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Of course, it's the same picture as all the other sites about Mariah, 'cause none of us was there to take this picture.
Mariah's glitter will shine on september the 14th
Mariah Carey fans are closely looking out for Mariahís next move.  Sheís currently gearing up for her first movie titled "All That Glitters".  But donít think Mariah is abandoning her music roots.  This project has been in the works for over four years and Mariah even abandoned her 1998 Butterfly World Tour when there was a chance that the movie may have actually began production.  However, that production would be stretched out and delayed time and time again.  In 1997 it was apparently at Disney, then the following year it got switched over to Universal Films, then Columbia Pictures took over.  No that it is with 20th Century Fox, production has finally begun.  In fact, it began last July and capped in late October.  The release date seems to have changed just as many times.  It was announced that the movie would debut in March 2001, then April and finally just got categorized as "spring 2001." After that it was moved to a summer 2001-release slot and once again over to fall. 
Now, the film finally has a release date. And no, itís not October 5 as reported.  When Fox Studios was recently contacted in regards to the film, they proclaimed that "All That Glitters" would be released to theaters on september the 14th.  And when asked why it was delayed so much they noted that in addition to the various producers, companies and other mishaps they had to endure, Fox Studios liked "All That Glitters" so much that they are releasing at that particulardate because most of the Oscar contending movies are released within that time frame.
Thanks to Jeff for this info.
About the msr store site
A few weeks ago, we give you the address of a site where you can buy all kind of Mariah rarities and unreleased items, but, we found out that all these items are sold out the day they are supposed to be released and as the owner of this site don't want to make any reservations, it's impossible to buy something.  If you were able to buy something from this site, please, let us know, so we can let the fans informed if it's a serious site or if the owner of this store is a bluffer.
Mariah live in (Belgium)!
For the explanation, go look at the spy headquarters
We said no rumors, but this one is too funny...
We read this in spanish language, and here it is...  this latin curiosity for couples fight!
"Luis Cries and Becomes Intoxicated Over Mariah
Luis has never been seen so in love and passionate for a woman.  And even though it seems incredible, it's true, because just a short time ago, Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey had a fight.  The American diva went on vacation with her friends to the Encanto Islands.  Meanwhile, the Mexican star had his saddest and most miserable moment in life than ever before.  He searched for relief of his broken heart in alcohol.
The two had never had such a big argument before.  Both of them are hot and explosive tempered, and that's why troubles and reconciliationís of Luis Miguel and Mariah Careyís relationship are usual.
However, people close to the singers say that the fight they had days ago in the house that they share in New York, was the strongest ever.  It's said that there were screams, curses, insults, tears and broken items thrown against the wall by Mariah.
(who was there to see that?  It's too funny to imagine Mariah with a little kitchen apron, rollers in her hair, throwing a spaghetti plate at the head of Luis)
Mariah was angry and furious and locked herself in a room without wanting to know anything about her Mexican lover.
It seems that they separated, but since Mariah isn't one of those woman who locks herself in her misery and cries, she immediately phoned her best friends, packed her stuff and they traveled together to spend their holidays in Puerto Rico, to the Encanto Island.  Meanwhile, Luis Miguel, who deeply saddened and miserable, found refuge in a New York bar.  He drank many glasses of Cristal to find some relief for his love pains.  This wasn't possible, because the more he cried and got drunk, the more he mentioned the cause of his pains: Mariah Carey.
(These latino guys, what a temperament, drink and cry, scream the name of their sweetheart, Mariah, Mariah, Mariah...  The neighbours of the bar still remember...  Too funny)
But their misery didnít last long.  The couple traveled to Colorado, where the snow melted with their hot reconciliation.  Even though close sources to the couple thought that, by the strength and scandal of this fight, the separation was going to be definitive or long, it wasn't.  It is known that in Puerto Rico, Mariah treated to have as much fun as possible with her friends, but she couldn't do it.  She was seen in many places looking very sad.  And neither Luis Miguel could forget Mariah with alcohol (here we go again), and so he sent her flowers.  Soon after, his jet was set to go to the Encanto Island where he would persuade Mariah to come back to his arms immediately.  (Oh! it's so cute) And without even doubting it, Mariah Carey came back and the reconciliation began.  To celebrate it, the couple traveled to Colorado.  Cold snow seemed to melt away with their hot and passionate love.  (Colorado and melted snow, here we go again)
The truth is that the causes of the whole troubles between Luis and Mariah it aren't exactly known, but there are rumors which say that Luis is a jealousy victim for Mariah Carey love.  But it doesn't matter, because the most important thing is that they are together again and in love, and that the troubles and fights exist even in the most enamored couples."
(Happy end, except the tomato sauce glued on the wall.  What a story!)
Thanks to Luis (I hope it's not Luis Miguel) from Mexico City for the original article.
Comments made by us.
Already a year
Today on february the 14th, Mariah started her Rainbow tour in Antwerp.  We will never forget it.
A Belgian dutch magazine remembers it too.
Thanks to Bonanza and Steven Van Herreweghe for their kind autorization and this beautifull gift to all the Belgian fans.

Het is al een jaar geleden
Vandaag op 14 februari, Mariah begon haar Rainbow tour in Antwerpen.  Dat zullen we nooit vergeten.
Een Belgisch nederlandstalig weekblad vergat het ook niet.
Veel dank aan Bonanza en Steven Van Herreweghe voor hun autorisatie en dit mooi geschenk aan alle Belgische fans.

Déjà un an
Aujourd'hui, 14 février, Mariah débutait son Rainbow tour à Anvers.  Nous n'oublierons jamais.
Un magazine Belge néérlandophone n'a pas oublié non plus.
Un grand merci à Bonanza et Steven Van Herreweghe pour leur authorisation et ce cadeaux à tous les fans Belges.

Spelling mistake on a Japanese sampler cd
Go look at the spy headquarters
The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards
Mariah is nominated for the Grammy below :
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
"Thank God I Found You" -- Mariah Carey Featuring Joe & 98°
Grammy winners will be announced at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony to be broadcast live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 21, 2001, at 8pm ET/PT on CBS
Unfortunately, here in Belgium, we can't see this show.
Malheureusement, en Belgique, nous ne verrons pas ce show.
Jammer genoeg, in Belgïe, zullen we deze show niet zien.
Back to the 80's in All That Glitters
Mariah is putting the finishing touches on the soundtrack to "All That Glitters".  The disc will be dominated by her vocals and music steeped in the sound of that era.
Though the film was originally expected as early as March, a representative for 20th Century Fox said Friday (February 2) that "All That Glitters" will not hit theaters until sometime in the second half of the year.  The picture, which co-stars Da Brat and Eric Benet, wrapped shooting in October.  It was filmed in Toronto and New York.
Mariah collaborated with singer Rick James,  Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on the soundtrack, which also is expected to feature contributions by Da Brat and a duet between Mariah and Benet.
"We tried to create the feel and the sonic landscape of the time, which was pretty easy for us to do, because in '81 we were in the Time and kind of starting that whole Minneapolis sound," Jimmy Jam said.  "We actually pulled out a lot of old keyboards and drum machines we used back then.  Mariah said it would be cool to do something like the S.O.S. Band, so we pulled out the drum machine that we used for the S.O.S. Band records in the '80s.  It's amazing, you plug that stuff up, and you're really, like, back there."
Jimmy Jam said Mariah is "the quickest and most creative" artist he and Lewis have collaborated with.  "Usually when we're with her, we don't have a lot of time.  She'll fly into town for six hours and say, 'We have to write three songs.' " Mariah told to the news of a music channel in October that the soundtrack will also include a few covers, but she would not disclose which songs she's revisiting.
"All That Glitters" marks the first starring film role for Mariah who also producing the movie.
(All the fans know that Mariah had her first role in The Bachelor.)
On february the 14th, it will be the first anniversary that Mariah did her concert of the Rainbow tour in Antwerp, it was also the first time that she cames in our small country, and it was the FIRST concert of the Rainbow tour.  We all remember, in what impatience we were, a year ago.


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