Heroes of Mariah - March 2001
Mariah on a Latino compilation
A compilation called "Divas Cantan En Español" was released a few times ago in Latin America, now this compilation is available in import in the US.  Amongst many artists, there's Mariah with "Mi Todo".  Unfortunately, this compilation will not be released or imported here.  But, why talk so much about this compilation, 'cause, there's months or years that we were able to buy all the spanish songs of Mariah in on-line Mexican stores?
Trey Lorenz featured on "All That Glitters"?
A DJ said that he heard that Trey Lorenz sings "Kiss" by Prince on the soundtrack and that Mariah sang the background vocals.  Well, the DJ heard, where did he heard that?  And from who?  In any case not from us :-)
A German magazine knows the real age of Mariah :-)
The German magazine "Viel Spaß" features Mariah's birthday in their birthday section.  They say that Mariah is 54.  What is Mariah's secret to appear so young? :-)
Happy Birthday Mariah!
Mr and Mrs Carey or Mr and Mrs Miguel?
We don't care, as long that Mariah is happy.  'Cause we see in the Oh Holy Night 2000 video that Mariah is really happy. Luis!  If it's you who makes Mariah so happy, thank you!
Mariah with or without Sony?
We can all read everywhere that Mariah will maybe leave Sony and will maybe sign a contract with Warner Bros., Interscope, Universal or Jive.  Of course it's easy to give this kind of news, if the press mentioned all the labels they will all be able to say we were right.
All is ready for All That Glitters
Here are the credits and the cast : 
All That Glitters (2001)
Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall 
Writing credits: Kate Lanier 
Genre: Drama / Romance 
Tagline: A strength to survive.  A desire to dream.
Plot Outline: Similar to Mariah's life story.  Mariah plays the role of a young singer who is eager to become a big star. She
dates a DJ who helps her get into the music business. 
Credited cast overview: 
Mariah Carey as Billie, Eric Benet as Ceasar, Kyle Thrash as Mariah's half brother William, Chris Tessaro as a producer, 
Emanuel Arruda as night club owner, Max Beesley as D.J. Dice, Da Brat as Louise, and the follow actors, Dorian Harewood, Terrence Dashon Howard, Padme Lakshmi, Ann
Magnuson, Grant Nickalls, Valarie Pettiford, Tia Texada. 
Country: USA 
Language: English 
Color: Color 
Thanks to the spy for this info.
Don't forget Mariah's birthday
"Lover Boy" single and the duet with Michael Jackson were just rumors
Sony Music Entertainment Belgium just confirm us today that the title and the date of the new single of Mariah and the duet with Michael Jackson at this moment were only rumors.  All we can read or heard on the internet and the press is just speculation, as the title and the date must still be confirmed by Sony Music Entertainment U.S.A.
Thanks to Sony Music Entertainment Belgium for this info.
Take a look at the spy headquarters
The spy found a little info and "my God!" we think that he's become a philosopher.
Mariah to appear on "Just Cause"
What do celebrities like Debbie Allen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Roseanna Arquette do when they're off-screen?  They help young people go to college, clean up the environment, help the homeless find jobs and mentor city kids.  "Just Cause", Oxygen's new multi-part special series that premieres on sunday, march 11th at 7:30 p.m., explores the support that well-known creative people provide to non-profit organizations, and how their involvement in these efforts inspires others to get involved.  The second episode of "Just Cause," premiering in June, will feature Mariah Carey, Melissa Etheridge, Sharon Lawrence, and Victoria Rowell with their respective charities, the Fresh Air Fund, LA Chanti, Alzheimer's Association and The Rowell Foster Children's Positive Plan.
Thanks to Magnus for this info.
Second VH1's Aretha tribute with or without Mariah?
A lot of top stars will be there on April the 10th at the Radio City Music Hall in New York for the "VH1 Divas Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin".  Although VH1 would not confirm the stars who will perform, a source tells to the press that the performers will include Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and newcomer/multiple-Grammy nominee Jill Scott.
Tickets to the event go on sale next Friday on March the 16th.  Remember that the proceeds will benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.
Thanks to Jane for this info.
Popcorn and a surprise for Mariah
Nothing in "Hannibal" made Mariah scream.  But something else sure startled her during the movie.  Mariah was with her boyfriend, Luis Miguel, at a recent showing of the hit thriller in Los Angeles when she began eating a bag of popcorn. Unbeknownst to her, Miguel had planted a belated Valentine's day gift in the bottom of the bag and had to sit there silently until Mariah finished enough popcorn to feel it.
Luis's surprise to Mariah was a necklace containing a string of diamonds that added up to 38 carats. Now that's something to scream about. But, Mariah was speechless and thrilled at being on the receiving end of her boyfriend's romantic gesture.
Thanks to Steven for this info.
An info from Björn
The song "Destiny" who can be downloaded on the internet, with the mention Mariah Carey new track from All That Glitters, does not feature Mariah.  It is a Jim Brickman and Jordan Hill duet from Jim Brickman's 1999 album, Destiny.
The contest is started
Go see the question in the contest room and GOOD LUCK!!!
Bon Appetit!
Why tell rumors, non-sense things or even invent stories just to show that we have news everyday?  We all know that Mariah don't do amazing stuffs everyday.  So, today there is nothing to tell you, and this evening we all gonna eat Mariah's favorite menu : pasta.


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