October 2012 - Heroes of Mariah
Complete and total CUTENESS!!!!!! 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Head over on dembabies.com for the most adorable Halloween pics.

To purchase rights for publication, please click here. All funds will be donated to the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah

Posted on October 31

Happy Lamboween canceled
Due to Hurricane Sandy and the consequences for many citizens of the East Coast, the "Happy Lamboween" action has been canceled.

You may now tweet "Stay Triumphant USA" instead, for all the people affected.

Source: Christopher by e-mail and on Twitter
Posted on October 30

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship damaged by hurricane Sandy
The Disney Fantasy Mariah christened in March was damaged near Miami yesterday, thank god only material damages. 
Click here to watch a vid taken by a passenger.
Posted on October 29
IF true, goooo  Nick!!

Nick Cannon deejayed Maxim Celebrates the Launch of Assassin's Creed III event at Colony Nightclub in Hollywood on Wednesday. 
"Nick hyped up the party by playing all his favorite songs, including ones by Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction," the source says. "The crowd was loving the music and Nick was dancing!"

A guest approached the deejay booth to request that Cannon play Minaj's hit song "Starships" but the America's Got Talent host "acted like he didn't hear the request,"

Source: People
Posted on October 29

Triumphant has more than 5.000.000 views on VEVO, don't give up, next goal is 6 million 
Posted on October 28
Please, do some research!!!!

Yesterday, while waiting for the start of a horror movie on TV, I had time to check some tweets and honestly...... 
Some should really do some research....

- Just after Mariah tweeted her support to Obama, some claiming they are Mariah's "biggest" fans, were surprised she was on Obama's side.  Do some research...  where was she in 2008 ?

- Some still complain about the live performance of Triumphant on Sept.5 for the NFL kickoff.  Do some research... what was happening just hours before the performance ?

- Some find Mariah a lil' stressed on the American Idol commercials, especially the first one.  Do some research... what was happening that day?

If some don't find the answers in a week from now, I'll gladly post it! 

Posted on October 28

Second commercial for American Idol

Here's the second one! Make Dreams Come True!! Click here to watch it

Posted on October 27

Adorable lil' Monroe
Mariah posted a pic of lil' Monroe
"Ms Monroe preparing to watch The Goddess!" 
click here to see the pic
Posted on October 26
Wow, just WOW.......... OPI's poster for Mariah!!!

Click to enlarge
Source: La Gazette Beauté - Yann by e-mail
Posted on October 26
First commercial for American Idol

On October 4,  I posted Mariah and other judges were filming a commercial for American Idol, here it is, at least the first one! Click here to watch it

Posted on October 25

Radiant Mariah in New shot for American Idol

Click to enlarge
Source for the pic: Ryan Seacrest
Posted on October 25
Cee-Lo Green's cover of Mariah's All I want For Christmas Is You

Click here to listen to a preview of Cee-Lo's cover of Mariah's CLASSIC All I Want For Christmas Is You

Source for the link: Lee
Posted on October 24

Happy Lamboween EVERYBODY!!! It begins NOW!
Click to enlarge

It's come to that festive time of year lambs. To coincide with what is considered an Anti-Bleak occasion for The Carey's/Cannon's we saw it fit to create an inaugural Happy Lamboween event for the lambs across the globe.
Our mission is to give back a bit to Mariah who has done so much for the lambs. It would be very special to see Happy Lamboween and Mariah Carey simultaneously trend but we're gonna need alot of lamb presence for this to succeed!

So come October 31st Halloween, the lambs all over the world can partake in the fun and tweet Happy Lamboween with either a festive pic of themselves or a message to Mariah! Remember to include Mariah Carey in your response. Happy Lamboween will not include a (#) Hashtag to make it as simple as possible.
New Zealand, Australia, South Africa & Asia will kick it off followed by the rest of the lambily world. It's important for the initial countries to continue to tweet right up until November 1st when the USA, Europe and UK will celebrate the event!

Props to Pauly from Global Mariah Fans for the wonderful pic and Christopher@Lambpa for initiating it.

Source: Global Mariah Fans and Christopher
Posted on October 24

Gucci Mane about Mariah: "she's a close friend of mine and she's cool to hell "

Click here to watch Gucci being interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid, he talks about Mariah at 5:25 

Posted on October 24

American Idol Season 12 to premiere on January 16 and 17

FOX premieres season 12 of American Idol with Mariah Carey and other judges on Jan.16 and 17 at 8pm 

Source: TVTango
Posted on October 24

Video: Nick talks about their candy room, Mariah on American Idol and Triumphant

Click here to watch the video

Posted on October 24

Cee-Lo Green to cover Mariah's All I want For Christmas Is You

On his Christmas album to be released on Oct. 30 Cee-Lo is covering Mariah's CLASSIC All I Want For Christmas Is You

Source for the info: singersroom - Under60
Posted on October 23

OPI launch in London
Pictures of the OPI launch party for Mariah's collection

Click to enlarge
Source: OPI
Posted on October 23
Rapper Game (formerly The Game) about Mariah
"“I think that Mariah Carey is bigger than life. I think she’s like female Elvis at this point."
Source: Rap-Up
Posted on October 23
Major props to the guy who went to Minaj's concert last night, wearing his Mariah t-shirt . POW 
Posted on October 23
OPI counter board

Click to enlarge
I know any fans will want that one for their collection..................... 
Source for the pic: Jacky by e-mail
Posted on October 23
Mariah and Monroe spotted in Tribeca

Click to enlarge
Source: celebritygossip - zimbio
Posted on October 23
Contest: Be Mariah For Halloween!

Head over to Mariah's official site to read about this festive contest!

Posted on October 22

Meek Mill talks about Mariah in his rap intro of his new album "Dreams and Nightmares"

I don't have time to made a lil' transcript right now, I'll do it tomorrow and I'm not sure putting a link up to listen will not infringe copyrights (but you'll find it easily).

Posted on October 22

Mariah Carey and David Banner married for "The Butler"

“I’m really excited to be a part of this movie. The cast is absolutely astonishing and working with Mariah has been great. Lee Daniels is so amazing to work with and I thank him for choosing me for this role,” said Banner. “This movie reminds us of what our ancestors have endured for us to have certain liberties which we have today. This movie is groundbreaking.”

Source for the info: HipHopdx
Posted on October 22

First close look at Mariah's collection

Click to enlarge
Introducing: Liquid Sand! Our latest innovation in texture, we LOVE that we can get our glitter fix in a new matte finish - come January, that is!! (Liquid Sand launches as part of the Mariah Carey Collection.)
Source: OPI (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 21
Mariah in studio with Hit-Boy (Shauncey Hollis Jr) and James Fauntleroy II
Some great Hip-Hop on the way?????

Last night, Hit-Boy tweeted:
- "If i was in the studio with one of the biggest selling artists of all time and had a bottle of honey jack daniels on the way.. oh that's now"
- "MC HB JF " (which was retweeted by Mariah and James Fauntleroy)
- "Niggas will probably never experience what i'm doing at this very minute. WoW"
- "Nobody got this range. Maxing out."

Posted on October 20

Please keep voting for Mariah's Triumphant on MTV Brasil Top 10
Thanks to all the fans who helped voting, Mariah's Triumphant was #6 today on MTV Brasil Top 10.  Keep voting!!!!!
Posted on October 18
Mariah in studio with The Dream

Mariah posted it on Twitter: "Living The-American-Dream pon de studio"

Note:  Terius Nash aka The Dream has been appointed to the post of Executive Vice President of A&R at Def Jam Recordings last week.
Posted on October 18

Mariah on the cover of The Singapore Women's Weekly

Lucky you guys over there 
Click to enlarge
Source: The Singapore Women's Weekly on Facebook - Sulung by e-mail
Posted on October 17
Press conference for Mariah's nail polish line with OPI

“It’s textured nail polish,” OPI executive VP and artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann told a room full of Canadian beauty editors and bloggers at the Trump Hotel in Toronto.

“You don’t have to do anything to it, you don’t have to add anything… this is actually how it comes out of the bottle. You don’t put a top coat on it because the matte look is what actually makes it unique” she said.

“It does take a little bit longer to dry, probably about eight minutes or so, and then you see how the texture comes to the surface.” 

The Impossible                                  Can’t Let Go                                     Get Your Number                          Stay the Night

A Butterfly Moment                         Sprung                                             Pink Yet Lavender                          Anti-Bleak 

Source: Janine for beautygeek (all rights reserved)
Posted on October 16

Ladies, choose your color! 
Click to enlarge

Another pic of Mariah's nail polish line with OPI has been posted by Fashion Canada. We now have an idea of the colors and the names....... only Mariah 
1. A Butterfly Moment
2. Sprung
3. Pink Yet Lavender
4. Anti Bleak
5. Stay The Night
6. Get Your Number
7. Can't Let Go
8. The Impossible
Posted on October 15

First look at Mariah's nail polish line with OPI

Click to enlarge
Reminder, Mariah's nail polish will be available in most countries in January.
Source: Flarefashions 
Posted on October 15
2 more pics of Mariah out for dinner in the San Fernando Valley

Click to enlarge
Source: DailyMail (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 14
Huge announcement coming soon for Australian fans ?

"STAY TUNED! A huge announcement is coming soon for the Aussie lambs - and we mean HUGE! Who's ready?"

Source: MariahCareyAustralia - Chris via Twitter
Posted on October 14

Mariah on stage in Macau

Click to enlarge
Source: JeviLiew - Lee via Twitter
Posted on October 14
Cute pic of Mariah and Monroe
Nick posted a very cute pic, click here to access it.
Posted on October 14
Mariah out for dinner in the Valley

Mariah was spotted last night for a dinner with Randy and Louise in the Valley.
Click to enlarge
Source for the pic: TMZ
Posted on October 13
Mariah on Twitter
"Thank you so much to the lambs, DJs & remixers 4 making Triumphant #1 on Billboard's dance chart! #Sweet16 #Triumphant L4L!!! MC "
Posted on October 12
I tweeted it the day of the interview but hadn't the exact quotes, here ya go...

Nicki Minaj Bashed by Sharon Osbourne
Nicki Minaj's outburst against Mariah Carey at the "American Idol" judges' table is still the talk of the town. The latest celebrity to voice an opinion on the catfight is none other than shock rocker Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon Osbourne. Think she's Team Mariah or Team Nicki? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Sharon weighed in on the hot topic while doing an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia. "She's out of her league," Sharon said of Nicki Minaj. "Do not mess with the Mariah 'cause she will kick your booty, missus."

Obviously, Mrs. Osbourne is standing behind Carey but she did offer a kind word for the rapper, calling her "fabulous." But the remarks didn't stop there.

"Nicki Minaj is all new to this world," she continued. "Mariah's been having hit records for 22 years. She writes, produces, sings. Don't mess with Mariah."

Source: Boombox
Posted on October 12

Real or prank?

President Barack Obama Shares Thoughts on "Idol" Feud
I go for a prank.... I'm not sure the President of the United States of America in the middle of a re-election campaign will spend time to talk about an American Idol "feud".
Just click here to read and listen.

Posted on October 12

YES!!!!!!!!!!  Mariah Carey Nets Her 16th #1 Dance Hit With Latest Single 
Multi-platinum star MARIAH CAREY notches her 16th #1 hit on the BILLBOARD Dance/Club Play Songs chart with her latest single, "Triumphant (Get 'Em)." CAREY's previous #1 hits on the chart include, "Dreamlover," "Fantasy," "Honey," "We Belong Together," "Don't Forget About Us," "Touch My Body" and "Obsessed."

"This is another tremendous achievement for MARIAH," said IDJMG Pres./COO STEVE BARTELS. "As one of the world's reigning artists, she continues to set chart records and surpass even her own record-breaking accomplishments. Congratulations to Mariah and to the IDJ staff that worked to bring home this incredible club sensation."

"Triumphant (Get 'Em)" is the first advance single from five-time GRAMMY AWARD-winner CAREY's 14th studio album, whose release will be announced in the months ahead. The new album follows up her worldwide multi-million-selling "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" (released SEPTEMBER 2009), her multi-platinum "E=MC²" (2008), and worldwide 10 million selling "The Emancipation Of Mimi" (2005).

Source: AllAccess (All rights reserved)

Heroes note: If someone can tell me who's the "IDJ staff who worked to bring home this incredible club sensation", oh wait they were talking about the fans of course, dumb me....

Posted on October 12

2 new pics!
Mariah posted another pic from Macau.... and she's listening to some new music.
The second one was posted by Kris, taken on some American Idol auditions

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 11
And YES!!!!! 

Mariah's Triumphant #2 on the Billboard Dance/Play chart.  NEVER give up on any Mariah song!!!!!! §we are almost there)

Posted on October 11

Nick Cannon: 'American Idol' Producers Are Using Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj Feud For Publicity 
The "American Idol" feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj has been generating headlines for well over a week, and according to Carey's husband Nick Cannon, that's exactly what Fox executives wanted to happen. Cannon hit the talk show circuit Tuesday and shared his theory that the feud is being used by "American Idol" producers to generate interest and ratings.

The"America's Got Talent" host implied that he believes "Idol" producers were the ones who leaked the video of the argument to TMZ. "I believe it was real to the extent that it actually happened," Cannon told the ladies of "The View." "If you ask my opinion, I've produced tons of television, and I don't know anybody who can stand with a camera phone right in front of the monitor and record it and nobody say anything, and then it just magically gets on TMZ."

My wife is the classiest and strongest woman I've ever known ... She's been through a lot worse in her career than some rapper getting loud with her ... I was more disappointed with the way the producers and the network handled the situation," he said. "It feels really contrived.

"Everybody has arguments, everybody gets into situations, and to kind of promote that for ratings, I think that's distasteful ... I think we got a glimpse of a moment of frustration, I don't think there's a real beef," Cannon continued.

Cannon also clarified an earlier report that Carey was angry when she first learned that Minaj would be joining the "Idol" judging panel, and again pointed the finger at Fox for leaking reports of her displeasure:

"Mariah and Nicki were close ... Mariah put her in her video and they did songs together. She sent us a wonderful baby gift when our kids were born. But I think what happened ... and I blame this on Fox again. When Mariah was hired to do "American Idol," she was being courted by every competition show out there, but she chose the one that she felt was the classier show ... and she thought it would be the same way she's seen it in the past, two guys and one girl. So when you hear that there's going to be someone else, of course that comes to you as a surprise ... But I think after she got over the initial idea, and it was someone that she knew, she was fine with it ... Again, someone put that seed out there that, 'Oh, Mariah's upset.' She's bigger than that. She's not worried about being upset. I think she was misled by the powers-that-be, and that probably created a lot of frustration."

Source: Huffingtonpost
Posted on October 10

Stevie Nicks Apologizes for Saying She'd 'Strangle' Nicki Minaj
Stevie Nicks regrets her rant against Nicki Minaj for allegedly threatening Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol.

Hours after her words hit the blogosphere, another headling-generating footnote in the bizarre Minaj-Carey beef that could just as well be a PR stunt (like Nigel Lythgoe would admit to fueling the fire), Nicks issued a genuine-seeming mea culpa.
"I want to apologize for my remarks about Nicki Minaj’s behavior toward Mariah Carey which I said during a long and exhausting day of interviews," she said Tuesday in a statement to THR. "It was very out of character for me and I deeply regret what I said. I feel very protective toward Mariah Carey who has gone through many difficulties in her life and I spoke without thinking. I think all artists should be respectful toward one another and that includes me. I am truly sorry.” 

Source: THR
Posted on October 10

So many e-mails and questions about the Press Tour
A Press Tour is not like a Tour, as of now I have no idea when, where or what, I simply know it's planned.  What more can I say?  Wait and see!
Posted on October 10
Stunning Mariah leaving Macau

Mariah just tweeted a pic of her leaving Macau
Click to enlarge
Posted on October 10
Audio: Mariah in Macau
Please take note it was recorded outside the venue.  A big, big thanks to Lee and his friend!!!!!

Click here to listen

Posted on October 10

Experts: Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey could quit 'Idol'; vicious feud could be big problem for show

Headlines over the past week have been dominated by a feud between “American Idol” judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. (Heroes note: Nicki beefed on her own )

Behind-the-scenes audition video showed the young rapper ripping Carey with scathing remarks like "off with your head" and "I will knock you out.” The jaw-dropping outburst prompted Carey to tell Barbara Walters that Minaj went as far as to threaten to shoot her, which reportedly resulted in Carey hiring extra security.

While the hatefest has attracted media attention, the viciousness of the feud could prove to be extremely problematic to family-friendly “Idol,” experts say.

“I believe FOX hired Nicki in an attempt to recruit a younger demographic and compete with shows like ‘The Voice’ and FOX’s own ‘The X-Factor.’ But Nicki is extremely polarizing, and from the moment her addition to the ‘Idol’ judging panel was announced, there were a lot of protests from longtime viewers,” Yahoo! Music Managing Editor Lyndsey Parker told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column, adding that the recent fight video resembled something of a scene from ‘Real Housewives of Idol.’ “Very trashy and very nasty and that is not what a feel-good, family-friendly show like ‘Idol’ is supposed to be about. Focus less on the superstar judges and their crazy behavior, and more on the superstars the show claims it is trying to discover.”

So can Minaj or Carey bow out of 'Idol' if the going gets too rough?

“The short answer is yes. FOX will not be able to force either Minaj or Carey to stick with the program against their will,” Adli Law Group P.C. President Dariush Adli, Ph.D., Esq explained. “FOX may well, however, have recourse to suing them for damages that it will likely suffer as a result of their quitting, such as the cost of finding a replacement, the interruption in the program schedule, negative publicity, etc.”

Carey is most likely to be able to quit without facing a court action by the network or production team, Adli said.

“She can claim a legitimate concern about her safety or at least an inability to fully focus on her role as a judge as a result of this threat.  Minaj, on the other hand, will likely face a lawsuit if she quits the program for having brought on the outcome,” he said. “In fact, if they both quit, Minaj will likely be sued on both contracts.”

Legal experts also noted that Minaj could potentially be given the boot from the talent-seeking show. 

“Celebrity contracts typically include what is commonly referred to as ‘morals clauses’ or ‘responsible conduct clauses.’  These clauses recognize the potential negative effects that a celebrity's on or off camera activities can have on the program with which the celebrity is associated,” Adli continued. “Morals clauses give the program the contractual right to terminate a celebrity contract in the event the celebrity engages in certain offending conduct or behaves in a manner that would reflect negatively on the individual's character, and, by association, that of the program with which the celebrity is associated with.”

And according to California-based attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar, Minaj’s contract would almost certainly contain a ‘termination for cause’ provision, meaning the “American Idol” powers-to-be could prematurely terminate her standing under certain circumstances.

“Surely this would include threatening to shoot someone. Similarly, the contract would likely also contain a provision allowing Minaj to prematurely terminate it under enumerated circumstances,” she said. “

Of course, the captured catfight instantly brought about widespread speculation that it was all a well-crafted publicity stunt designed to get tongues wagging and boost ratings, which have slipped prominently in recent years. Yet according to at least one insider, things are indeed tense behind the scenes, and its likely there will be limited press opportunities until it “all blows over.”

And not all publicity is good publicity.

“Fiery exchanges can enhance a show, as they did between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. But they can be toxic,” cautioned veteran entertainment publicist, Glenn Selig. “It could destroy a show and morale across the board, and get in the way of producing a good program. The public needs to see Nicki acting professionally, and if she fails that they will likely lose tolerance.”

Source: FOX (extract) (all rights reserved)
Posted on October 10

Scan of the invite to the Macau event with Mariah as performer

Click to enlarge
Mariah gave a 1h long concert (it's already over).  I'll update with more infos (if any) this evening.
Setlist: (as of now, I only have this info)
- Love Hangover/Heartbreaker
- Shake It Off
- Always Be My Baby
- Hero
- We Belong Together
Mariah's concert was off the chain!!! (according to Peter)
Source for the scan and partial selist: Lee on Twitter
Posted on October 10
Mariah on Press Tour? 

It is not kown when exactly, but it seems a Press Tour for Mariah's upcoming album is coming up (or at least in the works)

Posted on October 10

Hundreds if not thousands of people will attend the Macau event

A private event doesn't mean it's for a few people, hundreds (if not thousands) Amway employees will see Mariah perform at the Cotai Arena today.
Let's hope 1 of them will tweet something 

Posted on October 10

Video: Family Day: Mariah, Nick, Roc and Roe, the cutest family in the game!

Click here to watch it, it's too cute.

Source for the link: Ysa aka MariahPortugal
Posted on October 9

Stevie Nicks slams Nicki Minaj 

Stevie Nicks Would Have "Strangled and Killed" Nicki Minaj if She Was Mariah Carey

Even though American Idol execs swear judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj aren't feuding, last season's mentor, Stevie Nicks, felt the urge to tell the world exactly what she'd do if her names was Mariah Carey.

"How dare this little girl," Stevie began, referencing Nicki's outburst. "If I had been Mariah I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there."

As legend goes, Nicki lost her temper and went on full diva mode, telling the singer she wanted to "knock Mariah out."

“I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it," the Fleetwood Mac singer declared.

Source: OK Mag (extract) (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 9

Video: Mariah sings happy birthday to Sharon Osbourne
Like posted yesterday, THE TALK celebrated Sharon Osbourne's 60th birtday and Nick came along with a message from Mariah (as she's in Macau). 

"You look better than ever, you are1of the nicest, best people I've met.I luv u! "

Click here to watch Mariah's message and see her sing happy birthday to Sharon. 

Posted on October 9

No fans to welcome Mariah in Macau?

I'm actually very surprised no fans went to Macau (airport or hotel) to welcome Mariah, or maybe the ones who were there didn't have Twitter, Facebook or e-mail access......

Posted on October 9

Legends support Legends!
Not many people supported Mariah, I know in the biz it's a lil' uncomfortable to choose a camp but fact is Mariah will see her true friends!

Queen Latifah spoke about the American Idol stuff (I personally don't call it a beef as Nicki beefed on her own) listen what she has to say by clicking here.

Posted on October 9

THE TALK tomorrow!

Be sure to watch THE TALK as tomorrow it's Sharon Osbourne's 60th Birthday celebration.  There will be surprises from Ozzy, Kelly Osbourne, Mariah and Nick. 

Nick will bring a special birthday message from Mariah . 
Source: CBS
Posted on October 8

Since more info is out .....
I didn't plan to post it but as it's out..... (I take it if you follow international news, you're all aware of the targets towards Japanese people in China, well Macau is not exactly China but still ....)

Mariah will perform at the Cotai Arena.in Macau.

If MariahAlerts posts more details arrival/departure, etc.... or if we are allowed to post more, I'll do!
Posted on October 8

Mariah on her way to Macau

"On my way to China after a loooong week! See you there Lambypals!xoxo "
Mariah just tweeted it herself, so are you gonna believe it now?  Actually funny (or sad) some are e-mailing me what both MariahConnection and I reported 1 month ago and I even confirmed it yesterday 

Posted on October 8

Mariah and Nick celebrating his birthday

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 8
Now confirmed: Mariah will head to Macau in a few days
First hinted by MariahConnection almost 1 month ago and reposted here, it's now confirmed Mariah will attend a private event in Macau to honor the 60th. birthday of Amway Japan's Kaoru Nakajima.
Posted on October 7
Mariah Carey wasn't the only one! Nicki Minaj presumably threatens fellow rapper Remy Ma with gun violence in 2008 song

Maybe the producers of “American Idol” were so dazzled by Nicki Minaj’s vast wig collection that they forgot to do a background check — because it looks like Mariah Carey isn’t the first singer she’s supposedly threatened to shoot.

While Carey swears that Minaj threatened to kill her following a brawl on the set of “Idol” last week, it turns out the talented, wild-wigged wacko has a history of threatening rivals with gun violence — including her alleged ex-lover, gangsta lady rapper Remy Ma.

Minaj was on the brink of stardom in 2008 when a freestyle rap she taped in a studio began making the rounds.

In it, she blasted another female rapper, presumed to be Remy — who at the time was the reigning, chart-topping queen of rap. The rap went:

“Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown/you won three rounds, gonna need to hunt you down/like ‘Chinatown’ — bitch better bow down/oh you ain’t know, betcha bitch is no nail/f— I got a gun — let her know that I’m the one.”

Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 7

Family Day

Click to enlarge
Source: B. Scott
Posted on October 6
Mariah, Nick, Roc and Roe during 'Family Day' at Santa Monica Pier 
I'll post untagged ones if I have time to look for some

Click to enlarge
Thanks MariahChristmas for the link
Posted on October 6
Delilah met Mariah, Nick and the babies in Santa Monica

Click to enlarge
Posted on October 6
Roger Friedman takes his comments back (see October 3 post below)

American Idol Scandal: Why Doesn’t Fox Fire Nicki Minaj? Police Were Consulted

I take it back: I thought all this stuff between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on the “American Idol” audition tour was just hype, for publicity. In the past, “Idol” was all about fake feuds. But I am told with certainty by sources on the tour that it all happened, that Minaj threatened Carey quite seriously. As The NY Post reports today, Mariah’s security was immediately beefed up. There was actually discussion with local police in Baton Rouge. Good grief! Since it is true, I wonder why Fox hasn’t fired Minaj? This is unacceptable behavior. Listen, Mariah Carey neither needs the money or the aggravation to put up with such antics. It’s up to Fox to protect her, I have an eyewitness who’s heard and seen the entire debacle.

Source: Roger Friedman for Showbiz411
Posted on October 6

While Mariah stays classy on Twitter and is busy with her kids after the auditions, the other one keep retweeting dumb ass tweets making fun of Mariah
Posted on October 6
Nicki Minaj Bitchy to Mariah For Years
Nicki Minaj was supremely disrespectful to Mariah Carey 2 years before she exploded on the set of "American Idol" this week .

Nicki and Mariah teamed up in 2010 for a music video -- "Up Out My Face."  Nicki wasn't nearly as big at the time -- Mariah was, and we're told she felt like she was helping launch Nicki's career.

B. Scott appeared in the video.  He tells TMZ ... "Mariah went out of her way to be nice to Nicki and make her comfortable."  But Scott says Nicki was a raving bitch, "making faces at her laced with rude comments under her breath." 

Scott says he blew the whistle on Nicki by giving Mariah the low down.  Scott says Mariah decided not to confront Nicki and acted as if nothing had happened.

Scott says he stayed in touch with Mariah and spoke with her Thursday night.  Mariah says she wants to bury the hatchet with Nicki on "A.I." and focus on the contestants. 

Source: TMZ
Posted on October 6

Mariah at the Baton Rouge auditions

Click to enlarge
Source: Nigel Lythgoe - Jonas by e-mail 
Posted on October 5
Belgian official charts!  (not related to iTunes)

Mariah's Triumphant feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill
- Belgian Ultratip Wallonie Top100 (French speaking part of the country) at #35 (+2)

Belgian fans, keep requesting at your local radio!!! reminder the track is played on Fun Radio and Radio Contact!
Posted on October 5

Mariah at Old State Capital in Baton Rouge

Click to enlarge
Source: Tom Clarck
Posted on October 5
No American Idol press conference in Baton Rouge
Fox is not holding a press conference with the new panel in Baton Rouge.
A publicity spokeswoman for the show said Thursday that a few regional Fox affiliates may get access to the Baton Rouge events.
Source: NOLA
Posted on October 5
Mariah in Baton Rouge with police escort and bulked up security team after Nicki Minaj 'gun threat'

Click to enlarge
Source: DailyMail
Posted on October 5
Don't make up stories...
Some are making up stories that some artists are on Mariah's side.
Quotes from Da Brat and Pink supporting Mariah are absolutely false, both denied it.
Posted on October 5
Daily News front page: "I fear for my kids"

Click to enlarge
Source: Jay by e-ail
Posted on October 5
Mariah spotted in Baton Rouge

Click to enlarge
More pics will probably surface, but I hadn't time yet to look for it.
Source: TMZ - Jay by e-mail
Posted on October 5
If some dind't believe me, maybe they will believe Ryan Seacrest 

Only 15 mins after I posted and tweeted the info below (2h ago), some said I was making stuff up, why should I  ....
Anyway, Ryan Seacrest just confirmed it: (well almost, I said commercial, he says photoshoot)
"On break at #idol photoshoot, @keithurban is singing w/ guitar for the ladies making @yo_randyjackson and I look like chumps."

Posted on October 4

The judges are filming a commercial for American Idol today

Mariah and other judges are currently filming a commercial for American Idol in a parking, let's hope the freak will behave......

Posted on October 4

Mariah Carey Adds Extra Security After Nicki Minaj Clash 
Mariah Carey has hired extra security following an incident on the set of "American Idol" in which Nicki Minaj cursed the "Dreamlover" singer out and, she claims, later remarked "If I had a gun, I would shoot that bitch."

According to Barbara Walters, who spoke to Carey Thursday morning and relayed the conversation on ABC's "The View," Minaj made the comment while leaving the set after this week's encounter, which was videotaped. She says other staff members heard the same gun remark

"She is very concerned. She is with her twins," Walters says. "She doesn't feel that anything would happen. I'm quoting now, 'But Nicki is unpredictable' and Mairah says she can't take a chance and she has hired extra security."

Click here to watch the video from Barbara Walters on The View

Source: Billboard (extract)
Posted on October 4

geez, Minaj is on a roll on Twitter making fun of Mariah and inciting her fans to more insults
Posted on October 4
Mariah doesn’t feel emotionally comfortable
On  “The View” this morning Barbara Walters said Mariah told her that while the show must go on and they’re back to promotion and filming for “American Idol,” she doesn’t feel emotionally comfortable as a judge right now as Nicki Minaj threw threats at her during their argument when she walked off set. Carey said she and staff members heard Minaj go to the back and say, “If I had a gun, I would shoot that b***h.”

Of course, Carey told Barbara that she feels that nothing will come from the threats and she thinks that Minaj was speaking from a place of anger. She says she has her concerns about how the two will work together in the future, but for the sake of the show and the job she signed up for, she plans to move forward. Nicki also said that the ladies had to sit down and talk about what happened with staff members to hash things out, and during that meeting, Nicki told her “I love you, but we might fight again.” In other words, it sounds like Nicki was asking her to get her diva-tude in check. However, Carey told her, “No we will not,” because she doesn’t want to put up with the drama anymore.…

Walters told the audience that Mariah said it all started when Nicki criticized something Mariah said to a contestant that she found to be rude–but did so in front of the contestant. Never try and put folks on front street in front of other people. Interestingly enough, the ladies of “The View” seemed to spend a lot of time chatting about Nicki’s alleged threats, saying that if she had written her threats as opposed to saying them in front of people, it would have been a federal offense, so she needs to get herself in order.

Source: Madamemoire
Posted on October 4

Have we all been manipulated?  According to Roger Friedman (please keep in mind it's only his thoughts, but he's not the only one to think so), the whole "drama" was set up.
Personally, I can eventually believe it was planned by the producers and Mariah is unfortunately the victim of this whole fiasco!
To me, American Idol is a sinking ship and that's certainly not the way to try to have audience, especially if it comes out it was planned.....

“American Idol” Auditions Head to Baton Rouge for More Fake Fireworks

“American Idol” auditions head to Baton Rouge, Louisiana now, with more fake fireworks planned among the judges. As everyone knows by now, in Charlotte, North Carolina Nicki Minaj picked a fight with Mariah Carey. The news mushroomed into World War III and cast a big spotlight on “Idol” sure to build ratings when the show returns in January.

All of this is planned, dear friends. Back in the day, it was Simon vs. Paula. And whether Simon would leave the show. Or Paula. This is what Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe were so good at: creating huge amounts of contentious publicity designed to attract viewers. You need it in the first few weeks before viewers have favorite singers to root for.

I was discussing this with a Fox TV exec, reminiscing about the PT Barnum days of fake “Idol” publicity. And now, it’s back! Nicki Minaj has been assigned the role of instigator. Mariah Carey is the victim. Who knows what they have planned for Keith Urban? Something wicked this way comes.

Baton Rouge may not be ready for this gumbo.

Source: Roger Friedman for Showbiz411
Posted on October 4

Video: The Talk is TeamMariah !!!!
Listen carefully to what they say and especially Sharon Osbourne, Mariah is a legend in the game since so many years, Nicki is new and many young people look up to her as a model, she needs to realise her young fans will find it "normal' to act and talk that way, it's very unprofessional and disrespectful ......

Click here to watch the video

Posted on October 3

Peaceful and professional today
On the set of "American Idol."  it was downright peaceful and professional ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

We're told from outward appearances at least ... Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj buried the hatchet and were civil with each other during the entire day of auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our sources say everyone was "embarrassed" by the outburst between Nicki and Mariah captured on video and posted on TMZ.  They apparently took it to heart.   Our spies say the confrontation "shocked everyone back into place."

We're told aside from everyone getting along, the talent was great and the judges meshed together better than just about any configuration the show has ever had.

The question ... will the detente last?  Everyone is boarding a plane right now for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Source: TMZ
Posted on October 3

Video: Mariah and other judges arriving for day 2 of American Idol auditions in Charlotte

Click here to watch it

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Nick tweeted

Quote of the day: "You can pay for school, but you can't buy class" Jay Z 

Posted on October 3

Mariah arriving for American Idol auditions in Charlotte (NC) today

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Source: Twitter
Posted on October 3
Sharon Osbourne we love you!!!

She just tweeted:
"I'm on team Mariah because she's on fire! #TeamMariah"

Posted on October 3

Mariah confronted Nicki this morning and asked if she made the death threat

Nicki Minaj's rant on the "American Idol" set Tuesday went way beyond name-calling ... she threatened Mariah Carey's life -- this according to sources connected to the production.

Our sources say ... in the heat of the argument, Nicki said, "If I had a gun I would shoot her."

The alleged threat was not captured on the video obtained by TMZ.  But this is interesting ... if you listen to the audio closely, 11 seconds in you hear Nicki say to Mariah, "Off with your head! Off with your head!."

Update: Nigel Lythgoe tells TMZ, "The statement [that Nicki made a death threat] is absolute rubbish.  It's absolutely not true in any way, shape or form." Nigel adds that Mariah confronted Nicki this morning and asked if she made the death threat and Nicki said absolutely not. Nigel says Mariah's people are stirring the pot and gave her bad info.

Source: TMZ
Posted on October 3

‘American Idol’ Insider: Nicki Minaj Is The Bigger Diva, Not Mariah
The feud between Nicki and Mariah is actually Nicki’s fault! The insider warns that if Nicki Minaj doesn’t get her act together, she could be fired!

The heated fight between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol auditions on Oct. 2, in which both divas cursed each other out and stopped production, actually left the show’s producers on Mariah’s side.

“If you want to know who is a major diva it is Nicki Minaj,” a source close to American Idol told.  ”She is a major handful and a complete pain.”

And it turns out, people on the show are on Team Mariah!

“Everyone is a fan of Mariah and completely on her side, and if Nicki Minaj continues to make things be such an issue, they would be happy for her to be fired.”

The insider claims their clash in personalities is to blame. ”It’s based solely on the fact they both have amazingly huge egos, but Nicki Minaj takes the cake of having a major attitude problem,” the source said.

Source: Hollywood Life
Posted on October 3

Video:  Nick Cannon Weighs In On Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj’s American Idol Blowout 
Nick Cannon is speaking out about wife Mariah Carey’s heated blowout with fellow “American Idol” judge Nicki Minaj.

Nick stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday and chatted with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about the exchange posted on TMZ where Nicki is reportedly heard saying, “I told them I’m not f***ing putting up with her f***ing highness over there.”

“Oh why? Why do I have a 3-year-old sitting around me?” Mariah is heard saying back to Nicki. “I can’t see my kids, because you decided to act like a little crazy b**** and go all around the stage.” 

According to Nick, these antics are detracting from the FOX series.

“When you think about what the show is actually about and represents… I feel like it’s taking away from the quality of what ‘Idol’ is all about. This is about people accomplishing their dreams, experts guiding these young people to do what they’ve done,” he said of the publicized drama between his wife and Nicki.

Nick said he was proud of how Mariah handled herself.

“My wife is the strongest and classiest woman that I’ve ever met, if you watch the video, she just maintains her composure… I don’t think she’s moved by the theatrics and pageantry of it all. She signed up to do a job to help young people… this is like a sidebar. I hope that’s not what this show becomes, about the catfights,” he explained. “The show is solely about a singing competition, that’s why America loves these shows, they want to see people reach a certain goal or win… and then to make it about something it’s not, [it] kind of shows that the producers and the network are losing their foot a little bit.”

Adding, “If I’m producing a show about young people accomplishing their dreams, that’s what I want the show to be about, not all the side pageantry… my wife is strong, classy and she maintains her strength.”

Kit asked if Nicki was possibly jealous of Mariah’s long list of career achievements.

“You read the script!” Nick said with a laugh.

Nick spoke to Mariah after the Tuesday incident and said that the only thing on his wife’s mind was their 1-year-old twins.

“She called me and we were talking about the kids… at the end of the day she’s a mom and that’s my wife… we got diapers to change and kids to raise,” he told Billy and Kit.

He also explained that Mariah doesn’t want incidents like these to overshadow the purpose of “Idol.”

“I think that was one of her main concerns… [she] signed up to be a mentor on a show that is about people accomplishing their dreams.”

“Idol” host Ryan Seacrest spoke about the incident on Wednesday morning on his radio show, saying, “It was heated… It did go too far, to the point where the producers said, ‘Let’s call it a day.’ Those few contestants who didn’t get to see the judges, they’ll bring them back today.”

Click here to watch the video

Source: Access Hollywood
Posted on October 3

Updates this evening as it was so late last night (or better so early this morning) with the American Idol circus
Posted on October 3
Update: if proof was needed you can hear the how so classy Nicki Minaj going after Mariah

Click here and .....  no comments

Posted on October 2

If TMZ is reliable (and they mostly are), I feel really, really bad for Mariah!!! Some people seem to forget who gave them their first BIG spot!!!!

Nicki Minaj Goes After Mariah: 'I'm Gonna Knock You Out'

Nicki Minaj derailed the "American Idol" auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina today, after swearing at Mariah Carey and threatening, "I'm gonna knock you out" ... sources tell TMZ.

Multiple sources are telling us there was a blow up between the two ... with Nicki saying, "I told them, I'm not f*ckin' putting up with her f*ckin' highness over there."

It all went down while the two were sitting at the judge's table ... with Keith Urban sitting in between them and Randy Jackson sitting on the far end, next to Mariah.

Producers ended the auditions for the day so the two judges could cool down.

Big wigs on the show seem uncharacteristically upset by the blow up -- it appears this was no joke and it seems producers are worried about Mariah and Nicki co-existing for the long haul.

Source: TMZ
Posted on October 2

Mariah arriving for American Idol auditions in Charlotte (NC)
Mariah was all smiles when she arrived earlier today for the American Idol auditions in Charlotte (North Carolina)

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Click here to watch the lil' interview
Posted on October 2
Rumors .....

Rumors are flying around Mariah was going to be in the UK later this month.  When there's something to do, usually Mariah tweets it....

Posted on October 1

"Mesmerized" is not on The Paperboy

Mariah's "Mesmerized" written for Lee Daniels' movie "The Paperboy" is not in the movie. Oh well.... 

Source for the info: fomm - Andy by e-mail
Posted on October 1


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