Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Seoul, Korea - Heroes of Mariah

6/21/03 Seoul 88 Green Grass

01. Looking In (Intro)
02. Heartbreaker
03. Dreamlover
04. Through The Rain
05. You Got Me (Featuring Sadie McIntosh)
06. Clown
07. Subtle Invitation
08. I Know What You Want
09. Bringiní On The Heartbreak
10. My Saving Grace
11. Iíll Be There (Featuring Trey Lorenz)
12. Fantasy
13. Make It Happen
14. Honey
15. Vision Of Love
16. Hero
17. Butterfly (Outro)

Report by JB
The theme of the concert is Moulin Rouge. It uses some cinematic elements of the movie, but in a very intimate kind of way, not bombastic or overdone at all.
The concert starts out with some footage resembling the opening sequence of Moulin Rouge, only instead of "Nature Boy," the band plays a very melancholy instrumental of "Looking In".
There are also all this boudoir-like chairs on stage and the dancers all come out dressed like postmodern Moulin Rouge dancers, a theme that continues throughout the concert.

Mariah wore everything from rhinestones to hip-hop to a Chinese dress cut like a miniskirt, it was quite festive and sexy and colorful, just like the musical.
Fans will really like the setup because it's not loud, it's not overwhelming, it's just Mariah having a little visual fun with the set and the music broken down into very acoustic arrangements. The Korean date used a huge venue so the intimacy will be lost on the people in the back (I had pretty good seats) but I think the setup will really be great on her American dates with the smaller theaters.

She arrived an hour and a quarter late, and the concert is only one and a half hour long, which is cool, I think she meant it to be a small "after dinner" kind of concert, but the audience were a bit mad about that I think, at the end, that she got us to this big arena and the concert was so short.

She opened the show with Heartbreaker Remix / Heartbreaker.
I'd say 60% of the tracklist is from Charmbracelet: Bringing On the Heartache (AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME in concert, you guys will DIE), You Got Me (she sings this with Sadie, That awesome "Automatic Princess" girl), My Saving Grace, Through the Rain (which she dedicated to the memory of Conor McNally) and surprisingly Subtle Invitation.
In Subtle Invitation there's a part where Mariah just breaks out her voice and it is INCREDIBLE, I never realized what a great song this was. Of her older songs she did Dreamlover, I'll Be There (with Trey Lorenz), Fantasy (ODB remix, this was the only song she lipsynched in, she was dancing), Honey, Make It Happen, and her two encores Vision of Love and Hero. She also sang a little bit of I Know What You Want and Butterfly.

Two new MonarC acts opened for her, the other act was OK but that little second-grader girl (Sadie) was AMAZING. She was SO CUTE, she sang a song called "Automatic Princess".

Opening acts: Nae Nae - Bell (Isabel) - Sadie

Thanks to iMariah and JB for the setlist and the report, to Calvin Kim for the pictures and to nachoman327 at FOMM.

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