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Big health problem, no updates at the moment, however I'll post here and there on Twitter

Posted on March 7

Go look on  Mariah's Twitter and Facebook for new pictures

I'll stop posting them here as I think it's better to go "like" them on FB or retweet them.

By the way, on this gorgeous picture, there's a heart shape on Mariah's knee, caused by shading of the light & the plants (thx Marilyn)

Posted on March 5

You're Mine (Eternal) impacts on Balkan music charts

- Serbia:
MTV SERBIA: You're Mine (Eternal) is the new entry at #19 this week
- Croatia:
Radio Samobor: You're Mine (Eternal) jumps from #13 to #9 this week

Source: Bojan by e-mail
Posted on March 5

Tender moments 

Source: Mariah
Posted on March 4
Be sure to follow Mariah on Twitter and Facebook

Pon de makeshift studio..pjs at work,not festive slippers at all! 

Source: Mariah
Posted on March 4

Show your pics with your loved ones and tag them with #YourMineEternal !!!!

"RoeRoe & Mommy braid extravaganza! Lambily, show me pictures with your loved ones and tag them #YoureMineEternal for a follow!"
Source: Mariah
Posted on March 3
The Tanning Of America (part 3 Gimme The Look) featuring Mariah is up !! 

Click here to access it (US residents only)

Posted on March 2

Nap time

"taking a nap (photo sneakingly taken by @KristoferBuckle!) "

Source: Mariah
Posted on March 2

The story and two pics of the Prizeo winners with Mariah are up !

Click here to access it.  The good thing is that they at least gave money for a good cause, let's now hope they will become lambs and support her !!

Posted on March 2

Mariah on her way to fnish the album

"on my way to finish this album. And I am not coming back til it's done. #Lambily #Focused #asyetuntilted "

Source: Mariah
Posted on February 28

Mariah's interview with DJ Suss One is up !!!

Click here to access all parts (if I have time I'll do a recap)

Posted on February 27

Mariah thanks her fans for the support !!

Lambily, #YoureMineEternal  Thank you for all the nice messages and eternal support. Love always, MC #L4L 

Posted on February 26

C'mon !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Support !!!

Request, stream, do whatever needed, You're Mine (Eternal) has a good airplay and adds.  Let's go!!

Posted on February 26

Mariah to be featured in Lee Daniels' new TV Hip-Hop drama series ?

Lee hinted to Michael (on Instagram) Mariah will make an apperance in his new TV series.

Thanks Michael for the info
Posted on February 26

Fashion lovers ..

The dress Mariah was wearing at the BET Honors was designed by Rubin Singer

Source: Rubin Singer
Posted on February 25

Director and long time Mariah friend Sanaa Hamri interview: "Mariah Carey believed in me"

I saw it this morning on CNN International 's African Voices and they now posted it on their site.  Really great interview with Mariah pics and vid extract.  Sanaa praises Mariah !!  It's always nice to see people who don't forget !

Click here to watch it (it starts at 0:55 )

Posted on February 25

Mariah's "You're Mine" (Eternal)" performance at the BET Honors

BET Honors posted the video, click here to watch it.

Posted on February 25

Reminder !! Tonight

- Mariah performs "You're Mine (Eternal)" at the BET Honors at 9 pm ET
- Mariah appears on "The Tanning Of America" on VH1 

Posted on February 24

Head over to Mariah's Twitter/Facebook

Mariah posted a cute pic of Roe "500 hours of beauty school'

Posted on February 24

Saturday Night Online interview

Click here to access it

Posted on February 23

Mariah 's You're Mine (Eternal) enters at #29 in the Official Belgian Urban charts 

Click here to access the Official chart

Posted on February 22

The Videos are up!! Mariah on The Ralphie Show

The videos of the interview are now up on the show's website.  Thank god it's longer than what we heard last night ....

Click here to view all parts of the interview

Posted on February 21

Video coming: Mariah on The Ralphie Show

Mariah's interview aired today on 95.5 WPLJ.  She said she's still working on her new album cutting vocals and mixing.  There will be uptempo and sad songs (for the ones who need it).

The radio says a video will be posted here soon.

Source for the pic: 95.5 WPLJ on facebook
Posted on February 20

More You're Mine (Eternal) Billboard updates

- debuts at #24 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs
- debuts at #12 on Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs 
- debuts at #15 on Billboard R&B

Posted on February 20

BET Honors quiz, there's a Mariah related question 

Click here to play
Posted on February 20

Way to go España

You're Mine (Eternal) enters at #21 on the official Spanish singles chart 

Posted on February 19

Mariah gets her 46th Hot 100 single entry with You're Mine (Eternal) 

You're Mine (Eternal) enters at #88 on the Billboard Hot 100 (without really any airplay)

We will have the full Billboard charts (streaming, R&B, etc..) tomorrow.

Posted on February 19

Mariah's interview will be on 95.5 WPLJ Thursday at 7pm

The interview will air during the Ralphie Show.

Posted on February 18

Mariah's interview with DJ Clue

- She still suffers a lot from her wounds, especially her hand.
- Roc and Roe grab her legs when she leaves 'don't go momy"
- She talked with DJ Clue about some songs and project they are doing together and apparently an intro she wants to remake/add

Posted on February 18

More pics from yesterday

Source: DJ SusOne - DJ Clue - Ralphie Aversa
Posted on February 18
Mariah sat down with DJ SussOne for an intimate interview

Source: Mariah
Posted on February 18
Mariah was on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon debuts on Tonight Show with all-star guest list in New York

Click here to watch the lil' video

Source: The Guardian - Marilyn by e-mail
Posted on February 18

Mariah was in some studio today

Brian Faltudo posted a pic of Mariah and him in studio

Posted on February 17

Easy way to find radios to request Mariah's "You're Mine (Eternal)'

Click here, let's go !!!!

Posted on February 17

Head over to Mariah's Twitter/facebook for beautiful Valentine's Day and Empire State Buildong pics
Mariah's You're Mine (Eternal) is #1 on MTV's fave videos 

Good news !!!!
Posted on February 16
Video: Mariah greets fans outside the Z100 studio

Click here to watch

Posted on February 16

Today Mariah hosted the iHeartRadio countdown with Romeo

Click here to listen 

Thanks to Rebecca aka @Lamb4Lyfe327 aka babygirl for the heads up
Posted on February 16

Video: Mariah lights up the Empire State Building and talks new album 

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: Jay by e-mail
Posted on February 16

You're Mine (Eternal) will impact Mainstream Format on February 18

It's now listed on All Access.

Source for the info: Jason by e-mail
Posted on February 16

Vote everyday for You're Mine (Eternal) on 106&Park

Click here to vote

Posted on February 15

Mariah's interview on 106.1 BLI

If you missed Mariah's interview on Long Island radio 106.1 BLI, they uploaded it on their site

Posted on February 15

If you missed it, watch Mariah on 106&Park

Click here to watch it

Posted on February 15

At The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick in New York

Posted on February 14
Watch Mariah and Trey Songz You're Mine (Eternal) Remix video

The video just premiered on 106&Park and is now up on VEVO/YouTube.  Click here to watch it and stream it !!!!

Posted on February 14

Send a Mariahgram to your Valentine and tell them "You're Mine (Eternal)"

Click here to send your card

Posted on February 14

Listen to You're Mine (Eternal) dance remixes now!! #Resung 4 the lambily!

Click here to listen

Posted on February 14

You're Mine (Eternal) on Youtube now!!!

Let's goooooooooooooo !!!!!! Click here and stream it !!!

Posted on February 14

Mariah performed "You're Mine (Eternal)

"Couldn't leave w/o an impromptu perf. of You're Mine (Eternal) for friends on top of the @EmpireStateBldg #LoveSongs" 
Source: Mariah
Posted on February 14
Dance remixes coming

Mariah just announced dance remixes are coming tomorrow (Feb. 14)

Posted on February 13

Video: Why 'You're Mine' Is It Not The Typical Mariah Love Song

Click here to watch Mariah talking about it

Posted on February 13

Video: Funny Mariah with Angie Martinez

Click here to watch

Posted on February 13

Mariah Carey Lights Up ESB for Valentine's Day

Beautiful pictures up on the Empire State Building Facebook 

Posted on February 13

Video: Mariah Carey Talks About Her Directorial Hand in "You're Mine (Eternal)"

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: Ward Byron from CBS by e-mail
Posted on February 13

Mariah flipping the switch at the Empire State Building for Valentine's Day

Source: ProFlowers - Socialite
Posted on February 13

Radiant !!

"On my way to meet 6 people who are saying #YoureMineEternal to each other #excitement #gettingmarried"
"Flipping the switch @EmpireStateBldg for Valentine's Day! #YoureMineEternal #Lambily"

Source: Mariah
Posted on February 13

MTV studio yesterday

Source: Zimbio
Posted on February 13
MTV interview

If you missed it last night, MTV posted clips of Mariah's interview, click here to access it

Posted on February 13

Video director Indrani on Facebook

Indrani who directed Mariah's "You're Mine (Eternal) video updated her Facebook page, go take a look.

Posted on February 13

Mariah Carey Directed Her Own Underwater Shots in New Video

Carey is one of those artists who goes full tilt, balls to the wall, all the money in the can at her music videos. “You’re Mine” is no exception and this time Carey’s got skin in the game — she created the concept around the video and brought Indrani to direct — but the way Carey explains it, she’s more of a co-creator.

“I would say it was a directorial collaborative effort. Yeah,” Carey pauses. “It was interesting. We went to the rainforest and that was interesting. Part of the reason was, first of all I love Puerto Rico. One of my favorite places ever and I did my one of my favorite videos, ‘Honey,’ in Puerto Rico at the El Conquistador hotel.”

This video around, Carey and crew went to the nearby El Yungue National Rain Forest to shoot and ended up with the look of a Mariah-shaped mermaid on the Puerto Rico oceanfront, covered in gold glitter and swathed in etherial gold cloth. It’s the Mariah that everyone wants to see: a beautiful, brilliantly lit diva.

“I was involved every step of the way,” Carey says. “I’m still not 100% like, ‘It’s perfect!’ But I went to the rainforest, I got to go to Puerto Rico, I sang the new songs and I like a lot of the shots in the video a lot. There was a moment where I had to do an additional water sequence with no director, just myself and a camera man on an underwater camera. I was looking at the take this morning, they’re ready to kill me. But if we didn’t have those shots there wouldn’t be anything to cut away to, except me.”

And she’s right: without her intelligent insight and insistence, the video would have been a lot of gold Mariah on a rock but the water shots add a whole new element.

Watch the video over at MTV and brace yourself for a second premiere on BET later this week of the remix with a little help from her friends.

“We had  another moment where, for the remix, Trey Songz is prominently featured,” Carey said. “That is ready to be coming — now. It’s exciting.”

Source: Byron Ward from Radio.Com by e-mail (All rights reserved)
Posted on February 13

You're Mine (Eternal) video, be sure to stream it as soon as it's on Mariah's VEVO/Youtube

Big thanks to Juan Carlos for the screen caps
Posted on February 12/13

Mariah visits 'The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show' at Z100 Studio

Source: Zimbio (All rights reserved)
Posted on February 12

Mariah interview at The Breakfast Club 

Click here

Posted on February 12

All parts of Mariah's interview with BIG Boy on Power 106 are up 

- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4

Posted on February 12

Mariah with Paul from IHeartRadio

Posted on February 12

New title revealed: "Thirsty"

In her radio interview with Power 105, Mariah revealed a new song title from her upcoming album! The song is "THIRSTY", produced by Hit-boy!

Source: MariahAlerts
Posted on February 12

I'm in a hurry, hopefully I'll be able to update this evening

All you need to know today

- Download both "You're Mine (Eternal)" versions on iTunes
- From around the world you will be able to simultaneously view the video at MariahCarey.mtv.com.

Posted on February 12

Mariah's new album is still untitled !!

Mariah told fans her new album is still unitled !!!

Posted on February 11

Some more pics from today

Source: JD - instalambily - Jessica Scneider
Posted on February 11

WOW!!!!  Mariah will flipping the switch at the Empire State Building Friday

Mariah wasn't joking in that EXTRA interview (posted yesterday).  She will really flipping the switch at the Empire State Building for Valentine's Day.

Source for the info: Cindy Vero from 103.5 KTU
Posted on February 11

Too many to list ....

Tomorrow (Feb. 12), 
- Mariah will be on The Breakfast Club ( Power 105.1)
- at 7:30 am on Elvis Duran

Posted on February 11

Mariah in promo mode

Source: Mariah - JD - ChesterDefJam - Paul Cubby Bryan - Cindy Vero
Posted on February 11

Press Release

The wait is over
Global Superstar Mariah Carey announces May 6th album date for the most anticipating release of the year!
Mariah launches new single "You're Mine (Eternal)" on February 12th.
In keeping with her countless array of mega-hit love songs, Mariah created another classic anthem just in time for Valentine's Day!
Mariah and MTV join forces for exclusive worldwide "You"re Mine (Eternal)" video premiere HE WAIT IS OVER

Multi-platinum global superstar Mariah Carey explodes into the new year with “You’re Mine (Eternal),” her brand new single which she wrote and produced with hitmaker Rodney Jerkins and is launching just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Both the highly-anticipated, multi-format single, and the remix featuring uber-talented R&B heartthrob Trey Songz, blast off globally to radio and all digital retailers on Wednesday, February 12th and set the stage for Mariah’s new album coming May 6th on Island Def Jam / Universal Music Group. 

Mariah continues her philanthropic efforts and opens her heart and home by partnering with Prizeo to offer a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive private concert to those dedicated fans who make a donation to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Mariah desired  to do something extra and offered a special Valentine's Day concert to the lucky winner.  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. 

Mariah traveled to Puerto Rico's El Yungue National Rain Forest to film her video for "You're Mine (Eternal)" and to experience firsthand the soaring natural beauty of this environmental wonder.  She sought to further highlight the need to protect and preserve our planet's natural resources and to raise awareness so our future generations will be able to enjoy the same.

On Wednesday evening, February 12th (7:50pm ET/PT), MTV and Mariah will join forces for the unprecedented global video premiere of  “You’re Mine (Eternal).”   Mariah and MTV News host Sway will be live on-air in NYC for the U.S. video premiere., and the video will go live in 159 territories worldwide.  Viewers from around the world will be able to simultaneously view the video at MariahCarey.mtv.com.

Mariah will also make a rare, special Valentine’s Day appearance on BET 106 & Park for the network premiere of the “You’re Mine (Eternal)” remix video featuring Trey Songz.  And don’t miss Mariah’s  performance of "You're Mine (Eternal)" on “BET Honors” airing Monday, February 24th in the US and around the world on BET’s international network on February 28th at 9:00pm GMT.  Mariah took home the Entertainer Award at  the "BET Honors" in 2012.

Go on Mariah's official site to read it in full

Posted on February 11

Mariah's You're Mine (Eternal) on iTunes Belgium tomorrow (Feb. 12)

Are you ready?  Are you ready?  Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ? 

Thanks to Universal Belgium for the info
Posted on February 11

She cracks me up 

Video: Mariah backstage at the BET Honors

Mariah is talking to AJ Calloway from EXTRATV backstage at the BET Honors
Click here to watch it

Posted on February 10

You're Mine (Eternal) on February 12, New album May 6

Click here to watch the lil' promo video
Source: Mariah on Facebook
Posted on February 10
Mariah on Z100 NY on Wednesday

Mariah will be on Z100 NY on Wednesday and play her brand new single (it doesn't say if she will be there or calling)

Source for the info: Joel 
Posted on February 10

Updated on February 10 (it changed to February 12)

Official !!! (as it's via So So Def)

Mariah's new single "You're Mine" drops on Febrauary 14

Posted on February 9


Go on B.Scott's site for more pics
Posted on February 8
Had to take a break from my break (if that makes sense )

Mariah performed her brand new single at the BET Honors

According to people attending the BET Honors, Mariah slayed her brand new song "You're Mine"

Source for the pic Mariah
Source for the info: @geneyoungpics
Posted on February 8

On break !  Unless there's some interesting and/or official info, the site will not be updated
Mariah and Nick put their LA house on sale

Click here to read the article.

Posted on February 7

Mariah will be on 106&Park next week

106&Park just tweeted:
"Hey Lambs ---> Mariah Carey is in the building next week!!!!!!! Hit up @MalaicaSidibe for #106tix!"

Posted on February 7

Sad news for the fan community

Mariah Daily Journal is closing.  I just want to give a shout out to Jonny, it's not his decision and he's still a great unconditional Mariah fan !!!!

Posted on February 7

Mariah arrived in Washington

Mariah arrived in Washington for the rehearsals of the BET Honors 2014 that will be taped tomorrow.

Posted on February 7

Mariah in VH1's New Rock Doc The Tanning Of America, watch the trailer !!

VH1's latest Rock Doc The Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip Hop is about to get its grand TV premiere on February 24th.
It features an all-star cast of interviews with Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Al Sharpton, and Mariah Carey (to name a few), all of whom give their personal take and recollections on how hip hop has affected both themselves and their world.
Tune to VH1 on February 24th at 11 PM/10 PM C to catch the first episode!

Click here to watch the trailer and read the full article

Posted on February 7

Mariah's video to premiere on 106&Park on Valentine's Day !!

According to DirectTV, the video for Mariah's new single is set to premiere (to be played) on 106&Park on Valentine's Day.

Source for the info: Joel by e-mail
Posted on February 7

YES!!!! Mariah is now listed on The View  !!!!

The View, Ep102 Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014

Source: TheView
Posted on February 6

Be excited, be VERY excited !!!!!!!!!! It's starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mariah Carey to promote her new single "Be Mine" on The View next Wednesday !

Mariah Carey has a Valentine's Day treat for her fans: she'll appear on The View next Wednesday.

The superstar singer will pop up on the ABC chatfest to promote a new single, "Be Mine."  A rep for the singer says "Be Mine" is from her upcoming album, The Art of Letting Go, which still doesn't have a release date.

Mariah had previously promised some sort of announcement on Valentine's Day, though perhaps she's doing it early on The View because she's busy on that day.  As previously reported, on February 14, she'll be giving a private Valentine's Day concert at her home for a lucky winner and a companion.  She's auctioning off the private show via the website Prizeo.com, to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Source: ABC (All rights reserved)

Note: Maybe it's "You're Mine" .................

Posted on February 6

Mariah, Trey Songz, JD and video music/film director Chris Robinson

Grammy nominated Chris Robinson already worked with Mariah on the "I Know What You Want" video and also directed many Trey Songz videos.

Source for the pic: Chris Robinson on Instagram, Jonas by e-mail
Posted on February 6

Mariah to perform at the BET Honors 2014

Mariah is set to perform at the BET Honors 2014 on February. 24 (9pm ET) in the U.S (Feb. 28 on BET’s international network)

Source: BET
Posted on February 6

Mariah, Trey Songz, JD

Source: JD
Posted on February 6
From Puerto Rico to New York, she never stops !!

Mariah spent a few days again in Puerto Rico at this beautiful place and left on February 3 to head back to New York where she spent a long day and night shooting a video.  Trey Songz was on the set. It's unclear at the moment if it's for her video or if she's featured in his video or if it's for something else.
Source for the pics: chigirl - Gunter - TreySongzGermany
Posted on February 5
Nas Says Mariah Carey Collaboration Will Have Different Theme Than 'Make It Last Forever' 

Nas and Mariah Carey go back like babies with pacifiers. It's been more than a decade since the two exchanged love notes on the 1999 remix to Mimi's "Thank God I Found You," but the two will make perfect harmony once more on her forthcoming album.

Carey confirmed that the collaboration with Mr. Jones will make the LP and be among the favorites.

"We have yet to finish our collaboration but it's one of people's favorite records, even though it's nowhere near finished, and even though it's not at that [right] place yet," Carey told MTV News last October.

"I'm just happy to work with her, man. Me and Mariah go back," the Queensbridge rapper told VIBE Sunday night (Feb. 2) at Hennessy's private event in New York City. "She called me, I was with it and it was all love.

For those expecting a "Make It Last Forever" spin-off with the finger-wagging songbird, Nas teases it won't be. "It's gonna be a different theme,"

Source: VIBE (extract)
Posted on February 4

Stunning Mariah !!!

"Working in my most favorite environment clearly having a bad hair day.. "
Source: Mariah
Posted on February 4
Mike Will Made It talks about working with Mariah Carey: "dope song, pretty special"

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: Ernie on Twitter
Posted on January 31

The Art Of Ruining Surprises

Call me names all you want, to me (and some people)  it's not right a dj leaks concrete infos at this time, that's all !!

Posted on January 29

The Mariah/Wale collab

I don't know how it made such a buzz among the fans, we knew it since last August and the collab was confirmed being on the album early January.  Great it makes buzz out of Mariah's fan base tho.

Posted on January 29

Wale : "the Mariah collab is top secret"

Click here to watch Wale saying his collab with Mariah is top secret, if the guy wants infos he needs to ask Mariah or Jermaine. (here's a man you may trust !)

Posted on January 28

Nick interview (extract)

People identify Mariah so much with the holidays...what did you get her last Christmas?
I tried to do something sentimental. I tried to do like in my newest video, “Dance Floor”; I surprised her with photoshopped photos of us as kids, as if we would have known each other [then]. It got to a point, before this past Christmas, where we were just buying each other cars. She don’t drive, so she has all these brand-new cars that have like, two miles on ‘em—big Porsches, Mercedes, Phantoms. Even her jewelry game, she got jewelry that she bought herself, Elizabeth Taylor jewelry, where one ring is what a company’s worth.

You and Mariah are particularly known for having an elite work ethic. What advice would you give aspiring power couples about juggling work and family?
When we’re in the house, I try and focus on family, but you gotta deal with business. I know I gotta get on this plane and make sure I’m on the other side of the country for breakfast. Our common ground is, once we’re in the house, it’s all about family.

You joked on your new Showtime special, F#ck Nick Cannon, that women are freakier than men, and you and Mariah talk about getting in as much sex as possible to keep the marriage poppin’
Absolutely! [laughs] Older women, their sex drive be on point! Where we’re at in our lives, it’s about embracing each other and spending that quality time. Before I was married, I was in these streets heavy when it came to females. I’ve always loved women, always was a hopeless romantic. My wife had been married since she was a kid, and never had the opportunity to be herself. So it matched perfectly. Grown women know what they want, little girls are still trying to figure it out. I honestly don’t have time for games because we are so busy. We’ve got a great family, we embrace each other, we’re in love with each other more than ever. You’ve got to work to make sure your relationship stays fun and fresh.

Mariah Carey has had some high-profile exes, but you have some very visible exes also! You might find yourself sitting next to Selita Ebanks at a show...or running into Christina Milian, or Kim Kardashian, or Meagan Good. Is jealousy ever an issue?
The entertainment industry is like high school. In 9th grade you might be in love with somebody and by the time you get to 12th grade, she’s in love with your best friend. It’s like a small town mentality, and if you focus on who dated who, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I always wanted a wife who I could be open and honest with, who would embrace me for me and I embrace them for them, someone who either knew me before I was famous, or someone more famous than me. My wife can have anybody she wants. She has more money than me, is way more famous than me—she must really love me for me.

Do you bring the kids and Mariah to the hood, is it cool now?
Yeah! I took Mariah to the church I grew up in, in the heart of Southeast San Diego. I showed her the projects where I grew up. I just recently moved my grandparents out of there, but I used to pull the Phantom right up across the street from 45 park, dead center of the hood. I’mma always have a footprint in southeast San Diego. I have a couple artists from the area, we about to build a community center in southeast too. My dad is instrumental in the community, with the council[people] and ministers; Dad was a gang member who became a preacher. My mom ended up marrying [my stepfather], who was really heavy in the streets, got shot seven times right outside our house. Living both those lives was crazy. I’m comfortable in any environment because Ive seen the worst, Ive seen the best.

Source: VIBE via Nick
Posted on January 27

New Song Title Revealed: "Dedication"

In an interview published in yesterday's The Press Of Atlantic City, Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Darhyl 'DJ' Camper Jr. revealed that he worked on a song called "Dedication" for Mariah's new album.

In the past year, Camper Jr. has also worked with John Legend, Jay-Z, and Tamar Braxton.

Source: The Press of Atlantic City - MariahDailyJournal
Posted on January 27

From JD !

JD tweeted :" Me and James Fauntleroy talking bout this dope ass Mariah record "

Posted on January 25

Video shoot in Puerto Rico

Mariah arrived middle in the night in Puerto Rico and went immediately on the set of the video shoot on a beach to capture the first light of dawn.  She's expected to leave Puerto Rico today.

Source: ElNuevoDia
Posted on January 23

Book: "Roc and Roe's Twelve Days of Christmas"

Scholastic, the global children's publishing, education and media company, will publish a holiday children's picture book by celebrity superstars Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Roc and Roe's Twelve Days of Christmas, a delightful and festive picture book featuring the couple's adorable twins Roc (Moroccan) and Roe (Monroe) will be released in Fall 2014. Aimed at readers ages 3 and up and illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist AG Ford, the book follows Roc and Roe as they put their own unique spin on the Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas." The deal was developed by D. Christopher Jennings and Robert Caruso, founders of Impact Republic, Nick Cannon's Ncredible Entertainment, and Ken Geist, Vice President and Editorial Director, Scholastic Press Picture Books.

"We are so excited to work with the Scholastic team on our Roc and Roe picture book and we can't wait until this holiday season!" said Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.

"It's been such a fun and collaborative process and we are thrilled to be working with Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey on this exciting project. Roc and Roe's Twelve Days of Christmas is the perfect book to read with your little ones—an adorable spin on a classic tale, sprinkled with humor and heart," said Ken Geist, Vice President and Editorial Director, Scholastic Press Picture Books. 

Source: Scholastic Press Release
Posted on January 23

If Indrani herself posts it, we may as well post it too .....

"So excited, about to head deep into an unexplored rainforest, to direct an epic music video with an extraordinary artist..."

Source: Indrani on Facebook
Posted on January 21

Two new lil" videos from the SAG awards

- On the Red Carpet - click here
- On the way to the after party - click here

Posted on January 21

Happy Martin Luther King Day !

"Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King for moving mountains and changing our world"
Source: Mariah
Posted on January 20
Mariah's new video directed by Indrani !!!!!

Always according to RW Media, Indrani directs Mariah's new video

Posted on January 20

Mariah video in production in Puerto Rico ?

According to Randi Wilens from RW Media "we have a Mariah Carey video in production in Puerto Rico"

Posted on January 20

Some more random pictures

Mariah with Nick, JD, Lee Daniels and Sean Penn at the SAG after party.  Backstage at the SAG.  At the LAX airport today on her way back to New York !

Source: originalbigdaddy - April - ricknval - zoeredei
Posted on January 19

Mariah recorded two covers ....

Mariah says she’s planning a big announcement on February 14th for Valentine’s Day. When is the album coming out? “Spring, late spring,” she said. “This quarter.” April? She’s been sequencing the tracks.

But get this– she’s also recording two “covers”– other songs, older hits. She would not fess up the titles. 

Source: Showbiz411
Posted on January 19

Video: Mariah and Nick arrive at the SAG Awards

Click here to watch it

Thanks to @327MCfan for the link
Posted on January 19

"On our way to the party"

Source: Mariah
Posted on January 19
SAG Awards Red Carpet

Source: Zimbio
Posted on January 19
Mariah at the SAG Awards

More pics/vids will be added tomorrow

Lil' Vids
- The Butler - Click here
- Missing Dembabies - Click here
- Cuba Gooding Jr.and Mariah - Click here

Source: Star - Val - Whitney - NicolePajer - Twitter - Fashion - Jessica - Mariah
Posted on January 18

Gorgeous Mariah arriving in LA

Source: DailyMailUK (All rights reserved)
Posted on January 18

Other lil' vid of Mariah arriving at LAX 

Click here to watch it

Posted on January 18

US fans!! tune in on TNT or TBS at 8 pm EST

As previously reported, Mariah is nominated for the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in the "Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture" for "The Butler".

Posted on January 18

Video: Mariah spotted at LAX

Paps are really everywhere but then again, an airport is the perfect place to spot celebrities.  Click here to watch it.

Posted on January 18

Mariah's album is finished !

"Spent the flight sequencing my album, pretty standard"
Source: Mariah
Posted on January 18
15 years this month
I'm a Mariah fan since wayyyyy longer than that, but the website is turning 15 years this month. 

Keep an eye on my Twitter for a lil' contest starting tomorrow (Saturday)

Posted on January 17

Ebony Magazine with Mariah and Nick on the cover!!! Be sure to grab your copy!!!!

As usual, no HQ's or article will not be posted as long as the mag is on sale 

Thanks a lot to Alexander (@AlexTitus5 ) and Anea
Posted on January 15

#NeverGiveUp !!!!!!!  We did it!!!

VEVO just announced Mariah's We Belong Together" has been VEVO certified (100 million views) !!!!

A big thanks to all the ones who took part to the action !
Posted on January 14

"The Butler" DVD/Blu-ray is on sale in a lot of countries!!

Posted on January 14

Mariah's super pip announcement !!! Oh wow!!!!

Do you want my heart? Make it yours! For the nostalgia, in the spirit of giving, "All I Want For Valentine's Day" is to literally give you my heart and hopefully help people along the way. For just a small donation to St Jude's, in addition to a private concert in my home, you could win my vintage heart-shaped diamonds and rubies necklace as seen in my early videos like "Love Takes Time," "Emotions," "I'll Be There" from MTV Unplugged and even when I won my first Grammys including Best New Artist (disclaimer..in retrospect, the necklace does not match the ensemble.. but hey, what are you gonna do? ??) LYM!!! New single launching everywhere in February!! Enter now:

Source: Mariah
Posted on January 13/14

Mariah & Nick pics collage in "Dance Floor" 

Click here to access the video
Source: Rebecca (aka @Lamb4Lyfe327 aka my babygirl  )
Posted on January 12
Mariah's upcoming single !!

According to Erik Bradley, Music Director at B96 (Chicago) and Mariah's friend, the upcoming single is "EXTREMELY RADIO FRIENDLY"

Posted on January 10

Mariah's tweet ..........

"Lambily!! Super pip announcement coming on Monday!!!"

Posted on January 10

Congrats Mariah & Miguel on their NAACP IMAGE AWARDS nomination for Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration with #BEAUTIFUL!

Go Mariah and Miguel, goooo  #Beautiful 
Click here to see the other nominees

Source for the info: MariahAlerts (Mariah's Official team)
Posted on January 9

*confused*  I still don't know if the Ebony is in stands, the PR says January 21, articles say it's now ....

From Ebony: Mariah says that dembabies and Nick lend their vocal stylings to one particular track on the new record

Mariah: "It's so sweet, they will have this for the rest of their lives, I want the kids and Nick to join me on tour so we can all sing the song live on stage.  It would mean so much."

Posted on January 9

EBONY Magazine on sale on January 21 ?

It seems the magazine will be in stores on January 21 (subscribers may receive it first), so US fans, before you go out looking everywhere for it in the cold give a call to your store !

"The other night I had on a ruby and diamond necklace and earrings, Ms. Monroe looked at me and said,‘Where's my necklace?" 

Posted on January 8

We Belong Together reaches 100 million views on VEVO

I can't see it as VEVO is not available over here but it seems we reached our goal.  Keep watching it on YouTube too!!!!

Source for the info: many fans by e-mail
Posted on January 7

Mariah and Nick grace the February cover of EBONY Magazine

Be sure to pick up your copy (available almost worldwide).  Mariah talks about love, Nick, dembabies and new music.
- “It was early on when I found out how spiritual she was, and we had conversations about kids and how to live life. For her to share these values, it instantly let me know this is the person I’ve always wanted.” -Nick Cannon
- “Having babies definitely strengthened our bond because all the love that you have for each other is manifested into these two incredible beings.” –Mariah Carey
Source for the pic: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on January 7
New Twitter and Facebook background/header/avi

Source: Mariah's Facebook and Twitter
Posted on January 6
Other pics of Mariah, Nick, Monroe and JD leaving London on Jan. 1

Source: DailyM UK (All rights reserved)
Posted on January 3
Mariah leaving The Dorchester (London) yesterday

Posted on January 2
Lil' video: DemBabies pon the mic in London

Miss Monroe is definitely more at ease.  Click here and enjoy.

Posted on January 2

Lil' Videos! Mariah "Happy New Year" in London last night

- Happy New Year, click here
- Auld Lang Syne - click here
- Always Be My Baby - click here
(others have been posted yesterday)

Source for the link: Hamza Haimami - Natasha
Posted on January 1

Video: Mariah performing a medley of some of her biggest hits at NBC's New Years Eve

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: MariahNetwork 
Posted on January 1

London: Some more pics 

Source: Edy Ganem - Mariah - Kris- Ryan (Marilyn) - Hamza Haimami - Akeel Amini
Posted on January 1
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