June 2012 - Heroes of Mariah
I'm taking a break, I'll try to check Twitter here and there to support Mariah!
MC Summer 2012
Rumors, rumors, rumors.................
Forums, messageboards, Twitter, someone's daughter, everyone is coming up with infos/news/rumors.
The ONLY official source is of course Mariah !!!!!
Posted on June 21
JD posted a pic of Mariah, L.A Reid and Leah Labelle from the party that took place in April

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Source: JD on Twitter
Posted on June 21
MC Summer 2012: Mariah grindin' hard

JD just tweeted:
- I woke up this morning and changed my schedule something crazy for the queen @mariahcarey
- I'm leaving NY right now,to go home and work in the studio and come right back at 6 am SMH

Posted on June 20

Yoann's Mariah Awards collection!

Absolutely great!!!!
Click to enlarge.
Source: Yoann
Posted on June 20
MC Summer 2012, it's already mixing time!

So.. Summer 2012.. Been in the lab, mixing up some concoctions for you, hope you like it!! #MCSummer2012

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 19

Wondering if Mariah will attend and/or perform in NY end June?
Maybe, maybe not, time to grab popcorn 

Posted on June 19

It's still Shhhhhhh for now
Whatever you may read on Twitter/forums or whatever, keep in mind the ONLY official sources are Mariah (of course) and MariahAlerts!!!!!
Posted on June 19
Mariah and Spike Lee

"Here with the legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, sharing a special moment honoring Michael Jackson's BAD 25th anniversary."
As posted by Spike Lee, Mariah was on set of his documentary-BAD 25
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 18
MC Summer 2012

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 18
Bring It On Home written during rehearsals
Yesterday, at the Obama For America event Mariah told the audience, she wrote the song during rehearsals and she had the lyrics on stage so she wouldn't forget them.
Posted on June 15
Mariah's Bring It On Home snippet

He promised it, he did it, click here and enjoy (of course it's not a professional recording but we get an idea  )

Posted on June 15

Bring It On Home
"Strength is what we need and love keeps us alive..."

- Mariah Carey stayed true to form...hilarious stage requests and antics! She was awesome!
- Mariah Carey debut a new song she just wrote for President Obama during soundcheck! It was dope! #Obama2012
- When Mariah Carey performed "We Belong Together" for President Obama she gave huge s/o to @Mr_Dupri #Obama2012

And now......
- Wow!s/o 2 ALL the Mariah Carey fans!U guys R going IN on my feed! I'm sure she appreciates!I can't respond 2 all but will upload video 2nite

So be sure to ckeck Mike Muse on Twitter

Posted on June 14/15

Mariah performs a new song she wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariah just finished performing 3 songs at the Plaza Hotel for the President Obama and the First Lady.
- Hero, We Belong Together and Bring It On Home, a song she wrote especially for the event.

STANDING OVATION 4 Mariah at the Obama For America event at the Plaza in NY! BRING IT ON HOME floors the audience! MC Gorgeous in Vera Wang
Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah and MariahAlerts on Twitter
Source for the pics: Robert Diamond - Mike - Mariah - Cindi Berger
Posted on June 14

Mariah to perform at the Plaza Hotel today!!!!!
Mariah tweeted it herself!
"BEYOND EXCITED to perform in support of the president and the first lady tomorrow! #VocalRest #ObamaForAmerica"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 14
Beautiful Mariah with Jill E. Beans

"Ok, apparently my dog likes strawberries, should I be concerned? Jill E. Beans!"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 14
MC Summer 2012!

According  to Joey Arbagey (@joeyarbagey) it will be MC Summer 2012

Posted on June 13

Mariah heading to the studio! (and she's........ late  )

Click to enlarge
A bigger version of the pic is available on Mariah's Twitter
Posted on June 13
New pics of Mariah in Capri surface

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Source: Mandy
Posted on June 12
New Heroes of Mariah contest for US fans ONLY


If you're following me on Twitter, are a US citizen and already bought The Essential, this is for you!!!!  Head over to my Twitter to try to win a surprise.  Good luck y'all!!!!!!!!

Posted on June 12

Mariah is hard at work!!!!!!
Earlier today DJ Clue tweeted he will be in studio with Mariah tonight and Joey Arbagey (@joeyarbagey) tweeted to Mariah:
"Let's get this pop club lamb party started! :)"

He's also replying to fans, see by yourself on his Twitter

Some of you may remember Joey was supervising remixes for "The Emancipation of Mimi"

Source for the Joey Arbagey link: mccfan11 on our forum
Posted on June 12

More info coming from the Charity Gala's official site

Russell Simmons, Danny Simmons, and the Board of Directors of Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation invite you to

Living In Color

Thirteenth Annual Garden Party Gala at Russell Simmons’ East Hampton Estate
JULY 28, 2012

6pm Cocktails
7pm Dinner and Program

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Betsy Z. Cohen, CEO, Bancorp, Inc.
Tamia and Grant Hill, Tamia and Grant Hill Foundation
Marc J. Leder, Co-CEO, Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Honorary Chair
Kimora Lee Simmons

Event Chairs
Frank and Nina Cooper, PepsiCo
Rick Davidson
Bobby and Jill Zarin

Soledad O’Brien

Special Performances By
Anita Baker
Diggy Simmons

The summer’s hottest colors
Rush Orange, Aqua Blue, Chartreuse, and Fuchsia

Individual tickets from $1,500 and Tables of 10 from $15,000

Click here for other infos and poster

Source for the link: Under60
Posted on June 12

Russell Simmons' charity Garden Party Gala July 28th honoring Mariah Carey

Jill Zarin, Russell Simmons Hosting Mariah Carey Charity Party
Jill Zarin may no longer be welcome in the "Real Housewives of New York" gang, but that's okay -- this former reality star is movin' on up. Now, Zarin is hanging with Mariah Carey.

“Bobby [Zarin] and I are proud to be co-chairing Russell Simmons' [Garden Party Gala] July 28th," Jill said in an email pre-invitation to her friends and big-money donors. "It will be at Russell’s home in East Hampton, honoring Mariah Carey and incredible guest stars. It is the one event this summer you don't want to miss.”

One of the highlights of the crowded summer social calendar, the annual event is a staple among the Hampton's elite. Dinner is served under a tent on Russell’s back lawn, followed by a celebrity auction and star performance -- this year, Carey will take the stage.

“It’s an honor to be asked to co-chair this event,” a friend of Russell’s tells me. “You have to be able to deliver a special crowd that is willing to spend big money at the Art for Life charity.”

Source: HuffingtonPost - Under60
Posted on June 12

Mariah in studio!

Click to enlarge
A bigger version of the pic is available on Mariah's Twitter
Posted on June 12
Alicia Keys set to co-host the fundraisers 4 President Obama at the Plaza Hotel
At least according to the NY Post:

Sarah Jessica Parker and series creator Darren Star are holding competing fund-raisers for President  Obama in New York on Thursday night.

Parker, teaming up with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, is throwing a party at the West Village townhouse she owns with Matthew Broderick, while Star, along with Architectural Digest editor Margaret Russell, is hosting an event at The Plaza hotel.

Star has also teamed up with co-host Alicia Keys on the event and arranged a performance by Mariah Carey.

The president and First Lady Michelle Obama are expected to attend both fund-raisers. They will first head to Parker and Wintour’s bash and mingle with fashion heavyweights including Kenneth Cole and Vera Wang, as well as architect and interior designer Daniel Romualdez.

Posted on June 10

New great quality footages of Mariah's performances in Monaco
I tweeted it yesterday but couldn't post it here as my ftp client seemed to have some problems....

Anyway, click here and enjoy

Source: Lauriane
Posted on June10

Designer Wilfredo Rosado’s Postcard from Morocco, Capri, and Monte Carlo
Before launching his namesake fine-jewelry line, designer Wilfredo Rosado worked as fashion director at Armani. It was during his time there that he struck up a friendship with Mariah Carey while he helped dress her for events (circa 1990, the same year her debut album, Mariah Carey, was released). They remain friends, and recently Carey invited Rosado and a few other pals to join her on a get-away to Morocco, Capri, and Monte Carlo

"My travel buddies, [from left to right] Louise McNally, Kristofer Buckle, me, Mariah Carey, Rachel McIntosh, Erica Jackson, and Randy Jackson.”
Click to enlarge

“Going for a spin in The Marlin. Built in the 1930’s, it was owned by the Kennedy family from 1952 to 1970 and it is now owned by Diego Della Valle, who invited us on board to cruise around Capri.”
Click to enlarge

“Mariah enjoying the sea breeze.” 
Click to enlarge

Source: Style (All rights reserved)
Posted on June 8

Good luck running after them 

Nick Cannon: Twins Are Taking Their First Steps

While his wife Mariah Carey has been photographed  in Capri, Monaco and Morocco with their 13-month old twins Moroccan and Monroe, Nick Cannon stuck around to take the reins behind the camera – directing his first feature film.

But, he admits, it's very hard being away from his family, especially now that the twins have recently taken their first steps.

"I try to not go seven days without seeing them. I'll be with them this weekend," Cannon, 31, tells PEOPLE from the Norwalk, Calif., movie set of School Dance, a coming-of-age comedy that he co-wrote and is also producing.

"They are taking steps and figuring it out, but I wouldn't say they are walking yet," he says. "I thought walking was, like, one day you stand and then you just start walking. I didn't know it was a process. There's a lot of falling. They take a few steps and then fall and go right back to crawling."

So which twin will master their unassisted waddle first? It's either's game, says Dad. "Roc can balance himself a lot better. He can stand and bounce without falling for a long time. But Monroe takes more steps than he does."

Happily, after battling kidney failure, blood clots and autoimmune disease, Cannon's health is back on track. "The doctor says I am cured," says the America's Got Talent host.

His new diet, which required him to cut out fried and processed foods, along with proper rest and a 30-45 minute daily boxing workout, is pumping him with much needed energy – to chase his twins around the house.

Not that it's been easy adhering to his diet. "I had some salt 'n vinegar chips for the first time a week ago," he admits. "I was like, 'Man, these things have never tasted so good.' "

Still, he's stayed pretty disciplined thanks to his wife, whom Cannon calls Dr. Carey. "She made sure I was eating what I was supposed to be eating, not overdoing it, resting, and following the doctors' orders."

Even so, there is one order he still refuses to follow. Carey wishes he'd stop boxing. "It's still a big secret," he says kiddingly about getting back into the ring. "Don't tell her." 

Source: People (All rights reserved) - LoveMariahC
Posted on June 7

Mariah's concert/performance on June 14 will be at the Plaza Hotel
According to Roger Friedman Mariah's concert/performances will be at the Plaza Hotel and will follow the Sarah Jessica Parker fundraiser.

Hope one of my US visitors or Twitter followers will be picked at random to attend. (see the June 3 link).  Even if critics came in for the link I posted, I know (well, I hope) no one is dumb enough to support a candidate they don't like just to try to attend Mariah's concert !!!

Posted on June 6

Mariah and the kids arriving in Nice and Monaco on the night of May 30 to June 1

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Posted on June 5
Mariah was in studio with DJ Clue

While Mariah was still in Italy, Clue already tweeted her to get back in studio, on June 3 he tweeted he was going in studio and today he tweeted a pic of him and Mariah.
"Light Throwback ! Me & @MariahCarey"

Click to enlarge
Posted on June 5

Some other beautiful pics of Mariah in Isghl shared by my Twitter friend @NJMC11

Click to enlarge
Posted on June 5
The Monaco show was almost canceled
Saturday afternoon, my friend Romuald sent me a pic of firefighters in front of the Salle des Etoiles in Monaco, not knowing exactly what happened.  Now french newspaper Nice Matin reports there was a fire in the technical areas of the venue and the show was almost canceled.  It also explains why the diner started later and so did the concert.
Posted on June 4
Monaco performances
I better put them all in one post

- It's Like That (clip) - click here
- Underneath The Stars - click here
- I'll Be There - click here
- Obsessed: clip 1 - clip 2
- Touch My Body (audio) - click here
- Can't Take That Away (audio) - click here
- Always Be My Baby  - click here
- Heartbreaker (clip) - click here
- My All - click here
- Honey - Click here
- We Belong Together - click here
- Hero  - click here

Source: Violaine - Alicia - Julien - Sab (on our forum) 
Posted on June 4

Great !!!!!! Mariah performing "My All" in Monaco

Click here to watch it and enjoy.

Source: Julien on Twitter
Posted on June 4

Perfect sound!!!! Another video of Mariah performing "Hero" in Monaco

Click here to watch it and enjoy.

Other videos by Violaine will follow

Source: Violaine on Twitter
Posted on June 3

US fans ONLY
If you want to support President Obama's re-election fundraiser hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour and try your luck to attend Mariah's private concert, it's NOW, it ends tomorrow!
Click here to support and take part in the fundraiser.
Posted on June 3
Mariah before the Monaco soirée/concert

"Getting ready to go on stage, last night in Monaco"
Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on June 3
Mariah concert on June 14

Wow & wow!!!!  my friend Alex is among the potential winners to attend the fundraiser for President Obama
On May 18 (posted here too), the info came out Sarah Jessica Parker would host a re-election fundraiser, supporters who donated even $3 would be entered in a raffle to attend the glitzy June 14 event.

My friend Alex just got info it's a go!!!
Click to enlarge
Posted on June 3

Mariah performing "Hero" in Monaco

And at the end you can see the "most wanted guy" by the French fans lol, I laugh but in a way it's scary this could happen.....
Mariah: "security is impeccable here" 
Click here to watch Mariah's performance.

Source for the link: Adrian
Posted on June 3

Gorgeous Mariah in Monaco last night

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U
Posted on June 3
"They can say, anything they want to say, try to bring me down" - It has never been more appropriate!!
Tell em girl! Tell em!  Tell the world!!!!!!!!
Posted on June 2
Mariah's soirée/concert in Monaco
- Fantasy intro
- It's Like That
- Shake It Off 
- Underneath The Stars
- I'll Be There with Trey
- Trey - Rock with You
- Obsessed
- Touch My Body
- Can't Take That Away
- Always Be My Baby
- Band Intro
- Love Hangover / Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- My All
- Honey
- We Belong Together
- Hero

Some pics are up on this Twitter link

Posted on June 2

Mariah in Capri, the paps were there

Click to enlarge
There are more on DailyMail's site
Source: DailyMail (All rights reserved) 
Posted on June 1
22 years ago today........
On June First in 1990, Mariah made her national TV debut on the "Arsenio Hall Show," performing "Vision of Love."
Posted on June 1


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