The Adventures of Mimi Tour 2006 - Wantagh, USA - Heroes of Mariah

9/3/06 Jones Beach Amphitheater Seating capacity 15.200 - according to the boxscores, seating capacity 13.855 , attendance 11.725   - attendance 84,6%.
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With special guest Sean Paul
Price range: US $29.50 to US $157.50
Tidbit: Optional Charity Donation: Mariah Carey would like to give you the option of donating $1.00 to Common Ground Collective ( Your generousity is greatly appreciated.

- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- Dreamlover
- My All
- Shake It Off
- Vision of Love
- Fly Like a Bird
- I'll Be There
- Don't Forget About Us
- Close My Eyes (snippet)
- Your Girl (snippet)
- Always Be My Baby
- Honey
- I Wish You Knew (snippet)
- Thank God I Found You/Make It Last (snippet)
- One Sweet Day (Snippet)
- Hero
- We Belong Together
- Butterfly Reprise

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Fan reviews:

I cannot believe that I enjoyed Jones beach twice as much as the awesome MSG show!! THey were BOTH GREAT shows but jones def. surpassed by far!!
MSG had more guest stars BUT jones had MORE MARIAH!!!! and whats better than that?? NOTHING!!!
She talked to us and her lambs like we were all best friends-- she seemed SO comfortable and happy to be in Long island!! She joked like crazy and sang so many diff sings that she didnt sing in msg!
Jack was there and so was Randy jackson!!! he walked right next to me!!
People thought she was done after she sang hero BUT I KNEW MARIAH was returning-- lots of unbeleivers left BUT i freaking stayed there still yelling and jumping!! AND SURE ENOUGH SHE RETURNED w/ a beatiful confetti butterfly finale!!
AND as if the show cudnt be more perfect when it was over, i mean like RIGHT over- the jones beach labor day fireworks began!!! magnificent!! holy shit were they great-- I was like entranced the whole way back to my car!!
Thanks to Marilena

OMG!!! Tonight was the best MC concert I have ever been to!! I was also at MSG, which was great!! But maby it was because I had first row and center stage, not to brag or anything, but to hear her voice so close and to see Mariah that close was incredible. There are no words to desribe how awsome that was. She smiled, winkes and looked at us multiple times, she liked the MC tour shirt I had on, especially since I was the only one in the row with it on. I don't know how the music was in the back or anything, I was at a Kelly Clarkson concert a few weeks ago at the same venue and the music sucked, but Mariah was awsome!! She had an earpeice malfunction, nothing major, but she couldn't hear herself, to see if she was on key, and still she sounded perfect. I remember the first time I heard her, 16-17 years ago, and I was 7, I said to myself, WOW! All these years later still...WOW!! What a voice! I know I'm going to be partial to her but she's beautiful!! I mean I knew she was but again...WOW!! I have no words, this was an expreience that I'll never forget!!
Thanks to Valorie aka ccallisto1

well i was there tonite.i was also at msg. the show was called for 7pm. but at 7pm it was mostly empty . the seats started to fill up at 7:30 thats when sean paul came out. i thought the crowd really like him even though it was mostly white middle class people from long island. mariah came out about 9pm . we waited about 40 minutes for her. she came out wearing the same  outfit .black hot pants and bra with a cape sang ilt.than dabrat came out and rap to the intro of heartbreaker.than she sang vol. the people love her but where i was sitting no one was singing or dancing so i sat down and just clapped alot. didnt want to stand out.she spoke about her finger nails not being done,and brought out her dog jack out telling everyone to vote for him on line. than she brought out randy jackson. the only thing she did different was she dropped fanatsy with old dirty and instead sang honey. or maybe she did sing honey i n msg with p diddy. i guess she dropped fanatsy?all and all it was a really good show and she was again in great voice. she sang some snippets for her fans in the front . she introduce her gay hairdresser . telling everyone he won some award for being the best colorest in hollywood . and someone gave her a stuffed lamb.
Thanks to babyacceite

Mariah sang Close my eyes because she said someone requested it backstage.
Her voice was great. Did one horrible belt on shake it off like she choked on somthin but it was alright, she did things outa order saying im just winging things.
she stoped VOL to ask how many peopel know this song and said sing the first verse. Basically the whole stadium did.
many peopel were leaving before the encore, and so everyone turned around when they heard the WBT intro.
she held a awsome long live note in butterfly, holding the mic a little back, just incase she messed up, but nailed it.
Thanks to TheRealStarmie

we walked towards our section and we saw people standing by the gate (where the buses were) so we decided to wait too. we saw trey walk to one of the buses and my mom screamed his name and he turned around and waved. then we saw a car pull up and we got all excited because we thought it was mimi but then the door opened and it was randy jackson, my mom screamed his name n he was like wuts up and then she screamed yo dog! haha. but then after about a half hour my mom and cousins went to they're seats because sean paul was about to come on..i stayed there with karina. (we didnt care about seeing sean paul, but we could hear him from where we were standing and he didnt sound all that good) so while we were waiting we saw trey walk back from the bus towards the arena and we called him over and we were talking to him..he gave karina a hug and kissed her on the cheek (mind you, we were on opposite sides of the gate..i felt like we were in jail or something, lol) and shook my hand. i asked him if he could give my present to mimi and he said he couldnt do that so i asked him if i could have his autograph and he said now i can do that, and i was like im gonna buy your cd the first day it comes out and he laughed. then trey left and we kept waiting for ms mimi to come. during the intermission another car pulled up and the door opened and i was like who the fuck is that? n it turned out to be da brat n i was like yo brat! but she didnt hear me. (it was so funny she was standing there fixin her fro) then we saw darrell standing by one of the buses and we called him over, he started walkin our way and on one of the security's microphones we heard her bus is pullin up so darrell stopped walkin towards us and i was like darrell come here, come here! (i wanted to give him present for mc) and he was like girls i cant deal with fan stuff right now i have to deal with mariah right now (got me a lil scared when he said that cause he sounded so serious). so we were standing there and the event staff people came on our side of the gate and were standing in front of us so we could hardly see anything. then her bus pulled up and we got all excited because we thought we would catch a glimpse of her but then another bus pulled up right in front of hers so we couldnt see the door. the second bus's door opened and it was JACK! and her dog walker. i was like look its jack!! haha. so we kept standin there to see if we could see her walk from the bus to the door but we missed her..damn security ppl were in the way!  she started the show with its like that, same stuff as usual but this time she had me tearing when she sang my all, i love that song. she hit all the notes perfectly. my seats weren't too good, even though i wasnt in my assigned seat and i was closer than i would have been if i was..there was alot of seats open but i had binoculars so i could see her. da brat came out for honey and heartbreaker. randy came out after mimi n trey sang i'll be there and was just talkin to them and the audience. jack came out after randy and he tried walking away from mimi but she had everyone in the audience call his name and he walked towards the audience instead of away from it and mimi held up his toy and he was jumpin for it. she was tellin everyone to vote for him for the relly awards but i think she needs to check before she says anything because the only day you could vote for jack was last thursday, lol. when vision of love started mimi was like stop, stop, stop, i wanna make sure everyone knows this song..does everyone know it? and it got all loud and she was like ok if you know this song sing the first line for me. she was talking about her nails before she sang fly like a bird..she said that she couldnt get them done because she didnt wanna be late (even though she was late, lol) but she wanted them done because she knows that long island girls always gotta have their nails done and she was like if anyone takes a picture of my nail im gonna have to come down there and take the film. a little bit into her nail story she was like now there's gonna be "mariah talks about her nails during show" because i know there's ppl reviewing this right now but i dont care! haha. i dont think she should say goodnight before the encore because everyone thinks its over and they start leaving and she took a while to come back out last night.
Thanks to Danielle

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