May 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
New flyers for the audition for Mariah's European promo Tour

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Source: Maarten by e-mail
Posted on May 30
"Precious" in Paris
As reported here early May and last week, the movies from the 2009 Festival de Cannes  "Un Certain regard" category are played at Reflet Médicis in Paris from 27 may until 6 June.  "Precious" was tonight and will be played again on June 2.

Adil and Jennifer went today:
The movie is absolutely fabulous, we read the novel and it's even better when you see the movie, it's really  impressive. Gabourney Sibide is amazing, Mo'Nique is so horrible that you almost can't believe such people exist.  You can't almost recognise Mariah if you don't know it's her, unfortunately you don't see her very much in the movie.  We thought we would see her more as so many medias describe it as a "new Mariah Carey movie".  Her part in the movie is a lil' part but it's her who lead Precious to open her heart.  The audience liked the movie and we saw several people crying.
Source for the review: Adil by e-mail
Posted on May 30

Mariah Plays Snippets from New Album on AT40
Earlier this morning, Nick Cannon who filled in for regular host Ryan Seacrest on American Top 40 had his wife Mariah Carey on the phone for an interview. During the interview, Mariah played 2-second snippets of songs from her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel.

Mariah also talked about the concept of her new album. She says, "The name of the new album which I'm still finishing is Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. It's basically every song tells its own little story for some people to relate to. I feel it's for everybody but in a lot of ways some of the songs are very woman empowerment moment. I tell stories so it's not just like, 'Okay, this is a real life moment 'cause some of the people might be like, 'She really did that?' And it means nobody is perfect and nobody is an angel. We're just all regular human beings. Certainly I'm not perfect so I'm just telling things from my regular point of view like the perspective of a woman."
An audio is up on Mariah Daily Journal
Source: Mariah Daily Journal - Elise on our forum
Posted on May 30

Scans: Mariah in Turkish Press

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Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on May 29
Promo Tour in Europe 
Audition Workshop Party - Eddie Morales in search of new dancers for Mariah Carey
14th.of June 2009, Eddie Morales' Birthday Party
Eddie Morales is in search of dancers for Mariah Carey's Tour in Europe.

Eddie Morales: Choreographer/Dancer for Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher, P!nk and many more.  In 2006, he had chosen dancers from Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Slovenia to work with the American superstar Mariah Carey. 

This year Mariah is doing a promo Tour in Europe.  She may be using European dancers like she did in 2006!!  that's why this is an optional audition!!!  Interested?  Subscribe at www. (Amsterdam), bring your picture and resume if you want to audition.   It's also possible to do the workshops without auditioning. 

You will be gettin 3 choreographies.  One by Eddie Morales, one by Marcel Barrett (who also worked for Mariah in 2006) and one by Isabel Berenos.  Isabel's workshop is on high heals and for ladies only. 

The 20 best dancers will be selected to present themselves in Club Mondial that evening where we will celebrate Eddie Morales' birthday.
All dancers are invited to this party with your edition/workshop ticket the entrance fee will be half price.

Audition address:  Sintmeerten College, Valkenburgenweg 219, Heerlen NL
Price: 15
Door open at 16:30 til 21:30
Birthday party: Europe's Hottest Urban Club, Mondial Middelweg 12, Beek, NL
Door open at 23:00
Source: Moves by newsletter - Maarten by e-mail
Posted on May 29

Deborah Lippmann on working with Mariah
So who said working in fashion and with celebrities isnt glamorous?
It is nearly 3 am and I am on a shoot with the great Mariah Carey whom I love and adore. She is a night owl and is so creative!
We have been on a shoot since 1 pm and being the nail diva that she is we are doing lots of nail color changes. We started the day with her wearing her personal favorite lippmann shade-- FASHION. The second shot we went with Believe ( a soft silvered gold combo). We did a retro look and she wore Stop and Stare and it has been a long time since I have put a red on MC. We are doing the last shot now and she is wearing a color that wont be out until Fall 09.... Wicked Game a sort of mood ring thing that I am bringing back from my VINYL line. Look for it soon. All the other shades are available NOW!! 
Source: Deborah Lippman's blog - Donnie by e-mail
Posted on May 28
Mariah and Nick coming to AXE Lounge?
Looks like the AXE Lounge at DUNE in Southampton is keeping true to its promise of a star-studded summer as actor Nick Cannon will be performing DJ duties Friday. Of course, that begs the question: Will his wife come down to cheer him on? Yes, say AXE officials — Long Island’s own diva and superstar Mariah Carey is confirmed to be expected in the house to watch her hubby spin for the crowd.
Source: NewsDay
Posted on May 28
And here's a third song performed in Turkey..... Dreamlover!
Wow, very good quality and great performance!  Click here and enjoy.

And here's a lil' video of Mariah leaving Turkey.
Source: Urmelie13 - pointgod32 on YouTube
Posted on May 28

My All (Remix) and Touch My Body in Turkey
Lil' video extracts of Mariah singing at the opening of the Mardan Palace are posted on Turkish fan site MariahTurkiye.
Click here to download it.
There are also some other videos from Turkey (red carpet, etc...) on their site.
Posted on May 28
Tennessee Movie Review: Mariah Carey Is Vibrant On Screen
A bible belt cross-country youthful journey of discovery in search of family reconciliation, Tennessee is emotionally well meaning enough. But the film more than misses the mark as a road movie whose unintended sense of cultural distance and mostly generic country characters with jarring cosmopolitan leanings, come off rather like big city tourism in out of the way places.

Carter (Adam Rothenberg) is big brother and young surrogate dad to Ellis (Ethan Peck). High school football star Carter abruptly fled Tennessee and their physically and emotionally abusive father some years ago, with Carter in tow along with their mother, who has recently passed away. And Carter has been raising Ellis since then, in a trailer in the New Mexico wilderness. 

When Ellis is diagnosed with leukemia and Carter doesn't qualify as a potential life saving bone marrow donor, the younger sibling convinces his resistant brother to go look for their estranged father, who might provide the necessary match instead. Along the way they encounter Krystal (Mariah Carey), a sassy Texas truckstop waitress with dreams of becoming a country singer. And she joins up with them on a whim to go make a pitch in the Nashville music scene, while escaping abuse of her own from her domineering highway patrol spouse.

Mariah Carey is more than just the big star in this small story. She's the warm, charismatic, and deliciously down home presence that spontaneously fills the screen with charm to spare, in this comparatively weak and maudlin story. Though it's unfortunate and rather lopsided, that the details of her own character lack the attention and depth lavished upon the male protagonists. 

In addition, what we have here is once again the black mammy syndrome, as Carey seems to be around mostly to tend to the physical and emotional needs of those perpetually moping males. She's even repeatedly fetching them food, long after Krystal has called it quits with waitressing. And in the brief interlude when she does get to grab some spotlight and show her far too professional musical skills as a supposed amateur on a stage in an unusually receptive redneck bar, Mariah through no fault of her own, feels as fish out of water forced as you can get. 

Tennessee has its moments of tenderly spun brotherly love. But all the secondary characters lack a sense of being fully realized, particularly the many abusive one-note males, seemingly on hand more to make a vague point about domestic violence not being cool, than dramatically resolving or explaining anything about that terrible trauma.

Vivendi Entertainment
Rated R
2 1/2 stars

Source: NewsBlaze (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 27

Video posted yesterday
Mariah: I look "horrid" in film
Mariah Carey has said the worse she looked for her latest film Precious, the better.

The I Stay In Love singer plays a dowdy social worker in the indie flick, and said its director Lee Daniels encouraged her to look bad.

She said: "They were doing prosthetic noses and trying to figure it out, and it kept making me break out and screw up my face and I just ripped it up at the end and looking horrid, and he was like ‘it’s perfect!’."

She continued: "Because Lee Daniels is a great director and he just wanted me to be so far away from myself, from the me that people know."

But now Mariah finds it hard to see herself on screen.

"It was a challenge but it was something I really wanted to do. I’m so excited about the response. It’s hard for me to look at myself when I watch the movie, but I really feel like the experience on playing that role really freed me in a lot of ways," she said.

The star added she was pleased at the film’s success so far.

She said: "This was a fantastic experience. I’ve done some other independent films - this is the first one that’s really become like… we won three awards at Sundance, it’s been a fantastic ride so I’m looking forward to the rest of the year."

Now the singer is focusing on her music career and mentioned she was "in the middle of finishing my album".

Source: Malton and Pickering Mercury (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 27

New Mariah fragrance!
Announced by Mariah herself on Twitter:
"On my way to a photo shoot for my new fragrance which comes out in september."

Heroes comment: Great! But Elizabeth Arden should also think to release "M" and "Luscious Pink" in all countries...  when I think at all we prepared with EA for the release of "M" in France (before it was scrapped) and all the hours of work Kinou spent for handmade stuff, one of these days I'll need to show you the great stuff...
Posted on May 27

Mariah to attend the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic?
UK's Prince Harry will attend the Veuve Clicquot’s Manhattan Polo Classic this Saturday on Governors Island. Harry is due to meet Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Common at the benefit for the Friends of Sentebale children’s charity, founded by him and Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso.
He will also visit to the nonprofit Harlem Children's Zone before playing in the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Governors Island.
Source: NY DailyNews (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May 27
For video collectors
- TV Commercial for the Dance Mix Compilation Album, "Just Dance"
Click here to download the commercial.
Island Def Jam released the "Just Dance" compilation.  Mariah is featured on this cd with the Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel remix of “Touch My Body”
The cd is available at the following link.

- E! News about Mariah and Nick's New LA House
- Daily 10 reporting that Mariah performed at a hotel opening in Turkey
Click here to download the file containing these 2 videos
Source: Moony
Posted on May 27

Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Germany, The Netherlands, France in da house!!!!! 
Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy Season 4 page, here
Spread the word. 
Posted on May 26
Mariah performed 4 songs in Turkey
According to a Turkish newspaper:
Mariah Carey performed only 4 songs at the night and she got 1.5 million dollars in return. The world-famous singer who talked about her butterfly-shaped ring she wore on the stage said "This is a gift from Ismailov family for me." It was reported that the ring costs around 100.000 dollars. 

The fascinating finale of the night was ended by Mariah Carey. Carey, who got all the guests on the dance floor, and the guests later on continued their night at the "Monkey Bar". 

Source: Gazete Vatan - Murat on fomm
Posted on May 26

Mariah Interview in Turkey
Click here to download it.

Source: Moony
Posted on May 26
Lil' video: "Touch My Body" at the opening of the Mardan Palace in Turkey
Only a few seconds and not a great quality, but hey, we are happy 
Click here to watch it.
Source for the info: Arnaud by e-mail
Posted on May 26
Tennessee: Reminder
As reported by Vivendi Entertainment on April 23, Tennessee will open in select theaters starting June 5, 2009 in the US

It is now also on Mariah's official site.

Let's hope Vivendi still plan to release it on DVD
Posted on May 25

Yeahhhhhhh, Trey was in Turkey!!!

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Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 25
RTL Germany shows the Turkish event
No, unfortunately not the performances, but a lil' interview is better than nothing!
Mariah said Telman Ismailov is a really nice and funny with a great family, they ate together and he was singing. (RTL wonder how they could talk together as  Telman Ismailov doesn't speak English and they doubt Mariah speaks Russian).
Mariah also said this resort complex could eventually become a premiere spot for celebrities as there are private bungalows and private pool areas.

Reporter Ashley Pearson says Mariah is rumored to have received 5 million to perform while Tom Jones received 1 million.
Click here to watch the video, Mariah appears several times in it.
Posted on May 25

Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Already a few fans e-mailed me their site, thanks guys, I'll update the page this evening.
Posted on May 25
Lil' videos coming from a French fan
Boudir was able to see Mariah in Cannes and shares her video.  Click here to watch it. a eu l'occasion de voir Mariah à Cannes et partage sa vidéo.
At this link, you can also watch a drawing of Mariah made by Boudir (remember, she makes beautiful drawings).
Source: Boudir by e-mail
Posted on May 25
Why are most of the medias saying Turkey is in Europe?
That's so weird, most of the medias are saying Turkey is in Europe, Turkey is a very big country with only a very, very lil' part in Europe, most of the country is in Asia and Middle-East.  I will never get the lack of geographical knowledge of the medias 
Posted on May 25
Mariah leaving Turkey

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Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 24
No Award for "Precious" in Cannes
The award for the "Un Certain Regard" category goes to ..... who cares (no it's not the title of the movie ).  Too bad for "Precious", audience and critics thought it would win but the Jury decided otherwise.
Posted on May 24
Mariah performing
Mariah performing at the evening gala dinner as part of the launch party for the Mardan Palace in Antalya

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Source: C.U
Posted on May 24
More Turkish news
The opening of the Mardan Palace is on almost every Turkish media.  We don't know why Mariah supposedly left the red carpet, pictures surface of all celebrities at a kind of press conference (including Tom Jones who also performed), but no Mariah... maybe that wasn't part of her contract.  Anyway she performed in the evening and left early this morning.  Mariah was wearing an orange dress and was protected from the sun by a black umbrella.
Some more pics from yesterday surface.

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Posted on May 24
I'll reply to your e-mails asap
Posted on May 23
What happened in Turkey?????
If this is not a rumor, something weird happened in Antalya.

A Turkish newspaper reports the following:
Shock of the night!
The shock of the night came from the world-famous American singer Mariah Carey. After a short time on the red carpet, Mariah went back to the hotel's car.  The manager of the hotel and the security staff stayed a while around the car but despite the attempt to retain her, Mariah left the launch party.
Source in Turkish: Habervitrini
Posted on May 23

Mariah at the launch party for the Mardan Palace
Singer Mariah Carey arrives for a cocktail reception as part of the launch party for the Mardan Palace at the Mardan Palace Hotel on May 23, 2009 in Antalya, Turkey. Mariah Carey, Seal and Tom Jones have all been hired to perform at the launch of Europe's most expensive luxury resort - the USD1. 65 billion Mardan Palace Hotel on the Turkish Riviera.

A glittering audience of 600 dined on top of the Mediterranean's largest swimming pool, enjoying performances from Mariah Carey and Tom Jones.
As they feasted on 45kg Beluga Caviar from the Caspian Sea, 950 Atlantic lobsters and 5kg of Black diamonds - Italian black truffles - they watched a laser light show and fireworks light up the hotel and surrounding Taurus mountains.

Posted on May 23

Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy 
Season 1: About 50 sites took part for Charmbracelet. 
Season 2: About 40 sites took part for The Emancipation of Mimi. 
Season 3: Only 27 sites participated for E=MC² (but Mariah was happy )
Season 4: Open
I know there's still plenty of time before the release of the new album, but I thought it would be good to start now, so, it will be totally in place for the release.  Feel free to use the banner and/or logo and link them to the Moral contract - United Fans Against Piracy Season 4 page, here.  Also, e-mail me the link of your site or messageboard at, so I can add it to the page.  Please, spread the word.  Thanks .
All the sites must be united to avoid the copy of Mariah's new singles and album at least by her own fans. 
Everyone likes to have exclusive news, but giving commercial songs in download is not an exclusiveness. 
We owe that to Mariah. She works so much to create a new album that we can't demolish it all and steal her work. 
The majority of the fans will buy the album, but others fans or non-fans quite simply will pirate it. 
If we all could be united against the hacking of Mariah's new album it would prove that we are good fans and it is the most beautiful gift we could make to Mariah! 
Spread the word. 
Posted on May 23
Extra TV: Tyler Perry on working with Mariah
Tyler Perry briefly commented on working with Mariah on Precious.
Click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on May 23
Turkish fans meet Mariah at the Antalya airport
A few fans were able to have a picture with Mariah at her arrival at the airport.

Source: Turkish Mariah fan site MariahTukiye
Posted on May 23
French fans: Precious at the Reflet Médicis in Paris
As posted ealy May, the movies from the "Un certain regard" category are played at the Reflet Médicis, 3 rue Champollion from 27 may 'til June 6.  Precious is scheduled for May 30 at 19:40 and June 2 at 22h00.
If some of you go to see the movie, please send a lil' review.  Thanks.
Posted on May 23
Mariah spotted at Heathrow yesterday
Mariah made a stop in Heathrow (UK) on her way to Turkey

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Posted on May 22
Mariah all over Turkish news!

Mariah Carey in Antalya
World-famous American singer Mariah Carey arrived in Antalya for the opening of the 5 star Mardan Palace Hotel.  She was greeted by fans at Antalya's Airport.
Strict security measures will be taken for the grand opening of the resort.  600 special guests including Mariah Carey, Tom Jones, Monica Belluci, Sharon Stone, Seal and Richard Gere as well as Turkish Prime Minister and his wife and Minister of Culture and Tourism will attend the opening

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 22

Mariah just arrived in Turkey!
From Mariah's Twitter
"In Turkey now..been flying since 1902.Im in a complete haze. I did meet some "Lambs" from Turkey. One had an amazing MC tatoo on his calf!"

"About to take a bath and go to sleeeeep! Its late here although that never stopped me before: ) I hope everyone's having a good day/night!"
Posted on May 21 (errr, no 22...)

Leak, not for me thanks!
I want to enjoy a track when it comes out legally, I can undestand fans who can't wait, but believe me you miss the joy to discover a brand new track.
Anyway, for the ones who believed it was on purpose to create hype, it was not.  One guy (from the industry) has just been banned from ALL Def Jam events and it stinks for the other one....
Posted on May 21
Mariah spotted at LAX last night
Mariah was probably on her way to Turkey where she will perform for the opening of the Mardan Palace in Antalya on May 23

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Source for the pics: Gossip Girls
Posted on May 21
"Hate U" first single of "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel"????
Last night Chairman & CEO Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid hosted and presented Island Def Jam’s Spring Collection where he unveiled the new and upcoming work from IDJ’s roster of artists. One of those unveilings included a brand new Mariah Carey song titled ‘Hate U’, taken from her forthcoming new album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’…
The track is produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart and is rumoured to be a potential lead single from her forthcoming 12th studio album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’. 
Source: Toya's World - Andy by e-mail
Posted on May 21
Updates will be a lil' hectic as we have a 4 day holiday here in Belgium, so, I will mostly update at evening/night.
Posted on May 21
Exclusive new pic: Mariah Wears Her Fan-Designed Dress!
As it's posted on "People" and their lawyers know me , I'm not gonna post it here.  Go take a look at this link!
Congrats again to Julian from San Jose who was the winner of the design contest!
Posted on May 20
Mariah: "Who?"  "I don't eat candy" 
When asked by a pap in Cannes what she thought of the things said by Eminem, Mariah first replies "Who?", then the guy goes "Eminem".... Mariah then replies: "I don't eat candy"  You go girl!!!!!!!!!!
Click here to view the lil' vid and here to download it (thanks to Moony)
Posted on May 20
Mariah reveals her new album title: "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel"
Absolutely great title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Bcuz I Love U, I want u to be the first to know the title of my new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" Its very personal & dedicated to u"

Posted on May 20

It must be really great news as it's now up on Mariah's official site too!!!!
Mariah's Twitter Announcement... Coming at 3:27pm ET!
Lambs, behold! Mariah has a special message to her fans, and she's going to announce it today, May 20, on her Official Twitter Page!

The announcement will be made at 3:27pm EST (That's 12:27pm PST, 7:27pm GMT, 9:27pm CET).

Be sure to follow Mariah via and be the first to hear the exciting news!
Heroes note: For most of us European fans it will be at 21h27 and UK fans at 20h27
Posted on May 20

Good news for "Precious": International releases

The following countries/regions have picked up the rights to "Precious".

- France (already reported a while ago)
- Spain (already reported a while ago)
- UK
- Australia
- Scandinavia
- Middle East

Let's hope the Festival de Cannes will bring more buyers.
Posted on May 19

For video collectors
Extra TV's Cannes Report & X17's Footage of Mariah's LAX Arrival 
- Extra TV - click here to download.
- X17 - click hereto download.

Source: Moony
Posted on May 19
Mariah from the block
Precious is a gruelling new film about violence and abuse in Harlem. So what's Mariah Carey doing playing a white social worker? Charlotte Higgins meets the cast and crew

When Lee Daniels took his mother to an early screening of his film Precious, the harrowing yet oddly optimistic story of a Harlem girl who is serially raped by her father, he "felt kind of bad. I felt people were looking into my private life, and I didn't want her to feel exploited. I didn't want African-Americans to be angry at me for telling this story."

Daniels, who produced the Oscar-winning Monster's Ball (2001), was not sexually abused as a child - although he was on the receiving end of violence growing up in New York; his father told him that, because he was gay, he was "no good". But Daniels was more worried that some black - and, indeed, white - audiences would prefer these kind of stories remain hidden. Precious, the girl who gives the film its name, is the victim of unconscionable cruelty, trapped in an apparently inescapable circle of ignorance and violence. But somehow she manages to move beyond this: after being expelled, she attends an alternative school where she learns to read and write her way out of appalling circumstances.

What has surprised Daniels, though, is that the story - based on the novel Push by Sapphire, a poet and sometime literacy teacher in Harlem - has transcended its ghetto setting with such ease. "We put on a screening in Harlem. It played like crazy and people were laughing throughout, because they knew the truth of the story," he says. "When it went to Sundance, I was floored that white people would understand this story. Here at Cannes, I have been overwhelmed - I didn't realise the story had such universality." Most of the Cannes audience found Precious a gruelling experience at its premiere; I didn't feel much like laughing when Precious's mother hurled a TV down the stairs at her daughter and newborn grandchild. But it is extremely moving, and was given a rare standing ovation. At Sundance it swept the board, winning an audience award and the jury prize.

And then there is its surprisingly starry cast. Lenny Kravitz plays a nurse, and - after Helen Mirren (who starred in Daniels's directorial debut, Shadowboxer) "got a real job and bailed on me" - Daniels cast Mariah Carey in an unlikely role. "I said, 'Mariah, do you fancy playing a Jewish social worker and tapping into your white side? You will have to commit to wearing dark circles under your eyes, a wig and the cheapest fabric on your body, and shedding all the layers.' And, you know, it wasn't that hard for her, because that is who she's like when we're alone. She's part of a group of African-Americans that have been blessed to have been around the world and have a little money, but who are a generation away from, if not actually from, the ghetto. We feel like a little unit - Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, me. We are outsiders in our own community, a little."

Carey herself, who has acted in a number of independent films - including the Daniels-produced Tennessee - says of her dramatic makeunder: "Mrs Weiss is so not me - especially the look. I was, like, 'Eough.' Being glamorous, tra-la-la, is great, but the other thing - that's risky, putting yourself out there in a tough way." The appeal of the role, she says, lay in exploring "things that are antithetical to what I am known for as a singer". In a key scene, Precious confides in her social worker the extent of her abuse, an exchange that evolves from a bored, bureaucratic exchange into shocking revelation - and which also manages to be funny. Carey pulls it off, even if she does lack Mirren's steely magnetism. "I felt like I had a huge task," Carey says. "In a way, I represented the audience dealing with this overwhelming information."

But the real star of the film is an unknown - Gabourey Sidibe, a young Harlem woman without any formal training, who gives an extraordinary performance. There was an open audition process, Daniels says: "We couldn't call a Hollywood agent and say, 'Send us 500lb girls.' So we had to do an open call around the country, which was absolute misery. She was the last girl to come in and she blew my mind."

At the time, Sidibe was working in telephone customer relations while studying for a degree in psychology. She knew the novel, which she describes as "heartbreaking, because I recognise this girl in so many of my friends and family, and even in myself. She's been neglected and humiliated, and we have all been neglected and ignored at times." Carey, too, whose father came from Harlem, says: "I have had several people in my life who have a certain cadence of Mary [the abusive mother] in them. I don't live in Harlem any more, but I understand something of the essence of the story." For Daniels, the story was so affecting that he slept with the novel under his pillow for three months after reading it. "So many of my friends have been sexually and physically abused. I know what it is like to go hungry. I know what it's like to be at the mercy of a system, and to be unable to get the education to break out of that system."

Daniels did manage to escape, but not without a struggle. "When I was younger, I lied about going to Ivy League schools, or having rich parents, just so I could be accepted," he says. Working in Hollywood has presented particular problems. "I used to say it was racism, but it's not. It's nepotism. It's a place where, if you are powerful, your sons and cousins and nephews are given jobs. That's the nature of the beast."

After Monster's Ball was such a success, Daniels was offered similar projects. "But they were embarrassing - I almost can't articulate how embarrassing. They were things like, who's my baby's daddy? Ghetto movies about guns, comedies, stuff that didn't make sense." Instead, he produced The Woodsman, starring Kevin Bacon as a paedophile recently released from prison. Shadowboxer did less well ("I didn't understand why people didn't respond. It had Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding in it! It was a party!"). Daniels's next project is another about-turn: Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro in a sort of gay Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? British writer Joshua St Johnston is working on the script. Being truthful is a priority for Daniels. "I loathe men in the closet," he says, before adding, "I wouldn't mind sleeping with a few of them."

As Precious wins awards on the festival circuit, there is a feeling that this is a propitious time for a truthful, sympathetic film about the African-American underclass. According to Daniels, "Obama is going to help us in so many ways. African-Americans had two voices prior to Obama: the voice for ourselves that we kept to ourselves, and a voice for white people. When he became president, it became OK to be black."
Source: The Guardian (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 19

Mariah working with Timbaland
Nick already said it to a fan last week, Mariah now confirms it as she wrote on her Twitter:
"In the studio w/Timbaland.. S.G.S.H.W.!!! : )"

Let's hope this time Timbaland uses his own production, I don't need to tell you the scandal going on since a while now, right?

New album infos compilation 
- The-Dream (source: Mariah - The-Dream) 
- JD and Brian-Michael Cox (source: JD - Brian-Michael Cox) (maybe only for 100 Percent for Precious)
- James "Big Jim" Wright (source: Mariah) 
- Tricky Stewart (source: Mariah - Tricky Stewart)
- Timbaland (source: Mariah)

Cover of The Foreigners' I Want To Know What Love Is

Expected release date: 
- September 2009 (source: Nick) 
Posted on May 19

Mariah Carey's Cannes kindness
Mariah Carey has paid for her entourage to attend the Cannes Film Festival.

The 'Touch My Body' singer - who is renowned for her diva-like behaviour - was told there were not enough free tickets for her staff to attend the prestigious event and see her new movie 'Precious'.

Rather than be separated from her team, Mariah shelled out for a number of exclusive passes to ensure they could all go together.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Mariah's really close with her team and couldn't bear the thought of a couple of people not being able to come, so she paid for it out of her pocket. That's virtually unheard of in the celebrity world."

The 39-year-old singer, who plays a dowdy social worker in 'Precious', revealed she is overwhelmed by how well the film has been received.

She said: "The only reactions from fans who have seen the trailer and twittered me have said the movie's amazing."

Mariah - who married Nick Cannon last year - insists her fans and loved-ones are not put off by her plain appearance in the film.

She explained: "No one has said, 'Girl, I can't believe you are with those dark circles under your eyes and wearing a wig and looking nasty.'

"My husband's response was over-the-top supportive and amazing. It was not like 'I cannot believe you let yourself look like that in the movie.' "
Source: My Park Magazine
Posted on May 19

Thank God I didn't need to translate the Hungarian(or Croatian) article I found yesterday and I was right about Croatia...

Mariah Carey: I Might Come to Croatia in 2010
The singing diva, Mariah Carey, is promoting her new film in Cannes. She announced a new tour during which she could come to Croatia. 

Singer Mariah Carey said in an exclusive interview for reporters of the Slobodna Dalmacija daily that she is planning a big tour in 2010 during which she might come to Croatia. The Slobodna Dalmacija reporters spoke with Mariah Carey in Cannes where the singer is presenting her new movie “Precious”. 

According to the daily, the singer looked spectacular when she turned up for the interview for which she was not late, although she in known for liking to sleep in. She left an impression of everything but a dumb person who “never understood that Bluetooth crap on the mobile phone”

Mariah was very happy with the excellent reactions to her role in the film for which she had to completely transform and step away from her recognisable glittery, glamour image. The film is about a social worker who has been assigned to an obese teenager who had been sexually abused by her father.

The singer said in the interview that she is current in a transitional stage of her life in which she wants to lift the burden from herself of being famous and that this role helped her in that. She could completely understand the raw life reality of the main characters because, as she said, she did not have a very happy childhood and often felt rejected.

After she ended her marriage to Sony Tommy Mottola, Mariah found herself on a crossroads. She said she did not always chose the right path, but that she is convinced that this film and her arrival to Cannes were the right choice for her.
Source: Javno
Posted on May 19

Mariah plans a Tour in 2010???
In an interview made in Cannes by Hungarian or Croation newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, if I'm not mistaken (it's too late to try to translate it), Mariah talks about touring in 2010 and she said she's going to Croatia.  I'll try to translate it tomorrow. 
Posted on May 18
Reminder: New Heroes of Mariah contest
Question: - In which Mariah video do we see Scooby-Doo?
Prize:  -1 promo cd of Bringin' On The Heartbreak 
Closing date: May 20
The winner will be picked at random.  Good luck 
Posted on May 18
A 10 minutes Standing Ovation and tears for "Precious"
According to journalists and medias attending the official screening of "Precious" on May 15, at the end, the entire audience stood up to applaud Lee Daniels who was surrounded by the actors and his mother.  A 10 minutes standing ovation got Lee Daniels bursting in tears in the arms of his mother and Mariah's.
Two members and the president of the jury were at the official screening.

Clik to enlarge
Posted on May 18
A lot of Belgian press/sites talk about Mariah
"Precious" and the Festival de Cannes are all over Belgium, on both parts of our lil' country, they talk about how great Mariah is in Precious!
Het Laatste Nieuws - De Morgen - De Standaard - La Dernière Heure....

The most surprising is Belgian gossip and rumors site 7 sur 7, they usually copy French trashy gossips, but this time.... and Mariah said "merde" in French (which means "shit" .  You go girl!!!

Mariah Carey is not as dumb than we thought, we met her
"Would you like an interview with Mariah?", asks us an all smiling American publicist.  Wait 'til I translate it correctly: a meeting?  With Mariah Carey?  THE Diva?  Meuriah Carey?  (note: see, I tols you, it's  the French touch).  For the faboulous movie Precious in which she appears 5 minutes?  YES, with pleasure!  The meeting is set up, things sounds good.  It's almost too easy. 

And if Mariah cancelled?
It's 'cause we don't have a very positive image of Mariah: we find her a lil' too vulgar and too precious, rumors say since so long she's a capricious diva. It wouldn't be surprising if she changes all the planned promo and cancels all interviews at the last minute.  People think she's shy, scared by the press as she appears so rarely, we fear the interview won't be that exciting.

On cloud 5
But no.  At 1:50 pm, at the expected hour, selected journalists (including me) who will have the chance to talk to Mariah are gathered in the hall of the 3:14 hotel, near the Carlton. We are heading to the 5th. floor, called "Ciel" (Sky).  The men already think they are on cloud 9, all excited at the idea of meeting the singer with a crazy cleavage. 

"Bonjour", in French
Once we were at our destination, we are hurried. "Hurry, hurry, please!" A Diva don't wait.  Audio recorders are on the table.  Next to me, there's an open window which lets enter a warm and pleasant breeze and it has a awesome view on the sea.
Two bodyguards with shoulders as large as the doorway are waiting for Mariah to arrive, she arrives simply without any manners, and while smiling she says "bonsoir" in French.  She says again "Bonjour!", noticing the room is full of the sun. 

Mariah is beautiful
While looking at her, I change my mind: Mariah Carey is not vulgar.  She wears a purple dress, very wise even if it's short, and a sober colored cardigan with the sleeves pushed above her elbows.  Her hair is blond and straight.  She wears little earrings.  She wears make-up of course, but slightly.  Mariah Carey is beautiful when she doesn't do too much. 

Surprising: Mariah is humble
We quicly realize she's more smarter than we thought:  She's more intelligent and moreover, she's funny. Maybe this modesty, this surprising humility, this generosity are due to the fact that Mariah carey is there to defend a project which is very close to her heart and in which she's completely involved, the movie Precious, greeted by a standing ovation at the official screening and for which people say so much good things.

"The story left me speechless"
"I was a big fan of the book", explains Mariah.  "It's a friend who recommended it to me.  She said that all woman of color should read it one day.  Personnally I think everyone should read it.  The story is so intense that it leaves you speechless.  When Lee offered me a part in the movie, I was very very excited".  The star says she's very sensitive.  "I cried at the end of that story.  that book changed my life."

"What a shit!"
Playing a social worker brought her back to some personal memories.  "In my father's family, there was an uncle who had problems and was living in a very difficult situation.  So I personnally know people who have a difficult past.  I lived it myself too. All the ones who play in the movie felt outsider one day or another, ignored like Precious is.  People think I grew up in a magical world, without problems and that I hit high notes since forever.  But no, it was not that at all.  yes, I know people who are living in an incredible shit".  she insists in french: "What a shit!"

Without makeup
About her appearance without makeup, she says it wasn't easy.  "I'm so used to wear some.  Well in fact, they put makeup on:  they added black rings under my eyes (she laughs).  but that choice was decisive.  If I had refused, it would have been bad for the whole movie.  To be honest, it was difficult for me.  Music and movies are two things so different with the cameras and the lightning.  Here we had a kind of office lighting which reminded me at the lightning of a dentist clinic.  It was so ugly!" 

"That's your wrong side"
Precious is about the glittering side of the music industry too.  Each time Precious is beated, she focuses on positive thoughts and imagines she's a movie star, music star, model...  And still, things are not always pink there neither".  Mariah remembers her debuts in the showbusiness.
"When at 19 years old, I stepped in the music industry and I signed my first contract, they told me: that's your best side (showing one side of her face), the other one is the bad one.  Don't ever make any pictures showing that side, you look horrible.  And of course it gave me a big complex.  As if I hadn't already enough!" She bursts out laughing. 
If Precious finds the strenght to face her misfortunes thanks to her teacher, Mariah thinks it's "the music" and her "faith in God" which allowed her to go ahead in life.  My mother always told me: you'll be a star. She definitely gave me that faith in myself.  I took refuge very much in music.  With time passing, it came from friends, people who helped me going through my first difficult relationship".

Mottola, "an abusive relationship"
There she hints at her seven year marriage to Tommy Mottola who discovered her when she was 19 years old.  "I don't really feel it to go on with that question 'cause it's part of the past but if we want to be honest, we can say it was an abusive relationship.  Emotionally, but not only.  Well, it's old story".
Today, Mariah is married to Nick cannon who encourages her to blossom.  She hopes having other parts in movies in the future, as interesting than in Precious, "a necessary movie", according to her.  "Especially for the American audience.  Everyone should see that movie so that you never ignore these kind of situations".

We got the message, the meeting comes to its end.  Mariah leaves the room while smiling and makes a small sign with her hand moving her fingers with grace.  a sign who reminds us her diva status.  During half an hour, we almost forgot it.
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on May 18

Pictures and lil' vid of Mariah and Nick at LAX
Pictures and a lil' video of Mariah and Nick at the LA airport are up on X17.  Click here to access it.
Posted on May 18
Cannes 2009: Mariah Carey in Precious

Any spectator of this new dramatic film by Lee Daniels, who has a tad of a self-esteem issue, will identify with the pains of this story. Indeed, the singer Mariah Carey -- who does an astonishingly good job as the compassionate social worker who deals with the dysfunctional family -- said at a press conference that what she liked about this film was that "Every one of us is Precious. And every one of us can make it like Precious does at the end of the film. So the film gives us hope."

Of course, there is a marked contrast between the group of stars gathered around the table at the sea-side of Cannes, in sunglasses, decollete, and mod hairdos, speaking about their future projects (a new album, a new film, a new acting role) with the life of Precious in Harlem. 

Precious lives with her mother (Mon'ique), who beats her regularly, out of jealousy that she stole her husband's attention. In self-nurturing resignation, she eats fried food alone on a couch, expressionless as she watches television. 

Or she fantasizes. One of the stellar highlights of the film is when the lonely girl fantasizes that she has been transplanted to an Anna Magnani movie, in the role of an Italian daughter, while a kind mother serves her food: "Muovati il culo" translates in subtitles as "Move your big ass."

Many stellar moments mark this film. My favorite -- and it is worth watching the movie simply for this -- is the scene where the mother cries out to the social worker that she let the husband abuse her baby out of fear that he would leave her, because "who would love her then?" In a shockingly human performance, Mon'que pleads that others do not understand how terrible it is when a husband's attention strays to the offspring. "I want him to make love to ME," she says, bawling, tears running down her face.

During the press conference, the team of stars referred to this mother as "a monster," the star going out of her way to insist that Mon'que herself, however, was warm and full of hugs off-screen. Yet what makes this performance so powerful is the fact that the mother does not seem like a monster, but merely a scared human being, very limited -- and hence all the more recognizable.

The film weakens its pull ever so often with some predictable "after-school special" scenes (the classic student-guidance counselor tete-a-tetes; the too well-meaning teacher played by a too beautiful Paula Patton), but the acting by the lead character and by Mon'que -- and the funny idiosyncratic fantasy scenes -- make the film, based on Sapphire's novel Push, an emotionally rewarding experience. As does the fact that Precious, at the end, does know something she is good at. 
Source: The Huffington Post (extract)
Posted on May 18

Eminem steps back!!! "I meant to say I wish them the best" (yeah right )
During an interview with Tim Westwood from UK Radio 1, the clown steps back.  When asked about the lyrics of Bagpipes from Baghdad, he admits the lyrics are  pretty harsh and pretty intense, he then say he had no idea Nick was gonna react like he did and going all wild n out on him.  He heard about some of the things he was saying , he don't read his blog or anything like that .  He then says, it is what it is, he's supposed to defend his wife and Em expected Nick to do that (well, well, contradiction huh!). 
He then says: " At the end of the day, it's a line I said, it's a song, what I actually meant to say is I wish them the best".
Tim Westwood said he didn't get that from the record and why he used the c word, someone from the clown's crew replies you got to read between the lines.

Click here to listen to that part of the interview.
Posted on May 18

Mariah arriving at the 3:14 Hotel in Cannes for her press day on May 16

Click to enlarge
Source: Jean-Marc by e-mail
Posted on May 17
Mariah will write/sing "Precious" theme: "100 percent"
Mariah Carey is so good in Lee Daniels’s “Precious” in a small pivotal role of a social worker. But her involvement in this extradordinary independent film won’t stop there. She told me yesterday at a lunch in Cannes that she and Jermaine Dupri are recording a theme song called “100 Percent” to be adde to the final print.  Expect to see and hear Miss Mariah at the Oscars next March.

Indeed, expect to see all the folks from “Precious” at lots of awards shows next winter. “Precious” is this year’s “Slumdog Millionaire” or “Juno.” It’s a passionate, breathtaking offbeat drama that if handled properly—and that’s questionable at this point since Lions Gate is not Fox Searchlight—could upset everyone’s apple carts.

“Precious” is not in competition at Cannes because it was already shown at Sundance. Nevertheless, if it were part of the main race here, it would win hands down. It’s just that good. Lee Daniels has taken the work of African American cult writer Sapphire and wrought a deeply honest, affecting, and indelible portrait of a young woman’s triumph out of abuse.

Clareece Precious Jones is a 16 year old, morbidly obese and pregnant for the second time. She’s an incest victim, and she’s physically and mentally abused by her mother. This horror of a human being is played by comedian Mo’Nique in a performance that is guaranteed Best Supporting Actress in every award show. You’ve never seen anything like it: I cannot wait for the first Oscar nominee with an apostrophe in her name.

Precious is played by newcomer Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe, who got the part after one audition. Like Ellen Page in Juno, Gaby is going to startle audiences who may think that she is Precious. She is not. She is simply a gifted, natural actress who has an amazing presence. The 26 year old New Yorker is going to be an actual overnight sensation.

Daniels, who produced “Monster’s Ball,” fills out the rest of “Precious” with a talented supporting cast. Paula Patton, a striking beauty, is Precious’s astute, involved teacher. Mariah and Lenny Kravitz are each excellent in their supporting roles. Carey is a revelation as the social worker who must bring the movie to its climactic moment toward the end. She does everything right as Mo’Nique and Gaby play out the film’s incendiary truths.

One thing “Precious” does need, however: better back end credits. I’m sure whoever designed them thought they were clever, but the actors’ names are hard to read and disappear too quickly. Trust me, everyone’s going to want to sit and see who’s who when this film comes to an end. The producers should make it easier.

If you don’t know already, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry saw “Precious” and decided to ‘present’ it to the public this fall. I hope they can get some others on the bandwagon, like Ellen Degeneres and Anderson Cooper. “Precious” has got to be a film that is not missed—by adults and teens, too. And PS, there’s great older tracks from LaBelle on the soundtrack and a couple from Lenny Kravitz, too.
Source: Showbiz 411 (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 17

Nice airport at noon today May 17

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 17
Mariah left France
Mariah was at the Nice airport shortly before 12:30 pm.  She wore a long orange dress.  She was all smiles and signed autographs, she even took some pictures with fans. 
Source: Stefy by e-mail
Posted on May 17
Cannes Footage by ITN Showbiz 
Click here to download.

Source: Moony
Posted on May 17
Mariah on Roberto Cavalli's yacht yesterday evening

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 17
Busta Rhymes stands up for Mariah 
Even if Busta has worked many times with Eminem too and appreciates him, he said in an inteview with Rap: 
"Leave Mariah Carey alone. That’s my friend, man!"
"I don’t even understand why this shit is resurfacing again.  But for whatever it’s worth, I just hope they could be cool."
Posted on May 16
French fans ------> here
Posted on May 16
Mariah leaving hotel Martinez this morning for a full press day

Posted on May 16
Standing Ovation for "Precious" in Cannes
The Lee Daniels movie was a real triumph last night.
"Precious" in competition in the "Un Certain Regard" category received a very warm welcome in Cannes at the official screening, it received a standing ovation!
After the screening, the Precious crew went at the Villa Murano.
Source in French: 20 minutes
Posted on May 16
"Precious" party at the select Villa Murano

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 16
Montée des Marches video

Click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on May 16
The Villa Murano party on Canal Plus
Nicolas told me he saw the Canal Plus crew inside the Villa Murano party.  Maybe we will have some footage...
Posted on May 16
Why it's not bad to post "unconfirmed"news 
Mariah was indeed at the Villa Murano yesterday night
Nicolas who trusted what I posted 2 days ago, went after the Red Carpet, outside the Villa Murano and didn't need to wait for hours and hours before Mariah's arrival at the Villa, she was gorgeous, all smiling and Nick was with her.
Happy for you my friend!!
Posted on May 16
More updates this evening
Posted on May 16
Videos from Cannes!
Friday, May 15 Extra TV - click here to download.
E! News & Daily 10 - click here to download.

Source: Moony
Posted on May 16
Video on the Red Carpet! They played Hero and Nick is there.
On the following link, you can watch the Red Carpet arrivals.  All the crew from "Precious" and Mariah being interviewed while Hero is playing on the Red Carpet.  You can catch a very discreet Nick.
Click here to watch it and choose the video called "Montée des marches: Thirst"
Posted on May 16
Lee Daniels and Lenny Kravitz interview
Lee Daniels and Lenny Kravitz were interviewed by the staff of "Le Grand Journal".  You can see some scenes of "Precious" and also Mariah during the photo call earlier today.  Thank god, for once they didn't insulted Mariah, those trashy people often use Eminem's vocabulary when they talk about Mariah 
Click here to watch the interview.
Posted on May 15
Arriving on the Red Carpet for the official "Precious" screening

Thanks to CU
Posted on May 15

A “Precious” moment; no really, no sarcasm
One of the best films at this year’s Cannes Film Festival isn’t even in the official competition.

It’s called “Precious,” directed by Lee Daniels, and it previously played at Sundance, which might explain its absence from the competition in Cannes. (The French want premieres, and don’t take festival leftovers for the competish.)

Still, it’s a fine movie, full of moving moments and excellent performances, mainly from Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe. Based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire, “Precious” tells the harrowing story of a Harlem teen-ager who finally learns to read after being sent to an alternative school. The regular school kicked her out because she was pregnant with her second child. And it won’t be giving away anything to tell you that she had both babies not because she was promiscuous but because her father raped her repeatedly.

Her mother resents her, because she thinks Precious is taking away her Man. Never mind that her “Man”, if you can call him that, is a pedophile. 

But the awakening of Precious after she learns to read keeps the movie from sinking into sorrow. Instead, it’s one of those great stories about someone who faces horrible odds but, through the force of will and help from others, manages to get her life in order and end up with hope.

Teachers, of course, play a big part. But so does a caring nurse (Lenny Kravitz) during the birth of her second child. And so does a therapist, played subtly by Mariah Carey. I know, that sounds weird to say. But Carey pulls off the role, and you hardly know it’s her.

The movie is laced with profanity, which is entirely suitable for the circumstances in which Precious finds herself. And it would be ridiculous to have it otherwise. So it’s bound to get an R rating. That’s too bad. It should be seen by nearly every high school student. It’s all about empathy and hope, and we could use more of both.
Source: 360 Movie Blog
Posted on May 15

For now, the Croisette belongs to women
The American entry Precious, about an abused girl in Harlem with an even more gruesome mother, is the mirror image of Fish Tank, down to the casting of its lead actress, Gabourey Sidibe as Claireece “Precious” Jones. The 26-year-old was a college student who on a whim went to a casting call at her school – she'd dismissed acting as a career as it seemed “too hard.” Yesterday, she sat at a beachfront restaurant, next to co-stars Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz, and said, giddily, “I think I've got my second role. Now I'm really an actress!” Director Lee Daniels shared the surreal sensation: “I keep thinking someone's going to say, you're not in Cannes, you're in Kansas!”

Oprah Winfrey is one of the producers of Precious, which is based on the autobiographical novel Push by Sapphire. There's a familiar triumph-through-adversity message and the whole thing does threaten to drown in its own pain, but it's saved by the performances, not least a strong cameo by an almost unrecognizable Mariah Carey, makeup- and diamond-free, as a social worker who's seen it all.

Yesterday on the Croisette, the singer (makeup and diamonds restored to their proper place) talked about why she felt she needed to scrub off her stage persona and present a different face to the world: “I thought, let me peel layers away from who the world thinks I am, even who I think I am,” said Carey, who was wearing a nude, floor-length gown and oversized sunglasses. “There's a side of me that needs to do work like this.” Then a butterfly landed on her table, and she let out a squeal. Like I say, it's been a girly couple of days.
Source: Globe and Mail (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May 15

Cannes 2009: Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz Get Precious
Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire, is the story of a young black girl from Harlem abused by her parents, struggling to get through high school and break out of the welfare cycle she's been born into. Playing as part of Cannes' official sidebar, Un Certain Regard, the film is directed by Lee Daniels and he was joined in Cannes today by stars Gabourey Sidibe, Paula Patton, Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey to welcome the premiere. Of course, they invited RT to lunch at the exclusive La Plage Vitaminwater on a beach front on the Croisette.

The film is a tale of tragic hardship but it's nevertheless full of hope and despite its starry lineup of supporting stars, it's as brutally real a portrayal of life in Harlem as we've ever seen on screen. Carey and Patton dispatch with glamour to play the film's integral supporting roles, as a social worker and teacher respectfully who work to rescue Sidibe's Precious from the world she's a part of, and we were impressed with just how good the performances were across the board.

"I read the novel many years ago and it really stayed with me," Daniels told us of his decision to direct the film. "Very few stay books with me, and they're mainly classics. This was that urban, edgy thing that was a modern-day version of those books."

Carey might seem an odd choice, but according to her director she wanted the role and was perfect for it. "Helen Mirren was going to play the role originally but Mariah and I are good friends and it was a very last minute thing, it sort of happened. I was surprised that she was as in love as I was. She never asked me to be in the movie but she hinted that she wanted to be a part of it and I felt if I was making a bold movie, how bold it would be to cast Mariah."

Carey told RT that she'd been a fan of the material for years. "I read it years ago and it changed my life. It's intense and it is life changing." 

As a social worker in the film, it's her character's job to make Precious feel comfortable enough in her company to share the secrets of her traumatic past. "I said, 'Let me peel layers away of the world I live in and who I feel I am and really, truly become this woman,'" Carey told us. "I know there's a creative side of me that needs to do work like this and I trust Lee so much. I'm just grateful for being asked."

For Kravitz, the challenge came in completely abandoning his persona as a performer and inhabiting the character. "The thing Lee wanted to do was make me disappear. He'd say, 'You can't walk like that, you can't move like that, your hand can't do that, you can't talk like that." In an hour he completely changed my whole vibe. People didn't even know it was me."

The film's highlight in an already strong case is unquestionably Mo'Nique who plays Precious' abusive mother, Mary, and goes against type to deliver what may be the first truly Oscar-worthy performance of the year. She couldn't be in Cannes due to prior engagement, but her co-stars were strong in their praise. "Her truth as Mary was so intense," explains Carey of the one scene she shares with her, the film's emotional climax. "Honestly, that scene -- Lee just let us go. When Mo'Nique came in and it was the three of us, Lee was very protective of us. I knew my character wouldn't cry but it was so intense that I really wanted to."

For Gabourey Sidibe, the titular character playing in her first acting role, the experience of bringing the film to Cannes was emotional. "I'm having the most fun ever in Cannes," she told RT. "This is completely glamorous, something I never thought my life would be heading towards. I wasn't an actress, I was a college student."

The film releases in the US on November 6th with other territories to be announced. Keep an eye on it until then -- we suspect you're going to be hearing a lot of it as this year's awards season kicks into gear.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes
Posted on May 15

Mariah Carey calls film work “exhausting, exhilarating”
She’s better known as a pop singer and her work in the movie “Glitter” didn’t earn her much respect as an actress, but her next film, “Precious,” will likely do a lot to change perceptions of Mariah Carey.

The pop diva appeared in front of reporters alongside her co-stars in the gritty, urban drama here at Cannes on Friday after a smashing debut at last January’s Sundance Film Festival.  In the film, she portrays a welfare case worker to a young, overweight teenager, Precious, whose life in the ghetto is hard.

To perform in the part, the glamorous Carey stripped down to her basic self and was required to wear no makeup except that which gave her dark circles under her eyes and made her look weary and worn. Yet Carey said it was among the best work she could have imagined.

“Doing it…was exhausting, exhilarating and it was just an honor,” Mariah told reporters at Cannes.

Her director, Lee Daniels, said she plays entirely against type, and watching her perform — along with those of another music star Lenny Kravitz, comedian Mo’Nique and newcomer Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe” — will be a unique experience for her fans. “Mariah has never played this type before,” said Daniels.

The movie came out of Sundance, at that time under a working title called “Push: Based on the novel by Sapphire”) with an award and Oscar buzz. (Read a review here). U.S. audiences can look for it on November 6, and international audiences will see it as it rolls out country by country.
Source: Fan Fare
Posted on May 15

More pics from an awesome "Precious"day in Cannes

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Socialite Life
Posted on May 15
Photocall for "Precious" in Cannes

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 15
"Precious" Luncheon at vitaminwater Beach

Posted on May 15
Mariah arriving at the Nice airport yesterday

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 15
Here ya go for English speaking fans!  Cannes update
Friday – May 15 at 22:30 arrival at red carpet steps at the Palais Lumière for some photos then escorted to the Palais Dbebussy Cinema for official Precious Screening

Sunday – May 17 Mariah will depart the Hotel Martinez at 12:00 for Nice airport
Posted on May 15

Important: French fans!!!!
Some infos are posted in the French speaking part of the site.
Posted on May 15
Last minute info!
Mariah is expected to attend a private party at the Villa Murano in Cannes tomorrow evening!
Posted on May 14
Mariah and Lenny in Belgian magazine

Along with an article about the Festival de Cannes, Belgian magazine "Point de Vue" published a tidbit about "Precious" and Mariah being in Cannes with Lenny Kravitz, they published the following cartoon...
Click on the scan to enlarge
Posted on May 14
Mariah arrived in Nice with a lot of pushing!
When Mariah arrived at the Nice airport tonight, there were a lot of photographers, paps and people, you need to know a lot of celebrities arrive in Nice before going to Cannes and it's the same thing every year, curious people spend all their time at the airport to try to see celebrities.  Result, pushing, screams, lots of flashes, that's why Mariah was rushed to her car.
Source: Nicolas by e-mail
Posted on May 14
Mariah at Heathrow earlier today
Mariah has been spotted on a stop in Heathrow (London) on her way to Cannes. 
Mystery, how come Michael was by Frédéric seen in Cannes this afternoon?  OMG Michael has a look-a-like 

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Sihame from Mariah Source on our forum
Posted on May 14
Mariah leaving LA for Cannes
Mariah was spotted last night at LAX International Airport 

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossip Girls
Posted on May 14
Michael has been spotted at the Hotel Martinez this afternoon
Errrr, if Mariah arrives only at 9pm and Michael is already there, how come they left LA together (see the pics above)
Source: Laurent on our forum
Posted on May 14
For French fans!
Mariah is expected to arrive around 9pm at the Hotel Martinez (73, La Croisette ) in Cannes.
If you leave in the area, plesase go show her support!!!!
Source: MariahConnection
Posted on May 14
Wow! so many e-mails regarding the new contest, I hadn't time to check if there are a lot of good answers, but I'm almost sure you found it, hé, you are Mariah fans   Keep it coming!
Posted on May 13
Mariah in Brazil update!
I posted earlier today, but now we have some more info, it has indeed been confirmed at a press conference at the Copacabana Palace that Mariah will perform at the Fashion Rocks in Rio de Janeiro.

The Fashion Rocks will take place on 23 and 24 October in Rio de Janeiro at the Copacabana Palace and Jokey Club.
Tickets will go on sale in June.  More infos will be posted soon on the following site:
Posted on May 13

Trailer and official site for "Precious"
- Official site, click here to access it.
- A trailer is now available on Oprah's site, click here to access it. 
Source for the info: Andy by e-mail
Posted on May 13
Precious nominated for MTV Logo's New Now Next Award
Precious has been nominated for a MTV Logo's New Now Next awards in the "Best Future Feature" category. 

C'mon everyone, vote here for Precious 'til May 20
Source: Logo - Andy
Posted on May 13

Mariah confirmed to attend Fashion Rocks in Brazil?
It's now the third time this rumor comes up, but this time it seems more serious!
It seems Mariah is the first artist confirmed for the Fashion Rocks held on 23 and 24 October in Rio de Janeiro.  The events will take place at the Copacabana Palace and Jokey Club. 
Tickets will go on sale in June.  More infos will be posted soon on the following site:
Posted on May 13
Movies to watch out for at the Cannes Film Festival 
A total of 1,000-plus films are on offer at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Nick Roddick rounds up a few that might be worth a look

Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire 

Who? Director Lee Daniels tackles the story of an illiterate, grossly overweight pregnant Harlem teenager.

Why? The film (then called Push) won three top prizes at Sundance and earned rave reviews, some of them containing five words you never thought you'd see together: great performance by Mariah Carey.

Where will you see it? Arthouses only, unless UK distributor Icon decides to take a chance on Carey fans.

Source: London Evening Standard
Heroes note: In Europe (as of now), Spain and France will distribute the movie.
Posted on May 13

" MCC played her soon to be released new album"

Mr and Mrs Cannon's first wedding anniversary - MTV Base were there!
A few days ago MTV BASE took a couple of days off work and flew to Vegas to attend Mariah Carey Cannon and her hubby Mr Nick Cannons's first wedding anniversary celebration which was being held at Palms in Vegas.

As if its not bad enough trying to figure what gift you buy the couple that has everything, what to say at the wedding dinner toast speech or which bikini to pack for hot tub frolics We had a dilema before we even exited U.S Customs in L.A en route to Sin City.

When the immigartion officer asked why we were there for just a few days and we mentioned a wedding celebration he asked who was getting married?.In our confusion we stuttered " um a friend" or something and became flustered. we wondered what we'd have said if they'd have asked the name of who was getting wed?. I mean do we tell the truth and say "Mariah Carey" and have them raise a cynical eyebrow and look at us as if we're nutters?,or tell a lie and their lil machine detects we're lying and a glove is inserted into a cavity before we can say "honey!"

Just as we were getting over our "what if...." Scare, U.S Immgration then went through our hand bags and found our acceptable nail varnish and lip gloss but then looked unhappy with our (over 100 mgs) spray tan can we had just picked up at Heathrow a few hours earlier.

See readers,we used to love lying in the sun and burning up and aging our skin pre MC friendship. Post Mariah and us becoming mates she cussed us out for frying our skin years ago we've been very careful about not sun tanning and occasionally using a body lotion which contains self tanner for a lil golden colour. This time we were feeling silly and had snapped up a flash looking tanning spray just before boarding our flight-and it was expensive- and here were the feds jacking our tanning swagger!

They confiscated our spray on sublime bronze fake tan that we was gonna have friend of MTV BASE Monique spray on us in Vegas. When told,Monique sighed relief and said it was probably best as she was no good at grafitti at school and that we'd probably end up looking like a burnt orange. we wasn't having the worst time at the gate though, sat across from us in our mid journey flight transit in LA (in mid mexico swine flu drama) a Mexican family at gate were given a ridiculously wide berth and avoided like plague!

That first night in Vegas MTV BASE, Mrs Cannon and a couple of other girl friends stayed up until 7am catching up and spalshing around in Mr and Mrs C's in suite pool. Did we tell you about the pool? It wasn't a regular hotel rooftop jacuzzi/pool. Oh no! We were on another level! Literally!

The pool protruded from the side of the building in mid air overlooking the magically colouful Vegas strip and was made of plexi glass so you felt as if you were swimming in water in the middle of the airspace over Vegas-it was head buzzing piposity!

That night MCC asked a couple of us to say a few words at the pre anniversary party dinner the next night. Normally MTV BASE are hard to shut up as peeps that know us will confirm. However the thought of speaking to a room of VVVIP'S was at the very least daunting!.

The next night 40 very priveliged people including members of both Mariah and Nicks families, head of Def Jam L.A Reid, music legend Andre Harrel, Steve Bartells (you better ask somebody!) , singer Tyrese,Head of BET Stephen Hill and MTV BASE arrived at a beautiful cocktail reception followed by an amazingly scrumptious 3 course dinner which included a starter of "mixed greens,farmers market tomatoes and english cucumbers". The main was a mouthwatering "surf and turf prime filet mignon,butter poached marine lobster,spring asparagus,red wine demi glace and maceroni and cheese". The dessert was a "trio of creme brulee,molten chocolate cake as well as "lovey dovey white wedding cake". 

MTV BASE were so caught up in the breath taking visuals of the evening and the classic conversations where Nick told us his story of how he and Mrs Cannon got together which was so romantic and funny ,that when Mr C suddenly clinked his champagne glass and announced that there were only 10 mins left before we had to rush off to the party but before that he knew a couple of people had something to say we nearly passed out!.

Gulp!. Our big moment!. By this time however our table ( Mr and Mrs C, LA, Stephen,MC's bro Shawn,Nicks mum, and a couple of others) was having such a great laugh that we'd totally forgotten to get nervous and worry.We warned them that our speech alone would take at least 10 minutes but to bear with us. So we threw caution to the wind and just went for it telling the room our favourite anecdotes about the couple and why they were soul mates.Every couple of lines LA Reid heckled us but by the end everyone was laughing and looking entertained so we guess it went ok!.

Others who made toasts included MCC's oldest friends Maryann Sheilds,Rachel McIntosh and Josefin Dean as well as of course MCC's bro Shawn McDonald and one of Nicks best friends Pastor Kase.

Then we were shooed down to the Moon Club where a lot more people like Floyd Mayweather,Sanaa Lathan and Emil Willbikin, were waiting for us and the party was about to go down.
Nick began with a surprise for his wife by projecting on a huge screen a personal version of a video of MCC's song "Love Story" which was a documentary on their lovey dovey moments. As we all gulped with emotion Mrs C actually cried. Really emotional big tears of joy!. First time we've ever seen her so choked up-it was a beautiful moment. She told the crowd she had the best man in the world. 

Then to kick off the party Nick had the nightclub roof slide away (really!), and thousands of pink and lavender balloons were released into the tropical vegas night and as they made a carpet across the skyline we realised that Nick had taken the roof off the party literally and that every male in the room was hastily taking notes. He is good!.

Then the Cannons cut their 2nd giant white wedding cake of the night before Nick took over the decks and played a classic hot party set with a rock moment,a grown n sexy set and all the classics you'd expect as well as Mrs C's favourite song "Ante up".

At 4am after the party a few of us departed to the Cannons suite where MCC played her soon to be released new album (can't tell you title or we're dead!) to a few of her family .MTV BASE was formally introduced to the Canonns new puppy ‘’Cha Cha’’, we twittered a bit and then we slipped into our bikinis to float in the once in a lifetime pool again until 7am when we called it a night!.(or should that be day?. Whatever.).

The next day was filled with power naps, shopping,picture taking around the Strip and a bit of dallience with the slot machines ,blackjack and crap tables.
As the whirring of machines and ringing of jackpots screamed all around us MC's choreographer Rachel schooled us in how to play blackjack and we lost our cash,then made it up again and then won more! A whole 35 cents lmao!

The following evening Vegas was on fire as every flossy celeb flew in for the Ricky Hattan fight. On the American/Phillipino team were Diddy,Jay Z, Denzel,Jack Nicholson,Cedric the entertainer,Christian Bale and many others.On Rickys side was MTV BASE and initially a load of hopeful,patriotic Brits which late became what the yanks described as a " sea of angry Brits".

The next morning (day 4 of the Carey-Cannon adventure)we jumped on the Carey Cannon jet and it was wheels up outta Vegas until our next adventure!
Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs C- you are blessed! Both "eternally 12", both "work hard, play hard and acknowledge the Lord in equal measure",and both "love a colour cordinated matching outfit".
Whether its the ski slope,hot tub or church , these 2 are always gonna be sitting there together!
Source: Jasmine on her MTV Base blog
Posted on May 13

French fans: Mariah just tweeted about Cannes
Go take a little look and good luck to the Cannes area fans who plan to go at the Red Carpet and stuff.  Please send us your reviews or experiences.
Posted on May 13
Mariah in Turkey confirmed
Mariah will indeed attend the grand opening of the Mardan Palace in Antalya (Turkey) on May 23
Click here to access the Mardan Palace's site
Source: Nick Cannon - hontasy on fomm
Posted on May 12
'Precious' Teaser Poster Debuting at Cannes

Cinematical has just received this exclusive teaser poster for the film Precious (previously known as Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire), which will enjoy a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this month after walking away with several awards (including the double whammy of Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award) at this year's Sundance Film Festival. It's a hard, tough, nasty film -- the kind that knocks the wind out of you with more than a few punches to the gut -- but, as our own Eric D. Snider pointed out in his Sundance review, it's also "compelling and artistic, punctuated with warm humor and masterful performances, and ultimately triumphant and hopeful."

I could easily see an Oscar nod or two shelled out for this film -- which follows an overweight, pregnant, illiterate teen from Harlem who enrolls in an alternative school with plans to give herself and her child a better life. For one, Mo'Nique gives one of the coldest, harshest performances I've ever seen on screen, and now that both Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry (talk about another double whammy) have lent their names and support to Precious, that -- along with a slew of awesome buzz -- should help it do well when it finally hits theaters later this year on November 6th. 
Source: Cinematical
Posted on May 12

Half of Lionsgate-Weinstein suit over `Push' dismissed
Half of the bicoastal lawsuit pitting Lionsgate Films against The Weinstein Co. over the distribution of a "Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire" was dismissed in a New York courtroom, court papers show today. 

Both companies filed lawsuits in Los Angeles and New York Feb. 4, claiming they had an agreement with producers to distribute the movie based on the story of a young, illiterate woman who is the victim of incest and trying to find her way in 1980s Harlem. 

The film stars Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz and Gabourey Sidibe, who portrays Precious Jones, the central character in the film. 

Lionsgate got to court first, suing Weinstein in Los Angeles just hours before TWC filed its suit against Lionsgate in New York. TWC also separately sued the agents for the producers, alleging fraud. 

On May 6, a New York judge dismissed the Weinstein suit against Lionsgate. In doing so, he rejected Weinstein's claim that New York is the more appropriate location for the litigation to take place because most of the witnesses live there. 

The judge said the parties "have a presence" in both New York and Los Angeles and frequently travel between both cities. 

In its Los Angeles suit, Lionsgate is seeking a judge's ruling that it owns the rights to distribute "Push" in the United States and Canada. 

Weinstein attorneys say the company had a firm agreement with the film's producers and that Lionsgate interfered. 

But Lionsgate counters that the producers signed a written agreement stating they had no written or verbal agreement with Weinstein. 
Source: Contra Costa Times
Posted on May 12

Eminem's vile rant at Mariah
When we heard Eminem had penned a song called 3am, we thought it was about his favourite gossip column.
But we’re breathing a huge sigh of relief that it’s not - after hearing another song on the new album, Relapse, that Slim Shady has dedicated to poor Mariah Carey.

We’ve heard Bagpipes From Baghdad, and let’s just say he’s dropping bombshells left, right and centre.
Em, 36, who claims he had a fling with stunning Mimi, waxes lyrical about the showmance - then challenges her mega-rich TV star hubby.

Em says: “Nick Cannon, you p****, I wish you luck with that whore.” Charming.

Mariah’s husband unsurprisingly failed to see the funny side - and let’s just say Em better stay out of 28-year-old Nick’s way.

Nick, who married the superstar in April last year, wrote on his blog: “Holler at me on some grown-man s***. Man to man, let’s meet up and deal with this like adults.” 

The host of this year’s America’s Got Talent accuses Eminem of disrespecting “one of the world’s most significantly influential artists, one of the most noticeable females of our time”. No wonder Nick is outraged.

Well, we’re sure Nick will make his wife feel a whole better when he whisks her off to Cannes for a romantic anniversary break later this week.

Mimi will also be celebrating the premiere of her movie Precious, as well as putting the finishing touches to her new album.
Source: Daily Mirror
Posted on May 12

New Heroes of Mariah contest
Question: - In which Mariah video do we see Scooby-Doo?
Prize:  -1 promo cd of Bringin' On The Heartbreak 
Closing date: May 20
The winner will be picked at random.  Good luck 
Posted on May 11
It's O.O.C.
The Nick vs. Eminem story is now spreading on other US sources than gossip blogs and also makes its way internationally.
The entire text has been removed from Nick's blog, fans are mean and mad at eachother, none of Mariah's friends in the business stood up for her (until now),  it's a real mess!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I still think Nick was right for defending Mariah (even if I didn't get the race issue in this case), he needed to do it for Mariah and as he did it for "fans" who hated on Mariah, he needed to do it against Em.  I know how you're attacked by defending Mariah through all (I received enough insults for standing up for her during 11 years), since the first day everyone knew how it would go... it's Mariah who again is the most trashed in the entire mess.
The more stupid thing is all three (Mariah, Nick, Eminem) are from the same house... Universal!  Who's the biggest winner?
Posted on May 11
Back in LA

Click to enlarge
Source: CU
Posted on May 10
Interview at the Vegas Boxing Match Last Week 
Click here to download.

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony
Posted on May 10
More updates tonight, I'm in a hurry!
Posted on May 9
Love Story video up
The video played at Mariah and Nick's wedding anniversary is up on Nick's blog.  Very nice scenes.  Click here to watch it. 
Posted on May 9
Well done Nick!!!!!!
Since the news of Eminem made a track dissing Mariah (what dissing?  no, insulting in a mean, vulgar manner!) appeared yesterday on the net,  I decided to listen to that song on YouTube, I even listened several times and made a transcript to be sure what I was hearing was true and it made me sick!  I didn't know if  I would post that info on my site as I was not sure I wanted to make publicity for the clown, but before I was able to write in a calm manner.... Nick reacted..... Click here to read his blog and be sure to save the image and spread it around on blogs 
Posted on May 8
Melonie Daniels talks about Mariah

In an interview with EJ from Gospelpundit, long time backup singer and friend of Mariah talks about her work with her.

EJ: Can you rattle off a quick list of people you’ve worked with?
MD:  A short list?

EJ:  I dunno how you can, but try. *laughing*
MD:  Okay, I’ll give you three and three.  And I’ll explain why cuz this is another area where people don’t understand why I do what I do.

EJ:  I know what you’re gonna do.  SAY IT!
MD:  Mariah Carey, Kim Burrell, Ricky Martin, Karen Clark-Sheard, Marc Anthony, Donald Lawrence.

EJ:  And how do you draw the line?
MD:  Ummm… there are certain things, like I’ve had rappers approach me like “Yo, Ma, your ‘bleep’-ing voice is incredible.”  And, first of all, I won’t do the cursing thing.  Your song can’t be profane, and it can’t demean women.  And then, you’ve gotta get into the whole hip-hop culture, too– it’s anti-Christ anyhow.
It’s all about getting money, gettin’ paid… women, trying to get respect and have street credibility.  I’m not with that.  My audience is God and I want HIM to be pleased with me.  I couldn’t care less what other people think.
I’ve grown to that point, but it wasn’t that way always.  I was bound for MANY years by what people thought of what I did.  And I had to come to the realization that GOD is the one I need to be pleasing, and nobody else.  And if He trusts me enough to be in these places, to be a light for Him, I have to (with integrity and a good work ethic) just do what I’m supposed to do.

EJ:  I hear that.
MD:  When I was singing with Mariah, she wasn’t singing all that stuff about “Touch My Body,” and all that.  And she knew there was a line that I wouldn’t cross, so there were songs that she wouldn’t even have me on, because of the subject matter.

EJ:  Amen.
MD:  And it was great.  SHE was covering me and the church people that are supposed to have a relationship with God didn’t do the same thing.  But she covered me.

EJ:  Talk to me more about your work with Mariah Carey.  What was it like?
MD:  It was incredible.  I filled up a passport, had to add pages, and then pay for another one. *laughing*

EJ:  Someone wanted me to ask you this and I told them I would:  If Mariah was ever hoarse on stage, did you ever do her whistle tone notes for her?
MD:  Oh, heck no.  Mmmmm… That ain’t my ministry. *laughing*

EJ:  You can do that!
MD:  Not those whistle notes, I can’t do that whistle stuff.  Well, I can do it, but it’s not controlled.  It’s like a happenstance.

EJ:  But you used to do her soundchecks for her, right?
MD:  Yeah, cuz she wouldn’t come.  *laughing*

EJ:  *laughs*
MD:  But, it’s like… at a certain point in your career, you know what you’re gonna do and you know what you’re gonna sound like.  And if you have people working with you who know your characteristics, and they’re able to handle it, you let them do what they do.

I don’t think it was a “diva” thing.  People who reach a certain status have so many people around them who overload their schedules.  So, she would have interviews, photo shoots, TV tapings and all kinds of stuff, up ’til an hour before a performance.  She wasn’t able to even come to the soundcheck.  So, I would end up checking for her and her sound guys– so on point.  They knew what hertz, what megahertz, the treble… all that stuff.  And I was able to mimic her voice enough that they could get exactly what they needed, so that when she hit the stage, it was ready to go.

EJ:  What was the road like with her?  How did you fare, as a little Baptist girl, thrown into the mainstream industry like that?
MD:  I was scared outta my mind! *laughing*  And I had a moment– I was like “God, I know you didn’t give us the spirit of fear, but I’ve gotta be honest and say that I am scared witless that You’d allow me to go into this situation where I may be one of few, or maybe the ONLY one… I need You to shine through each and every thing I do– the way I work, carry myself, and sing.”  I didn’t put singing first– I wanted my interactions before the singing because, at that point, singing was secondary.  I had rehearsed and practiced enough.

EJ:  How many years were you with Mariah?
MD:  Eleven.  From ‘92 to 2003.

EJ:  Do you miss working with her?
MD:  I do and don’t.  I did the road for eleven years and it was wearing.  I walked away without it being a bad taste in my mouth.  So, if an opportunity presented itself again, I would go.  But I don’t think it would be with that camp because I believe that, whatever my assignment was, it’s done.

EJ:  But, how did you know that?  Why did you stop?
MD:  Umm… God said it was time to move.  I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t know where He was moving me, but it was a faith walk.  And it was about taking the lessons that I learned in that professional surrounding and bringing that level of excellence to whatever was next, which happened to be Greater Allen Cathedral in Jamaica, New York.

MD:  I’m the kind that takes it in and processes it.  The only person I get twisted over is Stevie Wonder. *laughing*  I stop breathing when the man walks into the room because his ears are impeccable.

EJ: *laughing*  But you’ve sung with him before, right?
MD:  I’ve never sung with him.  But when BET did the Walk Of Fame thing a few years ago, Mariah had to sing.

EJ:  I remember that.  She did “You And I.”
MD: Right.  And I did the vocal arrangement for the backgrounds, because he didn’t have background vocals on that song.

EJ: I ask most of the background vocalists this when I interview them– can you assemble a dream team of background vocalists for me?
MD: Ummm… Jerard and Jovaun Woods.  Blanche McAllister-Dykes… ummm… well, that’s a soprano, alto and tenor right there!
See, that would be a great session.  Working with people like Donald Lawrence and Richard Smallwood, even with Mariah… I’ve had the opportunity to sing, coast-to-coast, with some great voices.  There’s a girl named Sharlotte Gibson, she’s on American Idol now singing background.  She used to sing with Mariah and she’s incredible, one of the L.A. crew.
Source: Gospelpundit - fantasyhero on HBF
Posted on May 8

"Precious" screenings in Cannes
Friday May 15 at 2pm and 10.30 pm at the Salle Debussy (right side of the Palais)
Source: Festival de Cannes (Horaires des projections)

During the Festival, non badgers can go to special screenings at Le Théatre La Licorne, Le Studio 13, Le Raimu in Cannes.
Also, the movies in the "Un Certain Regard" category will be shown from 27 May until June 6 at le Reflet Médicis in Paris.
Posted on May 7

Turkey update
According to Mr. Cumhur Ozen, manager of the Mardan Palace several stars have been invited to the opening of the resort.  Among them and who's attendance is still to be confirmed: Richard Gere, Paris Hilton, Monica Belluci, Mariah Carey, Seal,  Sharon Stone and Tom Jones as well as big names of the jet set.
Posted on May 7
Needs to be officially confirmed!
Mariah in Turkey on May 23?
Tom Jones is being paid £1million to sing for less than an hour at the opening of Europe’s most expensive resort.
The 68-year-old star and Mariah Carey, will each earn the mega sum to open Turkey’s £1billion Mardan Palace in Antalya.

The hotel — owned by a Russian tycoon — has 560 rooms, including a £13,000-a-night suite.

It is decorated with gold leaf and crystals and has a beach made from 9,000 tons of Egyptian sand.

Stars including Sharon Stone and Sir Paul Mc Cartney have been invited to the May 23 bash.

Click here to access the Mardan Palace's site
Source: The Sun (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: I'm pretty sure Sharon Stone will run around with her camera 
Posted on May 7

Candids never seen before videos
My good friend Gail from The Netherlands shares a few short videos she took from Mariah leaving her hotel in The Netherlands and in the UK in 2005.
Thanks a lot girl 
- On the second day at the Dylan Hotel in 2005, click here and here to download.
- Amsterdam Dylan Hotel 17.07.2005, click here to download.
- Amsterdam Dylan Hotel 19.07.2005, click here to download.
- Leaving Claridges, London 05.12.2005, click here to download.
- Leaving cd-uk or totp 17.09.2005, click here to download.
Posted on May 6
Nick Cannon: How Can I Not Fall in Love with Mariah?
Nick Cannon is replacing Jerry Springer as the host of NBC's America's Got Talent, but what sets him apart from mere mortals is that he's married to Mariah Carey. 

Even though they just celebrated their one-year anniversary, Cannon still can't believe he got to walk down the aisle with the sexy chart-busting diva. And, he's ready to dish about his gorgeous wife and his new gig. 

Waking up with Mariah Carey. 
"Every single morning I turn over and look at the most beautiful woman in the world next to me and say, 'How in the hell did I get her?' I don't believe in luck, but I feel like I'm one of the luckiest men in the world. I think one of the things about our relationship is the way we instantly connected. We both have a youthful spirit. We both enjoy life. We're both extremely optimistic. Aside from that, there's the fact that she's Mariah Carey. How can I not fall in love with her? It was one of those things where I went, 'This is a woman I can give and will give 100% of myself to.'" 

Don't look for a duet.
"I am not worthy of being on a Mariah Carey record. Maybe I'll help mix the tracks at the studio. I play a lot of instruments, so maybe you might see me in the background on one of her performances one day, but never like actually putting my voice and her voice together. The two of us on the same recording isn't going happen." 

Being her wake-up call. 
"I'm her alarm clock. I wake her up every morning by singing to her and she's like, 'I can't take it. Stop singing.' But my voice does wake her up and get her going. Actually, I'm the one around the house singing more than anyone." 

Source: Parade Magazine via Pittsburg Post Gazette (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 6

The wedding anniversary makes Yahoo!'s frontpage

Posted on May 5
Mariah and Nick on honeymoon 
As they didn't had a real one last year, Mariah and Nick are now on honeymoon.   After a spot in Dubai, they are now on location.  By deduction (do you say that in English?), we have an idea of where the pair will enjoy their honeymoon.  Let's hope the paps there will not follow them (even if we all enjoy seeing pictures). 
Posted on May 5
Mariah and Nick had a secret ceremony

Nick talks about Mariah in TeenTelevision interview
Nick Cannon spoke to us about the changes in the new season of "America's Got Talent," as well as what the first year of his marriage to Mariah has been like.

TeenTelevision: Do you want your wife to come watch you host?
Nick: The amazing thing about Mariah is that, as busy as she is -- she has a movie coming out, she's going to Cannes, she's finishing up her album -- she still finds time to support the things that I do and it always amazes me. It's crazy. I'll be DJing in a nightclub, and she'll come in and shut the whole place down. So, I'm sure that she'll definitely stop by. You might not see her on camera, but trust that she'll be backstage in the dressing room, hanging out or something like that. That's just the type of person that she is. Nothing's too big and nothing's too small for us to share together.

TeenTelevision: How has the first year of marriage been?
Nick: It's amazing! It's one of those things where it's continuing to grow. As cliché and corny as that may sound, every day we find something else new to love about each other. 

TeenTelevision: Have you celebrated your anniversary this year?
Nick: Yes. We told everybody that we were going to get married again, every single year, and we're going to do that. We had actually planned on getting married in Vegas, and we were going to get Elvis or somebody to marry us, or do the whole drive-thru thing. But then, we started inviting everybody and it got really big because all these people wanted to come, and we can't invite people to something tacky. Mariah doesn't do anything tacky. She said, "Okay, we're still going to get married, but we're going to get married at a secret location, the next day." So, we had this huge party and celebration dinner, but there was actually no ceremony because the ceremony was a secret.

TeenTelevision: Any luck yet with the baby plans?
Nick: I don't believe in luck. It's all about skill. Because this year is so hectic for the both of us, after this year calms down, that's probably when we'll focus more on that.

Join Nick on the new season of "America's Got Talent" on NBC June 23rd. 
Click here to read the full interview (not Mariah related)
Source: TeenTelevision (extract)
Posted on May 4

More fan pics from Mariah and Nick at the Las Vegas party

Click to enlarge
Thanks a lot to Emeteria for sharing 
Posted on May 4
The second house was a rumor too 
According to Mariah's friend Jasmine, all rumors on gossips that say Mariah and Nick bought a new house are ALL untrue.  They are having their LA home renovated and will do a feature for "architectural digest" once completed.
Posted on May 3
Interview at the anniversary party on Access Hollywood
Click here to download.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 3
Gorgeous Mariah looks bored at a boxing match
Maybe it was Mariah's gift to Nick, anyway they attended the boxing match between Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  According to the Vegas Sun, celebrities in attendance included Jay-Z, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Wesley Snipes, Jack Nicholson, Mariah Carey, David Arquette, Jeremy Piven, Christian Bale, Mark Whalberg, Cedric the Entertainer and Matthew McConaughey.

Posted on May 3
More pics of the Moon party
VIP attendees included Sanaa Lathan, Tyrese, Andre Harrell, Def Jam president L.A. Reid, BET's own Stephen Hill, director Sanaa Hamri, and Giant Editor-In-Chief Emil Wilbekin.

Click to enlarge
Source: BET and BET on location
Posted on May 2
More Downloads: Video footages from the party
- X17 (great one with Nick and Mariah talking at the party), click here to download it.
- Hollywood 411 and Showbiz Tonight, click here to download.
- Extra TV - Access Hollywood - Daily 10 - E! News, click here to download a zip file that contains all 4 shows.

Source: Moony
Posted on May 2
Downloads: Video footages from the party
- TMZ, click here.

Source: Moony
Posted on May 1
Moving moments

Click to enlarge
Source: TMZ -Moony
Posted on May 1
Fan pics from Mariah and Nick
Emeteria was at the party in Las Vegas and shared the pictures she took

Click to enlarge
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Posted on May 1
Mariah and Nick's One-Year Wedding Anniversary in Vegas 

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary with a bash in Vegas.

The couple -- who said "I Do" in a surprise ceremony in the Bahamas last April -- arrived at the Palms Casino Resort's Palms Place Thursday night for dinner with 50 pals, including L.A. Reid, Tyrese Gibson, Sanaa Lathan and Floyd Mayweather, the hotel rep confirms to

The venue was decorated with candle-lit tables and a sign that read, "Happy Anniversary Mariah and Nick!" Guests snacked on surf & turf, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. For dessert, they had Creme Brulee and chocolate chip cookies.

Following dinner, the group moved over to the Moon Nightclub, where Cannon surprised his wife with a video presentation of the best moments from their first year of marriage. Then, 1,000 balloons were released into the sky when the Moon roof opened as partiers toasted them.

After the couple cut into a giant pink and white five-tiered Duncan Hines Yellow cake, Cannon hit the turntables and spun tunes.

Mariah Carey shed tears as she celebrated the first anniversary of her marriage to actor Nick Cannon last night 
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The singer sat in Nick's lap as friends paid tributes to the couple at the Palms Casino resort in Las Vegas.

Mariah's husband described his wife as “the most amazing person in the world” and “my rock”.

"I dedicate my life to her daily, and together this union is gonna last forever,” he told an audience of friends an family in the VIP section of Moon nightclub.

According to People, Mariah replied: "I have the best man in the whole wide world." 

Mariah later joined Nick on the DJ decks as their celebration of marriage continued long into the night.

The public occasion was in sharp contrast the couple's top-secret marriage of twelve months ago.

Mariah Carey Cries at Touching Anniversary Tribute
Where has the time gone? With smiles on their faces, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated one year of wedded bliss Thursday in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort. 

"It's a very special occasion," Cannon told the crowd at Moon Nightclub, where he was deejaying, "toast to everyone." 

After a very private wedding a year ago, the couple decided to do the opposite for their anniversary, celebrating with a nightclub full of people. The couple did, however, dine in a private room at Simon beforehand. 

Once inside the club, the couple were greeted with a four-foot birthday cake. And the surprises kept coming – at least for Carey. Unbeknownst to her, Cannon produced a video of the couple's last year, including video of intimate moments. 

After the video was shown, Carey was seen crying. 

"This is the most amazing person in the world," Cannon said into the microphone about his wife. "I dedicate my life to her daily, and together this union is gonna last forever. She is my rock." 

Carey replied: "I have the best man in the whole wide world." 

The gushfest continued after a balloon drop and a clubwide toast, which Cannon dedicated to his wife. 
Posted on May 1


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