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Here's a little message to all Mariah's fans.  We found a wonderfull site where you can buy ALL the concerts of the Rainbow tour on video tape, special items, unreleased singles and unreleased video tapes.  In de mind of our Fan-Club, we wanted to share this great info for all the real fans, here's the address : http://www.geocities.com/msr_store/
We have nothing to win with this info, only the happiness of the fans.  Yeah, that's Belgium man!
Mariah And Luis Split Up Rumours Denied
Ever since Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel met each other in Aspen 2 years ago, there are rumours that they've split up. The fact that both of them never talk about their romance in public only increases the rumours.  But Mariah's publicist, Cindi Berger, denies all rumours.  Only a month ago, in December 2000, Berger also denied that Mariah and Luis had broken up.  Not long before that, rumours circulated that Luis had asked Mariah to marry him.  At this moment Mariah is in Reel, Colorado to record a few songs for the soundtrack of her motion picture "All That Glitters". This film will be released somewhere at the end of this coming summer.
Thanks to Magnus for this info.
Divas Live 2000 not released on cd or video.
After releasing a series of albums and home videos to accompany the musical specials titled, "VH1 Divas Live", Epic Records will not be releasing itís latest concert "Divas Live 2000".  This decision was made finale after many pleads to the target of "Divas Live 2000": Diana Ross.  The reason for this is that Ms. Ross claims that she was not giving a serious performance and therefore would not give the rights to VH1 and Epic Records to produce a commercial album or VHS.
The one-of-a-kind concert starring Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Donna Summer, Destinyís Child, RuPaul, and the one and only Diana Ross was first broadcast on VH1 from New York's Madison Square Garden on April 11, 2000.  The "VH1 Divas Live" concert was a benefit for "VH1 Save The Music", a pro-social initiative dedicated to improving the quality of education in America's public schools by restoring and supporting music programs in cities across the country.  "VH1 Save The Music" was launched in January, 1997.  Since then, VH1 and its affiliate partners have contributed over $30.5 million in total support and $5 million in instruments to the national initiative.
A significant portion of the proceeds from sales of the past VH1 Divas Live albums were donated to "VH1 Save The Music" by Epic Records, which has also made a $250,000 advance contribution to the initiative.  Looks as though VH1 wonít be racking in any money from album sales of the latest diva concert. And to all those children who are still tooting on broken flutes held together with tape: thank Diana Ross.
Thanks to Pablo for this info.
A UK newspaper told that Mariah turned completely red when she recently saw the finished cut of her upcoming movie "All That Glitters".  Apparently, during one of the scenes, you could see completely through her clothes.
Mariah got embarrassed, and blushed when she saw the result, a source on the set of the movie, told the UK newspaper.
She looked even more sexy than she usually does, the source adds.
Thanks to Mary for this info.
Here is the little Cosmopolitan 1-01 issue article (pg. 43) on Mariah:
"After her cameo in the not-so-successful film, The Bachelor, Carey is set to star in, All That Glitters, in which she plays a singer whose dejay boyfriend helps her get into the music business, then turns jealous and controlling when she succeeds.  Some say that the role may have hit a little close to home for Mariah because the story line echoes her former marriage to Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola.  Judge for yourself when it arrives in April."
As for other news, Fox released it's press releases for the fall schedules of movies and within the pages there is the "All that Glitters" picture .
Thanks to Gwinny, our correspondant in the US
EXCLUSIVE! New Mariah Biography To Be Released!
In June 2001, ECW Press will be released a brand new 200 page biography dedicated to Mariah. Written by the New York Times best selling author, Marc Shapiro, "Mariah Carey" showcases every aspect of Mariah's past, present and future life. And will be the most up to date Mariah Carey biography.
Thanks to PJ for this info.
So far the only thing that I heard is that "All That Glitters" as been pushed back from it's march/april release to a fall 2001 due to Fox (the network that's releasing it) wanting to release it at the same time as their other titles.
Thanks to Gwinny, our correspondant in the US


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