March 2012 - Heroes of Mariah
Update: Harry Romero or not???
Is he working on some Mariah tracks or not? 

We all saw Harry's tweets, we saw MariahDaily's tweet saying he's not working with Mariah and this coming from Mariah's team. 
After a tweet from a fan including Harry's name and mine, Harry replied "people that asked us as @symphonympho to submit trax".

And guess who's bashed again, yes............ me 

Posted on March 31/April 1

As usual, what has been posted stay posted!

Harry, man, it was too early for an April Fools   NOW you may assault him
Harry Romero is NOT working on Mariah's new album 

A source from Mariah's team states that Harry Romero is NOT working with Mariah for her new album.

Source: MariahDaily on Twitter - Andy by e-mail
Posted on March 31

Harry Romero: It's not for a remix! FALSE

Poor Harry probably didn't know he would face a Lamb/fan assault.
He replied to a fan, it's not for a remix but actually for the album itself and before all anti Dance/Electro/House fans freak out, he's also making beats so who knows.....
Anyway, if the track ends up on the album and you don't like it (some already know they don't like it, go figure..), there's a thing called 'skip' 

Posted on March 31

Harry Romero is working for Mariah's new album FALSE

Harry Romero known for his electro remixes said he's working for Mariah's new album.  It goes fast if they already plan remixes.....

Source for the info: Harri Romero on Twitter - Sharwaan
Posted on March 30

Expect a Mariah message soon 
When Mariah will get back from her lil' vacation, she will send a thank you message to ATLITL who took part in 327 project
Posted on March 30
Well done!!!!! Mariah won the AOL poll
In a few days she will most likely be up against Avril Lavigne.  Let's win that one too!
Posted on March 29
Mariah is enjoying a lil' vacation and she so deserves it!!!!!!
The info came out last night and I wasn't planning to post it 'cause I knew some fans would be like "she needs to work on her new record and blablabla"
As it's now spreading around, yes Mariah is enjoying a lil' vacation and YES she deserves it!!!!
Posted on March 29
Mariah and Nick to renew their vows on April 30 
Since tying the knot on the beach in the Bahamas in 2008, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey  have renewed their vows every year -- and with an especially tough year behind him, Nick promises another lavish ceremony on April 30. "It's gonna be big," Nick tells the new issue of Life & Style about saying "I do" to Mariah for the fifth time.

It will be even bigger because April 30 also marks the first birthday of Nick and Mariah's twins, Monroe and Moroccan. "So it's a family day," Nick shares with Life & Style. "We'll celebrate with them during the day and just the two of us at night."

Diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus nephritis, Nick is focusing on celebrating life with his family this year. "It goes to show you how much things can change," he confided on March 22 at the launch party in NYC. "In tough times, you lean on family."

Even at his sickest, Nick never lost faith in his relationship with his wife, Mariah, admitting that marrying her was the best thing to ever happen to him. "We get married every year; it's our thing," Nick tells Life & Style. "I just have to keep doing it to make sure it's real!"

Source: Life & Style (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 28

Angel Champagne is coming to Australia!!!!!
Unfortunately the ad will not feature Mariah but hey it's good news anyway as the brand is spreading!
Posted on March 28
Vote for Mariah NOW

Second round!  Women's History Month: Who's the Most Influential Lady in Pop Music Today
At the time I posted it on Twitter, Mariah had only 8 votes.  Like last time, If we reach 1000 votes by 3am Euro,10pm EST, etc.. I'll give a prize away,tweet me you voted for Mariah!!!!!!

Vote here and NOW

Posted on March 28

Mariah is supporting the cause, bullying needs to stop!
It seems this disgusting practics are way more "popular" and worse in the US than in any other country of the world.
Mariah is supporting the cause and hopefully it will ring a bell among her own US fans, I know how much it can hurt and I'm a man, so imagine how much it hurts kids and teens! (cyber bullying too someone?)
If you are a US citizen support it too!!!!!  Click here to see how you can support or join the project.
Posted on March 28
More updates tomorrow or in the upcoming days, I'm too tired to do it now
Posted on March 27/28
Happy 3.27 Anniversary, Mariah! The Book!
Head over to Mariah's official site for a preview of the book!!
Posted on March 27
Happy Anniversary Mariah around the world!!!!
This will be updated as infos come in, if there's something related to Mariah's Anniversary in your country, please send me the infos by e-mail or via Twitter;

- Billboard Chart Beat - Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey, Chart Icon - click here to read it
- E! Online - Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey! Dem Babies' Mama Turns 42 - click here to read it

- Radio2 played Mariah's "Without You" for her Anniversary
- RadioContact, JoeFm,FunRadio,StuBru played Mariah 4 her Anniversary
Twitter TT
- Happy Anniversary Mariah was TT Worldwide, in the US, in Brazil, France, South Africa, Sweden and in The Philippines
Screencaps will follow
- the second TT - Happy 3.27 Mariah - which was asked more specifically for US fans who couldn't take part in the first one due to school or work went TT in the US only (was kinda a bad hour for the rest of the world)

Posted on March 27

Happy Anniversary Mariah 
Posted on March 27
Radio request for Mariah's Anniversary
Wherever you are in the world, please request a Mariah song at your local radio tomorrow for her Anniversary 
Posted on March 26
Trends for tomorrow!
For Mariah's Anniversary tomorrow, MariahAlerts (Mariah's Official Team) asked fans for some ideas to try to trend on Twitter.
The official trend is - Happy Anniversary Mariah -
Then, try another one with - Mariah 3.27 - in it
Posted on March 26
Yayyyy, great TT again today - They Call The Music Mariah

Once again, by fan request, we tried a TT, many submitted something, but I'm not rooting with something where we ask Mariah for new music, Tours, etc....
Finally I went with Kinou's idea - They Call The Music Mariah - in reference to They Call The Wind Mariah of course.
After only 15 minutes it went Worldwide TT, then a while after US TT and finally UK TT.  It stayed Worldwide TT for 50 minutes. Yayyyyy

Thanks to all who took part and tweeted to make it happen!!!!

Posted on March 25

Mariah Changed My Life on Twitter

By fan request, we tried to TT - Mariah Changed My Life - (submitted by MariMaud) I know it's not always easy to find the right hour for everyone, it's too early or too late....
Anyway, there were some very beautiful messages and testimonies and it was TT in the US for a short time 

I count on you guys to make a few trends on Mariah's Anniversary!!!!!

Posted on March 24

Morally exhausted but finally............... 
It seems that finally all fans could order their tickets for Mariah's concert in Morocco. Last month, I said I would not do it again, but what else can you do when nobody else does it.  It's morally exhausting putting so much effort helping others realise something you won't, but hey that's the Mariah spirit!

If there's any other problem, contact me via Twitter or email.

Posted on March 22

We won!!!!! Who's the Most Influential Lady in Pop Music Today

Yesterday was the last day and with all the votes we knew Mariah would win.  Next round will be Mariah vs Kelly Clarkson, we will need to wait a few days for the new link.
Posted on March 22
Tickets for Mariah's concert in Rabat: update 2
It finally seemed to work fine for fans to order tickets for Mariah's concert in Rabat (except for Spanish and Algerian fans, maybe you guys should call your bank to know if there's a kind of restriction for payments to Morocco).  I phoned again several times today to help some fans but I really can't do it for each one of you it would cost me a fortune...

If you guys still have problems, call them at the following number:  +212 5 37 77 60 63

Posted on March 21

Tickets for Mariah's concert in Rabat: update
I spent half of my day trying to help fans and calling Morocco.  Some fans couldn't order their tickets at all and others could order, money already taken off their bank account but didn't receive any e-mail.
There's also an internal server error that they promise to sort out asap.

If by tomorrow noon, fans still can't buy their tickets or don"t receive their confirmation e-mail, Kinou will take it over and the ones who know her know you don't mess with Mariah or the lambs, she's way worse than me 

Posted on March 20

Infos and details to order the concert tickets in Rabat
Seems so many fans have difficulties to order their tickets to attend Mariah's concert in Rabat.  I checked it and even phoned to Morocco to make sure all was gonna be fine for you guys 

To order tickets, go on this link
- Fill what they ask you, I know it's in French but if you don't understand anything use Google translate or something.
When it asks for your country, choose your country in French, exemple United Kingdom is Royaume Uni, Spain is Espagne and so on...

- For the paiement, choose the "credit card" (ex: Visa), then where they ask for your bank, choose "Autre" which means "other" as the banks listed are mostly for Moroccan citizens. 

- You should receive a confirmation e-mail telling you you will receive your voucher/infos/link in a few days (or something like that).

Be sure to have your passport/identity card AND your printed e-mail/voucher with you when you will pick up your tickets at the following places when you'll be in Morocco.
- Mawazine ticket agency inside the Rabat Train station in Rabat City - Avenue Mohamed V
- Mawazine ticket agency at Twin Center in Casablanca (en face d'Acima) - Boulevard Zerktouni-Al Massira 2000
- Théâtre National Mohammed V in Rabat
- Mégarama Casablanca
- Agencies Maroc Telecom,
- Agencies GSM AL-Maghreb,
- Agencies Atlas Voyages

If some of you have still problems, you can always reach me via Twitter (oe eventually by e-mail)

Posted on March 20

Reminder: Tickets for Mariah's concert in Rabat!!!!

Fans who plan to go will be able to buy their tickets online on March 20, so it's either tonight or tomorrow at this link

Posted on March 19

Vote for Mariah NOW

Women's History Month: Who's the Most Influential Lady in Pop Music Today
At the time I posted it on Twitter, Mariah had only 2 votes.  If we reach 1000 votes by 3am Euro,10pm EST, etc..  I'll give a prize away,tweet me you voted for Mariah!!!!!!

Vote here and NOW

Posted on March 19

Russia concert: latest update, it's FALSE
The Russia concert is false, maybe I can now post the name of the Russian fan who gave me the link and wanted to stay anonymous 
Thanks to Ash for clearing it up!
Posted on March 18
Russia concert: it seems true
I know it's not up on the Crocus City Hall site yet, but for Morocco it was not up on their site either, so.......
Anyway, I posted it, it's not like thousands of non Russian fans will rush to buy plane tickets without having the tickets, right?

As always, wait for confirmation by Mariah's official site!

Posted on March 18

Update!!! Mariah in concert in Russia on May 29 

I wasn't planning to update right now but as you are SO many to e-mail already (mostly Russian fans) here ya go!

As posted this morning, Mariah will give her concert in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall on May 29 at 8pm.  The concert hall has a 6.200 seats capacity.
Best way to reach the concert hall is by metro (subway/tube)  - station "Myakinino" or by car via Volokolamskoye highway.

Russian fans can now subscribe at this link to receive all infos about tickets

Posted on March 18

Mariah will be in concert in Russia on May 29?

Mariah will give her concert in Moscow at Crocus City Hall on May 29 at 8pm.
I'm in a hurry right now, all details will be posted later today.

Posted on March 18

She's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Photo shoots ideas are in the works for Mariah's new album

Mariah's make up artist Kris tweeted:
"I'm starting to think about new makeup looks for @MariahCarey new album"

Posted on March 17

Mariah: voice over on "American Dad"

Mariah just tweeted:
Doing voice over work on "American Dad". It was short-yet-quite fun!
(Click to enlarge)
Posted on March 16

No behind-the-scene interview link yet??????
As of now, it seems nobody found the Mariah behind-the-scene interview, weird... 

Anyway,  about those 4 new songs, I'm sure (almost sure) there's more and I'm sure (almost sure) there's a song coming soon, but how soon is soon? 

Posted on March 15

Mariah at Gotham Hall - Best Moments 
A fan made a compilation of the best moments and posted it on YouTube
- Best moments 1 - click here to watch it
- Best moments 2 - click here to watch it
Source for the info: Medhi by e-mail
Posted on March 15
No updates 'til this evening, Belgium in shock is mourning their lil' angels
Posted on March 14
If someone has the link to that behind-the-scenes interview, please send it my way, thanks

Carey On The Couch And In The Director's Chair
Have you spotted Mariah Carey in a new set of Jenny commercials yet? The iconic singer and new mother of twins is getting intimate with fellow Jenny success stories with some casual girl talk in ads co-directed by Carey herself!

"What inspired me most today was hearing the stories of Jenny clients," Carey explained in a behind-the-scenes interview. "I really feel like I was sitting with a bunch of friends. They're great women who have inspirational stories that people are gonna hear and just even get glimpses of… these women's lives, what they've been through, how Jenny has changed their lives for the better, and how they've actually evolved as people."

Carey was happy to take a spin in the director's chair for Jenny. "Co-directing this video was wow, these women are so triumphant," she said. "People not letting go of their dreams -- that's a theme that really is close to my heart. I had a great time."

In a second commercial, client Ronni Roseman is moved to tears when Mariah asks her to share her story about losing weight for the sake of her kids -- something that the singer said she identified with.

"For me, going through my struggles and having my babies and what I went through in terms of my health that I never expected… hearing these other women's stories, I felt like, wow, there are other people out there who go through similar things," she revealed.

Carey has not only been happy with the physical results from participating in the weight loss program, but her role as a spokesperson has also been a proud place for her as well. She reflected on her first commercials with Jenny that featured her singing "You Can Make It" in a sleek black outfit.

"It inspired them because it's like, with hard work and perseverance, one can make it," she said. "And that's a theme that I've had in many songs throughout my career and I think that's because I needed to hear that as a kid. I really needed to hear the encouraging words like that, inspirational songs like that."

Mariah Carey also revealed that she's currently in the studio working on her next album and already has the first four songs done.

Source: Sheknows - Andy by e-mail

Heroes note: For the ones who will say being pregnant or gaiing weight is not a drama, we need to keep in mind Mariah talks about her health problems as she had eclampsia (if some of you don't know what it is, look it up or ask people around you, to this day, it's still  life-threatening) 
Posted on March 13

Your Pot O' Gold 
Mariah's official merchandise is 20% off for St Patrick's Day, check your e-mails guys !!!
Posted on March 13
Reminder!!!! Don't wait 'til the last minute

The 2012 Mariah Anniversary Fan Project!!
It's not about winning a prize, it's about showing support and make it the biggest ever!

Head over on Mariah's official site for all details

Posted on March 13

Is Mariah tweeting herself?
There was a weird (kinda scary) question going on on Twitter today.  Some pretend to know Mariah doesn't always tweet herself 'cause they pretend she only tweets via BlackBerry.  Those ones are sooooo dead wrong.  Mariah has a Mac and an iPad now too, do those people underestimate her that much and think she can't use it?
Of course, sometimes Mariah has a staff tweeting for her, when you read "Mariah will do this", "check Mariah's videos" etc... it's of course not her.  But for all the other tweets, the fact some have a doubt is .... well, no words.
Posted on March 12
Amber and Brett make local press!

Fargo Couple Wins Trip
A Fargo couple is planning a trip to the Caribbean, but won't be paying a thing for it.

Amber Nelson says, "It was difficult. You take one day at a time. You get through it. You don't know how you get through it."

When Amber and Brett Nelson married, their honeymoon never happened. Instead, Brett's job with the National guard took him overseas.

Brett Nelson says, "Time away from home. More time away from the kids."

"I wasn't quite sure how I was going to handle it," says Amber.

Through the years and multiple deployments, Amber was left at home with the kids wondering, worrying and waiting. Music was her escape.

"It just makes you forget and takes you out of reality for a bit," says Amber.

She listened and related to her favorite artist Mariah Carey and got through the separation. But Mariah's music would soon do more.

"I didn't talk to him about it. I'm going to enter and see what happens," says Amber.

Amber entered their love story for a chance to win a trip to the Caribbean. A few weeks later, they found out they were finalists and a voting process would decide the winner.

Amber says, "We were definitely busy getting people to vote."

"A lot of my male friends don't subscribe to the Mariah Carey web site, but thyme do now," says Brett.

When the voting was done, a phone call saying they won never came. Instead they got a video message from Mariah Carey.

Brett says, "You almost don't believe it."

"I was like in hysteria," says Amber.

The music that got Amber through difficult times, is now giving her a long awaiting honeymoon and happiness

Amber and Brett still have to set a date for their trip, but say they hope to go during the colder months. 

Source: ValleyNews (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 11

Mariah's concert in Austria update!!!
As previously reported Mariah's concert in Ischgl on April 30 is expected to start at 1pm and the promoter announces a 90 mins concert 

More infos:
Frequently asked questions
- Where is the concert?
The Top Of The Mountain Concert  is an open air event and takes place in the 2,320 m high Idalp, located in the ski resort of Ischgl.  The concert site is accessible without any problems with the Silvretta ski equipment or Fimbabahn (cable cars). Please bring sturdy footwear and warm waterproof clothing and do not forget sunscreen.
- Can I purchase the tickets in advance?
No, there are no ticket sales or reservations. Tickets are only available in Ischgl at the box office located at the stations of the Silvretta or Fimba Pardatschgratbahn. It's open daily from 8:00 h to 17:00 h. Tickets can be purchased the day before the concert. There are plenty of tickets available.
- Are there special group rates?
For day passes, there is no separate group rates or free tickets scheme.
- On the concert day can tickets only be bought for skiing or concert?
There's only ski tickets including the concert. 
- Where are the parkings
At the station of the Silvretta lift, and the Florian parking you'll find plenty available parking.
- What are the operating hours of the lifts from the valley to the Idalp and back ?
The first ascent is at 08:30 h and the last descent at about 17:00 h
What's the program?
Before or after the concert there will be a DJ set
Where can I eat and drink?
The restaurant Idalp and alpine house are located on the concert site.At the concert site itself there are plenty of serving carts.
Where are the toilets?
Directly located at the concert grounds at the restaurant Idalp
Is there an input control?
There will be controls and inspections at the Silvretta, Fimba Pardatschgratbahn. The following items are NOT allowed into the concert area.
- All kinds of glass containers
- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Cans
- Cooler Bags
- Bulky items such as umbrellas, canes, etc.
- Weapons
- Animals
- Fireworks, flares
- Film and video cameras 

Source in German: Ischgl
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on March 11

Seriously, can The National Enquirer get any lower???
You have probably seen their dumb ass stuff already as it's unfortunately reposted by other trashy gossips 

Hey, can you help me push them in the nettles (and preferably while they wear shorts )

Posted on March 10

Eeeekkkkkkkk so many e-mails already
It's only 1 hour since I posted the concert info and so many e-mails already!
Look guys;  IF this is true, of course I get you, I know all fans can't afford to travel around the world to see Mariah in concert.  Many are mad, I know Europe wasn't included in any Tour since 2003, I know all that.  Is it a reason to be SO mad?  No, sad maybe but not mad. 

Maybe that site say that to have more people going to Austria, maybe not, we don't know it.
In any case, if you can afford it, don't hesitate, we all thought for TAOM it would be the same, we didn't believe Europe would be left out, the ones who went to Tunis were the lucky ones even if it was a giant flop (for the promoter that's it). 

Please don't be mad, wait and see.......

Posted on March 10

No other European concerts this year?

According to Planetski Europe, Mariah's concert in Ischgl (Austria) is the only European one she is planning to do this year.

Posted on March 10

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Amber and Brett 
For the Forever Love contest, Amber's story got the most votes and all fans who know her (from the good old times) will be really happy for her and Brett, we shared so much fun but also so much pain with her when back in time she wasn't receiving any news from Brett who was in a dangerous zone.  Congrats guys, you deserve it!!!
Congrats also to the other ones who will receive the autographed Forever fragrance.

New video
Mariah shared her excitement for the winner on a video posted on Youtube via her Facebook.  She's hilarious as usual and she talks about a new perfume!
Click here to watch it

Posted on March 9

Mariah's concert in Austria update
Health problems and haters are not gonna stop me from supporting Mariah and helping the good real fans!!!!

Mariah's concert in Ischgl on April 30 is expected to start at 1pm and the REAL deal ........... the promoter announces a 90 mins concert 
If you can make it, don't hesitate!  Take very warm clothes with you, it's better to take off a pull over than to be frozen!!!!!

Posted on March 9

Nick talks about his health problems, Mariah, Roc and Roe
In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Nick is talking about his health problems, like he already told he has a rare form of Lupus that attack his kidneys.
He says Mariah takes care of him and make sure he follows his diet, she's in very good shape and in studio and all that while taking care of him and the babies, she's Doctor Carey and an angel.
Roe is trying to climb out of her bed and Roc is talking and dancing.
Click here to watch the interview
Posted on March 8
Why is that duet rumor still going on?
The ones who follow me on Twitter or are on our forum know it's been a week I told you guys it was made up by a Brazilian Beyoncé fan.  Even some radios were talking about it.  I'll post it here too as not everyone follows me on Twitter or are reading our forum and that way I'll not need to reply to e-mails about this,. it IS made up!
Posted on March 8
Mariah, a trendsetter once again!
Mariah is known as a trendsetter, today she tweeted "Happy Purim" to her Jewish fans.  Like most of you I needed to look what Purim meant.
As the trendsetter she is, expect her to tweet "Happy....." for every religious holiday that it not hers 
Posted on March 8
Already so many e-mails.....
Since I was the first one to tweet and post the info about the Austrian concert, a lot of you e-mailed as soon as it was posted! 
I'm in a very difficult time in my life right now, I'll do my best to keep you updated and if not me, Kinou will take the relay.
Posted on March 7
Mariah set to perform in Austria on April 30

The superstar Mariah Carey will perform the legendary season closing concert at the high profile luxury ski resort of Ischgl, in the Austrian Tirol on Monday 30 April.

"It doesn't get much better than this," said Tourist Office Director Andreas Steibl. "We are proud and excited to announce this exceptional star for the closing concert of this exceptional winter season. Mariah Carey has a distinctive and powerful voice, which is perfect for the Top Of The Mountain concert. 

"As usual, we wanted to close the season with a huge international star and once again we've done it! Mariah Carey ensures that we will have our traditional world-class atmosphere for the closing party." 

Ischgl's Top Of The Mountain concerts at the beginning and end of every ski season have become legendary for the big name stars they feature, including The Killers, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Pink, Alicia Keys and Tina Turner. The 2011-12 season was opened by Swedish pop duo Roxette at the end of November.

Mariah Carey will perform on the specially constructed open air stage at 2320m at Idalp, the ski hub area of Ischgl in the Paznaun Valley, and is expected to draw a crowd of 20,000 skiers, boarders and fans. 

She will be taking the crowd on a journey back through time, exploring her musical history over the past 20 years with hits such as Hero, Heartbreaker, Touch My Body, Someday, and My All. 

Mariah Carey is the best-selling female artist of all time. With an unprecedented record of eighteen #1 singles that rival all but The Beatles, she has made an indelible impact on the global music industry and audiences everywhere.  Blessed with a stunning five-octave range and signature vocal abilities, the singularly talented superstar continues to reach new heights of artistic growth and popularity.  As a singer and songwriter, she has been recognized with five Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, Billboard’s “Artist of the Decade” Award and the World Music Award for “World’s Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium,” to name a few. 

Concert entry is free with a valid skipass (needed anyway to get up the mountain to the concert area) – one day skipass is 95 euros, two days is 125 euros and 3 days 128 euros. 

Special accommodation and skipass packages are available via which has an accommodation search facility. For example, four nights' accommodation with breakfast, plus four day skipass is available from 272 euros per person. 

The nearest airports to Ischgl are Innsbruck, Munich, and Zurich.

Source: Ischgl
Posted on March 7

The 2012 Mariah Anniversary Fan Project!!
For questions, answers to questions and deadline see @MariahAlerts
Posted on March 7
C'mon guys, let's make this the biggest book ever and that Mariah will cherish FOREVER

The 2012 Mariah Anniversary Fan Project!!

Head over on Mariah's official site for all details

Posted on March 6

Is there something some of you didn't understand????
I know my English is not perfect but I didn't know it was THAT bad!
Let me write it again in bold, maybe you will undertand it now lil' JLo's....................
I made screen caps for you guys to use as siggy or whatever, but if it's to post on your blog, a lil' credit is always welcome
Posted on March 5
Nick opens up about his health condition
Nick was on GMA and talked about his health.  Click here to watch it.
Talking about Mariah who helps him recover:
"She's awesome, she's so nurturing, I call her Doctor. Carey. She takes care of me and makes sure I'm eating what I'm supposed to eat. The public doesn't know she's at home making egg whites, taking two babies in one arm and grilling in the other.
Posted on March 5
Screen caps of the new Jenny Craig commercials (watch the commercials posted on the previous post)
I made screen caps for you guys to use as siggy or whatever, but if it's to post on your blog, a lil' credit is always welcome.

Click to enlarge
Posted on March 5
Gorgeous Mariah in 2 new Jenny Craig commercials
Screen caps will follow asap.
- Girl Talk! Conversations with Mariah Carey - Ronni - Click here
- Girl Talk! Conversations with Mariah Carey - Results - Click here
Posted on March 5
Pics from Mariah leaving Gotham Hall

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
Posted on March 4
I'll NOT make any special project for Mariah's Anniversary 
Keep an eye on @MariahAlerts (Mariah's official news Twitter ) for all infos about a very big project for Mariah's Anniversary 
Posted on March 4
Nothing on Jimmy Kimmel...............
As expected, the Gotham Hall concert didn't air on Jimmy Kimmel last night.
Posted on March 4
More pics of Mariah at the Christening of Disney Fantasy

Click to enlarge
Source: Jason - Vanessa
Posted on March 4
New pic

Mariah tweeted:
"Tnx 2 everyone who came 2 the lil event last night, I enjoyed u profusely+look forward 2 more moments pon de stage soon"
Posted on March 3
YES!!!!! Finally!!!!!! Mariah passes 6.000.000 followers on Twitter (it was about time)
Posted on March 2
Full videos of Mariah performing at Gotham Hall

- I'll Be There (in full) - click here
- Hero (in full) - click here
- Always Be My Baby (in full) - click here
- Touch My Body (in full) - click here

Thanks to Daniel and Al for the links
Posted on March 2

Poor winners of my latest contests....
I know you guys wait impatiently to receive your prizes, I'll send them Monday as it seems I will probably finally be able to leave my bed!
Posted on March 2
Mariah makes great press around the world!!!!
Mariah's Plot Your Escape concert makes great press everywhere in the world (from what I read as of now) and they say "Mariah Carey back on stage", weirdly enough it's some of her fans who say "Mariah is back'.  She isn't back, she went nowhere 
Posted on March 2
Will I need to BADLY tag the pics and caps I post????

What's this new bloggers habit to take the search and work from other sites WITHOUT credit?
I spend hours searching, resizing, making caps for the fans and all some bloggers find to do is simply take it without credit, c'mon son!
While seraching some stuff I found the cap I made from the countdown for to the Plot Your Escape, same day, same hour, same minutes, same seconds AND same name, how dumb is that .  Is it really THAT difficult to credit others??????? 
My site is not a supermarket where you can make your free shopping spree without credit, get it? or do I need to expose you? 
Posted on March 2
On a sader note, update on Nick's health: He Has Lupus-Like Autoimmune Disease
Click here to read the "People" article
Posted on March 2
Dembabies sing a lot
Nick told US Weekly dembabies talk and sing
Posted on March 2
More updates...

Mariah Godmother of the Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Click here to watch it, it's really cute


Click to enlarge
Source: Inside The Magic - Shino - Amanda

More videos of Mariah performing at Gotham Hall
- Always Be My Baby - click here
- I'll be There - click here

Posted on March 2

What a night..............
As posted yesterday, they switched from 1 concert to another.  Only Diddy and Cee Lo got their full set streamed live, all the others were not!
We waited and waited and waited.................... and waited............. and waited, when Mariah was on (we knew it by the tweets of Ronnie who was inside the Gotham Hall), we had Cee Lo and then a Baroque music with a static commercial for the casinos " We'll Be right back"..... yeah right.... 
The funniest part of the night was the hilarious tweets from Mariah fans, before they went mad

At 5:15am, I gave up and didn't even see Mariah   nope, it's not funny, they got us all watching only for the casino commercials.


Pics of Mariah arriving at Gotham Hall

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Source: C.U.

Video of Mariah and Nick arriving at Gotham Hall
Click here to watch it

Setlist: (thanks to Ronnie)
1.It's Like That
2.Shake It Off (new version)
3.Touch My Body
5.Always Be My Baby
6.I'll Be There with Trey
7.We Belong Together

Mariah performing

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Source: C.U.

Video: Mariah performing Shake It Off (thanks Ana)
Click here to watch it

Posted on March 2

Mariah Godmother of the Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

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"I christen thee, Disney Fantasy. May God bless this ship & all who sail on her"

Mariah Carey helps christen new Disney ship in NYC
Singer Mariah Carey helped christen the new Disney cruise ship Fantasy at a Hudson River pier in Manhattan Thursday night and promised to bring her twins back to enjoy some Disney hospitality.

"I christen thee Disney Fantasy. May God bless this ship and all who sail on it," said Carey as she stood with Disney's CEO Bob Iger, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs, and of course Mickey Mouse.

The ceremony was held inside the ship's atrium with a fake larger-than-life bottle of Champagne that sprayed the room with shiny confetti while Carey's husband Nick Cannon stood on a deck of the ship with a real bottle in the company of Minnie Mouse.

Earlier Carey got a cheer from the crowd as she sang the line "I'm a native New Yorker," adding, "I'm going to love bringing my new babies here." Her twins were born less than a year ago.

The 4,000-passenger 14-deck ship with its distinctive mouse ears logo arrived in New York Tuesday after traveling nearly 3,800 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from the shipyards where it was built in Bremerhaven, Germany. The ship will sail on seven-night Caribbean cruises starting March 31 from Port Canaveral, Fla.

Source for the pic: Mr Shannon
Posted on March 1

Latest on Mariah's performance at Gotham Hall tonight
As previously reported all concerts will be streamed online at this link, BUT Mariah (or other artists) entire concerts will NOT be streamed online, it will only be a few parts as they will switch from 1 concert to another.  It starts at 9pm ET

MaryAnn and Trey will be there as backup singers and of course the dancers.

Posted on March 1

Mariah Carey is Adele's favorite diva!

In a little vid "Rapsody Presents" where they ask questions to celebrities, someone asked Adele who was her favorite diva.  And it's Mariah!!!!
Click here to watch.

Source for the link: David
Posted on March 1


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