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"Mariah Christmas Force" update and results
First of all a big thanks to all the European fans who took part at this action and also to the supporting sites.
- Fans from 18 European countries took part and requested "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in their country.
- Estimated audience 500.000.000
- Fans requested on several radios in their respective countries, but not all were able to confirm if their radio played it due to lack of time, work, etc...
- Some radios responded very well and played the track several times a day: The Netherlands (thanks Roger), Greece (thanks Nicos), Sweden (can you confirm Hans?), Belgium, France (thanks Aurélien), the UK (thanks Leon)
- Estimated reached people 80.000.000
Thanks again, you guys rock!!!!!!!

Project and goal
Try to get "All I Want For Christmas Is You" played on a lot of European radios.  A lot of European radios play it around Christmas time and that's good, but we need to do more and better, we can do it, we will be Mariah's Christmas Force in Europe and her little helpers.
So, your task is to choose 1 radio in your country/area and starting December the 18th. request the song by e-mail or any other way the radio offers for the request, if you could keep me updated with the name of the radio you've chosen, it would be great.
See, it will only take you 1 minute a day, which means 8 minutes in total....
Mariah and her people will appreciate what you all do for sure.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK.

Covered Radios
Austria: Antenne Salzburg -
Belgium: RTLe-mail - Radio Contact FR NL - Radio Donna - Radio Noorderkempen
Bulgaria: Radio Fresh e-mail -
Croatia: Otvoreni -
France: ChérieFM - Skyrock - Ado FM -
Germany: Radio Regenbogen e-mail - Antenne Bayern e-mail - Kissfm e-mail - N-Joy Radio e-mail - Hit Radio FFH e-mail - Einslive email - NRJ -
Greece: ERT -
Ireland: 2fm - Today FM -
Italy: Radio KissKiss - Radio Pulce - Radio Deejay -
Luxembourg: LRB -
Norway: Radio NRJ Oslo - The Voice -
Poland: Radio Katowice
Portugal: RFM - Radio Comercial -
Spain: Kiss FM e-mail - Maxima FM e-mail - M80 Radio e-mail - Los 40 Principales e-mail
Sweden: MIX MEGAPOL (now The Voice) - P3 - Radio Stockholm
The Netherlands: Sky Radio - RGL Winter Hits - Veronica - Q-music
Turkey: Capital Radio - Metro FM - Radyo 5 - Radio Bylkent - Radio ODTÜ - Radyo 9 Eylül
UK: BBC (Steve Wright Show) - Galaxy Manchester (Paul Webster) - Choice FM (George Kay, request the Bow Wow remix)

Fan sites supporting the project
- Mariah Ireland - Ireland
- MariahConnection - UK
- Monde Mariah Carey - France
- Butterfly-MC - Germany
- MariahConnection (Spanish section) - Spain
- Heroes of Mariah - Belgium
- TheMariahCareyForum - France
- MariahJournal - USA
- MariahPolska - Poland
- MariahDaily - USA
- MariahTurkiye.net  - Turkey
- Mimi -Fans - Germany

A Special thanks to:
- Taz for the Mariah Christmas Force logo.
- Roland-Pierre, student in media and marketting (Université de Liège) for the evaluation he made to see how many people this action reached in Europe.

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