Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - San Jose, USA - Heroes of Mariah

12/12/03 HP Pavilion

Through The Rain
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
My All
I Know What You Want
My Saving Grace
Band Intro
I'll Be There
Friend Of Mine
Joy To The World
Can' Take That Away
Make It Happen
Vision Of Love
All I Want For Christmas Is You

By clatter machines
that is so awesome! i'm glad everyone had a good time, as did i. Joy To The World was my favorite, she sounded so great, better than the show in concord maybe. Her voice must've been in really good condition in order for her to sing those Christmas songs so well. Hark! was amazing, very powerful. During the last part of Make It Happen, she left the stage, just as she always does, but this time returned before the song was over to sing a little bit more of it in a different outfit. She looked so beautiful in person. She walked right past my friend and I and she waved at us. She's smaller than I remember, with her heels on she was shorter than the girl i went with. Speaking of which, the girl i went with was absolutley floored by Mariah performance. She didn't really like her before, she just kind of respected her for her determination and success and all that stuff, but after the show she wouldn't shut up about how incredible Mariah sounded and how much she liked the songs, and how Mariah took it to church several times throughout the show. I was glad to hear these things, and slightly relieved as well.

By vijayl
Jack was there.

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