The Adventures of Mimi Tour 2006 - Chicago, USA - Heroes of Mariah

9/11/06 United Center Seating capacity 23.500 , according to the boxscores, seating capacity 13.930, attendance 12.958   - attendance 93%.
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With special guest Sean Paul
Price range: US $19.50 to US $125.00

- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- My All
- Shake It Off
- Vision of Love
- Fly Like a Bird
- I'll Be There
- Fantasy
- Don't Forget About Us
- Always Be My Baby
- Honey
- I Wish You Knew (snippet)
- One Sweet Day (snippet)
- Hero
- We Belong Together
- Butterfly Reprise

Fan tidbits:

Mariah made a comment on how tight her pants were for the B Stage part and she said that tonights show was the last time shes putting them on.  She noticed the couples sign with Whenever You Call and sang the words.
She announced during the show that this was Sean Pauls last night on tour with her. She then got to her Tribute to 9/11.
She said we are lucky to have our lives and that the lives of the victims will be remembered and went on to dedicate One Sweet Day to the victims of 9/11. She said she is normally a very humorous person but she was very serious in her sadness that day created.
Hero was also dedicated to 9/11 and she pointed out the American flag of the people from the front row and at the end of the song the monitors showed a flag and said never forge 9/11...yes they DID ommit the "T"
The show ended and the confetti was made out of aluminum instead of paper.
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