The Adventures of Mimi Tour 2006 - Philadelphia, USA - Heroes of Mariah

8/11/06 Wachovia Center Seating capacity 20.000, according to the boxscores Seating capacity 15.160  Attendance 15.160 - sold out.
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Price range: US $19.50 to US $129.50
- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- My All
- Honey
- Shake It Off
- Vision of Love
- Fly Like A Bird
- Ill Be There
- Fantasy
- Don't Forget About Us
- Always Be My Baby
- I Wish You Knew - Snippet
- Can't Let Go - Snippet
- Thank God I Found You (Remix)
- One Sweet Day - Snippet
- Hero
- Make It Happen
- We Belong Together
- Butterfly (Outro)

Fan pictures:

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Fan reviews:
All I can say is amazing and this is by far the best ive seen MC. She was on the ball with the high notes! She sang basically every song on the set list (except Without You and Breakdown I think) including Can't Let Go and We Belong Together! She apologized for switching it around and not singing those at other shows. Cameras were allowed and I got some good pics of her on the dance floor...i didn't expect her to come on that stage teh way she did! She walked throught the crowd sort of. lol! I stayed after to try to see her but she supposedly aint leavin til 4 AM. I did however see Michael, Darryl, Jack, and the dancers. Mariah is at her BEST! It was hot tamale. also at this show they had the Venus competition and a Mariah karaoke contest with her own personal drinks at eh bar! (although I couldn't drink, I took a pic of the menu on my phone lol)
Thanks to musiklamb

She was amazing! She sounded so rested! The crowd was really receptive to all of the songs, and ESPECIALLY Can't Let Go! P.S.- LA Reid was in attendance tonight! I wonder if that made her work harder? The setlist worked a lot better tonight, with songs like FLAB going early, it just moved a lot better than some of the other shows.. Big improvement.
Thanks to kodman

August 11, 2006: Philadelphia, PA. The Wachovia Center. Mariah sang: It's Like That, Heartbreaker, Dreamlover, My All, Honey, Vision of Love (her first single), Fly Like A Bird (It was amazing), I'll Be There with the incredible Trey Lorenz, his new album "Mr. Mista: Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz" hits stores September 19, 2006 They sang so well together, as always!) , she then ventured into the crowd and went to the "B" stage, a platform set up in the middle and sang Fantasy featuring ODB. It is unreal live!!!) , Don't Forget About Us, Always Be My Baby. She ventured back to the main stage...  She sang a small piece of I Wish You Knew, Can't Let Go, Thank God I Found You/Make It Last with Trey again!!!, and the incredible One Sweet Day (a duet with Boyz II Men, MC sang it again with Trey!, She then sang Hero and spoke to the crowd during the show, spoke of a wardrobe malfunction, asked if we liked her shoes! however she also sang Make It Happen which is incredible live and she sang and sang. In fact on the way into Philly, my mom said, I can hear her singing already. We thought we were going to "fashionably late" but we made it on time. She ended the show with We Belong Together and went into the Butterfly reprise.  We got there like right at 8, got in and then walked around looking for the seats, Sean Paul was already performing when we got there. He is good and kept the crowd hyped up! Mariah's voice was amazing. So here are a few photos. No concert photos this time  but seeing her and hearing the songs live and I believe this was the first time I heard Can't Let Go live so that was cool. Philly was the first place I saw MC along with Trey on Dec 2, 1993. During the "Music Box" Tour.
Thanks to Janel

My Philly review...kinda disappointed.  I was kinda disappointed with the show to be honest. I flew all the way from California for this show and I expected it to be better. I went to the show with my friend from DC. We had a good time but we both agreed on the same. The stage was beautiful and Mariah looked so pretty. Vocally she wasn't at her best but she did a good job. I mean I've seen her do better but compared to other artists she was still outstanding.
Now my complains... the show was rushed. She didn't do Breakdown, Stay the Night, I know what you want or Your Girl. Instead we got Vision of Love which to be honest wasn't as good as it's been at other Mariah shows. I was pissed cause I really wanted to hear Stay the Night. I Wish You Knew was like what 2 seconds?? That sucked. I didn't care for Can't Let go at all but it was so short it didn't even matter. Same with One Sweet Day and Make it Last so short.
This was my 5th Mariah concert and out of all of them this was the worse. My friend doesn't really care for Mariah but he said he enjoyed the show but he also felt it was rushed. He said he would go again for free but wouldn't pay to see that show.
I was disappointed. I knew this was gonna happen though. The Charmbracelet tour was amazing but back then Mariah had to probe a point. Now she doesn't. She's back in the spotlight. I just don't think she took that much time to get ready for this tour.
She didn't even change into her outfit for Honey. And the second stage I hated it. I had 2nd row tickets so it sucks to pay all that money to miss 3 songs. Cause I couldn't see anything. I practically had to watch it in the big screen.
Hope her Cali shows are better. I still had a great time but Mariah can do way better than that.
This is one of the reasons why I don't like her success these's not the same Mariah. Her other concerts were more deep and she connected more with the audience.
The second stage was so far down. And it's not elevated so you can't see anything. Everyone was standing up on their chairs. It was at least 20 rows back from where I was or more. At the very back of the floor section. So I missed Fantasy, Don't Forget About Us and Always Be My Baby.
I was gonna try to get better tickets for the Cali shows but it's not worth the money. I'll be ok where I'm at. I refused to pay a fortune for front row tickets for that show.
I mean I still enjoyed the show, I love Mariah but the Charmbracelet tour was a million times better.
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