October 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah at a private "This Is It" screening yesterday
Mariah and Nick were seen at the private screening of "This Is It".  LA Reid was also in da house.

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Source for the info: Nasia
Source for the picture: Lauren
Posted on October 31
Tonight, Halloween!!!!!!!
Me scared !!!!!!
This year, there will not be a special Heroes of Mariah Halloween either, again I saw enough freaks and horrors among the medias and even some fans this year to make it Halloween everyday.

Posted on October 31.

For video collectors
Access Hollywood Precious & Larry King Live Ad
Scene from Precious and commercial for Mariah's upcoming appearace on the Larry King show.
Click here to download
Source: Moony
Posted on October 31
I'm gonna reply to e-mails tomorrow, it's late, I'm tired, see ya tomorrow night and be careful, you know what happens tomorrow.......

Posted on October 30
Mariah on GMTV (UK show)???
It seems Mariah will be guest at the Breakfast show on GMTV while she's in London next month. An announcement has been made on the show.
Source: Luke by e-mail
Posted on October 30
Mariah talks to Kiss 97.9 FM in Florida
Mariah phoned in to Florida Radio Station 97.9 KISS FM Today. Check out the interview below where she talks about a “pregnancy”, her dogs, Precious, Forever and the Halloween costumes (she didn't reveal anything )
Click here to listen
Source: 97.9 Kiss FM - MariahConnection
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Mariah will be on French "Le Grand Journal" on November 17
Mariah was just announced as guest for November 17th. on French show "Le Grand Journal". 

The Grand Journal studio is located 2, rue des Cévennes Paris 15 and the subway is: station Javel.
Heroes note: Bilel also received confirmation of Mariah's visit by phoning to the studios.
Posted on October 30

Most of the people don't even know there's a new Mariah album out.......
Mariah in Official Belgian charts!
Official Belgian sales charts
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #72 (-23)
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: #78 (re-entry)

Official Belgian airplay charts
I Want To Know What Love Is:
Ultratip French speaking part of Belgium: #16 (+4)
Ultratip Dutch speaking part of Belgium: still not in

Posted on October 30

"Precious": ‘The mustache was the last straw,”
‘The mustache was the last straw,” director Lee Daniels says, of his efforts to deglamorize singer-actress Mariah Carey for her role in “Precious.” When the film premiered at Sundance in January, the shadow on her lip got a lot of comment. But not as much as Carey’s revelatory performance as the social worker Mrs. Weiss.

“I’m really happy for Mariah,” Daniels said of her good reviews, “because she’s really been through the wringer on this acting thing.” (Carey’s debut, in 2001’s “Glitter,” remains notorious.) “I know her without makeup, I know her in her own home, and my own home. She’s a regular girl. But she’s a machine, too; she knows what sells and what works best for her. And she switches it off and on, between the public persona and who she is.”

He said he thinks Mrs. Weiss is closer to who Carey really is — although not physically. “Physically, I went for the kill. It was mean of me. I did it partially to see how far I could take her without her having a meltdown.”

Daniels’ first choice for the role was another friend, Helen Mirren, and when she became unavailable, Daniels was stymied. When Carey told him that she’d read the novel, Daniels said, “Hmmm.”
“I called Helen and I said, ‘What do you think?’ She thought it was a brilliant idea. She said: ‘Lee, if I do it, it’s expected. But if you can do something with Mariah, it’ll be more interesting because it’s unexpected,’ and Helen was right, man.”

Daniels said he treated Carey as he would his sister, insisting she abandon all her pop star persona accessories. “I told her, ‘You gotta drop the baggage, you gotta come out of the bubble, you gotta lose it all.’ . . . I had a backup, an unknown, waiting, if she didn’t come through the way I wanted. But she did.”
Click here to read the full article
Source: Newsday (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October 29

Mariah week on US TV
Catch Mariah all week starting Monday, November 2nd on the best talk shows on TV! 

Mariah is scheduled to appear on the following shows:

Mon 11/2 @ 10pm ET/PT (9pm Central) - The Jay Leno show (NBC, Check local listings for times

Wed 11/4 @ 9pm ET / 6pm PT - Larry King Live (CNN, E-mail your questions

Wed 11/4 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Check local listing for times)
HBF members can win tickets to attend the Ellen show
Source: MariahCarey.com
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Pictures: Gorgeous Mariah braves the rain
Mariah was spotted leaving the Waverly Inn in NY last night
Click here and enjoy the pics!
Posted on October 28
Exclusive TV spot from Precious is now Live on AOL/Moviefone
Click here to watch it 
Source: Lionsgate
Posted on October 28
Mariah's promo visit in Europe recap
Please note that most of these infos need to be officially confirmed and/or are subject to change

- According to several Italian medias and fans.
Mariah is scheduled to arrive on Nov.10 at the Linate Airport and will probably stay at the Principe di Savoia hotel.  Press conference with Italian medias will take place at her hotel.
On Nov. 11, Mariah will perform "I Want To Know What Love Is" on X-Factor Italy, the show is broadcasted live on Rai 2
Mariah is scheduled to leave Italy immediately after the show.

No details yet on Mariah's arrival in London.
- According to Jasmine Dotiwala, Mariah will be in London
T4 on Channel 4 on November 14
- According to medias
Mariah will be on the Strictly Come Dancing show

No details yet on Mariah's arrival in France
- As I reported earlier this month, NRJ runned a contest for fans to attend an interview either in the NRJ studios or Mariah's hotel, the date is still to be officially confirmed. (I received a few e-mails about eiter Nov. 17 or Nov. 18, but NRJ nor Universal France are able to officially confirm those dates at the moment)
Posted on October 28

Official results are out: Memoirs is unfortunately out of the Top 10
On this week's Billboard's Hot 200:
- 14 - Mariah Carey - "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" -  21,000
Source: Billboard
Posted on October 28
Mariah in the UK
According to Jasmine Dotiwala, T4 Special Mariah Carey will air on Channel 4 on November 14 morning while Mariah is in London.
Posted on October 28
Mariah to be on German show Wetten Dass on December 5
Mariah is scheduled to appear on the German show "Wetten Dass" on December 5.  The show will be broadcast live from the AWD Dome in Bremen. Other guests are Michael Buble, Nora Tschirner and Til Schweiger.
Mariah is not scheduled to go to Germany during her promotional tour of Europe in November, 
Source: German Mariah fan club - Curt by e-mail
Heroes note: Let's hope that that Oliver person is not on the show this time (remember that "sausage" insult..) and if he's there, please let Nick be there too to beat the crap out of him 
Posted on October 28
Good article about "Precious"
Liz Smith wrote again an excellent article about the movie, Lee and the cast, click here to read it.
Posted on October 28
Mariah and Gabourey Sidibe singing on the set of "Precious"
Gabourey Sidibe, who stars as a horrifically abused teen in indie favorite Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, said things weren't always depressing on set. She even did some dueting with costar Mariah Carey.

"We sang 'Beauty School Dropout,' " Sidibe said. "It's not in the movie. It was just for fun."
Source: E Online
Posted on October 27

Videos on the way 
According to Mariah's manager, both "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "H.A.T.E.U" videos are on the way!
Posted on October 27
Mariah to sing "I Want To Know What Love Is" on X-Factor Italy
According to Italian site "Jugo", Mariah will perform "I Want To Know What Love Is" on X-Factor Italy on November 11th.
For the ones who can receive Rai 2, the show is broadcasted on that channel.
Posted on October 27
Mariah inside the Copacabana Palace, click here to watch.
Posted on October 27
Mariah was on Michael Jackson's wish list for his tour
Michael Bearden (musical director): There were some surprise guests planned for the show. Nothing was confirmed, but he had a wish list and some people expressed interest in coming. So of course, Diana Ross was gonna come and do something, possibly Mariah Carey. Possibly Mick Jagger. Slash was going to come down and do his thing. As far as new artists, he really liked Lady Gaga. He said, “Maybe we could do something with her.”
Source: NY Post - khadijah on fomm
Posted on October 27
Mariah will be on Larry King next week
Larry King announced it during his show, he also said he was looking forward to having Mariah on, because it's been awhile since she last did his show.
Source: Rima on fomm
Posted on October 27
Mariah rumored to attend the "Precious"screening in LA
The AFI Fest presented by Audi is free to the public this year. Complimentary tickets are available from the website starting today. Taking place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the gala will be headquartered across the street at the the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The festival runs between Oct. 30 and Nov. 5.

For celeb spotters, the event should prove a bonanza of dazzling star power, with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Ford, Eva Mendes, Mariah Carey and many more boldface names walking the red carpets to their films. The festival opener is Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" with Anderson and Jason Schwartzman scheduled to attend. Other confirmed appearances include Robert De Niro, Michael Cera, Kate Beckinsale, Werner Herzog and rocker Neil Young.

If tickets to a desired screening are not available on the website, fear not, they will be available the day of the screening at the Rush Line.
Source: LA Times Brand X (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: It's not confirmed Mariah will attend but I'm sure she will, LA area fans go to that screening!!!!
Posted on October 26

Mariah's dress at the Fashion Rocks
Mariah was chosen to perform at the Calvin Klein runway show at Oi Fashion Rocks but she chooses to wear a Dolce & Gabanna dress, also Brazilian press reports she forgot to introduce designer Francisco Costa at the end of the show 
Posted on October 26
Goodbye Rio
Mariah took time to walk to fans and passersby before leaving Rio today

Source: Quem (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 25
Video: Fashion Rocks Performances
Mariah performed Touch My Body, Obssessed, and a remix of Fantasy during the presentation of Calvin Klein at Fashion Rocks 2009

Click here to watch
Source: Moony
Posted n October 25
Mariah, queen of the night, good and bad reviews
- Beautiful Mariah Carey performed on Oi Fashion Rocks.  The singer was the most acclaimed artist of the night.  Mariah thanked the audience in Portuguese ""Muito obrigado". At the end of the show, while Mariah left thousands of glittering papers flew on the stage and the drummers of the Grande Rio Academic scholl came in for the Fantasy Remix.

- For her 3rd time in Brazil Mariah didn't deliver the expected show for a Diva, appearing on stage at 1:06 she was limited in her movements by her dress.
Mariah performed live but was out of tone on "Touch My Body" due to a bad sound. 
The dancers'choregraphy is criticised aswell and is qualified as too simple for the Diva.

- Mariah interacted a little with the audience where many fans showed up with banners and posters. 

Source: Compilation of Brazilian medias
Posted on October 25

Fashion Rocks live, it's starting!!!!
They are now brodcasting live from the red carpet, as Mariah is scheduled to appear at the end of the show, it will be reeeaaaally late for us in Europe.  For the ones who are gonna spend the night watching, enjoy!!!
Posted on October 24
Last minute: Watch Oi Fashion Rocks live!!!!!
If the show is not broadcastd it your country, it you can watch it live at this link. (seems a lil' weird to me as I only see interviews and stuff, but I'm still gonna watch a bit, you never know)
Source: Brazilian tweets
Posted on October 24
Young Brazilian fan emancipated to go see Mariah!
Seventien year old Frederick was emancipated a week ago to attend the Fashion Rocks show and accomplish his dream to see his idol Mariah Carey.
His parents supported him and accelerated their son's emancipation process as they knew it was the dream of his life.  Frederick traveled 10 hours by bus and was in front of the Copacabana Hotel since his arrival in Rio.  He's not the only one, a lot of fans waited outside the hotel day and night without sleep nor shower just to take a glimpse of Mariah, some were lucky and got an autograph, others were not lucky... but that's life, at least they saw Mariah 
Take a look at the pictures of Frederick proudly showing his autographed album.

Source: Tera
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on October 24
Rehearsals and back to Copacabana Palace
Mariah started the soundcheck at the Jockey Club in Rio, at about 17.50 today.

Mariah sang "Touch My Body", "Obsessed" and "Fantasy". According to a source, she was friendly and greeted all the people involved in the event and were near the stage. 

Mariah also met the battery of percussionists of Rio Grande who will work with her on "Fantasy". 

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Source: Qem (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 23

Mariah leaving her hotel in Rio

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Source: Globo (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 23
Mariah on cover of Celebrity High Magazine

Mariah is interviewed by some of her high school fans in the latest edition of Celebrity High magazine
We are “Obsessed” when it comes to Mariah Carey. R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress made her recording debut in 1990. She became the first recording artist to have her first five singles top the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. MC is well-known for her vocal range and use of the whistle register. She is ranked as the best-selling female artist of the U.S. Nielsen Sound scan era and third-best-selling artist overall. Mariah Carey gets up-close and personal talking about her husband Nick Cannon, her secret to success and high school just to name a few in this highly anticipated exclusive.

CH: Where did the inspiration to name your latest record “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” come from?
MC: The inspiration for the name of the album came from a few places. Minnie Riperton, who is one of my favorites had a classic album called Perfect Angel back in the day so I was sort of paying homage but I also wanted women and young girls to know we should all embrace our imperfections because none of us are perfect.

CH: What is your favorite song on the album and why?
MC: I don’t have a favorite, I love them all. This is truly a complete body of work. But I do spend a lot of time listening to “The Impossible.”

CH: What was some of the hardest obstacles you over came in your career and what helped you overcome the hurdle?
MC: Some obstacles earlier on, were that a lot of people wouldn’t allow me to be me. I had to be strong enough to work through people not understanding who I really was. I eventually just had to break free and not worry about what others wanted me to be. My music helped me through that struggle.

CH: What would you say is your strongest attribute?
MC: My tenacity is my strongest attribute. Never giving up

CH: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
MC: One of my favorite things to do is lying in bed watching movies and eating popcorn

CH: What is a day in the life of Mariah Carey?
MC: A day in the life is usually a hectic schedule from the moment I wake up, but I sleep in really late since I am a night owl. But the day usually consists of interviews and writing, and hanging out with my husband.

CH: What were you like in high school?
MC: I was tough! LOL!

CH: Did you ever think when you were a teenager in high school that you would become one of the top selling female artist of all time?
MC: I always knew I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to give my all to achieve success. So I guess you can say I wanted it from early on, but I never imagined that I would be so blessed.

CH: You are consistent when it comes to releasing number one singles, what do you think your secret ingredient to that success is?
MC: The secret is just to have fun with the music. And to make sure songs evoke emotion.

CH: What are your aspirations in regards to your acting career or what can we expect?
MC: I just want to continue to challenge myself. I like Roles that allow me to dive deep into character.

CH: You have held 20 years strong and leading in the music industry as far as consistency is concerned, where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
MC: I don’t really think about time. You can never worry too much about the past or the future. We have to enjoy the present. Live in the moment. But whatever life brings I just wish to continue to be happy.

CH: After your release of your recent single “Obsessed” Eminem has fired back, do you plan on entertaining “Eminem’s” recent antics?
MC: I don’t even know who that is! LOL I wrote that song for all y’all! It’s like; you remember what it was like in school when a stupid boy would nag you or pull your hair because he really liked you. And he would make up stuff and start rumors just for attention. Its like, “Why are you so obsessed?!” It’s an anthem for all those people! You know!

CH: Do you and your husband Nick Cannon have any projects that you are jointly working on?
MC: Nick and I would love to work on something together one day. You never know, it will have to be a comedy though. We are both jokesters

CH: Over the years you have worked with various artist, from Whitney Houston to hip hop artist like Snoop Dogg and P.Diddy to producers such as Jermaine Dupri, who would you say is your favorite and why?
MC: I can’t pick! I have worked with so many people like you have named and also people like Pavarotti, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson. I just like working with all artists.

CH: Is there anything you would like to say to Celebrity High readers?
MC: I love you Celebrity High. Air kisses!

Source: Celebrity High Magazine - Nick Cannon
Posted on October 23

Mariah in Official Belgian charts!
Official Belgian sales charts
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #39 (-11)
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: still not in (there's a big problem guys...c'mon go post on forums, request, do somethin!!!!)
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #49 (+5) 
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: out (there's a big problem guys...c'mon go post on forums, request, do somethin!!!!)

Official Belgian airplay charts
I Want To Know What Love Is:
Ultratip French speaking part of Belgium: #20 (+3)
Ultratip Dutch speaking part of Belgium: still not in (there's a big problem guys...c'mon go post on forums, request, do somethin!!!!)

Posted on October 23

Today's rehearsals for the Fashion Rocks just ended
Ciara (who's in Rio for the show too) just tweeted:
"Just finished soundcheck for Fashion Rocks Rio. Me, Diddy, Mariah Carey, Grace Jones, and more!!"
Source: Ciara on Twitter
Posted on October 23
Mariah in Italy on Nov.11: update
Mariah is set to perform on X-Factor Italy on November 11th 
Source: Universal Italia - Ila and Dan from GlitteringMariah - Sandro by e-mail
Posted on October 23
Update on Mariah’s Fashion Rocks Performance
Yesterday there was a rehearsal for “Oi Fashion Rocks” show in which Mariah Carey’s dancers and those from Grande Rio samba school were in attendance.  The dancers were seen practicing to Touch My Body and Fantasy Medley.

Mariah is currently scheduled to be the last performer on the show and is set to perform for around 30 minutes which indicates a 4 song performance.

Mariah Carey is scheduled to attend a general rehearsal for the show today.

Source: Mariah Connection
Posted on October 23

French fans: it's this way
Posted on October 23
Chew Fu is remixing H.A.T.E.U
Chew Fu who already did dance/house fixes for "I Want To Know What Love Is" is currently working on H.A.T.E.U and tells me he is using most of the vocals and it got a cool vibe.  It should be done by Monday.
Source: Chew Fu
Posted on October 23
Video: Mariah chased by paparazzi in Rio
Click here to watch the video taken by paparazzi and how they chase her from the airport to the hotel.
Source for the link: Zepublicitario on Twitter
Posted on October 23
Mariah by any other name ...
Faridul Anwar Farinordin has always had a soft spot for Mariah Carey. During the diva’s recent trip to South Korea, she did not disappoint. 

Superstar Mariah Carey seemed different this time.

Maybe it was wedded bliss, because she really looked happy during her trip to Seoul, South Korea, to promote her new album, Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel — dedicated to the man in her life, husband Nick Cannon, who is 10 years her junior.

Or maybe it was the album, her 12th, which continues to mark the pop princess’ reign over the charts. It further proves that the multi award-winning songwriter/producer, after almost two decades in the business, still manages to produce a sound that is fresh, current and relevant.

Whatever the reason, it was a joy to see her so happy.

Click here to read the full aricle and here for a lil' video

Source: NST
Posted on October 23

Video of Mariah arriving in Rio
Click here to watch it.
Source: retp32 on YouTube - Moony
Posted on October 22
Pictures of Mariah in Rio: airport and Copacabana Palace

Source: Brazilian medias
Posted on October 22
Mariah in Rio 
Mariah arrived in Rio de Janeiro at about 11:20 am on Thursday. She was photographed outside the airport Tom Jobim accompanied by Nick and surrounded by many bodyguards.

After briefly posing for local photographers and waving to fans, Mariah left the airport to the Copacabana Palace in an armored BMW car. 

Mariah is expected to have a busy schedule, press meetings, rehearsals at the Jokey Club for the Fashion Rocks, attending the birthday party of Rômulo Costa, dinner with owner of Furacao 2000, attending a dinner organized by Mario Testino and Donatella Versace and of course the Fashion Rocks show.
Source: compilation of Brazilian medias 
Posted on October 22

Mariah has a flu?????
Universal Brazil said Mariah has a flu and her arrival in Brazil is delayed by a few hours, she's now coming by private flight.
Source: Agosto by e-mail
Posted on October 22
The return of the dancing banana??????
Let's take a risk 

Here she is 

Mariah announces a  Tour on Chinese TV
Interviewed by a Chinese TV channel while she was in Korea, Mariah talked about a Tour starting in January, click here to watch and listen.
Thanks to imperfectm for the link.
Posted on October 21

Mariah on Ellen on November 3 ????
Word is on twitter that Mariah will be on Ellen DeGeneres' show on November 3
Posted on October 21
I'll post extracts, but you really need to read the entire interview
The Audacity of ‘Precious’ 
Lee Daniels:

“These are my girls!” he said, picking up a photo showing Gabourey Sidibe, who plays Precious, with Mo’Nique, Paula Patton, who plays the teacher who changes Precious’s life, and Mariah Carey. “Mariah is everything we’re not supposed to love and yet, we absolutely love her,” Daniels said, staring at the photo. “She’s crazy — look at her! She would throw herself under the train for you, as long as her hair was perfect.” Daniels laughed. “I made this movie for my girls. People read so much into ‘Precious.’ But at the end, it’s just this girl, and she’s trying to live. I know this chick. You know her. But we just choose not to know her.” 

Mariah Carey’s role was originally offered to Helen Mirren, who had scheduling conflicts. Carey and Daniels are close friends — he calls her Kitten, and she calls him Cotton — and he offered her the part on the condition that she show up at the set alone (no entourage) in a taxi (no limo) and freshly scrubbed (no makeup). “People say to me, ‘You are so ugly in this movie,’ and I take that as a compliment,” Carey told me. “During the filming, I tried to sneak some blush, but Lee caught me. He rubbed my cheek and said, ‘Take that off.’ I said, ‘But Precious is wearing makeup!’ ”

When Daniels wanted a fantasy sequence to be a Vogue photo shoot starring Precious and the magazine's editor at large, André Leon Talley, Talley looked at a clip of Sidibe from the movie and declined. Daniels fired some crew members halfway through production (“They weren’t listening to me, and I said, don’t let this hair fool you, give me what I want”), and the production ran out of money twice. Carey helped out by singing at Daniels’s house to dazzle potential investors. “I would do anything for Lee,” she said. “He can strip you down, homely you out, and you trust him, because he’s after the truth. He can drive you crazy, but what interesting person doesn’t drive you crazy?” 

Click here to read the full article
Source: NY Times (All rights reserved) (extracts)
Posted on October 21

Mariah in Brazil update
According to several sources, Mariah will attend the birthday party of Rômulo Costa, owner of Furacao 2000 group on Friday.

Mariah will arrive in Rio tomorrow (Oct.22) and go to the Copacabana Palace to attend a dinner organized by Mario Testino and Donatella Versace. 

Mariah will perform at Oi Fashion Rocks on Saturday Oct. 24. 
Posted on October 21

Official results are out: Memoirs falls to #10
On this week's Billboard's Hot 200:
- 10 - Mariah Carey - "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" -  31,000 (down 43%).
Source: Billboard
Posted on October 21
Voting team: Support "I Want To Know What Love Is" in Belgium
It's time to vote and request "I Want To Know What Love Is" on Belgian radios. C'mon guys!!!!!  Even if Obsessed has still a good airplay, we need to give some airplay to the new single now ! 

Vote and win!!!! 
C'mon guys, vote every day for I Want To Know on Sud Radio (and of course request on all the links on the promo page), I'll give prizes away if and only if the track enters/climbs in the radio charts!!!!  How it works?  Very simple, send me an e-mail to tell me you voted , if the track gains spots in the charts, prizes will be given away each week (the winner will be picked at random)  vote now!!!!!! 
Posted on October 21

Mariah on the cover of "Gay Chicago Magazine" October 22-28 issue

Memoirs to the masses

Fall typically isn’t the season for love, but with Mariah Carey’s latest album, “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,” you get 56 hot burning minutes of it to keep you warm whatever the weather may be. Having dropped last month to strong reviews, the 17-track record sees the R&B super-songstress back in the driver’s seat of the heart with a collection of laid back slow-jams, power ballads (what else?) and booty-bouncing first single Obsessed, which has been making the dance floor rounds since July.

Catching up with the diva as she makes her busy publicity rounds in New York City, Carey is exceedingly candid about her motives, but keeps it classy when we press for parallels between the songs and her more public splits, spats and smooches.

“Yes, there are very many specific moments of my life in this album, especially the ones that are kind of cutting and filled with sarcasm,” Carey demures. “At the end of the day, I’m a jokester. I don’t take stuff that seriously. Some people are like ‘I’m gonna get you!’ They’re angry. I’m not like that. I’ll give you a funny little lyric and then laugh. I feel like there are so many little jokes and comedic moments put in there.”

And especially for her gay fans, behind the playfulness lies a deeper, more serious message that she’s trying to impart. (And not only for the track More Than Just Friends, a wistful pop fantasy of what a casual relationship could be if it got serious, a.k.a. our gal pals’ new anthem.) 

She explains: “I had written a song called Imperfect. It was mainly for those of us who get stuck on trying to compete with an unrealistic image. We look at magazines and this and that and a third that are totally not reality, even those men and women in them have trouble living up. Nobody is perfect. None of us are really angels, but some of us try.” The song didn’t make the cut, but the name and theme stuck. 

Referring to her “Butterfly” album standout Outside, Carey continues, “For me that was about being multi-racial, bi-racial, but a lot of gay people have told me it’s an anthem of theirs because it’s how they felt. So last night a guy, I don’t want to say gay guy because he didn’t tell me, said ‘Hi, I’m gay.’ I don’t really like to put people into boxes because that’s been done to me my whole life. He showed me he had a lyric from the song tattooed on his arm. I see that and can only say, “Wow …”

“I’m grateful I’ve been able to help people through those dark moments of not knowing whom you can relate to, whom you can be honest with. If you could just be yourself that would be great. That’s the imperfect angel thing. There are still a lot of things that are painful to me that I wish I could change that I can’t. But I can try.”

Conceived as a tribute to love at all its stages – from the twittering days of first kisses to trauma-strewn dissolution and all the profundity and enveloping goodness in between – “Memoirs” sees Carey flexing both her writing and producing talents, in addition to her well-established vocal prowess. With the exception of a soaring gospel rendition of Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is, a song chosen with the help of hubby Nick Cannon (“If you ask him it was his idea, but if you ask me, it was mine!” she laughs), every track was the product of a three-way collaboration with Terius “The-Dream” Nash and C. “Tricky” Stewart, the duo behind Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” Their unified mission: give each song a diary feel, like a conversation between friends, blunt, intimate and revealing, with a riding humor throughout. 

Carey points to The Impossible, an especially sultry track fronting a two-minute plus reprise that’s pure mattress jams. “[It’s] just a completely sensual ballad, but it’s still got humor in the lyrics: ‘Love you like sugar daddies, love you like a pimp caddy,’” she says. “It’s a love song but hot! It hits a certain demographic of people who don’t want to hear corny lyrics but still want to feel like it’s a sexy song.”

That wit, catchier the more ridiculous it gets, can be traced to the easy sense of creative freedom she had working with Tricky and The-Dream, casting their shared vision for “Memoirs” as less an emotional rollercoaster and more a complete journey. Songs segue from one emotion to another with an easy grace and a few unexpected interludes and connecting twists, such as the drum line reprise to Up Out My Face, adding sonic spice to already caustically clever rhymes of the saucy flippin’-the-bird main track.

“We were cracking up when we said, ‘Not even a nail technician with a whole lotta/Gel and acrylic can fix this when I break, I break’ – especially with me being a beauty school dropout!” Carey laughs. “On the demo when The-Dream sang, ‘If we were two Lego blocks even the Harvard University/Graduating class of 2010 couldn’t put us back together again/When I break,” he laughed so hard. I saved it and you can hear it if you listen really closely.”

Her 12th studio album, Carey hesitates to classify it as her most personal, but she is quick to count it amongst her proudest, considering it her most cohesive body of work as producer. Already the top-selling female recording artist in history, her fans agreed and pushed Carey to the top of the No.1 heap. Her last album, “E=MC2,” had her surpassing Elvis’ record of No.1 hits (as scored on Billboard’s Hot 100); only two more and she’ll tie with The Beatles’ all-time high of 20.

“You know what, it’s just weird,” she says, contemplating her legendary status. “I’m so thankful. I have so much faith, and I’m so grateful to God for everything I have, but I’m just a regular person sitting here under a comforter talking to you on the phone, having a glass of wine, being like, okay, cool… Ya know what I mean?”

Music industry accolades or not, Carey can be secure knowing that her second career as an actress. Her latest project Precious, a soul-gutting and fortifying tearjerker of a film based on the novel Push by Sapphire, in which she plays a pivotal role as a social worker to an abused Harlem teen, is already getting major response. Backed by Tyler Perry and Queen Oprah herself, film festival buzz has Oscar contender written all over it. So can we see more IMDB entries in her future?

“I can’t even tell you! It’s another side of my creativity that I am so thankful for,” she effuses. “I love singing. I love writing. I love producing. But I only am a creative person. That other side of the brain like where you’re scientific doesn’t exist for me. So out of the two sides of my creative self I get to use this other side and it’s amazing. It allows me to let out emotions I don’t even know if I knew I ever had.”

“Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” (Island Records) is out now. Visit www.MariahCarey.com for more information.
Source: GayChicagoMagazine (All rights reserved) - twitter
Posted on October 21

As reported by Akuro (see October 16 news), Mariah attended a fan meeting on Mesamashi TV
Memoirs of Japanese Lambs 
Kotaro, Shino and Nobu attended Mariah's shows at The Pearl Concert Theater.

After the show they went to The Bank to attend Nick's anniversary party. That was a blast! Mariah seemed really happy with her hubby, B. Scott and other friends! She was singing like "Hey Nickey!.

They then went back home in Tokyo and met Mariah at the Narita airport. Mariah was so sweet as always. Nobu gave his glittering fan to Mariah as a present, and then she showed it to photographers.

They left the airport and went to a fan meeting event held by Mezamashi TV, of course Mariah was there too. 150 fans were invited to that TV shooting, and attendees had to bring their special Mariah related goods or skills, like autographed stuff, or "I can sing high notes like Mariah" skills and so on. So Kotaro brought his artworks, MiMi characters inspired by her fragrances (M, Luscious Pink and Forever). The TV staff previously picked up several fans who would show their goods or skills in front of Mariah, and Kotaro was chosen!

The shooting started, Mariah was interviewed about "Memoirs" and her recreated photos, and she was like "That was Nick's idea. He said I should do it again 'cause I'd not changed since my debut". And comparing Butterfly shoots, she said "I look happier than on the old one. The new one's outfit is a little shorter but that's all because of my stylist! " LOL.

Fans started asking questions and showing their stuff to Mariah, and Kotaro showed 3 of his MiMi characters, she was staring at his works, and said "That is so cute! Oh curly hair! I need your phone number 'cause I'll work on some animations, so can you tell me your number, write it down after this shooting?" 
Kotaro gave this Forever MiMi to her with his number when Mariah was leaving the TV studio.

Long time fans will remember Kotaro from the Golden Petals fan site and of course Shino from LoveLoveJack.
Enjoy the pics shared by Kotaro 

Thanks to my old buddy Kotaro for sharing
Posted on October 20

Vote For Mariah on People's Choice Awards
Nominations for the People's Choice Awards 2010 are now open. Mariah is listed in three music categories, vote for her now in: 
- Favorite Female  Artist - here
- Favorite R&B Artist - here
- Favorite Pop Artist - here

The top five choices with the most votes in each category will become the official nominees. Keep voting!
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 20

R. Kelly featuring on "Betcha Gon’ Know"

It’s hard to please everyone, but Mariah Carey is setting out to do just that with a retooled version of her latest album, and she’s brought along some famous friends. After we broke the news of the songbird’s plans to remix Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, Tricky Stewart filled us in on a few more details.

The “Obsessed” producer wouldn’t quite categorize the work in progress as a remix album. “They’ve said that it’s a remix album, but really what it is is a features album. [The songs] won’t necessarily be remixed,” Tricky once again told Rap-Up.com. “It’s just an album of features, really cool features on the exact same album.”

According to Tricky, 90 percent of the record will contain a featured guest, while there’s a small possibility of one or two all-new tracks. The as-yet-untitled project will go by the Memoirs title. “It will be the same name, but it will probably have something to it. I’m not sure what they’re going to call it, but it’s the same album.”

The goal is to appeal to all of Carey’s fans. “We wanted to do an album that was really personal, and if you love Mariah Carey, you can put it on and listen to it all day,” began Tricky, “but at the same time, if you like the hot Mariah when she’s doing the features, we want to give people that option too, so that they can put on whichever one they choose.”

So far the lineup looks promising with T-Pain Auto-Tuning on “Candy Bling,” the Southern hip-hop trio of Big Boi, Gucci Mane, and OJ Da Juiceman rapping on “H.A.T.E.U.,” and Trey Songz crooning on “Inseparable.” Tricky also revealed to Rap-Up.com that R. Kelly appears on the opening cut “Betcha Gon’ Know.”

No release date has been set for the project.
Source: Rap-Up
Posted on October 20

For video collectors
Better quality: AT&T Commercial
Click here to download it in high quality

Source: Moony
Posted on October 20
Mariah and Nick's Halloween party at M2 Ultra Lounge in New York
Mariah and Nick will be at the M2 Ultra Lounge as part of their Halloween party.  M2 Ultra Lounge is located 530 W 28th St in New York. 
Posted on October 19
Mariah to be on Oprah in 3 weeks????
It seems Mariah will be on Oprah in about 3 weeks, would make sense as it's the realease of "Precious" in the US at that time (Nov. 6)
Posted on October 19
Mariah interview in last weeks Gala
As reported last week, Mariah was featured in this Gala. Now that the magazine is not on sale anymore ('cause like I said it's not fair to the magazine to post anything while it's still on sale), here's the translation:

Click to enlarge

We left her hip-hop bimbo, she comes back with a ballad album. Is it her her second marriage which makes her wiser? ? Judge by yourself ...

Thirty-nine years old, nearly 200 million records sold in a twenty-year career, seven hours to meet her at 5851 kilometers from Paris, New York ... with more than four hours late, when you think about her numbers it can make you dizzy.

As she sits on a sofa in a black outfit, to discuss her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, we fear the worst as it's almost midnight.

Even her three bodyguards started to pack. But the American star, the five-octave diva is doing her job. From her childhood in New York to her daily life with Nick Cannon, her second husband since April 2008, after a first marriage with Tommy Mottola, big boss of Sony, Mariah gives it all, accessible and more funny than we would have thought ...

Gala: You are cute with your curls. It looks like the 90's Mariah. Are you nostalgic of that era? 
Mariah Carey: It's funny how my hair has almost become an affair of state! I just wanted to change. You know, when I started, some people around me prevented me from changing anything in my image ... So today, I experiment. In fact, it is others who seem nostalgic. As if my curls referred them to a good old time!

Gala: The title of your album is Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Writing your memoirs at 39, is not a bit premature? 
MC: I was at a time in my life where I had to find myself.  I needed to exorcise some unhappy moments. Today, I have a husband, I'm a woman in love and have lots of plans in addition to my album, the film Precious, in which I play a social worker, coming out soon. My new perfume, Forever, is coming out too ... 

Gala: To make it short, you're very busy. Let's talk about your album: What do you mean by 'imperfect angel "? 
MC: Nobody is perfect. And it's O.K.. We are all subject to different emotions: anger, regrets, love ... including me. Because I'm famous, you want me to be perfect. Imagine that I'm wearing your shirt and I made a stain. Immediately, people would make it a scandal! So I learned to pay attention to my appearance, although I have always been like that. I started wearing makeup at age fourteen. I stayed more than two hours in the bathroom before going to school. This made my brother crazy!

Gala: What would be the worst misconception that we may have about you? 
MC: It would be to think that I'm a capricious diva. I have no problem with the word diva. My mother was an opera singer. Also, very early, I knew that the word described primarily an artist of great talent. When I play the diva, it's always with humor. It can happen to feel weak and complain that there is no food in a room. But I'm not cruel to people. Even less with people I don't know. 

Gala: Is it exhausting to be Mariah Carey? 
MC: A little, sometimes. My days are long. It's not like a 9 to 5 job.  But there's worse. I avoid stressing out, I'm not trying to please everybody. Otherwise, I would become completely paranoid! 

Gala: What do we not know about you? 
MC: (She things for a while) I feel people know almost everything about me. Isn't my life in magazines? 

Gala: Your first single Obsessed talks about the harassment you have experienced from a rejected lover. You were already a victim of harassment at school, right?
MC: Yes, when I was a little girl. And then I was among those who locked themselves down in the toilet. Because as mixed, I was looking for my place. It was a survival instinct. I needed to belong to a group, that they teach me how to do my makeup and hair, for example. Being white, my mother never really teached me how to do my hair, she didn't know how to tame hair like mine. 

Gala: You're in a mixed couple yourself with Nick Cannon, since a year ... 
MC: One year and five months to be exact!

Gala: Does this second marriage fills your expectations?
MC: More than that! Nick is an extraordinary man with a golden heart. I discovered love with him. I have experienced crushes that quickly disappointed me. I thought to be loved, when in fact they tried to control me. With Nick, we were immediately on the same page. We have the same humor. At first, I told him that I would call him "Mr. C. "Then he ansewered he would call me then" Mrs C. . I love to make him feel bad when he needs to go on a professional trip ! He's really adorable.  This afternoon, he sent me an email in which he writes: "I love you so." 

Gala: How do you manage your schedules?
MC:We try to stay as much as possible in Los Angeles where we just bought a house. It's a little hard for me because I'm a New Yorker, but I didn't want to spend my time on planes. 

Gala: Who puts the garbage out? 
MC: You really want to know? In any case, it's not me and certainly not my husband! 

Gala: And for when is this baby that everyone expects? 
MC: (She sings) We'll see ... When time will be right and when I will decide to announce it. A friend told me very early that she was pregnant, without telling anyone else. A common friend was a little mad that I didn't told her.  But I am someone loyal. And there's nothing more personal than a pregnancy ...
Source in French: Gala
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on October 19

Watch the full P.C. Richard & Son Theater concert online tomorrow
Power 105.1 will broadcast the full concert Mariah held at the Richard & Son Theater, tomorrow (Oct. 20).
Source: twitter
Heroes note: International fans better go watch it on Z100, as Power 105.1 is only for US residents.
Posted on October 19
I reported it on October 12, now we have pics
Korea: Limited edition mp3 player named after Mariah
Mariah was just in time in Korea to debut the "Mariah Carey Special Edition" N20 mp3 player which comes preloaded with 17 tracks from  Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Only 5,000 units will be available.

Source: Universal Music Korea - iRiver - Jeon by e-mail
Posted on October 19
Support Mariah! Request everywhere you can!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on October 17
No smilies....
I received several e-mails asking me why there are no smilies on my site since a while (you're addicted huh ), well it's not easy sometimes to read all the stupid crap Mariah's own fans are writing on some messageboards and forums, the Korean and Japan shows comments were on top of the stupidity, people are judging without knowing the facts.  When you don't know, you don't comment.  Mariah worked a lot, press conference, meetings, interviews, signing session and she had a kinda "hard" time there, a bad "surprise" and it was probably not easy to act like nothing happend.  So, shut the fuck up!  And for the ones who missed the smilies, here's a lil' one for you 

And for the bashers.......

Posted on October 17

Halloween is coming soon: Nick wants to be Ike, Mariah doesn't want to be Tina 
With Halloween just two weeks away, we asked Nick Cannon if he and his wife, Mariah Carey, plan to dress up as a couple when we caught up with him last night at Keep a Child Alive's Sixth Annual Black Ball. "Yeah, we're going to do something," he told us. "I want to be Ike and Tina, but she doesn't want to offend Tina Turner. I think it’s an honor." 
Source: New York Daily Magazine - Digital Spy
Posted on October 17
Portrait of an Imperfect Angel 
She’s really very nice. Consistently so. Like an angel.

I interviewed Mariah Carey for the first time more than a decade ago in Hong Kong where she promoted her album Butterfly. I was with five other Asian journalists who interviewed Mariah in bed. She was tired after a round of TV interviews so she requested us to sit around a bed inside a suite at a five-star hotel while she rested her weary body. It was fun!

My second encounter with her was in June last year in Tokyo where she promoted another album, E=MC2. Again spent-up after a hard day, she reclined on a couch during the interview, cooing, “You don’t mind, do you?” Who would!

Then, last Wednesday, I was face-to-face with Mariah for the third time, in this beautiful Korean city where she was promoting her 12th album titled Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (released locally by MCA Music, Inc.). She sat on a sofa, fresh as a daisy so to speak. As I did in Tokyo, I gave her a copy of The STAR which carried my previous interview and — surprise, surprise! — she was calling me by my nickname. (She was looking at the logo of my column, maybe?)

While the TV guys were checking my lapel mike, Mariah said, “How are you, Ricky?

I said, “I’m okay.”

“Do you want anything?”

“No, none. Just being in front of you is good enough for me.”

She smiled. “How are people back home?

I said, looking genuinely sad, “Not okay. Our country has just been ravaged by two giant typhoons.”

She replied with an equally sad look in her eyes, “Oh, is that so? I’m sad to know that. I will pray for them. They should keep on praying.”

“You were in the Philippines not so long ago, remember?” I reminded her.

“Oh yes. I stayed in this beautiful place but I forgot what its name was.”

“It’s Amanpulo. It’s in Palawan.”

Her eyes twinkled. “It was beautiful!”

I asked her about her album which has 21 tracks, one of them I Want To Know What Love Is which Mariah would sing that same night during a meet-and-greet with fans at the MTV Seoul studio.

“Each song is like an intimate conversation or entry in a private diary. A lot of the songs reflect specific, different times in my life. Others were inspired by movies, actual events that happened to me, or the stories of my friends who told me about experiences that they’ve gone through.”

Obviously, Mariah Carey has made it through the rain — very beautifully!

In the eyes of your fans, you are definitely an angel. Why “imperfect angel” in the title of your album?
“Well, nobody is perfect, right? Even an angel can’t be perfect. I got that from a book that I read sometime ago. ‘Imperfect angel.’ It sounds nice, doesn’t it?”

If ever you’ll write an autobiography, your “memoirs,” will it be a tell-all?
“No, I don’t think so. If I do a tell-all book, some people are bound to say ‘Ouch!’ I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, you know. I will have to leave some things untouched, unexposed.”

I wonder, do you keep a diary?
“Oh yes, I do. It’s a pretty little book. I write down my thoughts every day and then I lock it. Nobody can read what’s in it and I mean nobody. Only I have access to it. Remember, I hold the key.”

It must hold a lot of secrets.
“You bet. Hahahahaha!”

How do you divide your time between marriage (to singer-actor Nick Cannon) and career?
“It’s difficult because my husband and I are both working. He’s always going somewhere and I’m always somewhere else myself. But we do get together and spend really good times together.”

How soon do you plan to raise a family?
“As soon as we have enough time together.” (Laughs)

Let’s talk about some songs on your album. First, Obsessed (which is accompanied by a video directed by Brett Ratner of the Rush Hour trilogy, starring Jackie Chan).

“In that song, I play both a glamorous star and her stalker.”

I’ve listened to the song and its lyrics combine devastating put-downs (such as “Last man on Earth still couldn’t get this...”) with humor (such as “See right through you like you’re bathin’ in Windex...”). Have you ever had a stalker? How did you deal with him/her?
“Oh yes, I have. Everybody has, I guess. I consider a stalker someone who talks against you, who tells lies about you, who is out to destroy you. If you go back in time, you might remember a boy who pushed another kid and called him names, and did stuff like that...yes, he could be considered a stalker.”

Next, Up Out My Face. It tells about dismissing a former lover with a good-riddance line, “When I break, I break, boy.”
“That’s right. When I break, I really break. Once broken, nothing can ever fix it and bring it back. Which brings me to the title of another song on the album — It’s A Wrap. The end.” (Laughs again)

Oh, when it’s over, it’s over! Meaning, there’s no turning back, no second time around?
“You said it right!”

One song is titled H.A.T.E.U. Does it mean what it seems to say?
“Oh, it actually means Having A Typical Emotional Upset.”

So it doesn’t really mean “hate” as in H-A-T-E?
“Well, what it is is I can’t wait to hate you and make you feel what I do. I’m looking at it from a female’s point of view. The song is about someone who is sad and lonely; she’s a character in the song. I’m not in that world right now. I’m not feeling that way. It’s a distant memory; it’s a past.”

And how do you cope with what you called “emotional upset”?
“Well, I cry and cry. Then, I’m okay again. Crying has a healing effect.”

You have a new movie coming up, titled Precious. Tell us about it.
“I’m glad that the movie is getting good reviews. I enjoyed doing it. The director told me, ‘I want you to look as homely as possible. I want you to look ugly; I don’t want anybody to recognize you at all.’ I don’t think I will recognize myself at all when I watch the movie.”

How do you manage to look gorgeous?
“I keep telling myself that I am 12 years old because a lot of good things happened in my life when I was 12. You know, if you keep repeating something to yourself, it becomes true. So when people ask me how I manage to look the way I do, I tell them, ‘I’m forever 12’.” (Laughs again)

Do you have any beauty secrets? Oops! They won’t be secrets if you will tell now.
(Seriously now) “I have no beauty secret that’s really good, and it really works. If you have a face that’s really red...like I have because my father is Black and my mother is Irish, it comes from my Irish side...you take ice cubes and milk, and put a cotton bud in there and then you dab your eyes and your face with the cotton ball.”

Do you do that at bedtime or upon waking up?
“All the time!” (Laughs)

You are beautiful from head to foot, every inch of you is beautiful. What do you like most about yourself?
“I don’t know. It’s hard to say.”

And what, if any, don’t you like about yourself?
“Oh now, I won’t tell!” (Laughs and laughs) “I don’t want people to know. Otherwise, they would be looking for that thing that I’d say I didn’t like about myself.”

I heard that you have your own perfume. Does it help you feel even better, more beautiful?
“Oh yes, it does...I think. It’s called Forever. It’s my own brand. It comes in a golden bottle, very pretty.”  “I think it comes in a limited edition. There are only about 50 bottles around the world, so I’m afraid you won’t find any available in the store.” (Laughs again)

By the way, after all the awards and the hit records and the accolades, what else do you want to achieve or to do?
“Well, to continue what I love doing — singing. Fill the world with song. Can you imagine a world with no music? It would be drab. Boring! Like crying, music heals. Let’s heal the world with music.”

Source: The Philippine Star (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 17

Vote for Mariah in Malaysia
Mariah is "Artist of the month" on Malaysian radio Mix.fm and is also No.2 on their music chart, Mixtop 20
Please take a minute to vote for  IWTKWLI and Obsessed as many times as you want at this link.  C'mon guys!!!!!
Source: Adim by e-mail
Posted on October 16
Fan meeting will be broadcast on Mesamahi TV 
As part of a contest held by Universal Japan, fans were invited to meet at a secret location.  The meeting will be broadcast on Mesamashi TV on October 20. (date subject to change)
Source: Akuro by e-mail
Posted on October 16
Mariah on French charts! ( 5 to 11 October)
- Memoirs (physical) - 10 (entry)
- Memoirs (downloads) - 20 (-3)
- Memoirs (iTunes RnB/Soul) - 3

- Obsessed (physical) - 9 (=)
- Obsessed (downloads) - 32 (-3)
- Obsessed (iTunes RnB/Soul) - 3

- I Want To Know What Love Is (downloads) - 19 (=)

Source: Cynthia by e-mail
Posted on October 16

Mariah on Japanese show Music Station today
Mariah sang "I Want To Know What Love Is"
Click here to watch it.
Posted on October 16
Mariah in Official Belgian charts!
Official Belgian sales charts
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #28 (-8)
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: still not in (there's a big problem guys...)
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #54 (-30) 
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: #54 (-10)

Official Belgian airplay charts
I Want To Know What Love Is:
Ultratip French speaking part of Belgium: #23 (+2)
Ultratip Dutch speaking part of Belgium: still not in (there's a big problem guys...)

Posted on October 16

"Precious" at AFI Fest
The complete schedule of the 23rd edition of the AFI Fest was announced today and "Precious" will be broadcasted in the "Gala" category
Click here for infos on how to attend.
Posted on October 16
For video collectors
Mariah on MTV Korea: audio fixed
Part 1: Click here to download.
Part 2: Click here to download
Thanks to Moony
Posted on October 16
B Scott has a World Exclusive coming soon!
World Exclusive Mariah interview late October
2 Cents Productions had the honor of being granted a World Exclusive interview with the world's top selling pop star, Mariah Carey, for the NEW Love B. Scott Show.

This interview was a historic first as Mariah Carey has never been interviewed for the web by an Internet talk show host, nor has Mariah Carey ever granted an interview in her private dressing room.

Stay tuned to http://www.lovebscott.comfor the World Exclusive in late October!

2 Cents also had the honor of celebrating celebrity Nick Cannon's birthday at the Bellagio Hotel along with Mariah Carey and a host of other celebrities such Aubrey O’Day, Mekhi Pheifer, and yours truly (B. Scott).

We would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to our host B. Scott for achieving a life long dream and a VERY special thanks to Nick Cannon for making this opportunity a reality.

Source: 2 Cents Productions
Posted on October 15

Nicki Minaj working on a Mariah record
During an interview with Angela Yee at the BET Hip Hop Awards, while talking about her upcoming projects, Nicki Minaj revealed she worked with a lot of people and did a Mariah record.
Click here to listen to the interview, Nicki talks about her work with Mariah at 1:20
Source: Angela Yee - Rap Radar
Posted on October 15
Jump Smokers working on H.A.T.E.U remix
Chicago based Jump Smokers who already remixed "Obsessed" are now in studio to remix H.A.T.E.U
Source: DJ Flipside
Posted on October 15
So it was apparently true.. I posted it on October 3 but wasn't sure!
Mariah on Strictly next month in the UK
Strictly and The X Factor - which upset fans by going head-to-head in the TV schedules - appear to be stepping up their ratings war by booking bigger and better guests. 
Last week Strictly tried to trump The X Factor's Robbie Williams comeback on Sunday by bagging junkie singer Amy Winehouse and her god-daughter Dionne Bromfield on Saturday. 
However, The X Factor is set to triumph over the dance show this weekend. 

While Strictly is getting golden oldies Spandau Ballet to sing their 1980s hit Gold, Simon Cowell and Co have booked superstar Whitney Houston to sing on Sunday. X Factor is also trying to firm up a booking with queen of pop Madonna - but Strictly already has diva Mariah Carey in the bag.
Source: The Sun (extract)
Posted on October 15

"Precious" is a hit in Ghent (Belgium)
That movie with Mariah Carey is touching everyone who sees it
The audience of the Film Festival in Ghent has given Precious a standing ovation. 

"Why were you so quiet during the screening? 
I am really not used.  They had warned me, but ... . I was glad when there was laughter, especially as there was laughter at the same time as home. And then the applause! Man! Man!.' I was overwhelmed. " 
Clareece Precious Jones, a fat teenager, is kicked out of school because she is pregnant for the second time.  Although she is not stupid, she can barely read or write.  The director of her last school puts her in a training school that will be her  last chance.  Daniels makes no unrealistic story, but tells the story in a so warm and funny way, and put the dreams in which Precious flees, in so vivid images, that all spectators are blown away. 

Yet he had the film made only for a home audience. He worked for years in the theater, was then casting agent for films and produced a film. Monster's Ball, with Halle Berry, that immediately won an Oscar.  "That got me thinking: I never saw people from my neighborhood  in the movie theaters.  I didn't want to do a movie about  the failure of social services and blabla.  My former neighbors are not going to watch that shit: they live there already. " 

The Audience is very surprised the first time Mariah Carey comes into the picture as a social worker, and Lenny Kravitz as a nurse.  They are friends of Daniels.
"I told Mariah: you leave your entourage at home.  You get no make-up, I'll make you even uglier.  And she just said "okay,.  She was every day on time, knew her text and motivated everyone. .' I am proud that I have to do your film critics admit that Mariah can really act. " 
Source: Standaard
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Heroes note: "Precious" is on top of the list for the Port of Ghent Audience Award
Posted on October 15

Mariah arrives at Narita Airport on Oct. 15 (Japan)

Click to enlarge
Source: Road Runner Japan (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 15
Korea update
The signing session took place today at EVAN Records.  Mariah spent 2 hours greeting fans and signing autographs.

Click to enlarge

Bad press in Korea
According to several medias, Mariah is critisized by Korean "fans" who were so vicious to go post on the You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook website after the taping of the show.  Those people are giving Mariah bad press, morons 
Mariah performed "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "H.A.T.E.U" and apparently didn't sing live due to bad song equipment.
The show will air on KBS on October 23.

Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook video
Click here to watch the show recorded by a fan and posted on YouTube.
Heroes note: Jeon let me know, it seems more like a hate campaign to him as several Korean singers didn't sing live on that show either in the past and never were critisized..
Posted on October 14

Pics of Mariah leaving LAX for Korea surface
Mariah left Los Angeles to go to Korea on October 11

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U
Posted on October 14
For video collectors
Mariah on MTV Korea
For the ones who like to collect or for the ones who didn't het the opportunity to watch it live, here's the show kindly shared by Moony.  Due to sound card mulfunctioning, the audio is not good, but you can still understand what Mariah's saying.
Part 1: Click here to download.
Part 2: Click here to download
Thanks to Moony
Posted on October 14
"Memoirs" release finally officially confirmed in the UK
The label has confirmed "Memoirs" will be released on November 16.  It will be preceded by "I Want To Know What Love Is" on October 26.

The UK version of Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel will comprise two discs - one featuring 17 new tracks, the other containing remixes of her recent US hit 'Obsessed'.
Posted on October 14

Mariah on MTV Korea

For the ones who couldn't watch it live.
Before the show, we could enjoy Mariah videos for more than 1 hour.  A download of the show will probably surface somewhere soon.
Anyway, here are some infos:
- Mariah sang "I Want To Know What Love Is"
- The remix album coming soon
- For the ones liking "Betcha Gon' Know", a surprise will come soon
- Angels Cry will be remixed too, but Mariah didn't want to reveal the featuring
- Answering the question of a fan about a new album, Mariah replied that if all turns out the way she thinks, a new album will be out soon.
- A worldwide Tour is in the works, but Mariah is a lil' cautious as for her it's time consuming.  If a Tour is coming, it would be a 5 continent Tour and if it doesn't come to your country/area, we need to blame Michael for it (Mariah said while laughing)
Posted on October 14
Stuffed Plush "JJ" Puppy for sale at Walmart!
Package containing:
- .5 oz Mariah Carey Pink Eau De Parfum Spray (Luscious Pink) 
- Plush Puppy JJ
US fans can buy it at this link.
Click on the pic to enlarge.
Source: jeremy on fomm
Posted on October 14
For video collectors
- Zip file of Extra TV and Access Hollywood with footage of Mariah and Nick walking into Nick's birthday party and scenes from Precious.
Click here to download.
- AT&T Commercial and behind the scenes footage of the commercial shoot and Daily 10 with clips from the press conference in Korea.
Click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on October 14
Belgium: "Precious" is leading for the Port of Ghent Public Award
After a standing ovation at the premiere last Sunday, "Precious" is now leading for the Port of Ghent Public Award.  Let's cross the fingers and like Lee would say: "let's go baby".  Tomorrow I'm gonna tell you more about Lee, Mariah and Precious. (no spoiler)
Posted on October 13
US Sales projection
The final results are in and unfortunately "Memoirs" come at #6 with 53,920 solded copies.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on October 13
Will the US be ready for H.A.T.E.U??????
Let's hope so, I thought "I Want To Know What Love Is" wasn't done yet and the video hasn't even premiere yet....  H.A.T.E.U goes already for airplay on November 2 and 3 on several formats.   Will the US be ready to welcome it???? 
Source for the radios info: FMQB
Posted on October 13
Watch Mariah live on MTV Korea tomorrow
Mariah will be at MTV Korea's "The Stage" show tomorrow.  You can watch live on MTV Korea's website from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. (Seoul hour)
Click here to watch it
- Europe: 11h00 to 12:30
- USA (EST) - 5am to 6:30am
- USA (PST) - 2am to 3:30am
Posted on October 13
Mariah receives a plaque for "Memoirs" in Korea
Mariah received a plaque from Universal Korea CEO Yang Bum-Jun. (probably 'cause "Memoirs" reached #1 on Korean charts)

Click to enlarge
Source: Rap-Up
Posted on October 13
Mariah Carey talks about "Imperfect Angel"
A record is not the purpose. A record provides a lot of explanation for the sake of easily proving the value of something, but you cannot create value for the purpose of setting a record. That is why Mariah Carey's depth of talent and presence can be noticed without her outstanding records which include placing 18 singles on No. 1 of the Billboard charts, remaining atop the chart for 79 weeks and selling over 200 million copies of her album worldwide.

The pop diva, visiting South Korea this week to promote her new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," appeared at a press conference at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul on Tuesday, saying An-nyeong-ha-se-yo', or Korean for 'hello' to fans.

The multi-award winning pop diva expressed her happiness in returning to Korea for the first time in six years and talked about her 12th album.

She is set to appear on a KBS music show, hold an autograph session as well a live fan meeting on MTV during her four-day stay.

Below are excerpts from her press conference.

Q: Can you start off by saying hello and how it feels to come back after six years?
Mariah Carey: I'm very excited to be back in Korea after six years and I always say that I wanna come here and see my fans and experience new things in Korea so I'm very happy.

Q: This is the first place for your promotion. Why did you choose Seoul especially?
Carey: I really enjoyed myself when I was here twice before. And even though it was very brief, I feel like the Korean fans were so supportive of me. Even yesterday at the airport, I was really tired but the fans were there and they were very supportive. I feel like I have family all over the world and Korea's part of the family too.

Q: When we listen to your album this time, it doesn't seem to really follow any trend but goes your own way. What did you want to achieve from this album
Carey: I really just did have fun in the studio with this album. I just wanted to make something that I like and felt that my fans would like. It's commercial but it's not trying to be 'in'. I wasn't trying to be like anybody out there. We weren't trying to make hits, we were just trying to make good music.

Q: Why did you call yourself "Imperfect Angel"?
Carey: I wrote it with my husband and it was about nobody being perfect and our culture puts so much stress on trying to make people feel like they have to be perfect, especially in the entertainment business. So that was the theme. I decided to make this the theme of the album to help people who, you may be growing up and you may not feel good enough... that sort of stuck with the album. And the 'memoirs' -- I'm just always writing things down. Sometimes I forget about a song I wrote or open a book and go "Oh yea, that was really good". It was just one of those things where the title came together.

Q: You've achieved everything you've ever wanted. So I guess some people might be wondering why bother keep going?
Carey: Some people do live their entire lives wanting to be entertainers. I mean, this is what I love to do. I make music, I write songs, I perform -- this is who I am. I do definitely want to also have a family. Obviously, I got married last year and I will likely take time off and try to do the best I could with that. But it's difficult to do both things so I will really have to make time to have a family and try to also make music when I want. So it's a balancing act and we'll see.

Q: Tell us how you felt about appearing in film "Precious"?
Carey: I love the book -- it's called "Push" and that's what the movie is based on. The character I played was about a 16-year-old and the director said "I want you to look as homely, as ugly as possible. I don't want anyone to recognize you at all. I'm going to put a mustache on you. I want stuff under your eyes. You're going to look hideous. And then you're gonna lose yourself into the part.' And that's what we did. Yes, I hated looking like that but the main thing was becoming the character of Miss Weiss just shutting out the internal things that I have to become this character. And I am so fortunate to be part of this movie, Oprah Winfrey is the executive producer as well as Tyler Terry so it's an amazing cast. And it's a really good movie. I hope you see it over here.

Q: What is your secret of keeping yourself young and beautiful?
Carey: That's a very nice thing to say. (laugh) If you say something enough you start to believe it and then it becomes true -- that's a theory some people have. So when people ask me I say I'm eternally 12 because when I was 12, there were good things, there were bad things, there were difficult things, but basically I'm the same person I was when I was 12 so why don't I just be 12. Oh, with a nice hair and make-up artist.

Source: Asiae (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 13

Press Conference in Seoul today

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U
Posted on October 13
Tidbits from the Press Conference in Seoul: concert in Seoul in the works!
Mariah Carey was back in Seoul yesterday looking like she traveled back in time to her debut years. 

The 39-year-old singer last visited Korea six years ago and is here to promote her 12th studio album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel." 

There is also an as-of-yet announced concert in the works to be no doubt held at the Olympic Park Gymnasium - the default venue for all high profile international concerts in Korea - later this month. 

In front of a packed room full of rabid photographers and reporters, the five-time Grammy award winning pop superstar sashayed onto the stage in pure diva-like form during a press conference at the Grand Intercontinetal Hotel in southern Seoul. 

It was obvious the original queen of pop-R&B has taken on a nostalgic concept with her new album. 

Clad in the same tight, all-black, form-fitting one-piece dress and rocking a mane full of the iconic curls she made famous almost two decades ago, she greeted the press in Korean saying "Ahnyeong-ha-sae-yo" showing off her voluptuous curves. 

"They say that if you say something enough you begin to believe it and then it becomes true and that's a theory some people have so when people ask me (what my secret is), I say I'm eternally 12," she joked. 

"Basically, I'm the same person I was when I was twelve so why not just be twelve -- 12 with a nice hair and make up artist." 

Throughout her long and illustrious career, Carey has remained relevant even with younger upstarts vying to take her place by collaborating with the hottest hit-makers and trend setting producers in the business. 

But with her latest, she decided to go back to the drawing board. 

"I really did just just have fun making this album," she said. 

"Back then we weren't trying to make hits, we were trying to make good music. I'm a writer and this is my memoir."

Though she tied the knot with heartthrob Nick Cannon who is 10-years her junior in 2008, Carey has no plans of slowing down or taking a break to start a family. 

"This is what I love to do. I make music, I write songs, this is who I am," she said. 

"I do definitely also want to have a family -- I had the opportunity to get married a year and a half ago and I'll (someday) definitely take the time off to do the best I can with that. But it's difficult to do both things at the same time. I really have to make the time to eventually have a family without dysfunction and I know that's very hard. It's a balancing act, so we'll see." 

She event took a moment to hawk her new perfume to the press called "Forever" reflecting her never-ending career as a hit maker. It is also the title of a 1996 single and went on sale around the time her latest album hit stores late last month. 

"It's a festive perfume. Elizabeth Arden and I worked together on it," she said and joked "we tried to combine my husband's (smell) into the perfume." 

Carey is on track to break the record The Beatles achieved in having the most chart topping singles with 18. She needs two more number one singles to match the fab-four's record. 
Source: The Korean Herald (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 13

AT&T commercial

AT&T Junior Assistant Commercial
Grammy-award winner Mariah Carey stars in the new AT&T "Junior Assistant" commercial. The commercial captures a frantic assistant running around NYC in preparation for Mariahs visit to town. He uses his AT&T mobile device to search the web and text message to gather all of Mariahs necessary items. The assistant arrives to the hotel in record time, but finds that Mariah is already there!
Click here to watch it.

AT&T Junior Assistant: Behind the Scenes with Mariah Carey
Check out this exclusive interview with Mariah as she talks about the commercial, her role and how she uses mobile technology on a daily basis.
Click here to watch it.

Source: AT&T
Posted on October 13

Standing Ovation for "Precious" in Belgium!
Yesterday at the Belgian premiere of "Precious" at the Film Festival in Gent, "Precious" and Lee Daniels got a standing ovation.
Posted on October 12
US fans: Mariah to appear in new AT& T commercial tonight
Tune in to 'HOUSE' on Fox tonight for the premiere of the new AT&T commercial featuring Mariah Carey directed by Oscar nominated director Bennett Miller.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 12
US Sales projection
At this moment, 36.20% are in and unfortunately "Memoirs" come at #8 with 19,655 solded copies.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on October 12
Korea: Limited edition mp3 player named after Mariah
Mariah will be just in time in Korea to debut the "Mariah Carey Special Edition" N20 mp3 player which comes preloaded with 17 tracks from  Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Only 5,000 units will be available.
Source: Universal Music Korea
Posted on October 12
Mariah arrived in South Korea today

Click to enlarge
Source: Korean medias (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 12
Mariah interview in French newspaper Le Parisien

Mariah Carey: "I'm not a diva"
Mariah Carey has given us an exclusive interview in Las Vegas for the release of her album. Her childhood, her whims, Obama, Jackson, her marriage: the star talked about everything with a smile. 

Interviewer Mariah Carey , cela se mérite. Interview Mariah Carey, it is deserved. Il faut d'abord sauter toutes affaires cessantes dans le premier avion pour Las Vegas , où la star s'est décidée à parler. You must deserve interviewing Mariah Carey, you need to jump in the first plane for Las Vegas where the star decided to talk.  Once there, the only think you can do is to wait, wait and wait. A first appointment missed and reported to the next morning.  A second chance missed and postponed to 24 hours later at the last minute.

And then a miracle Friday night after the first concert to launch her new album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," the 39 year old singer is there, smiling. We imagined the atmosphere backstage. We discover a funny mess, an amusing team, going in and out of the the star's dressing room, she directly offers us a glass of red wine.  "I hate drinking alone". A french vintage? "No, I asked it but I only have Californian Cabernet.  How do you say cheers in French? Oh à ta santé alors". She's now lying on a sofa and starts to answer the questions.

What does the title of your new album, "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" mean? 
Mariah Carey. Aujourd'hui, tout le monde veut donner une image parfaite, notamment dans les magazines, alors que les photos des filles sont toutes retouchées. Mariah Carey. Today, everybody wants to give a perfect image, especially in magazines, while the pictures of the girls are all photoshopped. I just wanted to tell people that there was no problem not being perfect.

But you try to be it, right?
I'm mostly perfectionist. I want to do my best. When I was a lil' girl, I didn't feel beautiful, my family had no money, we had the most ugliest house in the neighborhood.  I suffered from racism, 'cause my father was black and my mother white. They laughed at me, my hair seemed bizarre. Today, being mixed is a trend, but at the time of my parents, it was complicated.  My mother grew up in the Midwest influenced by the Irish Catholic culture. Her parents hid her union with a Black man, they didn't want to show pictures of the ceremony to friends. 

So, you're proud of having a president like Obama? 
Of course. We thought it would be impossible, and he's there.  I was thrilled to sing at his inauguration. And he just received the Nobel Peace!  It's so deserved. He works for the humanity's well being. 

Is there a form of revenge in your path?
I put everything on my career. I didn't care about school, I said: "I want to be a singer and actress." Everyone laughed. I was thinking : "OK, You'll see".  Today  I'm delighted that my latest film," Precious", in which I am not at all glamorous, has been hailed by critics.  It is important after the failure of "Glitter," which was not particularly my fault.  I had a bad producer, a bad manager.  The press was relentless on me, but I saw lots of bad actors in films that never went critisised ... 

In your latest video, "Obsessed," you're laughing at your image.  Are you sometimes tired of your diva side?
Oh ! It's a joke. I play a lot with it on stage. My fans wouldn't like that I sing a song, that I speak 2 seconds and that I go on. So, I talk, I am very spontaneous. In the clip, it amused me to play all the roles, wearing flat shoes while my heels that I have on stage, I also keep them in the city.  I'm having fun, I love life. 

But they say you multiply the star caprices ... 
There are things that may seem unusual to many people, but I sing in front of thousands of people, I give interviews and when I book plenty of  hotel suites, it's for my team. Look, I'll not let them sleep on the streets!

Are you a diva? 
No. A diva is an extremely talented singer. I hear that word since I'm born 'cause my mother was an opera singer. But if I were a diva, my team wouldn't dare speaking to me.  And my staff wouldn't be busy making fun and laughing in the dressing rooms.

Where is the controversy between you and Eminem? 
I don't  understand what he looks for, always speaking abour me. This turns into an obsession.  My husband answered him on the Net.  We met eight years ago, but that's all, I have not heard his return album.  I'm not interested.  I prefer the real rappers like Jay Z. 

We saw you this summer singing at Michael Jackson's funeral, what memories do you keep in mind?
They told me just before it started that I would open the ceremony, it  was very unsettling. Michael influenced my way of singing, I heard him all time since I was a child.  Now, there's a movie, cds, trade... I hope it will do justice to his career and that his children will take care of his work.

Have you changed these last years? 
Yes, since my marriage to Nick. He's funny and he appeases me. With him, I'm more relaxed. 

Source in French: Le Parisien
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on October 12

Celebrating Nick's birthday at The Bank (Oct.10)

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossipgirls - Fadedyouth
Posted on October 12
I'm gonna update more and reply to all your e-mails tonight, I'm a lil' in a hurry right now 'cause I'm going to Gent (Belgium) to attend the Belgian premiere of Precious.
Posted on October 11
Las Vegas concert tidbits

Mariah sang Happy Birthday to Nick
Here is some exclusive Diva Report footage we shot from second row! Mariah pulled Nick out of the side of the stage to sing Happy Birthday to him!
Click here to watch the video.
Source: Diva Report

About a Tour
Someone had a sign that said "sing love u like a freeze pop" and she said "I'm not doing that well I will if i go on tour, that's IF I go on tour". 
"If they convince me to go on tour"
Source: Martin

Cute story
I was sitting in the first row of section 105 when I seen Mariah's people seat two people behind me. I wasn't sure who they were at first, so when the concert started I of couse stood up and Mariah's Brother tapped my bf on the shoulder and was like do you mind sitting this is Mariah's mom and she can't see. So instead of sitting because I was too excited, I leaned back and asked Mariah's mom if she would like to switch seats with me so that she didn't have to worry about that and she like yes!!! So on their way out Mariah's brother came up to me and told me thank you!!!
Source: lambchopz

Las Vegas concert pics

Click to enlarge
Source: Diva Report
Posted on October 11

Vegas show web cast update
I just spoke with one of the owners of Global Digital Entertainment and he said that the consent should be up and ready to access by 12 midnight pacific standard time. So all of you lambs need not check your email and digital devices until then. He also informed me that Mariah just gave the final approval this morning for all the material. 

We apologize for the inconvenience but unfortunately, the release of the Mariah Carey concert live from the Palms Casino has been delayed for 24 hours.
The concert will debut on Sunday, Oct 11. We're sure that all of you are as excited to watch the show as we are to release it. Sorry for the inconvenience
Source: Lili
Posted on October 11

Las Vegas concert last night: Mariah sang "I Want To Know What Love Is"
- Daydream Interlude 
- Shake It Off 
- Touch My Body 
- It's A Wrap (Snippet)
- I Want To Know What Love Is
- Make It Happen 
- Angels Cry 
- Always Be My Baby
- It's Like That 
- Subtle Invitation 
- Trey's Michael Jackson tribute
- Honey 
- Heartbreaker
- Close My Eyes 
- My All
- Obsessed 
- Up Out My Face 
- H.A.T.E.U 
- We Belong Together 
- Hero
Source: Ron
Posted on October 11
Is "I Want To Know what Love Is" already over????
Mariah didn't perform it at the Vegas concert this time and on Mariah's official site (when you enter the second part of the site) it's now H.A.T.E.U that's being played.
Let's hope we will see the IWTKWLI video....   If they scrap it, for the first time in my life, I want a leak 
Posted on October 10
Las Vegas residency?
Here's Mariah's manager's tweet from last night:
"Mariah show is the most energetic yet! Great audience! Las vegas is ready for this residency!"

On one side, I can understand Mariah wants to do a residency, it's easy, it pays big bucks, it's a good solution when you start a family, but... c'mon a residency...I always thought this was for .... I can't even write the word.... .  I write it like I feel it, I'm not a fake ass who will pretend something here on my site and talk differently elsewhere!  But  if Mariah's happiness is there... it's ok.
Posted on October 10

New "Precious" trailer
Go take a look at the following link.  (Is it me or do we hear Leona Lewis now????, I guess they probably want Mariah to be seen as actress only and that's why she hasn't any song in the movie!)
Source for the trailer: Aceshowbiz
Posted on October 10
Las Vegas show last night
- Daydream Interlude 
- Shake It Off 
- Touch My Body 
- Fly Like a Bird 
- Make It Happen 
- Angels Cry 
- The Impossible (a few lines)
- It's Like That 
- Subtle Invitation 
- Trey's Michael Jackson tribute 
- Honey 
- Heartbreaker remix 
- Close My Eyes 
- My All 
- Obsessed 
- Up Out My Face 
- H.A.T.E.U
- We Belong Together 
- Hero 
Source: Ronnie
Posted on October 10
More Korea news: the signing session
The signing session will take place at 9 p.m., Wednesday at the Evan Record store at COEX Mall.
Source: Jeon by e-mail
Posted on October 9
French fans! "Forever" available online

You can now buy "Forever" on Parisglam.fr, there's a special discount at the moment.
- Mariah Carey Forever Eau de Parfum, 3.3 oz. / 100ml - 95 Euro 
- Mariah Carey Set: Forever EDP 3.3oz+Tote+Luscious Pink Body Lotion, 6.8 oz - 225 Euro
Click hereto access the store.
Source for the info: Cynthia by e-mail
Posted on October 9
Rumormill: US chart preview
Mariah's Memoirs is expected to come in with only 55-60k next week
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on October 9
Mariah in Official Belgian charts!
Official Belgian sales charts
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #20 (entry)
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: not in (there's a big problem guys...)
Ultratop French speaking part of Belgium: #24 (+70
Ultratop Dutch speaking part of Belgium: #40 (+25)

Official Belgian airplay charts
I Want To Know What Love Is:
Ultratip French speaking part of Belgium: #25 (entry)
Ultratip Dutch speaking part of Belgium: not in (there's a big problem guys...)

Posted on October 9

Support Mariah! Request everywhere you can!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on October 8
"Precious" screening cancelled at the Tokyo Film Festival
The highly anticipated "Precious" screening on Oct. 19th and the 20th in Tokyo International Film Festival, as one of the WORLD CINEMA section's screening title, has been cancelled due to the filmmakers unavoidable circumstances.
Source: TIFF - Akuro by e-mail
Posted on October 8
The Mariah Morning Show On Sirius Radio! 
Mariah Carey gets SIRIUS and celebrates the release of her new CD Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel on the BPM station! She will be the host of “The Mariah Morning Show.” Mariah will play her favorite dance remixes of some of the biggest hits of her incredible career. 

The dance community loves Mariah and she gives back by hosting her own show and bringing her fans into her world and talking about the many incredible remixes recorded by award winning and critically acclaimed producers like David Morales, Peter Rauhofer and Seamus Haji. 

Broadcast: Fri 10/9 8:00 am ET 
Rebroadcast: Sun 10/11 6:00 am ET; Mon 10/12 10:00 am ET

FYI... If you are not already a SIRIUS subscriber, they offer a free online trial for 7 days! Click here for more info.
Source: Divareport - Andy by e-mail
Heroes note: SIRIUS is only available in the continental US and Canada
Posted on October 8

Gala scans: Low quality and tagged on purpose
As reported yesterday, Mariah is featured in this weeks Gala magazine.  I posted the scans in low quality, incomplete and tagged on purpose, it's just to give you an idea of what's inside.  It's not fair to the magazine to post it while it's still on sale. French and Belgian fans, go pick up your copy now!

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 8
Tip for the ones going to Vegas
Fans who will be in Las Vegas this Saturday should go to the Bellagio after the concert, give it a try 
Posted on October 8
Video: Mariah at the P.C. Richard and Son Theater concert
Click here to watch it and enjoy!
Posted on October 8
More pics of Mariah in the new AT&T commercial
As previously reported a few days ago, US fans should be able to catch the commercial soon. Here are more pics of Mariah during the shooting of the commercial that will feature "Memoirs", it took place in September.

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Vibe (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 8
Behind the scenes of the Tribeca Concert 
Click here to watch it.
Source for the info: Moony
Posted on October 8
Mariah interviewed by DJ Clue
As reported yesterday, DJ Clue DJ Clue who hosted the mini concert in NY interviewed Mariah and told it would be up on today on Desert Storm Radio.
So, here it is
Posted on October 7
"Precious" out in Belgium in February 2010
According to Belgian site Cinenews, "Precious" will be released in theaters across our country in Februrary 2010.
Source: Cinenews - Vincent by e-mail
Posted on October 7
Spanish fans, this is for you!
The brand new Spanish website, Movimiento Lamb (lamb movement) has just launched and translated the entire ELLE mini-magazine to Spanish!

Also, to celebrate the album in Spain, Movimiento Lamb has scheduled multiple album release parties across the country:
The cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, and Seville will all be celebrating the release of Memoirs! 
Please visit www.MovimientoLamb.com, email us at info@movimientolamb.com, or message us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/MovimientoLamb for additional information (time, places) 
Source: Jeremy by e-mail
Posted on October 7

Mariah interview in the French Gala magazine

"I discovered love with Nick"
A part of the interview is on Gala' site, but it's not worth translating it now. 
Source: Gala - Renaud by e-mail
Posted on October 7
Ok, the official results are out: Memoirs debuts at #3 
On this week's Billboard's Hot 200:
- 1 - Barbra Streisand - "Love Is the Answer" - 180,000 copies
- 2 - Paramore - "Brand New Eyes" - 175.000 copies
- 3 - Mariah Carey - "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" - 168,000 
Source: Billboard
Posted on October 7
Reminder: Vegas show to be web casted
Every fan in the world will be able to see Mariah live in Vegas on Oct. 10th.
Mariah Carey Live from Las Vegas
Presented exclusively on both WEB and WAP to computers and mobiles worldwide, on Saturday October 10th.  Tickets are $9.95.  Come and see this great concert and participate in this ground breaking global digital event.

Click here to pre-order your ticket now

Important note:
1. When can I see this?
The concert will be available starting October 10, 2009 and can be picked up anytime until January 15, 2010.

2. How will I know how to get this?
A reminder will be sent to you on October 9 and a link sent on October 10 via either email or SMS text. From there on in you can watch this at your leisure. You do not have to watch it on October 10 if its inconvenient. If you order after October 10 you get a link immediately to see the show.

3. Can I watch it more than once? On another device?
No, it is a one-time stream viewable on one device only. If you want to watch it again on another device or on the same device you will need to pay for it again.

4. Do I have to watch it all the way through?
No you can stop it and go back to it and it will remain where you stopped it, but it won't rewind or replay. Once you've watched a segment, its over.

Posted on October 7

Mariah Carey to visit Korea Oct 12
Pop diva Mariah Carey will arrive in South Korea on October 12 to promote her new album, according to Universal Music Korea on Wednesday.

The multi-award winning singer will hold a press conference on the second day of her four-day trip and hold an autograph session at Evan Records as well as a live fan meeting on MTV the following day, an official at Universal said.

The fan meeting, to be hosted by Alex of Korean band Clazziquai, will invite 130 fans to Seoul MTV Studio and air live at 6 p.m. on MTV Korea's official website.( Heroes note: already posted here 2 days ago)

The 39-year-old singer will be visiting Korea for the first time in six years to promote her 12th studio album "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" which was released September 28.

She is one of the most successful artists in pop history, selling over 200 million copies of her albums worldwide since her debut and placing 18 singles atop The Billboard.
Source: Asiae
Posted on October 7

Mariah was in a Wrigley ad
According to recent reports, Wrigley had just signed a five year deal with Brown when his altercation with Rihanna occurred. In addition the gum maker had shot multiple commercials and photos for print ads that were to be used over an extended period of time. However, due to their dissolved relationship the company has lost millions.

"..They are said to be preparing to sue Chris for all the money they lost due to his bad behavior. They spent big bucks on ads featuring Chris along with other celebrities like JayZ and Mariah Carey," sources say of a particular campaign that included group photos to be used in ads.

"Since Chris was in them also – everything had to be ditched. Wrigley is mad and we hear they hope to recoup the money Chris caused them to lose with a big fat lawsuit.
Source: Examiner - Singersroom 
Posted on October 6

Last minute info: Lee Daniels in Belgium to promote "Precious"
As announced in September, Kinepolis Film Distribution has acquired the rights of "Precious" in Belgium.  This means the movie will hit our entire country probably by the end of the year or early 2010, more details will be announced soon!!!!!

Be the first to see the movie at the Film Festival in Gent in October
The movie will be shown at the Film Festival in Gent. 
- October 11 at 20:00 in Kinepolis 01 (Lee Daniels will attend this screening)
- October 14 at 17:30 in Kinepolis 01
- October 15 at 20:00 in Kinepolis 01
- October 17 at 17:30 in Kinepolis 03
Click here to order your tickets.
Thanks to mceurope on our forum for the Lee Daniels info
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French fans, one more chance to meet Mariah, it's this way.
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Results are in, Memoirs is #3 with 172,742 sales in the US
These are the approximate sales given by HitsDailyDouble, I'm kinda in shock.  Like I said yesterday, it's been a while now I'm not stressing out anymore about sales.  Mariah's album is what it is, that's all I can say.  What shokes me is that only 172.742 people bought the album, does that mean Mariah has only 172.742 fans in the US????? C'mon that's ridiculous... and don't talk me about lack of promotion, fans don't need promotion to buy the album, they know it's out!!!!!
Ok, I'll stop my rant here or I'll get mad and I said I'm not stressing out anymore 
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Mariah and Nick On The Morning Mash Up!
Mariah Carey stopped by The Morning Mash Up, and was nice enough to bring her hubby Nick along. Well, needless to say she said some pretty awesome things.
Click here to listen to the interview.
Source: Morning Mash Up
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DJ Clue interviews Mariah
DJ Clue who hosted the mini concert yesterday in NY interviewed Mariah today on Desert Storm Radio, Mariah addessed the whole pregnant rumor.
Source: DJ Clue by Twitter
Posted on October 6
Video: Mariah Interview at the NY Film Fest by Extra TV 
Click here to download it.
Source: Moony
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Mariah at the P.C. Richard and Son Theater yesterday

The stage was set with glittering gold embellished curtains, the microphone stand encrusted with rhinestones for none other than the imperfect angel herself. The P.C. Richard and Son Theater in lower Manhattan has hosted the likes of Alice in Chains, Green Day, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kelly Clarkson, but never before has it been transformed into a venue fit for a diva. Radio contest winners turned out in droves Monday night to see Mariah Carey perform an intimate show in TriBeCa.

New York's Power 105.1 put on the event, introducing Mariah as the "biggest female selling artist of all time," and she kicked off the performance with her hit 'Obsessed,' asking the audience, "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

It's hard not to be obsessed. She's known for her powerful voice and, let's be honest, for being a diva. Wearing a zip up leather black minidress, a black patent leather cropped jacket and knee high black boots, the 39-year old songstress belted out the song in front of six backup singers, hitting notes some singers only dream of. For all the flack she's received in recent years, the girl can sing, and she did herself justice.

In between each song, Blair the stylist came up on stage to pull down her dress, powder her nose - Mariah exhibiting her great sense of humor, joking all the while - "I can't help it if things pop out!"

"We're gonna take you way back," she announced into her sparkling microphone - one guest guessed it was encrusted with Swarovski crystals - before singing the old favorite "Always Be My Baby." Halfway through the song, she ordered that the music be stopped because she couldn't hear the monitors. When the music stopped her stylist and make-up artist hurried onstage, fluffing her hair and powdering her nose as the sound issue was resolved. "Might as well be a diva moment while we're here," she joked, adding, "How often do you see me this clothed?" To the crowd's delight, instead of picking up where she left off, she sang the entire song again, delivering the hit from her Daydream album.

"I must be a true diva," she said after the song, as her make-up artist, Brigitte touched her up. "Brigitte makes me feel very very upscale when she does my makeup... Nobody ever had powder put on their face before during a concert!"

But the fans love her for it. One concert-goer even had 'Mariah' tattooed on the inside of her lip. "You did not tattoo your lip with Mariah on it!" She said to her adoring fan, adding, "But is your name Mariah too? Ashley?? Hi Ashley."

The third song she sang was "H.A.T.E. U," a new one from her latest album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. "Actually it stands for having a typical emotional upset," Mariah explained. But what does she know about that?

Of course she had her diva moments. She's the quintessential diva, after all. "It would be awesome if all of the ladies in the audience had their hair done while I was singing," she laughed. "And that's why I love you because you put up with all my tomfoolery." But for all the naysayers out there, she looked gorgeous (all those hair fluffing moments were truly uneccessary), and she sounded great.

She then sang another song from the latest album, her remake of the 1984 Foreigner hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is," reminding the audience of the clever cover choices she's made throughout her career (remember her "Against All Odds" cover from the Rainbow album?) and continues to make.

She dedicated her fifth and final song to the audience, thanking them for "putting up with all the divadom" before singing "We Belong Together." At the end of the show, she told the packed house of two-hundred-something, "I love you, I appreciate you and I enjoy you!"

Mariah, the pleasure is ours.

Source: iheartradio - Power 105.1 (All rights reserved)
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Mariah Enlists Trey Songz for Remix Album
Fans who picked up Mariah Carey’s latest Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel most likely noticed the absence of features, but the singer is about to make up for it. Tricky Stewart and Trey Songz spill details exclusively to Rap-Up.com on Carey’s top-secret remix album.

Details are slowly emerging about the project, which will include remixes to every song on Memoirs. “There’s gonna be remixes to everything,” says Tricky. “I’m actually doing some remixing myself currently ’cause some of these records were so much fun to make. It’s easy to go in and do a remix.”

The mega-producer already has something in mind for the diva’s Foreigner cover. “I’m gonna do a remix to ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ myself. I’mma raise the tempo up. I’mma try to make it into something else.”

He may even add a guest to it. “Once I get the beat and if it calls for the right person, I can get anybody on the phone I want to right now, so I will be using my Rolodex for that.”

One of the featured artists on the new project will be Trey Songz, who exclusively discloses to Rap-Up.com that he recorded a remix to one of Memoirs’ cuts last month. “Mariah Carey, I believe she’s doing a remix album and I’m on a record entitled ‘Inseparable,’” he shares.

Trey put everything aside once he got the call. “I actually only had a day to do it. I did it on my day off. [They were] very professional, very adamant on wanting to get it done. They made sure we had all we needed. I just went in and got it done.”

Source: Rap-Up
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Mariah confirms next single: H.A.T.E.U
Last night at the mini concert at the PC Richard & Son Theater in Tribeca, Mariah performed "Obsessed", "Always Be My Baby", "IWTKWLI", "H.A.T.E. U", and "We Belong Together".   Mariah confirmed H.A.T.E.U will be the next single and the remix is one of her faves ever.  It seems the single will be released soon.
Source for the infos: Moony - Mike
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Mariah in new AT&T commercial 
US fans should be able to catch the commercial soon. Here's a pic of Mariah during the shooting of the commercial that will feature "Memoirs", it took place in September.

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 5
Results are coming in slowly... At the moment, Mariah is #3 behind Paramore and Barbra Streisand!
Chart Date: 10/05/2009 
Last Update: 10/05/2009 16:24:21 
Now In: 56.90% 
At the moment, Memoirs is # 3 with 128,406

Paramore is #1 with 134,340
Barbra Streisand is #2 with 133,070

It's been a while now I'm not stressing out anymore about charts and sales, when the charts are published it's too late anyway, but hey, I would like Mariah to debut at #1 in her home country. 
Source for the chart: Hits Daily Double
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Belgian fans, it's up to us!!!
"I Want To Know What Love Is" wont be released as physical single unless it receives a great airplay.  So, you know what we have to do!!!
What more can we do without any promotion, people don't even know Mariah has a new album out....
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Mariah in Korea
On October 14, Mariah will meet 130 fans at the event called "The Stage", it will be a small event that will be shown live on MTV Korea.  Alex, the singer of  Clazziquai will host the event as he speaks English ('cause he's Korean Canadian).
The event will also feature a Korean singer who has yet to be announced. 
Source: Newsen - Jeon by e-mail
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It's Mariah Day in Malaysia today!!
Universal Music Malaysia is inviting all Mariah Carey fans to get the album in conjunction with Mariah Day, today. Fans will be able to enjoy a massive price drop for today only in all retail stores nationwide.

Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel will be on sale for all album editions starting at RM25 for the Malaysia Edition, and a Deluxe Edition with ELLE Booklet priced at RM35.
Source: Heong by e-mail
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Rumor: Mo’Nique loses Oscar backing?
Breakout star Mo'Nique isn't considered that "precious" by executives at Lionsgate, which produced her forthcoming film. In fact, as first reported by showbiz411.com, the 41-year-old comedian's bad attitude and shameless demands for money may jeopardize her chance for Oscar glory - all this before the highly anticipated movie opens on Nov. 6.

The star was MIA Saturday night at the New York Film Festival premiere of the buzzworthy flick "Precious." She also allegedly ditched her promotional duties during the Toronto Film Festival when she was denied a $100,000 appearance fee. 

"That money didn't even include hair and makeup costs. She also demanded that her glam squad fly first class," sniped an incredulous industry source. "Apparently, she's ignorant as to how the Hollywood system works." 

According to our snitch, exasperated studio chiefs suggested that executive producer Oprah Winfrey get involved to deflate Mo'Nique's substantial ego, but even O couldn't stop the actress from seeing green. 

"Mo'Nique said she signed on to do this film for a small amount of money. She said she didn't care about 'no Oscar' - all that mattered was 'those Benjamins!' Because Oprah and Tyler Perry are backing the film, she feels as though there should be a budget to pay for her promotional duties," the source explains. 

But the star's attitude is starting to work against her. Winfrey and Tyler have reportedly instructed Lionsgate to put their promotional machine behind fellow stars Mariah Carey and Gabby Sidibe for the Oscar race. Those two are adept at playing the game; both turned up in New York and Toronto to push the film for free 

"When people say, 'You care more about money than winning an Oscar,' well, what does an Oscar mean? An Oscar means more work when you win it, and that means more money!" retorts Mo'Nique in response to the allegations. "I couldn't eat that Oscar. Everybody needs money, baby. That's how we survive, right?"

Reps for Winfrey, Tyler and Lionsgate declined to comment, but the film's director, Lee Daniels, was quick to say, "Mo'Nique is not a diva. She puts her soul into whatever she does. I love her very much." 

He does add, however, that "doing the press is hard for her because she's in the moment."

Source: S2S Magazine - NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
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Look at this fantastic news!!! 
Mariah will record a Christmas song with her mother
"Mariah paused and said, "I shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m going to record another Christmas song, with my mother. I’m going to sing in my style, and she is going to sing operatic, which is her style." (Patricia Carey, Mariah’s mom, is a former opera singer and vocal coach.)"
Source: Extract from Liz Smith's interview
Posted on October 5
Mariah did 19 interviews in one day!!!!!!!!

Mariah Carey – She's No Angel, But Pretty Close
By Liz Smith
"All my life, my saving grace, the thing that kept me steady, was listening to music; on the radio, on records or my mother’s singing."

That’s the famously voluptuous singing superstar Mariah Carey, with whom I had a brief conversation the other day.

I was the last of Mariah’s duties that long afternoon; she’d given about 19 interviews to promote her new album, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel." 

The star sounded game, but understandably beat. Her voice was a little ragged. I said, "Mariah, I feel bad making you talk anymore!" She laughed, "Liz, I’m fine. I’m actually lying down as we speak. Listen, this is a lot better than other things I could be doing to push this album."

Even though our super-fast chat was supposed to be confined to her music – and I’d been sent a little list of specific questions ("elements" as they call them) – I had to immediately compliment Mariah on her small, unglamorous-but-pivotal-social-worker role in the movie "Precious." And I told her I’d also liked her in the two-guys-one-gal-on-the-road movie "Tennessee." (Both these films emerged under the aegis of producer/director Lee Daniels, who is a great Mariah admirer. "Precious" is being talked up as Oscar bait!) 

Even though she was cruelly excoriated for 2001’s "Glitter," Mariah says she’s encouraged by her recent efforts and would love to continue a movie career. And she should. Lord knows she’s ready to go the limit. There are not too many sex symbols who would agree to appear as Mariah does in "Precious." (It’s not a fake nose or strange teeth or padding, Mariah just took off her makeup and allowed a pitiless camera and harsh lighting to underscore her performance .)

We did speak of her album, which is already a big Billboard hit. "Memoirs" is a "concept" piece, with a beginning, middle and end. The theme is relationships and all its variations from infatuation to bitter ending to hope for tomorrow. The disc builds to a powerhouse climax with Mariah’s cover of the old Foreigner hit, "I Want to Know What Love Is." (This is the album’s only track not written by Mariah herself.) She says of this, "I wanted to respect the original version. I didn’t want to make it something unrecognizable. But I did incorporate my own vision." (This vision includes a soaring gospel choir and the full use of Mariah’s multi-octave pipes. You sure do know what love is when Mariah gets done with it!)

I asked Mariah if the album’s title, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," was in any way autobiographical.

"Ha! I’m no angel, Liz. Really, it’s a statement to young girls – but actually to everybody – about how we are all normal and imperfect. We are not what is on the cover of magazines or what we appear to be in flattering press releases. It’s OK to be who you are, no matter who you are – and to love accordingly. Also, the album was a way of working out some stuff, glancing back and saying, ‘What the hell was I thinking?’"

Well, what was she thinking? "Oh, I’m not going down the list, which is really rather small. At the beginning of my career, I had to be very straightforward in my work and my image. But I have a lot of humor and zest for living and imagination. Once I broke free, I allowed myself to be who I was, who I wanted to be, as a woman and as an artist. This kind of album, with the great collaborations I have with Tricky Stewart and The Dream never could have been possible as my old self." (Mariah didn’t need to put a fine point on it. She was clearly referring to her infamous marriage to Tommy Mottola, the music mogul who discovered, elevated and eventually smothered her.) Also impossible back in the day was Mariah’s wicked tongue-in-cheek celebration of her sexiness – high heels in a snow drift! The old Rodgers and Hammerstein song, "I Enjoy Being a Girl," suits Mariah to a T. A wet tee.

Will Mariah tour to promote this CD? "Hmm … I really want to think about what I want to do next, how best to use my time, my life." Her life now includes an apparently blissful marriage to Nick Cannon. Tours rip months and years out of a performer’s life. I believe Mariah has a different plan. At the very least, she needs time to also promote her new fragrance, "Forever."

Before I let Mariah go – well, before her handler wrenched us apart: "Your 15 minutes are up!" – I told her how much I love her delightful 1994 Christmas album. This disc includes her own composition, "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

"Oh, thank you! When I realize how that song has become a part of Christmas tradition, it’s crazy to me, thrilling, humbling. You know, I didn’t want to do a Christmas album. It was Tommy’s idea. And I was all, ‘Please I’m a young girl. People don’t do Christmas albums until they are, like, 50. Some sort of last resort.’ But he insisted. ‘No, no. Do it. It’ll be a big hit. So I did and it was, and I’ll always be grateful for that."

Mariah paused and said, "I shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m going to record another Christmas song, with my mother. I’m going to sing in my style, and she is going to sing operatic, which is her style." (Patricia Carey, Mariah’s mom, is a former opera singer and vocal coach.)

"Mariah, when you say you shouldn’t tell me, do you mean you’ve told me something I can’t print?"

"Well, Liz. Would it be good for you if you printed it?"

"Of course it would be. But…."

"OK, then go ahead."

OK, then, go ahead. Words to cherish from a star, and words you don’t hear much but from the unique likes of Miss Mariah Carey.
Source: The Women on the Web (All rights reserved)
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Standing Ovation for "Precious" at the New York Film Festival
Lee Daniels‘ “Precious” got a rare standing ovation last night at the New York Film Festival. This is the powerful indie film starring Mariah Carey, who does a wonderful job as a Harlem social worker. She is so inside the character of Mrs.Weiss, with a Long Island accent and no makeup, some fans may have to be convinced it’s the pop singer.

But “Precious” is notable for the performances of Gabby Sidibe,who plays Precious, and Mo’Nique, who steals the film as Precious’s abusive mother, Mary.

As usual Mo’Nique was not in attendance. This time the excuse given was that it was the birthday of her toddler twins. Whatever. Mo’Nique had better get with the program. Everyone else from this movie showed up last night, including Mariah, Lenny Kravitz, and Sherri Shepherd. Even Robert DeNiro has been supporting wife Grace Hightower, who has one memorable scene in the film. He’s gone to all the premieres.

In the audience, besides DeNiro: Jane Fonda and heavyweight record producer beau Richard Perry, Steve Buscemi and wife Jo, Queen Latifah, Harvey Keitel, Gayle King, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and Chic producer Nile Rodgers (”We Are Family.”)

At the jam-packed party at the Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel, Mary J. Blige appeared with one of the most obnoxious bodyguards ever. He made a big deal of protecting her from…no one. No one cared that she was there. And we thought she was all about “No More Drama.” Ironically, it wasn’t even Mary J. that people wanted to see, but Gabby Sidibe, the star of the movie.

Mariah Carey made a five-minute pit stop at the party, then took off.

“Precious” is clearly the indie sleeper of the year. When it finally arrives in November, expect big audiences. And Oscar nominations in January for Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Actress (Gabby Sidibe), and one or more Supporting Actresses (Mariah, Mo’Nique). Lee Daniels has really crafted an emotional rollercoaster in “Precious,” one that never fails to be totally involving. “Precious” is unsparing but it’s also absent of cliche. How refreshing. It’s completely original. No one will want to miss it.

Source: Showbizz 411(All rights reserved)
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Video: New York Film Festival Post Screening
Yesterday after the Precious screening, the cast members came out on stage to greet the audience. Though Mariah did not give a speech, you can listen to Lee Daniels' hilarious introduction of Mariah.
Click here to download the video.

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony
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For video collectors
We had DVD quality, now HD files from The View have now been added (scroll down to October 3)
Thanks to Moony for the hard work
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Mariah at the 2009 New York Film Festival's screening of "Precious" in New York

Click to enlarge
Source: C.U.
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"I Want To Know What Love Is" remixes hit the clubs and some radios (even in Europe)
Remixes of I Want To Know What Love Is have been played  in clubs and on some radios. Some good ones, some weird ones, all dance ones.  For the ones who like that style it's cool.
The track has been remixed by Moto Blanco, Cutmore, Chew Fu, Nu addiction and Chriss Ortega
Source for the info: my boy DJ Arka
Posted on Octobre 4
French commercial for "Memoirs"
Sarah shares the commercial for the album, it airs on French tv channels.  Click here to watch it.
Source: Sarah from Mariah Carey France by e-mail
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For video collectors
We had DVD quality, now HD files from the Today Show have now been added (scroll down to October 2)
Thanks to Moony for the hard work
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Mariah's gift for Simon Cowell's 50 birthday bash

Today was the big party for Simon Cowell's 50 birthday.
According to the Daily Mail, Mariah and Nick were invited but were unable to attend. Mariah, who is said to be keen to work with Cowell, sent an £850 bottle of Angel Champagne, which was presented to him at the top table.
Posted on October 3 (errrr, no, October 4 already)
Needs to be officially confirmed as it's the same site that launched yesterday's rumor
Mariah Carey set to star on Strictly Come Dancing
Party-loving Mariah Carey is lined up for a guest slot on Strictly Come Dancing - and wants a swanky mansion to stay in while she's here. 

Mariah, 39, is coming to the UK to publicise her new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel next month and may do a TV special for T4 too.

Our Mariah mole tells us: "She usually stays at the Dorchester but is looking for a pad in Belgravia.

She plans posh parties with butlers. She loves all things English!"
Source: 3am
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Mariah on The View
As reported yesterday, the show was interrupted in some parts of the US, 'cause of a breaking news.
So here's what we have:

DVD quality
Beginning - click here to download.
Interview 1 - click here and here to download
Interview 2 (Incomplete) - click here to download
Performance - click here to download.
HD quality
Beginning - click here to download.
Interview 1 - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Interview 2 (Incomplete) - click here to download
Thanks to Moony and VideoMan
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October 2: Interviews on a Bus at The Today Show 
As you can see in the Today Show, there was the Forever bus in which Mariah arrived at Macy's the other day sitting across from the stage. She was interviewed in that bus after the show was over. 
Click here to download.
Access Hollywood (1080i)
Click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on October 3
French fans!!!
Infos are posted for you in the French speaking part of the site.  Go check it out for a chance to meet Mariah in November.
Posted on October 3
UK press: Great read!!!!!!!
Mariah was interviewed by Emma Brockes from the Guardian, it's really a great interview.  Finally someone who could let Mariah speak with her hearth and reveal new stuffs we didn't know, for example:

Carey's father left her no money in his will: "He considered me independently wealthy, so it wasn't about his money, which he had quite a lot of, surprisingly." What he left her was his car. "His car was this big thing to him. It was a Porsche from 1937 or something. He used to drive it around Brooklyn Heights, where my parents met. When I was little, I remember him always working on the car. I got the car. I'm fixing it up. It looks beautiful."

Click here to read the full interview
Posted on October 2

At 'Today' And On The Bus With Mariah Carey 
I was only supposed to take pictures and talk to fans at Mariah Carey's mini-concert on "Today" this morning, but somehow ended up riding around New York on her bus with her. How did that happen? Let's rewind back to 7:10 a.m., when I arrived at the Rockefeller Plaza where Mimi was set to play.

Fans were already crammed near the front area of the stage when I met up with production assistant Joel Hanek. Shortly thereafter, Mimi hit the stage. Dressed in a long black leather coat and heels that must have been seven inches high.

The concert began with a bit of nostalgia as Mariah performed "Make It Happen," a classic from her second album. The "Today" hosts came out, gave out freebies and talked to the singer about her new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

After three more songs from her current album (including my personal favorite "H.A.T.E.U."), Joel and I followed the various other media outlets to the tour bus where we learned we were going to be given a few minutes with Mariah. 


I was going to interview her. Joel and I immediately started to brainstorm questions. When it came to be our turn, her publicist told us we'd have to hop on board and do the interview down the street. 

Yes, I was in her tour bus. Yes, I was secretly screaming inside. But I kept it cool. We were lead to the upstairs level of the tour bus (yes, it's a double-decker) and then waited as the bus lurched into motion. Once it pulled over, we walked down the stairs and sat down. The interview was about to start! Joel set up and the camera and Mariah walked down the stairs. I smiled and handed her the microphone. Her team engaged in small talk as I pointed to her butterfly ring — everyone knows Mariah loves butterflies.

And as the camera started recording, she lit up. I asked her about the album, what fans could expect from it and why she was interested in the upcoming film "Precious." After a few minutes, I got a tap on her shoulder and it was a wrap. I shook her hand and walked out of the tour bus and headed back to the office to let it set in. While it may have only lasted a few minutes, I had just conducted my very first interview ever, and it was with Mariah Carey.
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 2

Mariah in Japan from October 15 to October 17
Mariah will visit Japan to promote her new album from Oct.15 to Oct.17
Source: Hochi - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on October 2
Mariah at The View
Just before the week end, this interview and performance was important, unfortunately the US made a drama and interrupted the show to announce Chicago wasn't chosen for the 2016 Olympic Games.  Because of that, many states weren't able to see the full show, some missed the interview, some missed the performance, some saw the full show depending of the time frame.  Anyway, I wonder how the channel will solve the potential loss for Mariah? 

I Want To Know What Love Is at The View
Click here and enjoy!
Posted on October 2

For video collectors
Mariah on the Today show videos

DVD quality
- Preview and Make It Happen - click here to download.
- Interview - click here to download
- Obsessed - click here to download.
- I Want To Know What Love Is - click here to download
- Mariah is signing autographs etc - click here to download
- H.A.T.E.U  - click here to download
HD quality
- Here's a set of 8 RAR files containing the 4 Today Show performances in 1080i (1920 x 1080 pixels). 
 Part1 -Part2 -Part3 - Part4 -Part 5 - Part 6 -Part 7 - Part8
- Interview & Intersegments - click here and here to download.
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on October 2
Mariah on the Today Show
Mariah performed Obsessed, H.A.T.E.U,  I Want To Know What Love Is and Make It Happen.
Mariah then thanked her fans for the support: "I love my fans and I think they know it.  Especially the people who have been with me for so long. It’s almost like they are my friends and I appreciate them just as much."

Click to enlarge
High quality videos coming asap, don't judge on crappy YouTube vids.
Posted on October 2
Pictures of Mariah rehearsing for The Today show
Mariah just rehearsed Make It Happen and Obsessed

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 2
Mariah in the UK and in France end November!
Mariah will be in the UK and in France at the end of November for promotion.  NRJ France will run a contest in the next few days, fans will be able to meet Mariah either in the NRJ studios or her hotel in Paris probably around November 20.  French fans, be sure to stay tuned to NRJ and don't miss that opportunity!!!!  En Françaisici.
Posted on October 2
Rumor:  Mariah at a private event in the UK tomorrow????
The Mirror report Mariah could attend and even perform at Simon Cowell's birthday bash tomorrow at the Wrotham Park estate in Barnet.  Other guests are Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Brook, David Hasselhoff, the Osbournes, Cheryl and Ashley Cole, Holly Willoughby, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Lopez, Il Divo, Alexandra Burke and Westlife.
Update: This is completely made up
Posted on October 2
Access Hollywood Interview at Macy's
Mariah covers the movie, album, and fragrance
Click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on October 2
Today Show and broadcast of The View today
Posted on October 2
Grammy entries
Mariah's Record Company has submitted tracks and videos to the Grammy, these are not nominations, it's only a submission and the results of the voting will be announced on Dec.2 concert at 8pm on CBS.  The Grammy Awards show in Los Angeles will take place on January 31 at the Staples Center (but we are not there yet, let's cross the fingers for "Obsessed", even if we know the Grammy's love for Mariah......)
For recordings released during the Eligibility Year October 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009

Here are the submissions for Mariah:
- Record of the Year - "Obsessed" (721 submissions)
- Song of the Year - "Obsessed" (730 submissions)
- Best Female R&B Vocal Performance - "Obsessed" (56 submissions)
- Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals - "My Love" (The-Dream & Mariah Carey) (50 submissions)
- Best R&B Song - "Obsessed" and "My Love" (The-Dream & Mariah Carey) (100 submissions)
- Best Short Form Music Video - "Obsessed" (489 submissions)

Source for the Grammy infos and links: mjsbigblog
Posted on October 1

Mariah at the release party for "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel"
Mariah during her album release dinner for "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" at Charles Restaurant. The party went through the night at Club One. You can see Mariah with Rachel (pic 2), Uncle Murda (pic 3), her manager Chris Lighty et L.A. Reid (pic 4), Faboulous and Pecas (pic 4). 

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Posted on October 1
Timbaland and JD tracks will be released 
Mariah Carey insists that her new album of heartbreak and betrayal, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, has nothing to do with her relationship with husband Nick Cannon. But she also maintains that her hubby does not deserve sole credit for her second single, a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is," despite some rumored suggestions to the contrary. 

"Nick says that he suggested it," Carey told MTV News, referring to comments she'd made in an earlier radio interview. "He says that it was his idea." 

Cannon was still a toddler when Foreigner's single dropped in 1984, while Carey was six short years away from releasing her self-titled debut album. The couple's 11-year age difference probably means they had differing first impressions of the '80s pop hit. And now it seems they definitely have conflicting recollections of how this newest version of the song came to be. 

At most, Carey said, Cannon deserves only partial credit. "You know what it is?" she explained. "We're also friends, and so we talk about things. We talk about music, we talk about videos. There's nothing that we don't really have in common in a lot of ways. So yes, we did have a conversation about the Foreigner song, but I will not say that it was completely his idea. Sorry! I love you, Nick, but I'm not saying that!" 

During the interview, Carey also addressed the case of the album's missing songs. Carey had worked with heavyweight producers Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri on a number of tracks, none of which made it onto Memoirs. The songstress assured fans, however, that they'll soon get a chance to give everything a listen. 

"They're not on the album, but we have a special something planned that [record exec] L.A. Reid would be very angry with me if I discussed right now on MTV," she teased. "But for the fans, there will be more than one Timbaland track and at least one J.D. track." 
Source: MTV
Posted on October 1

For video collectors
September 30: Macy's Related & Babies

Extra TV and ET had footage and interviews at Macy's, and E! News reported that Mariah promoted her perfume at Macy's. Daily 10 mentions a magazine article in which Mariah says she and Nick want two babies and that they have already picked out the names. 
- Extra TV, E! News, & Daily 10 in HD
- ET in HD
- Extra TV, E! News, Daily 10, & ET in DVD quality
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