The Adventures of Mimi Tour 2006 - Tampa, USA - Heroes of Mariah

8/7/06 St. Pete Times Forum Seating capacity 21.500, according to the boxscores Seating capacity 13.542  Attendance 13.354, attendance 98,6%
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With special guest Sean Paul
Price range: US $17.75 to US $123.25

- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- My All
- Dreamlover
- Honey
- Shake It Off
- Fly Like A Bird
- Stay The Night
- I Know What You Want
- Fantasy
- Don't Forget About Us
- Always Be My Baby
- Can't Let Go (snippet)
- Joy Ride (snippet)
- Hero
- I'll Be There
- Make It Happen
- We Belong Together
- Butterfly Outro

- "If I mess up, I mess up, but I love you anyway"
- " I donn't wanna fall from the stage"

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Fan review
The Tampa concert was just AMAZING
I was at the Tampa concert last night and I had Dance Floor tix with a friend and OMG! Mariah came to our section!
Mariah sang Fantasy, DFAU, and ABMB in the lil' stage where most some of us with those Butterfly VIP ticket holders and she didn't disappoint. She was simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!. She was fashionably late, lol, but she made up for it and didn't disappoint the fans and everyone who was in the concert.
The fans and everyone in the crowd were amazing as well 'cause everyone participated, sang, screamed out loud whenever MC sang, and danced along with every dance song she sang and even with Sean Paul...the crowd was super pumped and were dancing for every song number he had done even though most of the crowd didn't understand what SP was saying in his songs (only the chorus and him saying "dem sexy ladies" most of the time), lol.
But the crowd loved the beat of his fast uptempo dance tunes. It got most of the audiences into dancing mood. Mariah even said that the Tampa audience was amazing and she loved that everyone was participating and singing along to every song she sang, lol. Mariah's performances was just superb!
Also, there was this guy who got lucky and got to shook her hand in the other side of the lil' stage that we were standing and another fan who got her Mariah picture signed by MC in the middle of her singing ABMB!
This fan apparently asked one of the security guards/ushers to get Mariah to signed her MC picture and she signed it (the only one she signed in the middle of her performance of the night!)
We almost got to shook her hand though, but it was funny 'cause the stage was a lil' bit farther from the barricade we were standing and since Mariah was wearing this really high stilleto heels, she said that she wish she could, but she didn't wanna fall from the stage.
Mariah was just glowing and so happy to see her fans and she just sounded perfect every song esp. with those 3 of my all-time MC songs in that lil' stage...and WBT was just WOW!!!, she held a longest note at the end.
Thanks to mcharms2003

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