January 2012 - Heroes of Mariah
DemBabies.com will be back soon with more pictures
The site has been down for a little time now but it will be back soon with even more pictures Mariah and Nick have to share!
Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on January 31
X Factor US saga episode 2.685 ....
X Factor US was below all expectations with their audience rates. Now that all judges (except LA Reid) are out, Mariah's name comes up once again.................
We will have to wait and see if what Nick said a few days ago was a sign: ""Why would a person with a legendary career be judge on X Factor, it's a step down" 
Posted on January 31
The LTL tidbits
In the LTL video JD talks about 5 new songs already done but Mariah says she doesn't know if there are 5 completely done.
Mariah also made a lil' in your face comment for the ones (fan or not) who complain about her other activities: "god forbid I have an extracurricular activity" 

Anyway, I watched it over and over again, it's absoutely hilarious ""she doesn't even answer, that's just rude" 

Posted on January 31

New episode of LTL (in the studio with Mariah Carey at 7am)

Click here to watch it. "Siri where's JD?"
Source: JD
Source for the cap: my bro V
Posted on January 31
Mariah takes over SWRV
Ur fave artists are taking ove SWRV!This week, Mariah Carey is in the hot seat,Wednesday2/1 at 6p & 9p ET 
Source for the info: Vahe
Posted on January 31
Mariah featured on Jenny Craig France
I missed that one, thanks Julie for the info!
Click to enlarge
Posted on January 31
Mariah's tweets
- JDSTAYS on @Global14.com 24/7 Its ALL him. We love him for that, but maybe he can take 1/2 hour off to finish this song?aaaaaaah! 
- FYI.....this song is making me ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L4L
Posted on January 31
Vote for Mariah on VH1
- VH1's "100 Greatest Women in Music" poll! in several categories (All Time, 90s and Pop) - click here.
Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter MariahAlerts
Posted on January 31
So many e-mails about the new songs...
All Mariah fans noticed the Morroco concert and the new songs were up on Nick's blog and then were removed.  Mariah fans noticed it all .....

I now receive so many e-mails. Look guys, as far as I know the concert is still a go, as for new songs I have no idea but I don't think this will refrain any fan from going to the concert, right?

As for the removed sentences on Nick's blog, maybe it wasn't him who updated it, it was maybe copy/pasted from his radio site.  You all know artists sometimes have people updating for them right?

Posted on January 30

For his followers and fans (who are not necessarly Mariah fans), Nick updated his blog

Mariah Has A New Album In The Works
My beautiful wife is planning to make her return to the music scene after taking time off to focus on the pregnancy and the birth of our two wonderful babies, Moroccan and Monroe.
She's rejuvenated and ready to start sharing some of the amazing new music she has been making in the studio!

Our new family has definitely given her a great new source of inspiration and creativity. I'm so proud of her and can't wait for her to release more phenomenal music!

Posted on January 30

ONLY producers confirmed for Mariah's new album as of now
JD - Bryan Michael Cox - Manuel Seal (probably as he walked by during the studio session) Randy Jackson and Big Jim Wright (we don't know for sure if it's for the album) and DJ Clue (maybe for remixes) and that's all!

I know many fans are sending tweets to the producers and even Mariah.  Guys, imagine one second how boring it must be for them to be harassed on Twitter with "you need to do this, no more that", c'mon... oh and please IF you do it, please don't speak on behalf of all the fans, just say "I" !!!!!!

Posted on January 29

Mariah in studio update
As expected Bryan Michael Cox was in the game:
- "Studio. Atlanta. 146am. With @Mr_Dupri and @MariahCarey. Studying. Writing. #DOPENESS"
- "And just like that Manuel Seal walks in. It's getting real up in here! #DOPENESS"
(note: that's interesting, Manuel Seal helped with Always Be My Baby, Honey, etc...  and is co-writer and co-producer of "We Belong Together" and "It's Like That"

Just a few minutes ago, JD tweeted:
"Leaving the studio with Mariah headed straight to the plane,VEGAS BABY!!!"
(note: Jermash is djing at a club in Vegas)

Posted on January 28

Mariah TT Worldwide and in Brazil 

We made it happen again!!!! Thanks to the help of very motivated fans, we made it again!  Thanks a lot guys.
In only 8 minutes ATLITL 4 Mariah Carey became worldwide TT and was climbing, it stayed at #4 where it stayed for more than 30 minutes!
After about 15 minutes, ATLITL 4 Mariah Carey became TT in Brazil and went #3.
We will do it again from time to time, even if Mariah deserves to be TT every day, all day long, do you guys click on the names you see every day?  I don't and other people don't either.  That's why we will go slowly but surely 

Click to enlarge
Posted on January 27

Mariah in studio with JD (update)

MC in the building giving you the ABMB moment
I told ya'll MC stays up working longer than me, we still writing #teamnosleep
JD tweeted the pics and added a new one.  Click to enlarge
Posted on January 27
Please vote for Mariah on Maxim Hot 100!!!!
Please vote here and NOW!!!!!!!
Source for the link: Patricia
Posted on January 26
Video!!! Emotional moment...
Access Hollywood exclusive video of Nick with Roc in his arms, paying tribute to Mariah at the 2012 BET Honors.
Click here to watch it, and ladies get your tissues ready, I didn't cry but was moved and I'm a man, I can't see Mariah crying.
Posted on January 26
X Factor US saga, is Nick trying to tell us something?
"Why would a person with a legendary career be judge on X Factor, it's a step down" 
Click here to listen
Posted on January 26
D-Day: Memory Lane: Belgium has a crush on Mariah
If you follow me on Twitter you have probably noticed the "Memory Lane D-Day countdown".  Today is D-Day.  exactly 12 years ago, Mariah came to Brussels for a signing session and later in the evening performed at the Gouden Shoen in Oostend (Belgium too).  It was my first time meeting her, talking to her,  seeing her outside a concert was..... well, no words.....  For your information, I was outside the madness happening in the store, madness due to the lack of common sense from the store, I suspected what would happen and didn't wanted to be part of it. 
Old article from US medias:
Belgium has a crush on Mariah
The Belgians aren't known as a rabid people. But when more than 10,000 of them show up at a CD signing, it can be a problem. So many of Carey's fans pressed against the store that one of its windows shattered, a witness tells us. We're also told that two cars were damaged by the weight of fans who climbed up to get a look at Carey. Police ended up forming a human shield around the diva to get her to her limo.
Posted on January 26
"I'll Be There...... for Mawazine" : update

It's thus well confirmed that Mariah will be in concert in Rabat to close the Festival Mawazine Rythmes du Monde on May 26
It's a really big event as last year the festival gathered more than 2 million Moroccans.

The festivalgoers will of course have priority 'cause they will have an access card for the entire Festival.  However an area in front of the stage will be reserved for festivalgoers who pay their access and that area will be accessible to non festivalgoers and non Moroccan citizens and this is subject to availability.
The tickets will be on sale in Morocco in several places and also by internet later as there's still 4 months to go.

The OLM Souissi where Mariah will give the concert is located Avenue Addoustour in Rabat.

Source: Heroes of Mariah
Note:  Like I did for the concerts in Tunisia (even if I didn't go), I'll help the fans the best way I can, however I learned my lesson and will not provide any individual help, all will be posted here and I will not call the organizer in Morocco each week.
Posté le 26 janvier

And another pic
Mariah has posted a other pic of her hair when it was done.
Go on her Twitter
Posted on January 26
New pic

You have all seen it as you all follow Mariah on Twitter . Click to enlarge.
"Me+@kylecolor doing my hair a new shade. Pink yet lavander. Heee heee"
Posted on January 25
"I'll Be There...... for Mawazine" 

That's the name given by the organizer of the Mariah Carey concert in Rabat on May 26.  The concert will be held in Rabat to close the 11th. edition of the Festival Mawazine Rythmes du Monde on May 26 2012 at the OLM Souissi. 
The Festival is sponsored by the Prime Minister of Culture also the King's secretary , it was initially the idea of King Mohammed VI

Source: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on January 25

Mariah in Morocco, negativity already...
I think you know me already and I never hide or try to embellish things from whatever country it comes, I tell it like it is, that's how I am!

It's only a few hours they announced Mariah's concert in Morocco on May 26 and the people over there are not pleased with it.  It's free, why do they complain??? Maybe some will discover the great artist Mariah is, let's hope so!!!  They don't know how lucky they are.....

If you have Facebook and if you can write in French and Arabic, please go support Mariah on the Official Festival Mawazine Facebook.  Thanks!

Posted on January 25

Mariah in concert in Rabat (Morocco) on May 26

Mawazine 2012
Mariah Carey in concert to close the Festival
Diva Mariah Carey who sold more than 175 million albums worldwide will be in Rabat for a unique concert to close the 11th. edition of the Festival Mawazine Rythmes du Monde on May 26 2012 at the OLM Souissi. 

The american diva loves Morocco and doesn't hide it, she named on of her twins Moroccan Scott!  So, it's of course with enthousiasm she agreed to give a concert in Rabat while she's known for doing Festivals very rarely.  It shows the exceptional aspect of that concert.

In September 2011, she went in studio to start recording a new album.  She will reveal one or two songs during the concert closing the Mawazine Festival.

Useful Infos
Mariah Carey concert
Location: OLM-Souissi stage
Date: Saturday May 26 at 10pm
11th.Mawazine-Rythmes du Monde in Rabat
Tickets: The access to the OLM Souissi stage is free, except for an area in front of the stage reserved to a limited number of ticket holders, on sale soon.

Source: Mawazine festival - Public - AuFait Maroc (extracts)
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on January 25

Must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take a look at this! " Shit Mariah Carey says" click here
Posted on January 24
Just in!  There's no Mariah and Nicki track!
When LA Reid talked about Mariah and Nicki in studio, we all misunderstood it, he was talking about them separatly, not together!
I just got official word there's NO track with Mariah and Nicki Minaj!!!!
Posted on January 23/24
Mariah in studio with JD !!!!!!
JD let the fans know Mariah will be in Atlanta in the studio this week.
Source for the info: JD on Twitter
Posted on January 23
Oh crap.... I was waiting to see if Mariah's track with Nicki Minaj made it...
Nicki Minaj's new album was set for a February 14 release but has been pushed back to April 3.  I was sooo looking forward to it as we know Nicki and Mariah made a new song together.  Now, we will have to wait.......... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Posted on January 23
That Chelsea Handler person slams Mariah again
Earlier today, Nick posted Chelsea Handler went after Mariah again.  I tried to search what she said and finally found a link with extracts.  That woman is a "comedian" ok, but if that's comedy I don't get it.
Posted on January 23
Mariah Worldwide TT 

That one was the good one!!!  We made it happen!!!! Yes, I launched it but without all of you Mariah's great fans it wouldn't have happen.  You guys were awesome!  Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
That cap was taken 26 minutes after the launch of the test!  Click to enlarge.
Posted on January 22
New Mariah interview for the BET Honors!!!!!
At least new to me, I hadn't seen it yet.  Click here to watch it.
Source for the link: Marilyn
Posted on January 22
Speedy contest over!
182 entries, 3 correct answers! Answer was.................. click here.
Georg H. from Austria has been picked at random.
Posted on January 22
Speedy contest!
As many of you complain most of my contests are taking place on Twitter only (at the moment), here's a speedy one for all of you.

Question: Who was Mariah's TV crush when she was a teenager?

Send your answers to heroesofmariah@gmail.com with Contest in the subject.  If you follow me on Twitter, please include your Twitter username.
Closing date: January 21 (I told you it's a speedy one  )
Posted on January 20

Gorgeous Mariah at last nights diner!!!!!!

As posted yesterday, Mariah and Nick went to Spike Lee's house for a diner to support President Obama's campaign.
Chef Roblé who was in charge of the diner posted a pic of him with Mariah and Nick, you can also watch what he cooked at his link, it looks delish!
Source for the pic: Chef Roblé on his blog
Posted on January 20
Mariah and Nick out to diner at Spike Lee's house with President Obama

When this moring, Mariah's make up artist Kris tweeted he flew in from LA to New York and was with Mariah, we knew something was about to happen.

Spike Lee said he was sitting at the same table of Mariah and Nick for a diner he held for 45 people at his house to support President Obama's campaign, the President was there in person.

Source for the info: Marilyn
Posted on January 19

Hurricane Mariah.......
The ones who follow me on Twitter know I'm doing games and stuff, yesterday (like I already did earlier this month), I tweeted that in less than 2 months HurricaneMariah2012 is coming and asked to tweet and retweet it.  I was surprised by the great response and all the tweets to the point we got a TT in the UK (sorry I have no proof, I have to believe the 2 fans).  Many questions, I have nothing to add, look here above it's written since a while 
Posted on January 18
2012 Album Preview: This Year's Best Bets
Mariah Carey - Title: TBA | Release Date: TBA
In September Mariah Carey posted a picture to her Twitter account ( @mariahcarey, 5 million-plus followers) hinting that she was back in the studio with Jermaine Dupri. If the song backing her new Jenny Craig commercial is any indication of the direction of the new album, expect another winner from the best-selling artist of the Nielsen SoundScan era.
Source: Billboard
Note: Don't tell me Billboard doesn't know Mariah's remix in the Jenny Craig commercial 
Posted on January 18
Updates on Nick's health
For the ones interested, 2 articles here and here.
Posted on January 18
Finally time to post the random Twitter contest results
WOW, WOW and WOW!!! Record broken again!
The night the BET Honors was taped, we broke the record again, 36 countries were in da house to support Mariah:

Singapore, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, Slovenia, Australia, China, Ireland, Uruguay, Algeria,Portugal, Poland, Lebanon, Germany, Venezuela, Philippines, Canada, Wales, Sweden, India, Spain, Japan, Norway, Armenia, Mexico, Barbados, Brazil, Czech Republic, New Zealand, USA, Italia, South Africa, England, Holland, France, Belgium.

Fans from Slovenia and England were picked at random.
Posted on January 18

Mariah at BET Honors After Party
According to NY Post, Mariah and Stevie Wonder were chilling at the Hennessy Lounge in Washington D.C. after the BET Honors.
Posted on January 18
Nick explains his health problems on his radio show
Listen here.
Posted on January 17
Video: Mariah and Nick arriving at the BET Honors

Click here to watch the lil' vid

Source for the link: my bro V aka cutelamb on Twitter
Posted on January 16

Some of you are wondering why......
Some of you are wondering why I didn't post the People article yesterday, I didn't post it 'cause I once got People's lawyers on my back and once is enough 
Posted on January 16
I corrected this info, 'cause Mariah's description was more accurate than Nick's
Mariah and Nick visit the Dr. King memorial

Mariah and Nick visited the Martin Luther King memorial after the BET Honors
Click to enlarge
A bigger version of the pic is available on Mariah's Facebook/Twitter
Source: Mariah on Twitter/Facebook
Posted on January 16
Mariah makes Mexican press

Todays newspaper Periódico Milenio published a full page over Mariah with pics of the BET Honors!
Click to enlarge
Source: my bro Juan Luis on Twitter
Posted on January 16
BET Honors, I'm almost sure most of us will have tears in our eyes
From what we read, we already know it was an emotional moment, but while searching for pictures I saw some of Mariah crying, I can't see her crying and I know I'm not the only one!  Most of those pictures didn't come out in the medias, enter Mariah Carey in the "search box" on apimages.com

#120114033240 is one of the most beautiful ones, if someone has/find it in HQ, please send it my way, thanks!

Posted on January 16

Nick Cannon Praises 'Hero' Mariah Carey After His Health Ordeal
Click here to read People's article.
Posted on January 15
How cute is this!!!!!

First Lady Michelle Obama with lil' Roc in her arms.
Click to enlarge
Posted on January 15
Mariah's Official News Twitter (MariahAlerts) gives some infos
Mariah was the recipient of the BEST ENTERTAINER award at this year's BET HONORS. MC and Nick were seated front row for a great show with performances by Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder & a very touching tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou. Even First Lady Michelle Obama attended!

L.A. Reid took the stage to introduce Mariah's amazing career and record-breaking achievements, followed by two beautiful tributes to MC , Kelly Rowland + Raekwon had everybody jumping to Fantasy. Patti LaBelle's "Hero" brought Mariah to tears.. "Mariah, a hero lies in you."

Nick then came on stage with the most adorable baby ever - Moroccan Scott! Both Cannon men presented Mariah the award after a touching speech by Nick where he called his wife "my angel" and talked about MC being by his bed side at 3am, helping take care of him.

Monroe was referenced by both mommy & daddy, she was staying backstage (a diva like her mom!) Her TV debut will have to wait a bit : )
And finally, Mariah delivered a heart-felt, genuine speech where she thanked everyone in the industry - from executives to radio to ushers.
And of course, Mimi did not forget to thank her amazing fans.

A bit from behind the scenes: MC was sewn into her dress &Aretha Franklin saved the day as she let MC use her dressing room to get prepared!
For all that and more, you'll have to watch the show!! The BET Honors 2012 air Monday, February 13 at 9:00PM ET/PT!

Source: Mariah's Official News Twitter
Posted on January 15

More infos will be posted later today, yesterday we also broke a new record for "who's in da house for Mariah" on Twitter, 36 different countries put their ones up for Mariah.  I'll post the countries and pick winners later today too. 
Kelly Rowland, Raekwon & Patti LaBelle paying tribute to Mariah

Click to enlarge
Posted on January 15
Mariah and Nick arriving at the BET Honors

Click to enlarge
Source C.U
Posted on January 15
Video: News clip of the BET Honors
Click here to watch
Source: MCLAMB4LIFE1 on Youtube
Posted on January 15
BET Honors pics

Click to enlarge
Source C.U
Posted on January 15
BET Honors tonight
- No pictures of the red carpet at the moment, we will need to wait for pictures from acredited photographs
- Mariah and Nick are both at the ceremony
- Mariah rocks a nude with black overlay beading color dress and looks GORGEOUS
- All honorees went on stage (pictures below)

click to enlarge
- Aretha Franklin was singing for Stevie Wonder
- L.A. Reid and Eric Wong are in da house for Mariah
- Patti LaBelle is singing Hero
- As expected Kelly Rowland and Raekwon paid tribute to Mariah by singing "Fantasy" remix
- Dembabies are there
- Seems only Roc was on stage
- Awwwww Mariah is in tears

More updates and pics tomorrow, it's sooooooo late here
Source: Twitter
Posted on January 14

It's the BIG night for Mariah: BET Honors tonight
I'll try to keep you updated (probably more on Twitter)
Posted on January 14
Why Fantasy????
You were a lot to ask why I thought about "Fantasy" (if the pic of Kelly Rowland and Raekwon's rehearsal is indeed for Mariah's tribute).  Fantasy remix came directly on my mind 'cause Raekwon is member of the Wu-Thang Clan like was ODB.
Posted on January 14
Trust Mariah!!!!
All sorts of rumors are flying around about producers or people who are supposed to work with her for her next album.  Don't start critics before you know for sure and before you hear the finished music.  Even Kevin Writer isn't confirmed at 100% and it's officially confirmed later, the songs will maybe not make the cut!
Posted on January 13
   Patti LaBelle singing a tribute song for Mariah too?
Rumors are flying around Patti LaBelle could also perform a tribute song to Mariah.  Remember a rumor is a rumor!!!!
For Patti LaBelle's fans, a pic of her heading to the rehearsals also surfaced on Twitter.
Posted on January 13
Kelly Rowland rehearsing with Raekwon today
Nobody knows at the moment if it was for Mariah's tribute for the BET Honors, but a picture surfaced , IF that rehearsal is part of the Tribute, there's only 1 track Raekwon could be on and it's Fantasy.
Posted on January 13
Mariah to work with Kevin Writer for her next album ?

You may remember him from the RydazNrtisT group managed by Nick.  They opened for Mariah during her "Angels Advocate" Tour.

During an interview with UK based Erica Sharlette from ESPromotions, here's what he has to say about his upcoming projects:
" I guess the most immediate thing though, would be that I start working with Mariah on her new album, next week."

Source: Kevin Writer - ESPromotions - Alan by e-mail
Posted on January 13

Reports are coming in Kelly Rowland is set to tribute Mariah and First Lady Michelle Obama will participate in this year's BET Honors!
The ceremony under big security will be taped at the historic Warner Theatre on Saturday, January 14 in Washington, D.C. and broadcasted on Monday, February 13 at 9:00 p.m.
Posted on January 12
Winter wonderland
Note: That picture was taken at Noble Gift Gala in London on Dec.10 2011

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t spend it with my Christmas family, Mr and Mrs Cannon (Mariah and Nick) and their extended family in Aspen.

This time was as wonderful as past years, where we attend midnight mass; ride horse sleighs through the snow; take the dogs (JJ, Cha Cha, Jill E Beans and crew) for their snowy walks; go to the top of mountains and watch as skiers and snowboarders do their thing; eat Mariah’s delicious home cooked treats; and decorate the Christmas tree!

As if all that wasn’t enough, this year, we were joined by two new additions that had been in their mummy’s tummy last Christmas – the Cannon baby twins Monroe and Moroccan aka ‘dembabies’! 

Many fun hours of playing, feeding and cuddling were had by us all and it was an amazing way for me to kick off 2012 – being Auntie Jasmine to two little gorgeous bundles of fun!

Give me another couple of years and I will have them putting on English accents and playing dress up!
Sadly though, Nick came down with a kidney problem and was hospitalised. Get well soon brother – London wants to see you out here soon with your Mrs when you come to do your comedy specials!

Source: Jasmine for The Voice (All rights reserved)
Posted on January 12

YES!!!!!! Mariah in London soon/later this year ?
We suspected it since 2 weeks, now we know it's probably gonna happen!  Mariah's friend Jasmine posted it in her column (which I'll post in full later today, I'm in a hurry now)
"Sadly though, Nick came down with a kidney problem and was hospitalised. Get well soon brother – London wants to see you out here soon with your Mrs when you come to do your comedy specials!"
Posted on January 12
Way to go Mariah!!!!!!!
Mariah's fragrances earned 2 Self Magazine "Self Fragrance Awards 2011"
Source: Elizabeth Arden - Kathy
Posted on January 11
How Glee star Darren Criss met Mariah!
During an interview with "Details", Darren Criss remembers the first time he met Mariah.

DETAILS: Has there been a most surreal moment during your meteoric rise?
Darren Criss: It was at Prince Azim of Brunei's birthday party in the middle of the English countryside. He's a fan of Glee. I never thought I would meet Mariah Carey, but I really never thought I'd be introduced to her by Whitney Houston. She's like, "Hey, baby, this is Mariah." I'm like, "I know. I'm Darren. I don't know what I'm doing here."

Source: Details (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January 11

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon are Are "Closer than Ever" After His Unexpected Illness
Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey really do love each other in sickness and in health!

The America's Got Talent host's father, James Cannon, told Us Weekly Tuesday that Nick's recent hospitalization for mild kidney failure only strengthened his son's relationship with Carey.

"Nick and Mariah have a very strong bond," James said. "If anything, this unexpected illness has made them closer than ever and appreciate one another even more."

"She would stay in the hospital overnight to support him.  Nick and Mariah are really good for one another -- they have so much in common and can make the other one laugh. So they managed to cope even though Nick was pretty sick. But he is glad to be home now and his whole family is pleased about that also."

Although resting up in the hospital was difficult for the active 31-year-old, Nick's father said that "at the same time, he loved being the center of attention too when people visited him." 

"The great thing about my son is that he always tries to stay upbeat," James gushed. "He took his mind off things by joking with the nurses and doctors and things like that."

As for the couple's 8-month-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe? "They are absolutely beautiful babies," James told Us. "They are both doing great and they are a total mix of their parents. They both share Nick and Mariah's spirit and energy levels. They are beautiful and it is a joy and blessing to see them change and grow constantly."

Fortunately, Nick was released from an L.A. hospital Monday, and according to his dad is "doing well."

"The doctors have ordered him to rest and make some adjustments to his diet too," James added. "It has been an educational process for him, and he is determined to make those changes and stay away from soft drinks and too many sugar-based foods now."

Nick is expected to return to his morning radio show, Rollin' With Nick Cannon, on January 17.

Source: USWeekly (All rights reserved)
Posted on January 10

14 days of Forever Love contest (open to US residents only)
Go on Mariah's Facebook to enter.  Good luck guys!!!!

Click to enlarge
Posted on January 10
YES!!!!! Mariah will more than likely attend the BET Honors taping!!!
Mariah just tweeted:
- Took dembabies swimming yesterday.  classic! Roc thinks he's Jacques Cousteau... I'm gonna call him Roc Cousteau : )
- Daddy Nick is getting better, we're all home together taking care of each other, excited about the new year!!
- Mega excited for BET honors.  totally humbled, can't believe I'm even included with this group of people. more exciting stuff to come.. LYM!
Posted on January 10
You ask for more contests....
C'mon guys, I can't run a contest every day..... I can't afford international shipping costs every day, December was already a tough month with about 15 contests and winners.  Keep checking (not to increase visits....I don't have Google ads)!
Posted on January 9
BET HONORS taping in 5 days and update on Nick
Normally Mariah should be able to attend the taping of the BET Honors in Washington, D.C. in 5 days, I say "normally" 'cause it seems Nick is not that well as he thought he would be.  Via his radio show he announced he would host his show this morning but he didn't.  Today he hosted an event via Skype, where he told "they are rebooting my immune system".  And he's expected to do his morning radio show on 92.3 NOW only on January 17.
Posted on January 9
Oh wow, so many e-mails about the brand new producer
Almost all of you are e-mailing me to ask if it's Audiobotmusic, no, it's not him.  Audiobotmusic talked about tracks he will submit for Mariah early January, but he's more a Dance remix guys (Will. I. Am - LMFAO, etc...).  The producer I'm talking about is a Hip Hop guy, I'll post his name as soon as I can confirm something and the songs/beats can also be rejected by the label, so it's better not to say his name at the moment 
Posted on January 9
   When you see the lil' worm, you know it's rumored and unconfirmed !!!!!
It seems Mariah may work with a brand new Hip Hop producer on two songs/beats she heard.  I'm not gonna give his name yet (nobody knows him anyway) as it's totally unconfirmed at the moment.  Wait and see!
Posted on January 8/9
Speedy contest over!!!
Out of the 79 participations in that speedy contest, 28 fellas got the good answer.  If you didn't know the answer, it could easily be found here in the "old contest" section (May 2009) or by google it and my old contest page comes up!

Anyway :
Question: - In which Mariah video do we see Scooby-Doo?
Answer: "Last Night A DJ saved My Life" (DJ Clue is wearing a Scooby-Doo shirt)

Lana D.  from Holland has been picked at random.  Congrats girl!

Posted on January 8/9

Random speedy contest
A winner will be picked at random late tonight.

Question: - In which Mariah video do we see Scooby-Doo?

E-mail me your answer to heroesofmariah@gmail.com if you follow me on Twitter, please include your Twitter name.

Posted on January 8

Nick is wayyy better, may start working tomorrow
Nick's radio show says he's home and will probably host his morning show tomorrow (Monday).
Posted on January 8
Random contest on Twitter
Yesterday I did a random contest on Twitter:
Which @MariahCarey track stayed 23 weeks in the official sales charts in Belgium?
And the answer was: Get Your Number!
A winner was picked at random, congrats @ImSoo_Lovely 
Posted on January 8
Heroes of Mariah: 13 years this month
I'm a Mariah fan since wayyyyy longer than that, but the website is turning 13 years this month.  Time to party  Stay tuned for some contests to celebrate 13 years of undying support for Mariah

- 1999 - MariahBelgium - It was my first site.  A little one, very little  and then my PC crashed and it was a complete and total mess, all was gone .
- 1999 --> 2000 - The Mariah Zone - This one was a lil' better, but will not stay in History .
- end 2000 - Conception of Heroes of Mariah .
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Posted on January 7

All contest winners, be on the look!
We got strikes over here which can explain most winners didn't receive their prize yet, however since 2 days 4 winners received finally their prize, so be on the look!
Posted on January 7
Nick's health update
Just left the operating table and I was awake during the whole procedure. #OUCH
Posted on January 6
Mariah says Nick is in stable condition
Mariah just tweeted:
Thank you everyone for all the love & concern.  Nick is in stable condition with a good prognosis, hopefully he'll be discharged within 2 days. As always he's laughing and in good spirits.
Head over to Mariah's Twitter for a very cute picture
Posted on January 6
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the pics are everywhere
This morning pics surfaced.  Paps took pics of Mariah and Nick leaving Aspen and arriving in LA, now those pics are everywhere, it's a gross invasion of privacy, pics of a sick man and his family, c'mon...... 
Posted on January 5
Shorty Awards: Vote for Mariah
Please vote for Mariah at this link.  You don't need to accept the application, simply copy/paste what's written, add something after "because' and tweet it 
Posted on January 5
Get Well Soon Gift For Nick
Cherie who runs Nick Cannon Archives is organising a get well gift for Nick.

For details go on Nick Cannon Archives or MariahConnection.

Posted on January 5

Good news, Nick is being transfered to a hospital in LA
Well not good news that he still needs to stay in a hospital, but good news he can be transfered and will stay in a hospital he probably knows!
Posted on January 4
Please keep in mind, Mariah may maybe not attend if Nick's health condition doesn't improve fast, she probably will want to stay at his side

Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Cicely Tyson and Common to Deliver Dazzling Performances at BET HONORS 2012
Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard will present awards to Honorees with apperances by Willow Smith and many more.  Gabrielle Union Hosts and Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Spike Lee, The Tuskegee Airmen and Beverly Kearney are the Honorees

 The fifth annual BET HONORS gears up for a highly anticipated show, celebrating the outstanding achievements of extraordinary legends in music, literature, entertainment, media, service and education. Acclaimed actress Gabrielle Union hosts the show for a fourth year, honoring renowned poet/author Maya Angelou (Literary Arts), internationally acclaimed musician Stevie Wonder (Musical Arts), Grammy-Award winning songstress Mariah Carey (Entertainer), influential filmmaker Spike Lee (Media), the heroic Tuskegee Airmen (Service) and inspirational coach and mentor Beverly Kearney (Education). The BET HONORS premieres during Black History Month on Monday, February 13 at 9:00 p.m.

The BET HONORS, star-studded lineup includes performances by Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Cicely Tyson andCommon, with appearances by Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and Willow Smith. The show tapes at the historic Warner Theatre on Saturday, January 14 in Washington, D.C.

Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials, BET Networks, and Lynne Harris Taylor, Vice President of Specials, BET Networks, are executive producers, along with Cossette Productions.

Lexus is this year's returning sponsor for the BET HONORS red carpet and VIP reception.

Proceeds from this year's BET HONORS private ticket sales will be given to Metro TeenAIDS. Metro TeenAIDS, a longtime partner of BET, is a community health organization dedicated to supporting young people in the fight against HIV/AIDS, through education, support, and advocacy. 

Source: BET Press Release
Posted on January 4

Oh man..... Nick is in hospital
Mariah just tweeted it and posted a pic of them both in hospital in Aspen, there's also an update and the pic on her official site.

"Please pray for Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure #mybraveman"

Message from Mariah (in the hospital with Nick)
This is us in the hospital - role reversal; Last year it was me attached to the machines (after having dembabies) and Nick was there with me through it, and now here we are.

We're trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but please keep Nick in your thoughts because this is very painful. They tried to kick me out of the hospital but here I am pon de bed with Mr. C.

We're doing OK but we're "straaaaaanded in Aspen". #DramaticDivaPlace (I know, we could be in a lot worse places) but the truth is as long as we're together, we're OK. I'm not trying to make light out of the situation because it's a serious moment that's very tough on all of us so please keep us and our family in your prayers. LYM.

Posted on January 4

The whole "last name" controversy OVER! (and I swear it's the last post about it)
I thought not talking about it anymore but a Nick groupie clique called me out for NOTHING.

I wrote Cannon-Carey as last name of Roc & Roe and was called idiot, shady, ignorant, disrecpectful, whatever....  But like noticed by a fan on our forum,  Mariah's own official site wrote in the news  "New pictures of the Carey-Cannon family!" 

POW, take that now!!!!! 

Mariah is happy, the babies are beautiful and healthy, it's all that matters to me!

Posted on January 3

New contest soon
Some of you complain there are too much random contests on Twitter and sometimes at very late hours for European fans.  Don't worry, I'll make one here or on the forum very soon.
Posted on January 3
Out Topic
With the BIG storm going on over here and in many European countries, be careful and safe everyone!
Posted on January 3
Mariah on X Factor US and the saga goes on 
The new season hasn't start yet and here it goes already!
Sure, Mariah could be judge or whatever other role for the new season, but at the moment it's only a rumor spread by the National Enquirer.
Posted on January 2
No more drama!
Only for the ones who e-mail me the links of that Nick groupie clique, please stop it, I don't wanna read more shit, not on me, I don't care anymore, they also bitch on Japanese fans and many others.  Why do I post it here?  'Cause I know the ones who follow them and send me the infos will read it.

Please, I was the one who made an absolutely scandalous mistake by posting so said wrong last names (90% of the fans I asked didn't even know either), but at least I don't tweet fantasies on Mariah's sexual life and Nick's...... errrrrr, stop....

Let them post all they want in their own little world, we all love Mariah and will support her 'til the end of time, we respect Nick 'cause he's the one who makes her happy and they have a hella cute little family, there's nothing else to know or bitch about.  Period!!!!

Posted on January 2

You may remember talented Boudir who sent me from time to time his awesome drawings and started a scene by scene drawing of Mariah's video "We Belong Together".
You can now watch the video he made with all his "We Belong Together" drawings.  Awesome!!!!!!

Posted on January 1
It seems I offended some US fans by writing Cannon-Carey as last name for Roc and Roe.  Hey guys, I'm not a living encyclopedia. 
I didn't know the ONLY correct name is Cannon (without Carey).  I DIDN'T read the birth certificate that leaked 'cause it was a f*cking shame and an attempt at Mariah et Nick's privacy and at the babies privacy as well.

I didn't know it was such a big mistake to the point of being called out to write Cannon-Carey.

Anyway, I'll let the post below 'cause I never delete something, but you now have the correction!

Posted on January 1

Adorable little faces 
Morocan Scott Cannon-Carey   "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!! Paps!!!"
Click to enlarge

Monroe Cannon-Carey  "Yeah, paps *rolleyes*"
Click to enlarge

Posted on January 1

Mariah cute tweets!
- Happy 2012 to ALL! LYM4E to all TLITL! This is OUR YEAR! Me+My fam send U SO much LUV! I wouldn't exist w/out you! GOD BLESS! TYM
- Seriously,you guys got me thru a twin pregnancy,new holiday songs,and keep inspiring me to make U proud! I love +adore you 4E L4L
- God Bless!!! CHEERS!NYC 2011
- *2012 duhhhhh! LOL. Splash!
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on January 1
Mariah & Nick out in Aspen with Roc and Roe on New Year's Eve

Click to enlarge
Source: CelebrityGossip
Posted on December 31/January 1


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