Heroes of Mariah - E=MC² Private Launch Party, Brussels, 04/18/08

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As it was expensive to rent a place and as we didn't want to have random people from the streets to fill the place, we decided to make the party at home.  People who were invited were non-fans friends and their friends (non-fans too), from 23 to 50 years old.  Most of them working at the European Community offices and banks, we agreed not to take pics or filming the party.  I think none of them wanted to show up on internet or on YouTube  .  The only pics you'll see are the ones taken before the party.  We made a lil' note for our neighbours to apologize in advance for the noise we would make and told them they were welcome to share a drink with us. I'll pass the details of the afternoon, as pushing aside the furniture of our living room, decorating and making sandwiches and dishes for hours isn't that great  .   At around 7pm, the first guests arrived and were very soon in the mood of the album, there were soon 22 people and the album was blasting when suddently someone rang at our door, dammit we were surely making too much noise  .  In fact, it was a couple of neighbours in their seventies who came for a drink and wanted to share some moments with us  .  The old man was very interested by the Touch My Body video, not only 'cause Mariah is beautiful but also 'cause of the humor in the clip .
During the evening, the non-fans started to really like what they heard repeatedly, it was E=MC²'s magic!!!!  Some started to talk about their favourite track of the album, some others wanted to read the lyrics, others wanted to know more about all the rumors they always hear/read about Mariah in the media and the frequently bad press.  We replied and explained every fact, denying the rumors, we talked about Mariah the singer, the person, etc...
Then it was time to play games to win the great prizes given by Universal Belgium for the party.  Easy questions and more difficult questions..., finding song titles (for a non-fan, it's not that easy), etc...  the most funny was to make them mime Mariah and T-Pain's choreography while they were looking at the SNL performance, I can tell you I saw very talented people.
Fav tracks of these non-fans: Migrate, Cruise Control, Bye Bye, I stay in Love ( not especially in that order).
At around midnight, we thought we had anoyed the neighbours enough and with a small group (almost fans now), we went in the city center and entered in several bars to ask them to play a few songs of the album  .
The party was a success, we should do it again in a club or something to reach a lot of people .

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A big thanks to Universal Belgium for the gifts.

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