The Adventures of Mimi Tour 2006 - New York, USA - Heroes of Mariah

8/23/06 Madison Square Garden Seating capacity 20.000 - according to the boxscores, seating capacity 13.930 , attendance 13.930  - sold out
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With special guest Sean Paul
Price range: US $19.50 to US $154.50

Guest appearances: Jay-Z, Da Brat, P Diddy
Additional guests not performing with Mariah: Jadakiss, Styles P.

- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- My All
- Shake It Off
- Vision of Love
- Fly Like a Bird
- I'll Be There
- Fantasy
- Don't Forget About Us
- Always Be My Baby
- Honey
- I Wish You Knew (Snippet)
- Can't Let Go (Snippet)
- Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (Snippet)
- One Sweet Day (Snippet)
- Hero
- Make It Happen
- We Belong Together
- Butterfly Reprise


Fan review:
The Rollercoaster intro played, which was cute, I liked it. Then she came out and sang "It's Like That" with her dancers and stuff. It was great. She sang the song wonderfully and killed them adlibs!!!

Then, the show heated up! "Heartbreaker" Remix began to "Whatever, just play the record clue..." and then DON DON DON!!!!!!!! DaBrat comes out of nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she runs down the slide and does her rap, and then she left. Then Mariah belts out “Heartbreaker” Remix until it turns into the original (which was too thunderous applause, btw) and she sang that la dida. Then I hear DJ Clue say "Ladies and gentlemen welcome...." but the second he mentioned his name the arena filled with screams and applause and it was inaudible. BUT it was Jay-Z!!! So yeah everyone loved that, he did his rap and he stuck around for the end of the song where Mariah belted and did her supersonic high notes, and LMAO he starts fanning her down when she did them. It was funny. Then he left...

Next was “Dreamlover,” which was a great performance which everyone enjoyed. She sang her ass off as with every song and the Juicy tie-in remix was hot potatoes! I believe at the beginning of that song she came down the stairs and got a drink of water and she was like "Now, I tried to do this without the spotlight on me, we can't show the label here because I don't wanna be advertising for anyone!" And she all covering it up LMAO

After the festive performance of “Dreamlover,” Mariah decided it was time "to slow it down just a bit" with “My All.” The crowd loved it! She climbed back up the stairs and stood grasping the railing and she sang the song showing desperation. It was a great performance and she really hit them looowww notes as well. It was one of the highlights. Then of course the “My All” Club Mix kicked in and we got to hear the backup singers belt out "JUST ONE MORE NIIIIIGHT!!!" for about 2 minutes while thee Diva changed.

Once the Club Mix ended, the MIMI sign began its descent from the ceiling as the beat for “Shake It Off” began to play, and the background singers sang "hoop hoop" Then Mariah came out and gave a nice performance of her hit “Shake It Off.”

Next Mariah decided to take us back as the sound of the “Vision of Love” intro, uhm, noise, filled the arena. The crowd went wild!!! Mariah gave an amazing soulful performance of the song and she definately KILLED it!!! I absolutely loved and can't wait to see that again tomorrow! At the end of the song she said "At first I wasn't doing that song, since it's my first single and all, so I didn't know if people wanted to hear it or not..." but the crowd cheered, implying that had she left it out, they'd be pissed!! (I know I would have)

Next was the show-stopping performance of “Fly Like a Bird.” Literally. She introduced her hometown choir, and said her pastor would be joining us for the performance. Then, she began the song, but... no pastor. So, she yelled out "STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!! STOP THE SONG!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!" And they did. Then she told us "I don't wanna sound mean or be a diva or anything, but I don't know what's going on, we went over this! Maybe he didn't like my first outfit." (I don't remember exactly what she said, but this is basically it LOL) "But it's a really important message, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't important. Maybe we could do another song while we wait, I don't know, I hope you guys don't mind. We could do whatever! And my shoe is nearly falling off here, but I could do a Patti Labell and start kicking it off since she's my godmother and all. Oh dear, the newspapers tomorrow will say ‘MARIAH HAS DIVA FIT’" Then she introduced and talked with her choir and stuff. Then finally a crew member came out and told her he was ready. So they started the song again, this time WITH the pastor, and she gave a an amazing performance, sending chills down my spine and tears down my face! It was absolutely amazing. My favorite performance of the night!!!!!

Next was "I'll Be There" which Mariah casually introduced by saying, "Hey, there's two mic stands now, maybe because there's someone joining me!" And people screamed and stuff and Trey came out and she introduced "I'll Be There" and said they recorded it when they were "just babies" and it was a "nostalgic moment" so everyone should sing along. Mariah and Trey gave a great rendition of the song together.

Then Mariah introduced Trey's solo set. She informed the crowd "His album Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz is in stores September 19 so y'all better go get it because it is HOT POTATOES!" as she ran off the stage.

Trey then did a Luther tribute and sang “Never Too Much” and “A House Is Not a Home.” He did a great job, I was surprised, he's really great. Then, he did one of his “current favorites" ... Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" which was really a great performance and it sounded 1000 times better than Gnarls Barkley's version.

Then Mariah arrived on the B-Stage, and about which she said “Just what I like! A nice little stage in the middle of the Garden is a stone groove!” She gave an amazing rendition of “Fantasy” while interacting with the crowd around her telling them to sing, etc. Then, the disco ball came down for “Don’t Forget About Us” and she introduced it by thanking everyone for making it her 17th #1 hit. She sang the @#%$ out of this song!!! Especially the end, she added some soul and BELTED the hell out of that last note for like.. forever!!! Then some crew member came out to bring Mariah water and Mariah goes “everyone say hi to Lisa she was nice enough to come and bring me some cold water!” Then, she continued with the B-Stage set and she coyly said “This next song is the first song I did with JD, I hope y’all remember it…” of course EVERYONE did! It was “Always Be My Baby” It probably was the most popular song of the night. She sang the song beautifully and it was an excellent performance!

Then, she walked off the B-Stage and went back to the main stage, where she sang “Honey” the performance was great and she saaaang the song, and she even rapped along to Mase’s rap which was funny. She shook her ass too which was quite funny LMAO. Then, out of nowhere… DIDDY!!!!!!! The crowd went BANANAS!!! It was even louder for Diddy than Jay, if that’s possible, and he basically just stood there with her, but he did say “we gon smooth it” and stuff.

Then after “Honey,” it was time for the DJ break… the only song I knew in that whole @#%$ was Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin Something” but then Jadakiss and Styles P. came out to do their song “We Gon Make It” …I suppose that’s exciting if you like them. LOL.

Then Mariah came back out speaking the spoken part of “I Wish You Knew,” after belting out the end of that, she said “Wow, Da Brat, Jay, Diddy, and now Jadakiss and Styles, I didn’t even know!!!” Then she said the next song was a song from the beginning of her career that “you may or may not know” but one of the background singers said ti was her favorite so Mariah decided to do it. She sang an amazing snippet of “Can’t Let Go” full of blissful high notes and the crowd loved it!

Next, she introduced the “Make It Last/Thank God I Found You” remix. She said it was a DJ Clue production and mentioned that the song was particularly popular in New York (which it was) and she explained what they did with Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last” and TGIFY. Then Trey came out and sang with her. It was great, I LOOOVE that song and it was a great performance of it I wish it was longer.

Then, she said she had to do this next song because.. then she got all shy and Trey took over and said “I don’t know if you keep up with this kinda stuff or not, but this song still holds the record for most weeks @ #1” and introduced “One Sweet Day” They gave a great performance and the crowd sang along!

Okay, next was “Hero” and I couldn’t really hear what she was saying to introduce it except something about someone dying and she was dedicating it to them, and it was hard for her to get started with the song, so she asked us to help her sing. I guess someone close to her died recently. It was a very emotional performance of the song and one of the only times I really enjoyed the song.

Next was the festive number “Make It Happen” and she said “you know I always have to sing this one!” and said “I wrote this a long time ago” and something else but I couldn’t catch it. The performance was by far one of the most fun uptempo numbers, the choir came out again as well, and apparently some people thought it was the finale since they started leaving. I guess Mariah didn’t help much either since she said “thank you New York!” as she walked off stage to change for the REAL finale.

After about 5 minutes, Mariah returned to the stage to give an encore performance of “We Belong Together” which was absolutely flantastic. I loved every second of it, she sang her ass off and the crowd was amazed!!!! Then, she did the “Butterfly” outro and thanked everyone and said goodnight…
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