November 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
Kate Garraway who spread lies and false facts about Mariah apologises!
You'll remember that woman from GMTV who made up Mariah's demands while she was on the show in London.  As previously reported Kate was not even in the studios while Mariah was there and spreaded lies that were translated in a lot of countries and are even showing up only now in the US.

In her column this week, she apologises, let's hope all the sites that published the lie will be so quick to publish the truth!

“I am really sorry about the furore I caused last week after I wrote in this column about Mariah Carey’s appearance on GMTV. 
Especially because I am told it has upset the star herself, which is the last thing I intended.

You will remember I said how nice Mariah was. Everyone at GMTV loved having her on and her performance, typically, blew us all away. But it was wrong for me to add some jokes and gossip about her being a diva.

Her management have now told me that I got hold of the wrong end of the stick completely and I am still reeling from the massive ticking off my bosses gave me for fuelling the rumours that Mariah is unreasonably demanding.

Of course a star of Mariah’s magnitude is bound to have a lot of people around her when she appears on a show like GMTV, especially as in this instance she also had a group of backing singers as well – no one would expect anything less. 

Let’s face it – the world would be a much duller place without people like Mariah and it’s only because they are such stars that we all love to gossip about them.

I am so sorry, Mariah, and I really hope that you come back to the UK soon."

Posted on November 30

About VEVO
You were a lot asking what was that VEVO stuff (remember earlier today, the news came in Mariah cancelled her visit in Germany to attend the launch of VEVO).  VEVO is (according to labels) the future of music videos.  As substitute to MTV and BET (which are not really music channels anymore), every official music video will be uploaded on VEVO, the entire catalogue of every artist will be found there. From now on, it will be the only official source where labels will upload the videos to not be lost among the numerous illegal ones uploaded on YouTube.  Even YouTube will embed their videos from there.  It will bring a lot of money to the labels and artists as they will share the earnings of the ads.
The site will officially launch on December 8 and a launch party will take place in New York.
Posted on November 30
Mariah stuffing the turkey 
Mariah's friend Jasmine was so kind to share a picture of Mariah stuffing the turkey.

Click to enlarge
Source: Jasmine
Posted on November 30
Mariah cancels her visit in Germany
I keep receiving e-mails from sad and/or mad German fans.  I'm sorry for you guys...
Fans were worried as the auction for German charity Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children) to meet Mariah on 5 December in Bremen Wetten Dass show was suddenly canceled.
Later in the day, Universal Germany announced Mariah's appearance on "Wetten Dass" has been canceled as Mariah needs rest and preparation for the launch of the Vevo music video website on December 8 in the US where Mariah will perform.
Source for the info: Curt - Andreas and so many others by e-mail - Fly Away
Posted on November 30
By Jasmine's tweets, we knew something went bad, but that bad......
If you’re black, get back?

It may have been an angel-themed party, but Jasmine’s fiery side was unleashed when she learned of racist treatment towards black guests at Mariah’s London soiree 

So Mariah recently touched down in the UK for a promo run and she also threw a massive angel-themed party in London. On the night of the event, I was preparing to get myself dressed and ready, except I couldn’t because suddenly, my phone started blowing up with calls and texts. 

There seemed to be mass confusion at the nightclub Jalouse, where many of the people on my guest list were having difficulty getting in. From the start, this party had too many cooks. There were five guest lists, an argument over the style of DJs, and a promoter that really didn’t fill me with confidence. Still, I know when not to interfere so I held my tongue. But I shouldn’t have. 

It suddenly struck me that all my guests that were having difficulties getting in just happened to be black and male. I then received reports from the door that the door staff were being extremely and unnecessarily rude and even racist to many of them. 

A number of my guests told me that they were snubbed at the door, and told things like, “Not tonight son, you’re not suitably attired,’’ etc. Well, I was spitting with fury. 

After informing Mariah of this saga, she threatened not to go unless it was sorted immediately, so many calls and heated discussions were had. The PR company that were trying to control the door also informed me that the club seemed to have a colour-influenced door policy and when the PR girls questioned this seemingly prejudice policy, they were thrown out by security! 

Readers, I was getting ready to go down there and knock someone out. I was so furious with the less than able half wit promoter who was the most ignorant, unhelpful, unprofessional person I have ever worked with. I organise events and parties for superstars regularly and never had I seen such malfunction.

The club was supposed to be giving all our guests wristbands to ensure their free beverages all evening, but our guests got nothing and were forced to pay extortionate bar prices. Meanwhile, the club charged their guests a lot of cash to pay to come and meet Mariah, so the club was mostly packed with people whom none of us had invited. It was a farce. 

Even though a lot of celebrities like Sir Philip Green, Louis Walsh, Westlife, Geri Halliwell, Kanya King, Brenda Emanus, Alan Carr, Pixie Lott and Rupert Everett were inside, a lot of others – like Sway, Bashy and Lemar – were apparently treated very badly. 

We finally arrived to a ridiculous fanfare and then people started frantically pushing, squeezing and flashing their cameras. This is how you know it wasn’t our guest list but the club’s crazy guests. Our guests come to all our events and never act the fool. They are made up of the likes of BBC 1Xtra DJs, Choice FM DJs, Kiss FM DJs, journalists from music magazines, online sites and so on. It was an absolute nightmare. 

The DJ tried his best but the club had killed people’s party vibe and now it was just full of drunk nobody’s spilling champers all over everyone. The club staff had made our guests feel so bad that people were looking despondent or leaving. We hated it. It was horrible. We made small talk and smiled and greeted people but it was a wrap. We weren’t in there for more than an hour and had to escape. 

Outside we heard yet more horrible stories of the club staff verbally abusing our guests. Video director Jake Nava was told to tuck his shirt in and Chipmunk was so vex he bounced after 10 minutes. 

It’s pointless a club spending loads of money on PR, a publicity branded board, pink cupcakes and angel dressed bar staff, when the treatment of attending guests is going to be so bad. 

The next day, after I finished apologising to my guests and reassuring them that this wasn’t typical of my events or what Mariah would’ve wanted, I did some research. Many industry people said the club had an awful reputation. I was saddened and surprised. 

Maybe its naïve of me but I truly didn’t think things in London were this bad. My DJ mates and industry people laughed at me, telling me I was silly to be shocked because in many West End clubs, apparently this is the norm! 

I don’t understand why this has gone unchallenged for so long. But luckily, a friend of friend pointed me in the right direction and now I’ve been told that undercover government investigators will be making trips to clubs to see which are breaking the law, and those clubs may have their licenses revoked. 

The bottom line: never go and spend your hard earned cash in clubs like Jalouse. They don’t respect or want you. Spread the word. We don’t advocate racism. Down with the Jalouses of this world. 
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on November 30

Capri Award for Mariah!
Mariah will receive the premium 'Capri Award '09 - Supporting Actress of the Year' for her performance in "Precious".  The Award ceremony will take place in Capri on December 28th.
Heroes note: Mariah's presence at the Awards ceremony needs to be officially confirmed, as we know Mariah will need some rest before her New Year's Eve concert...
Source: AP com - Ostia News - Thomas by e-mail
Posted on November 29
"Memoirs" remix album set for February!
Mariah's manager, Chris Lighty, tweeted the following, after he probably was harrassed by a lot of people:
"Listen Memoirs remix lp date set working on target exclusive. tour coming stop complaining!"

Heroes note: If it's really a Target exclusive, let's hope that exclusivity is only for the US and that the remix album will be released in a normal way around the word, I'm totally against piracy but that's the best way to make people pirate a record.
Posted on November 28

Belgium drives crazy 
With absolutely no promotion (most people here don't even know there's a new album out), radios are left on their own to play some Mariah.  Mostly in the French speaking part of our country, ones still play "Obsessed", others plays "I Want To Know What Love Is",  others start to play "Standing O" and Betcha Gon' Know", while we start to hear "All I Want For Christmas" in stores and the song goes up on iTunes.  A radio even plays Mariah's new single "I Stay In Love"   I'm not gonna complain, go ahead djs, the situation is hilarious (or is it sad???)
Posted on November 28
"Precious" will be "La véritable Precious Jones" in French
It seems the title for "Precious" in French speaking countries will be "La véritable Precious Jones", I have only one thing to say, go see the movie in English with subtitles (if you don't understand English), don't go watch it dubbed it will loose all the intensity!!!!!  Thank god, in Belgium we will have it undubbed!
Posted on November 28
Mariah wants a nice normal life before having a baby
Mariah said in her interview with UK "The Morning" she wants a nice normal live for that moment (having a baby).  2010 may be the moment?
She also said she will not have an entourage anymore like suggested by a huge superstar.
Posted on November 28
Mariah critisised by Wetten Dass host even before she's there, German fans show your support!!!!!
As you know Mariah will be live on "Wetten Dass" on Dec. 5, host Thomas Gottschalk already talked bad about Mariah last week.  If by chance you're among the lucky ones inside the studio and he starts saying something (in German) she will not understand, please stand up for her and boo the guy like French fans did on the "Grand Journal".  Show support!!!!  Supporting Mariah is not only try to catch a glimpse at a hotel or studio, it's also (and should I say it's more important) to stand up for her all year long!!!!!
Source for the info: Curt by e-mail
Posted on November 28
German fans! Here's your last chance to see Mariah live on "Wetten Dass" on Dec. 5
Universal Music Germany is offering 2 tickets to see Mariah live on "Wetten Das" on December 5 in Bremen.  Contest ends on December 2.  Hurry!!!!!
Click here to enter.
Source: Universal Germany
Posted on November 28
CNN Larry King Live: A Night For Heroes
In CNN Larry King Live: A Night For Heroes, Mariah talked about her heroes including Marilyn Monroe, her mother, and President Obama. She also talked about the time Obama won the election and her song, Hero.
- DVD - click here to download
- HD (includes a commercial for the show) - Part1 - Part2

Source: Moony
Posted on November 27
Click to enlarge..... 
Posted on November 26
US fans: Ellen DeGeneres gives Mariah MSG tickets away
Ring in the New Year with Mariah Carey in NYC!
Mariah Carey is performing at Madison Square Garden on December 31, 2009, and you have a chance to join her. Enter here for your chance to win a pair of tickets. 
Posted on November 26
Mariah's "Memoirs" falls to #95 on Billboard 200
What more can we do?  Nothing I guess...
Posted on November 26
H.A.T.E.U video edited!
Brett Ratner tweeted that a brilliant job was done on the edit for Mariah's H.A.T.E. U
Posted on November 26
Mariah on Larry's Heroes Special
A night for Heroes
4 hours of Larry King Live! 
Beyonce's at 5, Tyra Banks at 6, Mariah Carey at 7 and then at 8, Larry's Heroes Special! Ben Stiller, Tyra Banks, Matthew McConaughey, George Lopez, Mariah Carey and Shakira tell us who they are thankful for!
Today at 8pm (ET)
Source: Larry King Live - Boston Daily
Posted on November 26
Happy Thanksgiving!  (more to come throughout the day ...)
Please send this link to all the medias bashing Mariah for untrue stories!!!! We have all read that stupid rumor translated in several languages, Kate Garroway made it up, but the medias were so happy to bash Mariah again.  Make them correct it now!!!!!
Kate Garroway slammed by bosses for unfairly slating Mariah Carey
Kate Garraway has been carpeted by GMTV bosses for unfairly slating Mariah Carey.

The show’s presenter not only got her facts wrong, but she was not even in the studios when the singer was interviewed by Lorraine Kelly. But Kate said in her magazine column that two minders carried Mariah into a chair to avoid creasing her dress and that she even brought her own loo roll.

Kate said: “I’ve heard rumours about her being a diva. Turns out it’s all true. While Mariah was nice, her entourage outnumbered the GMTV crew.”

But the claims were furiously denied by Mariah’s management and Kate, 42, has been ordered not to make that kind of mistake again.

Some GMTV staff fear her comments could affect their ability to get A-list guests on to their sofa in the mornings.

A source said: “What Kate claimed wasn’t true and it has caused big problems backstage.

“The huge entourage was actually a choir and musicians used by Mariah. When stars come to be interviewed on GMTV they don’t expect this. Even worse, what Kate wrote wasn’t true.

“Kate has been carpeted by bosses and told it cannot happen again. It looks bad for GMTV to be linked to these sort of comments about a guest.”

A source close to Kate added: “She was misinformed  and is mortified by what has happened. She has apologised to Mariah and her bosses and will make amends in her column next week.”
Source: The Mirror (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 25

Mariah in magazines

As reported a few days ago, Mariah is on the cover and inside the Ciné Télé Revue.  I'll post scans as soon as I have the ok from the mag's people.  Belgian fans, be sure to pick up your copy!!!!

Mariah is featured in the TV Sorrisi & Canzoni magazine (source for the scans: Sandro by e-mail).  Italian fans, be sure to pick up your copy!!!!

Mariah is featured in the Wetten Dass magazine.  This free magazine is included in several German magazines across Germany. (thanks Curt)

Posted on November 25

Vote for Mariah on the Virgin Media Music Awards
Mariah is nominated in the "Best solo female 2009" category.  Please vote here and now!!!!!!
Source for the info: Andy by e-mail
Posted on November 25
Be sure to pick up your copy!!!!!
Remember, for their first anniversary, Mariah and Nick went to The Maldives (Nick tweeted they were on the other side of the world..)
Mariah & Nick Vow Renewal In The Maldives 
From the December issue of InStyle

Source for the scan: Christian on fomm
Posted on November 25
"Live in Vegas" for Asia update
Remember, earlier this month, I told you Robert was mastering Mariah's "Live In Vegas" for Asian video and ringtones releases.  There's more news.  Here's what he told me:
"I did the work for a company that is specializing in Asian music marketing, and they licensed the rights to film Mariah's concert, which they will sell in many formats. I was polishing the audio for CD, downloads, and ringtones while others are working on video editing, etc. The Asian market differs from North America in several ways, and they are trying to focus upon that specialty. Plus, Mariah is huge there."
Posted on November 24
"Migrate" song of the decade!
Van Pierszalowski, member of US folk band Port O' Brien, who was giving a concert at Le Botanique (Brussels) said: " Mariah's song "Migrate" is the song of the decade, it's absolutely on top. I don't like her ballads, but she's one of the best voices in pop music".
Posted on November 24
H.A.T.E.U video edited by Dustin Robertson
Dustin Robertson, autor of the Pumping Velvet movie that he personnally showed to Mariah, let us know he's editing the video. (not really new info, but at lease we know it's still going on).
Posted on November 24
German fans: Meet Mariah in Germany 

German charity Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children) and Bild are putting 2 tickets in auction to meet Mariah on 5 December in Bremen Wetten Dass show).  All proceeds from the auction will go to the charity to help underprivileged kids.  German, Swizz and Austrian fans can bid until December 1 at the following link. .
Source: Ein Herz für Kinder - Bild - eBay - Curt by e-mail
Posted on November 24
Mariah interviewed by ex-Spice Girl, Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton who has now her show on Heart interviewed Mariah, the interview is now up on the radio site.
Mariah talks about how some fans express their love by tattooing some of her lyrics on their body, about having lots of clothes and shoes when she travels as like every woman she can't appear with the same stuffs on different shows and about Christmas.
The interview is only available to UK residents (but you can enter a UK code to listen: W14 8EZ is a good one )
Source for the info: Art by e-mail
Posted on November 23
Italian fans: 
Mariah will be featured with a 3 pages story/interview in tomorrow's edition of  TV Sorrisi & Canzoni

Also, on Satuday, November 28 Mariah will be featured with Four Seasons footage/interview on Channel 5's  Verissimo from 16h00 to 18h50.
Source for the info: Sandro by e-mail
Posted on November 23

US fans: Free downloads!
Amazon is giving away 3 dollars worth of Xmas downloads to everyone who goes here and types in a promo code (US Only) and enter code MP34FREE
You can download ANY song... they give u a 3 dollar credit. So fans should download TWO of the AIWFC remixes and HATE U. 
That way it helps both singles.
Source: Jeremy by e-mail
Posted on November 23
Palm Springs Fetes Mariah Carey
The 21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) will present Mariah Carey with the Breakthrough Performance Award for her performance in Lee Daniels’ “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire.”  The Awards Gala will take place Tuesday, January 5 at the Palm Springs Convention Center and will be hosted by “Entertainment Tonight’s” Mary Hart.  The Festival runs January 5-18, 2010. 
Festival chairman Harold Matzner commented, “We’re delighted to be able to present the Breakthrough Performance Award to the extraordinary, very beautiful and versatile Mariah Carey, who, in a critically acclaimed role, completely transformed herself from a glamorous music icon to a forthright social worker for the role of Ms. Weiss in Precious.”
Past recipients of the Breakthrough Performance Award include Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Hudson, Felicity Huffman and Freida Pinto.  Mariah Carey will join previously announced honorees Morgan Freeman and Anna Kendrick at the event. 
Source: indieWire (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 23
Mariah nominated for the NRJ Music Awards
Mariah is nominated in the "Artiste Féminine Internationale de l'Année" (International Female Artist of the Year) for the 2010 NRJ Music Awards.  The show will take place on January 23 in Cannes.  Mariah said in the NRJ interview last week she could attend (it needs of course to be officially confirmed as Mariah's schedule keeps changing).
Please vote for Mariah at this link.
Source for the info: mounosteo on our forum
Posted on November 22
Mariah on cover of Belgian Ciné Télé Revue
For international fans, I'll post scans as soon as the magazine is not on sale anymore.  Belgian fans, go grab your copy now!
Posted on November 22
Mariah killed it on X Factor UK
Just watch and listen!!!!!! It's here.
Posted on November 22
Cha Cha gave birth to 2 puppies
I completely forgot to post it, in London Mariah told Cha Cha gave birth to 2 puppies but one of them died.
Posted on November 22
Please watch the video on the "Lichtblicke" site, we don't want to steal the exclu of a charity right?
Mariah's "I Want To Know what Love Is" is the "Lichtblicke" theme song
"Lichtblicke" (Ray of Light) is a charity that helps underprivileged kids and families with problems in Germany. Mariah's "I Want To Know What Love Is" is the theme song of this years action. Click here to watch the video on "Lichtblicke" site.
Mariah gives all airplay royalties in Germany to the charity!!!!!
Source: Lichtblicke - Curt by e-mail
Posted on November 22
Mariah on “Home for the Holidays” ?
CBS each year airs a special called “Home for the Holidays” that focuses on foster kids who have found families to adopt them. This is the special’s 11th season, and will feature performances from such artists as Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, and Mariah Carey.

“Over the last 10 years, we have placed more than 20,000 kids in permanent homes,” says Sussman.
Source: NY Post
Posted on November 22

"I Want To Know What Love Is" video premiere in Germany
The video will premiere in Germany on November 24 at 20h15 on music channel "DELUXE Music".
Source: Deluxe Music - Uwe from Mariah-Carey-fan - Curt
Posted on November 22
Great video for "All I Want For Christmas" remix
Jeremy made a video for the All I Want For Christmas" remix, really well done!!!!! Go take a look at this link.
Source: Jeremy by e-mail
Posted on November 22
Mariah to work with Westlife again?
Megastar Mariah Carey is teaming up with Westlife again for an exclusive single. 
She told me the secret after I was the only journalist to be given an XS All Areas pass when the world's biggest selling female singer arrived in town this week.

In our exclusive chat she revealed she can't wait to work with Kian, Nicky, Mark and Shane again. Mariah said: "They're very exciting artists and I love them." 

She last worked with the lads in 2000, and Against All Odds topped the charts. 

But this time the record will ONLY be released in Britain. "I want it to be the next single here and different to the rest of the world," she said. "I can't wait to do it." 

Mariah, 39, was in London to switch on the Christmas lights at the Westfield Shopping Centre. 

She invited me backstage for a chat, and I can tell you the 20 white kittens and 100 white doves that she'd been rumoured to have demanded were nowhere to be seen. 

In fact, the diva's area was quite modest - she even had to use a portaloo while she signed autographs for hours (though it was a luxury one with pink walls and a heater). 

"This diva tag is never going to go away but it doesn't bother me anymore," Mariah said. And setting the record straight she added: "I didn't ask for anything." 

Mariah performs new single I Want To Know What Love Is on tonight's X Factor from new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. 

Hubby Nick Cannon joined her in London, but they're not ready to start a family yet. "Music is still my focus. But that's not to say one day... " 
Source: News of the World (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 22

I'll try to reply to all your e-mails asap
Posted on November 21
"All I Want For Christmas" remixes now on iTunes Belgium
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah's New Dance Mix)
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah's New Dance Mix Edit)
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah's New Dance Mix Edit Extended)
It's here and now for only 2,99 €  !!!!!!!!
Source for the info: David on our forum
Posted on November 21
"I Want To Know What Love Is" physical single out in France on Nov. 30
The single will be in stores on November 30 in France!!!!!
Source for the info: Mounosteo on our forum
Posted on November 21
For video collectors

Mariah on NRJ
Part1- Part2 - Part3 - Part4 - Part5

Mariah on Chérie FM
Click here to download it.

Thanks to B.Lamb and Moony on our forum
Posted on November 21

Mariah's great time in London
Mariah had a great few days again in London before returning home.
On November 18, she did some press in her hotel, then in the evening she went to the London Studios to tape the Alan Carr show.  It was hilarious and Mariah had really, really fun.  If you haven't seen it yet, search for it on YouTube, it's absolutely great and her performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is" was amazing!

November 19, was a magic day.
Mariah launched "Forever" in the UK.  The event and photoshoot took place at the Dorchester Hotel.

Then came the big event, Mariah switched on the Westfield Christmas Lights, I've never seen so many enthousiastic fans.  Thousands were there just to see Mariah.  The giant Atrium was packed and divided in 3 areas.  Pink bracelets to meet Mariah during the album sleeve signing session, grey bracelets to meet Mariah at the Forever event and take a group picture, yellow bracelets to watch the event.  At 5pm, they closed the doors at this side of the shopping center as there were so many people everywhere.  I even saw sales persons climbing on the windows of their stores to watch the event.  When Mariah arrived it was awesome, everyone was cheering, calling her name, applauding, welcoming her.  AND, at least where I was, there was no pushing at all, this can only happen in the UK!   When Mariah switched on the lights, it was magic, they played "All I Want For Christmas", thousands of people singing it together was emotional.
Mariah then signed and paused for pictures for a very long time and even if she was really tired she had a kind word for everyone.  That's our girl 

Mariah then went back to her hotel and left to head to the "Memoirs" launch party

The "Memoirs" launch party took place at the Jalouse Club, a lot of celebrities and press people attended the party.  Alan Carr, Lemar, Louis Walsh and Sir Philip Green were among the guests.

Time to go back to the hotel in a beautiful "Memoirs" car at around 2:30 am

Posted on November 21

Mariah in France
Unfortunately (as it happens often in France), I heard some paparazzi and some fans screwed it up for everyone else who acts normal.....
As expected too, the Grand Journal were stupid and rude, thank god some fans stood up for Mariah!

Anyway, fans who went inside the Grand Journal were really happy and some of them had the time of their life as they saw Mariah for the first time   I'm really happy for you guys.

- Skyrock: on DiFool's blog, you'll find some pics of Mariah in the studio.
- You can listen to NRJ's interview at this link.
- On ChérieFM, you can watch Mariah's interview.

A lot of French  fans e-mailed me to ask what we can do to protest against the Grand Journal and their attitude, listen guys, if we try to do something together, a petition or something, when the moment will be there you need to do it, last time I asked fans to protest in France (a few years ago) less than 10 people reacted......
Source for the links: Pascal, B.Lamb, Joëlle
Posted on November 21

No updates for a few days, be good, take care and support Mariah!!!!

French fans, there's an update regarding the Grand Journal here.
Posted on November 16

Wow, very interesting......
Mariah Carey: The gloves are off
The singer drops the sugar-coated simpering and shoots from the lip about the music industry and her new business model to save it — which could make her the world’s richest recording artist
“Would you like a drink? I’d get you one myself but it’s a little hard for me to get up right now.” Mariah Carey isn’t kidding. She’s lying on her back in a darkened room in the basement of the TV Asahi studios in Tokyo, dressed in a black miniskirt, a leopard-print Dolce & Gabbana trench coat and 8in Gucci bitch stacks. Her stylist, Blair, is “jujjing” her hair to make sure each lock falls “just so” over lashes that are as lacquered as a coffee table. “Go ahead, ruin it,” she says when Blair tugs too hard. “Wait ’til I’m done speaking, dahling,” the singer scolds when her manager, Louise, interrupts to ask what diet she’s on today. The singer is surrounded by Hello Kitty dolls that her fans have customised to look like her, complete with breasts so big the toys look like they’ve got footballs stuffed down their crop tops. 

What’s on Carey’s mind? Not whether she can hit the metal-piercing high notes in her version of I Want to Know What Love Is. She’s covering the Foreigner ballad on Music Station, Japan’s Top of the Pops, in a few minutes’ time. No, she is — bless — thinking about puppies. “My dog is having babies,” she says. “Two or three puppies. Can you put that in your magazine?” Well, welcome to planet Mariah, the glittery, kittenish, snowflake place where a girl can do just what she wants, however infantile. In a city where teenage girls — dammit, grown women — dress up as schoolgirls, Carey has never looked more at home. 

But then something remarkable happens. Carey sits forward, takes a sip of bitter pomegranate juice and frowns. “Frickin’ idiots! Big, powerful music-industry executives made a giant mistake, and now we’re all paying the price. Frickin’ idiots!” The 12-year-old girl sitting in her bedroom worrying about boys, make-up and simpering over “ickle” animals is gone. In her place is a steely 39-year-old who has just flown in from Seoul, has been working since 6.30am and whose voice is suddenly so hoarse and sardonic she sounds like Alan Sugar at the end of a bad day. “Those stupid executives may have given up on the music business but I haven’t. It’s bleak out there for musicians. We have to do something.” 

There are many things you expect from an encounter with Mariah Carey — ear-drum-endangering squeaks, emotional fragility, an unshiftingly winsome gaze, and bowls of M&M’s — just the blue ones. A reasoned critique of the state of the music industry is not one of them. But under the skin of this twittering popsicle is a businesswoman who has sold more singles, albums and downloads in the US than any other female artist, even Madonna. The multi-Grammy-award-winner has had more US No 1 hits than any other soloist dead or alive. Her first five singles each went to No1 — another record — and she has more platinum singles than any other female artist. Three more Billboard 100 No 1s and she will overhaul the 29-year-old record held by the Beatles for the most US No 1s ever. 

She’s also one of the few people successfully to screw a major record label. Virgin wanted to buy her out of a multi-album $100m contract after her 2001 semi-autobiographical film, Glitter, and companion album of the same name flopped. She took the label for a cool $49m, put the Glitter away and came back with a critically lauded album, The Emancipation of Mimi, that put her back on the hot list. And if that weren’t enough, she might now — just might — have stumbled upon the secret formula to save the music industry from financial fade-out. 

Carey is pioneering a new business model for music. She’s cutting deals with the kind of partners musicians have traditionally shunned, pushing herself into new areas such as publishing, tourism and food and drink. She’s partnering with the biggest retailers in the world. And she’s harnessing the power of the internet, not just to sell music via iTunes, Napster or Spotify, but to market herself using social-networking sites, notably Facebook and Twitter. Simon Cowell, a man who knows a thing or two about making money in the modern music world, believes diversification is the future. He and his close friend, the BHS billionaire Sir Philip Green, are creating a giant music and merchandising company dubbed “Britain’s answer to Disney”. 

Carey’s new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, is released here tomorrow. She has been in London publicising it. Artists always fly into the world’s biggest cities to sing for their sales but Carey is doing it in a new way. Take her recent trip to Tokyo. There are endless TV spots — TV drives sales; TV means fans. But how to get the right kind of fans; who will look good on TV? And how to get the right number outside every venue where she’s appearing, to make her look like a megastar, but not so many that she is mobbed? If only they could be handpicked.

They can. Online. Carey’s itinerary, which is supposed to be top secret but which an aide has helpfully left lying on a table, reveals that she uses the internet to leak details of each appearance to favoured bloggers and Facebook groups shortly beforehand. This way, only the most devoted fans turn up, and freaks and weirdos are weeded out. The selective leaks also help to make sure there are enough paparazzi but not so many that there’s a scrum. Just before she is due to arrive at the Asahi studios to appear on Music Station, Carey’s aides “leaked the time she will appear at entrance through social online sites, blogs, etc. We are expecting to have 100 fans and some paparazzi”, the schedule reveals. The cybertrickery works to script. Just after 6pm, Carey pulls up in her stretch limousine and steps out into a small but perfectly formed crowd. 

That week, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is released in Japan. When you buy the CD in key markets you get the usual pictures of Carey in the white dress, in the black dress and in the gold boob-tube to sex up the silver disk. But you also get something else: a copy of Elle magazine. This is no ordinary edition of the glossy; this is “Elle for Mariah”. It’s full of the usual fashion, beauty and relationships stuff but it’s all about Carey. There’s everything you need to “Mariah up your life!” An additional 500,000 copies have been distributed in the US edition of Elle. 

It’s marketing, of course, but with the all-important Elle seal of approval. Elle writers wrote it all and Elle photographers took the pictures. Brand analysts say getting an established, credible media partner such as Elle to do Carey’s marketing for her is priceless. Rita Clifton, the chairman of London’s leading brand consultancy, Interbrand, says: “Elle is fashionable and extremely professional. If Mariah Carey is to succeed in marketing products beyond music, it’s critical that she gets stylish associations and polished presentation. Elle can bring those.” 

There are ads in the magazine, too, for Angel Champagne, upscale Le Métier de Beauté cosmetics, Forever perfume, Carmen Steffens shoes and the Bahamas tourist board. You can even win a trip to Mariah’s favourite island in the Bahamas by logging on to her official website. Carey is behind those, too. She and her record company, Island Def Jam, part of Universal Music Group, sold the ads for up to $100,000 a page, making far more than the peppercorn Elle was paid to produce the magazine. “I can’t tell you how little money we made on this,” says Carol Smith, the chief brand officer of Elle, ruefully. 

Some ads are for Carey’s own products, such as her signature perfume, Forever. Some are for products produced by companies in which she has a stake, notably Angel champagne. Some are for firms in which Universal Music has a stake, such as Le Métier de Beauté. Some are for brands for which she acts as an ambassador, notably the Bahamas. Every time one of Carey’s fans buys one of the products she’s marketing, she gets a cut. 

The “product integration” deal has covered most of the cost of recording Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, estimated at £4m. It has also created new partnerships and strengthened existing ones. And, of course, it gives fans something tangible and unique — but only if they buy the physical CD, where margins are often better than for online downloads. The physical magazine is not available online. Other artists are looking to exploit the advertorial-meets-ads model on forthcoming albums, including the Killers, Rihanna, Duffy and Bon Jovi. Rihanna, for instance, is in talks with brands and advertisers, including Gucci, Nike, Clinique, CoverGirl and the Barbados Tourism Authority. It’s not hard to see why. Merchandising is a huge business. In the US, Disney franchises, including the popular Hannah Montana and High School Musical, raked in $2.7 billion in retail sales last year alone.

Carey knows she is the last person anyone would look to for business acumen. “People look at my image and they see, oh, the curly hair and the little tight black dress. Tra-la-la,” she grins. What’s more, she herself used to revile the very marketing she is now taking to new levels. “When I was starting my career I’d look at certain people who worked with, say, Pepsi, and I was like, ‘Why do they need to do that?’ I had an offer from a soda company when I first began. They wanted me to hit a high note and then the glass bottle would break. I told them, ‘I think it’s stupid. It’s tacky. I don’t want to do it.’ ” 

What changed her mind? The traditional business model for the recorded music industry is bust. Has been for years. CD sales are down again this year, by 13%, as online downloads grow, according to the ratings agency Nielsen. The Big Four record companies — Universal, Sony, Warner and the ailing EMI — sell two-thirds fewer albums than they did in 2000. Carey is furious that music-industry executives failed to realise how the internet would change the way fans consume music. And when the penny finally dropped, they let the computer, not the music, industry corner the market. Over time, many more copies of Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel will be downloaded online than bought in stores. Buyers will go to sites such as iTunes or Napster to do so, not to Carey’s own website, nor that of Island Def Jam. The iTunes music store passed six billion sales earlier this year and has also driven sales of Apple’s iPod and iPhone. 

“A lot of big powerful music-industry executives made a giant mistake,” she says. “They gave the music business away on the internet. If they had just sat back and said, ‘Maybe let’s figure this internet thing out, it could be something cool,’ we could have found a way to distribute music online on our own terms, not somebody else’s. Prince had already shown them the way. He was so far ahead of the curve, putting out his own records on the web. Everyone else was stupid.” 

Musicians have long promoted non-music products. The Rolling Stones marketed Windows 95 with Start Me Up. Michael Jackson did endless Pepsi promos. And rappers such as P Diddy and Jay-Z have moved on from name-checking other people’s fashion and luxury-goods brands in their songs to create their own brands, usually in partnership with their record labels, and promote them instead. But Carey is breaking new ground in three areas. 

First, she is turning on its head the traditional model of endorsement. With Elle, for example, she is not endorsing the magazine; the magazine is endorsing her. Yet it is Carey, not the magazine, who is trousering most of the cash generated by ad sales. The way she pulled off such a lucrative deal is nifty. Elle and the US cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden had fallen out. Arden makes Carey’s perfume, Forever. What better way to bring the two back together — and get Arden ads back in Elle — than in a one-off special magazine celebrating an Arden product and an Arden ambassador? “I’m just trying to share the love,” she says. And corner the market. 

Second, when Carey is endorsing a non-music product, she does not simply want to do deals through her record label; she personally wants to own all or part of the company that makes the product. You make a whole lot more cash that way. She is forming so many new companies to leverage her brand equity in make-up, clothing and other new areas that her New York lawyers are fast running out of names. “I set up a new business for every project,” she says. “The businesses are called things like Mirage and Maroon Entertainment. They’re based on silly names that I made up in high school.” 

Third, she sees ways to make money with partners that others have overlooked. She has a house in the Bahamas on the island of Eleuthera. She won’t say if she is paid by the Bahamas tourist board to talk about how great the place is but you’d be forgiven for thinking she is, given the amount of time she spends doing so. And even if she isn’t, she probably soon will be. She’s building a recording studio on Eleuthera and plans to shoot videos there with the director Brett Ratner. It’s the kind of publicity a small country dreams of and it would scarcely be surprising if the government there helped out. Carey also plans to team up with the New York tourist board to attract visitors to her adopted home town. When she had her 18th No1, the city authorities lit up the Empire State Building in her favourite colours: pink and lavender. It was good publicity for Carey and for New York. Expect to see “Mariah in New York” advertisements soon. “There are no limits to what we can do,” she says. “The process of creating something should have no boundaries.” 

So far, so entrepreneurial. But is it really Carey doing the work? And even if she is, is she any good, or is there someone there to hold her hand? The day after she arrives in Tokyo, she’s sitting in the boardroom of the Park Hyatt. The hotel is best known for failing relationships, principally Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson’s: much of Lost in Translation was filmed here. But Carey is trying to forge a new relationship. She’s meeting a leading cosmetics manufacturer to discuss plans to launch a Mariah Carey beauty line in a top US supermarket chain. 

Okay, there may be wine on the table — this is still rock’n’roll — but Carey is focused. She’s brought with her two of her own cosmetics bags, a glittery Chanel number and an acid-pink vanity case, to illustrate what she wants the packaging for her line to look like. She’s also brought an interesting new mini MP3 player she found in Korea that she wants to customise, so that it can be sold as an accessory to the make-up. She benchmarks her proposed line against others: Bobbi Brown, Anna Sui, Laura Mercier. But she listens too. “You tell me,” she says when discussing the colours for the cosmetics. “I don’t want to mess it up by liking what I like and enforcing that because that would be a stupid thing to do. I don’t want to screw up.”

The more you see her at work, the more you realise that Carey has grasped not just how her industry must move from a recorded-music business model to a brand-based model, but also that she is the best person to do it. Ask what her “brand” is, and she replies as well as any Madison Avenue advertising executive: “Optimistic, accessible, universal.” It’s true. Her music is the kind of upbeat, bubblegum pop that appeals as much to teenagers in Tokyo as in Tooting. “It’s R&B but not too R&B. It’s poppy but not too poppy. Hardcore but not too hardcore,” she says. She dresses trendy “but not too trendy. I never want people to think I just wear ‘this’ or ‘that’ designer and that they cannot afford my stuff.” Her team work remorselessly to make sure fans get what they want. “We try very hard to answer everything we get sent,” says Carey. “We mustn’t get remote or ever give people the chance to think I think I’m better than them.” 

And then there is her killer app: her image. The daughter of a black father and an Irish-American mother — a classically trained opera singer who studied at Juilliard — she’s black enough to appeal to a black audience. She was one of only two black female soloists asked to sing at Michael Jackson’s memorial. But she’s not so black that she alienates a white audience. She’s also a little Latina. Her father was half-African-American, half-Venezuelan, so she can exploit that market, too. She deliberately plays with her ethnicity, changing her hair to be a little bit more white or a little bit more black, according to what she’s doing and where. “I change ethnically according to where I am in the world. I can be a spokesperson for black, white and Latina. MC could stand for multicultural.” 

Being every kind of woman makes her the right person to sell, well, just about anything. But however powerful her name and image may be, Carey is also savvy enough to realise that, if she’s really going to cash in, she must appeal to those who might like her products but don’t like her. That’s why she’s working on a second line of beauty products, clothes and accessories using her nickname, Mimi, as the brand and the logo. “Mimi is an iteration of Mariah Carey. Any girl can be Mimi. If someone is not a complete fan, they don’t have to worry,” she says. 

There is a problem with all this, of course. Carey is an artist, and whether you like her music or not, she’s undeniably a successful one. “I’m a studio rat. I love writing and collaborating. The music comes first.” Unlike sports stars, who are not considered cultural figures and who have a very short career to make the money they need for a lifetime, musicians have always had problems moving out of music and into new areas. Even those, notably U2’s Bono, who have tried to harness their music and celebrity for good causes, have been condemned as opportunists. Surely, for her to plaster her name over $3 lipgloss in Macy’s department stores is the quickest way to be labelled — oh, what’s the right expression? — a big, cheesy sellout?

Carey concedes that filling supermarket shelves with anything other than CDs “is not ideal”. Nor does she enjoy working as hard as she is. “Do I want to do 50 things a day that have little or nothing to do with the music itself? No.” But she says the economics of recorded music means she has no choice. The time is right personally, too. Knocking on 40 and just married to the TV executive Nick Cannon, she’s not quite so determined to strive for perfection in her professional and personal life, an attitude summed up in the title of her new album and her new film, Precious, which has just been released in the US and is out here soon. 

It tells the harrowing story of a 350lb illiterate teenage girl who is pregnant for the second time by her father and horribly abused by her mother. Carey is unrecognisable as a welfare caseworker, in no small part because she is seen, for the first time, without any make-up — a bold move for a woman who wants to save the music industry one eyeliner at a time. The film’s director, Lee Daniels, offered Carey the part on condition that she show up at the set alone (no entourage) in a taxi (no limo) and freshly scrubbed (no make-up). The film received a standing ovation when it premiered at Cannes and went on to win three awards at the Sundance film festival. 

Carey knows her new business model is controversial, so, just in case Coldplay’s Chris Martin or Radiohead’s Thom Yorke accuse her of cashing in when the first copies of her new album are opened here this week, she’s getting her retaliation in first. “I don’t care if the rock-band person thinks, ‘Oh, I’m a sellout’. Well, guess what? They’re a sellout anyway for going to a record company. I’m sorry — you are. You want to just play in bands in bars? Then do that. Or play on the streets. And if someone throws you some dollars, then you can go get a soda. But you could also help somehow merge the soda business with the music business in a way that is creative.” 

At which moment Louise, the manager, turns up at the door with the not-so-secret schedule. “We have another meeting back at the hotel,” Carey says, “9pm and still working. And we’re off to LA tomorrow.” She hoists herself up slowly from her chaise longue, asks whether there are any stairs on the way to the limo — walking in 8in heels ain’t easy — and tells a flunky to round up the gaudy Hello Kitty dolls and take them to the limo. “I have to have my little toys,” she gushes. The 12-year-old girl is back. It’s what her emotionally incontinent Japanese fans demand. But don’t be fooled. The woman tottering off down the corridor, putting on her bug-eyed sunglasses before stepping out into the latest perfectly formed instacrowd of fans and paparazzi, is the music industry’s next top model.

Source: Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 14

For video collectors
Mariah on The Late Show with David Letterman

Interview (1 segment split into 2 mpg files)
Part 1 - Part 2.

HATEU (intro, performance, and ending)
Click here.

- Interview: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6
- HATEU (intro, performance, and ending) Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Source: Moony

Posted on November 14

Remix album out "sometime next year"
Mariah gave out some infos to her UK fans.
- Mariah has a couple more remixes to finish up in the studio
- The remix album will be coming out "sometime next year"
- Mariah denied the rumours of working with Beyonce on a remix for the remix album
- She has yet to decide a name for the new puppy and is excited to get back and see it.
Posted on November 13
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, the video is up!!!!!!!!
You can now watch the entire video of "I Want To Know What Love Is" on Mariah's official site
You'll see the 2 funny guys who were on Oprah, they are more serious in the video 
Posted on November 13
I think the album is dead in Belgium
The album is out of the Ultratop (Belgian official sales chart).  What did I expect with no promotion, some radios didn't even receive I Want To Know, nothing in magazines, on tv, nothing, rien, nada!  Since Obsessed, it's absolutely dead.
Posted on November 13
Mariah on David Letterman

Watch a clip from Mariah on The Late Show with David Letterman.  The show will air later tonight in the US.
Source for the info and the cap: Moony
Posted on November 13
New pics of Mariah leaving her hotel in London today 
Way to go girl, show the world what it's like to be HOT!!!!!!!!!

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Gossipgirls
Posted on November 13
My mate Mariah Carey: An unknown from Southall and her unlikely friendship with pop's ultimate diva

The elderly Asian proprietor of a corner shop in the West London suburb of Southall is stacking shelves when events take a surreal turn. 

A limousine pulls up and out leaps a bodyguard. From the back seat emerges a glamorous woman in a figure-hugging dress and skyscraper Christian Louboutin heels. She is not from Southall; she inhabits a starrier stratosphere. 
Yet she walks into the shop picks up a wire basket and wafts along the aisles on a cloud of costly fragrance. 

At the check-out, the proprietor, slack-jawed with amazement, puts her shopping in a box. It is a prosaic selection; there are no luxury items for sale in this shop. 
Then the woman and the bodyguard carrying the box of groceries get back into the waiting limo and are whisked away as quickly as they came. The mirage fades as suddenly as it appeared, but the shopkeeper will remember the woman for years to come. 
His unexpected customer was the American singer Mariah Carey, the most successful female recording artist in history. What was she doing in this unglamorous corner of London? She had come to visit me. 
Knowing I was sick and languishing on the sofa at my mother's house with a searing temperature, she had come straight from filming the Graham Norton TV show with the intention of cheering me up. 
I have half-a-dozen close friends and Mariah is among the dearest. I flatter myself that the relationship is reciprocal: Mariah and I share a strong, sisterly friendship. She signs off all her letters to me with the affectionate endearment: 'Your sis, M.' 
Though she is stupendously rich and I am relatively poor, it is a friendship of equals. She visits me in my small home; I am a frequent guest at her various mansions and holiday villas all over the world. 
And it was a typically impromptu gesture of friendship that brought her to my mother's modest two-bedroom house to see me that day. 
Actually, at the time I was feeling less than hospitable. Dressed in a grubby old dressing gown and almost delirious with a fever, my hair lank and my face bereft of make-up, I looked like death and felt dreadful. 
And I felt acutely uncomfortable that my stupendously wealthy friend had swooped into my childhood home without warning, like some migrating exotic bird. 
I'm not remotely ashamed of my origins and I knew my Indian-born mother, Roshan, would not accord Mariah any special treatment - she is not remotely fazed by celebrity - but I did feel awkward. 

Couldn't she have visited on a better day when I was feeling fine and the house was spruce and tidy?

'Really, you don't need to come - Jasmine's so ill she can't even get up,' my mate Monique had implored Mariah when she'd phoned. But, true to form, Mariah had insisted that she would visit. She was on a goodwill mission to lift my spirits. 
And she was hooting with laughter as she unpacked the box of goodies she'd chosen for me. There was a bottle of Alize liqueur - favoured by the rap artist P. Diddy - which Icouldn't drink because I was on antibiotics. Neither could I manage a sip of the plonk she'd chosen. 
Her hamper also included a bag of self-raising flour - to help me rise from my sickbed - chocolates and a packet of (ahem) jumbo-sized sanitary towels. All the items were hand-picked to make me chuckle. And, of course, they did. 
Mariah is clever at choosing the right gift for the occasion. Even her joke presents are thoughtful. And often - though I beg her not to spend money on me - she is embarrassingly generous. She has given me many lavish gifts while instructing me to spend no more than £25 on her. 
How had the paths of our disparate lives crossed? Twelve years ago, when I was a news presenter for the music channel MTV, I was asked to interview Mariah at a villa on her favourite island of Capri.

 knew her by reputation only. An alto with a prodigious five-octave range, she had recorded a string of successful albums - among them Merry Christmas, Daydream and Butterfly - that had earned her vast wealth and huge international celebrity. And her reputation as a grade A diva preceded her. 
'I can't believe you're sending me to see her!' I wailed, as my boss dispatched me. I visualised a morning spent pandering to the inflated ego of a prima donna. 
Initial appearances seemed to confirm my fears: Mariah was poolside on a sun-lounger in a red knitted bikini, a cooling drink at her elbow. I took one glimpse at the reclining superstar with her mane of artfully tousled locks and thought: 'Uh, oh.' 
But she defied my expectations. She was sharp, witty and funny. We soon discovered we shared a dry and rather British sense of humour. 
Mariah gave me a tour of her hotel bedroom. She showed me her vast collection of hip-hop CDs. Then, at the end of our interview, she pushed me, fully clad, into her swimming pool and jumped in after me, shrieking with laughter. (The theme of my MTV show was that the artists I interviewed would abuse me.) 

When I emerged, dripping wet, I realised with dismay that, though I'd brought a full change of clothes, I'd forgotten to pack spare knickers. 
Mariah presented me with a pair of her own: beautifully wrapped, flesh-coloured silk. 'I could sell these for a fortune on eBay,' I quipped. (Of course, I didn't.) 

'I've really enjoyed meeting you. Give me your number and I'll call you,' promised Mariah as I left. 
'Oh yes,' I thought, with uncharitable sarcasm. 'Of course you will.' 
But to my huge surprise, she did. I was driving home from work a couple of weeks later when a call came through from one of her aides. 
'Are you free to speak to Miss Carey?' she asked. 
'Sorry, I'm not,' I replied. 'I'm driving at the moment. But I'll be home in ten minutes if she'd like to ring me back.' I thought I'd better arrange that in case I crashed my car from shock. 
She did - and so our unlikely friendship began. In that first meeting, we talked about music and struck up an immediate rapport. If I had to speak for Mariah, I'd say she probably likes the fact I'm opinionated and outspoken. She also calls me 'festive', which in her lexicon means I'm always up for a celebration and having fun. 
There's no doubt, too, that she's an Anglophile. She adores the British accent - whether it be the Queen's or a Cockney's - and she does a pretty passable impression of it. 
And I think she values the fact I am always honest with her - the people on her payroll may find it harder to speak their minds. 
Certainly, I can't compete with her lifestyle. I live in an unassuming flat near the vibrant, but impoverished area of West London where I was raised. My two bedrooms are so small that if you joined them together they would still fit into one of Mariah's bathrooms. 
So I confess I felt a little self-conscious when, on one of her fleeting, last-minute visits to London, she phoned to ask if she could call by. My embarrassment was compounded by the fact I was entertaining friends for dinner. 
'Are you in? Can I pop over?' she asked. I sounded hesitant. Mariah was mock distraught. 'If you don't want me, I'll just go straight to the hotel,' she laughed. 
'Oh no, come on over. Shall I save some food for you?' I said. She said not to worry because she'd bring a take-away. And so it was that Mariah breezed into my tiny flat laden with enough food from the exclusive Mayfair restaurant Nobu to feed herself and all my guests. 
We ate two dinners that evening, to the accompaniment of much laughter. Then Mariah, whose capacity for hard work is legendary - I have known her to go for 41 hours without rest - dropped into a deep sleep in my sitting room. 

She even wrote about it in a song. The first track Betcha Gon Know on her new album, Memoirs Of An perfect Angel, contains the line: 'I fell asleep on Jasmine's sofa.' \

She is great company and the consummate dinner party guest. On other occasion when she dined at my flat with my friends, she stopped off at Tesco en route and arrived laden with carrier bags containing salmon, sea bass and spinach, which she helped me cook. 

The only thing our palates differ on is spices - I love food very hot and she doesn't. 
I've often been impressed by her eagerness to embrace everyday experiences; the more prosaic, the better. 
After performing in a concert in Hackney, East London, she insisted on accompanying me to my favourite bagel shop in nearby Brick Lane. 
The area is known for the authenticity of its curry houses, its colourful ethnicity and a distinct aura of edginess and danger at night. I advised Mariah to stay in her limo while I bought the bagels. 
'Child, I'm from New York City. I ain't scared of nothin'!' she hammed, sweeping into the shop with me. 
We stood in the queue together under unforgiving fluorescent strip lights while the other customers looked on in disbelief. 
'Will you sign this for my daughter?' demanded a burly local, proffering a creased scrap of paper and a pen. Mariah duly obliged. 

Five minutes later, the man returned. 'Could you do it again? You've spelt her name wrong,' he grumbled. Mariah dutifully supplied a second autograph. 
As well as her kindness to her fans, she can be more than generous to her friends. Once, knowing I'd never been to Disneyland, she flew me to Florida as a surprise treat on my birthday while we were en route to her New York home. 
Like an excited child wide-eyed with delight, she dragged me round all her favourite rides. 'You don't know about the Tower Of Terror? Come on, you have to try it!' she said. 
Obviously, the stories about Mariah being diva-ish persist. But I believe they spring from the fact that for many years she was dominated - brainwashed even - by certain people who had shaped her early career. 
She has said she was emotionally abused by her first husband, the record company executive Tommy Mottola, who signed her to his Columbia Records label. 
She was told she had a 'bad' side of her face that should never be photographed. So, she would forbid anyone to sit on her 'wrong' side during interviews. While the Press leapt on this foible as evidence of her overweening vanity, it was simply that she was doing what she had been told. 
So, too, with the flunkey pictured toting her handbag. She had been told she should never carry a bag because 'It doesn't look right'. It was not that Mariah deemed herself too important to carry her own bag; she was only obeying orders. 
On one occasion, we were swimming off her private yacht in the Med. As Mariah climbed on board after our dip, I handed her a towel. A skulking paparazzo captured the moment and the next day a headline proclaimed: Mariah Even Has a Towel Handler! 
I laughed at the absurdity of it, but in this way the myth of Diva Mariah is perpetuated. 
She is far from blase about her lavish lifestyle. Despite her riches, she still views the world with wonderment. Once, when I was distraught about the break-up of a romance, she insisted I stayed for a few days with her in her apartment in New York. Though her schedule was punishing, she fussed over me like a mother hen. 

'Are you OK? Do you want to go to yoga or will you come to work with me?' she asked each morning. 
Every Christmas she invites me, along with four of her closest girlfriends and their families, to her ranch in Aspen, Colorado. 
My parents are Zoroastrians - an ancient Persian religion - and have never celebrated Christmas, so I have no qualms about leaving them during the festive season. And as an only child, I relish the sisterly companionship of Mariah and her family. 
She always says that she's eternally 12 years old, and that's how I see her. She has a sense of childlike awe about Christmas. 
After Santa with a reindeer-drawn sleigh visit, we stay up all night on Christmas Eve wrapping presents. 
Mariah makes linguini with clam sauce every year and, in her typically self-mocking manner, asks: 'Isn't anyone going to help me?' 
She's introduced me to the joys of rolling in the snow clad only in a bikini and then leaping into a hot tub. 
On Christmas Day morning, still in our pyjamas, we spend three hours unwrapping our gifts, then have a nap before emerging in gorgeous red dresses for dinner. 

Afterwards, we'll fly off to her holiday home in the Bahamas. Mariah swims like a mermaid. I'm a timorous swimmer, so she'll tow me along as a lifeguard would a floundering novice. Protectiveness is one of her qualities. 
I know she'd make a wonderful mother and she's told me she would love to have children. She and her husband Nick Cannon, 30, a comedian, actor and businessman who hosts Simon Cowell's America's Got Talent, have been married for a year. 
Only once have I felt I could offer Mariah a treat comparable to the ones she routinely lavishes on me. Through my work contacts as a TV producer and director, I was able to take her to meet Richard Branson at his private paradise on the Caribbean island of Necker. 
We spent a blissful few days there - on one evening, we lay on a rooftop talking and looking at the stars. 
I was thrilled that I had arranged for her to visit such a fabulous place, but I suspect that if you were to ask Mariah, she would say she had every bit as much fun sitting at the dining table in my cramped London flat sharing a laugh over a home-made supper and a cheap bottle of wine. 
• The album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel and the single I Want To Know What Love Is will be released on November 23. 
The Mariah Carey T4 Special is on Channel 4 tomorrow at 10.05am. The movie Precious, starring Mariah, will be released in Britain on January 29, 2010. 

Source: Dailymail (all rights reserved)
Posted on November 13

The Westfield Shopping Center let all international fans know they may enter the contest "it was an error on the "Terms and Conditions " page (but I checked this morning and it's not corrected yet).
Posted on November 12
Exclusive Sneak Preview of I Want To Know What Love Is Video tomorrow!
Mariah's official site will give us an exclusive first look at Mariah's video for her smash single I Want To Know What Love Is. 
I know a lot of us will keep refreshing the site tomorrow 
Posted on November 12
WARNING: The Wesfield Shopping Center wristband contest is only open to UK and republic of Ireland residents
As stated in the "Terms and Conditions" (see #11), the "Win a wristband to meet Mariah Carey" is only open to UK and Republic of Ireland residents. In a way, this makes sense, but too bad the Westfield Shopping Center didn't mention it before anyone got excited and still tweets to international fans they may enter!
Posted on November 12
Your chance to meet Meet Mariah in London
Enter now and here!!!!!
For you chance to meet the fabulous Mariah Carey, enter your details below! We’ve got 100 wristbands available and these will allow you to not only meet the infamous star, but also get a record sleeve of her new CD Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (out on 23rd November) signed by her.

You’ll also get a prime VIP vantage point to watch Mariah turn on our Christmas lights.

We will be drawing our 100 lucky winners at 5pm on Monday 16th November, with winners being notified by email on Tuesday 17th November. Good luck!

(Please note: These wristbands will only allow you access to the CD signing and not the perfume signing. For that, you will need to purchase Mariah’s new fragrance, Forever, from Boots to be eligible for a chance to meet her.)
Source: Westfield Shopping Center
Posted on November 12

Mariah arriving in London last night

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 12
Mariah Launches her fragrance, Forever, in the UK exclusively at Boots
Mariah Carey and Boots will host an evening celebration for the launch of Forever on November 19th at Westfield Mall. 

With purchase of the Forever fragrance, be the first 150 lined up at the Westfield Boots on November 19th, and receive an autograph photo session with Mariah Carey! 

The Forever fragrance is sold exclusively at the Boots 3 key locations - Westfield, Oxford and Liverpool, and be available for purchase Saturday November 14, 2009
Posted on November 12 

Cha Cha has a boy!
Mariah tweeted Cha Cha has a boy.
Posted on November 12
Westfield Shopping Center signing session
There will be a draw to enter for the Mariah Carey signing (250 fans), however, if you just want to see her switch on the lights, you can come down on the day - it's first come, first served!
Source: Westfield Shopping Center
Posted on November 12
Milan Press conférence footage
Click here to watch it
Posted on November 12
Fan interviewed Mariah
R & B Junk , biggest Italian music blog and Mariah fan community was lucky to interview Mariah inside her Hotel in Milan!
Universal Italy gave Andrew aka glitter the opportunity to meet Mariah and interview her during the media/press meetings 

I don't know where to start,  yesterday was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

It all started around 18:30, when I arrived at the Four Seasons, where the interview with the Italian sites was scheduled.  Outside the hotel there were a dozen fans with whom I spoke for half an hour, and they told me they had seen Mariah when she arrived, she seemed tired, but she stopped to say hello and give some autographs. Trey Lorenz, MaryAnn and Sherry also greeted the fans.
Mariah started an hour late for the marathon interviews for radio, television and newspapers. 

Meanwhile, in the corridor outside the room where Mariah was, there was the bodyguard, the tour manager and her friend Rachel . As I had time, I went to talk a bit more with the fans outside and after twenty minutes I went back in the hotel waiting for my turn (me and a dozen other representatives of websites). 
From what I understand, I advise you to watch Sky, TG2 and TG3, a future issue of Gioia (it will give the cover story, then cover and interview inside) and TV Smiles and Songs (I take this opportunity to thank the editor Mustaro Antonio, with whom I had the great pleasure to "share" the expectation of our time). 

My first contact with Mariah was less than half a meter when she took a pause to go to the bathroom and greeted me in the corridor.  Mariah is beautiful, tall, she was wearing a black leather jacket with lots of zippers, tight pants, blacks boots. 
At around 21:20 it was my turn to enter.

Photos and filming were not allowed, however I was allowed to record the sound with my media player. There were still 4-5 cameras that filmed everything, I hope to recover the video in some way.  They told us all questions about Eminem were prohibited and even mentions were not allowed, I was not going to mention it anyway. And here she comes, she greets everyone and we start.  Other medias asked things that I and all the lambs know almost by heart. But I was enchanted by Mariah, her kindness, helpfulness and friendliness: the climate seemed a chat with her friends who laughed often and made jokes. 

My turn came to ask whether next year she will do something special to celebrate her 20 years' career.  She stayed mute for 5 secondes and I wished I hadn't asked the question, she said NO.  Then she laughs and tells you'll see it, then I asked if we can anticipate something and she replied that she doesn't know, as she's 12 year old there's many years to arrive at 20-year career.  I laughed with her "Mariah old fox you are good at avoiding answers". 

After 20 minutes the interview ends and the topics discussed were more or less the usual: the scent Forever, the film Precious, the funeral of MJ.  Mariah then greeted everyone and left the room. 
I asked Rachel if she could get my copy of "Memoirs" signed, she told me to wait. 

At that moment I was quite stunned, I had just talked with Mariah and so I started sitting waiting for Rachel to return. Time passes and Rachel however does not come back ... I think to myself, she can't disappear with my copy of Moaia. Like an hour had passed and I went in the hotel lobby and  sat drinking and chatting with Mariah's tour manager, her bodyguard and a friend of the press. I had not the slightest intention of leaving without my copy of Moaia, at the cost of sleeping in the lobby or outside the hotel.

I go over to Jackie, the press person and ask for Rachel, explaining that I had given my copy of the album to be autographed, then very kindly she told me to wait.  After 5 minutes she came back with my autographed album. 

After this experience I realized once again how much I love Mariah for her personality, for her sense of humor, her kindness.  I will always be grateful to all the people who allowed this to happen, RNBJUNK, Black, the guys at Universal, really, thanks for everything. 

Main contents: 
- on her projects
"I have so many that you can not even list" 

- her obsessions 
"Right now I am obsessed, worrying that my dog Cha Cha can give birth while in Europe, she got pregnant but she is still small, but one evening she was eating and Jack could not resist and ... well, she's pregnant. In America, I always carry her with me along with the vet, but now they are far and unfortunately I don't think to anything else " 
Click here to listen to the interview
Source in Italian: R&B Junk
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on November 12

Approximative European schedule
Please note, all events/hours are expected to change
November 12 - Press and media inside the hotel
November 13 
- radio interviews
- interview with Orange UK and MySpace Music
November 15
- Press
- X Factor pre-tape
- Meet and Greet with winners of a radio contest (TBC)
November 16

November 16
- expected arrival in Paris at around 18h30
- Skyrock in the evening
November 17
- Chérie FM
- Le Grand Journal

November 18
- Alan Carr
November 19
- Westfield Shopping Center event , lightings and signing session

Posted on November 11

Mariah leaving the Four Seasons in Milan today
Mariah stopped to greet fans outside her hotel today before heading to the X Factor studios. 

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Gossipgirls
Posted on November 11
Mariah on X-Factor Italy
Click hereto download it.
Source: Arthus by e-mail (thanks man!!!)
Posted on November 11
Great performance of Mariah at X Factor Italy!!!!
I hope you guys have seen it live on the link I gave earlier today.  Mariah did a really great performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is" 
Unfortunately, there was a lady dubbing and we couldn't really hear what Mariah said after her performance.
Anyway, apparently Mariah left right after her appearance and is now on her way to a disclosed place in London,  Aaccording to a tweet from Jasmine, Mariah will arrive somewhere in London just after midnight.
Posted on November 11
Mariah arriving at the Four Seasons in Milan yesterday

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
Posted on November 11
Watch Mariah live on RAI Due outside Italy tonight
If you don't receive RAI Due, you will be able to watch X Factor Italy online at this link.  The show is from 9 pm to 12:15 am (European time).
Source for the link info: Alyson by e-mail
Posted on November 11
Ask Mariah a question
Westfield Shopping Center London will interview Mariah Friday, you can now post a question on their Myspace!
Posted on November 11
Just in: Mariah will be switching on the Christmas lights and signing session in London on Nov. 19
Mariah will be switching on the Christmas lights at the Westfield Shopping Center in London and do an album signing on November 19 at 6pm.
More info about how to get wristbands will come later.
Source: Westfield London
Posted on November 11
As it seems some of the H.A.T.E.U paparazzi pictures are fake retouched ones, I'm extremely happy I didn't post the unflattering fake ones on my site!
Posted on November 11
H.A.T.E.U, fake pictures!
Mariah from Diva to Angel
As reported yesterday by Elio (who attended the press conference), Mariah was about 1 hour late.

Press conference
Mariah Carey's twelfth album is not among the best oh her career and is below expectations in the US.  From obsessed to I Want To Know What Love Is, Mariah didn't convince, she just finished shooting the video for her third single H.A.T.E.U, but several blogs have published stolen shots on the set with the singer appearing in black suit showing off her curves.

What do you think of these pictures of H.A.T.E.U circulating on the net?
- (she takes a long sigh), I don't know about these pictures and I'm not sure it's really me, what do you think?.
I find it very sexy.  Back to the music, there was a lot of discussion about your performance at the Michael Jackson Memorial, what happened?
I know I didn't sung very well, but behind the scenes a lot of things happened.  I was the first one to perform and I was also the last one informed I would need to perform in front of Michael's coffin.  When I got on stage, I was about to cry.  But I hope people have realized that unless I gave up....

One of the duets of your historic career was the one with Whitney Houston in 1998 with "When You Believe," gossips are saying there's a rift between you. What do you think of her great comeback?
(she closes her eyes and slowly open them).  I'm very happy for her.

Mariah also talked about "Precious", our time has expired, Mariah smiles again, gets up, shows off her stunning body (here's the question, what if the paparazzi photos were not her?)  She takes her glass of wine with her and leaves the room in perfect moves, just how only a true diva can do!

Interview with an eternally twelveMariah
Mariah appears perfect, shiny hair, diamond earrings and rings, leather jacket, bright smile. She just seems to come out of one of her videos.  She says "Ciao" and starts to answer questions.

What do you think of the talent shows? 
Talent shows are now a phenomenon, but I don't know if it will last.  I'm glad I became famous before any talent shows, I don't think I would have done all those hours of studio in front of cameras.

Soon, you will celebrate your 20 years of musical career, have you thought about a special event for the occasion?
I told you I'm still twelve years old, how can I think of my twenty years of career (laughs). No, however I don't know anything about it. 

What is your favorite designer?
Surely my favorites are Prada, Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, not that I don't like the others, but they know how to make clothes for women because they perfectly know the female body. 

Among the rumored tracks there was also a collaboration with Timbaland, why did it not make it on your album?
We wrote 2 songs together, I can not go much into detail, but probably one will come out on a project to which he is working. It 'all I can say, (even if she doesn't explain why the collaboration was not included in her record).
Source in Italian: Mediaset - Ginger Generation - Rocko
Posted on November 11

Press conférence in Milan
Mariah was a lil' hour late at the conference, but media people didn't seem to care, everyone was patient.  The press conference lasted for about 15/20 minutes.

Backup singers Trey Lorenz and Maryann Tatum were spotted at the hotel.
Source: Elio by text message
Posted on Novembre 10

I'm gonna try to reply to your e-mails asap guys, with the contest I runned for 30 fans to attend the French Grand Journal, I hadn't much time yet today to reply to the "normal" e-mails.
Posted on November 10
Mariah is nominated for the People's Choice Awards
Mariah is nominated in the Favorite R&B Artist category
- Alicia Keys
- Beyonce
- Jennifer Hudson
- Mariah Carey
- Usher
Please vote here for Mariah as much as you can!!!!!!
Posted on November 10
Mariah arriving at the Linate Airport (Milan, Italy) earlier today
Please guys, tell me she received a warm welcome other than this guy in the second picture looking at her .... euh, her back ...

Click to enlarge
Source: road runner
Posted on November 10
Europe: Get Ready 'Cause Mariah's Coming!
Mimi fans in Europe - now's your turn to experience the fun as Mariah comes to promote her album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel in Italy, England and France. This mini promotional trip will start with Mariah's arrival in Italy on November 10th in the afternoon and last a full week. Below is an initial schedule for some of Mimi's appearances. 

Milan, Italy November 11 at 9:00pm - Performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is" on "X Factor" (Italy, airs on RAI2). 

London, England November 12 - Various press interviews, performance on "X Factor" (England), GMTV and "This Morning". Air dates TBA November 14 at 10:00am - Premiere of T4 Special Mariah Carey (airs on Channel 4) 

Paris, France November 16 at 9:00pm - Live interview with Skyrock radio. November 17 - Interviews with NRJ Radio, Cherie FM. November 17 at 7:00pm - Live TV interview on Le Grand Journal.

London, England November 18 - Taping appearance on the Alan Carr (Channel 4 at 10pm) show including a performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is". Air date TBA 
Posted on November 10

Forever in Malaysia
Big Mariah fan Julian took pictures of Mariah's "Forever" in Malaysia's most Famous Mall, PAVILION in Kuala Lumpur.

Click to enlarge
Source: Julian from Passion for Fashion by e-mail
Posted on November 10
Mariah to be on Live with Regis and Kelly
Mariah pre recorded a segment on the Regis and Kelly show on November 6.  US fans, be on the look for the show to air soon.
Source for the info: Moony - Lauren
Posted on November 10
Mariah arriving and leaving the David Letterman show
According to a tweet from Island Def Jam, Mariah performed "H.A.T.E.U", Mariah's interview and performance will be broadcasted on Nov. 13 on CBS.

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 10
French fans, a last update on the 30 tickets we managed to obtain to see Mariah live at Le Grand Journal on November 17 will be posted late tonight or tomorrow, it's here.
Posted on November 9
"I Want To Know What Love Is" #1 on french radio Ado FM
Well done guys, keep it going!!!!
Posted on November 9
Recap: Mariah’s European Promo Trip
Here is some details on Mariah Carey’s promotional trip to Europe.  Please note nothing is set in concrete and is subject to change:

10 November 2009 (Italy)
3.00pm Linate Airport (Milan) (like I posted here yesterday)
3.30pm Four Seasons Hotel Milano - Via Gesù, 6/8, 20121 Milano, Italy (like I posted here yesterday)
- - > Will do some press from hotel during the day.

11 November 2009 (Italy)
Appearance on La Prima Edizione (Italian X Factor)

14 November 2009 (UK)
Mariah was previously announced in the UK press as appearing on a show & can be found in numerous listings as the guest performer (to be confirmed)

15 November 2009 (UK)
According to Heart FM - Private Mariah Carey Meet & Greet (subject to change)

16 November 2009 (France)
Evening - Skyrock Radio Interview (subject to change)

17 November 2009 (France)
- Visit NRJ (radio interview) (like I already posted here)
- Appear on Le Grand Journal - 2, rue des Cévennes, Paris 15. The nearest subway station is, station Javel. (like I posted here and managed to have 30 tickets for fans to attend the show)

18 November 2009 (UK)
Alan Carr - Chatty Man Show (pre-recording)

Source: Mariah Connection UK  and Heroes of Mariah
Posted on November 9

"Precious" makes box office history!!!
Box Office: “Precious” Stuns With $100K Weekend Average
Lee Daniels’ “Precious: Based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” has exceeded even the highest of expectations in its opening weekend, according to estimates provided by Rentrak earlier today.  The film - which has been the source of much anticipation and buzz since its Sundance debut in January - grossed a stunning $1,800,000 from just 18 theaters over the weekend, averaging an essentially unheard of $100,000. 

“Precious” was distributed by Lionsgate, who had acquired the film shortly after Sundance in a heated bidding war.  The deal, brokered by Cinetic, was said to be worth $5.5 million, and weaved in the support of both Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, who came on board as executive producers.  The plan obviously seems to have worked so far, with theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta reporting large crowds and sell out shows for “Precious.”  The film grossed $587,859 on Friday, and then rose to $699,514 on Saturday (averaging $38,800 per theater on that day alone), and was estimated to take in an additional $512,627 today. That already makes it the fourth highest grossing Sundance Narrative Grand Jury Prize winner this decade.

The numbers countered the early expectations that director Lee Daniels says he had for the movie. “It’s still a bit premature as all the weekend numbers aren’t in yet,” Daniels told indieWIRE on Saturday, just as the film passed the $1 million mark. “Remember, I thought ‘Push/Precious’ was going straight to DVD and I was cool with that. So, when I got this info I was slayed.”

Gabby Gabs “Precious” will expand considerably this Friday, November 13th, both within the markets it debuted in and in the Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington, San Francisco, and Houston areas. 
Source: indieWire (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 8

Update: Mariah in Italy
Mariah will arrive in Italy at the Linate Airport on November 10 (as previously posted) and will stay at the Four Season Hotel, Via Gesù in Milan.  On November 11 Mariah will perform at X Factor and is expected to leave Italy right after the show.
Good luck to all Italian fans!
Source for the info: Sandro by e-mail
Posted on November 8
UK: Chance to Meet Mariah
She’s a worldwide superstar but later this month you, yes you, could be meeting Mariah Carey.
You and friend could be sipping champagne and nibbling canapes with Mariah in a top London hotel.
You’ll also have a professional picture taken with Mariah - just imagine showing that to your friends at Christmas!
How to Win:
There’s two ways you can win this amazing prize.
Tell us exactly how big a fan you are of Mariah here

On-Air: There’ll be 9 chances on Heart this weekend so make sure you keep listening.

Online: You can enter right now online. Entries close at midnight on Sunday.

Simply answer the question HERE correctly and it could be you meeting Mariah.
Source: Heart London - Mariah Connection UK - Jack
Posted on November 8

Some info about the UK T4 special Mariah
DJ Vis who's part of Radio 1 Xtra and MTV Base ACE & VIS – Radio 1 XTRA / MTV BASE wrote the following on his blog.

"I was invited to the screening of the new Mariah Carey T4 special.
Not knowing what to what expect, I was pleasantly surprised. The special showed the multi-Grammy award winning, 200 million album selling superstar as a down to earth, up for a laugh woman who really does deserve the title as Pops hardest working woman!
Hosted by T4’s Rick Edwards the show offers an insight into the world of Mariah, following Mariah and her ‘Carey Cam’ at the Toronto Film festival promoting her new film Precious, interviews, photo-shoots, press conferences, shows, red carpet, private jets. Mariah also demonstrates her pretty impressive British accent, how she controls her mating puppies and how to survive whilst not speaking for five days…and much more
Look out for it on Channel 4 at…"

Source: iamvis - jasmine on twitter
Posted on November 8

More pictures of Mariah on the set of H.A.T.E.U
I found them on a picture forum (with a porn pop up at each picture ) , I scaled them down (my bandwith helloooo) and didn't tagged them as I didn't take them myself (I wish ), all credit goes to AK

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 7
A lot of reviews of "Precious"
There are a lot of reviews of "Precious" on the net, just google it!
Posted on November 7
Mariah back in NY and shooting the second part of H.A.T.E.U

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossipgirls
Posted on November 7
Non official remix album tracklist floating around
I received several e-mails with a remix album tracklist. The source is not accurate, it isn't true HoneyBFly posted the tracklist, it's only a member who posted a tracklist found on Wikipedia and we all know eveyone can edit/add all what they want. You can become a "kinda" member of Wikipedia and add all you want there.... so......
Posted on November 6
Mariah on Larry King highlights
- "Imperfect" didn't made the album as L.A. Reid didn't like it
- Mariah would like to put "Imperfect" in the remix album
- On having children: Mariah says she would be happy to have a child but at the moment she's too busy with promoting Precious, her album and other things that she does.  She doesn't want to have a child and give it to a nanny.
- On Michael Jackson's memorial: Nobody told Mariah the casket would be there and her throat closed up and it was though.
- About having other number 1 singles: Mariah says she doesn't feel a pressure to have a next one as it not only depends from her, she says the label has to work to make that happen too. She makes a song and believe in it but sometimes the label disagree on which will be the biggest hit.
- On singing: "certain people want me to belt all the time. I don't like to belt all the time. It's boring as hell"  ( edit: I forgot to add I'm with you on that Mariah, I freaking love your sexy whispery voice)
- On the AT&T commercial:  Mariah said she knew they would play off her diva image but didn't know they were adding "Dude, just made out with Mariah Carey" at the end.
- Mariah says she has been emotionally and mentally abused and it's scary.  It was difficult to get out of it as there was a connection that was not only marriage but also a business thing where the person was in control of her life.
- Mariah says people say disrespectful things but those are not fans, she has the best real fans in the world.
- We can expect another Christmas album but not this year 'cause it's too late.
Posted on November 6
Most of the people don't even know there's a new Mariah album out.......
Mariah in Official Belgian charts!
Official Belgian sales charts
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #73 (-1) 
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: out

Official Belgian airplay charts
I Want To Know What Love Is:
Ultratip French speaking part of Belgium: #14 (+2)
Ultratip Dutch speaking part of Belgium: still not in

Posted on November 6

Official results are out
On this week's Billboard's Hot 200:
- 31 (-17) - Mariah Carey - "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" -  14.932
Source: Billboard
Posted on November 6
Mariah and Nick spotted in Beverly Hills
Click here to see a few pictures posted by X17.
Posted on November 6
Poor UK fans: "Memoirs" pushed back again
The release date of the album is now on November 23 and unfortunately for collectors it the ELLE edition has been deleted (at least according to HMV UK).
Source for the info: Andrew by e-mail
Posted on November 6
More pics of a gorgeous Mariah shooting the H.A.T.E.U video

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 5
H.A.T.E.U video shot in Malibu
Click to enlarge
More pictures can be found on SweetMariah
Posted on November 5
H.A.T.E.U. video already shot

Brett Ratner tweeted they were shooting the video for H.A.T.E.U.
"Tomorrow i will be directing my favorite artist and friend MARIAH. H.A.T.E.U is my favorite song on the album."
"Just wrapped on Mariahs new video H.A.T.E.U!!!" 
Source: Brett Ratner
Posted on November 5
For video collectors
Extra TV footage from "Bring A Star To School Day"
Mariah visited school kids and she read a book to them and was interviewed by kids.  Click here to download.

Inside Edition Interview at Precious Screening in LA
- click here

Mariah at the Ellen show
DVD quality: Part1 - Part 2 and 3
HD quality: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Larry King Live 
VCD (low quality): Part 1 - Part 2
DVD quality: Part 1a - Part 1b - Part 2 - Part 3 and 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 and 7 - Part 8 and 9 - Part 10
HD quality: coming soon

Thanks a lot to Moony for all the work
Posted on November 5

No more updates tonight, I'll miss you Marta, I need to write your name so it's stays somewhere forever.  You'll be forever in our heart, there's a little place there for you.
Posted on November 4
New "All I Want For Christmas Is You" remix on the way
David Morales has remixed Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You and it will be released as a digital single around Nov. 24.
The new remix include some additional adlibbing from Mariah.
Posted on November 4
gosh, I'm so dumb
I uploaded my page without uploading the pictures of Mariah's photoshoot at the Precious conference.  18 little red crosses are cute but 18 beautiful pics of Mariah are way better.....  look below 
Posted on November 4
Mariah meets Ellen
Don't we love our girl, she's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 
Click here and enjoy
Posted on November 4
Carey to turn on Christmas lights in London
Mariah Carey is to switch on the Christmas lights at Westfield Shopping Centre in London, it has been announced.
The US pop diva will walk down a pink carpet, while butterfly confetti falls from above, to flick the switch later this month.
Grammy-winner Carey will be accompanied by eight children from the Help A London Child charity at the festive event, which organisers said would include pyrotechnics.
Source: The Press Association (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: As previously posted the original date (Nov.15) for the event has been changed, another date will be announced really soon.
Posted on November 4
"Precious" Press Conference Photoshoot -  Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills
I posted a link this morning to see tiny pictures, now we have bigger ones, enjoy 

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
Posted on November 4
French fans, it's here...
Posted on November 4
Celebrate New Year's Eve with Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, the #1 most successful female recording artist of all time will be live at New York's famous Madison Square Garden for a special New Year's Eve performance!  Join Mariah as she bids farewell to 2009 in superstar style, and gets ready to ring in 2010! Mariah at MSG on New Year's Eve is the concert event of the year and one you won't want to miss!!
Mariah will perform a selection of her hits including songs from Memoirs of an imperfect Angel, her latest album which debuted at #1 on the R&B charts and features the platinum single "Obsessed" and her newest single "H.A.T.E.U"   Mariah is the best-selling recording artist of today with cumulative sales of over 175 million worldwide.  With 18 # 1 singles, Mariah is the only active recording artist with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 # 1 hits. Don't miss this must-see performance!!!

You must be a Honey B. Fly member to participate in the members-only presales, so join now!

Members only pre-sale for this show will start on Monday, November 9th at 10amET for Legacy members, and at Noon ET for new members. 
4 Pennsylvania Plaza - NYC
Doors: 8PM / Show: 9PM

HBF Members - enter now for a chance to win a pair of FRONT ROW tickets to this incredible show! You must be a Honey B. Fly Member to participate!
Posted on November 4

French fans!!!!!!  Wanna see Mariah at the Grand Journal?????? 
Claponline and Heroes of Mariah give you this opportunity, grab your chance! 
30 tickets to attend the Grand Journal on November 17 will be given away to French fans, grab your chance now, send us an r-mail with the subjest "Grand Journal".  Warning, you must be at least 16 years old to attend the show, no cameras, no camcorder and of course cellphones turned off! 

3...2....1...0 let's go:
Posted on November 4

"Live in Vegas" for Asia?
Robert is currently mastering Mariah's "Live In Vegas" for Asian video and ringtones releases. 
Posted on November 4
Mariah on Larry King
Some clips are now up on YouTube, here and here.
According to Joslyn who was in the building yesterday afternoon while Mariah was taping Larry King, there were a lot of fans waiting in front of the CNN studio.
Posted on November 4
"Precious" Press Conference Photoshoot -  Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills
Click hereto see the pictures while waiting for bigger untagged ones.
Posted on November 4
Brett Ratner to direct the H.A.T.E.U video
Dustin Robertson who already edited the "Obsessed", "We Belong Together" and "It's Like That" videos and remixed the "Obsessed" video with Gucci Mane is booked for the H.A.T.E.U vidéo.  Here's what he tweeted:
"LYM! Hey lambs! AVIDDIVA is back y'all! Cutting new Mariah vid w/ Brett this week. Follow me for updates LIVE from the front lines! "
Source: Dustin - Aviddiva - Jona by e-mail
Posted on November 4
Mariah on David Letterman on Nov. 13?????
It's too late for me to find out now, maybe when I'll wake up there will be more news but as weird as it seems with Mariah's schedule it seems she will be on the David Letterman show on November 13.... can it be a pre-taped show or can we expect some changes in Mariah's European promo schedule??
Source for the info: Jason on fomm
Posted on November 3
Important for all fans travelling to London to see Mariah
Even if the Westfield Shopping Center already confirmed the Christmas event for Nov. 15 (see yesterday's post), something is changing and Jasmine (Mariah's friend) was so nice to think about the non Londoners fans who plan to travel.  She just tweeted:

"MCC peeps planning on travelling upto Westfield for the xmas light switch-hold your travel plans-date change!!!!"
Posted on November 3

Mariah and Rihanna hissy for Halloween
Mariah Carey and Rihanna refused to talk or be photographed together at a Halloween bash. The dueling divas worked hard to upstage each other at Carey's party at M2 Ultralounge. A source said Rihanna, dressed as a tiger with a tail so long a security guard had to hold it up, partied with three female friends and rapper Ne-Yo in a booth and wouldn't cross the dance floor to pay her respects. Meanwhile Carey, in a corset and giant angel wings, stayed with hubby Nick Cannon in her VIP area. A spy said, "It was Mariah's party, but Rihanna didn't want to be seen with her. And Mariah was not going over to greet Rihanna. Mariah needed six guards to clear a path to the bathroom so her wings wouldn't be dislodged." Carey's rep said, "There were 1,000 people there and, of course, she needed security. She heard a rumor that Rihanna was there but she never saw her. She loves Rihanna and of course would have said hello." Rihanna's rep had no comment.
Source: NY Post Page Six
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Mariah's promo visit in Europe recap
Please note that most of these infos need to be officially confirmed and/or are subject to change

- According to several Italian medias and fans.
Mariah is scheduled to arrive on Nov.10 at the Linate Airport and will probably stay at the Principe di Savoia hotel.  Press conference with Italian medias will take place at her hotel.
On Nov. 11, Mariah will perform "I Want To Know What Love Is" on X-Factor Italy, the show is broadcasted live on Rai 2
Mariah is scheduled to leave Italy immediately after the show.

No details yet on Mariah's arrival in London.
- T4 on Channel 4 on November 14
- Westfield Shopping Center (date changed)
- Strictly Come Dancing show
- Alan Carr show

No details yet on Mariah's arrival in France
- NRJ interview on Nov. 17 
- Le Grand Journal on Nov. 17
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Watch the Jay Leno show
This is for the ones who don't collect or download videos.  Click here to watch the show.
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Mariah UK documentary update
The T4 Mariah documentary which will be airing on Channel 4 on Nov.14 in UK will now be airing at 09:00am (runtime: 1hr 40mins). 
Source for the info: Dean by e-mail
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Mariah at the Jay Leno show
- Part 1 (DVD quality) - click here to download.
- Part 2 (DVD quality) - click here to download.

HD quality
Part 1 of the show (4 rar files)- Rar 1 - Rar2 - Rar3 - Rar4
Part 2 of the show (2 rar files) - Rar1 -Rar2
Source: Moony
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Mariah Stumbles And Almost Falls During the Jay Leno show
Mariah Carey made one of more embarrassing entrances during an appearance on the Jay Leno show on Monday.
The singer stumbled and almost fell over her high heels as she walked to join host Jay Leno before her interview.
But Carey, who was wearing a skin-tight black dress, managed to laugh off the incident, claiming it was all part of her grand entrance.

“You know when I tripped, I had choreographed that earlier,” she told the audience. 
"It was a plan to make Jay nervous that he was going to get sued."

She went on to blame a loose strap on one of her heels for the stumble.

Carey was appearing on the show to promote her new fragrance and forthcoming movie, Precious.

Click to enlarge
Source: Entertainmentwise (All rights reserved)
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For video collectors
Halloween & Interviews/Footage at The Precious Screening 
Various shows covering Mariah's Halloween party and interviews and/or footage of Mariah on the red carpet of the Precious screening last night in LA.

- Access Hollywood, Daily 10, E! News, and Inside Edition in a zip file (all 1080i)
- Extra TV & The Insider in a zip file (both 1080i)

Source: Moony
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Mariah Carey's New Film 'Precious' 'Made Me Cry,' Nick Cannon Says
Nick Cannon supports his superstar wife Mariah Carey in all of her endeavors. And watching his normally glamorous wife portray a plain-looking counselor in the upcoming movie "Precious" moved Cannon to tears. 

"I mean, the performance was phenomenal — clearly one of the best," he told MTV News on the red carpet for the film's Los Angeles premiere. Cannon accompanied wife Carey, who stars in the flick alongside comedian Mo'Nique and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, to the premiere. "I love her every look, always." 

As for the film's serious tone, he says that it was hard for Carey to come home at night after dealing with the story of a teenage girl dealing with incest and pregnancy. "Every person can take something away from this. It was a heavy role — to come down from that you have to stop yourself," he explained. "And stop yourself again." 

Cannon admits that even though he's seen the film numerous times already, he still gets weepy whenever he watches it. "I didn't read the script, but the movie made me cry," he said. "I think it's, like, my fifth time. It gets better every time" 
Click here to watch the video
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
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Mariah and Nick leaving the Precious after party
A giant after party took place at Chateau Marmont, Mariah and Nick were spotted leaving the place.

Click to enlarge
More pictures can be seen at Pacificcoastonline
Source for the pictures: Gossipgirls
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Mariah and Nick leaving Nobu on October 30
Click here to see 17 HQ pictures
Source: Sweetmariah - Elise on our forum
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Mariah confirmed to switch on London's Westfield Shopping Center's Christmas lights on!
Mariah is confirmed for a great Christmas event at the Westfield Shopping Center on November 15.
Bookmark this page for details later this week.
Source for the info: Westfield Shopping Center
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The Love B. Scott interview is up
Remember on October 15, I posted some infos about that interview.  Now, here it is!!!!
Click here and enjoy.
Source: B Scott
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Mariah Carey: 'Music is Always Where My Heart Is'
Mariah Carey has scored five Grammys as a singer and songwriter, but she's not ignoring her career as an actress. Carey has a pivotal role in the emotionally wrenching Precious. 

She plays a social worker who is tough and tender but sticks to the rules for an obese teenage single mom battling a system that ignores her. Mariah told's Jeanne Wolf why she was willing to look shockingly different for the role.

Already a fan.
"I had read the book by Sapphire a few times and it really changed my life. It's very strong and powerful. And I communicated that to Lee Daniels, the director, when he was considering me for the role after Helen Mirren dropped out. So it was just serendipitous that I ended up being a part of the movie since I cared about it so much." 

The power that lingers. 
"I guess the button that the story pushed in me would be just empathy. I mean your heart has to go out to Precious because she is going through so much. It touched me as a woman. It touched me just as a person. It's like you think, 'Maybe I've walked past someone who is a girl like this and not really focused on them or just totally ignored them.' You know what I mean? And it's also one of those things where you relate something in yourself, your own feelings of doubt and negativity. And while you haven't suffered nearly as much, you know what you've gone through is similar." 

Leaving Mariah Carey in the make-up trailer. 
"They totally changed me. I didn't want to look in the mirror. It was beyond dressing down because Lee Daniels loved to torture me. He really wanted me to not just look plain, he wanted me to look homely. That was his goal. He wanted a mustache and an under the eye thing and the bad hair. Now I see why he wanted it because people didn't recognize me and he didn't want me to take people out of the movie because they were seeing Mariah Carey." 

As for her husband Nick Cannon. 
"I actually did the film before Nick and I were married so he didn't know exactly what to expect. But when he saw me on the screen he actually loved it. He was totally into the movie." 

Reaching out to the 'Precious' girls of the world. 
"There are a lot of girls that I see at my shows that may fit the description of what people might think a 'Precious' girl is. When I sing certain songs, you really see that it brings out emotions in them. I see tears of gratitude or joy because they relate to the message. So that's why I continue to do songs that I feel will be uplifting." 

What lifted up her own life. 
"I dreamed huge dreams growing up. My mother was an opera singer and she also sang jazz and different kinds of music. My mother used to say, 'Don't say if I make it, Say when I make it.' She knew I wanted to do this for a living. A lot of my teachers were like, 'You'll never make it. It's one in a million. You've got to do your math homework,' which I still can't do. My mother said, 'Don't say if, say when.' I believed her. She was just always telling everyone, 'Mariah is going to be a star.'" 

Growing up early. 
"I joined that club when I was like five-years-old. My mother used to say I was five going on 20. She was just like, 'Mariah's already an adult.' I used to sit around the table with all the grown-ups and they'd be smoking and drinking and I would just hang out and pretend I was smoking and drinking, all of those things that I shouldn't have been doing." 

Feeling good about her new album.
"I am really a perfectionist when it comes to music. I've always been the type of person that would hear a thousand good things and one negative thing and focus on that negative thing. But this album I'm loving because I took chances. I did a lot of different interludes. I did a lot of things that are different for me. And in terms of just living with an album, when I listen to it now, this is one of those ones where everyday I notice something different. I really love this album." 

And also acting. 
"I used to study acting as a little girl. I was in a lot of different theater workshops and things. Now I'm trying to do my best to be the best actress and the best artist I can be. I'm pursuing things that I want to do a little bit more. I guess the main thing is that acting is going to be a creative outlet that allows me to express myself in another way aside from my music because I'm loving it. But the music is always where my heart is." 

What keeps her on track. 
"I have always been a firm believer in the fact that if you don't believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you. No matter what happens, no matter who tries to keep you down, you just have to keep on going." 

Source: Parade(All rights reserved)
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Mariah booked for Alan Carr Show
Mariah is appearing on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man Show.  The show confirmed this information on their twitter page:

"Chattyman exclusive! Mariah Carey and Noel Fielding confirmed guests for the first show of series 2. Airs Channel 4 Thursday 19th Nov! Sam x"

Tickets are free and available from SRO Audiences

Source: Mariah Connection
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Mariah at AFI Fest 2009 screening of "Precious" 

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
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Last week's rumor was not a rumor..... Mariah was indeed at the screening of "Precious" in LA
Mariah was at the screening of Precious at the 2009 AFI Festival
Unlike A-list "Precious" supporters Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry -- who both whisked by the press after posing for photographers -- Mariah Carey tried to answer reporters' questions about the stunning and controversial new film at Sunday's premiere for the 2009 AFI Festival.

She talked about reading "Push" -- the novel the film is based on -- after a girlfriend threatened her with death if she did not read it. 

And what was it like de-glamming for her role in the film?

"Hideous," she said. "It wasn't just deglamorizing, it was then add some hideousness."

She joked that she had to drink "ugly juice" for the part. It sounded like Nick was telling his girl that she's always beautiful and she teased him a bit about something he said. Anyway, it's kinda cute to watch.

She certainly re-glammed for the premiere, wearing sparkly body cream and a sexy black gown that looked glued on.

There was a big "Precious" party at the Chateau Marmont planned after the premiere. No doubt, Oprah, Tyler, Will Smith and more famous folks showed up for that. 

Click here to see Mariah's interview
Source: The Enveloppe - LA Times blogs (All rights reserved)
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Mariah Carey is the Christmas Queen
Mariah Carey is preparing to pull on her Santa suit a month early - she is set to switch on London's glittering Christmas lights.
The singer will flick the switch at the U.K. capital's Westfield Shopping Centre later this month (Nov09) - and is looking at videos from her festive hits All I Want For Christmas and Santa Baby to stage a dramatic entrance.
A source tells Britain's News Of The World newspaper, "It's going to be Christmas themed. She's been looking back at her Santa Baby video for inspiration. She wants to make it a big deal."
Source: Contactmusic
Heroes note: What the heck is the Santa Baby video?  Or am I getting that old I can't remember it ...

A 48-hour quick stay in London.
She's celebrating the release of new single, I Want To Know What Love Is (don't we all, luv), by jetting across the pond for a 48-hour quick stay in London. 
Strictly fans will get to see her sing on the show when she appears as a guest performer. 

Then she'll turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield Shopping Centre (you know, the gigantic one in Shepherd's Bush with, like, a zillion shops). And I wasn't surprised when organisers let slip that Mariah wants to make a big entrance. 

"It's going to be Christmas themed," said an insider. "She's been looking back at her Santa Baby video for inspiration. 
"She wants to make it a big deal. She likes to be noticed you know." 
Source: News of the World

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Video of Mariah at her Halloween party last night
Watch Mariah enjoying the party with B. Scott and Trey! Click here and enjoy!
Source YouTube - Gabriel
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This is for the owners of this Facebook, can you guys please stop updating your Facebook page with all the news and pictures you take on several Mariah fan sites (including mine that you copy/paste even with my "imperfect" English ).  If for some reason, you don't want to credit a fan site, at least give credit to the fans who send the infos to those fan sites.  Ok?  Deal?

I know you will read this as you make your shopping everyday.....  By the way, you may copy/paste this on your Facebook 
Thanks to Lonny for the tip
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Videos news from Mariah's manager
- Attention all "lambs" : Obviously the video for IWTKWLI is taking much longer than expected due to a faulty director! Coming soon! Sorry!
- H.A.T.E.U  video being shot end of week!
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As no one (except her fans) is promoting Mariah's album, she's doing it herself  on her glove 

Click to enlarge
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Mariah UK documentary update
The Mariah documentary which will be broadcasted on Channel 4 in UK (Nov.14) will run for 35 minutes and will  air at 10:05am.(UK time)
Source for the info: Dean by e-mail
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More pics of Mariah celebrating Halloween at M2 Ultra Lounge in NY

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
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Mariah and Nick: sweet imperfect angels 

Click to enlarge
Source:twitter - Smashstyle - NickCannonArchives
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