November 2012 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah interview soon on Ryan On Air?

Ryan Seacrest called Randy Jackson to ask to have Mariah on his radio show.  Randy says he can do that and asks if they will wear Santa hats! 

Click here to listen

Posted on November 30

Johnta Austin talks working with Mariah

In the mid 2000s you had a lot of consecutive hits for Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige. Do you think that sort of success can be replicated or was it moreso the timing?
Johnta Austin: I think itís yes to both. It was definitely a lot of timing and just a perfect storm especially to have artists who were already legends before they even met me. To collaborate with them and have it come out, I think it was a perfect storm. It can be duplicated again, but I had no idea that those two songs for Mariah and Mary were going to be as big as they were. I thought they were hits and I was confident they would do well, but I donít think anyone can predict that kind of success as far as once you start getting the 14 weeks at number one, ASCAP Song of the Decade and Billboard Song of the Decade with Mariah. Thatís not anything anyone was saying in the studio that night when we were listening back to the record. We just knew it was a good record. I think thatís the best way to approach it. History would be nice, but ultimately we just want to make a great product that weíre confident in and ultimately itís the people who decide if itíll go down in history
On working with Mariah Carey for ďLast KissĒ
Johnta Austin: Man, I wish that record would have been a single. I remember that process. The process with Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri is always fun because weíre in there just throwing out the craziest lines. There are things that you would never think goes on in a Mariah Carey session, but sheís super cool, laid back and fun to work with. We had the concept of the last kiss and after a few jokes and few glasses of Pinot Grigio. *Laughs* Thatís where ďLast KissĒ came from.

Jermaine, Bryan and Johnta also worked on the upcoming Mariah Carey project 

Source: YouKnowIGotSoul (extract)
Posted on November 30

Full HD Videos: Mariah's performances at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting
This is for video collectors and I know there are many!  Enjoy those performances in full HD 1080i, with DD5.1 sound

All I Want For Christmas Is You (WinRAR)
Part1 - Part2 - Part3 

Christmas Time Is In The Air Again (WinRAR)
Part1 - Part2

A big thanks to Moony
Posted on November 30

Mariah will make a guest appearance on "Real Husbands of Hollywood"

Kevin Hart is about to launch BETís new original series Real Husbands of Hollywood.

According to Hart:
"Itís a mock reality show.  Every actor in it is not afraid to make fun of themselves. It stars Nick Cannon, Duane Martin, Boris Kodjoe, Robin Thicke and myself. Then Nelly, Trey Songz, Faison Love and Cedric the Entertainer are part of the many people who come by to do guest star favors. Mariah Carey is doing one, so is Shane Mosley. Itís mock reality but weíre treating it like itís real.

Real Husbands of Hollywood is scheduled to air on BET in January 2013.

Source: BET (extract)
Posted on November 29

Mariah Carey-Led Holiday Songs Chart Returns
Mariah Carey's 1994 classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You" tops the inaugural chart this season. (The carol led the list for four of the five weeks in which the tally was tabulated a year ago.) "Christmas" logged 20 million in radio audience in the current chart's tracking week, ranking at No. 6 on the Holiday Airplay ranking. It rules the Holiday Digital Songs chart with 27,000 downloads sold (up 112%).

While the overall chart points for "Christmas" leave it shy of the Hot 100's top 50 this week, should the song accrue enough points in upcoming weeks to rank in the Hot 100's upper half, it, or any holiday title regardless of age that reaches such a points level, would be eligible to rank on the Hot 100. Hot 100 rules were adjusted at the beginning of the 2012 chart year to include all titles regardless of age should they rank in the top 50

Source: Billboard
Posted on November 29

Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You" is #1 on Billboard Holiday songs

I'm not what you may call a chart freak, but that one had to be posted 

18 years later and still going strong, Mariah's CLASSIC All I Want For Christmas Is You is #1 on Billboard Holiday songs !!!!!

Posted on November 29

Mariah makes European press

- UK, the Daily Mirror - click here (thanks Gary)
- Italy, Corriere Della Serra " godmother turning on Christmas lights" - click here (thanks Leo)
- Belgium, De Standaard " Mariah stole the show with her 1994 AIWFCIY hit - click here

Posted on November 29

Mariah "Blissmas" on Sky

Earlier today UK Sky Bliss channel showed Mariah Carey Blissmas, Making of the album Merry Christmas II You,  interviews and videos.

Source: Gary
Posted on November 29

Bad 25 on BBC 2 !!!!

For all the fans receiving BBC 2, Michael Jackson Bad25 with Mariah appearance will be on BBC2 on December.1 at 21h45 (UK hour)

Posted on November 29

Video: Backstage interview with Mariah at Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: WeAreLambily on Twitter
Posted on November 29

Video: Mariah leaving the Rockfeller Center

Click here to watch it.

Thanks to Shino for the link
Posted on November 28


Had so much w the LAMBILY performing Christmas Time Is In The Air Again for the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting! x0 
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 28
Up now: Christmas Time Is In The Air Again for VH1 Save The Music campaign

Pass The Note!!!Mariah's song is up on VH1 Save The Music holiday campaign! 

Posted on November 28

Videos: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

- All I want For Christmas Is You - click here
- Christmas Time Is In the Air Again - click here
- We Are Lambily - click here

Posted on November 28

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
This is a quick update as it's late over here, more will be posted tomorrow.
Mariah spent a lot of time with Jimmy Fallon before the show, so look out for that!
It was absolutely freezing!
Mariah performed All I want For Christmas Is You (2 takes) - she sang We are Lambily for the fans, then performed Christmas Time Is In The Air Again.
Those pics are coming from Twitter, but as everyone was posting and reposting pics from fans who were actually there, I'm not sure who's the owner, if you see
your pic, drop me an e-mail so I can credit you.

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 27
New producer in da house for Mariah!!!
I had an eye on this brother since a while 'cause he's promising and now..... he's gonna work with Mariah.

Haze Banga aka Rashad Muhammad recently joined the production team of Hit Boy and will work with Mariah in the upcoming days.

Posted on November 27

Video: Mariah featured in the NBC promo ad for Christmas In Rockefeller Center 

Click here to watch it

Posted on November 27

Christmas Time Is In The Air Again for VH1 Save The Music campaign

Pass The Note!!!Mariah's song will be used for VH1 Save The Music holiday campaign launching tomorrow! 

Source: VH1 Save The Music
Posted on November 26

HQ cover of Christmas Time Is In The Air Again!

Click to enlarge
HQ cover of Christmas Time Is In The Air Again along with the links to download it (along with the entire Merry Christmas II You album) have been posted on Mariah's Twitter.
Posted on November 26
It's that time of the year for Belgian kids 
Belgian kids are very lucky, on the night of Dec.5 to Dec 6, Saint Nicolas brings candies, toys, gifts to the nice kids over here, those lil' ones are lucky 'cause at Christmas, Santa brings toys too...

What's weird with Saint Nicolas, he's already looking around and from now on he throws candies and lil' toys in the house, suddenly a door opens, you only see a white glove and........... 

Keep an eye on my Twitter, just in case....  yesterday Saint Nicolas left a gift for one of my followers just 'cause his first name was Nicolas  ....

Posted on November 25

Mariah Live at the Christmas Tree Lighting in NYC!

Mariah (and other artists) Tree Lighting Rockefeller Center performances will be taped on November 27 (as previously posted) and will be broadcast on Nov.28 at 8pm EST on NBC 

Posted on November 25

Bad 25 DVD release on February 2013

Great news, the complete 2h documentary (1h more than on TV) will be released on DVD on February 2013

Posted on November 23

Thanksgiving day!

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 23
BAD 25 documentary
As we all know, Spike Lee produced a documentary on Michael Jackson that includes Mariah (and others) speaking about Michael.
The documentary was broadcasted yesterday in the US (last month in Germany), today, ABC posted the entire first episode online.  Apparently, this isn't the complete documentary.
Posted on November 23
Mariah and Nick in the kitchen the day before Thanksgiving

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 23
Head over on Nick's Twitter to see pics of Thanksgiving (the house) and lil' Roc
Posted on November 23
Australia: keep an eye on this site for concert tickets!  has tickets for both Australian concerts (Gold Coast and Sydney) up almost every day!

Posted on November 23

Happy Thanksgiving from Mariah

Throwback!!!! Absolutely LOVE Mariah making reference to the historic meaning of Thanksgiving! (too many people forget it)
Source for the pic: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 22
Happy Thanksgiving to the ones who celebrate!

Posted on November 22

Australia concerts sold out!!
Both concerts (Gold Coast and Sydney) are sold out, from pre sales to public sales it only took a few days to be completely sold out.

However, for fans who missed the pre sales and public sales, there are tickets available for both shows on  which is a reseller.

Oh and for the fans who are either disappointed, sad or even mad (go figure..)  this is not a Tour, if it has been part of a Tour, Mariah's official fan club (HBF) would have offered pre sales!!!

Posted on November 21

New American Idol commercial featuring Mariah only!!!

Click here to watch it

Posted on November 21

Mariah's chat with 2DayFM 104.1 (Sydney) postponed

Due 2 scheduling issues with Idol, Mariah has had to postpone her chat with @kyleandjackieo she apologises & canít wait to arrive in Oz 

Source: 2DayFM on Twitter
Posted on November 20

Here comes the UK in full force !!!!
Mariah's All I want For Christmas Is You is already #64 on the Top 200 songs on iTunes UK (and it's not the Holiday chart) , go UK!!!!!
Posted on November 20
US fans: American Idol VIP experience

Click here to enter to win tickets to attend the premiere screening and party.  Please read the rules!

Posted on November 20

Some infos about .....
If you want to know what a certain American Idol judge has to say about Mariah, you'll need to google it, 'cause that name will not appear on my site anymore as long as she keeps trashing Mariah.  I don't care what she has to say, even if she says she respects her.... honestly ... you don't trash someone you love and respect!
Posted on November 20
Video: American Idol: Behind-the-Scenes With Mariah Carey
"I think there were some incredibly talented people. And it's going to be tough," Carey says. When Ryan asked if they think they got all the talent they need, the legendary singer scoffed and insisted they have "triple" what they need.

For the newbies on the judging panel, it's been an adjustment to get used to the Idol machine, to say the least. "Day one, it's like getting used to what this is. This is like a very new, different, wild interesting new school," Jackson says, which was followed by Carey giving a knowing laugh in agreement.

"Wild. Period," she insists. 

Click here to watch the video

Posted on November 19

Mariah will be on air on 2DayFM 104.1 (Sydney) Thursday morning (local hour)

Mariah will call the Kyle and Jackie show.

Source: 2DayFM on Twitter
Posted on November 19

Not funny!
Some people are spreading rumors the Sydney concert was sold out in minutes, don't do that, it discourages people who maybe want to go!!!!

At this moment, both shows in Sydney and Gold Coast have plenty of tickets available on Ticketek and Preferredseating

Posted on November 19

Design A Christmas Card For Mariah!
Lambs, we have a new fun task for you! To celebrate Mariah's Christmas song "Christmas Time Is In The Air Again", we are inviting you to design and share your own Christmas card, inspired by the theme of the song.

1) Get inspired by downloading "CHRISTMAS TIME IS IN THE AIR AGAIN" on iTunes.
2) Design a Christmas card, using the song's theme in mind (you can use its title, lyrics, or just the concept and feel).
3) Submit your card by tweeting it to @MariahAlerts or by e-mailing

Be festive and creative! Everyone knows Mariah has the most creative lambs in the land! 

Mariah will share her favorite cards on, Twitter and Facebook! 

Go on Mariah's official site to see an example of a fan made Christmas card

Posted on November 19

Video: Mariah arriving at the Halo Awards

Girl cracks me up   Click here to watch it

Posted on November 18

Halo Awards last night

Click to enlarge
Source: Zimbio
Posted on November 18
Shining at the Halo Awards !!!!!

Click to enlarge
First pic of Mariah at the Halo Awards, more will probably be posted tomorrow (it's late again over here)
Source: Rebecca
Posted on November 17
Lil' interview on the set of American Idol in LA

Click here to watch Mariah's very brief part.

Source for the link: Under60 - Jevilew
Posted on November 17

Many e-mails to ask for the "lyrics" of the other one

After yesterday's post, many e-mails came in to ask for the "lyrics" of the other one's diss.  That 3 year old crap will not be posted on my site!!

Posted on November 17

What Mariah will bring to American Idol

I changed the title and skipped the first part as I figured out the lyrics to what I guess we can call a song by .... (you know who) where she clearly disses Mariah.  Click here if you want to read it anyway

Cannon says Carey will most definitely be performing at one point on the hit Fox reality show.

"She got a new album coming out," he dished. "I'm pretty sure they'll figure that out. That's probably part of the whole thing, she's going to get out there and promote her new music."

The 32-year-old can't wait to see his wife as a judge when Idol premieres. "I think it's all about the opportunity for people to see Mariah for who she really is," he gushed. "You'll get to see how intelligent she is. You'll get to see how witty, and her great sense of humor. Also, her nurturing spirit and wanting to help all these young people accomplish their dreams."

Cannon says Carey will also most likely be at tomorrow's taping of the TeenNick HALO Awards, which honors teens for their commitment to public service and charity work. Giving back is something he's passing along to his and Carey's twins, Morrocan and Monroe.

"I was always taught to whom much is given, much is required," he said. "I instill those same things into my children."

And just in time for Thanksgiving! As for who's cooking the Turkey Day dinner next week, Cannon laughed, "Mariah does most of the cooking. She'll be doing that."

Source: E! Online (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on November 16

Padma Lakshmi calls Mariah 's voice "Olympic"

Every fan will remember her as the girl who couldn't sing in "Glitter", click here and listen what she has to say about Mariah

Posted on November 16

There's no Christmas without MC

At this moment Mariah has 10 songs in the Top200 Holiday songs on iTunes US (including the AIWFCIY covers) & AIWFCIY still #1 of course 

Posted on November 16

American Idol ad

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 16
Precious lil' Monroe
Head over on Nick's Twitter to see the adorable pics of lil' Monroe
Posted on November 16
About the article below.....
Melbourne, yes or no????  Weird, I saw a tweet yesterday from a person claiming there was a show in Melbourne on January 5
Also, a rumor is flying around, Mariah may host a NY Eve party....
Posted on November 15
US pop diva Mariah Carey to tour Australia stopping Gold Coast, Sydney . . . but what about Melbourne? 
US pop star Mariah Carey plans to travel with an entourage of 40 people to support her on her first tour to Australia since the 1990s.

Alongside her band and dancers, the diva performer will tour with her children and husband and plans to spend New Year's Eve on the Gold Coast.

Promoters have been negotiating with Carey's camp for six months.

''Mariah's got a very busy schedule with her American Idol commitments, this is the only time she could come out," Rafter said.

''She has to head back to the States right after the Australian shows to do Idol."

''I'm pretty sure she's bringing her kids and husband out for a little holiday," Rafter said.

Rafter said rumours Carey would earn $2 million for her Sydney show alone were "off the mark."

Melbourne Mariah Carey fans may still get a chance to see the diva.

In a surprise announcement, Carey will play at Jupiter's on the Gold Coast on January 1 and Sydney 's Allphones Arena on January 3.

Promoter Mark Rafter is negotiating for a possible third show in Melbourne.

''At the moment it's only the two shows but things can change quickly," Rafter said.

''Never say never."

Carey's last visit to Melbourne in 1998 saw her cancel a show due to illness.

Tickets start at $99 with $699 option offering a front row seat and entry to a pre-show function, but no meet and greet with the US star.

A high profile opening act will be announced next week.

Ticketing details are available at

Source: HeraldSun (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 15

New commercial for American Idol

Not really new by the scenes but new edit.  Click here to watch it

Posted on November 15

Lil' vid of Mariah in LA last night

Mariah was all festive!!!!  Click here to watch it.

Thanks to @ALI_OneKING
Posted on November 15

Gorgeous Mariah at the American Idol auditions in LA

Just WOW!  Click to enlarge
Thanks to Eric
Posted on November 14
There's no Christmas without MC

At this moment:
- All I Want For Christmas Is You (from Merry Christmas) is #159 on the Top 200 songs on iTunes US
- 6 Mariah Christmas songs are in the Top 200 Holiday songs with All I want for Christmas Is You being #1

Posted on November 14

New American Idol commercial on the way....
It seems Mariah and other judges are filming a new American Idol commercial in LA
Posted on November 14
Correction, I fast forwarded the interview too fast   let me correct it 

Mariah is Rihanna's role model

In this short interview segment with Ellen, Rihanna says she looked up to Mariah.

Posted on November 14

See Mariah Perform Live at the Christmas Treelighting in NYC!

Head over to Mariah's official site to see how you can win tickets to attend.  Good luck!!

Posted on November 14


Wow!!!! just wow at the website the promoter (I think) made for Mariah's gigs in Australia.  Go take a look.

Posted on November 14

Opening acts for Mariah's gig at Jupiters on the Gold Coast 
Apparently, singers Anthony Callea and Jessica Mauboy are opening acts for Mariah at Jupiters, the girl hasn't tweeted it yet but the guy tweeted Jessica Maulboy will open too.
Posted on November 13
It's Mariah y'all!!!!!!!!  Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony!
Be part of one of New York City's most celebrated events for over 75 years, and a world-wide symbol of the NYC holiday season - the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony!

We are pre-taping some performances by your favorite stars:
* Mariah Carey - 11/27/12
**You will only be a part of the pre-tape on 11/27/12**

Click here to apply for free tickets to the taping

Posted on November 13

Mariah just confirmed her Australian gigs on Twitter
I am soooooo happy to announce I am finally coming back to AUSTRALIA to celebrate the NEW YEAR with my fans!!! I can't wait 2 see u! L4L!!!
Posted on November 13
#PassTheNote!  Mariah will be 2013 Save The Music Ambassador

"Proud to be a 2013 Save The Music Ambassador! Follow @vh1savethemusic for info & you could win a prize!"

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 13

Lil' interview of Mariah in San Antonio

Close to one hundred Idol hopefuls auditioned in San Antonio to become the next American Idol.

"Mariah Carey is Mariah Carey! No one sings like her and just to be in the same room as her, would be amazing," said 15-year-old contestant Kaitlan Solis.

The judges say they were impressed by San Antonio and the area's talent.

"The talent was really good," said Mariah Carey, while giving a thumbs up.

Click here to watch the short interview

Source for the link and screen cap: David
Posted on November 13

Mariah in Australia!
I didn't plan to post the info before Mariah revealed it herself (or posted on her official website), but as it's announced everywhere I may as well post it.
My priority this morning was not to update my site but it was to help the fans on Twitter and I was in touch with Brian Hodge (Entertainment Services Manager at Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast) and spread the info around.

Be sure to follow Brian on Twitter, 'cause he will do a VIP fan competition on for Meet & Greets!!! 

Jupiters Hotel & Casino in association with UAE presents Mariah Carey
January 1, 2013 at Jupiters Hotel & Casino (Gold Coast)

$89.00 - Silver Restricted View
$99.00 - Silver Reserve
$139.00 - Gold Reserve
$189.00 - Platinum Reserve
$249.00 - Diamond Reserve
$349.00 - Fantasy VIP
$699.00 - VIP Front Row

Follow Jupiters Hotel and Casino for presales tomorrow at 9am (local hour) or here to book tickets

A second concert will be held in Sydney Allphones Arena on January 3.
Book  tickets now at this link

A big thanks to Brian Hodge for the infos
Posted on November 13

Another pic of Mariah in San Antonio

Sorry if that one is tagged but I know how it went with the others (and I also know some will cut the tag, I'm not that dumb ).  That great pic of our girl is shared by David who was in San Antonio to show love and support to Mariah along with family and friends, they waited long hours the 2 days and Mariah made their days (the 2 days too)!!!!
Posted on November 13
Isn't she THE best!!!!
After the American Idol auditions in San Antonio, Mariah took time to meet the fans one by one, told stories, took pics, sang the "we are lambily" song with Amber.... and so on!!! 
First pic sent by Josh, more will probably follow

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 12
YES!!!!! Mariah stopped again to greet the fans in San Antonio!

Click to enlarge
Thanks again to my man David
Posted on November 12
Special Announcement with @vh1savethemusic coming soon! 

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 12

Shining Mariah in San Antonio last night

Mariah stopped to greet fans outside after the American Idol auditions at Sunset Station.  Enjoy the pic sent by my man David (more will follow)
Posted on November 12
Mariah greets fans in San Antonio

Click to enlarge
Source: Richard Dalley - Dext Zolansko (via Under60) - Pastor David
Posted on November 11
Mariah in San Antonio earlier today!

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Pastor David by Twitter
Posted on November 11
ATTENTION: Correction!!!!!

Los Angeles fans, Mariah will be in Los Angeles - on Nov 14 & Nov 15 at Queen Mary (Long Beach) for the American Idol auditions.

Posted on November 11

Mariah greeting fans in Oklahoma City

Click to enlarge
Mariah took time to greet some fans who waited for her after the American Idol auditions in Oklahoma City
Source: Doug by e-mail
Posted on November 10
FOX 25 interviews Mariah and other judges in Oklahoma City

Click here to watch.

Thanks Under60 for the link
Posted on November 10

Another great pic of a Mariah in Oklahoma City

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 9
Mariah interview on FOX 23

Fox 23 interviewed Mariah in Oklahoma City, it will be broadcasted tonight at 5 and 9 pm 

Source: Brittany Jeffers - thanks Under60
Posted on November 9

Mariah in Oklahoma City for the American Idol auditions

Click to enlarge
Source for the pic: Brittany Jeffers - Deeda Payton - thanks Under60
Posted on November 9
San Antonio and LA fans, go show your love and support to Mariah!!!!

If you can, go support our girl outside the American Idol auditions:
- San Antonio - on Nov 11 & Nov 12 at Sunset Station
- Los Angeles - on Nov 13 & Nov 14 at Queen Mary (Long Beach)

Posted on November 9

"Bring It On Home" lyrics
You were a lot to ask for it, so here it is....

We just every day people tryin' to make it through the pain
your real intention only hurt each other playin' silly games
but when it comes down to win or lose, donít give up the fight
'cause strength is what we need and love can save our lives.

So bring it on home, you can bring it home
bring it on home, I know we can bring it home
so when you'e down and frustrated let em all keep debating because we gon win,
and everybody be prepared to do the best
that you can do 'cause I know we gon in

Bring it on home, bring it on, bring it on home
you can bring it on home, I know we gon bring it home
bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it
bring it on home
'cause we gon', we gon', we gon', we gon', we gon', we gon' in
everybody say yeah, yeah, gonna bring it home
Yeah yeah I know we can bring it home

we gonna, we gonna, we gonna win
gonna bring it home,
we gonna, we gonna, we going in, gonna bring it home
Bring it on home, you can bring it home
Bring it on home, I know we can bring it home
come on everybody,
We can bring it home , you can bring it on home
I know we can bring it home.

Posted on November 8

American Idol auditions in Oklahoma City and San Antonio

Mariah and other judges will be in Oklahoma City today and tomorrow and San Antonio this weekend for the American Idol auditions.

Source for the Oklahoma info:   Patrick Lynn
Posted on November 8

Keep supporting Triumphant
Mariah's Triumphant has now 5,172,729 views on VEVO, don't give up!!!
Posted on November 7
Mariah Carey, Young Jeezy Celebrate President's Victory With New Songs 
Both artists, who have been vocal about their support for Obama throughout his campaign, share their joy through music.

Click here to access te article

Posted on November 7

Barack Obama: 10 Best Songs About The President 

Mariah's "Bring It On Home" is #2 in the list, click here to watch/listen to the 10 songs

Posted on November 7

JD releases Mariah's "Bring It On Home"

JD posted Mariah's "Bring It On Home" on his Global 14 site.
Mariah performed the song at the "Obama For America" event at the Plaza in NY on June 14

Posted on November 7

Vote for Mariah!!!!!  2012 Pop-Culture Election

Click here and vote for Mariah, c'mon guys!!!!

Posted on November 6

Finally!!!! Mariah's 3 minutes speech supporting President Obama in Charlotte

Click here to watch it.

Thanks to Andi Viveros
Posted on November 6

Mariah votes!
A few pics of Mariah voting were just posted on her Twitter and another one posted by someone in the same line

Posted on November 6
2 more pics of Mariah in Charlotte and 2 posted by Danielle Priano

Click to enlarge
Source: Arora - Danielle Priano (thanks Julien)
Posted on November 6
The lucky ones were at the Merts

Mariah stopped by at the Merts in Charlotte to lunch
Click to enlarge
Posted on November 5
Mariah in Charlotte!
Mariah attended the First Lady campaign event.  She made a short speech most of it based on women's rights in front of 4.500 people.

Click to enlarge
Source: Ben - Mariah - Becki- Matthew
Posted on November 5

Mariah will be in Charlotte tomorrow!

Grassroots Event with First Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama is coming to North Carolina, and she's stopping here in Charlotte for a grassroots event on Monday, November 5th. She will be joined by Grammy award-winning artist Mariah Carey and NBA player Derek Fisher.

Flight Operations
4620 First Flight Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
Doors open at 12:00 p.m.

Source: Obama for America NC ( @OFA_NC ) 
Posted on November 4

Finalists in Mariah's Halloween contest have been announced!

Go on Mariah's Facebook to vote ("like") for your favorite !

Posted on November 3

Mariah back in studio

"Hey Lambs! Taking a moment in the studio for some fresh fruit: )"

Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on November 1


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