March 2013 - Heroes of Mariah
Happy Easter !!!

"Happy Easter dahhlings...I finally caught the Easter bunny"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 31
Posted on Mariah's Twitter:
- #327 cake & balloons + my gift from Nick
- Nick's 327 anniversary gift..fully restored Steinway piano from 1902! Classic

Posted on March 31
Happy moments!

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 31

The pic was posted by the unfortunate American Idol contestant Devin along with " Gosh I love her. :) #blessed #mentor #idol "
Source: Devin on Twitter
Posted on March 30
Cute family moment 

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 30

'American Idol's Devin Velez: I wanted to tell Nicki Minaj, "Whoa, we still have feelings"

Nicki basically yelled at you guys to get off the stage. do you think she overreacted a little bit? Do you think the performance was really that bad?

- I agree with the first half of her critique, you know, when she said that it felt like it was Hollywood Week -- that it was a joke, that stuff like that shouldn't be happening, that she was going to pretend that she didn't hear it.
I agree with that. When she went crazy and was like, "Get off the stage!" blah, blah, blah, and it's just like, "Whoa Miss Minaj, I need you to calm down, please. We're still human. We still have feelings." She doesn't care sometimes

Viewers have noted that Nicki seemed especially aggressive and critical in her commentary. Do you think Nicki's behavior Wednesday night was a result of Jimmy's complaint -- that maybe she was purposely trying to be a little harder on you guys?

- I mean, Nicki Minaj is one of those characters where she has multiple personalities. She's her own person and it's weird because you never know what you're going to get with Nicki Minaj. She could've been upset because the night before she was wearing the same color dress as Mariah or that she wasn't on time, we never know.
When she gets to the exaggerative speaking where it's just like, "Ahhh, take it easy. You don't want to hurt someone else's feelings." But yeah, she is who she is.

Mariah was especially emotional, basically crying through your whole "sing for survival" performance. What was your relationship like with Mariah?

- You know, our time with the judges -- it's not much. It's a little bit during rehearsals and maybe backstage before we go on, but it's not like we get to sit down and talk.
But after I got voted off last night, I actually had a conversation with her and was hearing things like -- she was saying things that like she was so proud to see the artist that I'm becoming and that if nothing works out later on down the road, that she would love to contact me.
Hearing things like that from Mariah Carey, it's crazy because she is so huge, like it's crazy how big this woman is in the industry. And so hearing that was a little reassuring, and I'm a little more at peace just because if nothing happens, I know that I always have that to fall back on.

Did you get any advice from or have any similar conversations with Randy, Nicki and/or Keith following your elimination?

- Nicki might've had to step away earlier because I didn't get to say bye to her but Keith gave me a big old bear hug and he was just being Keith and I love him. He said that he was sad that I had to go and he said to keep going and that no matter what, we were still one of his idols -- that I was an idol in their eyes.
And Randy said the same thing that Mariah did, where if nothing happens, to contact him some time down the road just because I had true talent. So hearing that from such great people, it makes me feel good as an artist but also as a person. And so yeah, I enjoyed every moment of it last night.

Source: RealityTV (extracts)
Posted on March 30

I said it since the start ..... Nigel you tried to save a sinking ship but.....

Minaj is hated on the show... 
Minaj is unlikely to be asked back for season thirteen. Minaj has made headlines on the show for her battle with Mariah Carey, showing up late and more.

The insider notes, "The chances of Nicki returning to the show next season are slim to none, she is such a major headache with her behavior and it's really taxing on many people with the crew. So her behavior is wearing thin on many people this season."

The ratings haven't exactly made Minaj a must for producers either; the current season has been the lowest rated since the show's debut.

Source: 411Mania
Posted on March 30

American Idol judge Mariah (and the other one) react to Devin Velez’s elimination

Click here to watch

Posted on March 29

If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Los Angeles Final result (highlights)

Posted on March 29

Almost Home on official Belgian charts!!

Without any promo  .........
- #12 (+13) on the Wallonia Official Ultratip chart
- #31(-2) on the Flanders Urban Official Ultratop Chart
- #29 (+11) on the Flanders Official Ultratip chart

Posted on March 29


Pic1: Mariah with unfortunate American Idol contestant Devin
Pic2: Mariah leaving for a well deserved lil' vacation with Nick and dembabies
Posted on March 29
Mariah Carey invited to give masterclass at Oxford ?

Following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson, the Dalai Lama, Sir Winston Churchill and McFly, Mariah Carey has been invited to give a masterclass at Oxford University, we hear.
The American diva, 43, received the invitation to appear before the Oxford Union while she’s in the UK promoting her as-yet unnamed new album this summer.

A spokesperson for the star confirmed the invitation, adding: “We’re looking into what they want to learn from her.”

McFly’s Tom Fletcher lifted the lid on the band’s lecture to students last autumn saying: “It was a privilege to bless their library with our mildly amusing toilet humour.”

We have a feeling Mariah’s talk will be a little more upmarket...

Source: Express UK (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 29

Mariah Carey Dishes On American Idol Elimination & Celebrating Her Birthday

Mariah Carey discusses with AccessHollywood about Devin Velez's elimination from "American Idol." Also, she tells The Dish how much she loved judge Keith Urban's performance on the FOX reality series.

Click here to watch the video

Posted on March 29

Mariah and Nick + lil' video of them leaving American Idol

Click here to watch the lil' video
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 28
More pics of Mariah on American Idol last night

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Posted on March 28
If AI doesn't air in your country.................

This one is a must see, Mariah is absolutely hilarious!!

Here's - Los Angeles Top 8 Performs 

Posted on March 28

Our girl on American Idol tonight, c'mon..... 

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Source: Alexandria - B. Scott - Mariah with Smokey Robinson
Posted on March 27
Very original Anniversary cake

Nick made a very original Mariah Anniversary cake with quotes from American Idol.
Source: Nick aka @GreekLamb and from @MCIdolQuotes by e-mail
Posted on March 27
Only Mariah!!!!! 

On her Anniversary day, she took time to show love for the Lambs/fans and even called that day "Worldwide Lamb Day"
After a long session in studio, she also says a song title may be revealed today..................... 

Posted on March 27

Link: Watch Mariah's lil' interview (part 1) Mariah aired on ETALK last night

Click here to watch it

Posted on March 26


Mariah's "Almost Home" debuts on AC
Almost Home debuts at #25 on Billboard Adult Contemporary

Source: chartnews 
Posted on March 25

Mariah interview tonight at 7pm ETon ETALK

ETALK gets personal with Mega-Star Mariah Carey in Canadian Exclusive Interview, airing Tonight (Monday, March 25) at 7 p.m. ET on CTV

ETALK reporter Jessi Cruickshank goes one-on-one with the legendary icon and AMERICAN IDOL judge in a special 2-part interview, as the duo talk fame and family.

TORONTO (March 25, 2013) – Attention Mimi fans and members of her lambily! Canada’s #1 Entertainment Show, ETALK, and the world’s best-selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey “belong together” in a special, “fan-fricken-tastic,” 2-part Canadian exclusive interview. From Los Angeles, ETALK reporter Jessi Cruickshank goes one-on-one with the legendary singer, actress, and AMERICAN IDOL judge to talk fame and family. In Part 1 of the interview, airing tonight (Monday, March 25) on ETALK at 7 p.m. ET on CTV, the diva talks hair, her coveted chair on the IDOL judging panel, and of course “Dem Babies” – her and Nick Cannon’s twin babies Moroccan and Monroe. In Part 2 of Jessi’s interview, airing Tuesday, March 26 on ETALK at 7 p.m. ET on CTV, Mimi opens up about new drama, new music and making it all work.

Mariah on AMERICAN IDOL’s live shows:“Um, it’s funny I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that I’ve been doing this more than half my life and I’ve been on live TV in almost every country on earth so nothing is that daunting.”

Mariah on new music:“Right now I’m working on my new album, I have more than enough songs but I’m in the process of finishing things and mixing and all that.”

Mariah on family:
“I mean it’s just – I love what I’m doing in my life in this moment. I’m just happy that I’m able to share what I’ve tried to build as, you know, a life with Nick which is like – we’re having our 5 year anniversary really soon…”

Mariah Carey is a multiple Grammy Award-winning global superstar with more than 250 million records sold worldwide and more No. 1 songs than any solo artist in history, whose 18 Billboard No. 1 singles (17 of which Carey wrote) rival all but The Beatles. With a distinct five-octave vocal range, prolific songwriting and producing talent, Carey has defined the modern pop performance. As a singer/songwriter/producer, she has been recognized with multiple Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, Billboard's Artist of the Decade Award, the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium and BMI's Icon Award, to name a few.

Watch Mariah Carey weekly on AMERICAN IDOL, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV Two.

Source: CTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 25

Lucky USA fans!

Mariah's new fragrance "Dreams" is now on shelves in some Kohls stores.
As previously reported, you can also order itonline at Kohl's, (US residents only)

Posted on March 24

Almost Home still doing great across Balkan !!!

- Radio Drava 92.5: - "Almost Home"  #1 for the second week
- Radio Sibenik: - "Almost Home"  #3
- Radio Sombor: - "Almost Home" #13 
- Radio Cakovec: - "Almost Home" #3
- SoundSet Top 40: - "Almost Home" #3 
- Radio Otvoreni i Radio Makarska added the song to their playlists.

- MTV Serbia/Croatia: - "Almost Home" jumped to #10 (+9), in it's second week

Republika Srpska:
Urban Radio Station Nes Castra has been playing the song.

Radio Bravo is playing the song

"Almost Home" is #48 on Top50 Serbia

"Almost Homeé is #5 on Radio Velenje

Source: Bojan by e-mail
Posted on March 24

Almost Home on official Belgian charts!!

Without any promo  ......... (well, except my Team)
- #25 (entry) on the Wallonia Official Ultratip chart
- #29 (re entry) on the Flanders Urban Official Ultratop Chart
-  #40 (+15) on the Flanders Official Ultratip chart

Posted on March 22

Mariah interview next week on etalk

Jessi was able to interview Mariah just after American Idol last night.  They talked hair, babies, etc....  The interview will air next week on etalk.
Click here to watch a preview.

Source: Jessi Cruickshank
Posted on March 22

If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Los Angeles Top 9 results

Posted on March 22

Mariah's 'It's Like That" look for American Idol tonight

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 21
With Roc and Roe after American Idol

Mariah rushed home after American Idol to spend some time with the kids before they were heading to bed.
Source for the pic: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 21
If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Los Angeles Top 9 competition

Posted on March 21

I say it all the time... but Mariah was really stunning again on American Idol tonight!!!

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Source: Mariah's Twitter and Facebook
Posted on March 20
After long hours......

With the help of a few fans, I think we got it.  We spent hours checking and most of the hate in the US comes from Nicki fans.   So, it comes from frustrated teens who have too much time to spend.....

Posted on March 19

Reminder: American Idol tomorrow

If you guys watch from outside the US, don't forget the hour has changed as it's now already DST over there (Daylight Saving Time)

Posted on March 19

Why is Mariah hated by so many on internet in the US?

When you look on Twitter, Facebook, articles and comments below some articles, you can see so many US people spitting their hate.  I didn't figure out why yet... but I'll seriously try to find out,  are those very young people who find it cool to hate?  frustrated people?  jealous people?  I have no idea, but it's really sad to see it coming to that point in her home country!!

Posted on March 19

New pic for "Dreams"

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 18
Look at his face when he hears Mariah's name .....

Doctor Who's Matt Smith would totally love watching Mariah at Glastonbury

Click here to watch the lil' interview

Posted on March 18

St Patrick celebration

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 18
Almost Home is doing really great across Balkan !!!

- Radio Drava 92.5: - "Almost Home" jumps to #1 on radio airplay list
- Radio Sibenik: - "Almost Home" jumps to a new peak at #2 this week
- Radio Sombor: - "Almost Home" jumps to #13 this week

- MTV Croatia and MTV Serbia: - "Almost Home" is the only new entry this week at #19
- Radio Cakovec: - "Almost Home" is new entry
- SoundSet Top 40: - "Almost Home" jumps to #16 in it's second week on the chart

Source: Bojan by e-mail
Posted on March 17

We made it !!
Big ups to the fans who helped make it happen, hours and hours long. Mariah is now in second place.  Please keep voting.
Posted on March 16
Pon the studio!

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 16
Belgian charts!!

Without any promo and honestly no one know it's out, Mariah's Almost Home is now #55 (+29) on the Official Ultratip chart, let's hope it makes the Ultratop.

Posted on March 15

We have another winner for the cute "Mariah 327" candies

@LambilySweden has been chosen voter of the day 

Posted on March 15

A must read........

We all know one of the reasons, American Idol is losing more and more audience..... (especially after the last 2 days) Click here to access the article

Source for the link: Marilyn
Posted on March 15

If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Los Angeles Top 10 Results

Posted on March 15

Heading back to the studio after American Idol

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 15
Mariah backstage and on leaving American Idol tonight

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 14
Please vote for Mariah!!
Click here and vote.  Let's go
Posted on March 14
Almost Home video on iTunes!!

Check your iTunes, the video is now up in most of the countries, go get it!!!

Posted on March 14

Carey 'unlikely' to play Glasto

Mariah's spokesman shrugged off the reports, saying: "This is just an idea. It is unlikely that Mariah Carey will play at Glastonbury this year, because of her current commitments with her new album"

The representative also revealed that Mariah's forthcoming 14th album is expected for a release in the summer.

Source: MSN UK
Posted on March 14

Rumor denied!  Mariah will NOT headline Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival organiser Emily Eavis has rubbished reports suggesting Mariah Carey will headline the event this year.

Eavis took to Twitter to address speculation over who will top the bill on the Pyramid Stage across the weekend of June 28-30, with Prince's name also thrown into the mix.

However, Emily has since tweeted: "Three nonsense headliner stories in a week, all completely untrue ... Real news will be with you soon!"

Glaso headliners are usually confirmed at the beginning of the year, but this time around, it has been revealed they will be announced closer to the festival.

The likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and Rihanna have all been rumoured to headline the event.

Source: MTV UK
Heroes note: Like I posted on March 12, it would have been a great promo for Mariah as the Festival airs on TV but....(without the urine bottles  )

Posted on March 14

If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Los Angeles Top 10 Finalists Performances

Posted on March 14

Mariah getting ready for American Idol tonight

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 13
World Music Awards: Vote for Mariah!!!

If you can't see it,  scroll down and click on "show more"

- World's Best Video (Almost Home) - click here to vote
- World's Best Song (Almost Home) - click here to vote
- World's Best Female Artist - click hereto vote
- World's Best Live Act - click here to vote

Source: Twitter
Posted on March 13

Almost Home co writer Justin Gray about working with Mariah: "Mariah took it to the next level, it was a dream"

M&C: Is creating a song to reflect a cinematic vision different from a regular song?
Gray: You have a box you have to fit in and in this particular case it was a bit more challenging.  Sam Raimi was deliberate that it be very reflective of the film but not so derivative that it couldn’t stand on its own as a song.
That was a huge part of it.  Originally when we wrote it we wanted to create a piece of music that echoed the tone of the film, a bit dark and a typical big ending.  When we originally wrote the song we knew we’d bring in an artist to bring it to life, and there was plenty of room of anticipation.  When we heard in October it would be Mariah Carey I kind of freaked out.  We were like “Really?” 
When you write for these songs you envision an artist singing that song and we never let it enter our minds to think so. Mariah Carey hovers above everything all the time.  But we thought it would never happen, let's be realistic.  We got the call and it was okay, then it was up to the musical team to bring in the right artist. 
Everyone was approached to submit to submit their own song including Kelly Clarkson and Katie Perry.  We were nervous our song would be chopped but they were dedicated to it and we ended up above the bar.  Mariah took it to the next level, it was a dream.

M&C: Tell me how it went.
Gray: Because of everyone's insane schedule and her incredibly small window of time, we had to do the collaboration between emails and managers and 100 MP3s between us and the others and my co-writers Lindsay Ray and Simone Porte. 
There was no choice.  It was the only way we could collaborate with the deadline approaching.  Once she said she would do it, we did everything possible to make it happen.  An artist like that with a film like this with its transcendent nature is magic.

M&C: Thank goodness for technology.
Gray: It’s true.  Ten years ago, people would have been paranoid sending MP3s so they’d be putting phones to speakers and that craziness, but in this case, we were able to do it.  She was on the east coast and she would work and by the time we opened our computers on the west coast, the work was updated.  And we were dealing with not just an artist cutting a song, but a $250M film and franchise and the last song for the Oz franchise was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 
That really put things into perspective.  That’s; why we were so dedicated.  And then we had the brand managers and marketing people form Disney and there were a thousand moving parts. 

M&C: You mentioned security concerns.
 Gray: Yes. Because we had to send MP3s cryptically labeled, “Becky’s whatever” so it seemed as though it had nothing to do with it.  No one could discern anything. We were worried about emails being jacked so we started using passwords and links we had to sign into so everyone knew who was doing what and downloading what. 
In this day and age things can leak very easily.  And this wasn’t just any situation.  It was the biggest artist in the world with the biggest movie company.  We held everything close to the chest.

Source: M&C (All rights reserved)
Posted on March 13

Oh WOW, beautiful!!!!!

Mariah's signature is engraved in the "Dreams" bottle.
Click to enlarge
Thanks Tabatha Marie
Posted on March 12

Almost Home video

- At the moment of this update, we are near 1.500.000 views for Almost Home.
- Germany: the video has been added to German music channel (thanks MariahGermany)
- UK: the video aired at 7.55 on Chart Show TV (Sky Channel 365) (thanks Garry)
- Today's Most Popular Music on VH1

Posted on March 12

"I know it was a tad revealing, but no one said I was Mother Teresa " 

Click here to watch a lil' vid of Mariah replying to E Online about her "revealing look"

Posted on March 12

The Glasto goers reactions....

With the news of Mariah being a possible headline for the Glastonbury Festival spreading, there are of course many reactions of people who attend it every year.

The Festival is more an occasion to drink, smoke and ... whatever in the tents and it's not like on the last day those people are still able to appreciate anything.  BUT it's great exposure for the artists as the Festival airs on TV, even I watch it every year (well, not last year 'cause of the Olympics).

Anyway, let's wait and see, I thought it was great and still think it is.... but please Mariah, take your umbrella, those people easily throw plastic bottles with their urine in it (according to my cousin who will never go there again )

Posted on March 12

In studio all night

Mariah tweeted a pic of the sun coming up after a long night in studio.

Posted on March 12

Last day to enter Mariah's Anniversary (round 1) contest

Click here, good luck!!!

Posted on March 12

Mariah at The Glastonbury Festival ? "Glasto boss is after pop diva Carey"

Less than 2 hours after I tweeted it (from a kinda reliable source), a scan from the vening Standard now appears on Twitter.Click to enlarge to read it

Source for the scan: Mark Powys
Posted on March 11

Rumor!!!!Mariah to headline Glastonbury?

Rumor is floating around that the Glastonbury Festival is looking for Mariah to headline it........

Posted on March 11

Please vote for Mariah's Almost Home on VH1

Vote for Mariah Carey - Almost Home on this week's VH1 Top20 Countdown, let's go!!!!

Posted on March 11

Pon the booth...

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 11
March 2013: Heroes of Mariah - Mariah's Anniversary (round 1)

Thanks to Kinou for those cute prizes.
If you follow me on Twitter, you're in to win one of those.
RT my tweet about it and e-mail me with "Mariah Anniversary Round 1" in the subject and include your Twitter @ in the e-mail.  Deadline March 13.  Open to fans worldwide! 
One winner will be picked at random.

Posted on March 10

Keep streaming Mariah's "Almost Home" video!!!!!

Make that one viral!!!!!!  Stream it over and over!  Click here !

Posted on March 9

Always Be My Baby, 16 years ago already......
It was worth a post.  16 years!!!!!
Do you guys remember the young kid who was in the video? Here's Shan Elliot, then and now..... 

Posted on March 9
Video: Mariah will guide the American Idol contestants

Mariah explains why she encourages the contestants instead of crticizing them.  Click here to watch.

Posted on March 9

Congrats to the winners of the Heroes of Mariah OPI contest #2

Be sure to check back very soon, there will be a new contest for Mariah's Anniversary, the prizes are toooo cute!

Posted on March 9

Video: Entertainment Tonight: Does Mariah agree with who made the American Idol Top 10

Click here to watch the video

Posted on March 8

Video: Mariah talks about "Dreams" on Extra

I'm not gonna make a transcript, just some brief highlights
- The first poem Mariah wrote as a kid was called "Dream"
- Lil' Monroe loves the fragrance so much, opens the bottle and smells it a lot

Click here to access the vidéo (direct link)

Posted on March 8

Mariah's "Almost Home" video premiere!!!!!

Make that one viral!!!!!!  Stream it over and over!  Click here and enjoy!

Source for the link: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 8

"American Idol" finalists party at The Grove last night

Click to enlarge
Source: Zimbio
Posted on March 8
If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Top 10 Revealed in Los Angeles

Posted on March 8

So beautiful Mariah on American Idol 

Click to enlarge
Source: Alex - Kris - Mariah
Posted on March 7
So great!!
They played "Almost Home" to debut American Idol tonight!!!
Posted on March 7
Getting ready for American Idol tonight

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 7
YES!!!!!!  Almost Home video preview!

While waiting for the full video set to premiere tomorrow.  Click here and enjoy!

Source for the link: Jose by e-mail
Posted on March 7

US fans: Mariah's "Dreams" collection is available online
click to enlarge (thanks Teresa for the pic)
You can now order Mariah's new fragrance "Dreams" collection online at Kohl's, it will hit the shelves in April.

Showcase your signature scent with this Mariah Carey Dreams fragrance. You'll be impressed by the essence of this women's eau de toilette spray, complete with vibrant notes of salted caramel apple and freesia.

Due to its contents, this product cannot be shipped via our Priority Service or sent to Alaska, Hawaii, and/or APO/FPO military addresses.

* Perfume offers irresistible notes of bergamot, salted caramel apple, toasted almonds, star anise, freesia, honeysuckle, muguet, tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli and warm musk.
* Details: For women

Posted on March 7

Mariah Carey's 'Almost Home' Video Is All For Dem Babies
Carey opens up to VH1's 'Big Morning Buzz Live' about the inspiration behind the brand-new 'Oz the Great and Powerful' clip

Mariah Carey doesn't have Oz for her great and powerful "Almost Home." Instead she credits her twins, Dem Babies for inspiring the "Oz the Great and Powerful" track.

"Well, I've always just loved Disney, and now especially having two little babies. Like all we do is watch animated movies, even though they're so little they still love them, especially Roc, my little boy," she said when she called into VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" Thursday (March 7).

She was on hand to premiere the David LaChapelle-directed video for "Almost Home," which combines shots of Mariah looking chic in a black couture gown with footage from the Sam Raimi-directed film. While LaChapelle is known for his colorful celebrity photographs, this clean and sophisticated collaboration with Carey is all black and white.

"I think it's going to be an incredible movie, and it's kind of amazing what they've done," she added. "It looks totally different than anything I've ever seen."

The film hits theaters Friday and features James Franco (who plays Oz) as well as Michelle Williams (Glinda), Mila Kunis (Wicked Witch of the West) and Rachel Weisz (wicked witch Evanora).

In addition to inspiring her to record the track for Disney, Dem Babies are also influencing her 2013 album release.

"As everything evolved and is evolving, they've definitely been an inspiration in a really good way," she said. "So I'm excited for my lambs to hear the music and for people who love music to hear a lot of these songs. So hopefully we will be doing that very soon."

Source: MTV
Posted on March 7

Mariah Carey : Dreams

This spring, Mariah unveils Mariah Carey Dreams, a feminine fragrance that celebrates the many stages of life and evokes the most intimate memories.

Mariah Carey Dreams is a sensual floral gourmand that delicately weaves together notes, each one symbolic of Mariah’s lifelong journey. Dreams is an inviting scent that is almost magnetic in its essence.

At the top of the fragrance salted caramel apple and star anise combine with bergamot and toasted almonds for an unforgettable scent.

In the middle, a sensual hint of honeysuckle intertwines with alluring freesia and a delicate undertone of lily of the valley, creating a feminine middle.

At the base, a blend of warm patchouli, Tonka bean and Madagascar vanilla grounds the scent with a subtle, alluring aroma.

Designed to mirror the curves of a champagne flute, the Mariah Carey Dreams bottle is a tribute to Mariah’s festive nature. The butterflies entwined around the champagne flute hold a special meaning for Mariah. They are a representation of what matters most to her.

Posted on March 7

Mariah Carey: ‘I Call Myself a Perfumer-in-Training’

Mariah Carey Dreams may be the superstar‘s twelfth fragrance, but she still considers herself a novice at her second-favorite profession. “I humbly call myself a ‘perfumer-in-training’ because I love it so much,” “Almost as much as I love making music!”

“The process of creating a fragrance is exhilarating and it takes me to another place within my creative self,” Carey says of her latest perfume, which is housed in a bottle shaped like a champagne flute as “a tribute to Carey’s festive nature,” according to a press release.

Dreams’ signature scents include notes of Madagascar vanilla, honeysuckle and salted caramel apple that are meant to reflect different stages of Carey’s life. “Mariah Carey Dreams helps tell my story,” Carey shares. “The different scents derive … from childhood to performing on the world’s stage, to being in love, to feeling loved.”

Want to get your hands on what Carey calls a “classic and exciting fragrance?” You can pick it up exclusively at Kohl’s stores starting in April, with prices starting at $39. And keep an eye out for Carey’s next big project: a new album, which she’s working on now.

Source: StyleWatch
Posted on March 7

Last day to enter the Heroes of Mariah OPI contest #2

Click here to enter the contest. 

Be sure to check back soon, there will be a new contest for Mariah's Anniversary, the prizes are toooo cute!

Posted on March 7

If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Las Vegas Top 10 Male Semi finalists

Posted on March 7

Just wow!!!!!  POWosity at its best!!!

Click to enlarge
Source: Carlos - Kris
Posted on March 6
New fragrance "Dreams" 

Mariah just posted the news on Twitter with a pic 
"I'm SO excited to finally be able to reveal my new fragrance #MariahCareyDreams - a limited time exclusive at Kohl’s! "

Posted on March 6

Mariah to announce new project on Extra tonight!

It's floating around but I'll wait 'til the show has aired or Mariah to announce it herself to post it

Posted on March 6

"Mariah is an artist that transcends pop music"

Q&A with Justin Gray - Canadian co-writer of Mariah Carey's 'Almost Home'

Justin Gray was born in Toronto, but has been based out of Los Angeles for quite some time now. Over the past 12 years, Justin has sold more than 25 million records world-wide.

- You’ve had the opportunity to work with artists like Joss Stone, John Legend, Spice Girl Emma Bunton and now, Mariah Carey. What was it like working with Mariah?
- Justin: Surreal. Mariah is an artist that transcends pop music. She’s an iconic, globally recognized superstar and that changes your perspective. It almost makes everything seem downhill from this point, which I hope not. We didn’t get to be in the studio together, due to our schedules. With a film this caliber, in size, I wish it was as easy as sitting in a room and being creative together. A lot of people were involved, so there was a lot of back and forth. She was in New York, we were in LA, but it was extremely successful, on a creative level because everyone was on the same level. 

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Posted on March 6

Great news!

The video for Mariah's Almost Home is planned to be added to German video channel "" starting March 10

Source: MariahGermany
Posted on March 6

If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Las Vegas Top 10 Female Semi finalists

Posted on March 6

Radiant Mariah on American Idol tonight

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Source pic 1: Mariah on Twitter
Source pic 2: found on Twitter
Posted on March 5 (well March 6 already over here)
Reminder: American Idol

The show will air live today March 5 (girls night), tomorrow March 6 (guys night) and as previously reported (see Feb.14 press release) a 90-Minute special on March 7.

Posted on March 5

Belgian charts

If there was one place I didn't expected it to be, Mariah's Almost Home enters the Official Belgian chart "Ultratop" Urban at #24.  (I didn't even check there as this track is all except Urban...)
As posted Friday, the track is also #87 (+5) on the Ultratip chart (Ultratip is before it enters the Ultratop, all musical genres) 

Source for the Urban info: Joris by e-mail
Posted on March 4

Video: Backstage at the So So Def concert

We can briefly see Mariah on stage and exiting the stage.  Click here to watch it

Posted on March 2

No, it's not a bad joke ......

ONLY 19.200 fans (not counting the multiple purchases) bought Almost Home in the USA this past week.
23.000 fans bought Triumphant in the first week......

On a brighter note, the movie nor the video are released yet, so......

Posted on March 2

Stream Mariah's Almost Home on VEVO

While waiting for the video, please stream the audio on Mariah's VEVO (it does count for the charts). Keep streaming on Spotify too.
Click here ! Let's go!!!!!!

Posted on March 2

Videos: Watch Mariah on Jimmy Fallon

It's up on The Late Night website!
Video 1: click here
Video 2: click here

Download:  HD quuality
Part1 - click here
Part2 - click here
Posted on March 2

Belgian promo team, keep it going!!

Without any promo, Mariah's Almost Home is now #87 (+5) on the Official Ultratip chart, let's hope it makes the Ultratop.  Let's go!!!

Posted on March 1

Taping of the Jimmy Fallon show

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Thanks to Céline, high quality and more pics can be found on her site
Posted on March 1
Mariah stopped to greet fans in NY today

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Source: Zimbio - Stevin
Posted on March 1
Label moment with Steve Bartels and Eric Wong

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 1
Mariah to perform "Almost Home" on American Idol ?

Television promotions for the film have been hard to miss. Disney ran a pricey commercial during the CBS telecast of the Super Bowl. It also enlisted Mariah Carey to sing a song from the film on Fox singing contest "American Idol," according to producer Joe Roth.

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Posted on March 1

Almost Home Appreciation Day

Lambs across the world: As part of our commitment in supporting our Mariah Carey, @TrendingMariah has come up with an initiative that is sure to help. Come March 8, the release date of the "Oz The Great And Powerful" and our very own "Almost Home" directed by the reknowned David Lachapelle, lambs all over the globe can join in for our "Almost Home Appreciation Day."

With the likes of Mariah Daily, Mariah Carey Connection, Mariah Carey Australia, Global Mariah Fans, E Lambily, Lovelovejackjapan, MCGeneration, Mariah Carey France, Mariah Carey Singapore, Mariah Universe Phillipines, Mariah Fans SA, The Mariah Network Spain, Glittering Mariah Italy and Heroes Of Mariah all supporting the mission, our aim will be to trend the video along with tagging @disney and linking the movie which will provide us with another niche.

The relevent links and the time of the event will be issued out via @TrendingMariah and all the affiliated sites.

We urge the lambily to use the cover pic to promote the event via social media.

So set March 8 in your calenders lambs! This event is bound to make Mariah proud!

* The commencement time of the event will be dependant on a) When we have the relevant links and b) choosing the best time that will suit the lambs around the world.

Thanks to Cris and Jevi
Posted on March 1

Mariah on her way to Jimmy Fallon

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Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on March 1
With Ryan Seacrest at the Kelly and Michael show

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Source: Ryan Seacrest on Twitter
Posted on March 1
Mariah Carey Recruits The-Dream, Hit-Boy For New Album: Exclusive

The singer says her new album will have a 'lot more raw ballads than people might expect.'

"It's a lot to juggle, but I'm handling it," Mariah Carey says while driving to an evening studio session in Las Vegas for her new album. In town for the Vegas Week segment of "American Idol," the first-year judge was on her way to meet up with producers Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox after having put dem babies to bed. "It's about making sure I have tons of good music, because at the end of the day, that's the most important thing," says Carey, who had worked with the pair ("We have our own chemistry," she adds) until 6 a.m. that morning from the night before. She's also enlisted producers Big Jim Wright, Hit-Boy, The-Dream and Rodney Jerkins for tracks on the set.

Declining to reveal the album's title, she does allow that there are a "lot more raw ballads than people might expect." There are also uptempo and signature-type songs that represent her different facets as an artist. "Wherever we go with this project, I've tried to keep the soul and heart in it," she says, "with me obviously as the through-line." According to Dupri, "One particular song is definitely going to be a huge fan favorite, in my opinion."

Carey's last non-holiday studio album, 2009's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," debuted and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and sparked the hit "Obsessed." She's excited about collaborations with her No. 1 "Honey" cohort Q-Tip and DJ Cassidy this time around. The singer didn't specify if her collaboration with Q-Tip and DJ Cassidy would be for the new album.

"I was and still am in a very prolific space," says Carey, who recently released the single "Almost Home" for the March 8 Disney film "Oz the Great and Powerful." She co-wrote and co-produced the song with Stargate; a David La Chappelle-directed video is coming soon. Whether it or her 2012 single "Triumphant" with Rick Ross and Meek Mill will appear on the new album remains to be seen. In the meantime, Carey says she's enjoying her creative streak. "I could say, 'Let's stop now.' But that's not who I am, and that's not what I want this record to be. I really want the fans to love this record."

Source: Billboard the Juice
Posted on March 1

Mariah's new album tentatively scheduled to come out in May 2013

Be sure to pick up Billboard's March 9, 2013 issue for an exclusive interview with Mariah where she discusses her new album, tentatively scheduled to come out in May 2013.

Posted on March 1

Great pic shared by Kelly and Michael

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Source: Kelly and Michael on Twitter
Posted on March 1
Kelly and Michael show

Videos: (thanks to my bro V aka Cutelamb

- Part 1: Click here
- Part 2: Click here

Download: HD quality thanks to Moony

- Part 1: click here
- Part 2: click here
Posted on March 1

Mariah on her way to Kelly and Michael

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Source pic1: Mariah
Source other pics: CelebrityGossip
Posted on March 1
If AI doesn't air in your country.................

Here's - Las Vegas Male Semi Finalists 2nd week

Posted on March 1


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