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Posted on July 30

Brazilian medias were wrong, it will not be that simple.....

OPERAÇÃO MARIAH CAREY: Barretos gets ready!

Mariah is expected to arrive in Brazil with a team including a masseuse and physical therapist.

The Festa do Peão de Barretos 'organization  mobilizing a big operation so that the whole structure of the stage, sound and lighting meets the needs of international attraction. A scenario was developed exclusively for the show which will be 1h30 long.

"We will build two bases on stage that will support the platform of the dancers, drums and percussion, that will have four meters in height and diameter 4x4," explains the cultural director Cassio Leite and he continues: "Mariah will also perform on this platform. Entries will be under the framework. " 

Also on stage we will build three exchangers for a total of 50 square meters, intended for dancers, ballet dancers and the singer. Mariah and her team, consisting of 38 persons between backing singers, dancers, physiotherapist, masseur and musicians, will occupy all the available space in the dressing room known within the Park's Pawn, as Casa dos Artistas. 

The list of requirements for the dressing rooms also begins to be provided next week. One is that the air conditioning temperature must be unique in all environments. Various decorative items are also described between the requests. Premises for the offices shall be equipped with Internet, phone and notebook. 

Even with the special operation, Cassio Leite recalls that the infrastructure available at the Parque do Peão is the same for all shows. "Mariah's team already checked everything to be sure it meets all the requirements of the production. They will only bring material like drums and keyboards".

Mariah's team will arrive in Brazil on August 18 and it is expected that they will check it all it between August 19 and 20. Mariah will come in her own plane from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo and will use the same plane to go to Barretos. 

The sound company hired by the Festa do Peão is the Sound of Gabi, responsible for events like Rock in Rio Lisbon and Madrid. "The company is one of the three best in the world and fortunately is Brazilian," says Leite. 

Source: Os Independentes
Translation: Heroes of Mariah (I know, it's not perfect )
Posted on July 30

Do you know how Bono describes Lucian Grainge?
Lucian Grainge is the new CEO of Universal Music, he's known for his actions against piracy, he's known as a man who wants hits and Bono described him as a "ruthless fucker ... but he's got good ears"
Posted on July 30
David LaChapelle shot the first set on the rooftop!
Remember, in April, David LaChapelle was in studio with Mariah to shoot photos for her Christmas album.  Why in April? David has such a busy schedule, he needed to shoot a video and pics for Fergie, pics for Lady Gaga, exhibitions all summer around the world, there weren't many open dates left. 

Anyway, they shot the first set on the rooftop of David's studio in Los Angeles, the second set was inside and Mariah even sang a song!

Posted on July 30

Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey is funny
For someone in the middle of a comedy tour, Nick Cannon was sounding a little melancholy Thursday morning. The America's Got Talent emcee's plane hadn't even taken off from Los Angeles, and he was already missing his wife of two years, Mariah Carey.

``The traveling is a constant grind,'' said Cannon, 29. ``Sometimes she comes with me. I even try my stuff on her. Mariah helps me -- she's one of the funniest people I know.''

The 40-year-old pop diva is included in his act, which he'll do at the Fort Lauderdale Improv Friday and Saturday nights. ``How could you not talk about it when you're married to one of the most famous women in the world?'' 

Sorry, but we have to ask: What of those pregnancy rumors?

``We don't pay much attention to it. We live our lives,'' he said. ``When we get pregnant, it'll be a secret.''

Source: Miami Herald (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 30

Diddy Loves 'Up Out My Face' Remix
Diddy's Top 10 Remixes Of The Year

Sean "Diddy" Combs was asked to list his favorite remixes for VIBE Online: "Diddy loves him a good remix. Listen to his top ten favorites of the past 365 days."

Mariah's "Up Out My Face" remix featuring Nicki Minaj made Diddy's top 10! Check it out here.

Source: MariahCarey.com

Heroes note: In a way, it makes sense as Diddy is now Nicki Minaj's manager.  But it's still nice!
Posted on July 29

Mariah was singing and writing last night
Mariah tweeted a lot, made 1 NTT and made dinner for Nick in the middle of the night.  She also tweeted something related to her work:
- Just finished singing,and a second session writing w/a classic,amazing collaborator(no names!)
For all Mariah tweets, head over on her Twitter.
Posted on July 29
Mariah expected to stay 1 night at the Grand Hyatt in São Paulo
As posted earlier this month, Mariah is expected to arrive in Sao Paulo on August 20. According to Brazilian medias, she will stay for 1 night at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Sao Paulo, the next day she will give her show at Barretos and is expected to head back to the US directly after the show.
Posted on July 28
Mariah's tweet for Brazilian fans
Mariah tweeted a lil' message in Portuguese for her Brazilian fans.  She can't wait to see them on August 21 and she loves them.
Posted on July 28
Brazilian media announces a simple show
According to Brazilian medias, Mariah will keep it simple in Barretos, no scenery and set design brought from the US.  The local promoter will be responsible for gathering all equipment, including a piano.

Local autorities are looking for more security in the rodeo area for the young people expected to attend the show, as there are troubles there every year.

Earlier this month, they reported Mariah would arrive in Sao Paulo with Nick on August 20, which almost can't be as Nick has a show in Denver on August 19 and 21 (unless he spend day and night flying around....)
Posted on July 26

Pitbull loves Mariah's "Hero"
During a promo visit with Enrique Iglesias on the Lopez Tonight show, Pitbull said he loves Mariah's song "Hero".  Answering the question " Has a song ever made you cry?", he said he was inspired by Mariah Carey's Hero.
You can listen by clicking here, it's at 3:30
Source for the info: fomm
Posted on July 24
Brazilian fans, win your ticket to Mariah's Barretos show!
Radio Lider gives you a chance to attend Mariah's show, to take part call 3304.9899.  Good luck!
Posted on July 23
Hola! Fans from Catalunya....
A Special Mariah Carey will air again on 105TV tomorrow (Saturday) from 2pm to 3pm.
The show already aired on July 20 and they played the following videos: Dreamlover, Heartbreaker, Someday, Always Be My Baby, I'll Be There, Emotions, Touch My Body, Hero, Vision of Love, My All, Honey, Love Takes Time and One Sweet Day.
Source: Nando by e-mail (gracias amigo)
Posted on July 23
Marriage jokes not off-limits 
Comedian Nick Cannon is using stand-up gigs in Vegas to debut jokes about his marriage to Mariah Carey. Is Mariah cool with that?

"I hope so," he tells me, laughs, then adds: "I'm talking about everything, whether I get in trouble or not."

He and Mariah are interested in having kids, but he spent the past few days denying she's pregnant.

I asked him whether they'll be ready to take kids to all those zoo/aquarium type things for the rest of their lives.

"You only know when the time comes," he says. "When you're presented with it, you don't have any other choice."

The two travel to see each other on her concert tours and his comedy tours. "She'll be at some of my shows, and I'll be at some of her shows," he says.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
Posted on July 23

Mariah misses New York!
After her studio session with JD and Brian Michael Cox, Mariah went on Nick's radio show.  While talking, Mariah said she really misses New York a lot!
Click here to listen to an extract of the show.
Posted on July 23
Mariah was in studio with JD and Brian Michael Cox
On July 21, Mariah tweeted she just left the studio with Jermash (aka JD) and JD tweeted he was in studio with Mariah and Brian Michael Cox.
Posted on July 23
No updates for a few days

Posted on July 16
Finally!  Damizza's book is coming out on 10.10.10
Damizza's book will be coming out on 10 october 2010.  It was postponed due to the co-writer having heart surgery.

In this memoir, “Guilty By Association.”, entire chapters are dedicated to Dre, Snoop, Mariah, Warren G., Eminem, Ludacris and Jay-Z, readers will be hard pressed to come up with a famous name that does not play at least a passing role in “Guilty By Association.” Axl Rose, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Quincy Jones, Paris Hilton, Prince, Tobey McGuire, Tony Bennett, Hulk Hogan, Michael and Janet Jackson, Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson, David Lee Roth, Harry Belafonte, Puffy, Jermaine Dupri, Nas, The Game, 50 Cent, Suge Knight, Tupac, Biggie … the list literally goes on for pages.

Once again, do I need to say that this book is all love for Mariah and it's also funny.  Damizza is my bro and I know he loves Mariah.  The book is a must have for every fan.
And for the ones who don't like him (anymore), I know you will not buy the book but I also know your curiousity will be stronger than your hate, and you'll find a way to read it anyway!

Damizza worked with Mariah on the following tracks, either by remixing or producing:
I Still Believe (Pure Imagination)
 If We 
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Boy (Remix)(Unreleased)
What Would You Do 
Shake It Off (Reemix) (Unreleased)
My Life

Source: Heroes of Mariah - Baby Ree Europe
Posted on July 15

I told you a while ago, Mariah was joining the San Francisco Wax Museum's collection, now it's done!
“Mariah Carey” takes up residence
What becomes a legend most? Well – being preserved in wax for all eternity of course! International singing sensation Mariah Carey takes up residence at San Francisco’s Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf (www.waxmuseum.com) on Thursday, July 6, complete with paparazzi, appropriate food and drink and – of course – a Mariah Carey sound-and-look-a-like contest.

“You don’t have to be a dreamlover to sense the emotion we all feel at welcoming Mariah to the Wharf” quipped Wax Museum owner Rodney Fong paraphrasing two of the sultry singer’s biggest hits. “Now, Mariah is very much our imperfect angel right here in San Francisco.” 

Click to enlarge
Source: WaxMuseum (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 12

Mariah's concert in Brazil on TV?
According to the Brazilian newspaper "Agora Sao Paulo", Mariah's concert in Barretos on August 21 will be broadcasted live on TV.
Posted on July 15
Many questions about L.A. Reid and Lucian Grainge
Many questions came in today after yesterdays news (which in fact was not news as rumors were already flying around since a few months).
Lucian Grainge will not replace L.A. Reid, Lucian will replace Universal Music's CEO Doug Morris.  That way, he may or may not fire L.A. Reid as he will be his boss.
Posted on July 14
RydazNRtist talks about Mariah
Nick's group RydazNRtist, composed by his two brothers Reuben and Gabriel (also known as GQ) and producer/vocalist Kevin Writer talks about their experience as opening act during Mariah's Angels Advocate Tour:
" Mariah is so professional and has been doing it for so long that watching her was like a dream come true,” says GQ. “She was very gracious with us,” adds Kevin. “When we were at certain venues she would see us performing and let us know that she saw the show and that we were doing really great. She has always been a big supporter.”
Source: Musicremedy
Posted on July 14
Nick Cannon defends Mariah Carey on 'America's Got Talent' (well, not exactly as it was a joke)
Nick Cannon came to wife Mariah Carey's defense last night on the first live (on the East Coast) episode of America's Got Talent. It happened after contestant Sally Cohn, 75, hand-whistled a rendition of Mariah's Hero song.

"Great choice of song," said Nick joining her on stage. "My wife just got another check. I appreciate that, Sally."

He then turned to judge Piers Morgan for his opinion. "I was going to say, that's THE best rendition of the song I've heard," he said, ribbing Nick, "much more in tune than I'm used to hearing from a certain performer."

Replied Nick: "She's going to kick your a--."

Source: USA Today
Posted on July 14

Mariah has a lil' injury
She just tweeted:
- Breaking news..Why is Mariah always "on fire" ?
- Just now hairstylist(who shall remain nameless) abused me w/a curling iron whil trying to curl and dancing to my new song..ow 
- I'm searching for some aloe or whatever but its not looking pretty..its basically a welt..Oh the trials and tribulations Divadom! 
- Now he's all trying to put toothpaste on it and swears its a home remedy,I'm like "Stop crying,you're NOT fired "lol 
Posted on July 13
Can we start the party??????  The nightmare is maybe over soon 
L.A. Reid on his way out?

The word is starting up again at Island Def Jam Records: L.A. Reid, they say, may be on his way out.

Listen, no one criticized L.A. Reid more almost a decade ago when he took over Arista Records. He had a rocky start. that’s for sure.

But Reid’s promotion from running LaFace Records to Arista and then to Island Def Jam has shown him to be a mature, decisive record man. Losing him now would be a mistake for Island Def Jam and Universal Music Group.

The rumors emanate now because Lucian Grainge has come to the US from Universal International to run UMG. He’s a music man but he’s looking at the bottom line. And in the music biz these days, it just doesn’t look good. It doesn’t help that Grainge was described in Billboard earlier this year as a “killer shark.”

Reid, on the other hand, is a softy. He signed up Jennifer Lopez, god knows why (). His experiments with Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri failed. The last Mariah Carey album was a disappointment. Reid loves Lionel Richie and keeps pushing out new records. It’s admirable. But Hello? Is it Richie young kids are looking for? Not really.

So Reid has Justin Bieber, the annoying teenager (). Leave it to Bieber–he’s a hit. You can’t discount that. Reid has a hot album and promo push coming for Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Killers, with his first solo effort. It smells like platinum. Charlize Theron stars in the video.

Reid has some other gambles about to hit, so watch out. He went to Belize and signed up rapper Jamal “Shyne” Barrow after he got out of jail. Shyne famously took the rap in the P Diddy/Sean Combs-Jennifer Lopez nightclub shooting a few years ago. Now he’s out, and mad after serving nine years of a decade long sentence.Not only that, he’s been deported to his native Belize. If Reid can turn Shyne into a cause celebre, he may have a hit on his hands. (PS This is funny–Barrow’s mother is Jewish. And frankly, as a rapper, he sounds a little like he’s been sitting around Katz’s waiting for a glass of tea.)

There’s also a new album from one half of Outkast, Big Boi. And Mariah Carey, as I’ve already reported, is hard at work on a new album for possible Christmas release. And it was Reid who “broke” Duffy, his own Dusty Springfield.

The industry wags are predicting that Home on the Grainge will look very different once he takes over in January 2011. I think not. And he’s sure to see that L.A. Reid is one of the last links to what makes the record business still run or feel like it might have a little magic left.

Source: Roger Friedman on Showbizz 411
Posted on July 13

New picture!

Kevin from RydazNrtist (who opened for most dates of Mariah's latest tour), shared a picture of Mariah, Nick and himself on his Twitter.
Posted on July 12
NY fans: Lollipop Bling Exclusive SWEET TREATS fragrance Party!
Mariah Carey's Lollipop Bling has partnered with Lucky Magazine for an exclusive fragrance party at Macy's Cross County on Thursday, July 15th at 5:00 pm.
Macy's Cross Country
Main Floor, Fragrances
800 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, New York
More details on Mariah's official site
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on July 12
Press Release
                                               Concert to take place on the 21st of August in Barretos

It has been confirmed that the North American super star Mariah Carey will be performing at 55th BARRETOS RODEO, the biggest of its kind in Latin America.  the concert will take place on Saturday, August 21on the main stage of the Rodeo Arena. The rodeo will take place from August 19 - 29.

Mariah Carey has made an indelible impact on the global music industry and audiences everywhere as the best-selling female artist of all time whose eighteen #1 singles rival all but The Beatles. As a singer and songwriter, Ms. Carey has been recognized with five Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, Billboard's "Artist of the Decade" Award, The World Music Award for "World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium," and was named one of Rolling Stone's select "100 best artists of all time" list,  to name a few accolades.

The fifty thousand capacity arena will stage Mariah's super production as it is her only scheduled show in Brazil for the year and will mark her second time performing in the country. 


International Concerts 

Mariah Carey's performance retakes a tradition of the Barretos Rodeo of having an international concert during the event, which has had Shakira (1995), Garth Brooks (1998), Alan Jackson (1999), Reba McEntire (2000) and A-HA (2001).  The event hasn't had an international concert since A-HA.

"We have been dreaming of an international concert for almost a decade and now we are returning with one of the biggest names of music in the world", says the President of the Barretos Rodeo, Marcos Murta.

In addition to Mariah Carey's concert, the Barretos Rodeo will have over 100 national concerts during the 11 days of the event, which includes a national and international rodeo.

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on July 12

Mariah and Will Smith in 1988
Head over on MariahDailyJournal to see a picture of Mariah and Will Smith taken in 1988.
Posted on July 10
More Brazil info
According to Brazilian medias, Mariah is expected to arrive in Sao Paulo on August 20 and will directly head over to Barretos with Nick, her entourage and musicians.

People from all over the country are calling for infos (80 calls a day (which is not a lot) and buy their packages. Values of the tickets are expected to increase, so you better buy them now at zecks (as previously reported). 
Posted on July 9

Hi haters, bye haters 
When I posted the confirmation of Mariah's show in Brazil on June 14, a bunch of fans didn't believe it and were laughing at me, look who's laughing at you now... me.... 

Posted on July 9

Nicki Minaj about Mariah
Nicki Minaj talks about Mariah in VIBE magazine:

On recording with Mariah Carey
That was insane! I mean let alone I'm a huge fan and she's a huge icon. No album out! Female. Rapper. Doesn't happen. That does not happen. I don't care how far back you look. I dare any hip-hop historian to tell me when that has ever happened. It doesn't. And I still don't know why it did. 

Source: VIBE - Bossip
Posted on July 9

I'll be very busy in the next few days, updates may be hectic.....
Posted on July 4
Free videos if you have a Nokia mobile
Ovi Store (the official Nokia store) offers 2 Mariah videos for free, "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Hero" live in concert.  If you have a Nokia mobile, it's here and now!
Posted on July 3
New banner up on Independentes

A new banner is up on Independentes.  According to Mark Murta of Independentes 35 000 seats will be sold for the Stadium and 15.000 for the Arena. 
Mariah will come to Barretos with a team of 40 people.  Tickets for the show will be available at zetks and at the Independentes store.
Posted on July 3
Mariah in Brazil
Mariah's name and the banner is up again on Independentes.  As previously reported, for some reason they were asked to wait to officially post it on the site before early July. Travel packages are already on sale.
Posted on July 2
Mariah's Christmas album.....
"The 4th of July is all about family, fun, good food, barebeques and all that stuff," added Nick. "That's where my memories lie - playing with fireworks and stuff and nearly blowing off my hand. Other than that, it's about fun."

Speaking of family, will his wife Mariah Carey be watching the fireworks with him? "I'm hoping she'll be there," he told Lifeline Live. "She's in the middle of finishing her next Christmas album. I think she has deadlines and stuff. She's at our house in L.A."

Source: USA Today (extract)
Posted on July 2

"I haven't announced that"
It was a quick “in and out” for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon Saturday night at the star-studded Phoenix House bash he co-hosted with Randy Jackson in Southampton.

Wife Mariah Carey was in LA working on an album. So, he told us, “I got here today and I’ll be leaving tonight.”

Did she also stay home because of the baby on the way? ”I haven’t announced that,” he insisted, repeating the party line: “I was expecting a puppy.”

So, let’s say we believe you, does that mean you’re going to keep on trying? “I try every day!” he said.

Cannon and Carey were married in April 2008 after only dating six weeks. “When you meet your soul mate, you don’t waste time,” he explained. They renew their vows yearly in front of a close circle of friends and family.

Cannon said “love, happiness and a sense of humor” keeps their union strong. He also credited a “belief in God and the power of two spirits coming together. “

Also keeping Cannon busy: “America’s Got Talent.”

“I’ll be doing it all summer long,” he said.

Source: Explore LI (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 2

All Fired Up!
You know it's a good sign when there are sparks on your first date. For Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, literal pyrotechnics graced theirs - and there are still plenty of fireworks between the married couple. 

"The Fourth of July is really special to my wife and me. We love watching fireworks, especially since we saw them on our first date," Cannon tells us. 

This year, the "America's Got Talent" host will also be the emcee of the world's largest fireworks display, the 34th Annual Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular airing on NBC. 

Cannon tells us he's excited to participate in the city's festivities. 

"This is actually the first time I'll be in New York for the Fourth. And this is going to be a great event."

Last year, the star and his wife were in Los Angeles - not far from Cannon's hometown of San Diego.

Sky lights aside, he and Mariah take the holiday pretty seriously. 

"We have Fourth of July outfits. She has a little flag bikini with stars and stripes, and I wear my Uncle Sam top hat and flag swim trunks - I'm sure there are photos of us somewhere. We celebrate our patriotism with our wardrobe." 

And, they use the nation's birthday to spend time with family. 

"My best memories of the Fourth are the past two years - being able to spend it with my wife and reflecting on how much we appreciate each other." 

When asked if she'll accompany him while hosting the Macy's spectacular, Cannon gushes, "I'm hoping so! She's diligently working on her holiday album because she has a tight deadline, but we better be together for the holiday."

Source: iStockAnalyst - NY Post
Posted on July 2

"M" and "Luscious Pink" finally in France!

Many French fans were able to buy the fragrances online, but now it's for real, for real.... they can buy "M" and "Luscious Pink" in the Carrefour stores.  It's far from the big event that was initially planned, but whatever..... C'mon ladies! 
Source for the info and pic: Suzie by e-mail
Posted on July 1
Lollipop Bling website
Mariah tweeted to check out the sneak peak of Lollipop Bling's AMAZING website www.lollipopbling.com.. Its festive: ) 
Posted on July 1


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