March 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
Steve DiCesare was so kind to answer some questions
If you take a look at the Heroes of Mariah contest (clues, questions and answers), you know Steve played with a band in High School and Mariah sang "With Or Without You" (U2 song) with them at the high school graduation night.

What's fascinating about Steve is that this song writer and guitarist is now 85% deaf, he began losing his hearing at 9 years old, however he still can play 'cause the sounds are still in his memory  When he plays with the band, they uses signs and he senses the vibrations.
Go take a look on the band's site

Q&A with Steve DiCesare (thanks a lot man)
- When you met Mariah back in time, you were all very young, did you expect her to become so famous?  Was there a lil' something in that girl that make you think "she will make it"?
Steve: Honestly-  yes she  had an 'aura' about her back then too. You could feel it.  weird-  but she was always super cool.

- Steve, I know you have lost almost 85 percent of your hearing, does that mean you can't hear any songs?  Including Mariah's?
Steve: I havent been able to listen to any new music in 10 to 15 years now, I cant hear Mariahs stuff and especially her voice when she throws it up into the stratosphere.  Im not sure I ever heard those high notes from her unfortunately, but I did get a chance to listen to the early albums from the early 90's.

- What Mariah song do you like the most?
Steve: As far as a favorite song, I keep coming back to HERO, and that was about where I stopped listening to music..... it is inspiring for me , coming from her, ..........and also we used it in classes, (I teach deaf education,  and the kids selected it without my prodding)  to practice sign language to.  It was inspiring as well to see the kids signing that song..... I never told them that we were in high school together.

- If you had the opportunity to meet her now would you be intimidated or would you go like "hey wassup girl?"
Steve: Meeting her now , would be cool for sure-  Im sure we would have a great time.

- Any other memories (not too personal)?
Steve: I remember Mariah being very real, very creative, and very cool.  She has been making some awesome stuff and it's just GREAT!

Mark, the second guy who was in high school with Mariah is out of town and will hopefully reply soon to a few questions too, according to Mark  Mariah singing with the band that night was probably what made them  pursue a music career
Posted on March 31

Heroes of Mariah contest: winner, prizes, answers
167 entries and 12 good answers to all 4 questions.
- 1 copy of the special "Don't Forget About Us" Belgian Valentine edition made and given by DJs in a club along with stone hearts. 
- 1 copy of the "Fly Like A Bird" US promo single, this very rare promo cd features also "My Saving Grace" and was only given to a very limited amount of Christian radios in the US. 
- 1 "It's Like That" cardboard sleeve cd single (sold in Belgium). 
- 1 copy of the promo cd of Bringin' On The Heartbreak
- 1 copy of the maxi cd single of Bringin' On The Heartbreak with the video and the Honey B. Fly stickers 
- 1 "Touch My Body" remixes (promo)
Winner: Felipe (Valencia, Spain)
- What U2 song did Mariah once sang live? - Answer: With or Without You
- Where was it? - Greenlawn (New York)
- At which event? - High school graduation night
- What was the name of the band she sang with? (old name, actual name or name of the guys) 
- Answer: Art Skyd was the name of the guys high school band. It was the name of a Mets baseball player ( Lenny Dykstra) spelled backwards, the actual band name is Wide Mouth Grin, the guys who played in the band with Mariah were Steve DiCesare and Mark Brummer.
Posted on March 31
Mariah on her way to South Africa
Mariah just posted she's on her way to Africa!
Posted on March 31
Heroes of Mariah contest winner and prizes will be posted later today
I need the innocent hand to come home to pick a winner at random 
Posted on March 31
Tricky Stewart, 2 finished songs and South Africa
You probably read on Mariah's Twitter page that she finished 2 songs with Tricky and Big Jim and that she will go to South Africa soon.
I guess we all have the same idea for the South Africa thing.... just waiting for infos or confirmation 
Posted on March 31
For video collectors

Extra TV and TMZ covered the Barbados
Extra TV - Click here to download
TMZ - Click hereto download
Source: Moony
Posted on March 31
Pfffffffffffffffffffffff, why are a lot of US media/blogs/sites hatin'?
I simply don't get it.... Maybe did I miss something, is it Mariah hating day in the US?
Mariah is such an easy prey 'cause she never fights back, she's too nice for that.... maybe one day.... hey there's a new album on the way, maybe a good diss track would be great 
Posted on March 30
Mariah & Nick: It's Hot in the Caribbean!
They're still acting like newlyweds! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are having a blast in Barbados celebrating her 39th birthday. Clearly the passion is still burning in the marriage.
Mariah's birthday was Friday and the couple will celebrate one year of marriage April 30.  In the meantime, they enjoyed a fun-in-the-sun break. 

Click to enlarge
Source:YBF - RadarOnline
Posted on March 30
New album infos compilation
- The-Dream (source: Mariah - The-Dream)
- JD and Brian-Michael Cox (source: JD - Brian-Michael Cox)
- James "Big Jim" Wright (source: Mariah)
- 100% (100 Percent) (source: JD - Brian-Michael Cox)
Expected release date:
- September 2009 (source: Nick)
Posted on March 30
Welcome Cha-Cha
JJ has a sister... or a girlfriend, who knows 
Nick Cannon Buys Mariah a Jack Russell Terrier for First Anniversary
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon - who celebrate their one-year anniversary in May - are prepping for parenthood: They bought a dog.

"I got her a short-haired Jack Russell terrier -- a girl, named Cha-Cha. She's 8 weeks," Cannon, 28, told Saturday at a concert in Coconut Grove, Fla.

Cannon said being married to Carey is "the most amazing thing ever. I couldn't wish for anything else. She's the most incredible woman. Being in a strong union and being there for each other is something that I'd never really experienced before, so to experience it with my wife is remarkable. We're together as one, and that's important to me."

He was mum on their anniversary plans, but told Us, "We never went on a honeymoon, so I guess I can tell you we'll probably go to Barbados."

Asked if there are any babies in the near future, he laughed.
Source: US Magazine (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 30

More about the Miami party
Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon overtook Cabana One Lounge in Coconut Grove on Saturday night, where the pop star proved that just because she’s buying everything for a nursery, she’s not ready for the baby quite yet. 

“Mariah was drinking glasses of red wine with a straw,” laughed our onlooker. “When she and Nick left at 2 a.m., Mariah took a glass of wine down in the elevator with her.”

Cannon was deejaying at Ron Berkowitz’s rooftop club that night and kept playing Carey’s songs. But once “Fantasy” came on, the diva couldn’t help but grab the mic herself. “Mariah started singing along to her own song,” a reveler told us. “She eventually got everyone in the crowd to sing with her.” 
Source: NY Daily news (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 30

Mariah and Nick in Miami last night
Nick Cannon was the special guest DJ at Cabana One last night. Not one to outshine anyone, wifey Mariah Carey showed up to support her hubby and stayed,partying until 3 a.m. While Cannon impressed on the turntables, Carey continued her 39th birthday celebration from the night before, partying with event host Ricky Tamayo and Fernie Franco in the promoter cabana. According to sources, Carey was very social and took tons of pictures with fans. When Cannon threw on his favorite Carey song, Emotions, Mariah sang along. "They seemed extremely in love, they were all over each other," said a source.
You can watch pictures at this link, I'll not post them as "All Content is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws."  And I don't want another "People" lawyers case....
Source for the article: (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 29
I told you!!!!! Mariah was in Miami last night
We knew Mariah spent her Anniversary with friends on an island (shhhhh), we also knew (see March 26 news) Nick was DJing in Miami last night at the Cabana One at the Mayfair Hotel.  Well, Mariah was there too!!!!!!!  Hopefully some fans were able to go.

From Nick's Twitter: "Just left the club in Miami. My wife came thru and shut the place DOWN!"
Posted on March 29

Heroes of Mariah contest
I hadn't time to read all my e-mails yet but 5 fans already replied correctly to the 4 questions 
Posted on March 28
JD and Bryan-Michael Cox are working together on Mariah's 100%
According to their Twitter exchanges, JD and Brian-Michael Cox are working on a joint called "100%" (100 percent) for Mariah.  It seems this tune is crazy.
Source: JD and Brian-Michael Cox on Twitter
Posted on March 28
JD is working on Mariah's new record!
28 mins ago:
"im on my to the studio to work on this new mariah record i no yall lambs wanna hear that"
Source: JD on Twitter
Posted on March 27
Heroes of Mariah contest last clues

- What U2 song did Mariah once sang live?
- Where was it?
- At which event?
- What was the name of the band she sang with? (old name, actual name or name of the guys)
The winner (with the most good answers out of the 4 questions (at least 2 answers)) will be picked at random.  You may send your entries until March 30.
Good Luck 

Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song
Clue 2: Mariah sang that U2 song live in the US
Clue 3: Sign language
Clue 4: These 2 guys were part of that adventure (full pictures will be posted soon)

Clue 5: Silence
Clue 6: The screencap below is from a concert where U2 performed that song

Clue 7: "You give it all but I want more"
Clue 8: Mets baseball player

Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 27

A lot of rumors are flying around
A mansion, no mansion.  A baby, no baby.  Adoption, no adoption.  Pink nursery, no nursery. 
Always rumors..... 
Posted on March 27
Mariah Anniversary Countdown!
To read the fan comments go on Mariah's official site
The results are in:
1- We Belong Together
2- Vision Of Love
3- Always Be My Baby
4- Hero
5- Fantasy Remix feat. O.D.B.
6- Butterfly
7- Breakdown feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
8- Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
9- The Roof
10- Can't Let Go
11- Fly Like A Bird
12- Honey
13- My All
14- Make It Happen
15- Vanishing
16- Touch My Body
17- Close My Eyes
18- One Sweet Day
19- Through The Rain
20- Emotions
Heroes note: Take a look at The-Dream's countdown, seriously Terius your number #1 is .... 
Posted on March 27
It's Mariah Day!!!!!
Happy Anniversary Mariah 
Posted on March 27
Mariah in Miami to celebrate her post-Anniversary?
Rumors are flying around Mariah could celebrate her post-anniversary at Cabana One in Miami on March 28.  Could be as Nick is set to spin a special DJ set from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.  If you're in that area give it a try!!!!!
Posted on March 26
Mariah out of town for her Anniversary!
So, it seems Mariah took a plane to .....
Source for the info: clownette - Alex on our forum
Posted on March 26
Heroes of Mariah contest clue 6
It seems a lot of you already want to enter the contest and are sending their entries even if not all the clues are posted, if you think you can already answer the questions, here ya go (but more clues will be posted)

- What U2 song did Mariah once sang live?
- Where was it?
- At which event?
- What was the name of the band she sang with? (old name, actual name or name of the guys)
The winner (with the most good answers out of the 4 questions (at least 2 answers)) will be picked at random.  Good Luck

Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song
Clue 2: Mariah sang that U2 song live in the US
Clue 3: Sign language
Clue 4: These 2 guys were part of that adventure (full pictures will be posted soon)

Clue 5: Silence
Clue 6: The screencap below is from a concert where U2 performed that song

Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 26

"My Love" at #7 (+2) on BET's 106&Park countdown
Well done!!!!!
C'mon everyone, just 1 click!!!!
Posted on March 26
For video collectors
- TMZ TV & TMZ Online - click here to download.
- Fox Business News (some Mariah clips were shown when Nick talked about buying a new house on America's Nightly Scoreboard) - click here to download.

Source: Moony
Posted on March 25
Heroes of Mariah contest clue 5
I only give clues at the moment .  The questions will come later.
Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song
Clue 2: Mariah sang that U2 song live in the US
Clue 3: Sign language
Clue 4: These 2 guys were part of that adventure (full pictures will be posted soon)

Click to enlarge
Clue 5: Silence

Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 25

"My Love" enters BET's 106&Park countdown
The video made it in the Top 10 videos at #9.  Well done!!!!!
C'mon everyone, just 1 click!!!!
Source for the info: Tray on HBF
Posted on March 25
Heroes of Mariah contest clue 4
I only give clues at the moment . The questions will come later.
Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song
Clue 2: Mariah sang that U2 song live in the US
Clue 3: Sign language
Clue  4: These 2 guys were part of that adventure (full pictures will be posted soon)

Click to enlarge

Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 23

Mariah and Nick are moving to Los Angeles, but are gonna stay in New York at time
Click here to see Nick talking about it to the TMZ paps.
Posted on March 24
Heroes of Mariah contest clue 3
I only give clues at the moment .  The questions will come later.
Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song
Clue 2: Mariah sang that U2 song live in the US
Clue 3: Sign language

Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 23

US fans: support "My Love"!!!!!
If you like the track or not, if you like the video or not, it's your fan duty to support it!
Posted on March 23
Heroes of Mariah contest clue 2
I already received a few answers to the contest, c'mon guys, I didn't even ask the question yet, I only give clues at the moment .  And no, we are not looking for a Mariah song...
Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song
Clue 2: Mariah sang that U2 song live in the US

Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 22

Mariah's new album!
Shade Sheist (featured on "What Would You Do" along with Mariah,Damizza and Nate Dogg) once said:

"Finicky fans and supporters and all that, they like you one day the next you crap. That is the thing that always trips me out. Fans forget sometimes that you are our supporters, you are not in most cases our friends and alot of them like to talk to us like they are our friends. Like tell us what to do or what we are doing wrong like they just know, but yet you're not running a successful multimedia label. You are not doing anything, you do not have any songs or are you a artist, so how you going to tell a artist about artistry shit and you are not a artist?
Posted on March 22

New Heroes of Mariah contest 
Ok guys, this is gonna be a tough one.  Everyday or maybe even a few times a day (who knows...)  I'm gonna give you a clue 
The contest is open to all fans and the prize is gonna be great as the contest will end just in time for Mariah's Anniversary.
It will be Mariah's Anniversary but one of you guys will receive the gift, weird huh 

Ok, here we go with the first clue, the questions will only come in a few days 

Clue 1: Mariah once sang that U2 song....
(It makes you already scratch your head right?)
Rules: Now you need to click here and vote for "My Love".
Posted on March 21

E! News reports the offer on the mansion is false!
Click here to download it.

Source: Moony
Posted on March 21
I'll be very busy in the next few days, I'll try to update the news as much as I can and reply to your e-mails asap.
Posted on March 20
Jay Leno making fun of Mariah?
President Obama went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
The opening monologue went light on the evening's guest: Obama's entourage was "still less people than when we have Mariah Carey on." 

Also (out topic), Obama and Leno joked about his bowling game. When Obama said he recently bowled a score of 129 and Leno chided him for such a low result, the President tossed off a remark some might consider, um, politically incorrect: "That was like the Special Olympics or something." 
Now this is the sort of remark that, sadly, has become commonplace in contemporary humor. But it's nothing you'd want your president to say, or even to think.
Source: LA Times (extract)
Posted on March 20

C'mon everyone, just 1 click!!!! Vote For 'My Love' On BET's 106 & Park
Click here to vote for the video online and US fans, call 1-800-617-LIVE (5483) between 5:30 and 6:00pm ET to get the video on the top 10 video countdown! 
Posted on March 19
For video collectors
Extra TV Reports the House Offer Rumor

Click here to download it.
Source: Moony
Posted on March 19
Nick & Mariah Plan another wedding
Just in time for their one-year wedding anniversary, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are planning to tie the knot again! In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Nick revealed that he and his wife have a big party in the works. “We have spoken about it, and it’s coming up — that’s all I can say,” the 28-year-old told In Touch during a party sponsored by Grey Goose vodka at Underground club in Chicago on March 5. “We are going to do what we said we were going to do from the very beginning.” After their intimate surprise wedding in the Bahamas last April, Mariah promised Ellen DeGeneres that she and Nick would throw another huge wedding for the family members and friends who weren’t there the first time. “Instead of trying to be like, ‘You’re invited, but shhh, don’t tell anybody,’ we’re just going to have another one next year,” she explained.
Source: In Touch (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 18
Get the Official Mariah Toolbar!
Mariah fans, the ultimate online accessory for you is here! Get The Official Mariah Toolbar for the easiest access to all-things Mariah, right from your browser:
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In the coming week, we will be announcing a special contest here on; Having the toolbar will definitely come in handy to help you win some awesome Mariah prizes!
Posted on March 18

Mariah nominated for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Japan
Mariah is nominee in the Best Karaokee! Song category with Touch My Body.

The MTV VMAJ 09 awards are decided by the viewers and music fans who can vote for either Japanese or international artists nominated in the same category. The voting period is from March 18 through May 1 and can be accessed via web and mobile at

The 8th annual show will premiere live on MTV Japan, Saturday May 30 at 18h to over 7.2 million homes in Japan.
Source: MTV Asia - Akuro by e-mail
Posted on March 18

Vote For 'My Love' On BET's 106 & Park
"My Love," has been added to the video list on BET's 106 & Park. Click here to vote for the video online and US fans, call 1-800-617-LIVE (5483) between 5:30 and 6:00pm ET to get the video on the top 10 video countdown! 
106 & Park airs Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM (ET/PT).
Posted on March 18
Mariah and Nick make an offer on Saperstein mansion
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are all set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary as the owners of one of Los Angeles' most prestigious homes, according to reports.
The pop pair have put in an offer to buy the Saperstein Estate in Holmby Hills, after spending the past three months house hunting in California. 
The palatial pad has reportedly been on the market for months at a whopping $125 million (£83.3 million). It is not known what Carey and Cannon are paying for the place.
The French Chateau-style mansion was bought by David and Suzanne Saperstein in the early 1990s. The former society couple spent five years renovating the home, which they dubbed Fleur de Lys. 
Reports suggest the mansion has become a mini-palace with Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold-embossed leather wall coverings and gold-leaf crowned mouldings. 
The lavish home features a ballroom with ceiling frescoes, a library with a first-edition book collection, two kitchens and a screening room with seating for 50. There's also a three-bedroom manager’s house, staff quarters for 10, a nine-car garage and even a private jogging track. 
A source close to Carey and Cannon, who wed at the pop superstar's Bahamas home in Eleuthera last April (08), says, "They like the home because there's so little that needs doing to it."
Source: Contactmusic
Heroes note: It's of course unconfirmed, but if you wanna take a look click here
Posted on March 18
Mariah fan releases charity single
UK Mariah fan Andy recovered from testicular cancer this year after undergoing chemotherapy treatment, during which he recorded the track "Taking Back The Life". The song will be due out early summer 09. All proceeds of the single will be donated to a cancer charity.  The track which is on this site is in a competition and the more votes it gets the more exposure it gets, it's being released on iTunes UK and the money made is going to a cancer charity when it's released. The link  gives you the option to vote for the track, listen to it and also leave a message. Andy would love you to help him out to create awareness for the cause. and also if you do a search on facebook you can become a fan of spreading awareness of Testicular Cancer by typing in the search "spreading awareness of testicular cancer " 

Listen to the track here, spread the word!
Source: Andy by e-mail
Posted on March 16

US fans: support "My Love"!!!!!
If you like the track or not, if you like the video or not, it's your fan duty to support it!
Posted on March 16
HBF fans chatted with Mariah last night 
Since a few years now, a group of HBF fans are regularly holding a phone chat and last night was the cherry on the cake, Mariah joined the chat.  Nick deserves is nickname "Mr. Make it Happen" 'cause he made it happen.  The fans had contacted him to join but as he was djing outside the state they had no much hope, but then he called in and called Mariah to join.  The HBF fans had the time of their lifes!!!!!
Bianca moments where Nick said there are more characters of Mariah and that we gonna love them and they are just as funny... Mariah told that the influences on new album are very rnb, sad moments, nostalgic moments, and some sw's.
Mariah also said she's in the middle of working on a song and it's going to be a favorite, kind of an inspiration with a beat to it, a ballad with uplifting lyrics. 
Here's the link to the full chat, Jas recorded. 

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, way to go girls!!!!!
Source: the girls on HBF
Posted on March 15

Mariah's new album to be released in the fall
According to Nick, Mariah's new album is coming out in the fall
Source: Nick Cannon - Dennis by e-mail
Posted on March 15
Great news later today 
Nick, our source for infos!
As Nick reply a lot to fans, we have now have more infos.
The first one is the sad reality, as we all knew it by watching the Bye Bye video, Jack is gone forever and Nick confirmed it to a fan who probably didn't watch the video enough.  Thank god no one was stupid enough to ask this to Mariah.....

Another important info e-mailed to a fan is coming and will be posted later today 
Posted on March 15

Bianca, the return?????
After asking Mariah on Twitter if Bianca would ever come back, an HBF fan got a reply saying she had some Bianca and multiple of new stuffs coming after the album. 

But be careful when Mariah is in her joking mood, she sometimes replies funny or weird stuff 
Posted on March 13

Guest Star
It's not out of the ordinary for Mariah Carey to appear on the Billboard Hot 100. What is notable is when she does so in a featured role, as is the case this week, as the-Dream's "My Love," on which Carey guests, debuts at No. 82. The song marks Carey's 39th chart entry but only her second as a featured artist. She previously rode shotgun on Jadakiss' "U Make Me Wanna," which peaked at No. 21 in 2004.
Source: Billboard Chart Beat
Posted on March 13

Just click here. 
Posted on March 13
The best track of Love Vs Money is “My Love”, featuring Mariah Carey
411 Mania reviews "Love vs. Money":
The best track of Love Vs Money is “My Love”, featuring Mariah Carey. Their stellar vocals mesh very well over the slow beat that shows listeners that MC still has it. 
Click here to read the full album review
Source: 411 Mania
Posted on March 13
Nick's letter to the fans
Don't worry, my site will not become a Nick fan site, a lot sent me already hate enough 'cause I stand up for Mariah anytime and the last days I stood up for Nick, let me be clear, I don't know Nick, the first time I heard his name is when he dated/married Mariah, so this will not become a Nick fan site like some stated.  I posted the infos these last days 'cause it was scandalous and lame to insult Mariah on her hubby's blog... (or anywhere else)  get it?
Some people are really mentally sick, really... 

Anyway, here's what he wrote on his blog:
"Lambs, You guys are the best! You guys stick up for Mariah and always have. If you noticed in my post to the “Haters” I never mentioned the world Lambs because I know you guys are the real true definition of fans. Lambs are actually more than that, you guys are literally Mariah’s family. You don’t know how much she loves you all and how happy you have always made her. You all have rolled with her through everything. So when we got married I was surprised that I was marrying into a Worldwide Family. And just like in any marriage, some family members embrace you, some don’t, and some take time to invite you in. It’s like one big version of “MEET THE PARENTS” LOL.  So I appreciate all the Lambs who have embraced me and the ones who haven’t yet, I am totally okay with that. I understand. Some In-Laws never get along!! But I want my site to be an open forum for you to voice all your opinions. A great man once said, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will die for the right for you to say it.” I encourage and welcome criticism, especially when done  with respect.

Again the only issue I had was the few people who were making vulgar and slanderous comments about my wife. I will never allow anyone to disrespect Mariah in my presence. And I believe I have personally reached out to everyone who was making those type of comments and nipped it in the bud. Again to the Lambs, you guys are STONE WINNERS! Thank you for loving and supporting Mariah past, present, and future! P.S. Wait until you guys hear the new album! STONE GROOVE SMASH HIT WONDERS!!! (and no I would never be worthy enough to be featured on a Mariah record, don’t worry) LOL!" 
Posted on March 13

"they're just trying to see if (my wife) Mariah (Carey) is going to walk in"
Extracts from USA Today article about Nick:
- "I've got co-workers tip-toeing past my door pretending like they're using the copier, going in all of the pantries, but really they're just trying to see if (my wife) Mariah (Carey) is going to walk in. She comes by every once in a while, so they might catch her,".

- Cannon, just one month shy of celebrating his one-year anniversary with Carey, says she "loves" his new job. "Nothing has really changed, because she sleeps during the day, especially because she's working on an album and has to rest her voice. She doesn't even know when I'm gone," he says. "When I get home, she's just getting up, and we hang out. I don't sleep. My schedule is so weird. "

- Beginning this summer, he and his celeb friends will travel the country and surprise ordinary teens who are doing extraordinary things in their communities. Don't be surprised if Mrs. Cannon shows up with her hubby.
"The great thing about her and one of the reasons I appreciate her so much is with her busy schedule and everything she has going on, she always has the time to support what I'm doing," Cannon says. "That's what a marriage and a union is really about. Outside of all of the fame and craziness, we just are best friends and have so much fun together and support. To have someone to bounce creative ideas off for 24/7 is amazing."

Also on Cannon's to-do list: having a baby with Carey.
"We're definitely moving towards that," Cannon says. "There were a couple of things you want to get established first. You want to enjoy each other for the first year, and we've traveled quite a bit."
He continues, "When you start a union, that has to be one of things that is on the forefront of your mind, but we're so busy with everything else. We love each other, so we're constantly in practice. We're going to let nature take its course, but the course is not a long one."
Source: USA Today (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March 13

Important Info on "My Love
A couple days ago, fans were stunned to see what seemed to be "My Love" dropped from number 60 on iTunes to out of the Top 100 completely. What in fact happened was that it was the "single" version that had been available on iTunes for a couple weeks now that was number 60. Once The-Dream's album became available on iTunes, the label pulled the single version of the song. 

Something interesting...  first of all, My Love, album cut, no longer says "featuring Mariah Carey" as it did with the single on iTunes, but rather "& Mariah Carey"... "The-Dream & Mariah Carey". Now they both receive equal credit, it seems.

The iTunes links previously posted to the single version of My Love are no longer valid.  Look for the album version on iTunes now!!!!

Please download, request and request again now!!!!!!
Source for the info: Jeremy by e-mail
Posted on March 12

"Precious" in theaters in November 2009
Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire is now listed for a November 2009 release.
-on Friday 6 November - Limited release
-on Friday 13 November - Limited and Expansion 
-on Friday 20 November - Expansion 
Source: Box Office Mojo - Andy by e-mail
Posted on March 12
"My Love" enters at #82 on this weeks Hot 100
C'mon guys, if you like the track or not, if you like the video or not, request dammit!!!!!
Source for the info: Billboard
Posted on March 12
Hopefully the Mariah and Nick haters (media and "fans) will now shut the fuck up!
Press Release:
NICKELODEON Signs Groundbreaking deal With Multi-Talented Nick Cannon as Honorary Chairman of TEENick 
"I went from Mr. Carey to Mr. Chairman over night! (actually, I kinda like the name mr. carey)LOL
Click here to read the Press Release
Posted on March 12
US fans: support "My Love"!!!!!
If you like the track or not, if you like the video or not, it's your fan duty to support it!
Posted on March 12
"Only thing that I believe is totally unfair, unwarranted, and uncalled for is when people insult my wife. She is the most loving, caring, giving and kind hearted person I have ever met. She doesn’t deserve any of the disrespectful comments that are made about her. And the craziest thing is a lot of these comments come from people who claim to be her biggest fans!!"
Source: Nick on his blog
Posted on March 12
How far will they go?
I don't even know what to say anymore, some people call themselves fans and can't stop bashing Mariah.  During all those years being a fan, I thought I had seen/read it all, but it gets worse and worse.  I just don't get it.  Insulting Mariah, bashing her constantly and now going on her hubby's blog to insult him too, where and when will it end.  Fake asses, fake fans, you're scary.  No updates today, I'm absolutely disgusted.
Posted on March 11
The-Dream mentions Mariah in 2 songs
On 2 tracks from "Love vs. Money", The-Dream mentions Mariah:
-on "Mr. Yeah":  "Ask Mariah, I touch that body like"
-on "Put It Down":  "I can make you sing like Mariah"
Source for the info: Dinter by e-mail
Posted on March 10
Chinese fans: Mariah's Anniversary Party in Cheng Du, China

Liu Chuan, Leon from China is organising a party in Cheng Du to celebrate Mariah's anniversary on March 27, 2009. 
The bar will be doing promotion beforehand too - with posters and leaflets and everything - both inside and outside the venue. It will be a Mariah-themed night. The venue's DJ will be playing everything Mariah - album versions and remixes. They will be playing Mariah videos, live performances and concert dvds. There will be live performances by singers and dancers from the bar itself in front of a Mariah backdrop. Mariah fans who are attending will also have a chance to sing Mariah songs - after all it's a fan gathering. And of course an anniversary cake will be ready. There will be exclusive Mariah photos as souvenirs for the fans. A free vehicle will be available to drive fans living in suburbs near the city back home after the party.

Mariah's Anniversary Party in Cheng Du, China
Date: March 27, 2009 (Friday)
Time: 9pm
Location: The Connection
Address: Section 110, Soho Business Harbour, No. 5 Hongjixin Road (Entrance on Hong Ji Shang Lu), Cheng Du, Si Chuan, China

Contact: Liu Chuan, Leon
Tel: 86-13060005444
For details and updates (in Chinese) - click here.
Source: Source: Liu Chuan, Leon - Bernard by e-mail
Posted on March 10

Time for the dancing banana?
Errrr, better not, last time it brought us bad luck.... but still... I'll take the risk  ok, here we go 
Mariah hopes for a Tour
After asking what she was looking forward after the new album will be released, a fan got a direct message from Mariah on Twitter: 
"the music,hopefully a tour and I'm really excited about the movie "Push"/"Precious"(name tbd) that I'm in w/a great cast".
Source for the info: several fas by e-mail
Posted on March 10
My Love: video and outtake download
Click here to download it.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on March 10
Why did you cut it Nick??? It's hilarious 
Check out those outtakes, that scene at the start of the video is hilarious 
Click here to watch it.
Source: LoveBScott - Andrew - Moony
Posted on March 9
My Love! 
Click here to watch the video.

Click to enlarge
Posted on March 9
It's today!!!!!!!
Watch The Premiere Of My Love Today on MTV!
Don't miss the world video premiere of The-Dream's "My Love" featuring Mariah TODAY on MTV! 

Be sure to tune in to MTV all day TODAY to catch their exclusive video premiere of My Love!  The video which was shot last month in Los Angeles and directed by Nick Cannon will premiere exclusively throughout the day on MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, MTV Jams, MTVU and 
Posted on March 9

US fans: support "My Love"!!!!
Posted on March 8
Mariah appearing on America’s Go Talent: "That was a lie"
Nick Cannon dished to The Boots Girls Thursday night at Chicago’s Underground for owner Billy Dec’s blog party for about his life with Mariah Carey, their plans to have children in the future.

BG: So, I heard that Mariah was going to make an appearance on America’s Go Talent?
NC: That was a lie. I don’t know who made that up. People said that is the reason why I got the job. People just make some stuff up in the press.

BG: Are you trying to trick us… or maybe surprise us?
NC: I swear. That’s one thing, I never lie about anything. If you look in the history of all of my interviews, if I say something it’s usually true. But yeah, I don’t know who made that up. That’s a weird rumor too. I mean she might come to a show or two in the back, but I doubt you will see her sitting next to somebody’s grandma in the audience.

BG: And onto your personal life. There’s been a lot of rumors going on…
pregnancy rumors. Can you fill me in?
NC: Oh no. More lies.

BG: Do you see kids in your future?
NC: I hope to see kids in my future. I mean that’s the whole purpose of starting a family and getting married and all that stuff. If you’re saying like right now, nah, not right now.

BG: So, it’s not in your near future?
NC: The press was saying that we were at fertility clinics. I’m just saying all my stuff is working very well. I don’t need that!
Source: BG (extract)
Note: Nick fans can find pics and vids here and here.
Posted on March 8

The-Dream talks about Mariah
The songwriter and R&B singer Terius Nash has worn $2,000 worth of rolled-up bills on a chain around his neck, but he would like to cultivate a much more expensive habit. 

“Mariah Carey took me up in her private jet last week,” said Mr. Nash, who records under the name The-Dream. “It was like: Ooooooh! I’ve got to get me one of these. Because now that I’ve got a taste, I’m never going back. I’m going to fly this thing everywhere — to L.A., to Atlanta, to New York. I’m going to fly this thing down the street and park it outside your apartment.”

Over the past year they have composed more than 200 songs, working with artists as diverse as Usher, Jesse McCartney, Sting and Celine Dion, at a rate of $110,000 to $165,000 per track, Mr. Stewart said.

When the Grammy nominations for 2009 were announced, he was upset that his solo work was overlooked. 

“Even though in my mind I know I should have beat everyone, I also know that some people missed the first album,” he said. “So now it’s about marketing. Now I’ve got the Mariahs and the Kanyes and the Jamie Foxxes of the world saying, ‘I’ve seen The-Dream write four hit songs in 40 minutes.’ Soon the pop world will be like, ‘O.K., we see you now.’ ” 

“ ‘Love vs. Money’ is music as theater, and no one does that better than The-Dream,” said Stephen Hill, president for music programming and specials for BET. “But he also knows how to give a young, black audience what they want.” Mr. Hill pointed to “Sweat It Out,” a song about a woman who has just perfected a slick hairstyle, only to see it frizz up when things get steamy. 

If for some reason the new album isn’t a hit, his day job isn’t too shabby. He’s currently working with Ms. Carey on her next album.
Source: The New York Times (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on March 8

Mariah wins The Coolest Closet MTV Cribs Award

Click here to download.
Also, Mariah was nominated in the best crib category in addition to the coolest closet but didn't win that one.
Click here to download it.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on March 7
Nick Cannon Dishes on Having a Baby With Mariah Carey
Nick Cannon lent his deejaying skills Thursday night at Chicago hot spot Underground, where club owner Billy Dec celebrated the launch of his new blog.

Before spinning tracks from Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, Nick dished on fellow musicians Chris Brown and Michael Jackson and, of course, wife Mariah Carey.

Regarding Chris Brown's alleged attack on Rihanna, Cannon told "Obviously the situation is a horrible situation... things that are quite unfortunate went down but I'm not here to judge anybody.

Whether or not he'll continue to play Brown's music, Nick added, "I'm gonna play music cause music is music. Music is meant to make people feel good so that's how we gonna get down. Definitely I pray for him, I haven't actually spoken to him, but he's in my prayers."

As for the announcement of Michael Jackson's, comeback, an excited Cannon vowed, "I'm about to get my flight to London right now so I can see the show!"

The America's Got Talent host stayed mum regarding any big plans for his one year anniversary to Mariah Carey, (the two married April 30), but did take the time to clear up the longstanding rumors that he and Mariah were expecting a baby.

"I mean we're gonna let nature take it's course, we're just enjoying each other right now and whatever happens happens."

Adding that Mariah is not currently pregnant Nick said, "It's one of those things where you don't really plan for those types of things. It's family, it's love. Of course that's what we want and when it happens it's gonna happen. Am I having sex? And that's usually how it happens right?"

Cannon ended the night with a crowd-pleasing tune none other than Mariah Carey's "Fantasy."
Source: CelebTV
Posted on March 7

New York is no place to raise a child
Mariah Carey  and Nick Cannon have given up their house hunt in California's San Fernando Valley - because they're desperate to start a family over the hill in Los Angeles.
The thoughtful couple has been looking at schools as well as mansions, after deciding that Carey's native New York was no place to raise a child.
But, two weeks after Carey splashed out over $200,000 (GBP142,800) on furniture at Beverly Hills' trendy Kreiss store, she and her husband are still looking for a home to put it all in.
An insider tells WENN, "They still don't have a house yet, but they do have an interior designer helping them make their choice and they've ruled out buying a place in the Valley.
"I don't believe Mariah is pregnant yet but she and Nick are talking about having children and they want their kids to go to school in Los Angeles." Carey certainly doesn't look pregnant, but onlookers spotted her declining alcohol during a recent business lunch with Cannon and advisors, while her husband sipped beer.
One diner at the restaurant the pop star chose for the luncheon says, "She drank ice tea. Maybe she just wanted to keep a clear head. She certainly didn't look pregnant." Meanwhile, a new report in U.S. magazine In Touch Weekly suggests Carey, 39, has been paying visits to a Beverly Hills fertility expert.
She and Cannon were spotted holding hands and laughing as they left the Southern California Reproductive Center on 19 February (09).
Both Carey and Cannon, who wed last April (08), have spoken about their family plans, with actor/rapper Cannon hoping for a big family.
He recently said, "Maybe we'll have as many (kids) as the Octo-mom." A source tells the publication, "Mariah has always wanted a baby."
Source: PR Inside
Posted on March 7
The-Dream official album release party in New York, NY fans give it a try, you never know!
On March 9 at 9pm , Def Jam Records will give a release party for The-Dream's new album Love vs. Money.  Many stars are expected to attend the party. 
The party will be at the Promenade, 215 W 28th St, NY (Phone: 212-760-6378 )
Dress code will be strictly enforced. 
Everyone free until midnight on guestlist. 
Source for the info: DJ MD1 by e-mail
Posted on March 6
DJ BackSide met the "Always Be My Baby" kid
I was at one of my good friends clubs last nite in Hollywood when she introduced me to what seemed like a random dude. Nah, it was this dude Shan Elliot. He was the lil boy who sneaked out with the lil mariah carey in her 1996 Always Be My Baby video (viewed here).

It wasn't so much that he was this big star, it was more so taking be back to 1996, and basically remembering how much i loved that song (one of Mariah's best) and could remember that video, and him in it, and more importantly how i remembered copy-catting that scene in real life at summer camp myself and sneaking off with some boy! lol. Not only was this one of those 'where-are-they' now moments, but it just reminded me that music really is the timeline to our lives--it basically documents one from birth til now. just dope thinkin' bout that!

Shan is now living in Hollywood writing scripts and acting here and there. More on him here

Click to enlarge
Source: DJ BlackSide - Dennis by e-mail
Posted on March 6 Announces: The MC Anniversary Countdown!
Mariah's anniversary is coming up (3-27) and we want you all to celebrate it with us right here at! 

On Friday, March 27th - Mariah's special day, we will be counting down your top 10 favorite MC songs in a special day-long anniversary celebration of Mariah, her music and the lambs! 

To cast your vote for the anniversary countdown and be eligible to win some amazing prizes, here's what you have to do:

- Rank a list of your top 10 favorite Mariah songs (#1 being your most favorite.)
- Tell us what you love most about the songs you chose. You can add comments to one or more songs from your list.
- E-mail us your final ranking and your name to

Your votes will compile the first ever official fan favorite countdown of Mariah songs!
In addition, the HBF staff will be picking the best fan comments, post them on during the countdown and award them with special prizes! 

Voting closes on March 25th. 
Posted on March 5

Mariah Nominated for MTV Cribs Award

Tune in to MTV Cribs this Saturday, March 7 at 1:00pm ET/PT for a 2-hour special Cribs Awards show to see if Mariah takes home the prize in her nominated category of "Best Closet."
Posted on March 5
Mariah and the team of "Precious" and 1 pic at the Inauguration
Bilel found more pictures of Mariah at the Sundance Festival with the "Precious" team and 1 of her walking in the streets with Nick at the Inauguration.


Source: Bilel from mimijadore by e-mail
Posted on March 5

For video collectors
E! News Most Expensive Wedding Dresses
The dress Mariah wore when she wed Tommy Mottola came in at #19 on E! News countdown of the most expensive wedding dresses.
Click here to download it.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on March 5
Nick talking to Mariah on B96 video
Last week Nick hosted B96's "9 Most Wanted" to present "My Love" being #1 and called Mariah.
Now we have the video.  Click here to watch it.
In the video, what we didn't had on the audio,  Mariah talks about JJ having a show and Nick talks about the rumors of him having the NBC show 'cause he promised that Mariah would be on there.
Click here to download it (thanks to Moony)
Source: B96 - alwaysbfly209 on fomm - Moony
Posted on March 5
Lots of updates on Mariah's Twitter
The "My Love" video is coming soon...
Posted on March 4
Mariah in Cannes in May?????? 
There is growing speculation that Mariah Carey will be attending The Cannes Film Festival this year between 13-25 May, 2009 to promote “Precious” for the international film market.

There has been wide spread interest in the critically acclaimed movie, “Precious” and there is hope that The Cannes Film Festival will shore up distribution across the globe!
Source: Mariah Connection
Posted on March 4

LA fans, give it a try, you never know 
When we will know if the surprise superstar guest will be Mariah or not, it will be too late to be on the guestlist, so give it a try if you want.
THE DREAM FREE MySpace Release Show w/SURPRISE GUEST 3/12 in LA 
Hosted By: MySpace Hip Hop

When: Thursday, March 12, 2009

1643 La Cienega

THE DREAM will rock the stage at AREA Night Club in Hollywood on Thursday 3/12/09. Who will the surprise guest be? Buy The Dream's new album and see who is featured... it will be one of those Superstar artists! Special Guest DJ : Dwele. First 300 people in FREE! Dress code enforced and doors close at capacity!
Source: The-Dream on MySpace
Posted on March 3

"My Love" in Belgium and France
It's so frustrating and discouraging!
Even if the track is already played on some radios in Belgium and France, the local labels don't plan to release the track and probably not the album either.  In Belgium, there's no word at the moment for a release.  In France it's even worse, The-Dream is under a division of Universal and when I asked for infos, the person on the phone asked me "what" was The-Dream, not "who" but "what", I can't even know what to say.
It's getting worse and worse!
Bilel wanted to launch an action for "My Love" in France, but as the label doesn't even know who's The-Dream.... 
Anyway, do your thang guys, request the track on your radios. Fans can maybe make some hype, that's all we can do at the moment.
Posted on March 3
Wow, bad news!
All Virgin Megastores in US to close by summer
"Music sales have declined nationwide in seven of the last eight years, largely because of illegal file-sharing over the Internet and the tendency to buy individual songs rather than full albums through Apple Inc.'s iTunes and other stores."

"People can go online to buy music, but there won't be any replacement for the events that we held," Wright said. "Times Square was particularly famous for that."

Click here to read the article.
Posted on March 3

Mariah Carey's Real Baby Barks 
Mariah Carey is not pregnant, thank you. She is working on her new CD with producer-writer The Dream, however, with whom she’s already had a couple of number 1 singles.

The album will follow last year’s hit, E=MC2, on which The Dream — aka Terius Nash — produced her hit, “Touch My Body” and “My Love.” For those of you don’t completely get it (myself included) these producers have nicknames like The Dream. They also write a lot of very melodic pop music. Mariah’s in good hands.

There’s a lot more going on in Carey’s life these days although she is not—not- pregnant. We laughed about all those “baby bump” pictures that appear in tabloids week after week. Carey seems pretty sanguine about enjoying the conceiving process with new husband, Nick Cannon.

Cannon, by the way, tells me he’s not giving up acting to host “America’s Got Talent.” “The opportunity came up and I thought it would be fun,” he said. Nick is a gifted actor – check him out in the movie “Bobby” from 2006 — and is young enough to take some detours along the way.

Nick isn’t the only member of the Carey-Cannon family to get into reality TV. Mariah says, perhaps only half-joking, that her Jack Russell terrier, named Jack, may also get his own show. Jack is often referred to as Mariah’s ‘real baby.’ He even stars in his own home videos on YouTube. “It will all about our lives seen through his eyes,” the pop star said. Stranger things have happened.

A bigger question right now, aside from all this baby and dog talk, is who is managing Carey. She and Benny Medina parted ways amicably last year. Medina turned up an Oscar party with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and may be getting back into the management game with them. (Medina is credited for Lopez’s major successes.)
Source: FOX (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 3

Great!  Maybe even a new record! 
When we were asked to follow Mariah on Twitter on January 29,  we were not that much to support it, until last week Mariah had only 486 followers.  What a shame for the best female artist in the world.  Once Mariah started to post on her page, it went way better, thank god Mariah has now 4.322 followers.

If it's not done yet, be a follower on Mariah's Twitter page.

By the way, thank god with all the weirdos running around, Mariah's HBF staff took over a part of the reply function (as stated on Mariah's official site), there's now also a contest, send your favorite song from The Ballads @MariahHBF and win some cool autographed stuffs.
Posted on March 3

"Just finished 2 songs"
Twitter update 
I told I was not gonna post every update, but I couldn't resist 

- Hey! Just finished 2 songs. Now I get to eat a bleak morsel of "food" and get some sleep! I enjoyed ya'll profusely today/night. God Bless!
3 hours ago from TwitterBerry
And some more updates
Posted on March 1


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