October 2010 - Heroes of Mariah
Tonight, Halloween!!!!!!!
Me scared !!!!!!
No special Heroes of Mariah Halloween, I saw enough freaks and horrors this year to make it Halloween everyday .

Posted on October 31.

Wanna make cookies like Mariah????
Mariah Carey Shares Her 'Merry Christmas II You' Cookie Recipe
This week, Mariah Carey will be releasing her brand new holiday album, 'Merry Christmas II You.' The singer is celebrating the spirit of the upcoming season with the recent premiere of her catchy single 'Oh Santa!', but she's also been getting festive in the kitchen. Carey has whipped up a special Christmas cookie recipe, which PopEater is exclusively debuting.
Mariah Carey's 'Merry Christmas II You' Cookies

Serves 4 dozen

1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon of lemon zest
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

Cream butter, gradually add sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Beat in egg, milk, vanilla and lemon zest. Combine flour, baking powder and salt. Gradually add to creamed mixture. Chill for easy handling. Roll out dough to 1/8" thickness on a lightly floured surface. Cut dough into festive holiday shapes with floured cookie cutters. Bake on a cookie sheet in a preheated 350-degree (Fahrenheit) oven for 10 minutes, or until lightly browned. Remove to wire racks to cool. Decorate with icing and green and red sprinkles.

Place cookies on a plate beside the Christmas tree with a tall glass of milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! 

Source: Popeater 
Posted on October 31

For video collectors
Access Hollywood Part 2
- DVD quality - here
- HD quality - here
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on October 30
NBC special "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" Tuesday, Nov. 30.
Mariah Carey is giving birth in more ways than one.

The music superstar's just-confirmed pregnancy is getting lots of attention, but her immediate focus is on Tuesday's (Nov. 2) unveiling of her second holiday CD, "Merry Christmas II You."

For the rest of the year, she'll be making the media rounds to promote it, and she admits she's already feeling the effects of tackling such a schedule in her current condition.

"That's the thing," the friendly Carey tells Zap2it. "I was like, 'Interviews? Today?' I worked so late last night, it was to the point where I got home and didn't even have the strength to take my makeup off.

"One perk was that I woke up today still looking good! I mean, even my hair. I had this sort of flip thing going on. I slept with a well-positioned neck pillow, and when I woke up, my flip was still good."

"Merry Christmas II You" offers many seasonal standards, including an "Extra Festive" update of Carey's own classic  "All I Want for Christmas Is You." She says hearing that song "keep coming back always makes me so overwhelmed. It really, really makes me happy. A lot of people don't realize that I also co-wrote it [with Walter Afanasieff].

"I was working up to the last day they made me hand in the album, and there was one time when it was a 24-hour marathon. I wasn't telling anybody I was pregnant yet, and I knew I was in pain -- but I was like, 'Whatever I have to do to get this done.'

"I knew I had to get 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' done," Carey adds, "and at the last minute, [composer-arranger] Marc Shaiman saved the day. People don't do these big orchestral sessions that much anymore."

As for possible baby names? Carey reports she and her "America's Got Talent"-host husband, Nick Cannon, began discussing those "a long time ago. We're just waiting to see. I was doing two videos yesterday, and I didn't even watch the interview (on NBC's "Today," in which Carey revealed her baby news). I'll look at that on a plane, maybe."

Carey envisions spending much of the holiday season in New York, with an itinerary that includes a performance on the annual NBC special "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" Tuesday, Nov. 30. Another television consideration for her is one that many top artists have these days ... the possible use of her catalog on the FOX series "Glee."

"I believe there have been some discussions about a potential melding there," Carey says, "and I would love to explore that. I'm not a rabid watcher [of the show], but that's only because of my schedule. Truth is, I get the DVDs of some of my favorite shows, then just end up watching those all the time."

Source: Zap2it - zap2it on Twitter
Posted on October 30

Fox All Access interviews Mariah
Click here to listen to the interview
In the interview Mariah says that Merry Christmas II You is a kind of sequel of her first Christmas album.  Every year she listened to her album and find something wrong with several tracks, so she decided to do a new one.  We can hear Randy Jackson'voice on "Here Comes Santa". There are spiritual and festive songs on the album. It was the perfect time to do a Christmas album and she can't imagine working on a regular album right now.
She's thankful for all the messages since they announced her pregnancy and wouldn't have reveal it yet if she wasn't in the public eye.  She has done two videos since the announcement. .
Posted on October 30
Celine Dion's acupuncture tip used by Mariah
Acupuncture to reduce her stress level and hormone treatments, Mariah talks about it here.
Posted on October 29
Now that we know
Now that we know what happened to Mariah (and Nick too of course, but it's not exactly the same for a man), now that we know the emotional pain, the two surgeries after she lost the baby, I remember how many fans bashed Mariah at that time, "she's lazy, she's this, she's that"....  it makes me think at that Marilyn Monroe quote:
- "If you couln't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"
Posted on October 29
If you haven't laughed enough with the radio call this morning, try this
Skip the sad part and listen to the rest. The sex part is hilarious 
Posted on October 29
Listen legally to "Here Comes Santa (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) - Housetop Celebration"
You can now listen (if you want) to the track on 92.3
Posted on October 29
Mariah's lifestyle brand on HSN

HSN, a leading multichannel retailer, announced today a partnership with world renowned and Grammy-award winning superstar Mariah Carey for the exclusive launch of her lifestyle brand on November 29.  The announcement comes just days after Mariah shared the news that she is expecting a child.  On Cyber Monday, Mariah will debut on HSN an exclusive collection of jewelry and footwear, as well as a limited-edition fragrance.  This exciting new launch follows the recent introduction of her holiday album "Merry Christmas II You," which premiered on the network on October 20 as part of an exclusive CD/DVD bundle and will also be available on HSN throughout the holiday season. 

"I am always eager to push my creativity into new directions," said Mariah Carey.  "After meeting Mindy Grossman, I jumped at the opportunity to develop my own collection of shoes and baubles, and to enhance my fragrance offering."

"We are thrilled to launch on HSN a lifestyle brand that captures Mariah's creative sensibility as well as the different facets of her life," said Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc.  "From the moment we met her, there was a great connection and a shared passion for beautiful products and entertaining experiences.  This lifestyle collection is a reflection of her unique personal style."

Items from the premiere collection include:

* Jewelry: Stylish with a feminine flair, Mariah's intricate jewelry designs speak to her love of pave detailing and colorful stone accents. Highlights include a pave-set initial pendant that hangs from a delicate stone-by-the-yard chain and crystal accented, butterfly earrings, available in pink or blue hues. Prices range from approximately $ 39.99 to $ 199.95.

* Footwear: In an assortment of colors and unique design styles, Mariah's footwear collection includes rhinestone encrusted sandals and quilted winter boots. Other highlights are right on trend for the season, including the suede peep-toe boot with a platform wedge and the fur trimmed booties. Prices range from approximately $ 69.90 to $ 199.90.

* Limited Edition Fragrance: Mariah will offer her successful Luscious Pink fragrance in a special limited edition bottle, exclusive to HSN customers.  Additionally, 25 bottles of her Luscious Pink Deluxe Edition Parfum will feature exquisitely detailed, Swarovski Elements crystal-studded butterfly caps, packaged in a gold cosmetic case and available for $ 275.  Each of these 25 treasured keepsakes will contain a personal note from Mariah herself and will be available on a first-come basis.

* CD/DVD Bundle:   Mariah's highly anticipated holiday album, Merry Christmas II You, will be bundled with a 30-minute exclusive DVD.  Merry Christmas II You contains original material and holiday classics, including a re-record of Mariah Carey's original self-penned #1 Christmas classic "All I Want for Christmas is You," as well as her new single "Oh Santa."  The DVD will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Mariah recording her second Christmas album, candid interviews and never-before-seen personal photos and festive Christmas videos.  Price of the CD/DVD bundle is $ 14.95

Mariah Carey is currently scheduled to appear on HSN on Monday, November 29 at 12:00 a.m., 1:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. (all times ET).  More information on the upcoming launch of Mariah Carey's lifestyle collection can be found at www.hsn.com. 

Source: HSN - MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 29

Mariah shot 2 videos yesterday
This morning, Mariah called 92.3 and talked a lot with Nick.  Some funny moments!  Especially the moment when Mariah asked Nick what happened to the drawer  and Nick trying to explain and saying "sorry" 
You can listen to it on Nick's blog
Posted on October 29
For video collectors
Access Hollywood 1
First part of the interview aired last night in the US
- Part1 - DVD quality - HD quality - 1 - 2 - 3
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on October 29
Access Hollywood has another video up
Can you imagine going out to buy toysfor your friends' kids while....  I'll not be indecent to the point of looking for pics of that heartbreaking time for Mariah and Nick, but we could see there was something wrong that year in Aspen.
Click here to watch the video
Posted on October 28
US fans: Watch Mariah On Access Hollywood Tonight!
Tune in to Access Hollywood tonight for the first of Billy Bush's exclusive 3-part interview with Mariah.

Thursday, October 28

Friday, October 29

Monday, November 1

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 28

For video collectors
The Today Show Interview Segment
- DVD quality - here
- HD quality - here
Thanks to Moony
Posted on October 28
We can finally let explode our joy as we hear it from Mariah herself!!!!! Congrats, Mariah and Nick!

Click here to watch the video
Mariah Carey confirms, 'Yes, we are pregnant, this is true!'
 In an exclusive interview with "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush, Mariah Carey confirms, "yes we are pregnant, this is true!"

Carey told Bush -- in a segment which aired on TODAY Thursday morning -- that it's been a struggle to keep the news private. "It's been a long journey, but it's been tough because I've been trying to have ... to hold onto a shred of privacy. And that was not easy."

 In the spirit of some privacy, Carey, who shared the news with Bush from her home in Tribeca, didn't divulge how far along she is. "It's still early, I'm expecting in the spring, I'll say that. I don't want to give too much of like, specific outlines."

Carey chose to share the happy news now because her new album, "Merry Christmas 2 U" drops next week. Her husband Nick Cannon, who was also on hand for the interview, describes the journey as an emotional one.

"Uh, it's absolutely emotional, but first, so many reasons I mean obviously the greatest gift on earth is a child," Cannon said. "But ... you know how much we have been through, you know."

Cannon is referring to something that's not been made public until now, that Carey suffered a miscarriage.

Two years ago, shortly after the couple's secret wedding, Carey and Cannon were in Monte Carlo for the World Music Awards when Carey took a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive. "Only one person knew about this and we were like, um, 'let's not tell anybody else,'" Carey said.

A little more than a month later, she miscarried. "It was really sad so we had to just, we had really to absorb this and take it in," Carey said. Cannon added, "And that's what I said, like her strength would literally be during the day so festive and smiling obviously for cameras and spending time with everyone and you know, literally that night crying herself to sleep."

Bush added on TODAY that the couple conceived naturally, and that they would not be finding out whether the baby was a boy or a girl before its birth. For more details, tune in to "Access Hollywood" Thursday.

Source: Today (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 28

PLEASE!!!!!! STOP LEAKING THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on October 28
Billy Bush tweets
Billy Bush from Access Hollywood tweeted:
- (about Mariah's interview) Tomorrow on ah live and access. Also a bit on today show 8:45
- my @mariahcarey intvw tomorrow, its funny how many outlets "exclusively reported" crap. Just dead wrong. They won't apologize either.

Source for the info: Dennis by e-mail
Posted on October 28

"I Really Will Be Happy Either Way"–Boy or Girl

All these stories about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon having a boy–they are concocted.

Mariah sent me an email last night that I will share with you about the baby’s gender.

She wrote: “We don’t know yet- I promise! I really will be happy either way!”

Mariah and Nick have a three part sit down with Billy Bush on “Access Hollywood” starting tonight. This morning, Billy promo’s the announcement on the Today show.

Mariah will be home in bed, feet up, watching the show. Or maybe, fast asleep, and will watch the playback later today.

Either way, that’s the story. Baby coming in early spring. Album out on Tuesday.

And not one of the stories posted about all this was true or factual in any way.

Source: Roger Friedman from ShowBiz 411
Posted on October 28

I'm lost........ 
Mariah will not be on the Today show, I didn't hear the radio show this morning but I read it on so many sites

"Access Hollywood" interview starting tomorrow night!
Mariah Doesn’t Know Sex of Baby; Announcement Tomorrow, But Not From Her

Listen to me, kids. Everyone has everything wrong.

Mariah does not know the sex of the baby. Yes, it’s a boy or a girl. But all the announcements you’ve read are wrong.

Tomorrow morning the intrepid Billy Bush will appear as a guest on the Today show and deliver the news that Ms. Carey is with child. (This will not be a colossal headline at this point, but good stuff.) Mariah, please tell Perez Hilton, will not be on the Today show.

Billy be promoting a three parter that starts tomorrow night on “Access Hollywood.” Mariah and husband Nick Cannon will discuss the whole deal with Billy. The interview was taped yesterday.

When is Mariah due? “In the spring” is all she’s saying. Does that mean March? Maybe. So she’s just now maybe four and a half months pregnant.

And I am told by the Inner Circle that all this stuff you’re reading about IVF and invitro and fertility stuff is simply made up and supposition. “It’s no true,” says a good source.

So Hello, Yahoo News, Google News, Bing and whatever. Let’s calm down. The internet is now flooded with junk on this subject.

Source: Roger Friedman from ShowBiz 411
Posted on October 28

Today Show and Access Hollywood added to the promo 
Pregnancy rumors: every show want to be the first to know 
Internet goes wild about pregnancy, rumors, it's a boy, 4 months, 6 months and so on, to the point Mariah was trending topic on Yahoo!, not for her upcoming album but for her pregnancy.  Evey show seems to claim they will have the exclusivity.

This morning, Nick posted on Twitter, he was gonna call Mariah to adress to rumors with his co-host Nikki.  According to fans who heard the call on Nick's radio show, he kinda pissed off Mariah by waking her so early, 
Mariah then said "for more clarity tune in tomorrow on the Today Show.  She said it will "enlighten people" a little bit more and that it's "too much" at this point with all the baby rumors and speculation.

On another side, Roger Friedman from ShowBiz 411said:
"Last night, “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush was spotted coming from Carey’s Tribeca building. The word is that “Access” has secured the big Carey interview as part of her promotion for her new Christmas album.
And lo and behold, the story is also that Mariah has finally made a formal announcement.
The "Access" interview should run by Monday. Next Tuesday is the release date for "Merry Xmas II You."

On one side, it's too bad that at the moment, this seems to overshadow the Christmas album.
Posted on October 27

1.000 lucky fans to attend Mariah's Christmas Special
The taping of Mariah's Merry Christmas II You TV special will take lace on Saturday, November 6th at 6:30pm in Los Angeles.  1.000 lucky fans will be able to attend.
For more infos, go on MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 27
Mariah Selects Custom Hello Kitty Pink VocalBooth
Mariah Carey now has the convenience of recording vocals day or night in her new 5' x 5' Gold Series VocalBooth with custom Hello Kitty Pink interior!  We added a little MC personalized touch with the Monarch Butterflies!

Click to enlarge
Source: Vocalbooth (All rights reserved)
Thanks to over50 on HBF for the great find!
Posted on October 26
Mariah On Ellen & Lopez Tonight on November 2!
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Tuesday, November 2
When to watch - check local listings

Lopez Tonight Show
Tuesday, November 2
TBS, 11:00pm /10:00pm CT
HBF members, check Mariah's official site for more details on how to attend
Posted on October 26

ABC Christmas special Nov. 6
The filming for Mariah's ABC Christmas Special will take place in Los Angeles on Nov. 6
Posted on October 26
Fan reactions
A lot of fans e-mailed me telling they were offended by my post from yesterday.  Look guys, I don't judge anyone, to me a leaker is wrong and the one who help spread illegal links around is wrong too. If you have the right to think it's ok to leak or spread around, I've the right to think otherwise and express my point of view.  That's just me, it's how I am!  Take it or leave it 

By the way, some friends and I were once with Mariah the day she heard Charmbracelet had leaked..... her eyes.... you can't forget that!
Posted on October 26

Every person who illegally downloaded the album is sentenced to buy an additional copy 
Posted on October 25
It's not Halloween yet and the freaks are already out with their fake mask!
As always, I'm disgusted by the attitude of some of Mariah's fans who seem to think it's absolutely natural to leak her work, her gift to us.  Dunno what kind of poor life those people have to leak the album cover, credits and tracks!!!!  Do they really need that to feel important?  Leaks are not an exclusivity, it's a crime punished by the FBI.  But it's been a long time I don't trust Mariah's community anymore when they go wild.  See them beg on forums and even Twitter to receive the link.  I hope all those people never expect a child 'cause they will beg the doctors to have it sooner, 'cause they "can't wait". 

You CAN wait, it's YOUR choice!!!!!!!
Isn't it nice to go out and buy your album, coming home as happy as a child and discover the artwork, credits while you listen for the FIRST time to new tracks?  Yes it's really nice and the ones who don't do it that way don't know what they miss!

Hopefully, Mariah's lawyers will take care of HSN who shipped the stuff too early!  Some will say, "so what? a week earlier, what's the difference", let me say you'll see the difference in the first week sales, you and you and you say you will buy the album anyway, sure I believe you, but how many people will not buy the album now or cancel their pre-orders? (don't laugh, I already saw some who will do it)

Leakers are you proud?  And you who got the link and spread it around, are you proud?  I guess you are, otherwise you wouldn't have done it!  And Mariah is very proud of you and thankful too!

Posted on October 25

Mariah Carey welcomes home Gaston family in 'Extreme Makeover' moment in Pensacola

Pop superstar Mariah Carey stepped out of a van, into a director's chair and waited Sunday for Finis Gaston and the niece and nephews he's been caring for to step out of a limousine on Sunday and see their new "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" home.

"Extreme Makeover" may be a reality TV show, but as spectators found out Sunday, it's still a TV show and so trying to make a quality production was Job 1 for the production crew onhand Sunday in Pensacola.

What did that mean? A lot of waiting for spectators and an almost eerie parade practice scene in which marching bands, cheerleaders and floats came down the street with no music.

But it also meant that the onlookers got to yell "Move that bus!" in a scene that will be played out as a special holiday episode of the popular TV show. And it meant they got to catch more than a glimpse of the show's star -- Ty Pennington -- and of Mariah Carey, who has more No. 1 hits than Michael Jackson and is second only to The Beatles in that category.

Carey stayed secreted in a commercial building near the build site at 1301 Rainbow Ave. in Pensacola, then was moved to the "Move that bus!" site just before the carefully rehearsed, but no less enthusiastic, band made its way down the street.

When the doors of the white van she was in opened, thousands of onlookers, including member of the Fairhope High School cheerleading squad, screamed in excitement.

It was the crowning moment of a busy week for Frank Lott III and the whole Mobile-based Heritage Homes crew that made the home possible.

"With Finis being a huge fan of Mariah Carey, it makes today that much more special," Lott said. "And for our team and all the volunteers, watching the family's reaction and seeing the final home lit up for Christmas was what we have been thinking about this whole week while we worked."

Carey has a new holiday album coming out, which is part of the reason for her appearance at the "Extreme Makeover" reveal. The other reason is that she is the favorite singer of Gaston, a male cheerleader who was attending Alabama A&M in Huntsville, Alabama, when his mother died and he left school to take care of his niece and her children.

Source: Alabama Live (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 25

Let's hope all goes well this afternoon in Pensacola
We know Mariah will attend the moment when the lucky family will discover the house.  Many people in Pensacola are upset with the Extreme Makeover.  According to them, the family who won was not eligible as they live in another city (1 hour driving from there), the guy has a criminal record (which I wouldn't mention if it didn't appear in the local press and I checked if it was true) and they are also very upset the show did not work on a makeover of the house that family already owns but they build an entire big (too big) house.
But hey, Christmas time is near and there can be exceptions!  Let's hope upsetted people don't go on the location.
Posted on October 24
New episode of Living The Life: Message from Mariah
By Mariah's request, JD filmed a lil' "Living The Life" episode to let all the lifers know that they have the no. 1 Christmas song in America right now with "Oh Santa!"
Click here to watch it
Source: JD on Twitter
Posted on October 24
Mariah is editing the "Oh Santa!"video
Sitting here editing the "Oh Santa!"video w/Harvey W. Very festive! 
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 24
Warning, this article is from the same guy who said Mariah was expected to record tracks in Japanese

Mariah Carey tipped to get U.S. X Factor slot over Cheryl Cole
Global superstar Mariah Carey is tipped to shatter Cheryl Cole’s dream of global stardom on the US version of X Factor.

The Vision Of Love singer is in negotiations to join the judging panel – ending months of speculation that Cheryl was a main contender for the role.

Mariah, 40, has told show bosses she will take the job if filming dates fit in with her work schedules.

Earlier this month we revealed how Cowell was still trying to ­persuade Fox TV executives that Cheryl was perfect for the show.

And he said last night: “Look, I’ve said I’d love Cheryl out there but whether it will happen, who knows?

"Mariah Carey would be an ­amazing addition to the US show. And she’s exactly the right calibre of star that we want for the show.

“I can’t say more because it’s too early and I can’t say. But there will be surprises.”

But a source in the US reveals: “The Fox executives are totally against Cheryl joining the panel.

“Simon has put her forward and is trying to persuade them she’s perfect for the job.

But they’re saying that together with her accent being difficult to understand, and nobody knowing who she is, she doesn’t have the star qualities to draw in an ­audience.

“They are going to be competing with American Idol’s ­star-studded panel of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and J-Lo, and Cheryl just doesn’t cut it compared to them. She’s not a name.

"While Simon may want ­Cheryl he ­understands Fox’s insistence that he delivers a strong panel to bring ­viewers, and therefore advertising, in and ­make as much money as they can.”

If talks succeed, ­Mariah – who has sold 180 million albums – is expected to join the panel with Cowell, 50, and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, 32, next June.

The source adds: “Mariah Carey’s people say she’s fully behind the idea and they’re very ­interested in taking talks ­further. Mariah has already had the initial meeting with Fox so she will more than likely take the spot Simon wanted for ­Cheryl.”

Source: Mirror UK (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 23

It's Christmas time on Mariah's official site 
Since yesterday, Mariah's official site is on Christmas mood.  Go take a look if it's not done yet.

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 23
For the "Dance" fans
Jump Smokers "Oh Santa!" remix will be posted next week
Jump Smokers just tweeted:
"just got word that we can post our @mariahcarey "Oh Santa!" remix next week 4sure!!!"
Posted on October 23
Mariah Carey to Share Laughs with Chelsea Handler ?
Nick Cannon may not be her biggest fan, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping his wife Mariah Carey from sitting in the hot seat on Chelsea Handler’s talk show.

Nick’s wifey will laugh off the past with the blonde comedienne during an appearance on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” next month, Rap-Up.com has learned. The episode will be taped November 3, the day after Mimi releases her Christmas album Merry Christmas II You.

Carey’s other half fired back at his fellow comedian after she tweeted about him. “I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?” joked Handler before Cannon responded, “Everyone knows @Chelseahandler had sex with the head of E! for her show. So when its canceled does he get residual p***y for the reruns?”

The Christmas queen’s promo schedule also includes appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (11/2), NBC’s “Christmas at Rockefeller Center” (11/30), and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (12/12). In addition, she will tape a holiday special for ABC in late November.

Source: Rap-Up
Heroes note: Rap-Up forgot to mention Nick's "angry ugly whitetrash folks" comment!
Posted on October 23

Nominate Mariah Carey at People's Choice Awards 2011
Mariah doesn't appear in any category. Please click on "Other" and write the name of Mariah to be nominated.
Source: Fernando from Mariah Carey Spain by e-mail
Posted on October 23
Mariah Carey to attend 'Move that bus!' moment Sunday; public invited to attend
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" announced today that hit singer Mariah Carey will be in Pensacola on Sunday to welcome home Finis Gaston and his family and that the public is invited to attend the "Move that bus!" moment when the family gets to see the new home for the first time.

Carey was on hand on Monday to give Gaston the news that he and his niece and her children would be the latest recipients of an "Extreme Makeover" home. She will be there again Sunday for "the reveal," as it's known.

Because the show will air Dec. 12 as the "Extreme Makeover" holiday show, the build has had a holiday theme and people who come out on Sunday to watch the house be unveiled are asked to wear holiday garb.

The reveal is schedule to take place at 2 p.m. Sunday and members of the public are asked to check ExtremeHeritageHomes.com for updates.

The home is being constructed at 1301 Rainbow Ave. in Pensacola, but producers of the ABC show say spectators should park at a shuttle pickup site at W Street and Beverly Parkway. From there, buses will shuttle spectators to the homesite from 8 a.m. until spectators have cleared.
Spectators should plan to spend several hours onsite and should prepare by bringing plenty of fluids, such as water and sports drinks, and by wearing sunscreen.

In advance of the family's return from Disney World, the show's star, Ty Pennington, is heading up a raffle and fund-raiser to help welcome the family home.

Source: Alabama Live
Posted on October 23

All I want For Christmas Is Mariah project 
French fansite mc-news.com is setting up a project to support the new album and single(s).  They need you to be involved in the project.
A special page will be updated Monday.
Webmasters are invited to be partner of the project!
Source for the info: Nader from mc-news by e-mail
Posted on October 23
Mariah tweeted and retweeted a lot today
- No halloween party 4 me this year,sorry (we are gonna miss that Mariah)
- Christmas tv special! ABC-filming in nov!
For tweets and retweets, check Mariah's Twitter
Posted on October 22
Mariah to be part of Nick's project
Nick tweeted he's looking forward to his project with Xbox and apparently Mariah will be part of it

Xbox 360 Launches Kinect, a New Full Body Motion Sensor That Allows Play Without Use of Remote in Star-Studded Hollywood Celebrity Event
Xbox 360 will celebrate the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360 on Saturday, October 23rd with a star-studded party held at a private home in Beverly Hills. During the day Xbox 360 will play host to VIP and celebrity families including Garcelle Beauvais, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Jennifer Grey, “Zoey 101” star Chris Massey, Jason Ritter, Sarah Chalke and many more. Guests will play Kinect, participate in carnival-like activities and enjoy a special performance by Burnham whose hit single “Catch Me If You Can” can currently be heard on Disney Radio.

  Xbox will then quickly transform the space in time to welcome 200 young Hollywood VIP’s and celebrities during the evening. Expected guests include event host Ashley Tisdale, Rosario Dawson, Ben Lyons, Rick Malambri, Geoff Stults and many more. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey will also make a special appearance at the party via Kinect Chat, during which they will greet guests and talk with their friend and event host Ashley Tisdale. The event will conclude with a custom acoustic performance by Mike Snow. 
Source: BusinessWire (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October 22

HSN HD files have been added below
Take a look at yesterday's post, HD quality links have been added.
Thanks again to Moony for all the hard work!
Posted on October 22
Complete and total mess in the international release dates

Universal Music Australia revealed today that Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas II You” release has been pushed forward & back to the original release date of 05 November, 2010.
The release push back was due to ‘overseas production delays,’ which now have been sorted out. 
(Thanks to MariahConnection for the info)

The album has been pushed back to Nov. 15, however my friend Laurent asked for the album release at Fnac Champs Elysées and they told him it will arrive sometime next week without exact date.  Maybe they will sell the US import album.  French fans, if you don't care about the sales in your own country, go ahead!

Posted on October 22

Lucky people at the listening party

Angel Champagne, mini hamburgers, MCIIY cookies and a gift bag containing a Fuji Film instant camera while Mariah's new album is playing..... and Mariah on stage......
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Well done!
"Oh Santa!" debuts at #1 on Billboard's new Holiday Digital Songs chart
Mariah Carey builds anticipation for "Merry Christmas II You," due Nov. 2, with first single "Oh Santa!," which debuts at No. 1 on Billboard's new Holiday Digital Songs chart (one position above her original version of "All I Want for Christmas Is You"). The follow-up album to 1994's "Merry Christmas" includes a duet with Carey's mother, Patricia.
Source: Billboard
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Twitter is a gold mine for infos

Actress and soap icon Victoria Rowell tweeted:
"Btw songbird, Mariah Carey was filming her Christmas show last night as well at Jazz @Lincoln Center...looked delightful!"

Warning: apparently she didn't attend the listening party so she may have mixed it up

Source for the info: Dan by e-mail
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"Merry Christmas II You" pushed back in Belgium too
Like all other countries (except the US) the album is pushed back in Belgium too, the release date is now set for Nov. 12.  It's even better as nobody thinks about Christmas end October.
Posted on October 21
For video collectors
DVD quality
Part 1: Coming up segment - click here (it's the same one posted yesterday)
Part 2: Mariah's Interview - 2a -2b - 2c
Part 3: Mariah's Interview - 3a - 3b - 3c
Part 4: Short clip of Mariah talking about the album - click here

Part 1:  Coming up segment - click here
Part 2: Mariah's Interview (8 RAR files) - 1 - 2 - 3- 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8
Part 3: Mariah's Interview (10 RAR files) - 1 - 2 - 3- 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
Part 4: Short clip of Mariah talking about the album - click here

A big thanks to Moony for all the work
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Video: Mariah talking at the listening party
Click here to watch it.
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Another review.  Not sure if I'll post more as reviews aren't always right, they can praise something we don't like and vice versa

Set in the Rose Theater of the Lincoln Center, Mariah had the place decked out with gorgeous Christmas decor.  It's usually difficult to slip into the Christmas spirit on a fall day in October, but the decorated white Christmas trees, gold and silver oversized metallic ornaments and gifts around the room, and endless champagne made it way easier.

The current Def Jam head honcho L.A. Reid hosted the evening for the intimate group.  And started off the evening reminding everyone that Mariah's first Merry Christmas album is still one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time.  And her pure love Christmas inspired her to do it again. 

"Anyone who knows Mariah knows she absolutely LOVES Christmas," he said. "She spends so much money on Christmas--probably too much money--gifting everyone, decorating, everything. So this project was purely done out of her love for the Holiday."

There were very personal and never-before-seen pics of Mariah and her friends and fam during Holidays of the past running on large screens as the album played.  Halfway through the album, much of the first part upbeat and produced by Jermaine Dupri, L.A. brought out Mariah to gush about the project. 

Mrs. Carey was decked out in an interesting blue dress with rosette details on the hem, and blue shiny pumps.  The fact that we still couldn't tell if this chick is pregnant even this close up is just odd.  She's definitely thicker...but there was no pronounced baby bump. 

She brought out her hubby Nick Cannon to talk about having their place decorated with Christmas decor damn near the whole year so she could be in the right mind to record this.

There are 4 new original Christmas songs on the album, and many of the usual classics like "Little Drummer Boy" and "First Noel."

One of our fave tracks is a beautiful duet with her mom, Patricia, on "O Come All Ye Faithful".  Her mother is an opera singer, so it was a rare sound of Mariah reminding us of her multi-octave abilities infused with her mom's operatic verses.  Chillbumps.  Simply fab.

Another one of our faves is her remake of the Charlie Brown Christmas song.  With the Charlie Brown pianos straight from the childhood movie playing at the beginning, it flipped into an actual song with Mariah singing the same song as the kids in the movie.

She also included a live performance of "O Holy Night" she did at the West Presbyterian Church with their choir in South Central, LA.  Gave us the same vibe as her live choir-backed performances of "Anytime You Need A Friend" and "I Want To Know What Love Is".

For our fellow Merry Christmas album stans, Mimi included an updated version of "All I Want For Christmas," complete with a remixed intro.  And wrapped the album with a fab version of "Auld Lang Syne".

Overall, her voice sounded better than it's sounded in years.  And it was the perfect mix of classics and originals.  We weren't huge fans of the couple of overly upbeat tracks at the beginning, but 8 out of 10 aint bad. Grade: a semi-biased A-

Source: The YBF
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Mariah Carey: 'Merry Christmas II You' Album Preview and review
Christmas has come early for Mariah Carey!

The 40-year-old powerhouse singer gave JustJared.com an early listen of her upcoming holiday album, Merry Christmas II You, at NYC’s Lincoln Center on Wednesday (October 20).

“This is her love, this is her passion, this is her real joy,” Def Jam exec L.A. Reid said, adding that Mariah goes “all out” for Christmas and has been in the spirit ever since she started recording in June!

Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon were both on hand and came onstage during the celebration to thank those who made the album possible!

Here are some tidbits from the album:

“Oh Santa!” - The audience clapped along to this uptempo, energetic song!

“O Little Town of Bethlehem / Little Drummer Boy Medley” - A powerful mix of two Christmas classics - the song showed off Mariah’s legendary pipes!

“Christmas Time Is In The Air Again” - Slow, sultry and understated number.

“The First Noel / Born is the King (Interlude)” - The song begins with a piano arrangement paired with Mariah’s melismatic singing - as the chorus builds, an orchestra comes in and she belts it out big!

“When Christmas Comes” - A soulful R&B song featuring a horn section and an interlude of “Jingle Bells”

“Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) / Housetop Celebration” - The song features Akon and samples the bass line of Chic’s “Good Times” and turns the original on its head!

“Charlie Brown Christmas” - The song begins with the Peanuts classic “Linus and Lucy” before slowing down and going into a sexy, breathy update of “Christmas Time is Here”.

“O Come All Ye Faithful / Hallelujah Chorus” (feat. Patricia Carey) - Mariah’s mom, Patricia, sings classical opera while Mariah hits those sky high notes. Super powerful song and our favorite track from the album! Both Mom and Mariah’s voices blend perfectly!

“O Holy Night” - Live - Mariah sings over an organ and backing choir at a church in South Central Los Angeles. If you don’t get goosebumps on this track, check your pulse!

“All I Want for Christmas is You - Extra Festive” - The most successful holiday song in recent history gets a new orchestral introduction! When Mariah came out on stage, she dished that she’d call the song’s arranger at 6 a.m. with thoughts on how to change it - and thanked him for his patience.

“Auld Lang Syne - The New Year’s Anthem” - Begins with a piano introduction and a backing choir before a countdown begins and the song turns into a club banger!

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Listening party at the Allen Room at Jazz Lincoln Center

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 21
"Merry Christmas II You" listening party in NY yesterday
Mariah Carey launched many new things last night at the Allen Room at Jazz Lincoln Center: her new album, which features-surprise–her mom, Patricia as a stunning operatic guest vocalist.

Carey also –even though she made no announcement–showed off her pretty obvious pregnant self. She glowed as she took the stage in a kind of black teddy design of a maternity dress. Then she brought out husband Nick Cannon and he glowed. Photographers took pictures and didn’t need flash. It came from the couple.

Island Def Jam’s L.A. Reid introduced the album, “Merry Christmas II You,” which is “available” on November 2nd. (He noted that you can’t say “in stores” anymore since there aren’t many.) Reid kicked off the listening session before Carey arrived since she was late–let’s face it, she’s always late and everyone knows it. But by the time he finished playing several tracks, Mariah and Nick had arrived and all was good.

In the audience: Marc Shaiman, the great Broadway composer, who helped give Mariah arrangements, orchestrations, and new songs that make her notable eight octave voice sound terrific. Also on hand: Gayle King, and Mariah’s phalanx of agents and lawyers.

On stage, Mariah joked about working long hours, and gave thanks to missing producer Randy Jackson.”He’s off working on some show,” she joked about “American Idol.”

And about the album: those who counted Mariah out after the disappointing sales of her last CD, guess what? She’s back. From the Phil Spectorish remake of her classic holiday song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to Shaiman’s lush, gorgeous “Christmas Time is in the Air,” Mariah nails the whole thing. Her voice has never sounded better. There’s a nod to A Charlie Brown Christmas with a sample of Vince Guaraldi‘s Peanuts music mashed up with “Christmas Time is Here.” I loved the funky R&B version of “Here Comes Santa Claus” mixed up with a Chic sample and Akon.

As for the big ‘white elephant’ in the room: as Mariah conveyed to this column several weeks ago, she’s superstitious about discussing the pregnancy. That’s fine. You can tell how happy she is! Meanwhile, she’s doing a Christmas TV special on December 12th–and there will be no denying it then.

Source: Showbiz411 (All rights reserved)
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Who's Joan?
In the HSN interview, we laughed a lot with Mariah's impersonation of Joan, and many of you were asking who it was, so here is Joan

Click to enlarge
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French album release
After the "pushed back" post earlier today, I received many e-mails from French fans telling the album is still listed for a Nov. 1 release on Amazon France, I received an e-mail telling the album is pushed back, it's all I know and it seems Fnac France also received the same info.
Source for the Fnac link: Julien by e-mail
Posted on October 20
Disappointed Japanese fans
Disappointed Japanese fans discovered their bonus track when Universal Music Japan published the tracklist for "Merry Christmas II You" which will be released on November 17 in Japan.
And the bonus is...... "Oh Santa! JumpSmokers remix".
Source for the info: Eri by e-mail
Posted on October 20
Album pushed back in France too
Both editions of "Merry Christmas II You" havebeen pushed back to November 15 in France
Posted on October 20
For video collectors
Clips that aired on HSN before Mariah's part
"Coming up"
- Part 1 - DVD quality - HD quality
- Part 2 (coming soon)
A big thanks to Moony
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Watch Mariah's full HSN interview and album preview now!
If you missed the live part ealier today, you can now watch it in full.  Click here then click on the play video button and enjoy!!!!!!!!
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"Merry Christmas II You" pushed back in Australia
Universal Music Australia announced today that Mariah’s “Merry Christmas II You” has been pushed back by one week to 12 November, 2010. 

On a brighter note, it has now been confirmed that there will be a Deluxe Edition release of Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas II You” in Australia. Sadly only a ‘limited supply’ will be made available - once it’s sold out, the standard edition will only be available.

Source: MariahConnection
Posted on October 19

HSN Euro time tomorrow
For most of the European countries, the time frame is EST + 6.  If you're lucky enough to be one of those who doesn't have to work or go to school (unless you want to keep the total surprise for the day you'll have your item in your hands), according to Mariah's official site, you can watch the preview at 8:30am, 2:30pm and 10:30pm (Euro time: 14h30, 20h30 and 4h30) as Mariah gives you an exclusive preview of her new holiday album Merry Christmas II You. You'll get an inside peek into all that she loves, plus hear clips from her new CD and her new single, Oh Santa!
HSN Live
HSN Live in HD
Posted on October 19
Mariah with the Gaston family
Mariah shared a picture of her with the Gaston family and a part of the crew of Extreme Home Makeover

Click to enlarge
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on October 19
In the lunch room of Baker school, it was a day like every other day.  Suddenly, they hear Ty Pennington screaming "Good Morning!!!!!!!" and then "Why you so obsessed with me" and Mariah walked in singing Obsessed.
It seems Mariah stayed at the local hotel.  It's still unclear if Mariah will stay a few days to help, but rumors are flying around she could be there on Friday to sing for the school homecoming and football game.
Source: Emily - Nathan
Posted on October 19
Pictures: Gorgeous Mariah ands in Okaloosa County
I'm not gonna post the pictures as they are protected by copyright law.  I'll eventually post them if I receive permission from nwfdailynews.
Click here to access their gallery
Posted on October 18
Extreme Home Makeover will air on December 12
It's Mariah herself who now tweeted about it:
- So amazing down here@ Baker HS w/Extreme Home makeover! Loving Ty,Micheal,Tracy,Johnny-all the kids@the school+the Gaston family!
- Show airs Dec.12th-they r in for a HUGE suprise! Don't miss it-verrrry festive! X0x0 LYM!
Posted on October 18
It was true!!!!!
Mariah Carey Announces Extreme Home Makeover Family In Baker, Home Location In Escambia

Imagine Finis Gaston's surprise when the music legend Mariah Carey came to the small community of Baker where he takes care of his niece and nephews. Finis was coaching one of his cheerleading sessions on Monday, Oct. 18, when Carey announced to the Gaston family that they are the latest recipients of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  Mariah Carey arrived at Bob Sikes Airport Monday morning.
Click here to read the full article
Source: NorthEscambia
Source for the pic: Crestviewbulletin
Posted on October 18
Mariah spotted in Baker school (Florida) today???
People are tweeting Mariah was spotted at Baker school with Ty Pennington (the guy from Extreme Makeover)
Posted on October 18
I'll try to reply to your e-mails asap, but I hava a lot of work and I'm still stuck in bed with a very bad cold since Oct. 3, 15 freaking days!!! Ugh!
Posted on October 18
Do I really need to keep updating my site if no one believes me?

I posted that info on September 25 : "Merry Christmas II You" will be released in Germany on 19 November and "Oh Santa!" on 29 October. 
Sometimes I wonder if I really need to keep updating if no one never believes me?????
Posted on October 18
"Merry Christmas II You" officially pushed back to 15 November in the UK
MariahConnection received confirmation today that Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas II You” has officially been pushed back to 15 November, 2010 in the United Kingdom. 
Posted on October 18
HSN Exclusive Look At The Making Of Merry Christmas II You
You have a special invitation to watch HSN on October 20 at 8:30am, 2:30pm and 10:30pm as Mariah gives you an exclusive preview of her new holiday album Merry Christmas II You. You'll get an inside peek into all that she loves, plus hear clips from her new CD and her new single, Oh Santa!.  Can't wait?  Then go to hsn.com now and pre-order the Merry Christmas II You CD and accompanying DVD, which includes interviews with Mariah as well as never-before-seen moments of Mariah working and having fun in the studio. 
Source: MariahCarey.com
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“Merry Christmas II You” Preview on HSN TV (update)
Check out below the time listing for Mariah’s new album “Merry Christmas II You” preview on HSN TV on Wednesday October, 20th:

Eastern Standart Time
• 08:30-09:00 - Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You
• 14:00-14:30 - Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You
• 22:00-23:00 - Deck the Halls Finale ft. Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You 

Türkiye Saati (GMT +2)
• 15:30-16:00 - Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You
• 21:00-21:30 - Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You
• 05:00-06:00 - Deck the Halls Finale ft. Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas II You (21 Ekim)

HSN Live
HSN Live in HD

Source: MariahTürkiye
Thanks to stevie on HBF who noticed the changes

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Mariah Carey’s submissions for the 2011 Grammy Nominations now released
Mariah Carey has delivered her submissions for the 2011 Grammy Nominations. 
Those include a respectable five categories of her own for music lifted solely from her ‘Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel’ LP. Nominations will be announced during the 3rd Annual Grammy Nominations Concert Live on Wednesday, December 1st. Which ones do you think she’ll be nominated for?

Album of the Year: Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Best Contemporary R&B Album: Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: ‘Up Out My Face’ – Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj
Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals: ‘Angels Cry’ – Mariah Carey & Ne-yo

Source: Toyasworld
Posted on October 16

Nick's Twitter insults fire back on Mariah
I guess you all read Nick's Twitter insults toward a comedy girl called Chelsea Handler(who first begun the war).  His "jokes" were kinda mean and vulgar (but we maybe don't have the same sense of humor outside the US), 'til he went with the "angry ugly whitetrash folks".  It's not my business, but unfortunately it fires back on Mariah.  A Twitter war got started and insults were flying around toward Mariah.  Geez, she doesn't deserve it, she has nothing to do with that "war".
Posted on October 16
"Merry Christmas II You" in the UK, Nov. 8 or Nov. 15????
Amazon UK & HMV UK  are all reporting the release of Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas II You” has been pushed back to 8 November, 2010.

While Play UK are reporting the release has been pushed back to 15 November, 2010.

Source: Mariah Connection
Posted on October 15

"Guilty by Association" delayed?
Damizza tweeted:
"Book delayed due to 'legal' issues. The emotional distress for all the years, and a mistake in an idea we wrote together becomes the issue.  Lemme see if I can remember anything from before Aug 6, 2002... Damn what a case.  And I NEVER said a bad word... unconditional love.. 
Posted on October 15
"Oh Santa!" still #1 on iTunes Belgium (Holiday chart of course)

For the third day in a row "Oh Santa!" is #1 on iTunes Belgian's Holiday chart (Top songs).  I guess it will stay that way a few days as nobody else (except Mariah fans) are buying Christmas songs in October ).  All I Want For Christmas Is You is #2 and #5 (respectively from a compilation album and the Merry Christmas album) and finally "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is #74.
Posted on October 15
C'mon Belgian fans, keep it going!
If it's not done yet, download "Oh Santa!" on iTunes Belgium
Posted on October 15
Out now
"Guilty By association" by Damizza

He's worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg.

Now Damion "Damizza" Young has released a book about his experiences as one of hip-hop's most respected producers and executives.

Before he turned 30 he was the producer behind nearly 40 million sold records and his career now spans 15 years.

His book Guilty By Association reads like a who's who of hip hop.

'Not gossip'

"I started in the business when I was 12 years old," he explains. "This book is about a kid that had a dream to succeed.
"It's not a gossip book or a kiss and tell as the media have portrayed it. What it really is, is my autobiography and all of the cool stories I got to witness.
"By the time I was 30 I was burnt out. What made me leave it all was the fact that I never had a life of my own.
"I was always doing things for other people. I was on the Dr. Dre Chronic tour back in 2001, then on the weekends flying to be with Mariah who I was with. We were together for three years. It was just too much."

The book's release has caused controversy in the States with Mariah Carey's lawyers unhappy with some of its content.

But Damion tells Newsbeat that reports that Mariah tried to sue him over the book are untrue.
"They were worried that I might reveal trade secretes in the book, what makes her tick as an artist, which I haven't.
"It's not a tell-all book. I've treated her with the utmost respect as I always have."

In the book there are details about how Damizza watched Eminem record 'Hi My Name Is...' in Dr. Dre's home studio before he became the star he is today.

Entire chapters are dedicated to Dre, Snoop, Mariah Carey, Warren G, Eminem, Ludacris and Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie.

Guilty By Association is out now.

Source: BBC (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 15

Merry Christmas II You original/alternative cover
Look at the lil' details

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 14
Mariah Autographed Edition Box Set Available Now!
The perfect gift for any Mariah Carey fan! Merry Christmas II You limited edition holiday gift box with autographed photo is available to order now. There are only 500 of the autographed edition box sets available so order yours now while supplies last.

Special, Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box with Autographed Photo Includes:
# AUTOGRAPHED Holiday Photo - Limited Availability!
# Merry Christmas II You CD - Featuring Oh Santa!, All I Want for Christmas is You - Extra    Festive and 8 Timeless Holiday Classics
# Mariah's Personal Holiday Photo Album - See how Mimi and her family spend the holidays!
# Exclusive "MC" Butterfly Christmas Ornament
# Sheet of 8 Mariah Holiday Gift Tags
# Instant MP3 download of Oh Santa!
Order your Merry Christmas II You autographed edition box set now! 
Source: MariahCarey.com
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Belgian fans, keep it going!
If it's not done yet, download "Oh Santa!" on iTunes Belgium.
Posted on October 13
"Oh Santa!":  the iTunes US  hardcore fan test failed
After 24 hours, "Oh Santa!" didn't manage to have a great score on iTunes US and is even falling today.  I know it's not Christmas time,  there's no airplay,  there's no ad or promotion yet, but every Mariah fan knew it was coming out and that's normally the way hardcore fans show their support (at least it was that way before). The test has failed.  I guess we will have to count on the general public to make it happen later in the US.

On another side the album, even if it's on pre-order, managed a #35 spot today (falling 11 spots since yesterday) on iTunes US Top Albums.
And that's still great!!!!!!!

Posted on October 13

Belgian release update: "Merry Christmas II You" in Belgium on Oct. 29
The CD and CD/DVD editions will be in stores on October 29 (previous date was Nov. 2).  Be readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not gonna push for one store or another, but please keep in mind that the sales of Fnac go to France and the ones of Freerecordshop go to Holland.....
Posted on October 12
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Congrats guys 

I knew it!!!!!!  Thanks to your support, Mariah's "Oh Santa!" is #1 on iTunes Belgium's Holiday charts.  Congrats guys (especially the promo team)!!!!!!  You rock!
Posted on October 12
For video collectors
Extra TV and Entertainment Tonight showed some picture and footage of Mariah and Nick partying in New York. 
Source: Moony
Posted on October 12
Belgian fans !!!!!!!!!
Posted on October 12
L.A. Reid to host a listening session on Oct.20th.  at 7pm in NY

Mariah Carey‘s cat and mouse game–is she pregnant or just really enjoying lasagna?–may soon be over.

Invites have gone out for an October 20th listening session in New York for Carey’s new holiday album, “Merry Christmas II You.”

Island Def Jam chief L.A. Reid is hosting the event, and Carey will be there to meet and greet friends, family, and radio types.

Unless she’s hidden, or a hologram, or sits behind a large pocket book all night, there are undoubtedly going to be questions. And maybe an answer. Recent pictures indicate that our lovely Mariah looks very little like the photo on the invite itself right now.

Remember: Mariah told us through her rep a few weeks ago that she was very “superstitious” about discussing such matters.

Meantime, Mariah’s first single from the new album, “Oh Santa,” is pretty catchy. Expect to hear it four times a day between Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Source: Showbiz411 (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 12

US fans: Download "Oh Santa!" on iTunes today!!!!!!!
It's here and NOW!

Pre-Order Merry Christmas II You on Itunes TODAY & receive "Oh Santa!" instantly

Mariah's Merry Christmas II You comes out on November 2, but you can pre-order your copy of the album on iTunes today. When you pre-order, you will receive two bonuses: first, you can download the current single, "Oh Santa!," instantly, and when the full album download becomes available on November 2, you will receive a brand new remix of "Oh Santa!" 

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 12

Just in: "Oh Santa" directed by Ethan Lader!!!
SHOT: Mariah Carey 
artist: Mariah Carey
song: "Oh Santa" 
label: Island/Def Jam
director: Ethan Lader 
production co: Alliance Media Group 
rep: Simran Brown 
producer: Roger Ubina 
commissioner: Mildred Delamota 
Source: Alliance Media Group - IDJ
Heroes note: Take a look at the videos directed by Ethan at this link.
Posted on October 11
"I can't reveal any news, but if you get a chance to talk to my wife, ask her,"
Nick Cannon celebrated turning 30 over the weekend and ET was on hand for both parts of the bi-coastal event.

"I can't reveal any news, but if you get a chance to talk to my wife, ask her," Nick responded when asked if his wife Mariah Carey is pregnant. Nick may not be at liberty to confess any baby news at the moment but he said that ET's Kevin Frazier would be the first to know.

Nick told ET Mariah knows how to throw a party. The comedian's birthday was October 8 and the celebration took place at two events, one in Los Angeles and the other in New York City..
Click on the image to play the video in which we can briefly see Mariah

Source: ET (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 11

Nick talks about Mariah in new track
We can't exactly say he's a good rapper, but at least Nick adressed haters, previous relationships and Mariah in a remake of Slick Rick's hip-hop classic 'Children's Story'.  Click here to watch a caricatured Mariah in "Nick's Story" video
Posted on October 11
Mariah tweets!
Mariah tweeted a lot last night, go take a look:
Interesting tweets
- A Christmas concert is definitely in the VERY near future! Details to follow soon
- (replying to a fan who found it too early to release a Christmas album): clearly..yes. But unfortunately,the label+the stores require us to hand in Christmas releases so early!
- To all the Lambs in the land, I love you and I am just letting you kno bout MC2U early cos it has 2 be turned in so early
- Anywhoo-some people r saying its so early 4 Christmas,blah,blah-Im w/you,but its the way it is,SO-Ima keep ery'body posted!LYM!!!
Posted on October 11
"it was his night"!
On Friday night, Mariah Carey hosted a 200-person 30th birthday bash for hubby Nick Cannon at LAVO New York.

"For most of the night she was relatively low-key, hanging out with his mother and commenting to people that "it was his night" and she really wanted the spotlight to be on him," the source said.

Inside, guests — including Ne-Yo and "Saturday Night Live's" Jay Pharoah — chowed down on a four-course meal that included spinach-and-artichoke pizza, Chilean sea bass and birthday cake. During dinner, Carey surprised Cannon with a video filled with messages from Carey, Cannon's mom and friends including Ne-Yo, Sharon Osbourne and Russell Simmons.

When Cannon's mom saw herself on the video, she "started crying and Nick ran over to comfort her, even wiping away her tears with a napkin," our source said. 

Source: am new york (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October 10

New Photo: Mariah In The Studio
Mariah, Randy Jackson & LA Reid at Westlake studios in Los Angeles during the recording of the Merry Christmas II You album.
Go on Mariah's official site to see the picture!
Posted on October 10
Paparazzi going nuts when Mariah left Club Lavo
Click hereto watch it.
Posted on October 10
"Oh Santa!" remix by Jump Smokers almost finished
For the ones interested in the Jump Smokers remix, they announced on Twitter, the remix for "Oh Santa!" is 92% done.
Posted on October 10
No sign (yet) of Mariah at Nick's LA birthday party
It seems the LA party was more for very young people, it took place in Universal Studio's Horror Nights and a "all you can eat" buffet with tons of candies and cakes of all colours.  No sign of the announced celebrities, neither in NY, neither in LA, it's still unclear if Mariah attended the LA party, or maybe there was another one after..... 
Posted on October 10
Mariah celebrates Nick's birthday in NY

Click to enlarge
Source: That Grape Juice
Posted on October 9
First pic of Mariah and Nick at his birthday party in NY

This is the only pic I found as of now (at least with Mariah on it), according to people attending it wasn't a great party and many people left.  I'm pretty sure there was a more intimate party with friends.....
If other pictures surface later, I'll post them, but I'm sick and going back to bed.
Source for the pic: Alvina
Posted on October 9
Mariah Announces Merry Christmas II You Tracklisting
Have yourself a Merrier Christmas with MC!  Mariah announces the official tracklisting to Merry Christmas II You her new holiday album in-stores November 2.

"Merry Christmas II You is my Christmas gift to all my fans. I wanted you to be the first ones I share this tracklisting with. I'm so excited about it, I hope you love it and enjoy it for years to come!!! LYM4E!!!" ...Mariah Carey

1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Intro)

2. Oh Santa!

3. O Little Town of Bethlehem / Little Drummer Boy Medley

4. Christmas Time Is In The Air Again

5. The First Noel / Born is the King (Interlude)

6. When Christmas Comes

7. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) / Housetop Celebration

8. Charlie Brown Christmas

9. O Come All Ye Faithful / Hallelujah Chorus feat. Patricia Carey

10. O Holy Night - Live from WPC in South Central Los Angeles

11. One Child

12. All I Want for Christmas is You - Extra Festive

13. Auld Lang Syne - The New Year's Anthem

Oh Santa! Digital Single available everywhere on October 12

Pre-Order Merry Christmas II You on iTunes and receive Oh Santa! instantly - Beginning on October 12.

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on Octobre 8

Original score by Mariah Carey for "The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker"
Director/choreographer Debbie Allen has announced the Premier of The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, her hilarious and culturally rich take on the perennial holiday classic. The show will run at UCLA’s Royce Hall from December 9, 2010 to December 11, 2010, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the children of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and the greater Los Angeles community.

The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker centers around Kara Johnson, a young spirit-filled girl who receives a Nutcracker filled with hot chocolate for the holidays. Cascading into a deep slumber, Kara takes the audience on a mystical, magical journey, from Candy Cane Lane to the Land of the Kimona Dolls to Bollywood. Three wisecracking mice narrate the story: Harvey (Carlo Imperato), Schmink (Jaleel White) and Buckey (Ms. Allen herself!). With an original score by Mariah Carey, Arturo Sandoval, Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen, James Ingram, Shiamak Davar, Tena Clark and Thump, The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. 
Source: BusinessWire (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on October 8

International CD/DVD releases?
It seems some countries will release the CD/DVD edition of "Merry Christmas II You", like posted last week Fnac France posted the CD/DVD edition (and I was skeptical as HSN and a ultra reliable source told me it was only a HSN exclusive).  We still don't know if it's a deal with HSN or if the respective countries will release their own edition.  It was in any case a very smart move from the US label, as I know many international fans ordered and payed their copies via US friends.
Posted on October 8
Reminder: Belgian fans!!!!!!
As posted last month, "Merry Christmas II You" will be released on Nov. 2 in our country   Promo team, please get in touch, a promo action is in the works!
Posted on October 8
Oh Santa! video, it's a wrap!
According to Punch, after 18 hours, the video is wrapped.  It seems it was fun and is gonna be dope.  Punch also said Mariah is still going hard perfectionist! She def know what she wants!!  He shared a picture of kids on the set.

The young people chosen by casting had also a long day, some needed to come again on set in the early morning after a few hours sleep, some didn't see Mariah at all as she only came very late in the night, others saw her and say she's cool and acted like a real Diva 

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Punch - Joe by e-mail - Cesar
Posted on October 7

Jump Smokers to remix "Oh Santa!" but couldn't access downloading the vocals
I guess Mariah wasn't able to be in touch with David Morales for the remix.

Jump Smokers announced on Twitter:
- ATT LAMBS: 2nite we will be remixing the new @mariahcarey Christmas single "Hey Santa"...it's officially time to get festive!!! Lol 
- Ooooooopppppssssss.....we mean @mariahcarey "Oh Santa"...SO sorry M.C.!!!
- are having MAJOR troubles downloading these @mariahcarey vox...sometimes technology is TOO advanced!
- had to scrap our @mariahcarey remix for 2nite cuz we can't access her vocals 

Their manager said this time the remix will be coming out (refering to the scrapped remixes from MC vs JumpSmokers)

Posted on October 7

"Oh Santa!" Video other casting call
There was another casting call end September

Featured / Male / Female / All Ethnicities / 16 - 35 years: Looking for highly expressive crowd members to be clapping, singing, and cheering along with Mariah's performance.
Project Rate$125/day
Expect a 12 hour day.
Posted on October 6

Punch is on the video set
Mariah's dancer Punch tweeted:
"Just got to @MariahCarey set for Oh santa its looks Dope!!"
Posted on October 6
Mariah fan Ophélie is selling lots of Mariah stuff
If you're a collector, take a look at her eBay, maybe you'll find something you don't own yet.
Source: Ophélie by e-mail
Posted on October 6
Contrarely to rumors posted on the net: Nick Cannon will NOT direct the "Oh Santa!"video!
The rumor appeared on Wikipedia a few days ago and made its way on the net, everyone can update everything on Wiki, so, never trust it! (That's why I didn't trust it either)

In reply to the rumor, Nick posted on Twitter he will NOT direct the video!

Posted on October 5

New album photoshoot with reindeers 
HSN published the cover and back of the CD/DVD edition exclusively sold on their site.

Click to enlarge.  HQ pics can be found on HSN
Look at the tracklist .......the secret is safe!
Source: HSN - Kenny by e-mail
Posted on October 5
"Oh Santa!" video update 2:  Casting call

This will be a smash hit video for the highly anticipated Mariah Carey debut single from her new holiday album!!! We are looking for exciting expressive people to be in the crowd during a set up for Mariah's performance. This will have a slight Outkast 'Hey Ya' American Bandstand approach perfectly blending retro and modern vibes. This will be an exciting fun project to be a part of and Mariah's 'Audience' will be highly featured!!!
We are looking for a host that is a look alike to Ed Sullivan or Dick Clark. He will be introducing Mariah Carey and her performance! Need someone with a great voice as well! SUBMIT ASAP CASTING OCT.5

We will be sending sides to the selects tonight!
Wardrobe: Suit.or shirt and tie. He is a host on a show like American Bandstand

Music Video

Casting Director: Krystal Harris
Interview Dates: Tuesday October 5th 2010 
Callback Date: None casting from first audition 
Start Date: 10/6/2010
Pay Rate: $400.00
Location: Los Angeles

Source for the info: Fluffy
Posted on October 5

Mariah rumored to sing "Oh Santa!" on X Factor (UK) in December?

Simon Cowell has signed up a wealth of pop royality to perform on this year's X Factor live shows.
Westlife will perform their new single "Safe" to launch their new album and in a huge exclusive, the newly reformed Take That will belt out their much awaited new song "The Flood".   Old favourite Michael Buble is expected to perform his new track "Hollywood" whilst Mariah Carey is rumoured to have been booked to perform "Oh Santa" on the show's finale weekend in December, and expect to see Elton John at the final too.

A source told us "Simon is going to pull out all the stops this year to ensure he tops last year's record viewing figures.  As this is the final UK X Factor until 2012, he's also going to want to make sure it goes out with a bang. 

With no shows like Top of the Pops any more, artist performances like this are a huge treat for viewers, and there are going to be a lot of surprises along the way".

Source: Celebritain
Posted on October 5

"Oh Santa!" video update
According to Mariah's dancer Punch, the video will be shot Wednesday (tomorrow)
Posted on October 5
HBF Members: Win Tickets to see Mariah on Ellen!
HBF members only - Win a pair of tickets to see Mariah on the Ellen DeGeneres show!
If you're a member, read the details on HBF
Good luck guys!  I'm not gonna post the details as it's for HBF members only and it's not meant to be published 
Posted on October 4
Double Huh oh............
Merry Vhristmas II You postponed in Japan
All fans who pre-ordered the album on HMV Japan received an e-mail telling the release date for Merry Christmas II U has been postponed in Japan, it is now released on Nov 17  instead of 3 November.
Source: HMV - Nelson by e-mail
Posted on October 4
Huh oh..... will Mariah's lawyers send a cease and desist?  This one will not be about love and respect!

Music mogul Tommy Mottola ready to tell all
Tommy Mottola is ready to tell of his rise from The Bronx and New Rochelle as a mediocre singer dubbed T.D. Valentine to the head of Sony Music in its heyday, when he was discovering such stars as Shakira, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey -- who soon became his wife.

Mottola has signed a deal to write "The Last Starmaker," to be published by Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group USA, in early 2012.

"It's time to tell his story," a friend of Mottola said. "The music industry is virtually over. Cream will always rise to the top. But the days of starmaking are over. Kids today only want one song, not the album, and they don't know who the artist is."

Mottola will tell how Walter Yetnikoff  brought him into CBS Records, and then turned on him after Yetnikoff self-destructed and lost his job. Since Yetnikoff trashed Mottola in his 2004 memoir, "Howling at the Moon," Mottola is expected to wreak some payback.

"The Last Starmaker" will also debunk the myth that Mottola was a jealous svengali over Carey. He recently told a friend, "150 [Carey] albums later, my answer is, 'Kiss my behind.' "

According to a source, the book will explain that Carey, who was quite young at the time, came from a "confusing upbringing. Sudden success is enough to intoxicate anybody and to distort the perception of anybody and anything around them."

Source: NY Post (all rights reserved)
Posted on October 4

Christmas in October 
"Oh Santa!" got us in a Christmas mood in....October! I'm sure many of you already got the Christmas symptoms, maybe some already wanted to decorate the tree, for me Christmas is near, I got all the symptoms....  as usual just before Christmas, I'm in bed with a freaking cold   Eeeek, I better stop laughing, it makes me cough .....
Posted on October 3
"Oh Santa!" video update
Punch, well known by the fans as one of Mariah's long time dancers, said he was rehearsing for Mariah's "Oh Santa!" video.  Mariah was not in rehearsal she will only comes in after he's done with everything to check it out.
Posted on October 3
   "Oh Santa!" video being shot tomorrow?
Rumors are flying on the net that the video will be shot tomorrow and will be festive with dancers.  (I knew it wouldn't be sad and with zombies )
Posted on October 3
Nick's New York birthday party at Greenhouse
Last week, several sources (rumors) on the net said Mariah will host the two parties for Nick's 30 birthday.  One party will be held in New York and the other one in Los Angeles.  Yesterday, DJ Suss-One said he will rockin the turntables with Nick to celebrate his birthday at Greenhouse in NY.  No word if Mariah will attend. 
Posted on October 3
Fnac France lists Merry Christmas II You CD/ DVD edition
Fnac France lists the album and the edition with the DVD which is very weird as it's only a HSN exclusivity and I was told by HSN and a very reliable source, the DVD would only be sold on HSN.  Maybe Fnac got a deal (which I seriously doubt...).  Let's just wait and see 

Source for the info: Yoann by e-mail
Posted on October 3

Producer Jovonn The Don talks about Mariah projects

A.D.: You are not only a host and DJ but a producer as well? Who are some of the acts you have worked with thus far?

Jovonn: Yeah, I’ve produced records for Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, Fabulous, Faith Evans, Dmx, Frankie J, Ray J, Styles P., Jadakiss and a lot of others. I still produce music along with doing radio now, where I produce DJ Clue’s show, Monday through Friday from 6pm – 10pm. Check us out!

A.D.: What are some of the projects you are currently working on?
Jovonn: I’m still in the studio creating music for artist like Juelz Santana, Jadakiss and Fabolous right now, and looking forward to going back in with Mariah soon as well. 

Source: Birthplace Magazine (extract)
Posted on October 3

Due to a technical problem, it seems I can't send e-mails at the moment, I'll reply to all your e-mails asap
Posted on October 2
Mariah's album is not totally finished yet...
JD just tweeted:
"up early working this other Mariah Christmas record before I go to the bet awards"
Posted on October 2
HSN: Coming November 29
Mariah Carey's jewelry, footwear and fragrance collection, exclusively at HSN. 
Source: HSN
Posted on October 2
HD quality videos of Mariah's concert in Singapore
Check this out at this link, it's amazing!
Source: Nelson by e-mail
Posted on October 2
French speaking fans, the Oh Santa! lyrics are translated
Posted on October 1
For the ones who already want to sing along.......

Oh Santa! lyrics
Santa's gonna come and make you mine this Christmas…

Oh Santa!

Santa’s gonna come and make him mine this Christmas
Santa’s gonna come and make him mine, mine
Oh Santa!

Santa’s gonna come and make him mine this Christmas
Santa’s gonna come and make him mine, mine
Oh Santa!

If you get this letter
Won’t you help me out
I know you’re kinda busy with your elves right now
And I don’t know how
You do the things you do while I sleep on Christmas eve

But it’s amazing
And I bet that you could bring me back my baby
Because every time I see Christmas lights
I feel this burn inside
And I just can’t take it

I saw them shopping last week
And his new girl was so bleak
And then I swore to myself
Santa’s gonna come and make him mine this Christmas night

Oh oh oh
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine this Christmas
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine, oh oh oh
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine this Christmas night

Oh Santa
I heard that it’s really gonna snow this year
So I hope Rudolph and them all the 8 reindeer
Get you safely here
So you can scoop him up
And scoop him right down my chimney

I’ve been really, really, really good this year
So put on that red suit and make him appear
Make this Christmas cheer
Just ain’t the same without my baby
Come on oh Kris Kringle send me help

They say it’s unrealistic
But I believe in you Saint Nick
So grant this wish for me right quick
Santa won’t you come and make him mine this Christmas night

Oh oh oh
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine this Christmas
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine, oh oh oh
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine this Christmas night

Oh Santa!

Oh Santa Claus
If you get this letter
Please don’t make me wait
Cause all December I’ll be counting down the days
So hop on your sleigh
I promise that I won’t forget the milk and cookies

The trees all sparkly and gold
But inside I feel so cold
So soon as you leave the North Pole
Santa won’t you come and make him mine this Christmas

Santa’s gonna come and make you mine oh oh oh
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine this Christmas
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine oh oh oh
Santa’s gonna come and make you mine, mine

Posted on October 1

Listen to "Oh Santa!"!!!!!!! 
Have a Merrier Christmas with Mariah 

Listen to  Mariah's brand new single, "Oh Santa!," exclusively on AOL Music. Her new album, Merry Christmas II You, is available November 2, 2010 on Island/Def Jam. Pre-order now!
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 1


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