The Adventures of Mimi Tour 2006 - Phoenix, USA - Heroes of Mariah

10/10/06 US Airways Center Seating capacity 18.000
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With special guest Busta Rhymes
Price range: US $17.00 to US $122.50

- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- My All
- Shake It Off
- Vision of Love
- Fly Like a Bird
- I'll Be There
- Fantasy
- Don't Forget About Us
- Always Be My Baby
- Honey
- I Wish You Knew (snippet)
- Can't Let Go (snippet)
- Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (snippet)
- One Sweet Day (snippet)
- Hero
- We Belong Together
- Butterfly Reprise

Official pictures:

Fan review:
"The Phx concert was so coo...
Ok the set list was the same, No Make it happen.
This was our concert man!!! We had perfect seats right next to the B stage! Busta Rhymes opened and he had the crowd going!!! Everyone was dancing and makin it "Clap" hahaha! but man the arena was huge and I know it didnt sell out but IT WAS PACKED!!! Busta kept makin it a point that this was the last U.S. Show in PHX!!! Mariah came out about 45 min after Busta. The crowd was crazy for her. She said she was very happy that the crowd was festive!!! It was her final show for the U.S. tour! When she got to the B stage I had a sign that said "Mariah is a Tycoon" She read it right before "Don't Forget About Us". And she said "Mariah's a Tycoon, What you know about that?" and started laughing!!! and waved to me!!! through out the song she kept comming and singing directly to me!!! and smirking!!! Then the song was over and my friend Daniel had a poster and it said "Dedicate One Sweet Day to my brother Billy rest in Peace" and once the B stage was over she finished her normal songs. She got to "One Sweet Day" and said. "Now I have some fans by the b stage and they wanted me to dedicate this next song to a brother who had passed away. Can I get a spot light on them please!" Then the lights shined on us as we screamed and waved the posters... She was like "Show me the sign baby" My friend couldnt stop screaming and I couldnt hold the sign up properly cuz it was crazy!!! She said "Well I cant see it cause your shaking it... " We were on all the big screens!!! She continued... "Well this song is for you it's called ONE SWEET DAY" Mariah is forever a genuine and the sweetest person. She did the lip gloss routine and gave it to a fan. She was very personal and ended the show AMAZING!!! If phx didnt know now they do!!!! Mariah is the Best!!! Im glad she ended the tour in our home state and totally acknowledged some of the true die hard fans!!! We meet Rachel after the show, while waiting in the back for Mariah. She signed and took pictures with us. (another angel) Mariah did not however come out but the night was the best!!! Words can't even express the emotions Mariah brought last night! A great tour! thanks Mariah! Arizona loves you!!!"
A big thanks to my brotha Larry

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