February 2012 - Heroes of Mariah
Oh wow...........
Why am I not surprised?  FREE tickets for the NY event some people were lucky to have/win are sold on some sites. Every promotor or ticketmaster or whatever should make nominative tickets to avoid this.

Posted on February 29

I don't know if this is a joke or not, will try to sort it out...

  Rumor: Mariah Carey will serve as Godmother of the Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy?
Disney Cruise Line’s newest member, Disney Fantasy is moored at Pier 88 in New York City awaiting the christening tomorrow evening,  reports are coming in that Mariah will be the ship's Godmother.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place between 6 pm and 11 pm tomorrow, which wouldn't fit with the Gotham Hall performance but who knows...

Posted on February 29

As first announced on the "Plot Your Escape" website, the events in the 4 cities were planned to air on Jimmy Kimmel Live and streamed.  Now, Jimmy Kimmel disappeared from that website.

Seems now a compilation of the shows will air on March 3 on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We are still not 100% sure if there will bea live stream tomorrow.  Wait and see.

Diddy is now quoted as performing artist and not as guest.

It will be big anyway as it's sponsored by casinos and a travel agency which plan games and give aways tomorrow at the same time of the events.

Posted on February 29

Laying in bed to update my site, hopefully my doc doesn't read this 
Posted on February 28
New pic!

As promised this morning, Mariah tweeted a pic of her in her studio.
"me pon de booth last night.. LYM!!"
Posted on February 28
Excited and angry fans!
We are all excited for March 1, but some seem more angry than excited. US and Morocco..... I can understand you guys, there's nothing you can do but hoping for more to come for international fans.
Posted on February 28
Don't twist my words....
It's difficult to write it in 140 characters, I never said Mariah would perform a new single on March 1.  I said to everyone asking, to ask @MariahAlerts 
Here's exactly what I tweeted:
"ready planning all the support 4 @MariahCarey 's new single"
Which means what I do EVERY time, planning promo & support teams and obviously takes more than 2 days.

By the way, like for every era, support & promo teams for Mariah are in the works, if you wanna be part of it, e-mail me with yourcountry/state at heroesofmariah@gmail.com
Hopefully, my health problems will be over by then, if I can't assume the task, I'll ask volunteers to complete it.
Posted on February 28

Tickets to attend Mariah's Gotham Hall concert.................
- fans in NY (must be NYC area) here's a chance to win tickets, click here to read the details
- keep an eye on @MariahAlerts or @MariahCarey, a contest is coming soon.
- On a blog called Food Fix, click here
- On Obscure Sound, click here
Posted on February 28
Mariah to perform at Gotham Hall on March 1

As reported last week, Mariah will perform on March 1.  Mariah tweeted it herself this morning.  Mariah will perform at Gotham Hall with special guest Diddy.  US fans can request a free ticket to attend at the following link.
The show will air on Jimmy Kimmel Live and will also be streamed live (hopefully available outside the US)
Posted on February 28
Exciting news coming

- Lambs, Mariah is in the studio right now... she sounds amaaaaazing!! this song is so hot!!
- In case you missed it before - @MariahCarey has some exciting news for you tomorrow + a picture from tonight's recording session!

Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on February 28

Update: Mariah at Mawazine Festival in Rabat (Morocco) on May 26 
As posted last week:
- Limited tickets near the scene will be sold online only starting March 20 at the following link (not open yet for 2012)
- Limited tickets in the area near the scene area are expected to cost around $95

More infos about the tickets:
Tickets and/or  passes for the entire Festival at local agencies
- Mawazine ticket agency inside the Rabat Train station in Rabat City - Avenue Mohamed V
- Mawazine ticket agency at Twin Center in Casablanca (en face d'Acima) - Boulevard Zerktouni-Al Massira 2000
- Théâtre National Mohammed V in Rabat
- Mégarama Casablanca
- Agencies Maroc Telecom,
- Agencies GSM AL-Maghreb,
- Agencies Atlas Voyages
If still available, tickets will also be sold during the 9 day long Festival at OLM Souissi/Nahda, at the National Theater Mohammed V and at the Chellah.

Posted on February 27

Many e-mails about March 1
If Mariah's camp don't give any details, why should I!  I thought I was spreading rumors anyway.......... sorry if I sound bitter, there's only so much a man can handle.
Posted on February 27
I don't hate French people, I hate French medias
French fans, it's on the French speaking part of my site.
Posted on February 27
VH1 Finale: Mariah comes at #2
It was expected after the whole Gaga vs Spears affair.  the ones who follow me on Twitter know what I'm talking about, I tweeted it the minute it happened.

Anyway, yes it's great Mariah ends at #2, but where were her thousands fans? No idea............

We ALL know anyway in her 22 years career Mariah never needed a meat dress or coming out of an egg to have hype.  Period!

Posted on February 27

Mariah working on her new song
Mariah just tweeted:

"Doing vocals on a new song @ sunrise.."pretty standard"(doc eve voice) taking you back Lambs.." 

Posted on February 26

Reminder: VH1 Finale!!! Vote for Mariah NOW
Vote for Mariah here and now!!!!!!!!! 
We probably lost that one, but we can try 'till the last minute.
Posted on February 25
It's been a very long time you didn't see that "vomit" smilie on my site, probably years.  Not only some Mariah fans watched Whitney's funeral ONLY to try to catch Mariah and see her crying, but there's worse. 
Since yesterday, pics of Mariah crying at Whitney's funeral surfaced on the net and are spread around by.... fans.
We all know how much it affected her and still........... It's sickening!!!!!

Posted on February 25

Many questions about Mariah's concert in Rabat
Many articles (most of them in French) surface on the net telling Mariah is not welcomed in Rabat for the Festival.
Yes, it's true, she's not welcomed just like Shakira last year and others before her.  I feel for the people out there and know it's difficult to accept to see money spend on artistic stuff instead of schools, hospitals, etc....  but that money wouldn't be spend for people's well being anyway.  Sponsors will not give that money for schools and hospitals.

As for all the critics there towards Mariah, they pick her name 'cause she's a worldwide star, why don't they complain about Pitbull, LMFAO, Lenny Kravitz, Gloria Gaynor who will all perform at the Festival, they don't go for free either, as don't the local artists!

Anyway, the "poor" class complain 'cause they want that money for the people out there, the "rich" class complain 'cause they want another artist for the cloture of the Festival.  You can't please everyone!

For all the ones planning to attend, stay in group, last year foreigners were molested before, during and after Shakira's concert.

Info for Belgian fans: Unfortunately no, there are no direct flights to Rabat (probably the only big Moroccan city we can't access directly from here)
Posted on February 25

I didn't plan to post it, but as it's all over and fans start e-mailing me, I may as well post it......

Mariah to perform on March 1
The info was leaked by Don Carlo IV on Twitter

"Who wants to be my Plus 1 for an EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE Event Featuring Performances by Mariah Carey and P. Diddy in NYC! March 1st 5pm"

Posted on February 24

Update: Mariah at Mawazine Festival in Rabat (Morocco) 
Unfortunately, limited tickets near the scene will be sold online only starting March 20 (at the moment) by this time local residents already will have the opportunity to buy their tickets and passes for the entire Festival at local agencies. But hey, even if Mariah fans who plan to go are not near the scene they can always enjoy the concert for free and not close to the stage!

Reminder: For fans interested, the limited tickets in the area near the scene area are expected to cost around $95

Posted on February 24

VH1 Finale!!! Vote for Mariah NOW
Vote for Mariah here and now!!!!!!!!!  Like I tweeted it yesterday, if you can't vote with Internet Explorer, it works fine with Firefox.
You can vote once a day!
Posted on February 24
URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!! VH1 Round 2!!! Vote for Mariah NOW, we only have 1 day
Vote for Mariah here and now!!!!!!!!!
Posted on February 23
Mariah at Mawazine Festival in Rabat (Morocco) 

For fans interested, the limited tickets in the area near the scene area are expected to cost around $95

Note:  As posted 1 month ago, like I did for the concerts in Tunisia (even if I didn't go), I'll help the fans the best way I can, however I learned my lesson and will not provide any individual help.
Posted on February 23

That's what I was waiting for to post.....................

Eric Daniels rehearsing with Mariah next week
Eric just tweeted:

"Rehearsing with the AMAZING @MariahCarey next week!!"

If you don't know Eric, just go take a look at his Twitter

Posted on February 23

Just in case some of you still had a doubt, it's now confirmed on Mariah's official site!

Mariah to Perform at Mawazine Festival in Morocco on May 26
Click here to read it. 
Posted on February 22

Complete version of Mariah Carey's American Heart Association PSA
Click here to watch.
Source for the link: Daniel
Posted on February 22
Mariah "Trending now" on Yahoo!

Mariah is #4 "Trending Now" on Yahoo.com (well, at least at the moment of this update)
Posted on February 22
Mariah spotted at Milk Studios yesterday
After GMA, Mariah was spotted arriving at Milk Studios, that's where Mariah did her photoshoot for ELLE among others.
Normally, there's a footage up on this site but it's only available for TV channels to buy it.
Posted on February 22
Our girl gave us 22 years, give her 1 minute of your time NOW!!!!
Vote for Mariah here and now!!!!!!!!!
Posted on February 22
Video: Mariah greets fans outside GMA
Click here to watch
Posted on February 22
I told you so.................... Hurricane Mariah is coming!!!!!!!
Posted on February 21
More untagged pics of Mariah at GMA
Not really HQ, but hey I pat my bandwith and have no Google ads!

Click to enlarge.
Source: C.U.
Posted on February 21
Screen caps of American Heart and Stroke service announcement

Click to enlarge.A big thanks to my bro V
Posted on February 21
Bigger and better quality..................

Click to enlarge.A big thanks to Bijan
Posted on February 21
Mariah at GMA screen caps

Click to enlarge
Source for the caps: Margrit by e-mail

For collectors
Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part4

Big thanks to Moony
Posted on February 21

New song coming!!!!!
During the GMA interview, Mariah talked about a new song she tries to get ready next week, and it's appropriate for the moment
Posted on February 21
Watch Mariah at GMA
On GMA's website.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Posted on February 21
Gorgeous Mariah at GMA today
Mariah took time to great, meet and hug fans outside the studio.  Only our girl!!!!

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: GlobalGrind
Posted on February 21
Mariah with baby kangaroo

Mariah tweeted a pic of her with a baby kangaroo at GMA this morning.  Click to enlarge.
Posted on February 21
YASSSSS!!!! Punch is rehearsing for Mariah
For the ones who don't know him, Punch is one of Mariah's dancers

He just tweeted:
"Rehearsal for MC we back!!"

Posted on February 20

Mariah's GMA appearance tomorrow, February 21st
If I'm not mistaken, Mariah's new commercial will air tomorrow 
Posted on February 20
And another new picture for Jenny Craig

Click to enlarge. 
It was sent by Jonas without any source, if someone knows where it comes from, please let me know, you know I like to credit!
Posted on February 20
All winners from the latest random contest, your prizes will be sent asap, I wasn't well enough to go to the post office, don't worry I'll do it asap, as soon as I'm 100% again (well, let's say 75%)
Posted on February 20
New picture for Jenny Craig

Click to enlarge.  The owner of the pic is Vahe.
Source for the pic: Vahe posted it on Facebook yesterday - Vanessa by e-mail
Posted on February 19
New pics: Mariah at Cipriani last night

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
Posted on February 19
No footage and no stolen pics on my site
Why am I not surprised some trashy gossips would try to locate Mariah at Whitney's funeral.
Absolutely sickening and indecent!!!!!! (and seriously, some Mariah fans who did the same and watched only to see her cry (yes, there were some), is disturbing)
Posted on February 19
Nick Cannon Shares Mariah Carey's Reaction to Whitney Houston's Death

As fellow admirers continue to pay their respects to the late Whitney Houston, we hear of how another singing diva is dealing with the loss.

Mariah Carey sang with Whitney on "When You Believe," and when E! News caught up with hubby Nick Cannon at the Orpheum today for the L.A. auditions of America's Got Talent, he shared what a difficult time it has been for Mariah.

"It was tough for many reasons," he told E!. "One, knowing how close my wife and Whitney were, and I was in the hospital during the time, and that's where we got the news. I was kinda in a life threatening situation and then to see that, it was kind of bizarre and sad at the same time, but you know, it's part of life and it makes you step back and reflect and appreciate every day for what it is."

Cannon is referring to his brief hospitalization last week, that we discovered yesterday was due to blood clots in his lung and an enlarged right ventricle of his heart. Since then, Nick has resigned his post on air as 92.3 NOW FM's morning drive-time show host.

Source: EOnline (All rights reserved)
Posted on February 17

For the ones who want to watch Whitney's funeral (homage) to pay respect and not to watch a spectacle or to see Mariah cry like I unfortunately read from sickminded people,  you will be able to watch it online at noon (ET) at this  link.
Posted on February 17
Just in: Mariah Carey Attending Whitney Houston’s Funeral
According to Roger Friedman, Mariah is going with L.A. Reid. She will not perform, however. The performers include Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Bebe and Cece Winans, and possibly Alicia Keys. Speakers include Clive Davis, and oddly, Kevin Costner. Bobby Brown and his nephew and other members of the Brown family, plus all the Houstons, Drinkards, and Dionne Warwick’s family are expected. Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon, will not be there. He has health problems and twins to watch. Whitney and Mariah were always pitted against each other in a kind of fake feud during their heyday. But they recorded a hit duet called “When You Believe.”
Posted on February 17
At this moment, Mariah is not officially confirmed to attend Whitney's funeral
Even as it's reported by several medias, at this moment there's no official confirmation Mariah will attend Whitney's funeral and even if she does, it's her private live as she's not expected to be part of the artists paying  homage by singing.

For the ones who want to watch Whitney's funeral (homage) to pay respect and not to watch a spectacle,  you will be able to watch it online at noon (ET) at this  link.

Posted on February 17

Mariah's GMA appearance is now scheduled for Tuesday February 21st
Thanks Robert for the info
Posted on February 17
By fan request a TT was made to support Mariah and Nick
We succeeded a Worldwide and a US TT, I posted both caps on Twitter.
Posted on February 15
New Mariah pics 
Mariah in NY on February 13

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
Posted on February 15
Nick updates on his health
Nick is having even more issues with his health.
He came back live TODAY on Rollin’ where he spoke to his fans and the whole tri-state area about what’s going on in his life these days.

Nick Cannon confessed on today’s Rollin’ that he was recently taken to the hospital for something OTHER than his now well known kidney issues.

“It’s my first day back since Friday, and not many people have known this but, uh… I’ve been in the hospital since Friday. I was having a lot of pain in my back… I learned that I had blood clots in my lungs… an enlarged ventricle in the right side of my heart.”

Click here to listen gor more of what he has to say himself

Source: 92.3 NOW
Posted on February 15

BET Honors
As everone in the world can watch Mariah's tribute and even the entire show on BET's website, I'll not post any download link.
Enjoy the beautiful caps made by Moony.

Click to enlarge
Posted on February 15
Memory Lane
12 years ago today, Mariah debuted her Rainbow Tour in Antwerp (Belgium)
Posted on February 14
The Fifth Annual BET HONORS Was Highest Rated and Most Watched Ever
BET HONORS Is The #1 Awards Show On Cable In 2012 --Telecast Was The 3rd Most Social Program On Television --Twitter Traffic Peaked During The Mariah Carey And First Lady Michelle Obama Moments.

The fifth annual BET HONORS telecast was the highest rated and most watched in its franchise history on BET. According to the Nielsen Company, the Monday February 13 9:00 p.m.* premiere telecast drew in 2.6 million viewers and it garnered a 2.2 coverage rating among 2 million households. Additionally, the premiere telecast is now the #1 awards show on cable this year among adults and enjoyed double and triple-digit gains compared to all prior BET HONORS premieres.

Acclaimed actress Gabrielle Union hosted the show for a fourth year, honoring renowned poet/author Maya Angelou (Literary Arts), internationally acclaimed musician Stevie Wonder (Musical Arts), Grammy-Award winning songstress Mariah Carey (Entertainer), influential filmmaker Spike Lee (Media), the heroic Tuskegee Airmen (Service) and inspirational coach and mentor Beverly Kearney (Education). The BET HONORS 2012 star-studded lineup included performances by Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Cicely Tyson, Common, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland with appearances by First Lady Michelle Obama, Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Willow Smith, Jill Scott and John Singleton.

On the digital side, nearly 200,000 tweets were posted during the telecast, peaking at 2500 tweets-per-minute during the Mariah Carey and Michelle Obama moments. Throughout the telecast, more than 20 separate topics trended on Twitter referential to BET HONORS and it was the 3rd most social program on television on February 13, 2012 according to Trendrr.tv. 

Source: BET Networks (extract)
Posted on February 14

Everyone can watch the BET Honors now!
Last night (well LATE in the night for me and a lot of fans), we were still looking for a link to watch the BET Honors outside the US.  I was about to give up when a link appeared, thanks to an awesome fan we were able to watch the entire ceremony.  It felt so good, I felt the Mariah fans spirit back like in the good old days!

As soon as Mariah's tribute started, for some reason The Emancipation of Mimi was TT in the US.  Then for about 15 mins - Mariah and Nick - was TT Worldwide and in the US.

Everyone can now watch the tributes, Kelly Rowland, Patti LaBelle paying tribute to Mariah and her acceptance speech on BET 's website

Posted on February 14

Mariah's GMA Appearance Postponed

Mariah's appearance on GMA, originally due to air live tomorrow, has been postponed. Mariah was scheduled to discuss the association between herself, Jenny Craig and the American Heart Association, and debut her new Public Service Announcement which she co-directed with Daniel Pearl.

A rep for Carey said: "Mariah is still mourning the death of her friend and collaborator Whitney Houston and thought it was too soon to appear on TV to discuss anything else."

Mariah's 1998 collaboration with Whitney Houston, "When You Believe", won an Academy Award for "Best Song" in 1999. Soon after she heard the tragic news of Whitney's passing, Mariah released a statement saying:

"Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston. My heartfelt condolences to Whitney's family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth."

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February 13/14

Mission accomplished!  TT's Worldwide, US, UK and France
This wasn't planned at all but several fans contacted me to ask if we should try a TT for the BET Honors, one half hour later we all started - Proud of Mariah Carey - and it spread like fire.
Worldwide TT in 7 minutes and it lasted for almost 2 hours.
TT in the US
TT in the UK
TT in France

It surely put a smile on Mariah's cute face and she really needs it.

Posted on February 13/14

Reminder: BET Honors
US fans, tune in to see Mariah receiving an award at the BET Honors TODAY at 9:00PM ET/PT
Posted on February 13
Video footage!
Like I posted on Twitter, I kinda feel bad for posting it 'cause we are no paps, heartbroken Mariah video footage on German channel RTL.
Click here to watch, starting at 2:50

For those wondering what it says, the lady read Mariah's tweets and says she's heartbroken and when asked by the paps she said she has nothing to add to what she tweeted.
Source for the link: Peter by e-mail
Posted on February 13

Mariah's lil' commercial for Jenny Craig France will air on TF1
TF1 is one of the biggest TV channels in France.  The lil' ad I posted a few days ago will air on that channel.
Source: JennyCraig FR
Posted on February 13
awwww, Mariah girl 
I'll not post where this was taken or the rumors and drama will start!  All I see is how sad Mariah is

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: P.C - Jonas by e-mail
Posted on February 13
Be very careful with rumors......
A few hours ago, I got word and tweeted it that contrarly to rumors surfacing everywhere Mariah would NOT do any tribute to Whitney Houston at the Grammys.

Now, other rumors surface, be very careful with rumors or so called breaking news about the Grammys, only one celebrity news journalist is not the ultimate source!
Posted on February 12

Love and support your artists while they are alive!!!!
It the same story everytime an artist passes away, people go buy their cds or tracks on iTunes.  People really should learn to love and support artists while  they are still there to see it!
Posted on February 12
Lamb Appreciation Day updated
I finally updated it in full as I interrupted it due to yesterdays circumstances.
Posted on February 12
R.I.P Whitney Houston
Watching CNN right now and needed to check again and again to realize it was unfortunately true.
As soon as the news broke Mariah tweeted:
- Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston.
- My heartfelt condolences to Whitney's family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world.
- She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.
Posted on February 11
Lamb Appreciation Day
First of all, I think we all can thank Mariah who took time to do this for us all, Lambs, fans or .....goats 
Not only did Mariah shared some funny videos and moments, but the day helped bring more and more fans together.

For the ones who are of course not happy (you always have some of those), this was not a press conference where Mariah was introducing an album, did you really expect an album title, style of songs, features, etc... nope, this was not a press conference but an awesome moment she was sharing with us.  c'mon who else does that? 

Hilarious vids of Mariah
Click here to access her YouTube.

- The first song I ever sang live on stage was in 3 different languages. I was 4 years old, my mom taught it to me!

Question: Can you please perform Underneath the Stars on your next tour?
- that's so funny, Roc & Roe can already recognize that song and it's still one of my favorites.

- SAVE THE DAY is in a holding pattern for a very special reason.. to be revealed at a later date!

- Little known fact, I actually shot a video 4 "Underneath The Stars" in France & England that never got released & I don't know where it is!
(note: this was known/rumored, but we now have the info from Mariah herself)

- I would love to do a show with all fan-favorites just for the lambs, we just need the right moment!

Question: Mariah, Will you ever do a dance track from scratch with David Morales? Both of you have made some epic songs.
- Everytime we did a remix, we remade the track from scratch and basically rewrote the song!

Question: would u ever consider doing a realty tv show with nick?
- My life has been a reality TV show before reality TV... : )

#ForeverALamb was TT Worldwide, in the US, in Brazil and in the UK (it spread like fire as soon as it was announced as a contest)

Mariah Carey LAD was TT in Brazil (Sao Paulo) for more than 1 hour!!!!! (without contest)

Posted on February 11

Happy Lamb Appreciation Day to all!!!!!
Mariah and Jenny Craig France update
Today, Jenny Craig France added a lil' commercial on their YouTube account.
Click here to watch it.  Nothing really new but it's a start over there.
Source for the link: Mickaël
Posted on February 10
Lamb Appreciation Day!!!
Tomorrow is THE day!  I know many of you will not be able to take part due to school, work, etc....  Don't worry it's every fan/lamb day and in Mariah's heart you're part of it anyway!

For the ones who will be online, tweet LAD and add whatever you want but please tweet with Mariah's name in it, ex: - Mariah Carey LAD - then ONLY AS SOON as some content is up- Mariah Carey Lamb Appreciation Day - be sure to always put Mariah's name in it!

Posted on February 10

Mariah and Nick on Good Morning America!
Good Morning America just announced Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon as guests next week!
Nick will be on Monday and Mariah on Tuesday!
Source for the info: Robert
Posted on February 10
Mariah and Jenny Craig France
It's coming!!!!!!!
Click here to access the page.
Thanks to Mallorie for the link
Posted on February 9
Mariah, Wilfredo Rosado and Ricky Martin at The Lambs Club

Click to enlarge.
As the pic was posted on Twitter by Linda Gaunt Co I don't think I can get in trouble for posting it.
Posted on February 8
Other exclusive pic of the Jenny commercial shoot

Click to enlarge. A bigger version of the pic is available on MariahAlerts
While MC is working on the commercial & in preparations for #LAD, here's another exclusive picture from the shoot!
Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on February 8
I told you about a new Jenny ad, but didn't know it was a PSA

Mariah filmed & produced a new PSA for the American Heart Association
Press Release:
Jenny Craig Supports American Heart Association's My Heart. My Life.(TM) Initiative With Mariah Carey
Jenny Craig, one of the world's leading authorities on weight management, announced today its support of the American Heart Association's My Heart. My Life. healthy living initiative by launching a multi-faceted program entitled My Heart. My Life. My Jenny with global superstar Mariah Carey, best-selling female artist of all time, in the month of February during American Heart Month.

Jenny Brand Ambassador Mariah Carey, who lost 30 pounds* on Jenny following the birth of her twins is passionate about Jenny's relationship with the American Heart Association, and feels like it was a match made in heaven. Carey will film and produce a new PSA for the American Heart Association that will debut in February.

"I'm so honored to be a part of this. It's more than just about losing weight--it's about raising consciousness. I was very surprised to learn that every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack, but it doesn't have to be this way. By living just a little healthier, you can make a difference," said Carey. 

Click here to read the entire Press Release
Source: Jenny Craig -WSJ (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on February 8

New pics! Mariah at Wilfredo Rosado's jewelry presentation
The presentation took place at The Lambs Club.  Mariah knows Wilfredo very well as they both went several times to Prince Azim's birthday partys.
Click here to access PMc and see the small pics.
Posted on February 8
Mariah and Ricky Martin en route to Wilfredo Rosado's jewelry presentation!
Wilfredo Rosado is presenting his new jewelry collection for the beginning of NY Fashion Week.  Mariah and Ricky Martin are en route.  Hopefully some pictures soon!
Thanks to Marilyn for the info
Posted on February 8
Mariah at The Lambs Club in New York

Mariah posted this pic of her and Wilfredo Rosado at The Lambs Club . Click to enlarge.
"at the "lambs club"... come on!!! 2.11 #LAD"
You'll find a bigger version of the pic on Mariah's Twitter
Posted on February 8
X-Factor saga over: Simon Cowell rules out Mariah (at least for judge)

Simon Cowell wanted to keep Paula Abdul as an “X Factor” judge, but ultimately was told to oust her by Fox.
“It was fairly straight what they wanted,” Cowell said on Tuesday’s “Extra.” “We were told it had to happen straightaway.”

He said discussion about the changes began early this year. Last week Cowell cut Abdul, judge Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones.
“I would have liked to have kept her,” Cowell said of Abdul.

He blamed himself for the need to make changes.
“It was only because I opened my big mouth at the beginning and said we were going to get 20 million viewers,” he said.

Had he not done so, he told the show, “X Factor’s” results would have seemed okay as a first-season show with just over 12 million viewers.

Asked about replacements, he rejected the idea of Mariah Carey coming aboard, too.
“I have no idea where this rumor came from,” Cowell said, calling the Carey rumor “complete nonsense.” It gained strength because he once remarked that she would be good on the show, she’s not on the list,” he said. “I don’t think Mariah would make that commitment.”
The job requires five days of work a week and extensive travel, Cowell explained on “Extra.”

Source: NYDailyNews (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on February 7

BET Honors

US fans, tune in to see Mariah receiving an award at the BET Honors on Monday, February 13 at 9:00PM ET/PT!
Source: Mariah's Twitter
Posted on February 7
For the nostalgia: Mariah and Adam Saaks
Click to enlarge
Source: Aries on our forum
Posted on February 7
Mariah to be featured in Variety Show of Hearts Telethon

The Variety Show of Hearts Telethon will take place on February 11 and 12

This year the telethon will be featuring members of the Global BC news team, and Sesame Street alum Bob McGrath.

Entertainment segments will feature Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and Adele.

Source for the info: Under60
Note: It seems Mariah's feature will be the Adventures of Mimi Tour (extracts or full concert)
Posted on February 7

2.11 - Lamb Appreciation Day!
Mariah is starting a new tradition to celebrate her love for her diehard fans, the infamous, unstoppable, a+mazing lambs!

February 11, 2012 (2.11, the symbolism that only Mariah fans can understand) will officially be "Lamb Appreciation Day"!

On this special day, MC will participate in many fun activities with her fans online - from sharing home videos, to talking about her favorite songs and answering fan questions!

Many surprises including special giveaways will only be revealed on the day itself.

Mariah and Team Mariah cannot wait to hear from you!! Lamb Appreciation Day is your day and we would love to be able to share your photos, videos and stories about being a lamb!

Questions to Mariah will be accepted on 2.11 via Twitter (@MariahAlerts), Facebook and we would even love to see your questions as videos on YouTube! Think about the questions now and post them only on 2.11!


Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February 6

For the nostalgia: Mariah shooting Say Somethin' in LA 
Quincy Jones seems to like it!  Click here to watch it
Source for the link: Jonas
Posted on February 6
Hilarious Mariah on JD's Global14.com Super Bowl commercial
That's how we love her   Click here to watch it;
Source for the link: Under60 on Twitter
Posted on February 6
New vlog coming 
Hilarious new vlog from @MariahCarey coming up later today in which she introduces a new trend: foot dialing!! 
Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on February 6
New picture for the Jenny commercial!!!!! (I told you so...)
Click to enlarge
Exclusive: RIGHT NOW, @MariahCarey is co-directing a brand new Jenny commercial. First pic only here @MariahAlerts 
Posted on February 5/6
Different diets for Mariah and Nick
What do you do after recovering from a serious illness? If you're Nick Cannon, you celebrate by attending the Super Bowl.

The entertainer was hospitalized last month after suffering from a form of mild kidney failure, but he says he is now fully healed.

"This is a great place to get back and debut the healthy Nick," he said on Sunday during a break as the host of NBC's pre-show. "Everybody's out here having a good time, and you know people were worried like, 'Is he going to be able to do the Super Bowl pre-show?' But I am 100 percent feeling good right now."

Cannon attributes his improved health to a change in diet, but says he does not eat the same food as wife Mariah Carey, who recently lost weight after giving birth to their twins Moroccan and Monroe.

"I used to be a fast-food junkie," Cannon explained. "She gets to have higher protein, which isn't fair because I love my steaks and I can't eat that anymore. Her carbs are lower so we are both on a diet, but it is different."

Cannon, who is a New York Giants fan, attended various events in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

While his family was not with him, they were not far from his mind. When asked if he'd like to expand his brood one day, he laughed and said: "I would love to have more children. Now my wife on the other hand, I think the twins took a toll on her. She is like, 'I ain't doing that again.'"

Source: npr (All rights reserved)
Posted on February 5

Mariah TT Worldwide, US, UK and in Brazil 

We made it happen again!!!! Thanks a lot guys.
This time to avoid being bashed again I asked the fans what they wanted to try to TT, they suggested several stuff and finally the majority of the fans chose
- Mariah Carey 2012 - 
It took us 7 minutes to get it Worldwide TT and climbing, if some didn't boycott the action we could easily have reached #1.  But it's ok, we made it!!!!!!
- Mariah Carey 2012 - also went TT in the US, the UK and in Brazil (where it stayed TT in Sao Paulo 1 hour and a half after the start)

A big thanks y'all!!!!!!
Posted on February 5

Update: New Mariah message/announcement
Lambs, @MariahCarey has so many fun things coming on LAMB APPRECIATION DAY... coming 2.11 (that's February 11, 2012)!
Start thinking of what questions you might want to ask MC, or any videos or pictures you might want to share! 2.11 is less than a week away!
Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on February 5
New Mariah message/announcement soon
Lambs, MC has a very fun message/announcement to the fans coming up soon! You're going to love it!
Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on February 4
French fans.......... fans Français!
Merci pour vos infos.
Posted on February 4
New Jenny Craig commercial on the way...
Mariah just shot a brand new commercial for Jenny Craig. Be on the look!!!!
Posted on February 4
BET Honors ad on the side of a bus!

Click to enlarge
Source for the pic: Davian
Posted on February 2
Randy Jackson: "Mariah Carey would be 'amazing' judge"
So what did Randy Jackson have to say today when he talked to reporters in a press call?

Not much when it came to buzz about Mariah Carey being on Simon Cowel's short list of judges to replace Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherziner.

When asked if he thinks Carey would be a good judge for The X Factor, Jackson said, "She'd be amazing. I mean, I manage her, so of course I'm going to say that. She'd be amazing."

So does the think Carey will join the show? "I don't know if that's ever going to happen," he said. "Look, Simon's one of the smartest people I know. I'm sure he's got some very interesting ideas up his sleeve."

Would he have problems with his artist being on a rival show? "No, no, not at all. She's her own person. She can of course do whatever she wants and she always will do that," Jackson explained, adding, "Simon's one of my dearest friends in the world."

And so is Paula. But, he says, "I have not spoken to Paula" since she was fired.
"We texted back and forth. I'm sad to hear about what's going on with that show. All of those people are dear friends of mine."

Source: USA Today (All rights reserved)
Posted on February 2

Big Jim Wright: "Great things to come"
Big Jim Wright on Twitter:
"To all the @MariahCarey #lambs. Thanks for showing me so much love. I've loved the work MC and i'v done in the past. Great things to come."
Posted on February 2
Mariah takes over SWRV
All I could see from the playlist was
-1. Shake It Off
-2. Obsessed
-3. We Belong Together

If someone has other infos, please let me know. Thanks.
Posted on February 1

Reminder: VOTE!!!!
- VH1's "100 Greatest Women in Music" poll! in several categories (All Time, 90s and Pop) - click here.
- On Maxim Hot 100 - Please vote here
Posted on February 1


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