November 2013 - Heroes of Mariah
For all infos about tickets for Mariah Carey 's concert in Luanda (Angola)  please contact/follow the official page of Unitel Angola

Posted on November 30

Are some of you for real ??

When I posted the concert info yesterday, I didn't expect so many e-mails asking for proof.   Proof of what?  What do you want me to say more?  Ohhhh I get it, ok.....  I was bored and made it up 

Posted on November 30

Mariah concert in Angola on December 15 !!!

Mariah will be in concert at the Estadio Dos Coquieros on December 15 at 7pm.   The show' sponsor is Unitel.  Tickets for this exclusive concert will be sold at the Luanda stadium. 

Source: Unitel Angola - Agosto by e-mail
Posted on November 29


Lil' video
- click here

Source: Mariah - Nick - Kris
Posted on November 29

Family time for Thanksgiving !

Source: Mariah - Nick
Posted on November 28
Happy Thanksgiving to the ones who celebrate!

Posted on November 27/28

How cute is this 

Kristen (@forrevermariah) hugging Mariah's OPI cardboard
Posted on November 27
An idea ...

In the upcoming days/weeks, when you send e-mails, attach Mariah 's All I Want For Christmas Is You and #LettinGo VEVO/YouTube links in it !

Posted on November 26

Watch Ne-Yo talking about Mariah 

Click here to watch it.

Posted on November 26

Mariah on Michael Bublé's 3rd Annual Christmas Special !!

Michael Bublé's 3rd Annual Christmas Special premieres December 18 at 10pm  on CTV , and we know Mariah is guest on that special.

Source for the info: Magic100 
Posted on November 25

Reminder!! US fans! Mariah guest appearance on today's American Dad episode on FOX at 9:30pm ET

Posted on November 24
Belgian Official chart

Mariah 's The Art of Letting Go enters at #40 in the Official Belgian chart (Urban). I don't care if it stays there or not next week, at least it will be noticed !

Posted on November 22

Sorry, I haven't updated much, I was/am too busy trying to motivate fans on Twitter, all the news have been tweeted there anyway

Posted on November 22

New Mariah ringtone !!

"Lambily! I left you all a nice lil' voice ringtone inside my fragrance gift sets at Walgreens. " (Mariah on Twitter)

Note: Hear an extract of the ringtone here

Ringtone message:  "dahhlings, lambs are calling, only a diva dodges a call, pick it up" 

Posted on November 21

Mariah's The Art of Letting Go on Billboard

- R&B songs - #13
- R&B Hip-Hop songs - #46
- Digital songs - #57
- R&B digital songs - #5
- R&B Hip-Hop Digital songs - #15

- Holiday (All I Want for Christmas Is You) digital song - #1
- Christmas Baby Please Come Home - #27

Posted on November 21

Miss Monroe and Roc

c'mon look at those cuties .... 

Source: Nick
Posted on November 19


Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals (North London) staff  and patients promote flu vaccination with a Christmas video inspired by Mariah's "All I want For Christmas Is you", very well done and funny.  Click here to watch it.

Source: Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals
Posted on November 19

Hungarian fans rock !!!

After being the very first country getting #LettingGo at #1 on iTunes they now did a fan campaign for Mariah awareness in the country,"Close My Eyes" went #1 on iTunes in Hungary today !!!  Well done !!

Source: zsanett101
Posted on November 18

A goldfish called Mariah Carey

On Channel 4 (UK) there's a sitcom called 'Cardinal Burns' and they have a goldfish called Mariah Carey 

Source for the info: Adrian
Posted on November 18

New Mariah message

Just about ready for the holidays season to begin!

Hi lambs, after everything I've been through this year, I doubt there's anyone more excited for the holidays to begin than I am. I usually try my hardest to wait until after Thanksgiving to celebrate the holiday season but this just made my day and I gotta share.

Today on the street, a group of fans stopped me and started singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" at the top of their lungs. Amazing. So many people tell me: "The holiday season doesn't start for us until we hea...r All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah." Surreal. I humbly thank them but inside I'm jumping up and down like a second grader on a snow day because I WROTE AND PRODUCED that song on a whim!!! To hear this and to see "All I Want For Christmas Is You" at #1 on this week's Billboard's chart... I kinda still can't believe it!

I'll never forget writing the melody and lyrics in a little studio decorated for Christmas in the middle of the summer. In case you know nothing about me, when I was a little girl, Christmas and music were the happiest moments I had and I never realized that people would grow up listening to and singing along with my songs like I grew up listening to "Jingle Bells" or "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"

Then, when I saw "Where Are You Christmas?" by Faith Hill at #2, I almost couldn't believe it because I wrote that song with the incredible Oscar-winning genius James Horner for the movie "The Grinch" a couple of years back. It blows my mind and makes me feel like that second grader on a snow day again!!

After I hugged the group of fans goodbye, they ran down the street, waving and continuing their rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", a song I wrote very tongue-in-cheek, very cookies-and-milk, purely childhood-memories-forever!

I just want to thank everyone for consistently supporting my Christmas music year after year because it is so much more than holiday music for me. It's about joy, nostalgia, and it's about never losing the spirit of Christmas in your heart. Happy (very early) holidays! --MC

Source: Mariah on Facebook
Posted on November 17


C'mon guys, Mariah's impromptu performance needs to go viral ! Let's show the world how talented, funny Mariah is! send it to your friends, blogs, etc ....
 Let's go!!

Posted on November 16


Source: MariahAlerts
Posted on November 16
NEW footage

Mini impro concert for the fans on Jimmy Fallon

The fans not only got the surprise of their lives, they also got Mariah treating them with a mini impro concert. 

Click here to watch it !!!!

Posted on November 15

Mike WiLL Made-It about working with Mariah

"she asked to change something bout the beat & it improved but shit, I can’t talk about that"

Posted on November 15

Mariah's full speech at the Out 100 Awards

Click here to watch it

Source for the link: Josh by e-mail
Posted on November 15

Mariah and lil' princess Monroe 

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 15
That's how hilarious Mariah is 

Last night she was at the Out 100 Awards honoring Lee Daniels

- "I'm straight, I don't know why they asked me to be here but my boobs have been out for years" - click here
- "thanks Lee for changing me from Glitter to Precious " - click here

Source: Twitter - chicagomusicmag (Marilyn by e-mail)
Posted on November 15

Too late to update the vids and pics of Mariah at the Out 100 awards, check my Twitter, it's there

Posted on November 14

Mariah and Miss Monroe 

"On my way to Out 100!"

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 14

Mariah leaves an important message on Facebook !

Knowing how perfectionist she is and how much hours she spent on the song .....  head over on her Facebook to read it.

Posted on November 14

Videos: Mariah's interview on Jimmy Fallon

- Part 1 - click here
- Part 2 - click here

Posted on November 13


Mariah surprises lambs on Jimmy Fallon (I see some friends' faces 

Click here and watch the reactions 

Thanks Marilyn for the link
Posted on November 13

Mariah on her way to Jimmy Fallon 

Source: DailyMail (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 13

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Preview, Mariah Carey surprises fans 

Click here to watch it !!

Posted on November 12

Watch Mariah 's interview with Angie Martinez

It's hilarious !!!!! Click here and enjoy.

- Roe and Roc are on the album (we knew it already), but Mariah says Roe is singing at the start of a song.
- Album coming at the top of the year
- She didn't like American Idol, felt like hell working with Satan 
- Nick

Thanks to josemiguelcj for the link
Posted on November 12

Mariah on her way to Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night"

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 12
TODAY, USA fans !!!!

USA fans, Mariah's interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 will air TODAY at 6pm

Posted on November 12

Mariah 's "The Art Of Letting Go" back on VEVO!!!

Click here and let's go !!!!!

Posted on November 12

Mixed reviews ...

There's no need (to me at least) to post all kind of reviews, as we may aswell copy/paste all we can read on Google.  Reviews for the single are mixed, but all in all positive !

Posted on November 12

From Mariah !

- "My fans have to listen very closely to the lyrics, especially the last two lines of the second verse" 
- About the album: "I really don't want to reveal things until I know the exact date for the album"

Posted on November 11

We will MAYBE have Mariah 's #Beautiful remix with Jeezy on DVD

Nick talks about it in this interview.

Thanks to Mini for the link
Posted on November 11

Mariah scheduled to perform on NBC - Christmas In Rockefeller Center 

The pre-taping will take place on December 3 at 6:30 pm , get your tickets at this link and keep an eye on @MariahAlerts or Mariah's official site.

Source for the info: Joshua by e-mail
Posted on November 11

Mariah on Hot 97 with Angie Martinez

Posted on November 11
Lyrics to The Art of Letting Go 

[Verse 1]
I'm making a statement of my own opinion
Just a brief little reminder to help myself remember
I now no longer live in your dominion (no, no, no, ooh)
You're just trifling, nothing more than a liability
Gotta lay all your possessions
Outside the kitchen window right now

Letting go, letting go ain't easy
Oh, it's just exceedingly hurtful
'Cause somebody you used to know
It's flinging your world around
And they watch, as you're falling down, down
Falling down, baby

[Verse 2]
Evidently your words were merely lies
Reverberating in my ears
And the echo won't subside
There's deep deep loss of hope
And the anger burns in me
I hope you don't get no ideas 'bout re-uniting baby
'Cause that's the last thing I truly need
Your audacity is too much to be believed, so
Go to MiMi on your contacts, press delete

Letting go ain't easy
Oh, it's just exceedingly hurtful
'Cause somebody you used to know
It's flinging your world around
And they watch, as you're falling down, down
Falling down, baby

Baybe letting go, baby letting go
Ain't easy, easy
Baby letting go, baby letting go (woah)
Ain't easy, Ain't easy

[Chorus - Outro]
Baby letting go, it ain't easy
'Cause somebody you used to know
It's flinging your world around
And you know what?
They watch as you're falling, as you're falling
It ain't easy baby

Source: directlyrics - Becky
Posted on November 11

Go get "The Art of Letting Go" on iTunes !!!!

Click here !  Let's go !!!!!

Posted on November 11

Mariah to radio premiere The Art of Letting Go on Hot 97

And you say NEW YORK CITY!!! make sure you check out Mariah Carey on hot 97 today at 3;30 with @angiemartinez 

Source: JD
Posted on November 11

Go on Mariah's Facebook and listen to "The Art of Letting Go"

"The Art of Letting Go" World Premiere!
For the first time ever, here it is... "The Art of Letting Go"!!!
This is such a personal record to me. I wrote the lyrics so that anyone and everyone could relate to them and hopefully release anything that they need to let go of that's holding them back or bringing them down. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!

Listen to the song below , let me know what you think. I had so much fun answering your questions right here! :) LYM!!! --MC

Posted on November 11

So Beautiful Mariah !

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 10
"The Art of Letting Go" !!!

Tomorrow at 11 am (ET ), if you can, be on Facebook, be festive, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on November 10

How absolutely cute is this !!!

"No pictures dahhling!" - miss Monroe - click here

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 9

Chicago fans!! 

Tweet #SignedSwagatWAG to @Walgreens for your chance to win Mariah’s signed fragrance kit!

Posted on November 9

Mariah and JD on 106 & Park

Good interview and ... something like ...  "my fans will get it, others are haters and we don't care" 
If you missed it, click here and enjoy !!! 

Posted on November 8

Mariah on Jimmy Fallon now listed with The Art of Letting Go !!

As previously posted, Mariah will be guest on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show on November 12, she's now listed with the caption "The Art of Letting Go". Click here to access the site.

Posted on November 8

Mariah to be part of Michael Bublé's Christmas Special

Shooter911 is actually on the set for the rehearsals and they are waiting for Mariah to arrive.  They may perform "All I Want For Christmas Is You" together as Bublé covered Mariah's song in his own way and style in 2011.  The taping will apparently take place in Vancouver.

Posted on November 8

Mariah's "Oh Santa" on "A Madea Christmas" 

Press release

Liongate and Motown Records 'Tyler Perry's "A Madea Christmas"rings in the Holidays with November 25th. release

All-Star Soundtrack Album Features Motown Legends Smokey Robinson, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, and Newcomers Kevin Ross and Myprynt,
Along With Music Icons Mariah Carey, James Brown, Pearl Bailey & More!

1.  Jackson 5 – “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”
2.  Stevie Wonder – “What Christmas Means to Me”
3.  Mariah Carey – “Oh Santa!”
4.  Jeremih – “Your Mine”
5.  Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – “Jingle Bells”
6.  James Brown – “Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto”
7.  Pearl Bailey – “A Five Pound Box of Money”
8.  KEM – “Doo Wop Christmas (That’s What Christmas Is All About)”
9.  Kevin Ross – “Favorite Thing” (previously unreleased)
10.  Kelly Rowland – “Wonderful Christmastime”
11.  Mprynt – “Sleigh Ride” (previously unreleased)
12.  Ashanti – “Winter Wonderland”
13.  Boyz II Men & Brian McKnight – “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

Source: UMusic
Posted on November 8

Mariah's "The Art of Letting Go" is amazing! It’s outstanding !

From Nick:
"It’s amazing! It’s outstanding. Her focus is on the new song right now, and after that, she’ll probably reveal something else to the world!"

Posted on November 8

UK fans !!

OPI UK is offering 20% off on the Holiday collections including Mariah Carey 's one, enter code NOVGIFT here

Posted on November 8

Mariah posted 2 funny videos

- Stop calling me "this one" @jermainedupri!! JLT  - click here
- Bye! @jermainedupri - click here

Posted on November 7

Mariah will be on 106&Park tomorrow

Tomorrow (Friday Nov. 8), Mariah will be on 106&Park.  it's not clear if she will be there in person or if they are gonna air the interview they did on the "Press day", either way, she's gonna be on, don't miss it !!

Source for the info: Amie
Posted on November 7

Find Mariah in this 1990's puzzle 

Click to enlarge
Source: Marilyn by e-mail
Posted on November 6
Mariah on Jimmy Fallon on November 12

Mariah is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon' Late Night show on November 12

Source: Dean by e-mail
Posted on November 6

Journalists heard "The Art of Letting Go" today

At least Brian A. Fernandez is the first one to tweet about it:

- I'm about to get a solo early listen to @MariahCarey's song "The Art of Letting Go," which she's releasing on Facebook on Nov. 11.
- This is how I felt when @MariahCarey's team let me listen to her upcoming "The Art of Letting Go" days early

Posted on November 6

Mark your calendars!! Mariah on Nov. 24 episode of "American Dad"

On the Nov. 24 episode of American Dad, Mariah Carey voices a character quite unlike her glamorous self.

"Mariah was great to have in the studio," says ­executive producer Matt Weitzman. "She'd never done voiceover work before, but she was clearly so comfortable in front of the mike. She's naturally funny."

Carey lends her pipes to Laura, a Southern football fan who meets Stan at a Cowboys game and invites him to join her tailgating festivities. But it's all too good be true — Stan's ideal Thanksgiving-day game turns out to be a dream; in actuality, he is stuck at home with his in-laws. That's some tough turkey. 

Source: TVGuide
Posted on November 6

Please "like" Mariah's posts on Facebook!!

Lamb Alert !!
I've been reading your comments and it's been very pip to feel all the excitement about the song.

Just so you know, if I haven't put enough emphasis on it before, I'm doing a Q&A while we're listening to "THE ART OF LETTING GO"!

Think about what you wanna ask me, I'll try my hardest to answer as many questions as possible. Don't be afraid to get creative with your questions!

"When it's for real it's forever, so don't forget" to meet me here at 11/11 at 11:00am ET!!

Posted on November 5

Inside Mariah Carey’s Sweet Mommy Date With Twins Monroe and Moroccan

Mariah Carey treated her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, to a delicious day in NYC on Monday.

An eyewitness tells Life & Style that the trio were spotted at Dylan’s Candy Bar just days before the release of the songstress’ 14th studio album, The Art of Letting Go.

“The twins snacked on treats at The Candy Café, including pizza, chicken tenders and ice cream while Mariah sipped on a couple glasses of prosecco from The Candy Bar,” the onlooker says.

Hubby and daddy Nick Cannon was not there for the occasion, but the observer notes that Mariah, Monroe and Moroccan “sat together in a cupcake booth and had a great time.”

Their adorable date comes four days after they celebrated Halloween as a family of superheroes!

Mariah and Nick, who wed in April 2008, welcomed their twins on their third wedding anniversary.

Since becoming a parent, the superstar has bonded with her little guy and gal.

“I call her Miss Monroe, and that kind of dictated her personality. She’s a total diva. She’s into jewelry. She’s fascinated by jewelry,” she told Barbara Walters earlier this year. As for Roc, “He’s my pal. He’ll just watch movies with me. We’ve watched Shrek I don’t know how many times. We watch movies all the time together, relax. He’s more chill.”

And it helps that the 2 year old's love spending time together.

“They’re best friends,” Nick recently told Life & Style about dem babies. “All they do is worry about each other, they feed each other, it’s great.”

Source: Life & Style (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 5

Mariah spotted in NY yesterday

Click here to read the article

Posted on November 5

Mariah posts a lil' video

"Just playing, not so easy with a pinky that's not fully healed yet " - Click here to watch it.

Posted on November 4

All night photo shoot !

According to a tweet from Cindi Berger (Mariah's publicist), Mariah had an all night photoshoot last night.

Posted on November 4


It's only an extract but if you missed it last night, click here to watch Mariah presenting the Black Girls Rock Living Legendaward to Patti 

Posted on November 4

Nick Cannon's rules for Christmas shopping for Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon faces the unenviable responsibility every holiday season of having to find a Christmas gift for the woman with everything: Mariah Carey. It’s a small price to pay for getting to call one of the music industry’s most successful and desirable women his wife, but a stressful task nonetheless. Add to that the fact that Carey is a Christmas fanatic and is often associated with the holiday thanks to her hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

“My wife is the empress of Christmas,” Cannon said Saturday at Macy’s on State Street, where he took part in the lighting of the department store’s Great Tree with “American Idol” alum Lauren Alaina, and promoted his tie collection. “She is Mrs. Christmas. She puts the M.C. in Merry Christmas.”

Here, Cannon breaks down the gift-buying process for the mother of his 2-year-old twins, from beginning to end:

Start early: “I try to start out as far in advance as possible, and it still ends up being last minute. Something custom-made isn’t the way it’s supposed be, and I have to send it back or the font was wrong on the engraving. I have to start thinking about it at least six months beforehand, especially because we always do this thing where we try to top each other.”

Play to win: “It’s gotten to the point where it’s just absurd. I’m running out of stuff to get her. I tried to buy a dolphin one year because we had a house in the Bahamas. Even if we had to keep it at an aquarium, how cool would that be? We just didn’t have a place to keep it, and then you have to have all these (documents) and go through a license process. I didn’t have time for all that. I can’t believe it when I think about it. It sounds ridiculous. That’s what happens when you try to top each other. ‘Bet you she would never guess I got her a dolphin. How’s she going to top that?’ ”

Do your homework: “I listen to what she says, like, ‘Oh, I’d love to have this.’ The last good gift I got her was a chandelier. As grandiose and decadent as a chandelier sounds, it was the fact she didn’t ask for it. She would say, ‘I really want a chandelier,’ and this showed I was paying attention. I also ask around and talk to a few people who know her taste, just in case I need someone to blame: ‘Well, they said you would like this.’ ”

Put thought into it: “She doesn’t need a gift from anyone. She can pretty much go buy whatever she wants. The more thoughtful it is, the better the reaction. I’ll put together a video of the year or a Christmas video and edit stuff together with music in the background. I had one of her favorite artists paint a picture of her. That type of stuff goes over pretty well.”

Avoid jewelry: “I don’t buy my wife jewelry anymore because she’s Mariah Carey, and it’s kind of like she has all the jewelry in the world. Early on, I tried. I did pretty well with the wedding ring, but other than that I stay away from it. For one, it can break your pockets. You try to spend all this money on one piece of jewelry she never wears, like, ‘Where in the world are those earrings I pretty much mortgaged (the house on)?’ ”

Hope for the best: “You want that reaction. Everybody is going to be like, ‘Wow, thanks.’ But you can always tell 15 minutes after they open it if they like it or not when your gift is buried somewhere.”

Source: ChicagoTribune (All rights reserved)
Posted on November 3

"JD and Stevie listening to our song"

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 3
Mariah and Nick to be on the cover of Ebony magazine

The picture below was taken on the set of an upcoming Ebony cover shoot that will feature both Nick and Mariah together.

Source: Che from NickCannonArchives
Posted on November 2

Professionalism at its peak!!

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 2

Mariah was finally able to join her lil' fam for Halloween

- A quick power nap, while Nick/Dembabies were coming down from their HUGE sugar rush.
- FINALLY!!! ... Goodnight! Kryptonite..: ) 

Source: Mariah
Posted on November 1


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