Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Vienna, Austria - Heroes of Mariah

10/19/03 Stadthalle

By Luke
It was....brilliant First of all: THE HOUSE WAS FULL!!!!! Yes, there were some empty places, but just a few and they also closed the upper seats but I know that this was planned since the beginning, so it was not because ticket sales were not all in all you can say that the concert was full, and I was really suprised, after concert reports in Germany I wasn´t that sure about it, but I was very impressed and suprised that so many people came  anyway: I won´t talk too much about the songlist because you have read it a thousand times already  It was all the same, BUT: When we could decide between CTTA and WITHOUT YOU first all screamed for WITHOUT YOU (of course), but then she said "...or I could sing CTTA, which I haven´t sang for a while now..." so the crowd went crazy and she sang CTTA!!! Then she also sang ALWAYS BE MY BABY (which she didn´t sing at two Germany concert, so I was very happy that she sang it in Vienna) with all the balls in the crowd...this was great  After leaving the stage after MAKE IT HAPPEN she came back (what a suprise   ) and sang WITHOUT YOU!!!! The crowd went crazy...then she sang VISION OF LOVE and of course was great!!!! The audience was also great, especially after throughing the balls into the crowd at ABMB the crowd went crazy and also at MAKE IT HAPPEN everybody was clapping with their hands. MAKE IT HAPPEN was also my favourite part of the show..of course also the BAND INTRODUCTION  The show was like 2h 45 min long, and you could even make a photo with a "paper Mariah" for free It was an incredible evening I won´t forget. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT
Thanks to Luke at FOMM for the report and Zolles for the concert pics.

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