March 2007 - Heroes of Mariah
More pictures of Mariah with Jason Preston (see news below)
Lucky guy there 
If you want to know more about him (eventually), click here.

Source for the link and pictures: Ashley by e-mail
Posted on March the 31st.
Trey Lorenz fans!!!!!!  Trey on Tour....
New Video from Trey!! Email your suggestions!!
Make sure you check out the new video from Trey giving YOU (the fans) a shout out and thanking you for all your support! He also talks about his new video for My Everything, which will be featured on BET J ( so make sure you REQUEST to see the video on BET J!!
Even more, Trey wants to hear from YOU! He's going on tour and wants to know what you want to hear! Send an email to 
And stay tuned for EXCLUSIVE clips from his new music video!!
Source: Trey on his MySpace
Posted on March the 31st.
Parties in New York

In an article on GaySocialites announcing mainly gay parties in New York, I read Jason Preston is a guy who parties with celebrities, including Mariah.  I made a little research and found Jason's picture with Mariah.  Personally I had never seen it before.
Click on the picture to enlarge.
Posted on March the 31st.
Shoes, shoes and shoes...
Brazilian shoe stylist Fernando Pires who designed shoes for a lot celebrities, including Mariah, will head over for the first time to the UK with a new collection.
On another hand, German site "Gala" posts in a rumor section that Mariah could release her own shoe collection and according to Claire's spoke person Marisa Jacobs, if true it could be a great success.
Keep in mind with Mariah being in the spotlight again soon, a lot of rumors will surface.
Source: Invertia - Gala
Posted on March the 31st.
The only Mariah in St. Barth picture
Please read yesterday's post for infos.  And no, my reporter hadn't cream on his face , I tagged the pic to avoid eventual troubles where he works. Also, look at the nice t-shirt he made to attend the lil' party in the club.

Click to enlarge
Posted on March the 31st.
"Lil Love"
For some reason, it seems some of you can't access the link I posted yesterday, head over to MariahJournal which made an mp3 of the snippet 
Thanks to Elise on our forum for the info
Posted on March the 31st.
Mariah left St. Barth today
Yesterday, my reporter was very lucky, he was in the same club as Mariah in St. Barth. No pictures were allowed, but when Mariah left the club, my friend was able to take a picture from her leaving, so it's her back.  I think this will be the only picture we will have from her short break, I'll post it tomorrow, it's too freaking late.  Also, Mariah left St. Barth today, 2 days earlier than previewed.
Posted on March the 30th.
Preview "Lil Love"
Click here to listen to a snippet of "Lil Love", the track from Bone Thugs featuring Mariah and Bow Wow.
Source for the info: Devin
Posted on March the 30th.
DJ Toomp in studio with Mariah!!!
According to a BMI article from March the 14th., DJ Toomp was in the studio with Mariah, Lil Jon, Busta Rhymes, Young Buck, Eightball & MJG, Slim Thug and Kanye West for their upcoming projects.
Posted on March the 30th.
At first I thought "I don't want to make more publicity for that Mary Carey person", but this testimony is very interesting.....
Mark J. Behar explains Mary Carey's obsession with Mariah
Mary Carey Exposed, the real truth about & behind the 'Carey Name Game
Mark J. Behar, who knows Mary 'Carey- Cook Oh so well, said 'Quite frankly, I'm shocked that no one has done anything about this up until now-. 
He says, 'The Truth must be told-.
It is very common & well known that several porn movie titles are a 'spoof-, and a 'mockery- of real mainstream moves, such a 'Rambone- (Rambo), etc., as well as using several music & movie Superstars names in the same way, such as 'Britney Rears- (Britney Spears), etc. is 'quite the norm, in this industry-. 

But these other adult entertainers, don't really look much like there counterparts that there try and/or are portraying in there adult films, and in most cases they don't have and use the mainstream entertainers first names, or they change the spelling of the first and/or last names, thus, no harm, no foul.

But these adult entertainers are not in the media spotlight, nor have they had the media attention like Mary 'Carey- Cook has received, by going on mainstream TV & News Shows, like Fox News-'Your World with Neil Cavuto-, as well as going to (buying her way into) 'Republican Fundraising Presidential Dinners-, organized by the 'N.R.C.C - National Republican Congressional Committee-, and trying to fool everyone into thinking that she is a 'Sincere and Truly Serious Politician-.

Her real birth name is Mary Cook, and a few years ago, after feature dancing at several adult gentlemen clubs, decided to get into the porn industry, because she was told, that she could make some real serious money because she was attractive, athletic, had great stage presence, worked quit well in front of an audience, and had a very outgoing personality, that would come across well on camera.

People had told her in the past that she looked like & had some of the same features & physical characteristics as 'Pop Diva Mariah Carey-, and that if she just enhanced some of those 'Features- that, that wound be 'Her In and Hook-, in the porn industry.

So, Mary packed up and moved to California, and got started in the adult industry. She loves the attention that she gets, and most of the time, generates it herself, and she can't survive without it. She always is seeking some type of -Media Attention-. 

In June of 2005, Mark J. Behar, who knew Mary, when she lived in Florida, a few years earlier, and who is a 39.yr old Young Entrepreneur/Business Owner & Investor of Major Multi-Unit Rental Properties & Buildings, in Delray & Boynton Beach, Florida, as well as 'Chairman- & 'Chief Judge-, with & on the City Of Delray Beach - Code Enforcement Hearing Board, and who also 'Moonlights- as a 'Celebrity Personal Security/Bodyguard-, and who also has received from the N.R.C.C - National Republican Congressional Committee, 'The Congressional Medal Of Honor-, and 'The Congressional Medal Of Distinction-, as well as Past Years & the Current '2006-Businessman Of The Year Awards-, had asked Mary (As they bumped into each other, a few years later in a 'Home Depot-, in Delray Beach, Florida), if she wanted to attend the MTV Movie Awards with him, in California, she of course said 'Yes-. 

Mark attended the event with Mary, and that's when he found out about the 'True- Mary 'Carey-. She had changed over the years, and was very much 'into herself-, stuck up, snotty, and was not professional & intelligent like he had known her in the past to be.

At that time, in the limo to the awards show, is where she started telling Mark about her whole 'Mariah Carey Obsession Thing-. She kept on saying, 'Don't I look more like Mariah now, 'I hope she's there, I can wait to see her, and hope we bump into her-.

Mark says, 'She has always said to me that she compared herself to Mariah Carey-. She has said that she looks so much like her, and that's why she calls herself 'Mary Carey-. She told me, that she has said this in several adult entertainment magazines, as well as in the past, on her & other web-sites and Blogs.

Why else, and what other reason would she have to use the last name of 'Carey-? 'I bet you, she's not using it to associate herself and you would never confuse her with actors & comedians 'Jim Carrey- or 'Drew Carey-. If this isn't in fact true, then where, and why, did she come up with this 'Last Name-, that's the question, that I have, and would love to hear her response & answer to, and her take & 'Spin- on?

This is also when & where I heard of, and she had told me about her idea to 'Trademark- the 'Carey- name, knowing this would generate and get her even more 'Media Attention- and herself in the 'Spotlight-. 

And, 'Hey look what happened, she was right, it worked-. She's a very good self promoter.

She asked me my opinion on her idea, and I had advised, told & warned her, about the 'Legality- of this, and told her to do some background on this first, to see if she can in fact 'Legally do this-, as well as to seek out legal help from & to talk to an attorney that 'Specializes in these types of matters-.

Mark says, 'That's the last I heard of this-. Since then, Mary has asked mark on several occasions for business advice, and this topic has never come up again, until now.

After the awards show, and a week or so later, she went to, and was at the '2005- - 'Presidents Dinner-, with her then Employer 'Mark Kulkis-, the owner of the porn video production company 'Kick Ass Pictures-, that she was under contract with, at that time. Mark (Behar) also was at this special event.

Mark was personally invited to this same event, but was invited because & due to his achievements of being a young, upstanding, outstanding and Quit Successful Businessman, and who is a true Political activist, from and in his State of Florida. 

Mary apologized to Mark at this event & dinner, and said that she got really drunk that night at & after the awards show. Mark forgave her & they took an 'Official Presidential Dinner Picture- together at the event, which is the only 'Official- one of Mary, at & from the event. Mary told Mark, that 'They should stay & continue to be good friends, and keep in touch-. 

Mark thought that she was actually serious about her political ambitions, at that time, because Mary told him, that she wanted to 'Stop doing what she was doing, and leave the whole porn thing & world, and wanted to go Mainstream like Mariah-.

6 to 9 months later Mary hired Mark to do some personal security & bodyguard work, as well as assist her with her personal matters & affairs at that time, as she was traveling throughout the country & across the world, doing feature & special personal appearances at several events. This turned out to be a strain on & where their friendship took a turn. Mary cancelled out at the last minute on Mark, as he was already at the airport, at the gate, and boarding his flight, to where she was at. This eventually cost him over $7,500.00 in 'Out-of-Pocket- travel expenses, and costs that eventually became & is today, a legal battle, with two Civil Action Court Cases, being filed against her, and which are still pending, in Florida. 

Mary & Mark, stayed in touch & friends, on & off this past year, as they were going through & trying to work out & settle all these & their legal issues & matters. 
In November, Mary asked Mark, to take her to another awards show, to go see & where Mariah Carey, was suppose to be performing at, the 'AMA - American Music Awards Show-, where Mark was again, just like last year, invited to and was to attend, as a Special Invited Guest. 

Mark, at first said 'Sure, Yeah- and invited her, until they could not get past & settle their legal issues & matters.

Mark says, 'I found out and heard about this, just like the rest of the world did-. 'I can't believe that she actually went through with it & is doing this whole PR Stunt thing, just to get more media attention, with her Mariah fixation & obsession-. 'It's a good thing that I didn't take her, to the awards show, Thank God, who knows what would have happened-?

Mark also said, -At the end of all this, Mary just wanted to & has used me, just to go to & attend these Special Events, these and this Award Shows, just to see, and 'Hopefully bump into Mariah-, the 'Real Carey-.
Source: PR Inside (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 30th.

A big thanks to all the ones who sent me "get well soon" wishes, I love ya guys.  I'll reply as soon as I can, I'm in bed with a laptop  hehe...
Posted on March the 30th.
Rumor?????? Mariah To Adopt Mexican Child

According to the Latin radio show America Showbiz, singer Mariah Carey visited an orphanage in Mexico last February, with her lawyer.

The show confirmed to have pictures of Carey's visit, and added "she has intentions of adopting a child or was simply helping the institution."

Mariah's visit to Franck Gonzalez orphanage was expected for several months. Ever since Mariah started dating her ex Luis Miguel, she has helped many different Mexican institutions.

Representatives of Carey's label didn't confirm the singer's desire to adopt a child saying they don't interfere in her private life.
Source in Portuguese: Ofuxico - translation:Rod for  MariahJournal
Heroes note: The cute pic I added is not part of the article, it shows Mariah before the Mexican Telethon in Dec. 2002 (click to enlarge)
Posted on March the 30th.

I'll reply to your e-mails, as soon as I can, today I have been diagnosed with pneumonia and need a lot of rest 
Posted on March the 29th.
Upcoming album
As there's nothing really news today, I thought I may aswell update with what we know (or is rumored) for Mariah's upcoming album:
Release: scheduled for a last quarter release.
- 'The Runners'
- DJ Clue (confirmed it himself)
- Scott Storch
- DJ Toomp
- Stargate (Mariah was in studio with them first week of March)
- Swizz Beats (said it himself on Hot97)
- Cool and Dre ( Cool said it himself on Rappers Delight)
Note: Even if some of them make it, it's not absolutely sure their track will make it on the album (look at what happend with the last album)
Posted on March the 29th.
"Falling" and " Little White Lies"
These 2 Elizabeth Arden fragrance names have been registered on the Patent and Trademark society, one in March 2006, the other in April 2006.
Is it a clue?  Which one could be Mariah's????  Maybe none of them, I was too tired to check the 19.520 results which came up when I searched 
Posted on March the 29th.
Worldwide request day winner
The winner of the World request day will be announced this weekend, even if we didn't reach 25 participating countries, 17 countries is really, really great.
Thanks again guys.
Posted on March the 29th.
N.O.R.E speaks about Mariah in his mixtape
A few days ago, I posted the cover of N.O.R.E's mixtape "Da Iraq General" he just released with DJ L-Gee (scroll down for March 23 news).
Tonight I finally got time to listen to the entire mixtape, if you're a Rap fan, you will not only enjoy "Friendz" featuring Mariah and Big Pun in high quality mixed with a drop to introduce the track, but also the entire mixtape.  Like on a lot of mixtapes, the artist gives shout outs or puts some drops, talking between the tracks.  Just before "Friendz" here's what N.O.R.E has to say, at first, I thought I wouldn't censure it, but as there are now lot of young fans, I decided to do it, even if the * doesn't make a difference in my eyes.
Anyway, here it is:
" Ya know what I mean, Ya know yo boy N.O.R.E, and he's crazy, know what I'm sayin'
A lot of people are sayin', You heard he left Def Jam, and all of that
Crazy thing is, you know what I mean
I had a record with Mariah Carey, Mariah came in, cat did a f*ckin' record for me
And a f*ckin' record label win, even like cleared this shit.
It was like crazy to me, know what I mean, but whatever f*uck it
N.O.R.E., Big Pun, Mariah Carey, R.I.P Puna"
Posted on March the 28th.
Mariah will break your eyeglasses 
Remember yesterday's Clive Davis statement?  Well, here's what Monica Haynes from Post Gazette has to say about it:
"We don't know about that one, Clive. Mariah might hit one of those high notes and break your eyeglasses just because she can."
Posted on March the 28th.
Duplicate Divas
What's with all the different versions of Avril Lavigne running around in her new video? Or, for that matter, the multiple Christinas, Ciaras and Beyoncés in theirs? 
Everywhere you look, it seems some pop diva has replicated herself so she's the star of her clip several times over. (Whatever happened to delegating? Surely their budgets can't be that tight.) This is nothing new, actually — Mariah and Madonna are old pros at it by now — but the idea has been spreading lately like a video virus, with Avril just the latest to be infected. 
Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker"
The funniest multiple-me moment? Back before Mariah became Mimi, there was Bianca. When poor, sweet, innocent Mariah tries to confront the evil Bianca about stealing her boyfriend (Jerry O'Connell) in her "Heartbreaker" video, the two end up in a bathroom brawl inspired by "Enter the Dragon." Silly, maybe, but it's a fan favorite, and from there, the floodgates opened.
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 28th.
The picture I posted this morning was not taken in St. Barth, but my reporter sent it to ask me the name of a person on the pic, dumb me 
Posted on March the 28th.
Mariah's fragrance delayed until fall
Mariah's fragrance in agreement with Elisabeth Arden Inc.previously reported for a spring 2007 release (according to last year's press release), is now delayed until fall 2007.
Would make sense if the fragrance is meant to be released at the same time of Mariah's upcoming album.
Let's wait and see...
Source for the info: Stock Exchanges (internal info)
Posted on March the 28th.
Mariah in St. Barth 
Mariah arrived in St. Barth the evening of March the 26th., yesterday night (27th.) a fireworks illuminated the sky of the bay in celebration of Mariah's Anniversary. 
Source for the info: My reporter in St. Barth (thanks my friend)
Posted on March the 28th.
Another Worldwide request day update
Thanks a lot guys, Spain, Austria and the US are in da house too, wich lead us to 18 participating countries, keep it coming!!!!!
Thanks to your request, a lot of radios played a Mariah song and some DJs gave even a shout out for the occasion.  How great is that!!!!
Don't worry if you didn't hear if your radio played the song you requested, I know none of us can listen to radios all day long, the important is the request and that way, the DJs know Mariah fans are still there to support her.
Posted on March the 27th.
Worldwide request day update
A lot of good fans did their job , but we are way too far from the "at least 25 countries".
Until now fans from Finland, Serbia, France, Sweden, Tunisia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Iran, Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Albania, Poland and Kuwait requested Mariah on their local radio stations to celebrate her Anniversary.
C'mon guys, show some love to Mariah!!!!!!!!!! request Mariah on radios for her Anniversary.
Reminder: there will be a surprise for one of you if we reach at least 25 countries, if you requested, just e-mail me the name of the radio and your country.
Posted on March the 27th.
Battle of the divas?
Is Clive Davis trying to stoke a diva songbird feud? 
The music producer says that Whitney Houston has a better voice than Mariah Carey.
“In my opinion, the best singers in the world are Aretha Franklin and Houston, Davis said, reports Hollywood.TV.  “That’s not to knock Carey. Carey is a friend of mine, but I think Mariah would even say those two are the best.”
Not only can Houston sing, Davis boasted, she’s also talking clearly. 
“She looks radiant and is clearly together,” he said of the rehabbed songbird. “She is talking enthusiastically and is articulate.”
Source: MSNBC (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Ok Clive, I respect Withney a lot but she will need to proof she can sing again, and just the fact that you say "it's not to knock Carey" says it all......
Posted on March the 27th.
Worldwide request day
Today, let's all request Mariah on radios for her Anniversary.  This would be so cool if it could be done in every country of the world, so, for her Anniversary, Mariah would be on radios worldwide . C'mon, do it and sent me an e-mail with the name of the radio where you requested and your country, there will be a surprise for one of you if we reach at least 25 countries.
Posted on March the 27th.
Happy Anniversary Mariah 
Posted on March the 27th. 
Mariah featured in the Vogue UK April issue
Vogue UK fearures 2 pages of pictures of the Mariah's Pinko photoshoot, its the April issue of the magazine with Kate Moss on the cover, the magazine is available in most of the big cities of Belgium and probably most of European countries.  Scans will follow.
Source for the info: Paul by e-mail
Posted on March the 26th.
Exclusive: Mariah in St Barth 
A few days ago, I told you I would have some exclusive news, well now I may post it, here it is.
Finally a well deserved break for Mariah, she will arrive in St. Barth this evening.  She will stay on a yacht until April 1st. 
Source for the info: My reporter in St. Barth (thanks my friend)
Posted on March the 26th.
Mariah and Bizzy Bone track?
Andy sent me an e-mail to tell "Wikipedia" announces a Bizzy Bone and Mariah collab on his new album set for this year.
As I don't trust "Wikipedia" where everyone can add what he wants, I made some research, Bizzy will indeed release an album called " A Song For You" under Virgin in 2007, but in an interview with Rapnews he only quoted Twista, DMX, Trina, Good Charlotte and Chris Notes as guest appearances until now.
Soooo, we will need to wait and see, the person who sent the infos to Wikipedia probably made a confusion with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's new album.
Posted on March the 25th.
Last night, outside the arena where Snoop and P.Diddy gave their concert in Brussels, people were giving all kind of flyers, but only one got my interest.... 
Look by yourself Click on the scan to enlarge.
Posted on March the 25th.
To media people and even some fans.....
Don't ever call Mariah a capricious Diva again
When she's on stage, yes Mariah is often late, yes she drinks, yes she changes her outfits, she probably have some demands for her, her staff and her crew, so what.....
Last night, I went to one of the most amazing concerts I ever went to.  Snoop Dogg and P.Diddy.  The guys were awesome, it was a great night, but..... yes they were late, yes someone gave them drinks, yes they changed their outfits, and man, the backstage demands were 
Anyway, just to point out that it's always Mariah who receives critics, even if other artists do the same.
If Snoop's and Diddy's tour comes in your area, don't miss it, it's a must!!!  Some very moving moments during a tribute to dead rappers.
Posted on March the 25th.
Astrological Forecast - Horoscopes
Celebrity profiles: Mariah Carey's talent is limitless. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is like a perpetual child with no concept of the boundaries we learn as we grow older. Aries is also very comfortable with emotional extremes, which make for exciting performances. Her focus on quieter, more contemplative songs this year allows Carey to showcase her strength in a peaceful way.
Source: LA Times (All rights reserved)

Aries 2007 - Pioneering Spontaneous Fire Spirits
Being the first sign of the zodiac, it is time to focus our vitality and brightness by taking up new projects, relationships, initiatives, and boldly act upon our most urgent imperatives. This is the time to take advantage of momentum to embrace new ways quickly with radical self-sufficiency, bringing forth new seeds from the harvest of the past 12 months. We now can learn to act autonomously with power and determination in highly effective ways. The Sun in Aries shines the light of wisdom on the principle of “economy of energy” in the various departments of our life and affairs.

It’s the beginning of Spring, which began at the Vernal Equinox on March 20, 2007 at 5:08 pm PDT. The light force is growing and the days are getting longer for the next 3 months. Over the next few weeks greet the new as you sort things out, taking one last look back as you find new ways to relate to others while expressing your new self and ideas.

Aries is symbolically associated with the god of war, being quick to anger and equally quick to turn from battle and enjoy life in the moment. Mythologically, this sign of the Ram is in the axis of the Lover, or Relator. This sign (along with its polar opposite, Libra) shows us the dance of relationship between self and others, the “I-Thou” lessons we learn as we interact with others along our life path. Where Aries falls in our chart, it shows the part of us willing to do something new and different, and act on it, even if impulsively.

Aries, when freed of the traps of impulsive behavior, egocentric judgments, being too quick to anger and too quick to bail when they lose interest in something, show their world a dynamic self-reliance and pioneering vision that leads the way for others without concern over whether others follow or not. Aries is highly self-sufficient, quick to bring their total focus to situations, and loathes dishonesty and betrayal. They are simply themselves in all circumstances; the challenge is to be the best possible self and nothing less. This is shown by how fair, balanced, or gracious they are in their approach to others.

Aries' initiative comes forth naturally, and instinctively embraces whatever is new and fresh. In fact, in our charts Aries shows us the way to be first in the areas of life it influences. When Aries’ tremendous energy learns to slow down, consider other options, and not be so quick to take offense, this sign offers others a refreshing honesty and directness. Aries energies show everyone how to be themselves, taking the lead in the affairs of life without excessive equivocation or extraneous judgments interfering with their ability to act.
Source: Aquarius Papers (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March the 25th.

Max Loong: Mariah Carey had the hots for me?
Actor Max Loong only found out later. Unlike his TV character, he says he's no flirt.
THIS actor blushed during his interview. 
All because we grilled former MTV VJ Max Loong about his meeting with Mariah Carey.
Apparently, the pop star had the hots for Max during her MTV interview with him.
Said Max: 'I was told by people that when they watched the show, a lot of them noticed that she was eyeing me and checking me out. But I didn't notice anything at all. We just had good chemistry.'
Source: Singapore Press (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March the 25th.
"Tennessee", Mariah had a body double
Contactmusic reports that Casey Jean Messer, who was picked to represent New Mexico at Friday's (23 march 07) Miss USA pageant, worked as Mariah Carey's body double on the set of new movie "Tennessee".
You can read more and see pictures of Casey at the official Miss USA site.
Why a body double?  Probably for some dangerous scenes, as I reported on March the 16th.
Posted on March the 24th.
Some exclusive news coming in 3 days (probably), keep checking.
Posted on March the 24th.
"Friendz"- N.O.R.E feat. Mariah released 

The ones who regularly check Heroes of Mariah know the whole story behind "1 Fan a Day", the track "Friendz" and N.O.R.E's latest statements.
N.O.R.E just decided to explain a lot of what happend with Def Jam in a mixtape and to please his fans he putted some great tracks on it, among them "Friendz" feat. Mariah.
A lot of you probably have "Friendz" already, but here's a way to legally obtain  it if it's not done yet.  The track was previously released on vinyl and on a mixtape from Mariah's friend DJ Suss One.
DJ L-Gee and N.O.R.E presents: Da Iraq General mixtape 
38 great tracks !!!!!! 
Click on the cover to see the tracklist. 
Click here to buy the mixtape.
I smell a Heroes of Mariah contest coming up in the next few days 
Source for the info: my fam N.O.R.E (Hang, hang, homie)
Posted on March the 23rd.
Journalists - lazy, lying scandalmongers, all of them.
By Stephen Merchant
As an honorary journalist, I feel a duty to turn the spotlight on my colleagues and shake the industry up from within.
Sadly, over the years, the word "journalist" has become debased, synonymous in my mind with fictions and half-truths.
When we were writing the last series of Extras, a story appeared that Mariah Carey was signed up to be in the show. We'd had no dealings with Ms Carey but there it was, in black and white. Even my parents did not believe me when I assured them the story was false. "Why would they put that in the paper if it's not true?" my mother asked. "I don't know, Mum," I answered. "Now, how do you make a bechamel sauce?"
The origin of the rumour seems to have been a spoof blog, supposedly written by Carey. And such errors don't just find their way into the tabloids.
Several recent broadsheet articles have mentioned my forthcoming appearance in a remake of Brideshead Revisited. Perfect casting, you may think, except I'm not in a remake of Brideshead Revisited. The source is a spurious entry on the Internet Movie Database. The Brideshead Revisited goof and "Mariah-gate" are harmless mistakes.
Are there important news stories out there containing lazy errors recycled from previous reports? Are harassed journos forsaking time-consuming phone calls in favour of checking their facts on Wikipedia? If we walked into our GP's surgery having found a strange lump, we wouldn't be happy if the doctor said, "Hmm, not seen this before. Sit down while I Google it."
Therefore, I implore my fellow journalists to heed my words: we must not let our standards drop. We are bastions of truth and integrity. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter." I think Thomas Jefferson said that, but I can't be sure. I got it off the internet.
Click here to read the entire article.
Source: Guardian Unlimited (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes note: Extras is a British comedy series.
Posted on March the 23rd.
"Tennessee" update
Jerry Biggs about Mariah: 
"you know when you are working with somebody if you make a check your egos at the door and get down to business...that's how she was." 
Fan Story: "My surprise encounter with a cast member of "Tennessee"
I met Jerry Biggs  who plays Mariah's manager in "Tennessee". He was very surprised when I mentioned that I knew he was working on Tennesse with Mariah. His eyes lit up and he was quick to lavish praise on Lee Daniels (he said he respects/admires him tremendously and is a genius). I asked him about working with Mariah and he said he plays her manager at a greasy spoon and the scene calls for him to be really mean to her. (The location they shot at was an actual greasy spoon and he said the 'kitchen smelled really bad' so it added to the atmosphere.) Between takes him and Mariah chatted and developed a rapport. He was very happy and surprised to see how professional and nice she was. His words were: "you know when you are working with somebody if you make a check your egos at the door and get down to business...that's how she was." 

When the director said it was a wrap, Mariah went straight to him and gave him a BIG HUG and said "I love working with you!" and gushed how much she enjoyed their scene. He was taken aback and mentioned over and over how sweet, nice and down to earth she was. I tried to explain to him how big this movie was and how much it meant to us lambs and assured him that even if it was just MC fans, millions of people will watch it and he seemed so shocked, like, this little film? But he understands the impact of having Mariah and Lee Daniels involved. 

He said, "when we had breaks and could get away from our characters, we just talked and she was so great". I asked if he saw Krystal's scene when she sings the Willie Nelson song and he was soo shocked that I knew her name and so many details about the film, he kept asking "how did you know"? lol. To his credit, he's not anti-media as he referred me to his IMDB page, but he was surprised because the film has barely finished shooting. He said that Lee Daniels' aunt (Aunt Dot) is in the scene too and she is in alot of Daniel's movies. 
A big thanks to only1mc for sharing
Posted on March the 23rd.

Why "Strength & Loyalty"?
We know the melodic song "Little Love" featuring Mariah and Bow Wow is on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's new album set for an April the 17th. release.
But why is the album called "Strength & Loyalty" ?  Well, it's 'cause Bizzy is no longer part of the band.  They titled the new album Strength-N-Loyalty because Krayzie, Layzie and Wish had the strength to stay loyal to Bone.
Source: Krayzie Bone
Posted on March the 22nd.
"I Like It"- Buccweet feat. Mariah
After my yesterday's post, a lot of you e-mailed me to ask if I could send them the track, as I did promotion for Buccweet, unfortunately the HQ radio edit track I give on my promotion site is only for radios, clubs and DJ's.  But..... you guys who missed the track last year can download it legally in a good quality on Dubcnn at this link.
Posted on March the 22nd.
Vivian looks for help with a fanbook for Mariah
A fanbook called "Mimi Adventures" is in the works and Vivian is looking for fan art, pictures of you and Mariah and stories if you have ever met Mariah in person, along with letters and poems, etc...
She's also looking for a street team to help her with designs.
You can reach her at
Source: Vivian by e-mail
Posted on March the 22nd.
Willie Helps Make Mariah's 'Dream' Come True
Willie Nelson teams with Mariah Carey for ''I've Got a Right to Dream,'' a song for the movie ''Tennessee'' 
''She and I hung out and decided to do something together,'' 74-year-old Nelson told us on his tour bus, following a press conference announcing the launch of his new label, Pedernales Records, and its first signing, the promising jam-band 40 Points, which features his sons Lucas and Micah. ''It's a song called 'I've Got a Right to Dream' that's for the movie [Tennessee]. It's [Carey's] complete idea and melody. I threw a few words at her, but she made everything sound great.'' 

According to Nelson, Carey was recording in Nashville as of last week, and shooting for Tennessee is completed, though no release date has been set. But don't expect Carey to ditch her trademark stilettos for cowboy boots just yet. ''It's not really [country],'' says Wilson. ''It's more Mariah.'' We wouldn't have it any other way. 
Source: Entertainment Weekly (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March the 21st.

Mariah on New Lil' Wayne Track
Lil' Wayne recently released a song entitled "All Alone" in response to a song from his ex-girlfriend Trina's song about the last days of their relationship. It appears that the same sample of Mariah used by Buccwheat (an underground Los Angeles rapper) on last year's "I Like It" is on Lil' Wayne's track as well. You can listen to the song here. They play the loop mainly toward the end.
Source: MariahJournal
Heroes comment: Little correction: the LA rapper who used Mariah's sample on "I Like It" is Buccweet and not Buccwheat, you can hear the track at the following link.  Here's an extract from an interview I did whit Buccweet 1 year ago: 
"The track "I Like It" is already makin' his way, the joint got a Mariah Carey sample, why did you choose it and from which song is the sample taken? 
I chose the sample cuz it was hot!  The vocals didn't come from a song cuz they were exclusive."
Posted on March the 21st.
Mariah DJing 
Mariah Carey arrived at Stereo at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning with "The Sopranos'" Robert Iler and model Alessandra Ambrosio to visit her DJ friend Suss One. The octave-cruncher jumped behind the turntables, spinning till 5 a.m.
Source: New York Daily News - Webby28 aka Tom
Posted on March the 21st.
Cool and Dre, next on the list ???
In a recent interview with Anthony and Desire on Rappers Delight, Cool from Cool and Dre is talking about his current productions, he quotes Freeway, Britney, Christina Millian and... Mariah.  You can hear the interview by clicking here, he's talking about Mariah at around 6:20 min.
Source for the info: emceerules
Heroes note: Remember, Cool and Dre produced "Feel my Pain" by The Game featuring Mariah, one of the tracks which was scrapped from Game's latest album "Doctors Advocate"
Posted on March the 20th.
The fake article is gone 
Thanks a lot to all the ones who e-mailed to protest, well done guys!!!!!
The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to go on Net Music Countdown to see it the fake article was still up, well goed news they erased it.
Look by yourself here.
Thanks again to the ones who e-mailed. (Kinou sent them a link to buy glasses for Laura Katz and a link for journalism courses)
Posted on March the 20th.
Mariah celebrated St. Patrick's Day in an Irish pub with her mom
Mariah was last Saturday night at the O'Flaherty Pub (near Times Square) to celebrate St Patrick's Day. 
The place was packed with a diverse St. Patrick's Day crowd, everyone sharing the same urge to drown themselves in a pool of Guinness and Jameson. A pair of massive bodyguards blocked off a corner booth up near the front window. Behind them, Mariah Carey sat, casually drinking with her mother and a small crew. Few people noticed, but then an intrepid patron realized that O'Flaherty's had recently installed one of those MP3 jukeboxes which allow a bar to offer a couple hundred thousand songs on demand. Normally a place like O'Flaherty's would never have the likes of Mariah Carey in the jukebox. Well, score one for modern technology. Suddenly half the bar was singing, All I want For Christmas Is You. Before the song was over someone pulled the plug on the music. A little while later--after posing for some photos--Ms. Carey slipped out the front door, her Maybach was waiting for her.
Heroes comment: This time it was really Mariah!!!!!! 
Source: JoonBlog
Posted on March the 19th.
Mariah's interview in Playboy México
Mariah is featured in the Mexican edition of Playboy, but she's not on the cover.  The 20 (or 21) questions are in the March edition and in Spanish of course.
Source: Playboy México - El Universal
Posted on March the 19th.
WARNING: Fake report!!!!!!!
Early this moring, a report came up on the internet claiming Mariah kept lifting up the skirt of her friend while leaving Mr. Chow's restaurant in Beverly Hills.  When I came back this afternoon, I searched for some more infos and eventually a paparazzi report to see if there was any proof, well, well, well, Laura Katz, the person who reported it, is either blind or a hater who did it on purpose.  In fact, it's Mary Carey and not Mariah who was at Mr.Chow's restaurant.  When you look at the video posted on TMZ, it's clear Mariah wouldn't act that way, even if the quote sounded like Mariah....
Click here to see the Mary Carey video.
Click here to contact Laura Katz and protest.
Posted on March the 19th.
Thank God, they were in time for Mariah's Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
'Cause there are only around 200 of the 2,500 spots on the walk free and it gets more and more difficult to obtain a spot. And we all know it's Mariah's turn this year!!!!!!
Posted on March the 19th.
WARNING: Fake report!!!!!!!!!
Mariah Carey Gets Naughty In Beverly Hills
Mariah Carey gave fans a bit more than they bargained for as she left Mr. Chow's restaurant in Beverly Hills.
For some reason, Mimi kept lifting up gal-pal Rena Riffel's skirt, exposing her bare crotch. The star did this a total of four times.
Before they left, Carey said, "We're so never allowed back at Mr. Chow's." 
Source: Net Music Countdown (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 19th.
Mariah is mentioned in the new Fabolous song entitled "First Time"
Mariah is mentioned in the new Fabolous song entitled "First Time" featuring Rihanna from From Nothing To Something, Fabolous' 4th studio album that is to be released May 1, 2007. Below is the verse from "First Time" where Mariah is mentioned:
"I could tell when you're around
By the scent of your perfume
I see why they put me on the songs together
I feel like Mariah 'We Belong Together'
It's my pleasure I treasure that I met ya
Bet ya I could get ya on the first time"
Listen to a snippet here.
Source: MariahJournal - Simona by e-mail
Posted on March the 18th.
And the list grows.....
Swizz Beats working with Mariah
Swizz Beats was on Hot97 on March 15th and he let out a few details on a few upcoming projects, he said he's working on new stuff with Mariah, Madonna and Eve.
Source: moe - Andy by e-mail
Posted on March the 18th.
Mariah Congratulates JD on Soul Train Award
Mariah sent a specially-recorded video message congratulating Jermaine Dupri on receiving the 2007 Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievement at the 21st Soul Train Awards live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California on March 17, 2007.
"Hi Jermaine. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there tonight at Soul Train Awards but I heard you're getting a very special award and I just had to make sure that I was at least represented on film because, well, we've shared a lot of things together - a lot of number one records together, a lot of success, a lot of big, big albums, big things together and now we're going to share something else. 
Tonight, we now we share this. [laughs] We both have a lifetime achievement, actually it's called the "Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievement in the Field of Entertainment." I have it in Female, but obviously you're getting in Male. So congratulations on this award 'cause I know that Quincy is your idol. I know that this really means a lot to you as it means the world to me. So I love you, and I appreciate you. You're the best in the world and nobody deserves this more than you."
Source: MariahJournal
Heroes note: Go on MariahJournal to downlod the video 
Posted on March the 18th.
"Tennessee": infos from a contact on the set
- January the 18th., they began the "Behind The Scenes" documentary.
- First days of the filming, they got some troubles due to snowfall.
- Scenes: car chase, stowing away on a freight train, a fight scene, and the two main characters stretched out on the runway as airplanes pass directly overhead.
- Funny tidbit: In a topless bar. The decor, the patrons, the girls, it was not setted up, these people were real deal. There was even a hand drawn sign over the front door that read "No Prostitution" in green marker. It was the only place large enough to accommodate the crew for meals throughout the day.  Passing through the kitchen, beyond a back door, there was the real topless bar. Mariah's "Heartbreaker" came on, Mariah pocked her head in for a few mins.
Posted on March the 16th.
And the list grows.....
Mariah was in the studio with Stargate
According to a fan who works at SonyBMG, Mariah was in the studio with Stargate last week, one artist at SonyBMG was due to go in with them and they had Mariah in last week.
Source for the info: ranadamajam
Heroes comment: Until now, none of the producers or artists are officially confirmed and even if some of them make it, it's not absolutely sure their track will make it on the album, that's the exciting pre-album era 
Posted on March the 16th.
Yeah baby!!!!!! If you receive MTV Base UK...... Mariah Day on the 27th.
March 27 is dedicated to one of the most successful female artists of all time...
Mariah Carey has been a phenomenon ever since launching her self-titled smash debut in 1990.
Throughout the 90s, her glossy mixture of ballads and Hip-Hop inspired pop, notched up a record 17 US number 1 singles, making her the most successful female vocalist of the decade. Plus she’s gorgeous.
It would be easy to say that things had always been easy for Mimi, but a very public breakdown in 2001, followed by a poorly received film appearance and associated album, lead to her being dropped from her label.
Then, in 2005, when the 90s were becoming a retro nightmare, she returned with a bang and The Emancipation of Mimi. A Grammy followed and the album became the biggest seller of the year.
Rumours are circulating about a new studio album on the way, and while she’s even getting decent reviews for her acting, we can’t help but wonder whether the survivor from Long Island has a long life in her yet…

Mariah Carey Day runs on Tuesday March 27, with the following:
1pm: Top 10 Mariah Carey
2pm: Cribs: Mariah Carey
8pm: The Truth with Mariah Carey
9pm: Cribs: Mariah Carey
Source: MTV UK
Posted on March the 16th.

Kenny Bridges from Canadian rock group Moneen likes "The Emancipation of Mimi"
In an interview with Metro Spirit, Kenny Bridges is not afraid to say he likes "The Emancipation of Mimi", which is not evident for a rock singer.  Go Kenny!!!!
Any song that you hope to God no one finds out you like?
- Actually, yeah … that last Mariah Carey album, Emancipation of Mimi. I listen to that one pretty frequently.
Posted on March the 15th.
Not Mariah related, but interesting....
South African parents unhappy with Oprah school 
It seems for a lot of girls in the Oprah Academy in South Africa, the rules are so strict that it is nearly a nightmare, kids and parents are comparing the school's restrictions on visits, phone calls and e-mail contact to prison rules. 
Click here to read the entire article from Reuters
Posted on March the 15th.
Mariah and UK promoter Neil-One
I had never seen this picture before, it was taken at Mariah's birthday party at the Tantra in London in 2005 (I was there, wow, nice memories ).
Source for the pic: Neil-One - HonourMariah - Amy by e-mail
Click to enlarge
Posted on March the 14th.
The Cumberland Caverns,  you read it on Heroes of Mariah first 2 weeks ago 
"Tennessee" tidbits
A guitar autographed by Johnny Cash and the Carter Family holds a place of honor on the wall of The Second Fiddle, a Nashville honky tonk that served as a backdrop for McBride and The Ride's music video "Squeeze Box" and will share the spotlight with songbird Mariah Carey when her upcoming movie "Tennessee" hits theaters. The Grammy Award winner has been filming the in various sites across the state, including Cumberland Caverns, the largest cave in the state. Open to the public from May through October, the national landmark, which is a 32-milelong underground wonderland filled with waterfalls and stalagmites, can also be rented out for banquets and weddings.
Source: Lovetripper(All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Remember, I told you on March the 1st., they filmed in the Cumberland Caverns.
Posted on March the 14th.
New Mariah voice message
You probably all received the e-mail about Mariah's new voice message and like me already went 158 times on Mariah's official site to check if it was already up.
Keep checking, it will probably be up soon!!!! 
Posted on March the 14th.
Mariah, extraordinary woman!
"Tennessee" still photographer, Anne Marie Foxx, had the following to say about Mariah:
"First, I must say Miss Carey is an extraordinary woman. She was so kind and easy to work with and her performance in this film will blow people away!"
Source: Anne Marie Foxx - MariahConnection
Posted on March the 14th.
Mariah expected to attend the 15-Year Anniversary Tribute To Boyz II Men on June 28
Thursday, June 28, 2007, the entire music industry will walk, drive and fly to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love to be a part of History. Soulwarehouse LLC and the LaRoda Group presents the 15-Year Anniversary Tribute to the best selling music group of all time Boyz II Men.The red carpet will be on fire as celebrities and dignitaries from all over the globe strut their stuff down the red carpet. And the paparazzi cameras will be flashing at the V.I.P. Celebrity Press Reception featuring Boyz II Men and the Mayor of Philadelphia, the Honorable John Street. Hollywood will definitely be in the house for this star-studded event taking place during Black Music Month.

This once in a lifetime event will be televised nationally, in addition to receiving worldwide media recognition. The tribute will feature an open bar, dinner, performances by Boyz II Men as well as groups that have inspired them and groups they have inspired throughout the years. There will be lots of celebrity guest appearances and performances as well as a few surprises. Specially invited guests include Omarion, N'SYNC, Az Yet, New Edition, Kenny Gamble, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Patti LaBelle, Brian McKnight Will Smith, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer, Jermaine Dupri and Rasheed Wallace just to name a few.

The fabulous Bellevue Strafford Hotel and ballroom in beautiful downtown Philadelphia will play host to this gala event and V.I.P. tickets are selling fast. After the festivities, there will be a VIP after party inside the Bellevue featuring some of today's hottest DJs. 

Boyz II Men are one of the most successful R&B groups of all time as well as the longest standing boy band to date. They have recorded five #1 R&B hits and have sold more than 85 million records. Three of their #1 hits, "End of the Road", "I'll Make Love to You", and "One Sweet Day" (a duet with Mariah Carey), set and broke records for the longest period of time. One of their singles remained at the #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 16 weeks straight. Boyz II Men have been the only boy band of their era that remained scandal-free. Along with making excellent music, the group is currently touring the world, performing in sold out shows.
Source: Jazz Press Service (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 13th.

As reported yesterday...
Mariah's legs fall short
Mariah Carey's legs are rumoured to be insured for a billion dollars, but 16-foot replicas of the famous pins failed to raise big money in an online charity auction. 

The eBay auction, organised to raise money for the singer's favoured charity, the Fresh Air Fund, attracted just four legitimate bids, with the giant autographed legs eventually being sold for just 575 dollars to one lucky US bidder. 

The enormous replicas were unveiled in New York last June after the singer was named Venus razors' first celebrity Legs Of A Goddess honouree, sparking rumours that the diva had subsequently insured her shapely pins for a whopping one billion dollars. 

Not denying the claims, Mariah said at the time: "I don't like to talk about money but I would definitely say that if your legs were insured for a billion dollars, it wouldn't be the best thing to go around talking about it." 

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Camp Mariah, the free summer camp for underprivileged New York City kids. 

As for the lack of bidders, maybe even die-hard Mariah fans simply weren't sure what they'd do with a 16-foot pair of their idol's legs? 
Source: Metro UK (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Metro quotes the winner of the auction in a US bidder, of course it is, the auction was not for international fans, also even die-hard fans don't have always the money
Posted on March the 13th.

"Tennessee" update: 
My contact let me know that Scott Bomar will compose the music for “Tennessee”.  Scott already composed the music for "Hustle & Flow" and "Black Snake Moan".
Posted on March the 12th.
Willie Nelson about Mariah
"She's a sweetheart and she can really, really sing. It was no more left field than working with Julio Iglesias.
Source: Billboard
Posted on March the 12th.
Reminder: Please vote for Mariah for the Rock and Roll hall of fame
47% "Yes" versus 53% "No", we can do better!!!!!!!
Click here to vote
Posted on March the 12th.
Only $585 for Mariah's legs, even if they extended the auction until March the 9th.
"Mariah Carey partnering with Gillette's female shaving brand, Venus, in auctioning off a signed 16-foot replica of her legs on eBay to benefit the Fresh Air
Fund. The gams sold for $585 this weekend."
Source for the info: E!Online - eBay - Ashely by e-mail
Posted on March the 12th.
Camera phones lead to less privacy
Oh, for the good old days when all we worried about was Big Brother government watching us. Too late: Now we have Little Brother to contend with, too - and he has a camera phone.  Here in YouTube world, whether you're a celebrity or a nobody, privacy can be a disappearing luxury, thanks to the technology in every pocket. While you're fretting about whether the government is listening to your phone calls, your neighbor is sneaking pictures of you on his cell phone or his digital camera - and sharing them with the world.
Every day, new pictures or video pop up to amuse, shock or ruin. There are pictures of couples having sex (a cheerleader and her boyfriend exposed after her camera phone is stolen). There are pictures of people behaving badly (Kate Moss appearing to snort cocaine, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton partying without panties). There are videos of people saying things they shouldn't (Michael Richards shrieking the N-word at a comedy club).

"Your privacy is basically over," laments Ty Tindell, 29, of Howard County, Md., who found himself on YouTube after he was recorded on a camera phone at a Mariah Carey concert "having fun and acting a fool" after a few drinks. "It's an invasion of privacy," he says, noting that camera phones were banned at the concert. "There's no camera-free zone anywhere."
Source: Indystar (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment: It sure is an invasion of privacy, we all remember the "so said" Brazilian fans who trapped Mariah in Aspen and putted it on YouTube.
Posted on March the 12th.

Pinko store in Paris 
Our Parisian spy did a very good job today, thanks a lot mate 

Click to enlarge
Source: Garfield on our forum
Posted on March the 10th.
Mariah on "Tennessee" set
Mariah during a break on the set of Tennessee in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, March 2, 2007

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to MariahJournal for the pictures
Heroes comment: The first one who say Mariah looks old and fat better buy glasses.  On the second picture you may notice Lee Daniels, he told he would do it for "Tennessee" and he did it... he cutted his hair 
Posted on March the 10th.
Scott Storch quoted again as working for upcoming projects with Mariah
MTV reports: Storch, is set to work soon with Mariah Carey, T.I., Yung Joc, Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland.
Click here if you're interested to read the beef who's going on between Scott Storch and Timbaland (not Mariah related).
Posted on March the 9th. making a multi-million dollar payment to UMG for past instances of copyright infringement. 
Unlike CBS, NBC, Viacom and others, Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris doesn't seem to have any problem getting video-sharing Web sites to respect his artists' intellectual property.
UMG, the world's largest record label, is expected to announce today that it reached an out-of-court settlement with that will result in the user-generated Web site making a multi-million dollar payment to UMG for past instances of copyright infringement. 
The exact amount of the payment will be based on a percentage of Bolt's overall value. 

According to a source familiar with the settlement, UMG will also receive a per-play minimum payment from Bolt for both produced videos and user-generated content that uses songs from the label's artists. UMG also gets a percentage of the ad revenue attached to its artists, this source said. 
As part of the settlement, Bolt also agreed to equip its Web site with filtering software within 60 days. 

UMG in October filed copyright infringement charges against and - the first such lawsuits brought against a user-generated content Web site. A month later, the label leveled similar charges against News Corp.'s MySpace. (News Corp. also owns The Post.) 
The lawsuits accuse the Web sites of sharing, copying, reformatting, distributing and creating derivative versions of songs from Mariah Carey, The Killers, Bon Jovi and others. 

By getting Bolt to concede to such a one-sided settlement, UMG also gains significant leverage in its ongoing suits against and MySpace. 
Morris has stood out among his music industry peers in both his vigilance in going after companies that use music as the cornerstone of their business model and in striking deals that compensate UMG for that use. 

UMG was among the first record labels to sign a licensing deal with YouTube, which has recently raised the ire of TV companies for inadequate protection of their copyrights. 
Morris was also instrumental in getting Sirius Satellite Radio to pay the major record labels a fee for each S50 portable radio player/MP3 device sold. 
UMG is also the only major label to strike a deal with Microsoft that calls for the software giant to pay UMG a royalty, estimated at more than $1, for each Zune device sold. 
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 9th.

San Jose concert critic prefers Christina Aguilera's concert to Mariah's
Click here to read it, if you're interested, I personnally don't care, all tastes are in the human nature.
Posted on March the 9th.
Tender moment
A Mariah hug at Oprah's Leadership Academy openong ceremony.
Source: Oprah (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 8th.
"Little Love" is a melodic song
Acording to Interscope's press release for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's upcoming album "Strength and Loyalty", "Little Love" is quoted as melodic.
Posted on March the 7th.
Translation of the Vanity Fair Italy article
I was planning to try to translate the article from the scans I posted this morning, but thank God, someone did it 
Valentina from Mariah Carey Sunlight translated it and sent it to Mariah Journal for us all to enjoy, thanks guys !!!!
I just need to translate it in French now for the Heroes of Mariah section in French.
Mariah Carey: Sex and the Music

Playboy has chosen her for the cover of a special issue dedicated to music. Crowning her as queen of pop eroticism. But don't speak to her about men. After a marriage and a great love, today she says: "I am in love only with myself." Try not to ask about Eminem!
Her photos on the late Playboy issue are so sexy. "Did you see them yet? I searched the magazine in a store at the airport but in front of the magazines stand for men, I ran away. I was afraid they'd recognize me!" 

Mariah Carey, 37 years old, is on the cover of Playboy March issue. But she is not naked. She wears a low-necked swimsuit, showing a surprising body for a woman which 5 years ago touched bottom physically and mentally.
After being one of the most loved singers of the 90's, in 2001 she had a breakdown that sent her to the hospital. Her rebirth happened two years ago, thanks to the success of The Emancipation of Mimi, the R&B album with autobiographical lyrics that contains the most listened to "We Belong Together" and that counted 6 platinum records and 3 Grammies. We meet her in London at the special party organized for her by Pinko, the Italian brand that has chosen her as a spokes model. The fact that she is a diva, it's obvious from the first second of our meeting. In the suite where she's waiting for me, she is lying on a sofa and I have to dribble among pack of flowers and scented candles.

Why did you pose for Playboy?
They told me that it was a special issue dedicated to music, so I thought it would be fine. But then I had to call the minister of our church to inform him and explain to him also that, inside the magazine, there will not be pictures of me naked. My fans would never forgive me for that!
I never thought that you are so bashful. And I didn't know that you are religious and practicing.
I must give everything to God, the gift of voice, my career. I am a very spiritual woman even if I had no religious education. And if you think that my grandmother had a big responsibility at a Pentecostal church while her husband was Catholic, so did my father, when he was a child, he went to two different churches everyday. Moreover, my mother is Irish and she was educated by Catholic sisters. But when I was born times changed. And then my parents divorced when I was little.

Did your mother urge you to do music?
Yes, she also was an artist. The first song I sang was an Italian theme that my mother repeated continuously. I copied her but obviously I was wrong about the pronunciation of words. Anyway from then she noticed my voice and began to take me with her on the stage. 
Your success is due more to your talent or your determination?
The talent is necessary, but it is also fundamental belief in oneself. When I was 17, even if I came from a poor family, I was the most ambitious girl in the world. But everybody joked about me, they told me that I was one in a million and I would never have success. My mother was the only one who trusted in me. She always said "Don't ever say "if" but "when."

The most beautiful moment in your life?
This is a good moment, but maybe the best was when I divorced from my husband and I recovered my freedom.
And the worst one?
The beginning was very difficult, because we had nothing and I couldn't bear the idea of remaining poor for the rest of my life.
I thought you would have said 6 years ago, when you had a breakdown. What happened?
I worked too much and people around me forgot that I am human. I had become a robot. I came out thanks to the trust I have always had in myself. In everybody's life there are up and down moments.

Don't you think you have sacrificed your private life for the professional one?
Surely it happened but you can't have everything.
Don't you want a baby?
I don't know if I could condemn somebody to live this kind of life. Being a child of a star can be very difficult.
What do you mean?
Look at me. I'm here, lying on this sofa wearing my Gucci's poncho and two big diamond rings on my fingers, speaking with you in a hotel suite full of red roses. My son could think that this is the real life. But I know that it isn't. I always remember every second of my previous life, when I had nothing. This fact gave me a big ambition.

After the stormy end of your first marriage and of the long relationship with Luis Miguel, do you still believe in love?
I can say that I am more conscious of love risks and I am more protective about myself. It's hard for me to trust in people. When you are rich and famous you never know why men are with you.
Are you in love now?
I love myself, in the right way. In every relationship it is an important start from this presupposition. And then I have to find the man who falls in love with Mariah, not with Diva.
Is it better to stay with a famous man or not?
Once I thought that a famous man could better understand me and so I was oriented in that way but then I discovered that jealousy made bad jokes. It happened that I was with a man that suffered if someone offered a job to me and not to him. But I am not telling the name of this man!

You love yourself and this fact made you flourish again. How is the relationship with your body?
I know that I must make some sacrifices to be in good form. Unfortunately, I am one of those women who, if I take 3 kilos, it seems like I take 10. My face soon becomes plump as a ball.
But do you like yourself?
It depends. Sometimes, the fact that I know that I can't eat everything I want to, gets me nervous. I am on a diet since I was 15.
Are you afraid to get older?
No. If you note, people who are afraid of it get older faster.

Would you ever resort to cosmetic surgery?
I give many attention to my skin, I never get tanned and I always use a very high cream protection. But there are other parts of body, like hands, which reveal the real age. From this point of view, to be a mixed helps me.
Is true that you are in a new movie?
Yes, Tennessee by Aaron Woodley, it also stars Ethan Peck, Gregory's nephew. I play the role of a woman who is in a relationship with a violent man and she does not have the courage to leave him. I love this project, I'm studying this role for months.
But Glitter was a flop in 2001. Why did you decide to try again?
That certainly could not be worse than that! 

Your latest album, on the contrary, has been a big success. Is it true that you write your songs?
Yes, even if there are some people who criticize me for that. They tell me that a real diva had only to sing. But if I had not sat at the piano by my own, songs like "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and "We Belong Together" would have never been born.
But, please, will you satisfy my curiosity? What happened with Eminem? Reading the magazines, it seems that you had a hard relationship.
I thought he was a friend of mine but he spreads strange things about me and during his concerts, let people listened to my messages I left on his answering service. I really don't understand this behaviour, but if it makes him happy.
It seems like a jilted lover behaviour.
I never had sex with him. And with this, I hope to close this conversation. 
Posted on March the 7th.

Island Def Jam and Universal Music Group bosses support democrats
Signing more than checks for a star-struck Obama
Monday night, Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid threw a fund-raiser for Obama at his upper East Side home. Just as he did two weeks ago at a Hollywood party that drew Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Murphy, Obama worked his magic on a crowd that included designer Tommy Hilfiger, singer Babyface Edmonds, Island Urban president (and Janet Jackson beau) Jermaine Dupri, Universal Music honcho Doug Morris and record execs Steve Bartels, Sylvia Rhone and Andre Harrell. Each paid $2,300 for sushi cones, pomegranate margaritas and Obama's vision of the future. 
"He spoke for about 20 minutes, never mentioning Hillary Clinton," one guest tells us. "He was very impressive. People formed a circle around him. He shook everybody's hand and asked what they did." 
Naturally, he was also cordial to, Jay-Z, who laid his money down despite having had dinner a few nights earlier with Bill Clinton. Obama asked the rapper/ Def Jam CEO/co-owner of the Nets how his basketball team is doing. 

The candidate also took questions from guests. Among them was Benny Medina, who asked if he had a running mate in mind. 
"Are you available?" Obama asked Mariah Carey's manager. "Can you pass the FBI background check?" 
"Absolutely not," said Medina.
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment: "Can you pass the FBI background check?" "Absolutely not," said Medina.
Posted on March the 7th

Mariah featured in Vanity Fair Italia
Mariah Carey sex and the music

Click to enlarge
Source for the scans: Mauro by e-mail
Posted on March the 7th.
Brave little Keaton is gone 
We are all excited with the upcoming movie "Tennessee".  We know the story is about two brothers in search of their father who's the person who can save the life of the youngest brother.  That's a movie, but in real life it's so sad to know kids are fighting against a deathly illness every day, every night, month after month, year after year.
For the ones who regularly check Heroes of Mariah, you may remember I made a call for help last September. 
Little Keiton, 7 years old , living in the UK, needed help desperately. He was suffering from acute leukaemia for three years and as he was mixed it's more difficult to find a bone marrow donor who's mixed too to give him more chance to survive, 'cause it's a complex biological situation.
Today, I'm so sad, you will not see me joking around, Keaton who was looking for a hero to save his life is gone, he died surrounded by his family with his favourite DVD, " Finding Nemo" playing in the background.
R.I.P Keaton. I'll remember your cute little face.  If some of you want to leave a message for his family, you can access Keaton's page here.
Posted on March the 6th.
359.221 sources report the "Tennessee" news we got yesterday from the "Tennessean" 
Posted on March the 6th.
"Lil L.O.V.E." planned as second single
According to Billboard, "Lil L.O.V.E.", the track featuring Mariah and Bow Wow on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's album "Strength & Loyalty" is planned as second single.  Remember, the album is scheduled for April the 17th.
Posted on March the 6th.
Quote of the day
"I swear I just saw Mariah Carey on a boxcar." 
Posted on March the 5th.
Pinko store in Paris decorated with Mariah huge posters 
The Pinko store located near Concorde in Paris is decorated with 2 huge Mariah posters.  Stay tuned for pictures soon.
Source for the info: Garfield on our forum
Posted on March the 5th.
"Tennessee" additional info
The song “Help Me Make it Through the Night” was written by Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson’s rendition of the song is heard in the film.
Posted on March the 5th.
Street and Urban tracks on Mariah's upcoming album? 
Producer DJ Toomp working with Mariah
With his production skills having helped score Grammy Awards for T.I. (best rap solo performance for "What You Know") and Ludacris (best rap album for 'Release Therapy'), DJ Toomp is busy on other hip-hop fronts. 

After producing Young Jeezy`s latest hit, "I Luv It," he has lined up a slew of additional collaborations on upcoming projects by Young Buck, Busta Rhymes, 8Ball & MJG, Mariah Carey and Slim Thug.
Source: VNU eMedia (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March the 5th.

Mariah performed "Right to Dream" for "Tennessee"
Mariah Carey plays Second Fiddle for movie shot in town
Mariah Carey sang country music in Nashville last week. Don't get excited — it was just for a movie.

She was filming the independent film Tennessee with Lance Reddick, Ethan Peck and Adam Rothenberg. She plays a waitress and aspiring country singer who flees her controlling husband to join two brothers on their journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father.

On Thursday, director Aaron Woodley and crew were at Second Fiddle at 420 Broadway, where Mariah performed "Right to Dream," a song for the movie she co-wrote with Willie Nelson. She was joined by dreamy Mickey Raphael, who plays harmonica for Willie. "People were weeping on the crew when she sang it," Aaron says. "It's very moving, especially in the context of the film and her character."

On Monday, they shot in Dunlap, Tenn., and on Tuesday filmed at Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville. "I always knew Tennessee was lush and picturesque and incredibly cinematic, but on film it is even more than I expected," Aaron says. "The film is called Tennessee, and I hoped that I captured it in all its glory. I hope I did the people of Tennessee proud because I love this state, and I love Nashville."

Midweek, they filmed a railroad scene in downtown Nashville, and even rode boxcars from Nashville to Lebanon a couple of times. "There I am, sitting on the edge of a boxcar with Mariah Carey, breezing through town. We slowed down to go over a bridge, and there were people sitting in cars. I think they did a double-take: 'I swear I just saw Mariah Carey on a boxcar.' "

They had planned to shoot on Lower Broadway Thursday, but swapped with the Second Fiddle because of the rain. So they wrapped the week Friday night on Lower Broad.

"As we've been shooting downtown, I've been constantly wishing I wasn't working because everybody is having a great time," Aaron says. "I love country music and wanted to walk away and listen to some bands and drink some beer."

He got his wish after Friday's shoot wrapped.
Source: Tennessean (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Cumberland Caverns, I posted it 5 days ago, hehe
Posted on March the 5th.

Thank God we aren't Michael Jackson fans
Michael Jackson is charging $3,500 for 30 seconds meeting with his fans in Japan .  What a shame!!!!.  Aren't we lucky with our girl? 
Posted on March the 4th.
About yesterday's Q magazine info
Yesterday I posted tthe reason why Q magazine is in my hall of shame, as Mariah is in their worst singers of all time list, maybe some of you want to react, send your polite reaction at the following e-mail address:
Posted on March the 4th.
Mariah and heels, best friends
On an Oprah After The Show, Oprah and Dr. Robin were talking about the New Year's Eve party in Africa. Oprah said the hotel had 102 steps people had to walk down to get from the start of the party to the end. She said they had velvet bags made for each woman so they could wear flats to walk down the steps and then change into heels. Oprah said there was one female who didn't obey the rule...Mariah.  She said Mariah walked down the stairs in her heels, and Oprah and Dr. Robin didn't know how she did it.
Source: Jason
Heroes comment:, I want a video from that part.  But hey, we, fans all know how Mariah did it.... she was flying 
Posted on March the 4th.
Why Q Magazine is in my hall of shame
Because Mariah in their list of worst singers of all time along with Ozzy Osbourne and Céline Dion.
Posted on March the 3rd.
Buy the Hello! magazine, the pictures are really beautiful!!!!
Posted on March the 3rd.
Mariah Carey's "handicapped" upbringing
Mariah Carey says her tough upbringing was a "handicap".
The singer claims she struggled to become a singer because she was raised in a poor one-parent family.
Mariah revealed in an interview with Britain's Hello magazine: "I feel like I came from a handicapped place. To have grown up in a single parent home, to be bi-racial, to not have any money, to have to fight to succeed. "No-one but my mom believed in me. First, you have to have faith and then you have to act. And that is what I have always done."
The 36-year-old star, who is one of the most successful female solo artists in the world, says her difficult upbringing made her even more determined to succeed.
She explained: "I suppose that to succeed, first you have to have lost something, which shows you how to be thankful for everything - for the good moments and the bad. That's what I have learned."
Source: AskMen (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 3rd.
I knew it....
I knew that from the moment the first picture would surface, the negative comments would follow.
I think that the ones criticizing Mariah, as usual, have a shrimp brain.  Think about it, Mariah's character is a waitress, abused by her husband and she has the courage and probably fears to assume her dream, singing.  Only the shrimp brains waited to see Mariah in Diva, with make up like for an event, wearing a haute couture dress, c'mon, it's not the Grammys!!!
And about the fact the extras could not talk to Mariah, that's normal, imagine that while she focuses on her part, people are coming disturbing her and I'm sure that some people would have had the audacity to ask her for an authograph.
I played in several commercials myself when I was a lil' kid and a teenager, and believe me, the director didn't wanted people came to talk to me either and I'm not Mariah Carey.
Anywayz, I'm gonna go drink my lil' coffee outside my favourite place like every Saturday, in the rain (like almost every Saturday too ).
If you wanna discuss, you're welcome on our forum.
Posted on March the 3rd.
Mariah in Nashville, first pic on the set!!!!!

Mariah Carey has been in town shooting scenes for her latest indie film "Tennessee." News 2 obtained exclusive photos of Mariah from one of the scenes. Yesterday, Mariah was at Second Fiddle on lower Broadway shooting a final scene. An extra says they were at the honky-tonk for 12 hours, but mariah was only there for 2. The source says that in the scene Mariah goes to a writers night, takes the stage and the crowd is blown away by her performance. The extra says Mariah seemed friendly, but the extras were told not to talk to her.

Later Thursday night, things almost took a nasty turn when a crew truck backed into a large double lamp post on Broadway. The post fell, hit Second Fiddle's neon sign and awning.The owner of the bar says the sidewalk was packed when it fell, but everyone made it out of the way safely. 

Mariah dined at the Palm Thursday night and signed a blank spot on the wall. Her caricature will be added later. I am told the Grammy Award winner has now left Nashville. 
Source: Steph In The City (All rights reserved)
Click on the picture to enlarge
Posted on March the 2nd.

Mariah Shoots Movie At Nashville Honky-Tonk
Singer Mariah Carey has been in Nashville shooting a movie and news 2 entertainment video journalist Stephanie Langston tells us there was a close call with her movie crew on lower Broadway . 

Singer Mariah Carey has been in Nashville shooting scenes from her latest movie "Tennessee.” 

On Thursday, Carey was at Second Fiddle on Lower Broadway.  An extra in the movie said they were at the honky-tonk for 12 hours, but Carey was only there for two. 

The extra said they shot the final scene of the film, where Carey’s character goes to a writer’s night.  In the movie,...
...the Grammy Award singer takes the stage and blows everybody away. 
There were about 40 extras at the Second Fiddle on Thursday. 

News 2’s source said Carey seemed friendly, but the extras were told not to talk to her. 
Later Thursday night, things almost took a nasty turn when a crew truck backed into a large double lamp post along Broadway, knocking it down. 

The lamp post hit the Second Fiddle's neon sign and tapestry. 
The owner of Second Fiddle said the sidewalk was packed when it fell, but everyone scattered out of the way. 

Brenda Sanderson said, “We are fortunate there is a little damage toour neon and canopy, but we are just really thankful that no one got hurt.”
Insurance is covering the damage.
Source: WKRN (All rights reserved)
Click here to watch a lil' video.
Posted on March the 2nd.

Video ringtones up again in Belgium
You can buy again the Mariah video ringtones on Belgian biggest provider Jamba 
Currently, they offer: Say Somethin' - Get Your Number - We Belong Together and Don't Forget About Us.
You can preview them and download them at the following link, if you don't buy them, you can't use them on your phone but it's cute to collect 
To download them for free, click on "Bekijk".
Posted on March the 2nd.
Mariah  #1 on VH1 Europe Top 5 Divas
1. Mariah Carey - It's Like That
2. Aretha Franklin - Respect
3. Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's OK
4. Diana Ross - Chain Reaction
5. Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block
Source for the info: breakbreakdown
Posted on March the 2nd.
"1 Fan A Day" definitely scrapped!!!!!!!
On February the 8th., I told you that my fam N.O.R.E  told me he was leaving Def Jam due to lack of promotion for his work and start on his own.  We all (HipHop/ Rap fans) waited impatiently for that album since so long, remember the track "Friendz" featuring Mariah was on that album.  I also told you that I had a high doubt for the track being released due to copyrights on the masters.
Well, here's an interesting read, a very interesting read, that's why I posted the article in full:
Queens’ grimiest rapper explains what went wrong with him and Def Jam.
Noreaga is at a crossroads in his 11-year career. After three years as a solo artist on Def Jam, the Queens MC got fed up with the lack of label support he’s received over the years and three weeks ago he severed ties with the label and it’s famous staff. Leaving the house Jigga inherited meant N.O.R.E. had to walk away from a fair amount of material, including the entire One Fan A Day album. At the same time the grimy rapper’s relationship with partner-in rhyme of eleven years, Capone, has changed a bit leaving the prospect of another Capone-N-Norega album up in the air. So now Melyvn Flynt is stuck in record label limbo, as he tries to figure out which lane he wants to swerve in. recently caught up with the king of reggaeton to talk about what really went down with Def Jam, his thoughts on Jay-Z as president and the future of C-N-N.

What were your reasons behind leaving Def Jam?
I don’t want to compare them to girls, but at the end of the day when you’re in a relationship with a female and you just feel like it’s heading in the wrong way, it’s up to you to cut it off before you get into some domestic violence or a route that you didn’t want to go. So that’s basically what it is. I don’t think we understood each other. There wont be a N.O.R.E. diss Jay-Z song. There will not be a N.O.R..E. diss L.A. Reid song, ’cause that’s my style. [When] I leave a label, I shit on ‘em. But this time, I’m going to take the grown man approach. I came and asked them for what I want. They could’ve easily said, “No.” I asked to be released and they didn’t fight me or I didn’t have to hire no lawyers and I’m glad at that fact.

So what’s going to happen with your unreleased project One Fan A Day? Will it still come out on Def Jam?
They own that material. I left One Fan A Day, ’cause I didn’t want no legal issues with Def Jam. I didn’t want to come out with One Fan A Day and them to say, “We own this material.” So I left records with Mariah Carey. I left records with Big Pun. I left records that I had with Jagged Edge. I was halfway recording it and then L.A. Reid came over. I kinda altered my album ’cause I wanted him to like my shit. I got with Lil’ Jon and I kinda started trying to make music with hooks on there and things of that nature to kinda cater to his needs. And I don’t think that was the right way to do [it].

Were you disappointed with the outcome of your reggaeton album, N.O.R.E. y la Familia…Ya Tú Sabe ?
Absolutely, but I’m not blaming nobody. I did reggaeton because I wanted to do reggaeton. By me doing reggaeton, I got to go to places that I would never go as an hip-hop artist, like Honduras [and] Ecuador. Reggaeton is something that makes money without you spending money. They promised me marketing money that they never used! This is what pissed me off, like this is why I couldn’t continue my relationship. I fuckin helped a company—like, when you look at MTV3, there might not even be a MTV3 if I didn’t do reggaeton. And I’m not saying that I invented the music or created the music, but I introduced it to America. I helped that style and brought it to the forefront. I brung it so black niggas can say, “Aight, cool man. I don’t understand what them niggas is saying, but I like the way the bitches dance to that shit man!” Now look at this shit, you got niggas coming out being millionaires off this music. Now that I did that, I’m wiping my hands with it. I don’t regret it, but I’m moving on and moving back to what people know and love me for.

What were your thoughts on Jay-Z as president of Def Jam?
I love him as a person. I love him as artist. I don’t think me and him connected on a personal level as far as business go. When it came down to him sitting behind that desk, I don’t think me and his vision was eye to eye.

Do you think Jay was making himself a priority over other artist on the label?
I can’t turn around and I can’t say that Jay-Z was paying attention to his self more than he was paying attention these other artists. I can’t say that! I can’t! ’Cause it makes me look corny.

What do you think of the difference between Jay-Z and former president, Lyor Cohen?
In order for you to sign an artist you have to show interest into an artist. You have to go around and Jay is too much of a star to show interest in anybody! When I met Lyor Cohen, he called me and said, “Where you at?” I said, “I’m shooting a video with Big Pun.” He didn’t ask me, “Where?” He didn’t ask me, “Which video?” He just said, “Oh word, you shooting a video with Big Pun? Aight cool, I’ll be there in an hour.” And an hour later sho’ nuff, he showed up and had Ja Rule in his car. That’s like my first time ever meeting Ja Rule. I’m not dissing Jay ’cause I have much respect for Jay, but at the end of the day that’s what a real CEO is to me. A real CEO—a real president is a person that wants somebody and is going to go out and get it. But Jay can’t do that. If Jay goes to see me, he’ll probably be signing more autographs then me!

Several artists on the label seem to share similar sentiments that Jay is only looking out for himself.
I understand where other artists is coming from like, “How come this nigga got a 20 million dollar marketing budget and my marketing budget is $100,000?!” But I didn’t want to go that route, so I’m not complaining about the shit.

How has Def Jam changed since you first signed to the label?
Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles were the people that actually brought me to Def Jam, and with them leaving it was kinda an awkward situation. Lyor got offered a $50 million job, [so] I can’t be mad at him for leaving. And I can’t be mad at Kevin Liles for going with the guy who put him in the business. And you got to realize, when a regime leaves and a new regime takes over, they fire everybody. So I basically didn’t really know people. I went from going to record label almost all the time and playing dice and smoking weed and getting my haircuts there to almost never going at all. I remember Def Jam was a place you go buy weed. I remember the weed niggas would work at Def Jam! I understand things get corporate. I understand things change. I understand certain people gotta start wearing ties now, but I think you should always remain a nigga.

Now that you’ve scraped One Fan A Day, are you coming with any new material?
It’s time to take over the whole globe ’cause that’s what I’m going to do— warm up the whole muthafuckin’ globe like Al Gore and we gon call it Global Warming 11368. The 11368 is symbolic to where I come from, Lefrak City, Queens. It’s strictly hardcore hip-hop. That muthafuckin gum under the table, the piece of shit you step on. It’s the broken up N.O.R.E. with the slang. It’s the lingo, it’s the shit people learned to love me for and the shit people will love me again for.

How’s your relationship with Capone? It’s been reported that you guys weren’t on good terms.
I’ll be 100 percent honest because the world needs to know this. When Capone came home [from jail], he was a different individual. When your homeboy gets locked up, he starts thinking different and he becomes a different person. I became a different person. I was making the money and holding it down for C-N-N. I set it up for him to live lavish and I didn’t make $30 million a year. Name another person who came home to a Lexus, and he didn’t like a Lexus so he skated in a Lexus and got a Mercedes Benz. I did that shit out the kindness of my heart. C-N-N didn’t have no budget. C-N-N, we got signed for $5,000 homeboy. That’s the God’s honest truth. We signed away our publishing. We didn’t even know what publishing was. When he came home, not only did I hire him lawyers to get his publishing back the same way I did, but I also gave him 50 percent of my company, Thugged Out Militainment. But now, we got to learn who each other is. Like, we squashing it and we doing the Capone and Norega thing. We got twelve deals on the table and I’m not signing one of them until I know who he is and he’s starting to know who I am.
Source: XXL Mag (All rights reserved)
Posted on March the 2nd.

"Tennessee" update, on Tuesday they shot at Cumberland Caverns

My contact on the set of Tennessee told me they finished shooting in New Mexico and came into Tennessee this weekend for their last week. On Tuesday, they shot inside a huge cave, Cumberland Caverns, which is a tourist atraction there (they closed it for them). They're in Nashville now and finish tomorrow!
About the Cumberland Caverns: Cumberland Caverns is located in the heart of Middle Tennessee. It is also centrally located between Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. They are situated just off of Highway 8, which is six miles southeast of McMinnville. The cave displays some of the largest underground rooms and spectacular formations in eastern America, featuring waterfalls, gleaming pools and even a 3/4-ton chandelier. It's an historic 1812 saltpeter mine and "God of the Mountain.
Posted on March the 1st.
Mariah left a new voice message 
Guys, go quick on Mariah's official site, there's a voice message for us all!!!!!!
Visit the multimedia page and listen to the all new and exclusive voicemail that Mariah has left for! 
This is the first voicemail of 2007. Listen as Mariah speaks from the set of her new movie.
Posted on March the 1st.
Difference between Britney Spears and Mariah: Mariah can sing!!!!
Everything Britney did seemed designed to keep her high on the list of Web searches and page views. Her public life has been an experiment in the physics of fame: Can empty notoriety take on weight and meaning if you just keep feeding it, inflating it and repeating the name? Now we know. The answer to both is yes, but probably not as intended. Consider the photograph on the front page of the New York Daily News : an enraged Spears -- hair shorn, face drawn -- attacking a car with an umbrella. Short of O.J. cowering in the Bronco, I have never seen such a damning depiction of celebrity downfall. It's too sad to be funny. The weight of Spears' fame turns out to be crushing, and the meaning of her life is close to being permanently cautionary. 'Close,' because Mariah Carey rebounded from an astonishingly public meltdown. There's a telling difference, however: Mariah can actually sing. Carey had some innate raw talent as a vocalist and musician to limit how far she might fall and to stand her up again. Talent enabled her to climb back from bad career choices and public embarrassment. Spears has no such gift. She mastered a kind of hall-of-mirrors celebrity, where the music and the publicity reinforced one another and sustained an aura of pop-culture relevance. But ultimately, Spears' reputation as a pop star was an expression of other people's talents: the songwriters, producers, sound engineers, choreographers and video directors paid to make her sound and look attractive.
Source: South Florida Sun Sentinel (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March the 1st.


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