July 2012 - Heroes of Mariah

"The message of #Triumphant is very close to my heart and I know you can relate to it too. LYM!"
Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 31
Such great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even if a lot of local labels are still not aware Mariah has a new single coming out, we will get a worldwide release on iTunes on August 7!!!!!!

From Mariah on Twitter
#TRIUMPHANT will be available on iTunes worldwide on Tuesday 08/07 .. "it's not too far"!!! 

Posted on July 31

Mariah featured in Rick Ross feat.  Dr. Dre and JAY Z - 3 Kings

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Mariah is featured several times in the video which contains many throwback moments.
Click here to watch it.

Posted on July 31

Mariah, DJ Clue and Randy last night

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Source: DJ Clue
Posted on July 31
Go Australia!

'Triumphant (Get 'Em)' is set for an Australian digital release on 10 August

Source: MariahCareyAustralia
Posted on July 31

Tidbits: Mariah was with DJ Clue and DJ Suss One last night

Both tweeted:
- DJ Suss One: With my homie @MariahCarey & friends at that moment!! #love
- DJ Clue: Just left the fam @MariahCarey @YO_RANDYJACKSON #GamePlanning

Posted on July 31

More pics of Mariah and Nick at the Art For Life Gala

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Source: CelebrityGossip (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 31
Want a splash to celebrate? 

Kyle sent me a his festive drink receipe of his MonarCtini........... click to enlarge and enjoy!
Posted on July 31
More and more e-mails are coming in
From all parts of the world, e-mails are still coming in to be part of the Promo Team and Street Team.  You guys rock!!!!!
For obvious reasons, only USA fans got an update today.!
Posted on July 30
Actor Eric West will not be featured in the video

" it has been verified that actor Eric West did not end up appearing in the music video'

Source: MariahDailyJournal - LoveMariahC
Posted on July 30

World premiere August 2

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 30
It's a wrap: Gorgeous & cute Mariah with extra Matthew: Triumphant shoot

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We have a happy lamb here 
Source: Matt on Twitter
Posted on July 30
Stunning Mariah on the set of "Triumphant"

On the set of the TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em) video shoot. Get ready for a triumphant week, we have surprises every day! 
Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 30
Busy evening, so here's finally the latest updates

- Nick is indeed directing Mariah's new video (so who's gonna insult me now ??? )
- The video is being shot in Queens (I'll not post where exactly in case it's not allowed)
- Boxer/trainer Terry Nye has a cameo in the video and they painted his boxing ring gold
- extras will also rock gold and black
- "Angel Champagne" will be featured in the video

Thanks to Ian for the boxer info
Posted on July 29

Two new pics of Mariah and Nick at the Art For Life Gala

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Source: GlobalGrind (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 29
First pics of Mariah and Nick at the Art For Life Gala
We will probably have others tomorrow (for me in Europe) but here are the first ones, tweeted by Rolo101, charitybuzz and Mariah

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Posted on July 28
Quick game (see below) over
43 e-mails came in but no winners.  The dancer was Israel Donowa
Posted on July 28
Actor Eric West to be featured in Mariah's new video!

Eric West tweeted: "Excited to shoot the @mariahcarey video on Sunday. Should be fun times! "
And replying to a fan he said the video is gonna be "1960’s-style'
Posted on July 28
Quick game (today only)
Which dancer who was at the Mariah Carey hologram Christmas mini concert in Poland, was spotted at the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Answers by e-mail ONLY at heroesofmariah@gmail.com (please include your Twitter @)
Posted on July 28

It's tonight!!!!!!

Mariah and Nick to be honored at the "Art For Life - Living in color" Garden Party Gala at Russell Simmon's Hamptons estate. 

Posted on July 28

Casting call for Mariah's new video
Unless it's also a "joke", try your luck if you live in NY!

Eric Santiago ESTYLZ tweeted:
"Casting talent for a Mariah Carey video this coming Sunday NYC! Email us at: RiverRedPro@gmail.com if you're interested#pow "

Source for the info: Ian by e-mail
Posted on July 27

Opened my e-mails, closed them quick....
Being insulted is not especially what you want to read when you wake up.  "Liar", "Idiot" and what not, just 'cause I relayed an info coming from Nick himself and then denied is NOT funny.
Posted on July 27
Please disregard the info below, Nick denied it but I'm not deaf, he definitely said it...... and I embarrassed myself by posting it, that's not funny at all!!!

Want proof ? Here it is!

Denied: Mariah's next music video will be directed by no other than ...... Nick Cannon 

Posted on July 26

"old" pic of Mariah

DJ Clue just posted:
#ThrowbackThursday Me @iamdiddy @MariahCarey @S_C_ & B Sigel at Rocboys Video Shoot

Posted on July 26

Did any fans make it ?????
10 days ago (middle in the night for me, to fit USA time frames), I tweeted fans could contact me to have the hours/address/details for a casting call for "The Buttler".  In 30 mins I received exactly 42 e-mails.  The casting took place and not even one e-mailed me back to tell something, even if they were not chosen, they could at least tell me how it went and some more détails..... Sometimes I wonder why I still try to help fans...... rant over!
Posted on July 26
Posted here on July 14 and now confirmed

Mariah Carey Scene Will Open “The Butler” — Quincy Jones Will Do Music

Exclusive: Lee Daniels’s “The Butler” started shooting yesterday in New Orleans. And there’s a lot of news I can tell you EXCLUSIVELY about this film starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. First of all, Quincy Jones has signed to compose the soundtrack. That’s a big big deal. And now I’ve heard that Daniels will film a scene for the opening of the film with Mariah Carey and Vanessa Redgrave far removed from the White House setting of the rest of the film. It sounds pretty cool, but I’ve been asked not to give it away.

Mariah is already said to be complaining about her makeup, which — as in “Precious”–she will be de-glamourized. And there’s more: because Liam Neeson is shooting Paul Haggis’s new film in Italy, he had to drop out of the role of Lyndon Johnson. So Liev Schreiber steps in. (The role of Lady Byrd is said to be minor.) And Olivia Washington, daughter of Denzel and Pauletta Washington, will make her screen debut as a civil rights activist. So far the only actress I’d like hear is in “The Butler” but isn’t is LaTanya Richardson. Lee–find her a role!

Source: Showbiz411 (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 25

New MCSummer 2012/Triumphant artworks 
If you feel like doing some artworks too, please send them my way 

Click to enlarge
Posted on July 25
What do some don't get?  Do I really need to explain it again? Seems so....

I posted that at the moment, local labels may or may not choose to promote and release "Triumphant" (it's up to each local label) 'cause I know it and don't want my Promo and Street Team to spend money on flyers as long as they are not sure the track will be released in their country.  Is it so hard to believe I care about my Team?

Posted on July 25

Mariah all over the news again with American Idol

Like I said yesterday, I'll not post any single article or mention (just google it), but I particularly like the title from the L.A Times Music blog:

Mariah Carey is just what 'American Idol' needed: A real singer

Source for the link: Under60
Posted on July 24

Stunning Mariah!

Click to enlarge
This pic is part of a photoshoot to promote American Idol (well, I guess so...).
Source for the link to the pic: Janel by e-mail
Posted on July 24
Your 'to do' today!
Please take a few minutes to go post and/or vote on websites.  You have all seen goats coming out of their caves and posting like crazy on some sites, go put some positivity over there.
Be polite, be fun, be creative.

Here are some links where you can post:
- US Weekly
- Billboard
- Entertainment Weekly

If you guys find other links (even outside the US) please send them my way.

Posted on July 24

So many e-mails after the post below......
I'll reply here as it will take me too long to reply to each one of you.

The info below is of course ONLY for the single, local labels don't know yet if they will release it or not, it's up to each country to choose if they will push/release it.

All we can do is wait and cross the fingers.

Posted on July 24

After every storm a rainbow appears, but can a storm appear after a rainbow????

"Triumphant" Promo Team & Street Team on hold (at the moment) for non US fans!

At the moment, "Triumphant" is not scheduled for a worldwide release, probably only a few countries will have the chance to get the track 
On more reason to help the track in the countries where it will be released!

Posted on July 23

Mariah all over the news with American Idol

I will not copy/paste every article mentioning her name.  It's everywhere...............

Some highlights:
- Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly put Mariah on speaker phone for TV critics and she said, "I am so excited to be joining ‘Idol.’ I wanted to be there today and I wish I could've been there to tell you, but I think you know this all kind of just happened real quickly, so I can't wait to get started in a couple months.” 
- American Idol producers were concerned as the show acknowledged the ratings had fallen – by more than 20% -- and said the show needed to “keep things fresh.”
- We are proud to have one of the world's greatest-ever female singers join our show,” said creator and executive producer Simon Fuller. “Mariah defines the word 'Idol' and will inspire every singer that has the honor of performing in front of her.”

“Mariah Carey is the real deal. Not only is she one of the best-selling artists and performers on the planet and one of the world’s most gifted vocalists, she also is a successful songwriter, record producer and actress,” said Mike Darnell, Fox president of alternative entertainment.

Reilly said he couldn’t address reports that Randy Jackson, the last original judge, may be moving to a different role on the show, stepping off the judge panel to become a mentor.

He said, however, that Jackson was “instrumental” in bringing Mariah to the show, noting Jackson is her long-time friend and comanager.

- "As a singer, songwriter and producer, it's going to be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and give back with AMERICAN IDOL," Carey said. "I'm currently in the studio working on my new album and its first single, 'Triumphant,' which will be out early next month. I can't wait to channel my creative energy as a part of this show which is a massive global phenomenon." 

Posted on July 23

It's Official!!!!!!!  Mariah to be judge on American Idol

Mariah just tweeted:
- It's gonna be so much fun working on @AmericanIdol. As a singer-songwriter, I'm excited to help find and nurture new talent. LYM! --MC 

Posted on July 23

Promo Team and Street team, you guys rock!
My e-mail box is ready to explode, I'll reply to everyone as soon as possible, I had a weird Sunday....
Posted on July 22
Mariah and LA Reid in the Hamptons

Yesterday, LA Reid posted a pic of Mariah and him in the Hamptons
Click to enlarge
Source for the info: Under60
Posted on July 22
Promo team
All e-mails in English to the members of the promo team have been sent out yesterday, French speaking members, your e-mails will follow asap
Posted on July 22
Street Team Agenda

Let me know if you're in and what you will/can do

- Purchasing the CD from the USA, get friends and family from the USA to buy it for you (and buy it in your country too of course)
- Radio station requests regularly
- Music video requests on your fav music channel
- Watching the official video online on VEVO or YouTube official links
- Using all social media to promote : Twitter, Facebook, etc....
- Getting all your family members to buy the CD or get the digital download of cd's videos singles
- Handing out official flyers at malls, parking lots and entrances to busy events / streets
- All must be done in week one of release !!!
Week # 2
Repeat street team handouts

Thanks a lot to my bro Varune for the list
Posted on July 22

No Leak, No Piracy!
Do you steal a bread in a bakery? do you steal fruit in a store? I hope not!  Stealing music is the same, stealing is stealing!

I know many will say "oh but I'm gonna buy it anyway", no, that's wrong, you gonna spread it around and some will simply not buy it.  I know for a fact it happened with "Memoirs" and the same will say "oh, it "flopped"  (whatever "flop" means)

Posted on July 22

Many e-mails about Mariah's new single "TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em)" ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill 's production

My bad, I didn't post the co-producers as I thought many remembered those pics....

The single is co-written and co-produced by Mariah, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox. (as also stated on Mariah's official site, don't forget to take a look there).

Posted on July 22

Mariah hasn't announced it herself yet, but it seems it's a done deal.......

Randy is bringing Mariah to “Idol” to join him as a judge. It’s the perfect situation. They can finish their album, and Mariah can settle in for a couple of years, hopefully, as her twins are in their formative years. “Idol” will keep her close to home. Plus, when said allbum is released, it will give her an automatic platform from which to  launch and promote it.

Now here’s the newest news: The first single from the album, I am told, is a song called “Triumphant.” When all the “Idol” contracts are signed, and the deal is finalized, both Randy and Mariah will be exactly that–Triumphant. And “American Idol” will be a fun show to watch again. Unlike Jennifer Lopez, Mariah can sing, sing, sing. No doubt we’ll hear a lot of warbling from the judges’ table.

Source: Roger Friedman for ShowBiz411
Posted on July 21

Mariah's new single "TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em)" ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill out early August

Mariah just made the announcement on Twitter:

- So I can finally announce to you that my new single is coming out early August! It's called TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em) ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill. 
- I wrote TRIUMPHANT when I was going through a difficult time & it helped me get through it. When u hear it, pay attention 2 the lyrics #WIN

Posted on July 21


#MCSummer2012 Tune in !!

Posted on July 21

   Mariah Carey Nears Deal As New ‘American Idol’ Judge

EXCLUSIVE: I have learned that Mariah Carey is finalizing a deal to join Fox’s American Idol as a new judge. I hear Carey would command a salary of more than $17 million for next season, which would set a new record for talent on a reality series, eclipsing the paycheck of Idol‘s Jennifer Lopez.

Carey had been rumored as a potential new judge on the veteran Fox reality series, which is overhauling its panel coming off a season that saw ratings declines in a crowded marketplace and failed to land a best reality-competition Emmy nomination for the first time in the show’s history. Fox announced the departure of Steven Tyler, while fellow judge Lopez stated publicly that she would leave too.

I hear Fox moved quickly to secure Carey, who was previously courted for the network’s other singing competition, Simon Cowell’s The X Factor, as Idol has to set its taped auditions.

American Idol was the first major reality series to bring star power to its judging panel with the hire of JLo two years ago. NBC’s The Voice then landed Christina Aguilera, while Fox’s X Factor brought in Britney Spears. Idol, which for years had the singing competition market for itself, now has to share the space with The Voice and X Factor.

Source: Deadline Hollywood
Posted on July 21

Here ya go!!!!!!

#MCSummer2012 Tune in tomorrow!!

Source: MariahAlerts (Mariah's official Team)
Posted on july 20

Nick keeps the hype going: Mariah on American Idol

We don't hear anything new (obviously) but click here to listen if you want.

Source for the link: LoveMariahC
Posted on July 20

Mundo Mariah Spanish Awards
Mundo Mariah makes Awards for fan sites every year since 2004.  I didn't post it here when the nominations were out 'cause it seemed like begging for votes and now I feel like I'm boasting, I'm such a weirdo .  Anyway, a big thanks to the ones who voted Heroes of Mariah and congrats to all the fan sites.

Click here to access the 2012 results.

Posted on July 20

Throwback: Video of Mariah and Stevie J

(Note: Stevie J produced several songs with Mariah back in the days: Breakdown, Honey, Babydoll )
Stevie J and Love And Hip Hop producer Mona Scott Young appeared on MTV’s RapFix Live yesterday, and in the clip (click here) , you can watch an old MTV News clip where Stevie drapes himself across Mariah Carey, P. Diddy, and MTV News reporter Tabitha Soren to be a part of their interview. At one point Mariah calls Stevie her big brother. “I like that old footage right there, brought back some great memories,” Stevie told RapFix host Sway before admitting that his good pal P. Diddy is a huge fan of Love And Hip Hop. 

Posted on July 19

The BMI aricle is better!!!!!!

Due to strict copyright rules, I'm not gonna post it, click here to read it.

"The BMI Urban Awards will include an all-star musical tribute to Mariah Carey, as well as the presentation of the Urban Songwriter, Song, Producer and Publisher of the Year crystals."

Posted on July 19

Mariah Carey to be Named BMI Icon at Annual BMI Urban Awards
Mariah Carey will be honored as a BMI Icon at the BMI Urban Awards, scheduled for Friday, September 7 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Carey will join a group that includes the Jacksons, Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Little Richard, Al Green, the Bee Gees, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton -- selected because of their "unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers."

Over the years, Carey has co-written most of her biggest hits, a long list that includes 30 BMI Urban and Pop Award-winning songs  such as "Always Be My Baby," "Hero," "Fantasy," "Vision of Love," "Emotions," "Shake It Off," "We Belong Together," "One Sweet Day," "I Don't Wanna Cry," "Dreamlover" and "All I Want for Christmas is You."  A whopping 17 of her songs have amassed more than 1 million performances each, including "Always Be My Baby," "Dreamlover" and "Hero," which have each earned more than 3 million performances.

Carey has scored more No. 1 singles than any other solo artist in history -- and is second only to the Beatles in the all-time list -- and holds the record for the female songwriter with the most Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles in the rock era, totaling 18. 

Source: BillboardBiz
Posted on July 19

"7 tracks into Mariah's new album"

Randy Jackson was in town today, on his way to St. Petersburg, Florida to premiere his line of watches on HSN this Friday at 10pm.
I’ll tell you right now what he said about “American Idol”– he doesn’t know anything. He’s seven tracks into a new album with Mariah Carey, and saw her this week at her rented home in the Hamptons. We had lunch with a bunch of pretty fashion editors (and one other guy, from People). We talked music, mostly.

He’s waiting to see if he and Mariah are going to be “AI” judges, and what the future holds in store. But as I pointed out, he’s the heart of “Idol.” He’s the anchor. People will come and go, but he’s got to be there. The audience expects it. I think Fox gets that, too.

Source: Showbiz411 (All rights reserved - extract)
Posted on July 19

Q-Tip & Mariah
Yesterday Q-Tip (co-writer & co-producer of "Honey") tweeted to Mariah:
-" yo! It's Tash! U ain't gonnA be done w ur album till u see me! Remember we went number 1 2gether fool!Ha! "

Later, Mariahreplied:
"Qtash!!! Obviously, I've been trying to reach you to get pon de studio! Hellooo, I do recall our #1 song, dodo! Lol "

Posted on July 18

Rumor or not, in talks or not,  it works, full hype ..... Mariah's name is everywhere

From Nick
'American Idol' Can't Afford Mariah Carey!
"America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon says “American Idol” is going to have to show wife Mariah Carey the money if they want her!

TMZ caught up with the affable Cannon to ask him about rumors that Mariah may join “Idol” as a judge, following the departures of both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Nick joked:
"I don't know if they can afford Mariah Carey. That's a lot of money. If they gave J.Lo $20 million, they might have to double that!".  You never know, it's one of things, she's got an album coming out so there's promotional stuff..." 
Video here

Posted on July 16

Mariah's great great grandparents (on her mother' side)
At first I was not sure to post it when I received it 2 days ago, but as Mariah herself posted pics of her family in the Bye Bye video... and I thought it was maybe a way to distract you while waiting for MCSummer2012.  A big thanks again to Under60! (if you post this somewhere, please credit her)

John and Ellen Hickey, great great grandparents of Mariah, Ellen was the one coming from Ireland.

Click to enlarge

Posted on July 15

Throwback: in case you haven't seen it back in the days, Mariah in Venezuela looking for her relatives

Pay attention to the lil' girl on the show 

Click here to watch it

The pic that Mariah showed from her limo at the Maiquetia airport in Venezuela is a pic of her grandfather, Roberto Nunez. The presenter goes on to say that the picture was taken in 1918, when he was 22 years old (so he was born in 1896), his mother's name was Margarita Nunez, and that he's from the Venezuelan state of Zulia. So the show producers researched and found one Margarita Nunez in the public records of Zulia, and brought the relatives of Margarita Nunez to the show (Aura Nunes de Mendez, granddaughter to Margarita Nunez). Aura would be Mariah's second cousin, according to the presenter. Aura's grandfather apparently used to talk about a son who moved to the US and who changed his name to "Robert Carey" who was the oldest of 6 children born to him and Margarita.

Source for the link: Under60
Posted on July 14

Mariah to be part of Lee Daniels new movie "The Butler"
Remember, during an interview in Morocco, Mariah mentioned she would work with Lee again on his new project.  Now, several movie sites are listing her as part of the cast.

Matthew McConaughey, Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Alan Rickman. Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Jane Fonda, Liam Neeson, Lenny Kravitz and David Oyelowo are also on board.  Some of them will be supporting roles or cameos.

The story is based on Eugene Allen's life, a black man who worked in the White House for eight presidents, beginning in 1952.

Allen, who will be played by Whitaker, had a unique front-row seat as political and racial history were being made -- from the civil rights movement and Vietnam War to the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

Allen and his wife of 65 years marveled that a black man could be president. But on Election Day, Allen cast his vote alone; his wife had died the day before. Winfrey will play Allen's wife in The Butler.

According to Lee, "The Butler" is like "a black version of 'Forrest Gump,' "

Posted on July 14

Mariah all smiles

Rodney Jerkins aka Darkchild posted a pic of Mariah and him working in studio on Instagram.
Click to enlarge
Posted on July 13
"Writing lyrics in the car on the way to see Dem Babies waking up"

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 13
Mariah and Rodney Jerkins previous works
Many e-mails came in asking for which tracks they already collaborated, I may as well post it here too.

- Want You feat. Eric Benet - Glitter - co-produced by Rodney Jerkins (not 100% sure as he's not credited in the booklet but I remember he was quoted at that time, yes, I'm that old )
- So Lonely feat. Twista - The Emancipation of Mimi (Ultra Platinum edition)

Posted on July 12


Click to enlarge
Nick posted a pic of Mariah
Source: Nick on Twitter
Posted on July 12
Mariah and Rodney  in studio

Click to enlarge
Mariah now just tweeted a pic: "Tonight was a stone winner with the massively talented @RodneyJerkins"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 12
Here ya go!  Mariah and Rodney Jerkins (aka Darkchild) in studio

The July 9 and yesterdays Rodney tweets were indeed hints 

Mariah just tweeted:
 - "In the studio with RJ-yeaah, having a nice time! "

And Rodney tweeted:
- "In the studio experiencing 1 of those magical moments, where I'm hearing an absolutely amazing voice being sang to one my tracks. ?#GREATNESS"

Posted on July 12

Keep an eye on Darkchild's Twitter, you never know....

I posted a tweet from Rodney Jerkins (aka Darkchild) here on July 9 and he's tweeting he's working with one of the greatest artist ever tonight.....

Posted on July 11

After the X Factor saga, we will now have the American Idol saga......

I'm not even gonna post the article/rumor as we probably will have tons of speculations in the next days/weeks. If there's something, we will know in time.
Click here to read it.

Posted on July 11

Mariah still hard at work in studio!

And good news, we know the name of a new producer for her upcoming work.... it's no other than Jill e Beans..... 
"Just finished a long session with Jill e beans. She's producing now. Haaaaaa "

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 11

Spike Lee's "Bad" documentary about Michael Jackson to feature Mariah interview?
Remember Mariah tweeted a pic with Spike on the set of "Bad".  Now, info is out she's featured in it!

Besides Jackson's artistry, Lee said the documentary will show a more personal side of the late legend.

"He had a great sense of humor, and he was funny — so you'll see a lot of that stuff," he said.

Lee interviewed people ranging from Kanye West to Mariah Carey to L.A. Reid to Sheryl Crow, who was Jackson's background singer on the "Bad" tour.

"We really divided it into two things: Artists today who were influenced by Michael, and then people who worked side by side — musicians, songwriters, technicians, engineers, people at the label, who were all committed to Michael, to the follow-up to the biggest record of all time, which still is 'Thriller.'"

Besides the documentary, Lee also plans to hold his now annual birthday tribute to Jackson in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, on Aug. 25; Jackson would have turned 54 this year.

Source: Uticoad
Posted on July 10

Mariah to sell her Bahamas property?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Prepare to Part With Their Bahamas Wedding Estate 
The Bahamas estate that served as the site for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's secret seaside wedding four years ago is now on the market for $5.5 million. The 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home occupies a stretch of private beach on Windermere Island. A favorite holiday retreat for wealthy celebs and British royals, the island is accessible only by private helicopter or a guarded bridge — an ideal spot for hush ceremonies or secluded sunbathing. With a handsome new Hamptons vacation rental within the couple's reach, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are happy to try their hand at selling their former Bahamian love nest.

Source: CasaSugar
Posted on July 10

Whitney and Mariah (and now I'm waiting for stupid gossips and goats to pick it up and turn it the way they want  )

Exclusive Book Excerpt: BeBe Winans, 'The Whitney I Knew'

Contrary to popular thought, she loved to hear Mariah Carey sing. When Mariah burst onto the scene, Whitney called me and asked, "Did you hear that new girl, Mariah? Good Lord, she can sing!"

To give you an idea of how the media twists reality, allow me to expound on the Mariah Carey situation. Now, this story would probably embarrass Whitney a little, but I have to tell it. I think she'd understand that it's all in good fun.

When Mariah debuted, I'm sure people in the media couldn't wait to compare her to Whitney. I had heard of Mariah early on because my good friend, Rhett Lawrence, produced her first big single. I was at his house in California when he was raving about this new singer.

Well, as we all know, when Mariah came on the scene, she hit hard. And instantly the media created a "hate" between Whitney and Mariah. They were both going to be at the American Music Awards, and people were expecting some kind of fireworks because supposedly there was this massive tension between them. Again, this was a fabrication. They didn't hate each other; they didn't even know each other.

I could convince Whitney to do anything – pranks or whatever. We'd be hanging out and I'd tell her to do something, and she'd say, "You are not my father. Why do you think you my father? You think I'll just do whatever you tell me?" To which I'd reply, "Shut up, I am your father" – all in good fun, of course.

Well, we were at the American Music Awards, and I had persuaded Whitney that after her performance and her category were over, we would go to dinner. I'd also informed her that when we exited our seats, she would be the last one out, and that we were going to pass Mariah Carey on the way out.

"Here's what you do," I said. "You gonna stop and you gonna put out your hand and you gonna speak to her."

"I'm not gonna speak to her," Whitney replied.

"Yes, you are. You're going to be bigger than this whole situation." "I'm not . . ." "Yes, you are."

Her category finished and our little foursome started marching out to go to dinner – CeCe in front of me, Whitney's assistant, Robin, in front of her, and Whitney at the end of the line – just like I said. And Whitney did exactly as I told her to do. I didn't stop to listen to or watch their interaction; I just kept moving. The three of us piled into the car, and then Whitney blew in like a storm and slammed the door behind her. She was clearly upset and embarrassed.

"I'm going to kick your tail!" she said to me. "What happened?" "I'll never listen to you again." "Tell me what happened!"

"I did everything you said: I stopped. I put out my hand and said, 'Hi Mariah, I'm Whitney.' And when I stuck out my hand, she turned her head like she didn't hear anything I said and looked up at the sky."

"Oh no," I said. "Tell me that's not true."

"Oh, it's true. I was so embarrassed. There I stood, looking like an idiot. I'm never going to do what you tell me to do again." Thank God the media didn't see this. If they had, Whitney's and Mariah's brief exchange (or lack of it) would have been blown into epic proportions. They would have hated each other and not even known why – and all because it may have been so chaotic in that moment that Mariah didn't even hear Whitney. Unbelievable. Well, my idea didn't go very well, but we laughed at that whole awkward affair years later. And this incident didn't end up stopping those two from getting together in the future . . . after some further persuasion. When Whitney was approached with the opportunity to record a duet with Mariah, I encouraged her to do it. She wouldn't hear of it. "You crazy," she responded. "You know what happened last time I tried to do something nice. You don't know what you're saying, boy. You've lost your mind."

It wasn't that she disliked Mariah; she just didn't want to be embarrassed again. We talked a little more about it, but she finally said, "That ain't going to happen, BeBe." Then, only a few months later, she called me and sheepishly informed me of her latest news.

"Well," she began, dragging it out a bit, "you said it a few months ago – that I should do a duet with Mariah."

"No," I interrupted, "don't tell me you're doing it!"

"Yeah, Babyface wrote the song, and it's on."

I could tell she was very happy about the whole thing.

"Wow," I replied, "ain't that something! That's going to be incredible! But wait, you said you were never going to do something like that." We both laughed and laughed. Oh, how Whitney loved to laugh. Finally the two superstars met – two musical powerhouses who knew who they were outside of the pop world. And when they performed that Oscar-winning song together ("When You Believe" from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack), it was the catalyst for a great friendship between them. When I looked at Mariah at Whitney's funeral, all those memories came flooding back.

I share that story for two reasons. First, as an example of the gross exaggerations the media likes to spin on celebrities and also to communicate Whitney's honest love for her peers. She loved other singers and was always up on who was new and fresh. Second, I wanted to depict the scene within the church the day of her funeral. Each person sitting in that sanctuary represented both the good and the bad of Whitney's life.

When I say good and bad, I simply mean the wonderful make-up of this life in general. That's what makes life so beautiful: the fun and the boring, the misunderstandings and the epiphanies. All of it mixes together on the canvas of our lives. When I saw Mariah at Whitney's homegoing, I saw a specific brushstroke of Whitney's life. That brushstroke touched other brushstrokes. Together the strokes formed a masterpiece.

Click here to read the full article about Whitney

Posted on July 9

A vision of love! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon rent a resort-style mega mansion in The Hamptons

Click here to read the article and watch the pics of that beautiful place!

Posted on July 9

Rodney Jerkins (aka Darkchild) about Mariah

- Sitting here listening to @MariahCarey Number Ones album! AMAZING singer and songwriter! ?#TIMELESSMUSIC

Source: Rodney Jerkins on Twitter
Posted on July 9

Nice and patient as always, Big Jim is answering some questions about "MC piano"
- I play piano for @MariahCarey a lot different then I do on other recordings. She loves a certain style of piano.

And to answer the questions about new work
-  ~ real soon!! 
- ~ Be patient :) 

Source: Big Jim on Twitter
Posted on July 9

MCSummer 2012 banners (updated)
Keep them coming!
Posted on July 9
MC piano coming
Whatever it means, it was tweeted by Big Jim
Posted on July 7
US fans, here's your chance to attend Russell Simmons' Charity Gala and see Mariah & Nick being honored!

Just click here, and good luck!!!!!

Posted on July 6

Guys, I didn't forget to post Mariah and Nick will be honored at Russell Simmons' charity event on July 28, no need to post it twice, it was already posted here on June 12
Posted on July 5
MCSummer 2012 banners (updated)
Keep them coming!
Posted on July 5
Mariah's tribute to Whitney inspired fans
Sinjin, as usual, made a great drawing and Mandy made a very moving tribute titled "Don't cry, Whitney will always be with us"

Click to enlarge
Posted on July 4
MCSummer 2012 & No Leak, No Piracy banners (updated)
Keep them coming!
Posted on July 4
Adorable lil' Monroe!!!

Click to enlarge
Source: Nick - Michelle by e-mail
Posted on July 4
Banners are coming in, if you want to make funny ones, it's welcome too 
Posted on July 3
Rumors, rumors, rumors.........
Posted on July 3
MCSummer 2012 (updated)
If you feel like doing some artworks too, please send them my way 

Click to enlarge
Thanks Sharwaan, Gustavo, Ashanique, Suzie, Vanessa, TeamMariah327, Vasek, Gregory, Aries
Posted on July 2

No Leak, No piracy!!!! (updated)
If you feel like doing some banners too, please send them my way, also feel free to use them when needed 

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Sharwaan, Stéphanie, Maud, Suzie, Vanessa, Vahe
Posted on July 2

Finally a HQ link of Mariah's tribute to Whitney

Click here to watch it.

Posted on July 2

Mariah Carey pays emotional tribute to friend Whitney Houston

Mariah Carey struggled to hold back her tears as she paid a heartfelt tribute to her peer and friend Whitney Houston, saying "you couldn't help but love her."

Mariah, who became close with Whitney when the pair worked on the Academy Award winning Prince of Egypt soundtrack, said she would never forget the first time she heard Whitney sing, recalling the moment at last night's Bet Awards.

She said: "The first time I heard Whitney's voice, I was mesmerised like the rest of the world.

"Just an unknown, budding singer myself, I was captivated by the power in her range, the richness of her tone and her unique ability to wrap a lyric in emotion," the tearful singer said.

Far from claims made in the past, Mariah insisted that there was never any rivalry between the pair– despite admitting "One thing we all know is that Whitney was not to be toyed with."

The 42-year-old singer, who once sang a duet with the tragic singer, laughed off the rumours, saying: "We really got to know each other as people. Not divas - okay, maybe occasionally it did get a little diva-ish - but that was just for laughs."

The blonde singer fought to keep her composure as she recalled her friend, describing her as "a hilarious person with a cutting sense of humour, she was real and she kept it real and that's why we got along so well."

Mariah, who last saw the infamous diva a year ago in London, added: "I miss my friend. I miss hearing her voice and laughter. But we'll always have the music."

Source: DailyExpress (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 2

Mariah pays tribute to Whitney Houston at the BET Awards

Moving speech that you can watch here or here

Click to enlarge

Source for the pics: Zimbio - Twitter (via Under60)
Posted on July 2

Mariah featured in the "Best Photos of the week" section on Billboard with a pic of her in London
Click here to access it
Posted on July 1
Please vote for Mariah !!!!!
Trench Warfare: Victoria Beckham vs. Mariah Carey
Click here to vote!
Source: E!Online - Under60
Posted on July 1
Mariah all smiles in the UK
Mariah made a short trip to the UK to celebrate Prince Azim's birthday!

Arriving in London and meeting fans

Prince Azim party

London at night

Source: C.U. - Zimbio
Posted on July 1


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