Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Tampa, USA - Heroes of Mariah

9/3/03 Tampa PAC

By mcdjfan
the concert was amazing!!!!!! the best concert I have been to was hers. I was in the front row soooo close it was great!!! She has great legs and everything is perfect. I was wearing my Honey B Fly shirt and she pointed at me and said there is some people wearing fanclub shirts she had alot of eye contact with me I died. Then I went backstage to go see her and made my way around everyone in the room (about 10 people) and stood right next to her for the picture, she looked so beautiful. Then after the picture her security guards made us get out, when we were leaving the room my cousin yelled to her "I love you Mariah" and she turned around and said bye and then i said bye mariah and she said bye. It was so good! I loved it! A day I won't forget!

By jbro92
WOW!!!!!! this was the first time i have ever gotten to see Mariah live. I have been waiting 8 years for this!!!! First i gotta say her voice was AMAZING!!!!!! My sister who usually dosnt like MC thought she doing an awsome job and said thats the best vocal concert she has ever been too... honestly like on songs MIH and ABMB she sounded like back in the day 96 era if not better,, her voice was soooooooo strong.. VOL was INSAIN. i love her voice and i was just soooohappy i got to be there..

Thanks to mcdjfan and jbro92 at FOMM for the reports.

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