October 2007 - Heroes of Mariah
Tonight, Halloween!!!!!!!
Me scared !!!!!!
This year, there will not be a special Heroes of Mariah Halloween either, again I saw enough freaks and horrors among the medias and even some fans this year to make it Halloween everyday.  From the medias, I can eventually admit it, they are so dumb and conditioned to hate, but from fans....
No, I'm not bitter, it's freakier than Halloween!!!!!

Posted on October the 31st.

Mariah on Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood
Go on MariahDailyJournal for the audio and the full transcript (thanks a lot to Kelly K and MariahDailyJournal).
Mariah made promotion for her fragrance and talked about the upcoming singles/album.
Note: When talking about her being involved in other projects like her fragrance, and die-hard fans supporting it, Mariah is talking about her "true fans".
Here are some highlights:
-MC:  "I'm like still in the middle of, not in the middle but just trying to fine-tune things. People don't understand it's just I'm like a perfectionist so it takes me a while to try and get it together. So that's what I'm doing right now."
- BB: Do you have an actual date or guess-timate of when the album will drop?
MC: Yeah, I mean it's gonna have to be like the top of the year at this point which I'm like 'My God, I need to have a single,' you know.
- MC: I really have like a couple of singles that I'm like I wanna put this out now, like about 3 different records but there's all different types of records that I have too so it's like it's an interesting project that's kind of like I'm excited about it so...
-MC: You know but not everybody knows like we gotta mix the record, then we gotta master them, then they've gotta manufacture - all those like all that part of it so I'm just getting to this section where me and L.A. (Reid) and J.D. and whoever's gonna be really involved in the final, final decision-making and stuff. You know, we're just gonna start listening and start, unfortunately we have to eliminate some 'cause we already have like 16.
- LL: Do you have a favorite song so far though on the album, Mariah that you're just like, 'Man, I can't wait for them to hear this one'?
MC: You know what? It's so funny 'cause it changes like every time I go to work on a new song. I'm like, 'Oh, this is my favorite.' I know that sounds like you know, 'Whatever, you're right. Everybody says that' but I still like...I'm pretty much, there's a couple of ballads that I'm like in love with and then on this record what I think is more...
Posted on October the 31st.
Mariah called Jesse at LA's KIIS FM yesterday
Mariah talked about her fragrance and upcoming album.  About the album she says she have 15 finished songs and has to do the vocals on 4 more songs which are really important for her.
Click here to listen to the interview.
Click here to download it.
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 31st.
Mariah special performance at Glamour's Women of the Year event
Monday, November 5th. at Avery Fisher Hall, Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive resurfaces to host her magazine’s Women of the Year event.  This year’s honorees include: Jennifer Garner, Donna Karan and Nancy Pelosi, with a special performance by Mariah Carey.
(Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Avery Fisher Hall, 65th Street and Broadway, 7 p.m., by invitation only)
Posted on October the 30th.
"M" in Switzerland
Sylvain went in Geneva at the Manor store where he was able to buy his bottle of the fragrance and take some pictures in the store.

Click to enlarge
Source: Sylvain by e-mail
Posted on October the 30th.
"M" doesn't sell that good in the US
Shares of EA fell today after they were downgraded by Wedbush Morgan Securities due to "luckwarm" responses to new fragrances.
In a note to their clients, Wedsbush wrote that Mariah's and Britney Spears new fragrances were selling poorly.
Eventually they look up for a positive benefit with the holiday season coming up and from a weak dollar on international business.
Click here to read the entire and original article, I re-wrote it due to strict copyright rules.
Heroes comment: Mariah was happy to make her fragrance, she's proud of it and that's all which counts 
Posted on October the 30th.
Mariah To Attend Jay-Z's 40/40 Opening in Vegas?
The night before New Year's Eve, on December 30, music superstars and romantic two-some, Jay Z and Beyonce will team for a once-in-a-lifetime special performance to celebrate the grand opening of his new 40/40 Club in the new Palazzo resort alongside the Venetian.
Jay-Z is already promising the biggest-ever one-night lineup of star power Vegas has ever experienced, with soccer supreme-o David Beckham and his Spice Girl wife, Victoria Beckham joined by such sports world headliners as Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez, Magic Johnson, Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, Patrick Ewing and Shaquille O’Neal. Also expected from the record industry are VIPs Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Alicia Keyes, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, plus TV leaders Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart with Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Source: Las Vegas Magazine blogs - MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Heroes note: On the original blog "article" they couldn't even spell Mariah, Dupri  and Keys right 
Posted on October the 30th.
Look at this guys, last week at Macy's, Moony took a close up shot of the purple carpet and..... a butterfly barricade 

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 30th.
Until now the DVD is officially confirmed and will be released in the following countries: (updated on Oct. 30)
- Belgium on Nov.16
- Ireland on Nov.16
- Italy on Nov. 16
- UK on Nov.19
- France on Nov.19
- Germany on Nov. 19 (UK import one)
- Taiwan on Nov. 19
- Australia on Nov. 19
- US on Nov. 20
- Canada on Nov. 20
- Spain on Nov. 20
- Japan, on Nov. 27
- Finland on Dec. 21
- Indonesia Dec.
If you know the DVD will be sold in your country, please let me know.
Thanks to Indra and Allen for the additional infos.
Posted on October the 29th.
All I Want For X-Mas Ringle released on Nov. 27

Audio CD (November 27, 2007) 
Number of Discs: 1 
Format: Single 
Label: Sony Legacy 
1. All I Want For X-Mas Is You ( J.D. remix animated) 
2. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) 
You can pre-order the single on Amazon for $5.98
Additional info thanks to MariahConnection:
A Ringle is a CD with up to 3 tracks that also includes a ringtone of a hit track delivered directly to your cell phone. A Ringle may also include additional bonus content-mobile wallpaper and alternate downloadable content.
Source: Courtney on HBF
Posted on October the 29th.
How many bottles bought Diddy?? (just kidding )
Diddy held a press conference last week in New York City to announce his partnership with CIROC vodka. Under the terms of the deal, Diddy and Sean Combs Enterprises will take the lead on all brand management decisions for CIROC, and will share in future profits and growth of the brand, which looks to be worth about 100-million dollars. While announcing his new alliance, Diddy took time to mention that over the past month, his new fragrance, Unforgivable, had outsold all of his female counterparts perfumes, such as Mariah Carey and Sarah Jessica Parker's lines... just as he had predicted.
Source: MTV
Posted on October the 29th.
"M" in Germany
A while ago, I told you I got an info that Germany would sell the fragrance end of the year/early 2008, well here's some other info, in the October issue of the German magazine in Germany, there's an article about Celebrities and perfume and they do mention Mariah, with a side note that the perfume will be available in spring 2008 in Germany.
Source for the info: Cat on our forum
Posted on October the 29th.
Rare Mariah cds to buy
Holger is selling some of his rarer maxi cd singles of Mariah on www.ebay.de
His username is MCMOSTWANTED and he's very trustable.
- All I Want For Christmas Is You 2000 / Nr.: 180171599256
- All I Want For Christmas Is You Japan & OBI Strip Nr.: 180171851489
- The Roof mega rare EU Promo wth. rare Remixes Nr.: 180171853775
- The Roof  EU Cardsleeve Nr.: 180171855952
- Bringin´On The Heartbreak Cardsleeve Nr.: 180171862820
- Rainbow rare limitd. frech edition & hidden Track Nr.: 180171866629
- I´ll Be There Cardsleeve Nr.: 180171857906
- Cant Take That Away EU 4 Track Nr.: 180171876640.
Source: Holger by e-mail
Posted on October the 29th.
Mariah called Philly's 100.3 the Beat on Friday.
Source: Drea
Posted on October the 29th.
Some Vegas shows for Mariah?
Now that Cher's forthcoming deal with Caesar's Palace Las Vegas has apparently fallen through, according to Norm Clarke of the 'Las Vegas Review Journal,' the Sin City hotel is looking for a headliner to share the 4,000-seat theater that Bette Midler will assume in Feb. 8, after Celine Dion's departure in December. Now there is word that Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand are in talks to split the facility, similar to the way Elton John and Jerry Seinfeld previously did with Dion. In addition, there is also buzz that Stevie Wonder, as well as husband and wife duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been approached by other properties to launch Vegas-based shows as well.
Source: Black Voices (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment: Can I say I secretly pray this won't happen (well not so secretly as I write it here ), I don't know in the US, but in most parts of Europe the artists performing in Vegas (outside a Tour) are considered as hasbeens who try to make some money.  By the way, a fan posted this on HBF last week, she heard this on radio.  On another side, I didn't find any related news on Norm Clarkes's colums.....
Posted on October the 29th.
Mariah in Jay-Z's "Roc Boys" video
Jay-Z had an All-Star studded music video shoot for follow-up single "Roc Boys" from his new album "American Gangster".
They did shoot the video to the song Satuday, directed by Chris Robinson. The song was produced by Diddy so he had to be in the video. He also brought Cassie with him on the set.  Diddy, Nas, and Jigga have a scene together.  Also, what might seem to be, the whole Def Jam roster was in the video… from their big money star like Mariah Carey to mixtape rappers like Uncle Murder and Tru Life (whom was walking around clowning yelling “Dipset Dipset”!). Memphis Bleek, Just Blaze, Beanie Siegel, even Freeway and Young Gunz  was there to rep the Dynasty which only make sense because of the theme of the song (Roc Boys). Def Jam Chairman, L.A. Reid and his son was in the house….Steve Bartels, an Exec at Island Records was in the house…NBA Player, Jamal Crawford, was in the house….America’s Top Model, Brea, was in the house…Stylist to the star (whom had a double shift with Ciara’s 5 City B-day extravaganza and this shoot), June Ambrose, was in the house…and finally, R&B singers Razah and The Dream was there too.
The video shoot was held at Jay-Z's club 40/40.
Source: The Boom Box
Posted on October the 29th.
Mariah in problems with Sandler's ennemy... in the movie of course 

In "You Don't Mess With The Zohan", Adam Sandler plays a Mossad agent who fakes his own death to become a hairstylist in New York, but is then pulled back into action when Mariah runs into problems with his old enemy.  That's the only info for the moment.  Mariah isn't listed yet on the official castlist (by official I mean other than "imdb" and so on...).  The picture of the movie poster is still in discussion and could not be the definitive one.  As soon as I have some time, I'll make a promo page with all the infos about the movie.
Source for the pic: Happy Madison Movies
Posted on October the 28th.
"M" in Macy's cosmetic catalogue

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 28th.
CTTA Revival Remix
Great work!!!!! the fan who made this video of Can't Take That Away Revival Remix sent me the link for you all to see the great retrospective of how great Mariah is!
Click here and enjoy.
Source: TopMariah by e-mail
Posted on October the 28th.
The View Interview in HQ

Here is a high quality version of The View. The format is MPEG2. The file is compressed and split into 4 RAR files. You need to download and save all of the 4 RAR files in the same folder, and extract the mpeg file using WinRAR.  (Works only for PC's).
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 28th.
Your chance to buy the fragrance
If the fragrance will not be released in your country, here's your chance if you're dying to have it without paying a fortune on eBay.
FragranceX sells the fragrance and ship it to over 120 countries, see details here.
- Eau De Parfum Spray  30 ml   €28.16 - $40.50
- Eau De Parfum Spray  50 ml   €33.89 - $48.75
- Eau De Parfum Spray  100 ml  €38.58 - $55.50
Source for the info: Courtney
Posted on October the 27th.
B96 interview mp3 and video
Click here to download the mp3 of the phone call.
Click here to download the funny video.
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 27th.
B96's Stylz & Roman on the phone with Mariah 
B96's Stylz & Roman have a phone interview with Superstar Mariah Carey asking about her new perfume.
Click here to watch the guys on the phone with Mariah, it's funny 
Source: B96 blogs - Emceerules 
Posted on October the 27th.
More updates tonight, I'm gonna enjoy a fine grey sky and some rain in the city center 
Posted on October the 27th.
It's all over the net
Dammit, stupid people, would you like 50 or more strangers hug you..... Mariah and her peeps know it's the best way to catch flu or virusses.
Posted on October the 27th.
US fans: The Adventures of Mimi DVD out on Nov. 20
It's now listed on Amazon for you guys in the US.

Until now the DVD is officially confirmed and will be released in the following countries: (updated on Oct. 27)
- Belgium on Nov.16
- Ireland on Nov.16
- UK on Nov.19
- France on Nov.19
- Germany on Nov. 19 (UK import one)
- Taiwan on Nov. 19
- US on Nov. 20
- Canada on Nov. 20
- Spain on Nov. 20
- Japan, on Nov. 27
- Finland on Dec. 21
- Indonesia Dec.
If you know the DVD will be sold in your country, please let me know.
Thanks to Indra and Allen for the additional infos.
Posted on October the 26th.

JD about Mariah in his book "Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul"
I'm not gonna post in full on my website what's written about Mariah in the book, 'cause that's piracy too, but some quotes can't hurt.
Remember you can buy the book at the following link.

"In 1995, I got a call from Sony's boss Tommy Mottola to come to New York, to do some producing for his wife at the time, Mariah Carey. I never worked with a pop diva before, so I was kinda surprised they wanted me there. I thought my style would be too street for her. But it turns out that having me up there was all her idea.
For a minute Mariah - or MC as I like to call her - had been itching to do something different from the usual safe stuff that her label wanted her to stick with. But every time she suggested some hip-hop guy to work with Tommy said, "No Way." He didn't trust some rapper/producer being around his girl. I guess it was part jealousy and part fear that an association like that might hurt her image with her fan base.
Even though Mariah always considered herself to be first and foremost a black woman, everyone at the label was scared of her being too urban. She's far from some 'hood rat', but she's definitely a lil' ghetto and she was tired of being called the "ballad queen."

Me and MC knocked out our first song, "Always Be My Baby," at the Hit Factory in New York. At first I didn't even want to speak up when I had an idea about how a song should go. I was way out of my comfort zone. 
Tommy was nice to us despite his scary reputation. We were his guests so he made a point of being the gracious host. We were only there for the day, but he gave us the grand tour. But Mariah only started relaxing when Tommy and his people weren't around. She had household staff, security people, and assistants running around all over the place watching her every move. You couldn't even go to the bathroom without someone coming in right afterward to wipe everything down. It was like they were waiting outside the door listening when you were doing your do!
The tension got even worse when Brat flew up to record her piece in the remix later that day. In that hushed, uptight environment my lil' sis was like some Tasmanian devil on crack. Tommy had no idea what he signed up for.

When Brat arrived at the mansion she was all nervous. At first she couldn't even write her verse because she was so star-struck over meeting Mariah. MC was just as taken with my lil' sister. Even though Mariah was all girlie with her Hello Kitty obsession and sexy clothes, Brat's tomboy style was like her flip side. Brat acted out the way Mariah wished she could if only she didn't have Tommy's people always watching her.
Brat couldn't handle how clean and perfect the whole place was. Even the food bothered her. She was hungry, but she didn't want to touch all the fancy caterer stuff like bagels, cut fruit, and cheeses that were laid out in the studio. "This is video shoot food," she said, stamping her feet. Then she did her Brat thing and stirred up some major trouble.
"I'm hungry! Let's go get a cheeseburger," she said to Mariah.
It was the excuse Mariah was looking for to get out of there and go for a joy ride in one of the dozen sports cars she was never allowed to drive. Brat made her feel real bold. Finally Mariah had a partner in crime. She was only too happy to give Brat a ride to McDonald's, so the two of them split without telling anyone where they were going.
But meeting Mariah, who had all the toys and clothes Brat could ever dream of, and coming to understand how sad and lonely her life was at the time, was just the thing to give Brat some perspective.

Even though she never let it affect her grind as an artist, I'm sure it was tough for Mariah living like some caged canary and being watched all the time. But that's her story to tell in her own book!
One song in particular, "We Belong Together," made music history with more radio play than any other record since Elvis and The Beatles.
From the first beats to the final demo version we had just a few hours to get the whole record done. Mariah came to me this time, but she was the one on the night shift. She was scheduled to show up at 10:30 but she didn't get to Atlanta until 1 a.m. When she walked into SouthSide, she was all laid back, happy, and cracking jokes. People don't realize how much fun she is.
The songwriting went smoothly, but, musically, me and Mariah had some back-and-forth. At first Mariah was pushing for something more ghetto.
"No it's too out there, too urban," I said. "Lean it more towards the middle." I didn't want her doing all the syrupy ballad stuff her pas label executives tried to push her into. She also needed to hold herself back from trilling up and down the scales. I wanted to keep the power of her voice inside the framework of a great song. We finally agreed on what she called a "thugged out ballad."
About the 2006 Grammy's 
But for Mariah's sake I was nervous. I really did hope this album would win something. We were nominated eight times and she'd been through so much since her last Grammy win. A few nods for her from the an industry that wrote her off would've been cool.
(..) Our three awards were announced before the televised part of the show. Just as I pulled up I found out me and Johnta got one for best R&B song. To this day Mariah swears the Grammy for best R&B song means the most to her, because it's the first time she's been recognized more as an urban singer than a pop star and it was the category she always wanted to win.
It was crazy to me that the show's producers wouldn't let Mariah have her lil' moment up on stage. It was like she got all decked up for nothing. A lot op people were unhappy she didn't get her shine. In my opinion, it was just a bad decision made.
Mariah's the queen. She went to a lot of trouble and invested in all these dresses for the occasion. This woman sold more records than anybody, more than 200 million worldwide, and the viewers didn't get to see her give her acceptance speech. That's why the Grammy show's ratings are down. People are turning into American Idol instead because they know they're not gonna get to see what they want to see at the Grammy's. But through it all, MC kept on smiling.
A big thanks to SoSoMariah for all this
Posted on October the 26th.

Dutch fans can pre-order "M"
The 50ml. eau de parfum spray is now available for pre-order for 45 Euro on this online store, it will be send out end November.
No news at the moment if they changed their mind and if the fragrance will be released in regular stores.
Posted on October the 26th.
MTV Crispy News footage
This lil' vid was shown on French MTV

Click here to download.
Source: Alex on our forum
Posted on October the 26th.
Mariah arriving at Macy's TMZ footage
You can now download the TMZ footage.
- TMZ TV - Here.
- TMZ Online - Here
"M" launch coverage - AP
- Here
Source: Moony by email
Posted on October the 25th.
Scott Storch takes a break from current work with Mariah
Local producer Scott Storch has found other ways to have some fun outside the studio. He took a hard-earned break from current work with Mariah Carey, Sean Kingston and new up-and-comer, Carolyn to honor his son, who just turned 16. The moneymaker rolled out to Lucky Strike Saturday night arriving in one of his many notable vehicles – his blue Maybach – blazed and ready to bowl. The music mogul was accompanied by Fat Joe, the crew from 730 Productions (who Storch has been mentoring) and singer/songwriter Pooh Bear.
Source: Miami Times (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October the 25th.
Mariah stalked at her appartment
As it was not enough to have the opportunity to see Mariah at the Today show, the View and Macy's, all on the same day, some people (don't call them fans please), went stalking Mariah at her appartment at noon yesterday.  A witness reported that Mariah arrived home in a car with purple flags with "M's" and butterflies, a dumbass passerby asked her handlers if the "M" stood for "Madonna." They weren't happy.
Source for the info: (will be posted soon after a few more researches)
Posted on October the 25th.
Mariah arriving at Macy's TMZ footage
Click here to watch a lil' footage of Mariah arriving at Macy's.
Posted on October the 25th.
More footages
- Extra TV (TV Version) - Here

- Extra TV on YouTube (Thank You Speech) - Here

Click on the caps to enlarge
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 25th.
Macy's on Belgian TV
Go take a look at the following link.
Source: Elise on our forum
Posted on October the 25th.
"Lovers And Haters" on the DVD
Well at least in the UK.
- Disc 2 is an inside look at the Tour and Concert by Mariah and Mariah’s personal Director (40 minutes). There is also 6 songs formatted for karaoke sing-along (25 minutes) as well as ‘Lovers And Haters’ – a short film by Spike Lee starring Mariah.
Source for the info: MariahConnection
Posted on October the 25th.
Mariah here and there on TV
- Extra TV - here
- Access Hollywood - here
- The insider - here
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 25th.
Download Mariah at Z100
Mariah called into Z100 at about 4:30pm. Kelly from MariahCentral captured this audio online, please go on her site and credit her if you post it somewhere. Mariah discussed 'M' and also talked about her new album and a single being released this year.
Posted on October the 24th.
Mariah Drops Hints About LP
Mariah Carey paid "TRL" a visit today and gabbed about her new fragrance line and upcoming studio album. "I've been working on this record while I'm working on the fragrance," she revealed, saying that her yet-untitled LP and just-released M by Mariah Carey line "kind of work together." "I wanted the fragrance to be sensual. ... It's really been like writing a song ... this was almost the same creative process." She also explained why she pushed back her yet-untitled album, which had previously been scheduled for December 4, to next year. "You can't really put records out in December if you want the whole world to have a chance to actually hear it, and my fans all over the world are very important to me," she said, adding that she also wants to put out a pair of singles before the album drops. Carey dropped another hint about the effort, saying she "just had a really, really hot session with somebody in Miami," and while she was stubborn about letting us know just who the person in question is, she did let it slip that it's a man and that he's "somebody very popular." When asked what advice she might give Britney Spears, Carey didn't mention Spears specifically but said, "You gotta go through the ups to have the downs; you gotta go through the downs to have the ups. You have to go through life like any other person. To me, you just stay grounded spiritually, get your rest, and don't take it all so seriously." ... 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: When I told you Mariah had been spotted in Miami 
Posted on October the 24th.
Launch of "M" - 177 untagged pics online
Go take a look on SweetMariah, 177 untagged pics of the event are online 
Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on October the 24th.
Mariah Mayhem at Macy's
A royal purple carpet flanked by a drumline in matching purple T-shirts with a large "M" emblazoned on the front, and so many security guards, you'd think the Queen were arriving. 

Though this wasn't for the Queen of England, it was for pop royalty, nonetheless. The grand setup at the Macy's flagship store in New York on Tuesday afternoon, October 23, signaled the launch of Grammy Award-winning artist Mariah Carey's debut fragrance, M by Mariah Carey. 

The department store was in a tizzy as shoppers and store employees crowded the center aisle of the cosmetics department and even the mezzanine balcony with camera phones in hand and necks craned, hoping to get a glimpse at the singer when she arrived to greet the 200 lucky fans who ponied up $130 for a fragrance set, guaranteeing a chance to meet Carey and get her autograph. The first fifty to purchase the "VIP" package, priced at $305, got a photo opp, a T-shirt and the pure parfum. 

The fragrance, created by Elizabeth Arden with input from Carey, is a blend of rich scents like Moroccan insense, the Tahitian tiare flower and toasted marshmallows 

Tom Green, 26, from Leeds, England was one of the first ten people in line, and waited 23 hours with other fellow fans, including Nicole Randall, 22, from King Park, NY; Sapphira Hendrix, 22 from Brooklyn, NY and Davidia Rosshu, 25, from Tampa, Fla., who came to New York especially for the Macy's event. 

"I've always been a fan," said Green, who camped out on the street overnight in order to meet Carey. 

"With the cockroaches! Don't forget the cockroaches! We were killing them all night!" said Kristina Spencer, 18, of Commack, NY, who also waited 23 hours. 

At 10 minutes past five o'clock, the drumline, from the Brooklyn Music and Arts program, began enthusiastically chanting and drumming a welcoming cheer for Carey with so much gusto that it was impossible not to give it one's full attention. "Nobody's even shopping anymore!" joked one Macy's employee. After several minutes, Carey finally appeared, though her walk down the purple carpet was less a grand procession and more a slow jog, surrounded by security as though she were trying to avoid a crush of paparazzi. 

After all the fanfare, some onlookers were a little bit disappointed by the brief arrival. 

"I'm not impressed," said one employee to another, and headed back to the sales floor.
Source: Fashion Wire Daily (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 24th.

Mariah Carey in Feud with Diddy Over New Perfume?
Mariah Carey took the Big Apple by storm yesterday to launch her first ever fragrance, M, and “Extra” was in the middle of the party. 

Mariah, dressed in a stunning black Henry Leger dress, was surrounded by hundreds of people at Macy’s Herald Square as fans clamored to get an autograph. In true diva fashion, she arrived in a Bentley Phantom.

But with the crowd closing in, and lots of fans to please, Mariah told “Extra” her secret to practical fashion: “Comfortable shoes!” she said. 

The gorgeous singer also went on rumor control, answering questions about a secret boyfriend of two years. 

“I was talking about you,” she told “Extra’s” A.J. Calloway. “Aren’t we always having an affair?”

Mariah also tackled reports that she’s in a fight with Sean “Diddy” Combs over his rival perfume. 

“I have no feud with Diddy,” she insisted. “He knows I love him.”

Mariah’s focus for now includes her new record, a follow-up to her multi-platinum comeback CD “The Emancipation of Mimi.” It hits shelves early next year. 

“You know what, I'm really excited about this album,” she said. “I got three more songs to sing that I already wrote.
Source: Extra (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 24th.

Mariah will appear today on Extra and MTV today
Source: Moony
Posted on October the 24th.
Mariah guest on Z100 today
Mariah guest today at 4:30 p.m. with J.J. Kincaid on WHTZ (100.3 FM). (22h30 CET)
Source: NY Daily News
Posted on October the 24th.
Moony's report and dowloads all for you all to enjoy 
The day started with the Today show. Mariah arrived and made a quick entrance. Out on the plaza, she gave some autographs, and aside from going on TV to the Today Show, I think she did another interview. Then, she immediately headed over to the View. After the View, as Mariah was driven out of a parking lot, a fan showed a sign that said, "D&G workmanship is bleak," referring to the fact that a button fell off of her D&G jacket in the middle of 106 & Park the day before. She rolled down a car widow and said it was funny. 

Around 5:20pm, she arrived at Macy's main entrance on Broadway not in a regular limo but in something else that I never expected! You gotta look forward to pics/vidz! She was absolutely gorgeous!!  She then walked down a "purple" carpet to get to where the signing would take place. She first gave a speech about the fragrance and did some interviews including ones with Extra TV and MTV. Then the signing began. She looked really happy seeing fans that come up to her for her autographs. In the middle of the signing, she took a bathroom break. Following the signing, she went upstairs for a meet and greet session. According to someone who waited outside Macy's, the crowd had grown unbelievably large by the time she left there.

Click on the caps to enlarge
1. Mariah at the Today show: Here
2. Mariah's departure from the View: Here
3. Mariah at Macy's: Here
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 24th.

Scent of success
Mariah Carey got a major welcome yesterday at Macy's Herald Square, where she made an appearance to promote her new perfume, M. Drummers from Brooklyn Music and Arts Program's Drumline lined the purple carpet that was rolled out for the diva, who arrived in a black Bentley Phantom. "There are hundreds of people here, about 18 people deep; it goes across the street," said one onlooker. 
Source: New York Posts's Page Six
Posted on October the 24th.
Mariah launches "M" at Macy's

Click to enlarge
Source: Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 24th.
Fires chase one million away from home
Cali fans and friends, be careful, take care.
Posted on October the 23rd.
For the ones who still had a doubt, Mariah confirms the release of her album in 2008.
Posted on October the 23rd.
The DVD in Germany, but ... it's the UK import
German fans can now pre-order the "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD on Amazon Germany, but it's strange they list it as the UK import, so of course it's more expensive, the listed price is 34,99 Euro.
Maybe, German fans should wait before ordering it, 'cause if it comes finally out in Germany and you already bought the UK one, the German sales will be bad and they will think Mariah has less fans in Germany.  Just my though.

Until now the DVD is officially confirmed and will be released in the following countries:
- Belgium on Nov.16
- Ireland on Nov.16
- UK on Nov.19
- France on Nov.19
- Spain on Nov. 20
- Japan, november.
- Finland on Dec. 21
Posted on October the 23rd.

Gorgeous Mariah yesterday evening in New York

Click to enlarge
Source: Crave Online
Posted on October the 23rd.
Mariah arriving at NBC 'Today' 

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 23rd.
Poll: Are you eager to hear Mariah's new CD?
Please take a minute to vote in this OK Magazine poll.
Posted on October the 23rd.
Someone from Mariah's staff or at BET did a mistake
Some pictures of Mariah on BET are spreading fast around the world.  Can you believe medias picked up the ones where an assistant is using paper strips to eliminate sweat from Mariah's upper lip and chin and pretend that her make-up artist waxed off facial hair.
How lame is this, who would do that in front of an audience and cameras. C'mon, people!!!!!
Someone did a mistake, allowing the photographers to take this kind of pictures, they should have known the wolves were gonna make up trash with it.
The Daily Mail, now updated and removed their trash text, but it's a bit late as it's already all over the world and probably soon in magazines. 
As long as these pics are available on WENN, any medias can buy them and make up the same story.
Posted on October the 23rd.
Rumor alert: Jermaine Dupri wants Janet and Mariah to release a joint album
If you though that the Kanye - 50 Cent battle generated some buzz, you're not going to believe what Def Jam is considering. MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a Def Jam insider who claims that Jermaine is trying to convince Janet and Mariah to release a joint album. 

According to an executive at the record label, Jermaine came up with the idea as a way of increasing interest in both albums. The insider explained to MediaTakeOut.com, "There hasn't been a ton of interest out there for a new Mariah Carey [album], and there's even less for a Janet [Jackson album]. [Jermaine] thinks that if the two were combined, it would generate enough buzz to increase the overall sales for both artists."

Our source added "I think it's a brilliant idea. With [the music industry] business struggling, this is exactly the kind of thing we need to do if we're going to increase sales.

But it appears that neither Mariah or Janet are as easy to convince as our insider. The Def Jam exec told MediaTakeOut.com that, so far, neither woman has signed on to Jermaine's idea.
Source: Media Take Out
Posted on October the 23rd.

Pics of Mariah at 106 & Park

As usual, more untagged pictures can be found on SweetMariah
Posted on October the 23rd.
Mariah Promotes "M" on 106 & Park
Go on MariahDailyJournal to download the video of Mariah's appearance on the show or on MariahCentral for the video in DVD format.
Posted on October the 23rd.
Audio: Mariah Calls In To The Wendy Williams Show
At about 4:45pm today, Mariah called in to the Wendy Williams Show on New York's WBLS 107.5 FM to promote her "M by Mariah Carey" fragrance launch at Macy's Herald Square tomorrow. During the brief chat with Wendy, Mariah also talked about the rumored hook-up with Rick Fox, her morsel diet, the "M" video shoot, among other things. See transcript below.

Mariah Carey: We always do... and I'm always festive with you, you know it! Am I not always festive? 
Wendy Williams: Yes you are, and I was just talking about you the other day, how you bring the Tiffany glasses and I keep them. And, there's so much to talk with you about, I'll just give you a little teaser, O.K.?
MC: O.K., how are you doing though, good?
WW: Yes, Mariah, everything is going really well.
MC: I'm just stressing that I'm being a polite person, see most artists don't care, they just go on and talk about their own selves.
WW: Well, we don't mind that, because we know that to be as creative as you all are, you have got to have yourselves as the center of the universe. Is that kind of true or not?
MC: Well, I don't know, I mean, it doesn't seem like it to me. I feel like, you know, you gotta give out what you wanna get back.
WW: Well, yeah... well, look, are you dating Rick Fox?
MC: [laughs]
WW: Ooohhh
MC: No! I just love that that's your first question about the fragrance, we've got all this stuff, you did give me a nice build up, I heard you, I heard you.
WW: That's why I gave you the build up, I was coming back around to the fragrance, has Rick Fox ever smelled the fragrance on you? Like at Winston's in Hollywood at one o'clock in the morning when your song "Fantasy" came on, they said you guys were dancing.
MC: What?! Okay, I am not dating Rick Fox, no. That is not true.
WW: Have you ever kissed him?
MC: No, I have not kissed him. [laughs] Wendy, why are you acting like we're in third grade and you're passing me a note? "Have you kissed him..."
WW: Because we are! We're both very very much able to embrace our 12 year old. I can't wait till you to come in. 
MC: Yes we are...
WW: Can I ask you one thing?
MC: About this?
WW: No, about the morsel diet.
MC: Oh, about the morsel diet.
WW: Cause your body's like...
MC: I can't even believe people voted that as the number one diet.
WW: I know, I saw it too.
MC: I heard about it, I didn't see it.
WW: You know what I call that? I call that the suddenly diet. That's where you eat just enough and then before you finish swallowing you throw your food away.
MC: Yeah, like you definitely can't keep it there or you will eat it. You have to just take like the tiny bit of the morsel of what you want and then get it out of there.
WW: Yeah, I totally understand. I've invented some of these diets myself. But look, alright so, this is what we're gonna do. Let's promote your appearance at Macy's and then when you do come to the studio and then I get you under the spell of the truth serum, we will talk about men, bodies, movies, music, people that you love and people that you don't like.
MC: People that I don't like... we have to talk about that? We love everybody.
WW: By the way, I saw "Mean Girls" finally.
MC: You did? Okay, do you understand why I like it or you don't?
WW: Yeah, I do.
MC: You see? I told you!
WW: My thing is, is that I think that you and your squad of girls, you're the mean girls.
MC: Yeah, I'm the mean one, but it's only a cover... it's only a cover. Anybody that mean isn't really mean, they just cover up their own insecurities.
WW: I like the cover by the way of your representation of your own fragrance and I also really like the commercial, because of course with your angelic voice - nobody does it like you.
MC: Aw, thank you, that's very nice. I was like, you know, you never know how this stuff's gonna turn out, but we shot that cover in St. Maarten so I was actually in that pool for like hours, and it looks really nice and serene and whatever, but it was a lot of dudes walking around in there with lights and what not. I thought I was gonna get electrocuted.
WW: Alright, so come soon, let's talk about Macy's. You're gonna be at Macy's tomorrow?
MC: Yes, 5:00pm, Herald Square, Macy's, very very excited about it. Have to thank the fans in case they're listening for coming out early early early and waiting and I'm sorry that I'm not there to feed you with pizza and give you cocoa and stuff like I usually do, 'cause that's like you know, they've been waiting, they told me that this was like a record breaking thing. The... I don't know. What is it? Melissa has to say it, I can't say it... go ahead.
[Melissa: More than any other person Macy's never had a line like that.]
MC: That's a nice thing.
WW: That is a nice thing.
MC: I'm just thankful to them, so I'm just thanking them.
WW: What kind of look are you gonna be giving them?
MC: I don't know, tomorrow is too far away to know.
WW: But whatever it is, it's going to be short and tight.
MC: Maybe, it could be a long... no, it's not gonna be long. You would like these boots that I'm rocking today.
WW: Just one more thing, and then I'm gonna go. When you hooked up with Karl Lagerfeld, and I know you love those people dearly and that's all great, but Mariah, I so thought that they were trying to make you into something that you enjoy being.
MC: But you know what? The problem is, is that dress was shiny. If it had been a matte material that wasn't gonna give you like 85 different like shimmers, like I'm the one who should have known better than to try to wear that on the red carpet, because on the red carpet you can't control anything. Honestly? In person, looking in regular light, it actually looked good, and people were telling me "Oooh, this is the best I've ever seen you" blah blah blah. And then it was like "Oh she's fat, she's huge!" you know, it was like a total drama, so I was like "Okay, whatever."
WW: I like the Mariah in the short and tight. And P.S and I LOVE the purple dress on US.
MC: You do? The purple dress on US?
WW: YES! Are you kidding me? I love it!
MC: Thank you, that was made by this wonderful lady named Nile, and she hooked it up for me because it matches the bottle of the perfume, that was the whole point and... so that was the whole thing!
WW: Alright, so look, so have fun everybody, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, people from out of town, be at Macy's Herald Square, it's the biggest Macy's in the world, and at 5 o'clock tomorrow, Mariah Carey is going to be there to meet and greet with her new perfume "M" and it's just in time for the holidays.
MC: Yes it is, and thank you for that, for reminding me of that, and I hope to see you soon.
WW: Oh here we go, here's the 1-2 step!
MC: What? Whatchu mean? I'm saying I hope to see you soon, I'll see you! I'm gonna bring a festive package like I always do.
WW: Love it. Alright, so have a great day Mariah and I'll see you soon.
MC: Thank you Wendy.
WW: Alright, take care, bye bye!
MC: Bye!
WW: See, I may not be friendly with everyone, but Mariah and I, for better or for worse, have been pretty consistent. In my career. In terms of our dealings. We've been pretty consistent. You know why? 'Cause Mariah, Mariah's not scared to face an issue, she's also not scared to not let you just continue to talk and run over. Oh, she's a delightful talker. She'll just let you paint her into a corner and tell you what she's been doing, she'll tell you, or she'll be coy about it, but her body language will twist. You know what I mean? And she always brings the foods and the drinks, she's... I like Mariah. A LOT!
Listen to Mariah's interview with Wendy or you can download an audio file (in MP3, 8.0MB)!
Source: MariahDailyJournal - Gemini
Posted on October the 22nd.

Mariah Carey on Her New Fragrance, Album
Even though Mariah Carey has a new fragrance, she never was the type to spray on a scent before she left the house. In fact, Carey says she never really wore perfumes until she fell in love with her own creation, "M."

"This is the first fragrance that I wear," Carey told The Associated Press in an interview Monday. "I'm not really a perfume person at all ... Things that are too strong and overwhelming, that's what I was always not a fan of."

But when Elizabeth Arden approached the superstar to create her own perfume, it piqued her interest — mainly because the cosmetics company didn't want to use just her name, but wanted her input in the creation of the scent, which she describes as light, sensual and memorable.

"They were welcoming in my involvement just in every detail, and that was what was the most exciting thing to me," said Carey.

Carey says the fragrance, which comes in a purple bottle with her signature butterfly icon on top, was based on some of her favorite things. One is a Moroccan incense; another is a flower called the Living Tahitian Tiare. But another scent mixed into the fragrance is unexpected: toasted marshmallows.

That aroma was added because it evoked happy memories of her childhood around the campfire. But she adds: "It's blended in there — it's not like you're gonna walk around smelling like marshmallows."

Carey worked on "M" while on tour and working on her latest album, and said she spent as much time on launching the fragrance as she did working on her music career: "I'm obsessed with it!"

But now she's back to putting most of her focus on the new record, due out early next year. The as-yet-untitled album is the follow-up to her multiplatinum comeback disc, "The Emancipation of Mimi," which earned her three Grammys.

"It's hard for me to sit here and talk about it without sounding like I'm bragging if I'm in love with it, but I'm in love with this album," she says. "I think that having the success with the last record allowed me to have more freedom. ... and just make records that I like. It's kind of a really fun record."

Source: AP (All rights reserved)
Posted on October the 22nd.

Mariah on Wendy Williams show
They talked about Macy's, the perfurme, Mariah's Diet, The purple dress and that Mariah brook some Macy's record. Wendy was extreamly nice to MC this time, she did nothing but compliment MC and said how much she likes her.
Source: Gawain on fomm - Ricardo on our forum
Posted on October the 22nd.
Kinou and I are really busy planning stuffs for the upcoming street promo for "M" in Paris. 
Should I start my banana dance? 
Posted on October the 22nd.
UK fans: M by Mariah Carey UK Stockists for the Lotion
It seems some UK lambs are having trouble trying to find the M lotion. You can purchase it online by clicking here. It's the Limited Edition M by Mariah Carey 200ml Body lotion which you can buy for £16.00.

Good news!!!!! After checking the Perfume Shop website, M is doing stunningly well with both the EDP Spray 30 ml and EDP Spray 50 ml out of stock with the 100 ml the only size available!
Source: fantasyhero
Posted on October the 22nd.

Mariah on BET today!!!!!
Mimi's Adventures
The one and only Mariah Carey kicks it with Terrence and Rocsi on 106 & Park today!
Additional infos:
Mariah wil go on this evening 's BET 106 & Park that airs live at 6pm. Fans that arrive at the CBS studios (57th street bet 10th and 11th avenues) at 3:30pm or later will be let in to the studio on first and first serve basis. Bring a photo ID with a date of birth,  you need to be 16 or older. 
Source: BET - A big thanks to Moony for the info and additional infos 
Posted on October the 22nd.
Lil' L.OV.E. performed in Chicago
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony performed "Lil' L.OV.E." at their Chicago concert, look by yourself by clicking here. (scroll down a bit in the setlist)
Too bad, US fans didn't support that song, it had a potential and Mariah liked it.
Source for the info: David on our forum
Posted on October the 22nd.
US fans from New York and area
The VIP passes are sold out, but there are other packages left, you can still grab your chance to meet Mariah by buying the "autograph" package today.
Source for the info: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 22nd.
"M" sold in the Principality of Andorra
Andorra, for the ones who don't know where it is is a small little country bordered by Spain and France.  This weekend Jay was able to buy the 30ml "M" bottle for 26 Euro, however he didn't find any package.  Interesting fact, under the bottle and box, it's written "made in France".
Source for the info: Jay on our forum
Posted on October the 21st.
Vote for Mariah on Italian MTV EMA's
MTV Italia has a poll: Best Female: Which one is your favorite.  Click here to vote.
Here are the current stats:
Britney Spears -1.959.670 
Madonna -1.893.543 
Shakira -1.488.792 
Mariah Carey -1.006.515 
Source for the info: Roland on fomm
Posted on October the 21st.
Belgian fans: Vote now for Mariah on Donna's Top 2000
Please click hereto enter your 3 favourite Mariah songs among the ones listed.
The songs of Mariah which are in the list you can choose from are:
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Butterfly - Fantasy - Honey - I Still Believe - We Belong Together - Without You - It's Like That - Heartbreaker - Get Your Number - I'll Be There - Against All Odds - When You Believe

C'mon guys, do it now!!!!!
Source for the info: Elise on our forum
Posted on October the 21st.

Danja about Mariah
From People, October 29th issue, page 49
Pop Stars Love Nate 'Danja' Hills. The 26-year-old producer Danja previews his upcoming projects.

On Mariah Carey, The Pro
"She came to the studio really dressed, like she was going to the club. She was way cooler than what I thought. One song is 808 [drum machine] driven, but she still did her Mariah thing. I was blown away at how she sounded. And I think she was sick."
Source: People - MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Posted on October the 21st.

M by Mariah already sold out in Barcelona (Spain)
Yesterday Chopare was in El Corte Inglés in Barcelona to buy the Perfume and there were only two big bottles left (100ml). The girl that works there, told me that the perfume was released this week and its been a great success because the 50ml/35ml were sold out.
Source: Chopare on fomm
Posted on October the 21st.
Fans or haters?
This afternoon, I was walking in the city center of Brussels, talking and joking as usual with ET (private joke), but there was something in our mind and we couldn't enjoy this very nice sunny afternoon. We read and were reported so much insults and such hateful words towards Mariah in the past 2 days that we were kinda depressed.  We sat down at a terrace and were looking at the people walking in the streets (hehe, we are people watchers  ).
Suddenly ET asked a young pair sitting near by, "Imagine you're fan of an artist, nothing is really confirmed but you expect a new album soon, then you hear the album will come out 2 months later than you expected, how would you react? Would you insult and bash your favorite artist?".  The young girl seemed a lil' lost, but the guy got it and without hesitation he replied: "If you bash your favorite artist for whatever reason, it's time to let it go".  Thank god, we knew he was right, we knew we were right.  Guys, if some of you can't handle it anymore, let it go, there's no need to stay glued at someone you don't respect anymore, there's no need to call her names (and very bad names), Mariah doesn't need haters among her fans, she has already enough haters.  Some of you are now over it, but some others still can't helpt it and keep bashing.

To make it clear, I looked for some facts:
- Some say, Mariah doesn't need to make movies and "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" is the reason the album isn't finish.
False: That movie was announced on April the 18th. (check the news).

- Some say, if Mariah hadn't shot "Tennessee", the album would be finished.
False: "Tennessee" was postponed for the Tour (so if you really need to blame something, blame the Tour).

- Some say, the star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame was scheduled this year, so it's proof the album would be released.
False: The Hollywood, CA Chamber of Commerce already said on May the 24th. that Mariah would NOT receive her star this year.

- From Mariah herself in the July voice message: "I'm working and I'm trying hard to get the nice album out by the end of this year"

- Some are now surprised to know Da Brat will be on the album and of course needs to trash, we knew it since June the 25th., Jasmine gave us the hint in her column on The Voice.

Imagine if Mariah receives an Oscar for "Tennessee" and receives her star on the Walk Of Fame as a song writer, composer, singer and actress, that would mean so much for her, wouldn't you be happy for her?

Be happy like she is for her fragrance, her movie(s), she's a singer yes, but because she's a singer some of you think she may not do something else. She may not do what she likes.  Who are you to control her way to live, her way to dress, her way to act, who are you???? Tommy Mottola?

We don't want her to have another breakdown, right.

I'll not play the moralist, but try to look in your brain if you still have one and enjoy the chance we have to love and support an amazing artist like Mariah. 
Love her, support her, unconditionnally!
That's the way we can thank her for the 17 amazing years she gave us!!!!

I know I'll be hated for this post, but I don't care....

I'll now make a lil' walk, my toothbrush is waiting at the door with her leash, she still thinks she's a dog 
Posted on October the 20th.

Mariah listed on The View schedule
ABC lists Mariah: Tuesday, Oct. 23 , Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's last show before maternity leave; Mariah Carey; Lance Bass (author, Out of Sync)
Source: ABC - Jayson
Posted on October the 20th.
"M" out in Portugal!!!! 
The fragrance is now sold in Portugal in the Perfumes & Companhia stores.
Source for the info: Ricardo on our forum
Posted on October the 20th.
Macy's package
You can check pictures of the package and pass on several websites, for security reasons I'm not gonna post them until the event is over.
Thanks however the the ones who e-mailed me the info and pics.
Posted on October the 19th.
DJ promotes and handles Mariah's fragrance in Scotland
Edinburgh DJ Nick G born Nick Goldie started out aged just 15 at under 18's night Stereo at the sorely missed Venue, and has ended up playing tunes alongside people like DJ Whoo Kid (50 Cent's official DJ), Clinton Sparks (P Diddy's official DJ), DJ Drama (TI's official DJ), DJ Cash Money & DJ Semtex (Dizzee Rascal's DJs) and Tim Westwood, all of whom have sat upon the decks at Tipsy, Nick's main residency at Massa on Sundays. He's now involved in promotion work, which currently sees him handling Mariah Carey's new fragrance within Scotland.
Source: Scotsman
Posted on October the 19th.
Yes, yes, yes!!!!! T-Pain featured on Mariah's upcoming album 
T-Pain's own work will be everywhere in the coming months. On the branding side, he's working with eyewear maker Oakley to develop a signature line of T-Pain "Oil Can" frames. Musically, he's produced at least four songs, Blumstein says, on Usher's spring album, including possible first single "At the Time," and is featured on upcoming songs from Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and Rick Ross. He's also co-producing Omarion's next project with Timbaland.
Source: Billboard
Posted on October the 19th.
Macy's: VIP Tix sold out before the official opening
According to a fan who camped out throughout the night, there were about 70 people as of 7am this morning and even more by shortly after 9am when the store let them in before their official opening at 10am. Since they only have 50 VIP tickets, the tickets were sold out before the opening of the store! 
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 19th.
Mariah To Perform at the AMAs?
According to Audiences Unlimited, online source for audience tickets to shows and special events, Mariah Carey will be one of the performers at the 35th Annual American Music Awards. An email notification sent out to subscribers lists artists who are reportedly confirmed to perform at the awards show. See list below.

American Music Awards will be filming this year on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at the Nokia Theatre live in downtown Los Angeles, CA. It will be an arrival time of 1:00pm. The show will be live from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Chris Brown (Feat. T-Pain): Kiss Kiss
Mariah Carey: Song TBD
Daughtry: Over You
Celine Dion: Song TBD
Duran Duran: Medley -TBD / Falling Down
Fergie / Will.I.Am / Nicole Scherzinger 
Jennifer Hudson: Song TBD 
Alicia Keys: Song TBD 
Avril Lavigne: Song TBD
Maroon 5: Wake Up Call
Rascall Flatts: Song TBD
Rihanna (Feat: Ne-Yo): Hate That I Love You 
Source: Audiences Unlimited - Kelly K. - MariahDailyJournal
Posted on October the 19th.

Macy's last night
They set up two new counters by the Broadway entrance to deal customers today, as you know it's starting today that customers may buy their fragrance with the passes to meet Mariah, fans started to wait in line in the afternoon and camped outside to be sure they can buy their package. Fans even came from Florida and Connecticut.

Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 19th.
Label representative says no date has been solidified
Sorry, Mariah fans — looks like her new album isn't coming out this year after all. While her record label confirmed that her yet-untitled follow-up to The Emancipation of Mimi would be dropping December 4, a label representative now says Carey is still recording and the date has not been solidified.
Source: MTV
Posted on October the 18th.

I don't visit this website, but as it comes up when you search news...... 
Please someone, tell me Perez Hilton made it up, it can't be a fan who wrote it, if it really is..... to me, that person is NOT a fan!!!!!!
Posted on October the 18th.
UK fans: "All I want for Christmas" is a Singtone
Record-your-own ringtone service ReVoice™ Singtones this week unveiled the Christmas songs people will sing and send to mobiles as unique ‘virtual stocking-fillers’.

The Singtone service lets you record yourself singing a favourite song, enhances your voice and mixes it professionally with the backing track. Even if you’re tone-deaf, you’ll sound like a pro: in-tune and in-time. The system will also automatically score your voice, and you and your friends can listen to and rate each other’s performances.

But here’s the best bit: you can send your Singtone to loved ones’ mobiles as a personalised Christmas greeting, which they can set to play when you phone them. Friends can share Singtones with each other and kids can make ones for their parents’ phones.

Singtones are free to create and cost just £1.50 to send to mobile phones. The Christmas Singtones available include karaoke classics like Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’.

The high-tech company behind Singtones – Synchro Arts Limited – provides the voice alignment technology used in audio production for Hollywood blockbusters and pop music hits worldwide. 

- Christmas Singtones will be available from November 15th
- Singtones can be recorded via mobile phone, landline or through a PC program downloaded via the Internet from www.singtones.com
- Singtones are free to create and £1.50 to deliver to mobile phones
- Singtones are only available for delivery in the UK
Source: SourceWire - Singtones
Heroes note: On Singtones, you can already record "Hero"
Posted on October the 18th.

Would You Wear Mariah Carey’s Super High Heels?

Mariah Carey has an established over-the-top style — but even knowing her love for big hair, slinky dresses and high heels, our jaws still dropped over the shoes she wore out to dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The singer (and new perfume maven) headed out to eat in a pair of Giambattista Valli platform heels that have a staggering five and a half inch heel on them (135 mm, to be exact). We cannot imagine being able to take one step in a pair of heels that high, much less spend a whole night out in them (although it does look like Mariah is getting a little help)! But maybe we’re just wimpy so we want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear Mariah’s high heels? Could you walk in them?
Source: People
Heroes note: No, I couldn't walk in them as I'm a guy 
Posted on October the 18th.
Hum.... it was never officially confirmed......
Mariah Carey has postponed the release of her new album
Mariah Carey has postponed the release of her new album, previously scheduled for Dec. 4, until next February.

At that rate, the album, a follow-up to “The Emancipation of Mimi,” will be bumping right into a new CD from Madonna. At the same time, Janet Jackson — now recording for Island/Def Jam, home of Mariah — may have her new release ready, too.

Get set for Diva Logjam. And to make matters even more interesting, Janet’s boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, is the producer working with Randy Jackson and others on Mariah’s CD. Dupri brought Jackson over to Island/Def Jam with him from Virgin Records, now lost somewhere in the EMI Music shuffle.
Source: FoxNews (All rights reserved) (extract) - a lot of fans by e-mail too
Heroes comment: Sorry, but I can't help but laughing at all the "the single will leak this week" since several weeks now, I can't help laughing at the mad fans, when was it officially confirmed that the album would be released on December the 4th., except a few months ago a "hint" from Doug Morris and a "hint" from LA Reid a few weeks ago (but never on Mariah's official site or a Press Release).  Even the local label offices started to have a doubt.  Mariah feels it that way and it's all good .  C'mon guys, it's not the end of the world, you will survive!!!!!
Posted on October the 18th.

Mariah Shoots Sandler Movie in Los Angeles
Da Brat was a special guest co-host on Los Angeles' Power 106's "Big Boy in the Neighborhood" this morning. Chatting it up with Big Boy and Luscious Liz, she said she will be on Mariah's upcoming album. Asked if she's heard some of the tracks, Da Brat said, "I've heard a lot of the songs and they're retarded." She also divulged that Mariah is currently in Los Angeles shooting the Adam Sandler movie, "You Don't Mess With the Zohan."
Source: Power 106 - MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Posted on October the 18th.
TAOM in Belgium on Nov. 16 
The DVD will be released in Belgium on November the 16th. instead of November the 19th., a Heroes of Mariah contest to win DVD's will be announced soon.
Source for the info: Universal Belgium by phone.
Posted on October the 18th.
Macy's fan commercial
Moony did a great job to spread the word about Mariah's instore appearance at Macy's.  Click here to watch it.  Congrats to her!!!!
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 18th.
"The Adventures of Mimi" announced for Dec. 3 in the UK
Amazon UK has updated their site with the DVD details, well not really details... just the release date, December the 3rd.
Posted on October the 18th.
Is Mariah a Fox-y Lady? Reps for both deny
I’m not saying they’re more than just friends, but Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams ex/former basketball star Rick Fox were hanging out into the wee hours last night.

A source tells me Carey and Fox walked into Winston’s in West Hollywood together at about 1 a.m.

“They sat on top of the banquettes in a corner booth,” the source reports. “Then the deejay played Mariah’s 'Fantasy,' and the two ‘sat danced’ at the table.”

So, are they dating? Reps for both say they are not.
Source: E!Online
Posted on October the 18th.

Mariah on X-Factor announced by Louis Walsh
X-Factor judge Louis Walsh was interviewed on Radio 2 last week, and mentioned Mariah as one of the lengendary artists set to perform on the UK Talent show. Other performers are Leona Lewis, Shayne Ward, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Lopez.
Source: david on fomm
Posted on October the 18th.
Mariah Gettin' Foxy?
After reportedly being turned away from Hyde (WTF? ), Mariah headed over to Winston's, in a sexy, curve-hugging Herve Leger frock, where photogs say Rick Fox arrived just minutes before. Nothing suspicious there but when Rick left the club, photogs say he waited in his SUV for Mariah to board her Bentley, then followed her home!
Click hereto watch the video and here to download it.
Source: X17
Source for the vid: Moony by e-mail 
Posted on October the 17th.
Mariah going at Club Winston (Hollywood) yesterday
More untagged pictures can be found on SoMariah.

Source: Shima from SoMariah on our forum
Posted on October the 17th.
October the 23rd. It will be a great day forNew York fans!!!
- Today Show.
- The View.
- Macy's
Posted on October the 17th.
US fans: Mariah on The TODAY Show, October 23
Come on down to the TODAY Show Plaza on Tuesday, October 23 to show some love and support for the lovely Miss M when she see drops in on TODAY to discuss her debut fragrance M by Mariah Carey. 
Be there at 7:45am sharp for a special M fragrance giveaway! The first 190 fans get a free Mariah t-shirt AND a bottle of the fragrance!! 
The TODAY Show studios are located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza (West 49th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues) in NYC.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October the 17th.
HBF members, go on Mariah's official site to read the details
Mariah will be appearing on The View this Tuesday, Oct. 23rd. and Honey B. Fly is sending 1 lucky member and a guest!
If you live in or around the NYC area, are 16 years of age or older with a valid photo ID and can be available from 9:30am - 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, October 23rd you could be selected to attend. You will need to get yourself and your guest to The View studio located at: 320 West 66th street. HBF will not be providing any transportation or lodging to this event. Your guest must also be 16 years of age or older.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October the 17th.
The Adventures of Mimi DVD announced in Finland
Good news!!! As confirmed by Universal Finland, the DVD will be released on December the 21st. over there.
Source for the info: Teemu by e-mail
Posted on October the 17th.
M by Mariah Carey out in Turkey!!!!
M by Mariah Carey is now in stores here starting from this week. Mariah Turkiye visitors can get a free sample by submitting the invitations found in our "M by Mariah Carey" Promo page ( http://www.mariahturkiye.net/mbymariahcarey ), to the stores listed in the same page. They can keep checking MariahTurkiye for more news and additional information.
Source: Can and Murat from MariahTurkiye by e-mail
Posted on October the 17th.
Is Live Nation the future of music business?
Live Nation is an empire, take a look by yourself by reading the entire article.  Mariah is quoted, as the Media Rights section helped make Mariah's DVD.
"Media Rights: Media Rights develops and contracts media rights in all forms of distribution, including television, home video, internet, mobile, radio, digital cinema and other emerging channels. Recent projects include DVD's for the Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand, and documentaries for Pete Seeger and Harry Belafonte."

On another side with all the buzz going on with Live Nation signing artists, Vivendi Chief (Universal is part of the group) says ""I do not believe we'll lose a lot of artists," "the music industry is at a turning point. After relying on sales of CDs for years, it now has to look at diversifying its business model." "It used to be just focused on the record and everybody thought all the rest was just promotions in order to sell records. Now it's a more balanced business where you have records, TV shows, merchandise, touring revenues and so on."
Posted on October the 16th.

M by Mariah Carey and MariahCarey.com is giving away exclusive VIP passes to Mariah's fragrance launch at Macy's
Mariah is coming to Macy's Herald Square on Tuesday, October 23 to debut her new fragrance, M by Mariah Carey and MariahCarey.com is giving away exclusive VIP passes to the event.

Five (5) lucky fans who answer the 10 fragrance questions correctly will be randomly selected to receive a special VIP pass for you and a guest to meet and have your photo taken with Mariah as she debuts her fragrance M by Mariah Carey at Macy's Herald Square 

In order for you to take part you must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid photo ID and be in the New York City area on Tuesday, October 23. You should arrive at the store no later than 5:00 PM sharp to experience Mariah's Fragrance launch! Please note, however, that the VIP part of the event does not happen until 7:45 PM.
Please go on Mariah's official site for all details
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October the 16th.

Mariah outside restaurant Ago in Hollywood
Wanna see more?  Go on SweetMariah, Cat uploaded 29 untagged pics for you all to enjoy 
Click on the pic to enlarge
Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on October the 16th.
Mariah in LA: the videos
Click here to download Mariah arriving in LA.
Click here and here to download Mariah at restaurant Ago.
Source: Alex and Moony
Posted on October the 16th.
Mariah in LA part 2
Mariah's On Fiyah!
On her second night in Los Angeles, Mimi was looking fierce when she rolled up to LA eaterie Ago in her Bentley. Mariah was gracious as ever to the photogs, but refused to divulge her beauty secrets! 
Rubbing elbows with Mariah at Ago were RUN DMC's Darryl McDaniels, who gave a shout-out to X17 and director/producer siblings Garry and Penny Marshall.
Click here to watch the video.

Source: X17 (All rights reserved) - Tom by e-mail
Posted on October the 16th.
UK fans: Cash For Questions: Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is the latest star to submit to Q’s much-feared Cash For Questions interrogation.
That means we need your questions – and there’s £25 to be won for each one that makes it into the magazine.
So…what do you want to ask the ultimate modern soul diva? Email your ideas to cashforquestions@q4music.com, not forgetting your contact details. Please mention Mariah Carey in the subject heading. The deadline is 29 October.
Source: Q4Music
Posted on October the 16th.
Mariah arrived in LA last Sunday
Watch a lil' video of Mariah arriving in Los Angeles late Sunday night on a private jet, along with several pieces of luggage and an enormous entourage. Mariah boarded a Bentley headed straight for Beverly Hills.
Source: X17 - Natalia on fomm
Heroes comment:  Where did Mariah came from, as we know she was spotted in the Miami airport during a lay over last week.
Posted on October the 16th.
US fans!!!!!! Glamour magazine contest: Win Mariah’s Glamour-exclusive DVD
Glamour magazine is giving away 10 signed copies of Mariah’s Glamour-exclusive DVD, "10 Random Things You Don’t Know About Me" (not available in stores!). Another set of ten winners will each get an autographed copy of the November 2007 issue of Glamour, featuring Mimi on the cover!
Click here to enter the contest.
Source: Glamour - MariahConnection - Moony
Posted on October the 16th.
Mariah on Forbes: How They Got Their Big Break
Search all you want, there is no magic formula for fame and fortune.
The truth is, big breaks don't just happen; people make them happen--through hard work, networking, courage, passion and even pain.
Talent and tenacity notwithstanding, having the right friends helps, too--as pop star Mariah Carey can attest. While working as a backup singer for Puerto Rican performer Brenda Starr in 1988, Carey met Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola at a party. As a favor, Starr gave Carey's demo tape to Mattola. After a listen, he bolted back to the party to track Carey down and sign her on. Good move for everyone: Carey's first five singles hit the Billboard Hot 100.

No, life isn't fair. But with a little effort, you can boost your odds. 
Source: Forbes(All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October the 16th.

"The Adventures of Mimi" enters at #12 on the Fnac France best sales!!!

Click to enlarge
Source: Fnac FR - Benjamin by e-mail
Posted on October the 15th.
UK fans: another competition to meet Mariah at Macy's 
Listen to Kiss 100 Breakfast show all this week (Monday 15th - Fri 19th) for your chance to win a trip to New York, where you can meet Mariah in person!
The winner plus guest, will be flown out to New York on Sunday 21st October and return to the UK on Wednesday 24th October. The prize includes 3 nights accommodation, a tour of NYC, $1000 spending money and most importantly.... the chance to meet Mariah herself and have your photo taken with her at the launch of the fragrance in the Big Apple. A signed photo, a lingering fragrance and the memory of meeting Mariah – it has to be marvellous!

Competition to win a Mariah goodie bag
Win a Mariah Carey goodie bag, which includes her new perfume "M" by Mariah Carey. 
Not content with hitting the high notes like no one else, Mariah Carey is the latest musician to turn her hand to the art of fragrance making. 
“For me, creating this scent was like creating a song - it takes many notes to compose a fragrance. It’s like a beautiful melody.” - Mariah Carey 
Drawing upon Mariah’s own personal experiences, each of the three key elements of the scent – marshmallow, tiare flower and amber - embodies a warmth, sensuality and glamour. 
Now, back to to the matter in hand - to win a Mariah Carey goodie bag, including her perfume, tell us... 
Click here to enter the contest
Source: Kiss FM - MariahConnection
Posted on October the 15th.

DVD out in Spain on November the 20st.
My friend Rocio phoned to Universal Spain to get infos on the release of "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD in Spain, they confirmed a Nov. 20th. release.
Source: Rocio by e-mail
Posted on October the 15th.
Macy's Preps for Mariah's In-Store
This past weekend, the Macy's Herald Square store in New York has started decorating for Mariah's in-store appearance on October 23rd. They changed the awnings on the 33rd Street side to purple with the "M" logo on it; the window displays on both sides of the main entrance on Broadway are now adorned with huge Mariah posters and "M" bottles on glass holders; and the large LED video display facing 34th Street now plays the "M" advertisement.
Go on MariahDailyJournal for more pics
Source: jonny for MariahDailyJournal
Posted on October the 15th.
"M" in Spain
"M" is now sold in one of the largest department store in Spain "El Corte Inglès"
Source for the info: Mayrye on fomm
Posted on October the 14th.
Life of Danja
When Britney, Madonna or Mariah need help, they turn to producer Nate 'Danja' Hills. How a 26-year-old pastor's son is helping reshape the music industry's hit-making machine in the digital age.

He is producer Nate Hills, aka Danja (pronounced "DANE-ja"). At age 26, Mr. Hills is emerging as one of music's elite, behind-the-scenes hit makers. With industry sales in a slump, demand for his services -- and those of other top producers -- is surging.
As he navigates this landscape, Mr. Hills offers an example of how radically the role of producer has shifted and the extent to which a hit hinges on the most basic ingredients, especially the beat. For many rock and country tunes, the song still takes shape when a songwriter picks up a guitar or sits down at a piano, but for the hip-hop and R&B songs that dominate today's pop charts, the moment of creation is more likely to be when a producer fires up a drum machine.

Demand for his aggressive, sculpted beats, offset by spacey melodies has packed his calendar with clients ranging from Mariah Carey to rapper Missy Elliott.

Mr. Hills typically charges $50,000 to $100,000 per track, up from $35,000 to $50,000 last year, according to his lawyer, David M. Ehrlich. Mr. Hills receives half this sum up front from the record label and the other half after the song is completed and approved. That money comes as an advance: After the label recoups his production fee, Mr. Hills receives production royalties that typically amount to about 4% to 5% of the music's retail cost, prorated based on how many tracks he produced.

Mr. Hills says he will vary his fees if it will broaden his impact on a project. "Instead of a label paying $75,000 or $100,000 for a track, I'll do multiple tracks for $50,000 each. Let's just make a sound, an album, and we can all make money."

Unlike traditional producers, Mr. Hills also composes the music, so he collects additional royalties from record sales and when the music is used on TV or played on the radio.
Source: The Wall Street Journal (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October the 13th.

"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD details
Fnac France updated their site again, this time with the contents!!!
Disc 1:
Concert : 
Opening Video - It's Like That - Heartbreaker - Dream Lover - My All - Shake It Off - Vision Of Love - Fly Like A Bird - I'll Be There - Fantasy - Don’t Forget About Us - Always Be My Baby - Honey - I Wish You Knew - Can't Let Go - One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men - Hero - Make It Happen - We Belong Together - Butterfly Reprise 
Bonus: Jukebox Function - Backstage 
Making Of of the Tour (40 minutes) 
6 Karaoke songs: Sing w/o Mariah - Shake It Off - Vision Of Love - I'll Be There - Always Be My Baby - Honey
French subtitles
Source: Fnac France - Jay on our forum
Posted on October the 13th.
Mariah to perform at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards ?
Mariah Carey is all set to perform at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on November 5th at Lincoln Center. After smelling her new fragrance, we’re expecting the same marshmallow-y sweetness from the diva herself.
Source: Fashion Week Daily Chic report - overfifty on HBF
Heroes note: This needs to be officially confirmed, at the moment I couldn't find any other info.
Posted on October the 12th.
What's exactly a USB port single or album?
A lot of fans e-mailed me to ask more about singles or albums released on USB port , I thought it was interesting to post the link to a pic of it for everyone who never saw some ('cause it was not released in their countries yet).  These kind of stuffs are already available (at least in Europe) since a few years.
Click here to see how looks an album on USB Key, don't pay attention to the artist, it's the only pic I found where you can clearly see how it looks.
Posted on October the 12th.
"The adventures of Mimi" DVD cover
It seems this will be the cover of the DVD, at least according to Fnac France where fans can pre-order their copy (as posted yesterday)
Click to enlarge.
Source for the pic: Fnac - Julien by e-mail.
Posted on October the 12th.
Special members only contest to meet Mariah on Tuesday, October 23! 
Mariah's Official site is updated with the Macy's event, good news... Are you a member of Mariah's Fragrance Fan Club? If not be sure to sign up today by visiting mariahcareybeauty.com for your chance to take part in a special members only contest to meet Mariah on Tuesday, October 23! 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October the 12th.
Long Island Music Hall of Fame Induction Gala on October 21st Postponed
Event at Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College to be Rescheduled Due To Scheduling Conflicts
(Long Island, NY, October 12, 2007) -- The Long Island Music Hall of Fame today announced the postponement of its second annual Hall of Fame Induction and Celebration Gala. The event was to have taken place Sunday, October 21st at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College.

According to LIMHOF Chairman Richard L'Hommedieu, "Due to last minute scheduling conflicts, many of the artists due to be inducted on Oct. 21st, have told us within the last few days that unfortunately they are unable to attend. LIMHOF's inaugural induction last year was a smash, and this year we made every effort to equal that success. We are deeply committed to the artist inductees, their fans, and our sponsors, to present the most entertaining and educational program possible. Anything less than that does everyone a disservice." 

Mr. L'Hommedieu added: "Unfortunately, artist conflicts affected the show – and ticket sales could not support the event. As a 501 C3 organization, we have a fiduciary responsibility to the LI Music Hall of Fame to conserve our resources, in order to further our educational programs and our future museum. This short-term postponement will allow us to continue in our mission." 

"Therefore, we made the difficult decision to postpone this year's event and to reschedule it at a time when we can present a more complete lineup of inductees and to offer them, other performing artists, and the public, an outstanding event at which they can be fully recognized and honored. We thank all the inductee artists, talent presenters, fans, and sponsors for their continued support, and look forward to presenting the awards to them at an event to be announced in the near future." 

The 2007 list of Inductees are: Simon and Garfunkel, Blue Oyster Cult , LL Cool J, Carole King, Arlo Guthrie, Public Enemy, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, The Good Rats, The Ramones, Jean Ritchie, Kenny Vance, The Tokens, Guy Lombardo, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Bob Buchmann, Eddie Money, Beverly Sills, Walter Becker, Pat Benatar, Barbra Streisand and Marvin Hamlisch.
Source: LIMHOF
Posted on October the 12th.

Mariah ambassador for Operation Smile
Operation Smile announces new Smile ambassadors; celebrities continue to join effort marking 25th. Anniversary

Mariah Carey, Oscar D’León, Carmit Bachar, Dhani Jones and Roselyn Sanchez Support Operation Smile’s Efforts to Bring Smiles to Children Across the Globe during World Journey of Smiles 

Operation Smile, a worldwide children’s medical charity dedicated to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults born with facial deformities, is pleased to announce its growing roster of “Smile Ambassadors,” celebrities who are joining Operation Smile during their 25th anniversary year to bring greater awareness to the effort.  This group of notables joins Jessica Simpson, Operation Smile’s International Youth Ambassador, and current Smile Ambassadors Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Billy Bush, Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr., Melanie Dunea, Nigel Parry, Molly Sims, Justin Chatwin, and Benj Gershman, who continue to bring awareness to the plight of these children in need. The latest group of celebrities to join the program includes Mariah Carey, Oscar D’León, Carmit Bachar, Dhani Jones and Roselyn Sanchez.  As Smile Ambassadors, each celebrity will have the opportunity to visit one of Operation Smile’s partner countries during the year, where they will help bring global attention to the needs of children born with facial deformities. 

Smile Ambassadors announced today include: 
Singer, songwriter and actress Mariah Carey is best-known for her remarkable vocal range and record-selling singles. Carey has recorded the most U.S. number-one singles for a female solo artist and has earned five Grammy Awards.  She has been a supporter of Operation Smile for the past four years and attended various fund-raising events including The Smile Collection fundraising event in New York in 2006.  Carey continues her support of Operation Smile by becoming a 2007 Smile Ambassador.

The Smile Ambassadors are selected based on their commitment to global philanthropy and a willingness to speak out on behalf of children. Their visibility and passion will be harnessed to bring large-scale awareness to the needs of children worldwide throughout the organization’s 25th Anniversary efforts, including the November 2007 World Journey of Smiles, which will feature simultaneous medical missions in 25 countries with a goal of treating an estimated 5,000 children. 

Read more about Operation Smile on their official website.
Source: TransWorldNews
Posted on October the 12th.

UK fans, grab your chance to meet Mariah in New York 

Now for all you Mariah Carey fans The Lick has the mother of all competitions - don't say Uncle Trevor doesn't spoil you. 

Courtesy of "M" by Mariah Carey - her debut fragrance - we are giving you the chance to fly to New York with a friend, and are throwing in a $1000 spending spree. 
But that’s not the half of it – you’ll also get to meet the lovely lady herself - Mariah Carey! 
Yes - you read correctly - YOU could be meeting Mariah at her fragrance launch in The Big Apple.
Two lucky runners up will also get kitted out with “M” goody bags – stuffed with products from the "M" by Mariah Carey line 

You must be over 18, have a valid UK passport and be able to travel on October 21 for 3 nights. 
All you have to do is enter this easy peasy question - 
The competition will close at noon on Thursday, October 18.
Click hereto access the contest.  Good luck guys!!!!
Source: MTV UK
Posted on October the 12th.

Dupri: 'I wouldn't want to do a song with Mariah and Janet and it don't live up to them being as big as they are,'
Dupri said fans can expect to hear new Janet Jackson material sometime next year. 
"Probably in February or March or the summer," JD said. "It's 45 percent done. Singer/songwriter The-Dream has a song on her album, as does Rodney Jerkins. It's gonna be a crazy album. It's a Janet record. I'm A&R-ing, and I'm probably going to be the executive producer. But I'm getting records she likes and pulling records from other people. She has a duet with Maroon 5. Just little things." 

One huge thing people have been asking Dupri about is a potential duet between Janet and Mariah Carey, especially since they are now labelmates. (JD went so far as to promise a duet featuring the divas on Janet's last album, but it never materialized.) Nelly, for one, wanted to try and pull off the collaboration on his upcoming Brass Knuckles LP, but he couldn't come up with a good enough idea for the song. 

"The thing about that is, I don't force an idea," Dupri explained. "It's a great idea if you can come up with the record. It has to be something that's organic. It can't be something we force just because the voices is together. I believe the last couple of records we saw where there are two big artists that came together and collaborated, they don't live up to be the record we want them to be. I was a little disappointed with the R. Kelly and Usher record 'Same Girl'. I thought the record should have been bigger than what it was. ... I wouldn't want to do a song with Mariah and Janet and it don't live up to them being as big as they are. ... But the collaboration is gonna surface one day. Something is gonna come up, and we gonna say, 'This is it.' " 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October the 12th.

Release schedule in the UK: Could be a USB port
Dean found the following release schedule on the door of his local record store in London. Dean went in and asked the sales representive at the counter about the schedule, who in turn informed him that this schedule was published this week.  Click to enlarge and look in the Key Album releases.

Source: MariahConnection
Posted on October the 11th.
"Glamour" magazine with Mariah on the cover is now available in Belgium, grab your copy now!!!
Posted on October the 11th.
Rumors about the album release in France denied
I received many e-mails from French fans telling me that Universal France had announced the release of the album in 2008.  I phoned today and they absolutely deny it, maybe it was a misunderstood but it's no question of a date for the album as they still don't have anything listed yet.  At the moment all European offices are waiting for the release date to be announced and nothing is listed for 2007, but it's not a proof, it can still be announced everyday.  I'm almost sure one of these mornings we will wake up with a lot of infos, like in the good old times 
Posted on October the 11th.
"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD pre-order in France
French fans can now pre-order the DVD on the Fnac site.
The DVD is listed as Digipack at a promo price of 25,76 Euro and will be available on November the 19th.
Source for the info: Garfield on our forum
Heroes note: According to Universal Belgium, the DVD will be sold around November the 19th. too but is not listed yet in pre-sales.
Posted on October the 11th.

Carey in Key
Leggy Mariah Carey, 37, is stepping into a creative new direction by releasing her next single as a keyring, I can reveal.

The dangly pink heart will be attached to a USB port that fans can then pop into their computer and play the tune. 

Keane did something similar minus the pink hearts and I can see it catching on more widely as downloading eventually displaces the CD.
Source: Kim dawson for the Daily Star
Heroes comment: If this is true, it could well be the gift the VIP customers will receive at Macy's (as reported yesterday)
Posted on October the 11th.

It's not in my habits to erase something from my site and if I do I explain it, it seems the extended M site posted earlier today could be unofficial, if this is the case, some people have really too much time in their hands....., so I'll wait to post it again until it's sorted out.
Posted on October the 11th.
New Mariah song
I received a few e-mails this morning with a song title and infos posted on MariahDailyJournal, I think in the excitment some of you didn't read it carefully, I noticed the following:
Although it is the first title from Mariah's upcoming album to be registered, the song is not confirmed as the album's first single and may not even make the final cut of the album
I'm not gonna post it, please go on MariahDailyJournal or ASCAP for other details about the writers, 'cause the ASCAP rules are strict about posting stuff from their data base, but they don't prohibid links 
Let's patiently wait for official news 
Posted on October the 11th.
Mariah Makes Billboard's Top Women of the Year List!!!!!!
Billboard's 2nd annual Women In Music issue on newsstands now includes a list of the top 5 female artists, who were selected for their prowess as business women. Billboard recognized Mariah as not only one of the top female performers but also an artist who has managed her business interests with exceptional skill. 

Mariah Carey used her name-brand cachet during the first decade of her career, assisting a host of philanthropic organizations. She co-founded Camp Mariah, Career Awareness Camp aiding the Fresh Air Fund in the early 90's, exposing inner-city youths to specific career fields and to teach young people about the wide range of career possibilities available to them. Mariah has worked with countless other charitable organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, VH1 Save The Music, New York's Police Athletic League, Presbyterian Hospital and the Administration for Children's Services. 

Among Mariah's business enterprises outside the music world include her endorsement for Intel Centrino PCs, and launched Glamorized, a jewelry and accessory line for teens through Claire's. Carey also has leveraged her success by recording and promoting a series of ringtones in partnership with Pepsi and Motorola. This past spring, she developed her first fragrance, M, from Elizabeth Arden which is in stores now. Forbes magazine estimates that Carey is the sixth wealthiest woman in entertainment.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October the 10th.

Go UK, goooooooooooooooooooooo 
Mariah's Curves On Display 
Sky Showbiz has 40 pictures up with a comment for each, if they don't like all Mariah's outfits, they like Mariah's body, that's the way to respect someone!!!
"In all, we admire Mariah and her curves and don't see any reason why she can't wear the odd revealing number - they're not just for stick insects."
Click here to watch the 40 pics.  at the comments on pic 26 and pic 27 (Hi Darrell )
Posted on October the 10th.
Power 104.3 Beat The Buzzer is Back: Win Mariah's Money commercial
As previously reported, the commercial aired on Hawaii's most popular hip hop station Power 104.3
You can now listen to the commercial, click here to download it.
Source: Alex on our forum (a big thanks to him )
Posted on October the 10th.
Macy's: Coktail party and cds give away
A fan spoke to someone at Macy's yesterday, they said it's still a cocktail party and they said Mariah is going to give the VIP customers something exclusive, probably a cd.
Source for the info: tingleigh69
Heroes note: Needs to be officially confirmed by Mariah's peeps.
Posted on October the 10th.
Short version of the "M" commercial
Click here to download the shorter version of the commercial.
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 10th.
Mariah mentionned twice on VH1 Hip Hop Honors
Once in a Grandmaster Cash rap and then in a video montage of all the hot females Missy Elliot worked with.
Source: heightgarage on fomm
Heroes note: Correction: It was in fact Grandmaster Caz during a tribute to Wild Style. (and to the Heroes of Mariah haters, no, I didn't make it up )
Posted on October the 10th.
Win Mariah Carey's Money!
On Hawaii's most popular hip hop station Power 104.3, there's a new contest to win Mariah Carey's Money.   A commercial for the contest aired and Mariah "appeared" on the commercial saying several lines about giving away her money to the listeners, something on the lines of "I'm giving away my money, not all.... but some".

"M" sponsors "The Hill"
Reality show "The Hills" mentioned "Tonight's episode is brought to you by M from Mariah Carey" and then a brief version of the commercial was shown. 

Source for the infos: MilkCow - Jason on fomm
Posted on October the 9th.

Reminder: A lil' click for "M"
C'mon guys, just a click for Mariah, it's right here.  Mariah is currently winning with 31.5%. Well done guys, I'll not need to kick your ass 
Posted on October the 9th.
Great videos coming soon
Elise will share again a lot of the videos from her collection, click here to watch what you will get soon. Among the previews, you'll see an interview of Mariah in Belgium in 2000,  where she enjoyed Belgian chocolates 
Source: Elise from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on October the 9th.
UK fans can win a trip to Macy's instore appearance
This week, MTV Base show, "The Lick" will be launching an exclusive competition for one lucky Mariah fan and their guest to be flown out from the UK to New York City on the Sunday 21st to meet & greet Mariah at her fragrance launch at Macy’s. 
The winner will also get a $1000 shopping spree.
Details of the competition will be revealed when "The Lick" screens on Sunday at 7pm (repeated Monday at 3.30pm, Tuesday at midnight & Wednesday at 9pm). 
Source: MariahConnection
Heroes note: Let's hope it's a Mariah fan who wins!!!! Good luck to all of you guys, I'll cross my fingers for some of my UK friends 
Posted on October the 9th.
Swizz Beatz
When Swizz is delivering his random rap-shouts, he sometimes sounds like a bit of a clown, but he definitely comes off as thoughtful and sincere in person. His neckpiece was impressive as well, but in a slightly more subtle way than Joc's -- it's a small reproduction of Andy Warhol's "Dracula." (He said he's a big art collector and owns a ten foot Sam Francis watercolor). Swizz talked about what a big year it's been for him, and with all the name's he ran off for upcoming projects, it seems like the run isn't going to end anytime soon: Busta, Jadakiss, Cassidy, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, and Alicia Keys, to name a few.
Source: Ballerstatus
Posted on October the 9th.
The Insider
Yesterday's Insider had a short segment on Vera Wang. Mariah appreared a lil bit in it because Vera made her wedding dress.
Click here to download it.
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 9th.
Mariah has been spotted in MIA
Mariah has been spotted in MIA (Miami International Airport) during a lay over.
Posted on October the 8th.
Macy's updated their site 
Want to meet Mariah Carey ??
The one and only Mariah Carey is coming to Macy's Herald Square on Tuesday, October 23 at 5PM to debut her new fragrance, M by Mariah Carey and if you'd like to meet her, here's the scoop!
Beginning Friday, October 19 at store opening in fragrances on the Main Floor, the first 200 customers to purchase the special M by Mariah Carey fragrance set priced at $ 130 will receive a special pass so they can meet Mariah and get her autograph.  The first 50 customers to purchase the special VIP M By Mariah Carey fragrance set priced at $ 305 will get a VIP pass that entitles them to a photo with Mariah, an exclusive M By Mariah Carey crystal accented Tee Shirt and a Pure Parfum.  Please note: Only items provided by Macy's will be signed and only those photos taken by Macy's for VIP customers will be allowed.  Thank you and see you on October 23rd. at 5pm!
Source: Macy's - Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 8th.
"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD update (or non-update)
Universal Music offices in Europe say "The Adventures of Mimi" is still listed as TBC (which means "To Be Confirmed)
Source: Universal Europe offices by phone
Posted on October the 8th.
Strange medias 
The only stuff that most of the medias point out of the Glamour interview is when Mariah says she doesn't know how many bathrooms she has in her appartment, stupid people didn't get the Mariah "thing". 
Posted on October the 8th.
Damizza's "Unreeleased" is pushed back to February
Remember Damizza will release several "Unreeleased" albums containing tracks he has in the vault.  Due to other priorities right now, the first album of the "Unreeleased" serie (normally 3)  is pushed back to February.  We are curious to know which unreleased Mariah song(s) will be on one or more of the "Unreeleased" volumes.
- Oh Boy (Remix) / Mariah Carey feat. ES from Three Times Dope
- Shake It Off (Reemix)
- Be With You
Source for the info: Damizza - Streetrenegade
Heroes note: I didn't make a mistake it's "Unreeleased" and it's written that way for a good reason.
Posted on October the 8th.
Making of a mogul: L.A. Reid
If you're interested to know some facts about L.A. Reid's career and life, click here.
Posted on October the 8th.
Please add your comment in Essence's comment box by clicking here.
Star Scents: Celebs Are Enjoying The Sweet Smell of Success
The Fragrances may start in the garden, but with stars in the mix, they end with pure perfection—and profit!
Celebrities have been selling fragrances for as long as most of us can remember. But this year, it’s the African-American market that’s finally feeling the love. In 2007 alone, the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher, Beyoncé and Diddy have lent their names and unique personalities to new launches. And whatever the scent, they all smell like big money. 

Having an eponymous fragrance is a status symbol, and creating a successful one can turn a celeb into a full-fledged mogul, pursued by designers and adored by consumers worldwide.

Not to mention that many big names, like Carey, love the chance to show that their mixing skills go far beyond the studio. Her much-anticipated women’s scent, M by Mariah Carey for Elizabeth Arden, drew on marshmallows (which remind her of being in the kitchen with her dad), sea breeze (representing her love for the Mediterranean) and Moroccan incense (which she favors).

Celeb scents represent 7 percent of the prestige fragrance market, which had U.S. sales of $2.8 billion last year, according to NPD. And though experts say the star-powered trend may be slowing at last, the influx of African-American notables may be just the thing to keep major fragrance consumers—that is, us—coming.
What's your favorite celebrity fragrance? To add your comments click here.
Source: Essence (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October the 8th.

"M" in Australia
It seems Australia makes a big hype for Mariah's perfume, way to go!!!!!!!!
- "M" billboard & poster adverts outside the Myer entrance of Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne.

- "M" by Mariah Carey marshmallows, amongst other goodies were giving away at Myer.

- A fan has spotted an "M" by Mariah Carey logo-ed car driving along Punt Road in South Yarra.
This is what she has to say about it:
"...I couldn't believe my eyes!!!  It’s this cute little 2 door car that’s completely covered in the "M" ad. This is BY FAR the most incredible Mariah-related campaign in Australia I have EVER SEEN..."
Source: MariahConnection Australia - Keith by e-mail
Posted on October the 7th.
Will Mariah appear in this seasons X Factor in the UK?
Singing legend Michael Jackson is to star on The X Factor, we can reveal. 
He has agreed to be a mentor for the show broadcast on December 1. 
It is a huge coup both for the talent search show and ITV. 
The channel broadcast the Martin Bashir interview with Jacko, 49, that led to his court case for allegedly molesting a boy. The pop star was acquitted. 
Girls Aloud will also be making an appearance – rumoured to be one of their last before an expected split. 
The girls signed up despite member Cheryl Cole slating the show recently. 
She said the age limit should not have been lowered to 14, adding: “To have someone criticise you when you’re that young is very hard. Give them a few years, a chance to finish school and they’ll be ready.” 

Celine Dion, Rihanna, Kylie, Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis, Westlife and Mariah Carey have also agreed to appear. 
They will spend several days with the finalists – helping them prepare their songs and fine-tune their voices. 
They will also perform one of their own songs. 

An insider said: “We’ve got some huge names but Michael Jackson really is a sensational signing. He is a truly global, worldwide superstar. And this will be his first TV appearance in Britain since the Martin Bashir interview. Given his background with ITV, it’s even more astonishing that he agreed to do it.” 
Judges Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne have all done their bit to persuade stars to appear. 
Dannii has got big sister Kylie to be on the final show. The live programmes kick off on October 20 with Leona Lewis. 
The source said: “There has been some top-level negotiating here. Everyone is absolutely delighted. 
“The contestants are better, the judging panel is bigger and better, so the celebrity guests had to be. 
“This is going to be the best show on TV.” 
Source: The Sun (All rights reserved) 
Posted on October the 6th.

World Peace One moved to Dec. 8
On December 8, 2007, World Peace One™ will deliver the largest humanitarian event ever experienced. The event is currently planned to be broadcast "Live" from 16 primary host venues with the support of secondary host cities spanning 24 time-zones across the world.
Due to the nature of WP1-10's Ten-Year Global Peace Mission and our desire to deepen the impact of our efforts, WP1's Executive Team has decided to move our primary concert and broadcast date to December 8, 2007. On December 8th, more nations declared war on each other (World War II) than on any other date in modern history. December 8th is also the date that one of the great messengers of peace, John Lennon, departed our world tragically. "All we are saying. is give Peace a chance." 
Note: Mariah is among the artists  with a history of supporting humanitarian causes that will be invited to participate in the World Peace One™ event, so we will need to wait to see if Mariah will attend the event.
Source: World Peace One - TBR - Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 6th.
Access Hollywood Glamour Magazine
Click here to download a footage from Access Hollywood about the Glamour magazine, broadcasted on Oct. 5th. and capped by Moony.

Source for the link and caps: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 6th.
A lil' click for "M"
C'mon guys, just a click for Mariah, it's right here.  Mariah is currently winning with 20.9%, if it's not more tomorrow when I wake up, I'll kick your ass 
Source for the info: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 5th.
Y'All Know What This Is... The Hits
Fans favourite sentence () is now the title of JD's new album coming out on October the 23rd.
Mariah's "We Belong Together" is included in the tracklist.  By the way, I don't like Amazon's description 
Source: Amazon
Posted on October the 5th.
WOW..... Autographed "M" bottle and Customised iPod to win in the UK
UK’s leading black paper, New Nation, is giving it’s readers a chance to win an autographed "M" by Mariah Carey bottle as well as one of three customised iPod Nanos.

Click on the scan to enlarge
Source: MariahConnection - Gary by e-mail
Posted on October the 5th.
German fans don't be anxious about "M" in Germany
Helen e-mailed me to tell the release of the fragrance in Germany was speculation as she was in contact with the German distributor for Elizabeth Arden products (they have no EA company in Germany), she was told by a product manager they had no infos yet if the fragrance will be available in stores at all so far in Germany.
Guys, all I know is that the news I got and posted yesterday came directly from the head offices of Elizabeth Arden, so if this is speculation, will I need to call back the EA heads and tell them they are speculating? 
Posted on October the 5th.
BET J Kicks Off Fall 2007 With a Fresh Slate of Original Programming, Ground-Breaking Short Films and Returning Network Favorites
This fall season, BET J launches a fresh, new slate of original shows, ground-breaking short films and returning favorites to explosively round out the year! Warming up the season, the digital cable channel delivers a sizzling menu of hot shows offering viewers a diverse mix of innovative, unique, and thought-provoking programs to keep viewers tuned in 24/7.
Program descriptions and schedule for BET J's October 2007 programming:
- TIMELESS, the ultimate musical journey that details the extraordinary lives and musical contributions of such artists as Babyface, Run DMC, Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey and Queen Latifah. The first episode features legendary rapper and social activist KRS-One.
Follow the careers of Timeless R&B artists through a timeline of albums and video highlights featuring recording sessions, performances and more from their beginning to the present. You'll see tributes along the way from various celebrities who share memories and stories about each Timeless artist.
Source: CNN - BET (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October the 4th.
Good new for the release of "M" in Europe 
I just got the news:
Switzerland in October (in a few days)
Austria in October
Spain in October
Germany at the end of the year or early 2008, but it will be released for sure.
Posted on October the 4th.
Glamour Interview: "Come on in! It's Mariah's house"
Go on MariahDailyJournal to read the full "Glamour" interview.
Posted on October the 5th.
Registration now open at SweetMariah
A new dicussion board has been added for all of you, to share your thoughts about this place or anything else. Aswell as a place to post you pictures or artwork.
The real picture boards will remain read-only. They still have tons of pics to add.
Plus they increased the number of posts you can see when you hit the "Most recent posts" link in the menu below the boards.
Source: Cat from SweetMariah
Posted on October the 4th.
Mariah at Macy's on October the 23rd. update 
- The first 250 (instead of 200) customers to purchase the 135 dollar package will get tickets to get Mariah's autographs.
- They will start calling those on their list on Sunday, October 14 or Monday, October 15. 
- The event will begin at "5pm" on Tuesday, October 23rd.
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 4th.
Mariah still not confirmed (yet) as attendee
Tickets Now On Sale For Long Island Music Hall of Fame Star-Studded Second Annual Induction Gala 

October 21 at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College
Tickets for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Second Annual Induction Gala are now on sale.

Tickets are priced at $495 for VIP (which includes Awards Ceremony and VIP dinner/reception afterwards) and $175 (Premium), $125 (Silver) and $50 (General) for Award Ceremony seating. 

VIP Tickets are available through the Long Island Music Hall of Fame at http://www.limusichalloffame.org/home.html. Premium, Silver and General seating tickets are available for sale at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts box office at 718-793-8080 or online at http://kupferbergcenter.org/index.htm.

The October 21 Gala begins at 3:00PM with a Red Carpet Arrival of inducted artists. Kupferberg Center doors open at 4:00PM. The Gala Awards Ceremony and Concert begins at 5:00PM and goes to approximately 8:00PM. Following the Awards Ceremony and Concert, there is a VIP Dinner and Reception for VIP Ticketholders. 

Artists to be inducted include Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, The Good Rats, The Ramones, Simon and Garfunkel, Blue Oyster Cult, Jean Ritchie, Carole King, Arlo Guthrie, Public Enemy, Kenny Vance, The Tokens, Guy Lombardo, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Bob Buchmann, LL Cool J, Eddie Money, Beverly Sills, Walter Becker, Pat Benatar, Barbra Streisand and Marvin Hamlisch. 

Inductees scheduled to appear include Blue Oyster Cult, LL Cool J, Jean Ritchie, The Good Rats, Kenny Vance, Chuck D of Public Enemy, and members of the Guy Lombardo and Beverly Sills' families, with more to be confirmed.

Other artists scheduled to perform and/or appear include Grandmaster Flash, members of the Queens Symphony, Donnie J, DMC, Dee Snider, Roger Earl of Foghat, Gary U.S. Bonds, members of The Ramones, legendary producer George "Shadow" Morton, Little Anthony" Gourdine, Gary U.S. Bonds, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling, the legendary "Cousin" Bruce Morrow, Joe Rock, Donnie J, and Dennis McNamara. 

For more information visit www.limusichalloffame.org.
Source: LIMHOF
Heroes note: Mariah has still not been confirmed as attendee.
Posted on October the 2nd.

Glamour magazine correction
The publisher of Glamour and a major bookstore in New York told that the magazine is not gonna come out till October 7.
Source: Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 2nd.
Glamour video
Click here to watch it and here to download it.
Source: Moony and Alex
Posted on October the 2nd.
Glamour Magazine - 10 Random Facts
Come on in! It’s Mariah’s house

The marble! The gold! The decor tricks you can steal! On the eve of her huge new album, surprisingly grounded superstar Carey opened her home and her heart to writer Carole Radziwill.
I have to confess: I had never met a diva before Mariah Carey. I wasn’t even sure what one was, so I looked it up. First definition: a woman of outstanding and rare singing talent. Second definition: someone who is difficult to deal with. I’d met plenty of second-definition divas but never an actual one, so, naturally, I had outfit angst. What do you wear to meet a woman who sings in octaves most of us barely know exist? A ball gown? No, too dressy, plus mine has a burn on the sleeve. Jeans? No, too disrespectful. Red lipstick? No, too much. I settled on white pants, an AC/DC concert T-shirt and Chanel lip gloss. Meanwhile, Mariah answered the door herself, low-key, in a ponytail and pink hoodie. So this, I thought, is a diva?

And after spending two hours chatting with her at Tommy Hilfiger’s beach house in East Hampton, New York, which Mariah had rented to work on her latest album (still unnamed as of press time), I realized the diva thing is only something we see on TV. In reality, this megastar was once a shy kid who was self-conscious about her multiracial identity, which marked her as different in the cookie-cutter suburbs of Long Island, New York, where she grew up. After what felt like a lifetime of hard knocks—her parents divorced when she was three years old and her mother moved the family from one place to another, sometimes barely making ends meet—she had her first best-selling album and her first seven-figure paycheck by 20, and a wedding train longer than Princess Di’s at 23. (She married Tommy Mottola, then chairman of her record label’s parent company, Sony Music, in 1993.) That may sound like a fairy tale, but Carey’s the first to scoff at those who say it was—she paid her own way to the ball!

Her marriage ended in divorce in 1998. Then, in 2001, Mariah checked herself into a hospital for exhaustion, creating a tabloid frenzy. But two months later she was onstage again, serenading the nation at the 9/11 “America: A Tribute to Heroes” telethon. Now, at 37, she’s sold 160 million albums worldwide, earned five Grammys and is tied for number-one hits in the United States with none other than Elvis Presley. Oh, and she launched her own M by Mariah Carey fragrance in September and is preparing for her new album tour. Privately, the star with a set of pipes and a sense of humor (she dubbed her home with ex Mottola “Sing Sing”) has created her own paradise in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, where she moved in 2001. It’s a triplex penthouse apartment decorated in shades of gold and pink, with framed family snapshots covering practically every surface. At the photo shoot, Mariah gave me a complete home tour and opened up about everything from her obsession with lounge chairs to her dysfunctional childhood and her current love life.

Thank God, I told her, for that childhood. Had she grown up like every other girl on Long Island, she probably wouldn’t have had the ambition to make it so big.

Glamour: I watched you on YouTube last night, singing “America the Beautiful” at the NBA finals in 1990—one of your earliest TV appearances [at age 20].
Mariah Carey: I was a little malnourished, wasn’t I?

Glamour: Yes, you looked like you weighed 80 pounds. And most of that was hair.
MC: [Laughs.] Well, I did my own hair then. No one even knew who I was! I was such a little girl.

Glamour: How old were you when you got your first big paycheck?
MC: I was about 20. I went from having $5 to getting a publishing advance of $1 million.

Glamour: Tell me about your so-called Cinderella story.
MC: [Laughs.] When Tommy [Mottola] signed me, I had two other record deals pending. I had already put in the hard work and I had my life planned but nobody likes to talk about that. I guess fairy tales make better stories.

Glamour: Yes, they do. What advice would you give that little girl now? Or someone like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears who always seems to be messing up?
MC: I wouldn’t want to speak to those people specifically, but I would say you need to be very centered, and spiritually know where you’re at, all the time. Don’t read the tabloids. Don’t be obsessed with what people are writing or saying. Live your life for you. My lifestyle has changed since making it. It’s not a financial struggle, but I’m still struggling in a lot of ways.

To read the rest of our interview with Mariah Carey and see exclusive photos inside her home, pick up the November issue of Glamour, or subscribe now.
Source: Glamour - Moony by e-mail
Posted on October the 2nd.

Mariah On The Cover of the New Glamour
Mariah graces the cover of the November 2007 issue of Glamour magazine which is available on newsstands now! 
Please go on MariahDailyJournal for more scans 
Source: MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Click on the scan to enlarge.
Heroes note: Glamour magazine is released in a lot of European countries (including Belgium )
Posted on October the 1st.
Label rep for Mariah confirms November 20 album drop
Mariah Carey & Mary J. Blige Clear Separate Lanes For Upcoming Releases
Despite rumors, R&B diva Mariah Carey and "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul" Mary J. Blige will not have a SoundScan showdown next month when their albums drop. 
A label rep for Carey, who is signed to Island/Def Jam, has confirmed to SOHH that the songstress' eleventh studio album will drop on November 20, while Blige's Growing Pains is scheduled for release on November 27 via Geffen. Both Def Jam and Geffen are under the Universal Music umbrella.
Growing Pains, Blige's eighth studio album, is the follow up to 2005's triple-platinum, Grammy-winning CD The Breakthrough. 
Carey, whose last album was the 2005 smash The Emancipation of Mimi, has been busy developing her own perfume line, "M," in tandem with cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden. 
A commercial for the fragrance features a scantily-clad Mimi, dabbing perfume on herself amidst clouds, pools of water, and airy background vocals.
Source: SOHH
Heroes note: This needs to be officially confirmed.
Posted on October the 1st.
"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD - European Release
An update from the Universal Music Group International (UMGI) as of October 1, 2007 now reveals the title of the new Mariah DVD as "The Adventures of Mimi." with a release date of Nov.the 19th.
Mariah Carey / The Adventures of Mimi / UPC: 00 6025 175 179-1 2/ Version: NTSC 2 x DVD9 deluxe
Mariah Carey / The Adventures of Mimi / UPC: 00 6025 175 179-5 0/ Version: Amaray
Source: Johni for MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
Heroes note: NTSC is not an European format, if this is the European DVD, for us fans it doesn't matter but stores and customers will be very upset as this is not an European format, this means for a lot of people it will appear in black and white.
Posted on October the 1st.
Cool & Dre: "We are working with Mariah Carey"
AllHipHop.com:  Alright, so talk to me about your upcoming projects 
Dre: Misery Loves Company, with Joe Hound is droppin’ at the top of next year. Then there’s a kid named C-Rod, we think he’s gonna be one of the biggest dudes in the game. Then we worked on Rick Ross’ album Trilla. We did the first single.  We did Baby’s single, featuring Lil’ Wayne, Jeezy and Rick Ross. We got Beanie Siegel’s single; it’s called “However Do You Want It.” I promise it’s going to scare people.  David Banner, we have his second single. We are working with Mariah Carey, Usher, Lil’ Mama. We’re going in the studio with The Game in couple of weeks to work on his retirement album. 
HipHop fans, click hereto read the full interview
Source: AllHipHop
Posted on October the 1st.
Mariah's emotion tears
"It was like giving birth. I loved the fact people loved it." Singer Mariah Carey admits she cried after launching her new perfume M. 
Posted on October the 1st.
Thai TV show uses "Hero" in dedication video
This video is taken from a  Thai tv talk show called "Jub Khaw Kui". Due to terrorism in the south of Thailand, an officer was injured by a hazardous bomb and they needed to cut his leg. The TV show dedicated this video to him using Hero from Mariah and added some translated lyrics in Thai as subtitles.
Click here to watch the video.
Source: Johan from Mariah Pantip
Posted on October the 1st.


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