing at me & smiling like awwwwwww,they could see that I was so enjoying myself,and I felt each and every word to each song Mariah sung tears & all, Mariah, waved and we had eye contact <exhale> once again tears were falling, I was up dancing, my braids <with butterfly twisty) were everywhere!!!
LAMBS I tell ya she was just inches away , hmm maybe a foot, sheesh she was very very close. every song every outfit change,Mariah's voice, so so so strong, words can't explain How I am feeling right now.
seems that I was on some camera/tv screen a lot and didn't know it, as the concert was over I had a lot of Lambs tell me hey u were the girl on the tv monitor, I was like OMG was my makeup running, was it when I was crying.
The drummer gave me a one of his drum stick <no not food> I also have a beach ball, I purchased a tour book<so worth it> bandana, keychain, & t-shirt<even though San Diego is not on shirt> one gentlemen offer to buy me a t-shirt cause I was just <exhale> I could not stop crying, that was very nice of him,however told him I already had a t-shirt. Thank you I don't know his name.
Mariah's Lambs are the best, so many great Lambs I met tonite, hopefully someone who went will remember who I am/and or saw me on this montior~~~> however what is important is that Mariah ROCKED SAN DIEGO tonite OH YES SHE DID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trey, had it going on as well, and looking Handsome, that man can SING !!!!!
for those of u who have not seen Mariah live yet, BE PREPARED, to party and have a great time.
Mariah, I love ya, I just wish I could have met u just to give a hug. U will always help me Make It Through the Rain, tonite Mariah Made it Happen,
Jeff, Maria & mom and all sitting around me Thanks Lambs, much love
I know I am probably 4getting some things but Mariah U are the only true Diva with the personally, great stage presence & voice to outsing anyone.
Mariah God Bless, Thanks for performing in San Diego, CA.
Please come back again.
I am still so excited I can't sleep.
Lamb, OMG I love Mariah.
Peace, Love & much Happiness.
Love ya MARIAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U SO ROCKED DIEGO TONITE

Thanks to glitter2003 on message board for the report.

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