Heroes of Mariah - Mariah's Birthday Party - Brussels, March 27, 2004
On March the 27th. 2004, the passers by and tourists could see that we were Mariah fans and that we celebrated Mariah's Birthday.  The first goal was of course to have fun together, but also, to make promotion for Mariah.
Thanks to: Denise, Elise, Karin, Marcel, Cheryl, Nathalie, Patrick, Olivier, Luis, Sabrina, Tatiana, Natasha, Jack, Kinou, me ... and... Mariah .
If you wanna see the little video I shot, click here.  Of course, Mariah will receive the DVD uncut, full screen and in high quality .

1h30pm - We are all very happy to meet on the Grand'Place from Brussels.  Three Dutch fans came especially from The Netherlands for the party .  The well known Belgian flag Mariah fashion is used again .  Also, we had a special board, so that everyone could see it was Mariah's Birthday, and they saw it, believe me .  We also gave candies to all the passers by and tourists to celebrate Mariah's Birthday.  They were surprised and found it was an original idea.  We also gave candies to 2 policemen who asked a lot of infos about Mariah.

2h15pm - We made a pilgrimage to the statue of  t'Serclaes (a middle-class man of Brussels which contributed to the liberation of the city), the legend says that when you rub his arm, it brings good luck.  So, we all rubbed his arm and  made a wish for Mariah .
2h30pm - The pilgrimage continues towards the statue of the Manneken Pis (the most famous little boy of Brussels, which saved the city by making a little pee on a bomb, you know, the old round ones with a wick). There, we wished that Manneken Pis pee on all the trash, the bad press and on the people who want to harm Mariah. 
Well, little guy, pee day and night, otherwise we could come to cut you "something" .


3h00pm - We went to the beautiful room we booked, we almost felt like if we were in Lebanon or even better in Mariah's Morocan room.  We started to laugh, speak, exchange ideas while we listened to Mariah songs.

3h30pm - We discovered THE Birthday cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday for Mariah.  When we finished to sang, we all screamed "Hip, hip, hip, hurray", like we do here .  The Birthday cake was very good, a chance it was a professional who made it, 'cause the one Kinou tried to make herself, a few days before, just to test, was..... huuuuuuh....... no comments .

David from Louisville, KY, USA was with us in spirit.

Now, after the Birthday cake, it's karaoke time, we sang:
- Hero (pure karaoke, without Mariah's voice).
- CTTA (semi-karaoke, with Mariah's voice).
- AIWFCIY (special karaoke where we sang "with" Mariah and at several times we cutted the music).
We sang Hero like a professional choir , CTTA with a great motivation, you will see it if you look at the little video.
And then AIWFCIY was really, really funny, you can see that in the little video too .
I wish I could see Mariah's reaction when she will see the DVD with the film of the party I shot and that I'm gonna send to her .

Even the little lambs candle sang with us and had fun .

We distributed promo cds (kindly given by Universal Belgium for the party), cds, collector flyers, Glitter stickers, Glitter promo cards, a picture of Mariah and a souvenir card from the party to everyone.  And then, it's time to say goodbye, the kisses fly around.
Thank you Mariah to be in our life and to give us so much happiness .
If you wanna see the little video I shot, click here.  Of course, Mariah will receive the DVD uncut, full screen and in high quality .

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