July 2013 - Heroes of Mariah
Nick Cannon: I Gotta Make That Mariah Paper!

FT: I’ve heard you say in previous interviews that part of what motivates you is to make some of that Mariah money. 

NC: I gotta make that Mariah paper!

FT: What’s it like being married to a top-earning woman?

NC: A lot of people think I would go the other way and [say], “My wife, she’s got it, she’s a billionaire. I’ll just sit at home and watch TV.”  But it makes you want to work harder when you see someone with the work ethic like Mariah’s, who never stops, who’s accomplished so many things, but still wakes up every day and wants more out of life…not even financially, just wants to do more things and accomplish more things. It’s like “Wow, if she’s that driven, I gotta go just as hard.” We’re a house of driven individuals.

FT: It takes a certain kind of man to be a team member in that relationship.

NC: You gotta be really secure with who you are to be able to stand next to someone like that with such a beautiful spotlight, you know?

Source: YahooFinance (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on July 31

Video! nick Cannon Talks Mariah's Recovery at IAMS Event

Click here to watch it

Posted on July 31

Congrats Mariah!!!!!!  #Beautiful Platinum in the US

With a total sales of 1,001,812 copies since its release, #Beautiful is Platinum in the US

Source: Chartnews - Billboard - anasorH
Posted on July 31

Billboard Hot 100 55th Anniversary: The All-Time Top 100 Songs

Since a few days, Billboard is making a countdown to the "All-Time Top 100 Songs", today "One Sweet Day" by MariahCarey & Boyz II Men was #34 (more songs will be revealed tomorrow)

Posted on July 30

Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Is 'So Connected' as a Mother 

When he’s not punching the clock, Cannon is spending time with his wife, Mariah Carey, and their two-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

On how he and wife Mariah Carey juggle busy careers and parenthood.
“Family is always first. We’re a 24-hour household. Someone is always up with the kids – we get to spend time with each other that way, up with the kids at three in the morning. We’re constantly with each other. A lot of people have nine-to-fives where they have to be away from their family throughout the day, so I think we might even get to spend more time with our kids than most people because we don’t work nine-to-five straight. Yesterday, I was flying a kite with my kid in the middle of the day, even though it wasn’t a weekend, most people don’t get to do that. It’s a good lifestyle—even with our lifestyle, we still get to put family first.”

On what it’s like having two-year-olds running around the house.
“It’s fun. I think I have more fun with my kids than I’ve ever had. Like I said, flying a kite yesterday – the last time I did that I was a kid! Doing that type of stuff is amazing.”

On what would surprise people to know about Mariah as a mom.
“She cooks for the kids and helps them with their alphabet and their math. She’s so connected and does everything you think a mother would do.”

On Mariah’s recent injury while filming a video for the remix of her hit “#Beautiful.”
“She’s feeling much better. She still doesn’t have full use of her right hand yet because of the nerve damage, but she’ll heal up and hopefully be back to normal. Her shoulder is back in place and her ribs are feeling better, but she’s just looking forward to using her hand again.”

On her recent performance at the Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert in New York City’s Central Park.
“You have to use your ribs to sing and hit those notes, so for her to be able to hit those notes in that much pain was tremendous.”

Source: Parade (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on July 30

Update: The original source is the National Enquirer with a lot of disses towards Nick, so.........

Mariah helping Arsenio to plan the launch of his new late-night show this fall ?

Several sources report it, as long as it's not confirmed let's take it as a rumor.

Posted on July 30

Final touches on the new album

"Working on one of my favorite songs right now'
Source: Mariah's Twitter
Posted on July 29
New pic: Mariah in "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Click to enlarge
Source: Ent W
Posted on July 29
Bloopers Reel ............. only Mariah 

This is what happened when MC was asked to tape video liners for #Beautiful after a 14 hours work day back in May.

Click here to watch

Source: Mariah
Posted on July 29

New pic!  Get well soon Mariah!!!!!

"Helping my good friend MC move around despite her injuries"

Source: JD
Posted on July 26

"Mommy has a boo boo"

Nick is helping Mariah the best he can when he's home
"I just try to be the best supportive husband I can be . . . I help dial numbers on her iPhone and finish text messages. It’s everything she would ever do with her right hand.” 
Monroe and Moroccan  understand “Mommy has a boo boo.”

Source: PageSix
Posted on July 25

11 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 (Top 40)

Mariah's #Beautiful feat. Miguel is #37 on the Billboard Hot 100, it's in the chart (Top 40) for 11 weeks now!!

Posted on July 25

Transcript of Mariah's voice message 

The transcript of Mariah's voice message is up on her official site!

Posted on July 24

"The Butler" renamed "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

Following a legal battle, "The Butler" had to be renamed "Lee Daniels' The Butler".  Warner Bros. still retains the rights of the title for the1916 short film The Butler.

The movie will is out on August 16 in the US (and in fall in most of European countries).  Expect Mariah's small part to be absolutely .......

Posted on July 24

While waiting for the official video ......

The official video to Mariah's #Beautiful remix feat. Miguel and Jeezy will be released very soon.  While waiting for it, take a look at that one made with "Imvu" by dylanguccimvu. Great job!!!

Posted on July 24

Mariah's voice message to the fans

Mariah announced she couldn't unfortunately do the 7/23 lamb moment, she's still in a lot of pain and is slowly recovering.
She's still putting final touches on her new album.
She made us listen a snippet of a new #Beautiful Dance remix with new vocals.

Click here to listen to her message

Posted on July 24

Mariah is recovering in the Hamptons

According to Nick, Mariah is actually recovering from her injuries in the Hamptons.

Source for the info:  Jonas by e-mail
Posted on July 23

Nick gives Mariah health update

Mariah Carey continues to recover from a shoulder injury she suffered while on the set of her new music video earlier this month. Just days after being hospitazlied, she appeared at the MLB All-Star Charity Concert in New York looking and sounding great -- and quite stylish in a fashion-forward sling.

On Monday, her husband, Nick Cannon, told CBSNews.com that Carey continues to feel better, but noted, "She still has a lot of nerve damage in her arm so she can't really move her arm all the way. So she's still in the sling. And she still has issues with her ribs and everything. But the doctors says a lot of rest and relaxation and she'll be back to normal in no time."

Cannon said Carey, 43, is still working on her new album, too, noting: "That's her main focus right now."

Source: CBS News - LoveMariahC 
Posted on July 22

Mariah to be guest-star in American Dad

Mariah will lend her voice again in an upcoming American Dad episode as a ......  redneck animal handler 

The new season starts on September 29, there's no date known yet for the episode featuring Mariah.

Source: AmericanDad Fox - tvfiends
Posted on July 20

Puppy therapy with The Reverend Pow Jackson

Source: Mariah's Twitter
Posted on July 19
Walmart ???

They sent out e-mails with a release date for Mariah's new album, I've been told it's NOT true !!!!

Posted on July 19

Mariah's #Beautiful remix feat. Miguel & Jeezy produced by DJ Mustard

Maybe you guys know it already (maybe the info came out while I was on vacation), the remix was produced by no other than DJ Mustard, no wonder it has a killer beat!

Posted on July 19

Documentary DVD on the way?

Raffael (who's apparently working for magazines) tweeted the day of Mariah's concert in Central Park so we were a lot to see his tweet and seems many fans asked for more info.

- We're recording for Mariah Carey's Documentary!  Coming soon

Today he tweeted some more info:

- Mariah fans..... The documentary is going to be a DVD... It's official, now exit my mentions

Posted on July 19

While shooting the #Hermosa video in Capri

Source: Mariah's Twitter
Posted on July 18
Billboard charts for Mariah's #Beautiful feat. Miguel 

- Hot 100: #23 (-6)
- Hot Digital Songs: #17 (-4)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #7 (-3)
- R&B Songs: #3 (-1)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #42 (-3)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs #5 (-1)
- R&B Streaming Songs: #3 (+1)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Streaming Songs: #9 (=)

Posted on July 18

The backstage adventures from Central Park on Saturday! 

Click hereto watch it (and too cute moment at the end)

Posted on July 17

This is great!!! 

Show us YOUR Spanglish skills! Sing #Hermosa with Mariah and Miguel , click here

Source: Mariah's Twitter
Posted on July 17

Oz the Great and Powerful out now on DVD and Blu-Ray

Be sure to pick up your copy!!!!!!!!

"When you're almost there and you're almost home......"

Posted on July 16

Go get it!!!!!!

the #Beautiful remixes are now available on iTunes worldwide!

- Mariah Carey #Beautiful remix feat. Miguel & Jeezy - get it
- Mariah Carey #Beautiful remix feat. Miguel & A$AP Rocky - get it

And if it's not done yet:

- Mariah Carey #Beautiful feat.Miguel (Clean) - get it
- Mariah Carey #Beautiful feat. Miguel (Explicit) - get it
- Mariah Carey #Hermosa (#Beautiful Spanglish Version) - get it

Posted on July 15

Stunning and moving!!

Ultra high quality video of Mariah performing "Looking In" last night.

Source for the link: Shino
Posted on July 14

Mariah, Bruised and Hurting, Plays Central Park Show for Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Mariah Carey soldiered on and last night, and shouldered on. She kept her promise and sang– very much live and in great voice–at a Major League Baseball event that raised money for survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Mariah brought her back up singers and sang with the New York Philharmonic led by Alan Gilbert.

This was no small feat. She has a painful dislocated shoulder in a sling, and it is extremely bruised. She covered it up her sling with three ingenious get ups that were put together by her old friend designer Wilfredo Rosado. One we called the Bling Sling, white and dotted with Swarovski crystals. Then she covered that one up with a white goose feathers. And a third was a ripped up black Gucci jacket.

On top of this, Mariah came and went from the stage on a elevator platform, so that she emerged and then disappeared as if through a trap door. Again, she has nerve damage in her right arm. And when we saw the actual purple bruise on her arm backstage, there was audible gasping. The fact that she came, dressed, and sang the hell of out of four songs was pretty cool.

And you could hear her singing live– live– clear across Central Park. She sang “My All” and “Looking In” in the first half. (She got a little teary verklempt during the latter and paused briefly.) She returned to do a bit of “#Beautiful” and then banged out “Hero” with a gospel choir. Her voice was extremely strong and very much in good shape.

Backstage Mariah chatted with her mom and played with her two kids, Roc and Mo (Roe), the twin boy and girl who were really unbelievably cute. The little girl is a doll, and does a hysterical imitation of Mariah that includes Mariah’s hand gestures. Roc is a mini Nick Cannon, with a high forehead, a forest of hair that stands right up and he’s a bundle of energy.

An orthopedic doctor was backstage doing some therapy with Mariah on her arm when I made a brief pass through. “Did you ever see anything like this?”  she said, all the while playing with the kids.

PS : Mariah says work is continuing on her album, which was delayed but, she assured me, is coming. “I can’t wait for you to hear it.” Randy Jackson was a guest star tonight on guitar, and he’s in town helping Mariah put on the finishing touches.

Source: Roger Friedman for Showbiz411
Posted on July 14

The Show Goes On For Mariah In Central Park

Mariah Carey, who last Sunday injured her shoulder while shooting a music video, turned up Saturday night at Central Park's Great Lawn in a dazzling, form-fitting white gown by Natalia Danilova -- and matching sling. Carey had only recently left the hospital, but she was set to perform as a guest of the New York Philharmonic at the Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert, benefiting relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

"I'm not in the best of health here," she said, pointing to her "fanciful" sling: "It was us getting creative." As a finishing touch, she draped it in a feather stole -- by Gucci, no less. "Is this working? Do we like it?" she rhetorically asked the crowd, who roared its approval.

Carey sang two numbers before intermission, a husky, impassioned My All and Looking In. She noted that the latter was a more obscure entry from her 1995 album Daydream: "This requires a bit more stability than I have right now," she said, then started in her airier voice, later encouraging "people who know it" to "sing along."

Ending the mini-set in equally dramatic fashion, she asked her fans to "wait for me. I love you madly. I love you madly."

When she returned, Carey was all in black, sling included. "I'm sorry if I was a little emotional before," she said. "I'm in a tiny bit of pain."

A spokesperson for Carey said that the singer was "actually in a lot of pain," with "bruised ribs, dislocated shoulder, temporary nerve damage in her arm." But she rallied again, delivering her current single #Beautiful in a robust alto embellished with her trademark coloratura high notes near the end.

She again thanked the Philharmonic, and another supporting musician: her longtime colleague and former fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson, who was playing guitar.

The concert, which fans attended for free -- sponsors provided the funds to Sandy Relief

Carey, a native New Yorker herself, wrapped the concert with a song she said felt appropriate, Hero. "God bless you," she told the crowd and, not to be upstaged, exited before a fireworks display brought the evening to a close.

Source: USA Today (All rights reserved)
Posted on July 14

Brave Mariah in Central Park last night!!

- My All - click here
- Looking In - click here (Big thanks to Deniece)
- #Beautiful - click here
- Hero - click here (snippet)
According to her publicist, Mariah had to scrap We Belong Together due to painful breathing/fractured ribs.


Too painful to try to covering the bruises

Leaving for Central Park

Performing (and getting really emotional during "Looking In")

Posted on July 14

Updates tomorrow ....

It's very late and it was an emotional night, while waiting to read/see it here, you'll find all updates about Mariah's concert, articles/pics/videos on my Twitter

Posted on July 13

Last minute production meeting

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on July 13
Mariah spotted in NY yesterday

Click here to see more pics
Source for the link: Amaury by e-mail
Posted on July 13
Show must go on !!!!

Mariah tweeted and shared a lil' vid from when she was leaving the hospital.

"Thanks all for the well wishes <3 Still in a lot of pain - cracked rib, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, but the show must go on.
In a sling, but will do my best to make it look good w/ the ensemble Sat w/ the NY philharmonic, an amazing honor for such a great cause."

Posted on July 11

Billboard charts for Mariah's #Beautiful feat. Miguel 

- Hot 100: #17 (=)
- Radio Songs (Airplay): #36 (-11)
- Hot Digital Songs: #13 (+5)
- Pop Songs: out 
- R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #4 (=)
- R&B Songs: #2 (=)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay: #39 (-1)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs #4 (=)
- R&B Streaming Songs: #4 (-1)
- R&B/Hip-Hop Streaming Songs: #9 (=)

Posted on July 11


Mariah celebrating 4th of July, then with Jeezy on set of the #Beautiful remix and unfotunately in hospital...
Source: Eddie, Jeezy, Mariah
Posted on July 10
She's a trooper !!

Mariah not only dislocated her shoulder, she cracked a rib and chipped her shoulder bone too.

According to Nick (on Today) Mariah fell from a platform while filming a video for the remix of #Beautiful. 

"She was in this nice, beautiful gown, heels on and everything, and was kind of on this platform and reached and slipped and fell on her whole side," he explained.

But despite the wounds, Cannon insists his wife handled it all like "a trooper." He should know -- he served as director at the shoot.

"I was going to rush to the hospital with her, (but she said,) 'You get back in there and finish that video!' " he recalled. "Then, after they put (her) shoulder back in place, bandaged her all up, she came back to the video early in the morning and finished out everything."

Cannon said Carey just wants a good video after all that went into making it.

The singer's now following doctors' orders and is taking it easy ahead of a big charity performance in Central Park on Saturday, which will benefit the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Posted on July 10


Back from my first lil' break, I'll not update what happened during my break, I'm sure y'all know it already.

Posted on July 10


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